PLAY-AID: Great Gargant Rules from BoLS

Hi guys,

You’ve asked for it! As you all know, we are absolute titan fanatics here at the Bell. We have rules for the Ork Stompas in Apocalypse, but nothing for its big brother, the mighty Great Gargant. Well, as there is actually a model available for it compared to the non-existant Warlord, we had to do something. So here you all go.

These rules have a little more of “the art” mixed into them, so please feel free to test them out and let me know if you think the titan is to hot, to cold, or just right. Based on the feedback on the Phantom, I shouldn’t have long to wait 🙂

I hope all you proud Great Gargant owners have some fun with these. Enjoy

Download Here

  • Jholar

    Not bad, This looks like it was based off of the Gargant from Final Liberation, I remember that Great Gargants from that game were worth even more than the Warlords, (If you give me a while to get home from work ill look up the old point costs)

    My only major strife is the lack of half a dozen big shootas or other last minute bolted on weapons, and going by all the Ork Vehicles in the Apoc Book, a lack of super missiles is odd (But makes sense considering the Final Liberation Gargant’s had none)

    Long story short: Main Weaponry and rules are great. Make it bigger and add Secondary Weaponry (Unless of course this is a engineered weakness)

  • the armorcast has 3 kannon ports on the front of it. maybe you can add them into the list, not a biggie.

    i love the fat amount of SP and fields. i ran mine with 6/9 a few times, will enjoy the 9/11 for the same amount of points.

    now i have a good idea of how many i should give my mega gargant (15/18)

    ill run these rules for my gargant on our APOC event on the 3rd and let you know how it did.


  • It does have 6 weapon hardpoints (one of which mounts 3 big shootas), and 6 additional firing ports for occupants (so 6 more big-shootas or deffguns). Thats a mountain of shooting.

    I’m aiming to make the warlord the balanced battle titan, with the Phantom being more lethal/fragile, and the GG being tougher/shorter ranged.

  • forgot about the hardpoints. im happy with it.

    i always pictured the GG as a shorter rsange killer also. just soaking uop fire and dishing out deff.

  • Towering inferno?


  • ***** Roll to determine the Gaze of Mork’s Strength every time you fire it. A roll
    of 11 or 12 is treated as Destroyer.

    Destroyer? is this something new in Apoc I have not seen yet? or just a misprint?

  • new in the APOC book. alos known as “D”

  • oooooooh, STR D weapons…. neet.

  • Fabricator-General

    I really like th rules you’ve come up with.

    I really think 2500pts is too low. Maybe 3000…that’s an awful lot of SP and Shields and should cost something more than the Warlord.

  • Jholar

    I ran this by my play group in order to see if it was possible to use in the future but they put up a huge flag that probably needs to be addressed

    The way the solid shot takes down ALL opponents shields is definitely way too much a d6 would be more appropriate

  • It’s pretty good. It varies a bit from the one that I scratchbuilt and the datasheet I came up with mine but that is quite understandable.

    I like how you incorporated some of the Epic feel into this. Towering Inferno? Yes, please.

    As to the comments about how this needs less fields and SP I would argue that Ork Fields don’t regenerate and using my GG as a Warlord without Void Shields seriously shortened its lifespan.

    I too would like to see the option for some super rokkits/grot bombs.

    Nevertheless, great job guys!

  • Ordinance != Ordnance

    Other than that I like it.

  • Anonymous

    A warlod has something like 9 rolls a turn to regenerate shields and a gargant has 0. I think the warlod has more protection than the gargant. Is the gargant undercosted?

  • Anonymous

    I too would like to see 3 co-axial Battlecannonish weapons on the belly cannon. If you want to double the cost you could make them co-axial Deth Kannons…that would be fun. 🙂

  • Sam

    The gutbuster seems a bit too complicated. Two different fire modes should be plenty.

    It doesn’t seem to have enough little guns and it’s short on options for my taste (although not as bad as the stompas in the book, which have no bloody options).

    You could free up a bit of space by simply refering to the apocalypse book for the weapons which are duplicated from there.

  • Hi guys, keep the comments coming…

    The gut buster has the exact 3 shot options it had in epic, and yes the solid shot drops EVERY shield on its target if it hits a titan.

    The gut-busta is really the hallmark weapon that defines Great Gargants, and it would really make it bland to just turn it into a plain statline weapon without special rules. I could bring back the rule about having to note what shot you will be firing 1 turn in advance (it takes a great deal of time to load the Gut-busta), to make the art of commanding GGs a little trickier…

    Regarding the number of structure points and fields: As others have mentioned, power fields do not regenerate like Imperial Void Fields, so once they are gone, thats it. What do guys think of going with the old epic roll of 6+d6 power fields for GGs? Structure wise I feel that 1-2 extra points over a warlord is warranted considering the bulk and toughness of the Gargant.

    Finally, when you compare the titans, make sure to take the range of Imperial/Eldar weapons into account. If you go up agaisnt a GG on a small table, and start your titans within 60″… you are going down hard my friend, no matter what titan you are bringing. It is critical to dance around for a few turns, and pummel the GG from range as it stampedes towards your forces. Only then should you close into range to finish it.

