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November 30, 2007

NEWS: GW Ork Website Upgrades


The greenskins are getting closer, and GW has updated their upcoming mini-range page, and opened up a Codex teaser section.

Check them out here:

Ork Miniature Range

Ork Codex Preview

November 29, 2007

PROJECT: Death Guard Linebreaker Squadron - Part 2


One down, two to go...

I'm painting as fast as I can, and I'm hoping to get these other 2 Vindicators finished up in the next 2 days.

The Death Guard have to have a nice presentable Line-breaker Squadron ready to go for the Siege of Terra after all!

November 27, 2007

Coming Soon: BoLS Mini-dexes


Hi everyone,

I wanted to let you all know what the Fly Lords are busy cooking up in our labs.

The Age of Heresy campaign book, was a great experience and a labor of love for all of us here. we will probably be kicking out a giant full sized (80-90 page) book like it once a year focusing on cool parts of the 40k universe that will never see a codex.

In the meantime, we will be working our way through some of the ancient mini-lists from the days of yore, and updating them to 4th edition, in a small 10 page downloadable format. These "mini-dexes" will have a page of 2 of fluff, an army list, a couple of new units and named characters, a full color miniature pics spread, and maybe a mission. In short everything you need to revive that old dusty army you have on your shelf that used to be your favorite in a nice small format.

The emphasis will be on lists that use existing minis in new ways, or revive old obsolete minis who used to have cool lists.

Our initial set of mini-dexes planned are:

  • Ordo-Hereticus Strike Force

  • Genestealer Cult

  • Adeptus Arbites
Let us know what you think, and as usual, all comments are welcome.

November 25, 2007

PROJECT: Death Guard Linebreaker Squadron - Part 1


"Somebody call for some backup?"

I've been posting a little lightly during the turkey day holidays because
1) GW news is pretty dead right now
2) Ive been building and spraypainting these pretties:

Its the start of my Death Guard Linebreaker Squadron.

We are approaching the end of our Horus Heresy campaign, and those Palace Walls aren't going to be destroying themselves....

More updates coming soon, and soon I will be embarking on a complete overhaul of my TACTICAs and recommended army lists for using Death Guard under the new 4th edition CSM codex.


November 22, 2007

Open Thread: Happy Thanksgiving!!!


-From all the Fly Lords, Happy Turkey Day!!!

Have at it guys!

November 20, 2007

PLAY AID: Lords of Battle v1.5


Hi all,

Our initial set of Apocalypse datasheets for some of the larger toys like knights and titans have been well recieved. So well in fact, that hot on the heels of our Age of Heresy campaign book, we present you with:

Lords of Battle: Epic War-machines and Monstrosities of the 40th Millennia.

Here is the link to download the 7mb Adobe Acrobat file for the rule-set.

Download Here

This Apocalypse datasheet supplement includes a host of the most cherished "big guys" from back in the days of yore. Many of these have old resin models available, and many will require scratch-building from crazed modelers like you.

The Table of Contents is:


  • Reaver Titan
  • Legion Fellblade
  • Imperial Guard Leviathan
  • Imperial Guard Capitol Imperialis
  • Imperial Guard Deathstrike Missile Launcher
  • Knight Warden
  • Knight Paladin
  • Mechanicus Ordinatus Mars
  • Mechanicus Ordinatus Golgotha
  • Mechanicus Ordinatus Armageddon


  • Phantom Titan (updated)
  • Warlock Titan (updated)
  • Towering Destroyer Knight
  • Bright Stallion Knight


  • Great Gargant
  • Slasha Gargant
  • Digga Stompa


  • Dominatrix
  • Exocrene
  • Haruspex (new)
  • Malefactor
  • Dactylis

  • Cannon of Khorne
  • Cauldron of Blood
  • Silver Towers of Tzeentch

  • Obelisk (new)
  • Aspis (new)

    • -If you have any comments or questions, let us know.

      November 19, 2007

      Making Baneblade armor plates

      One of the options that comes with the new baneblades is the ability to drop the sponsons and raise the side armor to 14. Unfortunately, the model does not come with a 3rd set of armor plates to fill this gap. never fear, brave tank commander, BoLS has come to your rescue with step by step instructions to make your own baneblade armor plates.

      Cut a 1.5" inch strip off the top of the sheet.

