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October 31, 2007

NEWS: Forgeworld IA Apocalypse Announced


Latest Forgeworld press release:

"Our preview this newsletter is for the upcoming book; Imperial Armour Apocalypse. This new hardback contains everything you`ll need to use your collection of Forge World models to fight apocalyptic battles in conjunction with Warhammer 40,000 Apocalypse. Imperial Armour Apocalypse can be also be used for Warhammer 40,000 and it replaces Imperial Armour Update 2006, plus it updates the Imperial Armour hardback books where necessary. The book is packed with 67 new datafaxes, covering our range from Imperial Guard super-heavy tanks like the Shadowsword, and Malcador, to the terrifying weapons of Chaos and their Daemon Lords, to the war machines of the Orks and Eldar and monstrous creatures like the Scythed Hierodule and Trygon.

There are also 25 new battle formations, including the Space Marine Drop Pod assault force, Ork Tanka Mobs, Eldar Serpent Rider Hosts, Winged Tyranid Swarms and Tau Pathfinder Search and Destroy Cadre to the Necron Undying Legion and the Chaos Deathclaw Talon wing."

-The question is, is this a super pricey hardcover, or just their latest soft cover yearly update product (which are much, much cheaper)?

October 30, 2007

Phantom Titan Banners


Hi Everybody, I have had some repeated requests for Phantom Titan Banners to go with all those models out there. I decided to go ahead and not only publish my beloved Alaitoc banners, but expand them to cover all the major craftworlds. So without further ado here is the link to the 3-page PDF file for the Eldar Phantom Titan Banner sheet you can freely pull down and use:

Download Here

I created the original logos in Adobe Illustrator, then made variations of it for craftworlds.

What we have here is two different banners for each of the five craftworlds. The upper row is a kill-tally banner, while the lower row is the glyph representing the titan itself and its craftworld's clan symbol. I would print out two copies on highgloss color printer paper, cut out two pairs of banners for your chosen craftworld, then glue them together to make matching double-sided banners. Now I don't actually own a phantom, so I'm eyeballing the right size for these. You may need to scale them up or down a little to get them hanging off the arm weapons just right.

Hang them from the long arm weapons on the Phantom. Here are the BoLS rules for the Phantom titan.

In any case, enjoy and I wish you the best in using this set for your forces.

I have managed to score press access to the Baltimore GT this weekend. They tell me I can get some face time with the event organizers as well as Jeremy Vetock (Head of the Game Design team). If you have any questions you would like me to ask them, leave a comment and I'll ask. And no, Jeremy will not set you up with his sister.

October 28, 2007

Building the Defence Laser

The data sheet for the imperial defence laser that GW put up last week was just too good for this big mek to ignore. And in preparation for the big (30,000+ point) Apocalypse game BattleForge scheduled for last weekend, I got to work building one.
Other than the gun itself, the biggest piece that stands out is the spherical turret. Bigred casually mentioned hamster exercise balls, the kind you put the little critters in to let them run around the house. Petsmart sells a 5" model for a few dollars. Let me tell you, it worked out great. The size was perfect, the little slits were perfect, and the door that comes off was great for the gun (more on that later).
I had an old toy rocket sitting round that house that I used for the gun barrel. I cut the ends off, leaving a large hole. There was a hole in the side the toy manufacturer used to screw the two halves together. I put a little riveted plasticard over this and another small piece near the end of the barrel for accent.
For the base, I put two thick pieces of plasticard at 90 degrees to each other. I had to cut out the inside so that it would match the 5" diameter of the ball. This was harder that is looks and I still didn't get it perfect. I took some thinner pieces of plasticard and cut a slightly larger circle out of them. I then gave them some texture with the edge of the hole punch. These were placed on either side of the thicker pieces. A few wires and bits here, half of a gear there and it was done.
The pictures turned out darker (and glossier) and it really is. It is a dark grey with lighter grey drybrushing over it. It was a pretty simple build and took a little over 3 hours, start to finish.
About a year ago I went to a friends wedding. On each table that had some sort of decoration with a small LED candle in side. After it was over, I asked if I could take a few home to play with. If you have never seen these, they are kinda cool. They use 2 white LEDs to simulate flickering of a candle. in reality it looks more like pulsing than flickering. I took one of these "candles" and attached it to the inside of the sphere. This gives it a glowing effect. I know, its pretty cheesy, but I was getting tired of the things sitting on my desk never getting used ;) I use the door to the hamster ball to turn it on and off. Very handy.
I wanted to make a large tower to place it on, but ran out of time and had to use a terrain piece in the game.

October 27, 2007

RUMORS: Codex: Ruinous Powers updates


These rumors brought to the community from Warseer's: Grimtuff

"My mate was up at head office last week and got a look at the release list for next year. (up till June IIRC) On it was the Daemon stuff scheduled for an April release.