    As for ordinance-ordnance… great catch. I’m an idiot 😉

  • Anonymous

    Important thing to remember (at least in epic) if you could hide behind something it would stop the “skip” of ball shop. So, you don’t want all your void shields going down you’d park your warlord behind an apartment complex. On another note I think you got a few to many structure points on him, In Epic the dang things could catch fire (and be put out) which would often generate damage to them over the course of the game as the fires got worse. That rule of course isn’t in Apocolypse. I do like the suggestion of giving them D6+6 powerfields, but I think the heyday of weird orky randomness has left the game for the most part.

    Ray (who doesn’t have a google account)

  • Anonymous

    What I could never understand was why the ball shot could bounce along the ground and pull down void sheilds as it went thru them, but for some reason driving a rhino (or battlebuggy or bike even) right thru and between the legs of a titan wouldn’t. In rereading my previous comment what I meant by parking your titan behind something was you maneuvered so just your legs were covered, allowing your arm and carapace mounts to fire over the obstruction, this protected your legs from the ball “skip” and kept your void sheild from being pulled down, AND protected you from the dreaded chain shot.

  • Ok, fellow warbosses’ help me out here.

    I’ve gone back and dug up my old epic rules, and the gut-busta has 2 differences.

    1) The chain shot requires a clear LoS to the target walker’s legs, so any intervening terrain will block it. This could set up interesting tactics as it will channel enemy titan’s movement. (the Solid Shot ignored intervening terrain as it rolled right through them)

    2) The gut busta had to declare one turn in advance what shot it would fire because it only fired Every Other Turn!

    Now the question is, should I put either of those 2 things back in, or would that make the GG not worth its value.

    Also note that I think any type of easily forgotten recordkeeping is going to get skipped a lot in big Apoc. games. Also, my promary constraint at this point is page space, so we need to come up with a clear concise wording for anything we change (or better yet simplify).

    Its constructive conversations with enthusiants like you guys that make this all worth doing, so keep the comments coming.


    v1.01 is up with a host of minor tweaks thanks to you guys.

    -Structure has been dialed back to 10

    -A little bit of random has been returned to Power Fields

    -Selectable shoulder weapons now promote different GG build-outs

    -Chain shot is further clarified

    -Observation Platform has been simplified

    -Big Mek “exploit” loophole closed

    -Base Attacks upped to 2

    I think this one addresses most folks concerns, adds more customization to the GG weapon buildouts, and promotes more GG vs titan battlefield tactics.


  • We played a 30,000 point apoc battle today (orks vs. humans) and the GreatGargant tagged along. I’ll post a battle report later, but I did learn some things about the great gangant, and titans in general.
    1)Those heavy titans (warlord size) are very difficult to take down. The sheer number of structure points with 14 armor is hard to get through. I didn’t lose any structure points in 4 rounds of shooting.
    2) Super heavy are nothing more than big walls most of the time. More often than not, I had gunner shaken on all my guns and driver stunned as well.
    3) chain shot sounds cool in its ability to imobalize a titan, but it’s not that great. Shooty titans are going to stand still and shoot most of the time anyways.
    4) in games over 10000 points, infantry dont really do anything but slow the game down…but thats not a gargant rant 🙂

    I’ll post some pics in a few days…

  • Hi, I’m UK based. I would like to know where you got your Great gargant 40K model from? Really like your website, I think that it is one of the best I have ever seen.

  • Anonymous

    I find it a bit odd that the Great Gargant has weaker rear armor than its smallers Stompa cousins, just thought i’d throw that out there.

  • Anonymous

    Another interesting difference is the Supaskorcha on the stompa is only a “Template” weapon while on the GG it is a “Hellstorm” Template.

  • Morhgoz

    I would give it option mount additional guns with point cost as many great gargant owners have little “orkified” their ones and have added tons of guns them… Great work anyhow.. 😉

  • Dedwrekka

    I love the rules, but at 2500 points it’s slightly larger than it’s Imperial Counter-part but has fewer guns. Needs more Dakka.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Heres the actual kill list
    Gorks fist: 34 guards mens
    21 marines
    1 baneblade
    5 leamanruss
    1 rino
    1 cammand squad
    damaged warlord tian
    had 4 structure
    points left apart
    from that and 1 wep
    destoyed was ok

  • Anonymous

    Da big boom:1 baneblade
    3 ratling
    2 leman russes
    calgar + hournour gaud
    4 marines
    17 guard
    damaged titan
    14 orks (it went boom!)
    was destoryed by mass
    fire from lemanrusses

  • Anonymous

    Bonecrusha:37 guard
    2 sentinals
    2 rinos
    23 marines
    1 rzorback
    2 preditors

  • Anonymous

    cant download it link takes me to commic book web site

  • Anonymous

    also cant download the data sheet. Where can i find it???

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Gosford

    Omg, someone please bring this file back. 🙁