      Then cut 4 1/2" sections and 4 15/16th inch section. Don't ask my why they didn't make it that extra 16th of an inch taller. I don't know. These should match up to the sizes if the existing armor plates.

      The next step is to mark where the rivets need to be. Take 2 of the smaller and 2 of the bigger pieces and draw a thin line around the edges with a straight edge. Then line it up with an existing armor plate and mark where the rivets should be.

      I'm sure you are asking yourself, "Why did we cut out 4 armor plates when we only need 2?" That's a very good question. The riveting process only works on thin sheets. If we had gone with a thicker sheet, the rivets would not appear correctly. So we make the rivets on one sheet, then glue it to another to get the desired thickness. To make the rivets, I used the ice-pick method described here.

      After you have your rivets, you need to make the small piece that supports the top armor plate. For a guide, I took a marker and colored over the "bump" on the back of one of the existing armor plates, then pressed it against one of mine while the ink was still wet. This will give us a placement guide. Remember, that the armor from one side cannot be interchanged with the other. The left side is slightly different than the right. So make a separate placement guide for each one. Once you have your guide marks, cut a small square out of thicker plasticard (or several out of thinner sheets) and glue it in place. Test fit this piece to make sure you got it right. You may need to file it down, or break it off and start over. You will not need to make the "bumps" on the side plates, only the top ones.

      Next, take your riveted pieces and glue them to the non riveted ones to get the desired thickness. Once the glue has dried, test fit the top and side plates again. If everything looks good, you can glue them together at a right angle.

      Congratulations. You now have a 3rd set or armor plates for your baneblade. The "bump" on the top plate should be enough to keep the plate in place during normal play, but it is possible to place magnets on them as well. All you have to do now is switch out the sponsons for the armor plates when needed.

      November 18, 2007

      Warhammer 30,000 League - Week 7


      The Heresy League is almost finished, and the treachery of the Warmaster has reached Holy Terra!

      We had a little over a dozen folks show up at Battleforge Games, and the Warhammer 30,000 League has only 2 weeks to go. This 7th week featured a handful of 2000pt Legion forces bitterly engageing each other, but the main event was: The Terran Landings. As the skies over the Imperial Palace turn black, the Traitors began the siege of Terra! Lets do a quick recap so everyone can see how the Legions held up.

      Terran Landings
      Death Guard, Emperor's Children, World Eaters, Sons of Horus, Thousand Sons, vs Blood Angels, Imperial Fists, Imperial Guard (and titans on both sides)
      The Initial landings on Terra were brutal affairs. At the outer defense lines, a thin force of Imperial guard held their positions, with Blood Angel and Imperial Fist support elements to their rear. The first Traitors to appear in sight was a full Death Guard Century led by Commander Typhus. This force alongside a smaller Thousand Son group led by Ahriman was only a third of the size of their loyalist opponents but advanced to within weapons range and hunkered down in heavy cover and opened fire. The battle had begun!

      The fury of the loyalists was brutal, and under the weight of Guard, Imperial Fist, a Baneblade Company, and Titan support, the Death Guard were mauled. Yet... they did not yield. Bolters cracked out from the traitor positions, and and as the skies blackened above them, 2 dozen drop pods of the Emperor's Children, World Eaters and Sons of Horus fell deep into the Traitor position.

      Combat was brutal and close, with brother slaying brother from first yards, then feet, then inches apart. Men hid under the bodies of their foe, and hacked each other to pieces. At long last, Traitor superheavy support arrived, and began to take a terrible toll on the Loyalists. On the far traitor right flank, Typhus and a large set of Death Guard terminators broke through Loyalist defense lines, only to be shattered by a sudden assault from a Imperial Fist Shield Wall formation led by Sigismund. Typhus fell in combat, and the Loyalist lines were held.

      Blood Angel reinforcements arrived in the form of a large Terminator force, and an assault contingent in a low-flying Thunderhawk. They pushed back traitors in their rear areas, but it was to late...

      Superheavy tanks and titans punished the loyalists once they were finally in position, and utterly smashed their center lines. In one deadly volley, the Legio Tempestor Reaver Titan Mechanicus Deus incinerated over 30 Imperial Fist troops caught in open ground, while over a dozen Blood Angel terminators fell to a single shot from the Death Guard Baneblade Dominator. With their flanks isolated, the order to fall back was given and the Loyalists fled the field.