Little confirmation:
There are two Daemon books coming out simultaneously. One for 40K, one for WHFB. It is NOT one book.

Also, he saw the sprues for Daemonic Heralds and (i'm loving this one) Unbound Defilers

The Unbound Defiler kit is an upgrade sprue for the current Defiler, making it look a lot like some of the "fleshy Doom-esq" ones you see on CMON etc. from time to time.

Also, in the same month as the Foundation inks are released. GW is releasing an Airbrush. It is made to look like a Hand Flamer apparently

All for now."

UPDATE: Sources now say the "Unbound Defiler" is a special character in the upcoming codex.

-hmmm, the plot thickens... Several of these rumors are in direct conflict with several of the earlier ones, but companies do change plans, and this is more than a month more recent.

October 26, 2007

Warhammer 30,000 League - Week 4


The League continues, and the first treachery of the Warmaster knows no bounds!

We had over 20 folks show up at Battleforge Games, and the Warhammer 30,000 League is cruising along. This 4th week featured larger 2000pt Legion forces against a variety of alien threats, and several hallmark games: On Istvaan III, the Warmaster had unleashed the Life-eater on the Loyalist remnants of his 4 closest Legions, Fulgrim has tried to entice his brother Ferrus Manus to the Traitor side, and on Mars, the Imperial Fists have been caught up in an uprising of twisted Dark Mechanicus. Lets do a quick recap so everyone can see how the Legions held up.

Alpha Legion vs White Scars, IG Armoured Company
The Alpha Legion under the command of Master Arkos, has finally been bested, but only just. Following a brutal virus-bombing Tallarn has been reduced to a toxic desert. A force of Loyalist White Scars backed up by Tallarn PDF armoured forces has forced the Alpha Legion offworld, but the cost was high. That legendary Scion of Alpharious, Arkos assaulted Tallarn at the head of a large force of Legion armor, backed up by the Fellblade: Hydra'a Claw and its crack crew. Holed up in a defended position, the Fellblade destroyed: 2 Leman Russ's, a Leman Russ Demolisher, a Hellhound, A White Scars Land Raider, 2 Land Speeders, and an Attack Bike, before it was knocked out of action. With its position flanked by Loyalist forces, the crew of the Hydra's Claw scuttled their own vehicle and escaped to safety. While the Loyalists consolidated their bloody victory, Captain Arkos, has evacuated the surface in good order, and left the Tallarn system. He will certainly be back.
World Status: Imperial Control

Imperial Fists vs Dark Mechanicus (necrons)
Reports are sketchy at best, but it is reported that the Imperial Fists are caught up in a bloody uprising of Dark Mechancus on the home of the Mechanicum. The fists are on-world on the orders of Rogal Dorn to secure large stocks of the most advanced Astartes armour and munitions for the defense of Terra. They will now be forced to fight their way out of the Martian control zone, with their precious cargo.
World Status: Unknown Status

Stokkan IV
Night Lords vs Cabalite Eldar
Again the Night Lords have wreaked a bloody streak of carnage across the galaxy. While Terra is uncertain of the exact disposition of the Sons of Nostramo, they have isolated the very Kabal of Eldar raiders who have been the quarry of both the Salamanders and Raven Guard. In a single brutal stroke, the Kabal is no more. A small force under command of Night-Captain Wolf, used themselves as bait, to lure the raiders onto their position. Once the Eldar had been concentrated in a fixed location, Captain Wolf, gave the word, and his mobile force fought their way to safety in a matter of only 6 minutes, after dispatching the Eldar's transports. A barrage of lance fire from an orbiting Legion strike cruiser did the rest.
World Status: Devastated by Night Lords

Dark Angels vs undisclosed insurgents (???)

The Dark Angels have resolved their mysterous combat duties upon their homeworld. All Imperial requests for more information on their combat operations have been ignored, but the Legions is mustering in force for a new campaign. Whatevery fould force could keep them occupied in thier home-system is apparently no more.
World Status: Imperial Control

Lax II
Space Wolves vs Unknown Xenos
The formerly loyal world of Lax II, near Fenris, has rebelled. Its governor has sworn fealty to the Warmaster, and ambushed the Space Wolf forces who were training on-world. In a brutal and hardfought battle the Wolves have won the day, fighting their way off-world, and have brought word of this treachery to Leman Russ. Several Great Companies have departed Fenris to cull Lax II into submission for their folly.
World Status: Imperial Control