      -On a special note, we would like to call out the true heroes of the Terran Landings: Luigi and Alphonse of Terran Towing (proudly serving the Palace Metro Area for over 15 years). These 2 thankless civilians answered an emergency 911 call by the Imperial Guard commanders, and spend the entire battle surrounded by enemy titans and superheavies in an unarmed Atlas Recovery Vehicle. With the speed and reliablility that Terran Towing (555-IMP-TOWS) is known for, these two chained and towed several enemy drop pods around the battlefield, disrupting the traitors lines of fire... and lived to tell about it! Here is a blurry video-camera shot of the two in action. Lets give them a hand folks!!!

      Status: Imperial Defense Lines Broken

      The Sally of the Khan
      White Scars vs Word Bearers
      Reports are sketchy at best, but it is reported that the White Scars have captured the Lion's Gate spaceport and have cut the traitor's supply lines in half. The cost however was dear. The Khan ordered almost all of his White Scars to sally forth from the Imperial Palace in the dead of night, and secure the spaceport. Defended by the the personal company of Kor Phaeron, the White Scars drove into a meat grinder. Jubal Khan was severely wounded by the Black Cardinal before the Word Bearers fell back, and fortified a defensive cordon around Lion's Gate. While the White Scars have retaken the spaceport, they appear trapped there and are preparing to endure a punishing traitor siege.
      Battle Status: White Scar Defeat

      Lion and the Night -Part 2
      Night Lords vs Dark Angels
      Night-Captain Wolf has made good on his promise to reclaim his honor. After a defeat at the hands of Legio Cybernetica robots, the Night Lords decided to take the fight from the outskirts of the Dark Angel fleet directly to its command Battle Barge. In a superbly executed raid, the Night Lords have disabled the Blade of Caliban and inflicted terrible losses on Master Astelan's command personnel. With the Dark Angels reeling from such an audacious raid, Night-Captain Wolf took the opportunity to disable even more loyalist ships with precision raids, before fleeing deep into the Eastern Fringe. It would appear, the Dark Angels will not be reaching Terra anytime soon.
      World Status: Loyalist fleet disabled

      Space Wolves vs Alpha Legion

      On the Imperial world of Yarrant, a Space Wolves Great Company has been attacked by Captain Arkos at the head of his dreaded Alpha Legion Hydra Company. The battle was bitter, and casualties were high on both sides. After suffering a bloody ambush, the Sons of Russ, formed a defensive cordon, and beat back the Traitors, even striking down Arkos himself. The Alpha Legion, has pulled back, taking their wounded captain with them, and the Wolves, have reclaimed their wounded and are preparing for sustained operations. Yarrant is truly in the balance.
      World Status: Planet stale-mated

      Week 7 Summary:

      The Loyalists are reeling. Only on Yarrant did the Space Wolves bloody the nose of the Alpha Legion. On all other fronts, the Warmaster's forces are on the offensive. With their outer defense lines smashed, Rogal Dorn has ordered all loyalists on Terra to fall back to the Imperial Palace and be prepared to hold the walls. With several Traitor Titan legions landed, and Iron Warrior Siegemasters to guide them, it is only a matter of time before a breaching effort is made.

      Further Week 7 news and updates as they come in...

      Next Week: Against The Walls...

      November 16, 2007

      NEWS: Forgeworld IA Apocalypse on Preorder


      Hi guys,

      Forgeworld has put up Imperial Armor: Apocalypse up for preorder. It looks pretty sharp.

      Get it here:

      November 15, 2007

      RUMORS: 40k 5th Edition News


      Rumors brought to the community by Warseer's Shebnar

      -Well look here: Some exciting 5th edition rumors. Caveat emptor my friends...

      OK, looking again, it would seem that perhaps 5th Edition is coming next year. A lot of trustworthy folks seem to confirming at least that part of the rumors.

      OK, I'm going to post these other rumours appeared on GW Tilea: the source is trustworthy.

      - First of all,
      WH40K V Edition will see the light before summer 2008 (yes you read it right), just after the Codexaemons.
      There's not much in the new edition that is going to be radically changed, the things which will be modified for sure are:

      1) rules about vehicles
      2) damage chart for vehicles (MAYBE we'll have one only chart for glancing and penetrating hits, with modifiers according to the weapon which scored the hit - note that this is an uncertain rumour)
      3) rules about psychic powers
      4) small variations on
      HtH combat

      the source denied any further explaination.

      It has been speculated that the new Starter Box will include
      SM and Orks (both in plastic).

      And THEN?

      - Codex: Imperial Guard.
      New miniatures are ready, the Codex is still undergoing the brainstorming phase
      It is almost certain that the Combat Doctrines will remain in the Codex.
      New plastic soldiers with great coats and different heads: we'll have Death Korps of Krieg and Valhallans!!!
      Possible new Valkyrie in plastic.
      New bits for the Sentinel in order to be able to field all of the four patterns in plastic!
      New bits for Rough Riders.

      - Dark Eldar.
      The entire range is going to be redone with new design.
      At the moment they're going to made the first new models!
      The rules (according to the source) are NOT going to be much changed, except for some units (the source didn't specify which ones).

      - Necrons
      We won't see them before the end of 2009!!!
      However, the Codex will be redone and will feature new models.
      Pariah and Immortals are going to be redone.
      Maybe new bipod/vehicle?

      - Space Wolves
      end 2008 - beginning 2009
      The Codex has been planned, but nothing is certain.
      MAYBE (uncertain rumour) the SW list will be integrated with the 13th Company's units and rules.

      Unfortunately, the Codex:Inquisition is still not in schedule We won't see it for a veeeeery long time...

      UPDATE: And this tasty tidbit from the pretty much 100% accurate Brimstone from Warseer:

      "Some of this is correct and some is a bit inaccurate.

      Vehicle rules are undergoing a pretty big overhaul which some will be quite unhappy about.
      There will be one vehicle damage chart with modifiers for glancing/penetrating hits.

      Overall most sections are being amended to a degree up to and including missions.

      It's a new edition hence a new rulebook IIRC."

      UPDATE (2): More word from Warseer's reliable sources:

      Things I've heard about 5th edition:

      It will be released in 2008. I’ve been hinting at this in
      these forums for months now…I was told September/October, but maybe they are
      pushing it up for some reason. Maybe they are launching the new edition before
      they release the next supplement. Could have something to with the rules changes
      that they need the new system out before the next supplement.

      The new starter box will be Orks vs. Marines. Like BfSP it will have two small but complete
      armies. The new technology lets them put so much more stuff on a sprue and I've
      heard you get TONS of stuff in this box. I expect a vehicle or two (those rumors
      of a plastic killa kan have been floating around for some time) but I have no
      info to say what the contents will be beyond Orks vs. Marines (What do you think
      they are making those plastic grots for?). As an Ork player I am so very excited
      about this box…

      Rules wise I’ve heard that the vehicle damage chart will look
      like the Apocalypse one but for standard vehicles.

      I’ve heard nothing of a nerf for skimmers or any other major
      changes to the vehicle system. But that just means my source hasn’t told me
      anything or may not know himself.

      Two big changes I’ve heard about are changes to movement and
      (everyone wait for it…) changes to Rending! I posted these in a “rules idea”
      thread a few weeks back to see if anyone would notice…nobody did. I'm not going
      to go into detail now as I've been tourtured by the =I=nqusition before and do
      not wish to revist those dark places. But if you search for them, they are out
      there...posted as my own idea. (see how I do that? Like a f'n ninja!)I’ve heard
      that Combat Patrol and Kill Team are gone from the rule book. They will make a
      reappearance as their own supplement in 2009 with expanded rules for "space
      hulk" and "Necromunda" style games.They have been replaced with a much expanded
      mission system and campaign rules that are based off the Mighty Empires system
      for FB.

      I've heard that there are a few 40K specific tiles in the works. One
      being a hive-city tile.

      Dark Eldar are next after Deamons, beyond that I have no

      UPDATE (3): a warseer source offers a glimpse at what may be some of the rumored 5th edition rules changes:

      A roll of a six to wound makes the shot AP1. A roll of a six to penetrate a vehicle causes an automatic glancing hit unless the total already exceeds the AV.
      -I think this will tone down Rending a bit while still maintaining the
      effectiveness of those weapons. This would also pave the way for all Gauss
      weapons to have Rending.On that note I would also change
      FNP so it is negated by AP1 weapons.