Istvaan III
Death Guard, Emperor's Children (Traitor elements) vs World Eaters, Sons of Horus (Loyalist elements)
Upon the capitol world of Istvaan III, 4 Legions have torn themselves apart. After being virus-bombed by their own traitorous commanders on orders from Horus, the Loyal remnants of the World Eaters and Sons of Horus have pushed back a major offensive. Captains Garviel Loken and Ehren Gak, have defeated a Traitor Death Guard and Emperor's Children force led by the arrogant Lord-Commander Eidolon. It is said, that in his foolish Pride, Eidolon left his Death Guard allies to their doom as he pulled his forces pack in the face of the enemy to enjoy the debaucheries his Legion has to offer. A dead world, Istvaan III has paid the ultimate price for the Warmaster's heresy.
World Status: Imperial Control (situation deteriorating)

Blood Angels (standin player) vs LaTD
Among the urban ruins of Signus, the Blood Angels have walked into bloody lunacy. Reports are sketchy from this blasted ruin of a planet, but the Blood Angels have walked into a world completely overrun by daemonic forces of the Blood God. The battle was a pitch affair, and losses are heavy on both sides, but victory will not be coming quickly. Reports from the surface indicate heavy infantry combat and losses are reported to be high. It is to be noted, the the Blood Angels were sent to Signus on direct orders from the Warmaster Intercepted Signus transmission here.
World Status: Non Compliance

Dangerous Liasons
Iron Hands vs Emperor's Children

The Iron Hands have been ambushed under a brotherly banner of parley. The Emperor's Children have failed to win over their Loyalist Iron Hand brothers to the side of the Warmaster. They have successfully fought their way clear of their host's fleet, and escaped back to the Istvaan system. It was a close thing, and losses on both sides are high. The Iron Hands are making repairs and intend to have their vengeance on the Legion of Fulgrim as soon as possible.
Fleet Status: Emperor's Children delegation has escaped

Week 4 Summary:

The Heresy is lit, and the Legions have begun to destroy each other. Terra reports several Loyalist Legions are being mustered to put down the rebellion and are headed to the Istvaan system. With only 4 Legions to call on for aid, Horus should be easily crushed...

Standout commanders who are undefeated at this time include:

  • Night-Captain Wolf ~ Night Lords

Further Week 4 news and updates as they come in...

Next Week: The Imperial landings on Istvaan V...

October 25, 2007

News: Gamesday 2008 Limited Release Mini


Yes, folks, since Apocalypse hit, its been very quiet on the news & rumor front. I guess the entire 40k world is hiding in thier homes, painting up Baneblaldes, and scouring ebay for titans.

How slow is it? So slow that this is news:

We have a sighting out of France of the limited edition 2008 Gamesday mini. Its a....marine!!! ...and he's not done yet.

Enjoy all, and if you have any juicy rumor nuggets, throw the Fly Lords an email.

We will be liveblogging the Baltimore GT in a week and a half so there should be all kind of good orky stuff coming down the pipe soon.

PLAY-AID: Towering Destroyer Rules from BoLS


Hi guys,

I'm getting a little tired , but am determined to crank out datasheets for all the old resin Armorcast kits. The last one on the chopping block is the Eldar Towering Destroyer Knight. These little guys are very affordable on ebay, and are a great way for folks to get their feet wet in the world of 40k titans. Here's a datasheet for it, so now all you exodite fans can't say you never got anything :)

This guy is a mixed bag for the points being a tad skimpy on the firepower, but no slouch in assault...and its quick. It won't win a slugging match with a Baneblade, but it might hack one to pieces, if it can reach it. These rules are designed to be pretty straight forward, so please feel free to test them out and let me know what you think of the Towering Destroyer.

Enjoy everybody,

Download Here

October 24, 2007

PLAY-AID: Legion Fellblade Rules from BoLS


Hi guys,

Are all you marine players feeling a little left out in the cold with the Baneblade craze that's going around these days? Well, be sad no more! Here's a datasheet for the heresy-era Legion Fellblade. What better way can there be to add a little spice to an Apocalypse game, than by showing those pesky IG Baneblades' who's really the boss.

These rules are designed to be pretty straight forward, (being a minor tweak to the Baneblade)so please feel free to test them out and let me know what you think of the Fellblade. This guy is going into the next rev of the Age of Heresy codex, but I felt that you all shouldn't be kept waiting.

Enjoy everybody,

Download Here

October 22, 2007

Death Guard: Pre-Heresy Fellblade


Hi guys,

I've been heads-down for the past week or two because I've been working non-stop on my Pre-Heresy army's centerpiece. It's a Death Guard Fellblade in its original Legion colors, just like in the Horus Heresy art books.

Without further ado, here she is; all scuffed up and loaded down with supplies for a lengthy campaign, proper Death Guard style. As far as I can tell, the Baneblade kit has about a billion rivets. I won't be doing another one of these...thats for sure :)

-What do you guys think?

PLAY-AID: Digga Stompa Rules from BoLS


Hi guys,

Here's a datasheet for all you guys with little stompas lying about. Whether its an old epicast, scratchbuild, or even a Mr. Potatohead , there is always room for a mob of little stompas here and there in an Apocalypse game.
These guys are not very hard, but are pretty cheap. Just what the doctor ordered. Make a group of them out of junk lying around your house, and have at it!