      Forced March:
      All infantry units may make a D6” move in the shooting phase instead of shooting as long as there are no enemy models within 12”. However they may not move in the assault phase unless they have the Fleet of Foot special rule. Models with Fleet may make this move even if enemy models are within 12” and may make a 6” assault move as normal.
      -I think this would open up the game a little more as it would allow
      units to sprint for cover/objectives in lieu of shooting. It would make the game
      a bit more dynamic and allow for playing games on larger tables like you might
      see in Apocalypse. This would also greatly benefit reserves allowing them to get
      in the game much quicker than before.

      Change the Skimmer rule so it counts as being obscured when moving at least 12” instead of the current rule.
      -This would mean they would only benefit from the Skimmer ability on a
      4+ and only if they stay on the move.

      November 14, 2007

      PLAY-AID: Lords of Battle Casting Call


      Hi all,

      We have almost wrapped up all 24 datasheets for our next supplement: Lords of Battle

      This supplement will be a single pdf file including a host of the most cherished "big guys" from back in the days of yore. Many of these have old resin models available, and many will require scratch-building from crazed modelers like you.

      We have scoured our collections and the internet, and have gotten nice pics of most of them. We are in desperate need of some good pics of the following models:


      • Imperial Guard Leviathan
      • Imperial Guard Deathstrike Missile Launcher
      • Knight Castellan


      • Warlock Titan
      • Bright Stallion Knight


      • Dominatrix


      • Silver Towers of Tzeentch

      -If you have a good looking mini of any of these, please snap a nice-well-lit pic of it and email us at

      Thanks a million,


      NEWS: Adepticon 2008 Registration Opens


      Hi guys,

      The world's biggest 40k tournament is open for registration. Adepticon 2008 awaits! Without further ado here is their press release, and I'm sure the Fly Lords will see some you guys there.

      Registration for the “can’t miss” event of the year is now open! On April 11-13, the Chicagoland area will host three days of Games Workshop-related tournaments, demos, seminars, and other hobby events will give you a chance to meet and play with gamers from across the world, learn from recognized experts, and take part in the AdeptiCon experience. You can register online now at to reserve your spots.

      Traditional Favorites Return!
      Anyone who’s attended an AdeptiCon in the past can tell you about our signature events – the kind of tournaments you won’t find anywhere else. All of the traditional favorites will return, so register early at to reserve your spot and a chance to win glory, fame, and some of AdeptiCon’s legendary prize support.

      New Challenges Await!
      This year, we’ve added even more tournaments to our roster of events, and greatly expanded the list of demos, bring-and-battles, and other non-competitive events! Best of all, many of the demos and other non-competitive events are FREE with your AdeptiCon Weekend Badge. Note that many of the free events have limited space, so pre-registration at is highly recommended to make sure you can take part in the events of your choice.

      Event Highlights!
      Read on to find out some short descriptions of both our traditional and new events. Full descriptions and event rules can be found online in our web cart at and the website.

      Friday Event Highlights

      Warhammer 40K Gladiator Tournament – Before there were ‘Ard Boyz tournaments, there was the AdeptiCon Warhammer 40K Gladiator. Only five players have earned the title of AdeptiCon Gladiator Champion…will you be number six?
      Warhammer Fantasy Devastation Tournament – Starting with a 3000 point army, only the survivors of your army will advance to the next round of play in this new AdeptiCon Signature Event.
      Warhammer Fantasy Escalation Tournament – Demonstrate your prowess by playing WFB at the 1000, 2000, and 3000 point levels.
      Lord of the Rings Team Tournament – You and a partner will each bring a 500 point army to fight for the fate of Middle Earth!
      Epic Armageddon Tournament - Real generals command armies, not companies. Bring a
      3000 point Epic Armageddon army for this new singles tournament to find out if you can earn the title of Champion.
      Free Events – Demos of Warhammer Ancient Battles and Legends of the Old West, and Warhammer 40K Apocalypse gaming are open to all AdeptiCon Attendees with the purchase of an AdeptiCon Weekend Badge

      Saturday Event Highlights

      Warhammer 40K National Team Tournament – The largest 40K tournament in the world returns, and this year there is room for 400 40K players in 100 teams to compete for the top honors!
      Warhammer Ancient Battles Singles Tournament – The glories of the ancients will be re-lived on the tabletop.
      Warhammer Fantasy Championships – 2250 point armies will face off in a battle of will and skills against some of the best players from around the world.
      Free Events - AdeptiCon attendees can participate in demos of Legendof the High Seas, Legends of the Old West, Lord of the Rings, and Space Hulk, Aeronautica Imperialis and Epic Armageddon Bring and Battles, a Warmaster Battle Royale, and a Warhammer 40K Combat Patrol tournament, all as part of their AdeptiCon Weekend Badge!