These rules are designed to be pretty basic, and straight forward, so please feel free to test them out and let me know if you think the little Digga-stompa is to hot, to cold, or just right. Based on the feedback on the Great Gargant, I shouldn't have long to wait :)

Enjoy everybody,

Download Here

October 21, 2007

Warhammer 30,000 League - Week 3


The League continues, and the first blows of the Heresy have been struck!

We had over 20 folks show up at Battleforge Games, and the Warhammer 30,000 League is well underway. This 3rd week featured larger 2000pt Legion forces against a variety of alien threats, and several hallmark games: Space Wolves continued their assault on Prospero, and Word Bearers have struck at the Ultramatines on Calth! Several Legions have arrived in the Istvaan system, and combat operations have begun. Lets do a quick recap so everyone can see how the Legions held up.

Alpha Legion, Enslavers
The Alpha Legion under the command of Master Arkos, scored a hard fought victory for the Imperium upon the lost empire of Balkus. With its fate unknown for over 5000 years, the vile warp-spawned Enslavers have been cast out of this world forever. Captain Arkos has yet again done a service for the Imperium!
World Status: Compliance

Ultramarines vs Word Bearers
Reports are sketchy at best, but it is said that the Ultramarines were mustering in the Calth system, deep in Ultramar for another crusade, when they were brutally attacked by the Word Bearers! Captain Tyrannis has yet again performed a miracle under fire, and while spaceborne losses are listed as extreme, The Ultramarines have reacted cooly, and beaten back their attackers for now. Calth is described as a blasted ruin, and with Ultramarines defensive lines finally in good order, the Word Bearers are facing an enraged legion looking for vengeance.
World Status: Ultramarine Control

Night Lords vs Lords of Light. (IG)
Again the Night Lords have struck at a previously compliant Imperial world. The Duron system has been a model of compliance, yet the Night Lords have set this culture ablaze in a daring midnight assault. All communications from Duron have gone silent, and Terra fears the worst.
World Status: Devastated by Night Lords

White Scars vs Logos Collective (necrons)

The White Scars have been brought in to reinforce the Imperial Fists line in this bitter campaign into the Iwa system. Here again, the thinking machines were met with arms by the Legions. The White Scars initial probing attacks have been brunted by these thinking machines and the White Scars advance has sputtered to a stop. Losses are said to be high, and the several Reserve Companies have been committed to the campaign by the Great Khan.
World Status: Non Compliance

Prospero II
Space Wolves vs Thousand Sons
This bitter war of annihilation has concluded. With their initial landing sites secures, the Space Wolves have moved onto the methodical destruction of the Red Sorcerers. The campaign has been a success, with the vast majority of the Red Sorcerer Sects crushed. Most of the White Towers of Prospero are in cinders, and the banner of the Space Wolves is flying from the top of the Spire of Magnus! At the climax of the battle, Magnus, Ahriman and his surviving marines escaped from their devastated home world using forbidden witchcraft, but with assistance from the Custodes and Sisters of Silence, this world's population will finally be brought into compliance.
World Status: Space Wolf Control

Istvaan Extremis
Death Guard, World Eaters vs Agromariners (IGs)
Upon the isolated world of Istvaan Extremis, the Warmaster has ordered several Legions into action. The local PDF forces (the self-styled "Agromariners" have put up a stiff defense, and even the combined arms of two of the mightiest Legions under the joint command of Battle Captain Garro and Captain Kharn have been stalled. In the face of the fanatical PDF troops and their Warsinger leaders, it is clear that more time will be needed. It is said that the Warmaster is upset at this lack or progress, and that Leaders of the rebellious system on Istvaan III will pay a high price for their treachery. Intercepted Agromariner transmission here.
World Status: Non Compliance

Salamanders, Raven Guard vs Kabalite Eldar
Among the urban ruins of Yakuma, two mighty Legions have let a vicious Kabal of Eldar raiders slip out of their trap. Reports are sketchy from this blasted ruin of a planet, but both Legion's fleets have reported a heavy exodus of Eldar vessels from low orbit, with most successfully running their blockade. Reports from the surface indicate heavy infantry combat and losses are reported to be high.
World Status: Non Compliance

3 Week Summary:
The Legions have all but concluded the Great Crusade, and their latest efforts have turned inwards. Terra reports several Legions appear to be engaged in unauthorized combat operations and there has been no comment on this by the Warmaster.

Standout commanders who are undefeated at this time include:

  • First-Captain Tyranus ~ Ultramarines
  • Night-Captain Wolf ~ Night Lords

Further Week 3 news and updates as they come in...

Next Week: Heresy is declared on Istvaan III...

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