      Sunday Event Highlights

      Warhammer 40K Championships – Prepare your 1850 point armies for three action-packed scenarios against some of the fiercest competition in the world.
      Warhammer Fantasy Team Tournament – 2-player teams will bring their best to compete against their peers in the arenas of generalship, painting, and theme.
      Warhammer Ancient Battles Doubles Tournament – This WAB team event pits 2-player teams against each other in heated competition.
      Battlefleet Gothic Championships –Returning for its second year, the BFG Championships will give players a chance to compete for mastery of the void.
      Free Events – Demos of Lord of the Rings, Legend of the High Seas, Legends of the Old West: The Chicago Way, and a Games Workshop Battle Bunker Surprise will be offered free to all AdeptiCon Attendees as part of their AdeptiCon Weekend Badge!

      Hobby Seminars
      Our lineup of hobby seminars taught by award-winning instructors continue to grow, with some old favorites such as Damien Garcia’s “Big Brush Method” speed painting class, along with new techniques taught my such masters as Tim Lison and James and Cathy Wappel. Whether you’re new to the hobby and looking to learn some basic skills, or an old-salt looking for a way to
      bring your work to the next level, there’s something for everyone to learn at our Hobby Seminars.

      Register Online Today!
      All event slots are sold on a first-come, first served basis, so pre-registration for your events of choice are highly recommended. You can register online today at, as well as view more detailed descriptions of the events and seminars.

      Reserve Your Hotel Room for AdeptiCon 2008 Now!
      Here’s the link to the hotel reservation site:
      Or you can call their reservation line at: 1 800 972 2494

      Our AdeptiCon code (ADT) should automatically appear in the “Group Rate” field, giving you the AdeptiCon rate of $99/night. Parking will be available for $10/day, and in addition, a free shuttle service to and from O’Hare Int’l Airport will be available for our out-of-town guests.

      Please make sure that when you reserve your hotel room, you use the AdeptiCon code (ADT). AdeptiCon’s staff have worked to get the best possible rates for our attendees, and we need to make sure that our block of room is filled.

      November 13, 2007

      40K NEWS: Even More GW Apocalypse Datasheets


      Hi everybody,

      Today GW finally put up that set of 7 new Formation Datasheets for Apocalypse that they pulled down a couple of weeks back.

      They include:

      • Terminator Titanhammer Squads
      • Predator Assassin Squadron
      • Chaos Annihilation Force
      • Plague of Zombies
      • Maelstrom of Gore
      • The Great Court of the Young King
      • The Seer Council of Ulthwe

      GW Apocalypse datafax website

      -It looks like the trend of homages to lists and units lost to the mists of time continue. Apocalypse continues to add formations that use units from lists that have disappeared from the tournament circuit like LaTD plague zombies, and the Court of the Young King. I like where this is going.

      November 11, 2007

      Warhammer 30,000 League - Week 6


      The Heresy League continues, and the Warmaster is headed towards Terra!

      We had about 20 folks show up at Battleforge Games, and the Warhammer 30,000 League is nearing its climax. This 6th week featured larger 2000pt Legion forces against a variety of their brother Legions, and several hallmark games: In several deep space fleet actions, loyalists have been attacked by traitor legions in an attempt to keep them from reinforcing Terra. Lets do a quick recap so everyone can see how the Legions held up.

      Flight of the Eisenstien
      Death Guard vs Death Guard
      Battle Captain Garro has been picked up in deep space on board the blasted wreck of the frigate Eisenstein. Rogal Dorn has personally brought him to the Terran system to plead his case for the treachery of the Warmaster to the Imperial Palace. He and his forces are currently being held in an undisclosed location for a full debriefing.
      Status: Imperial escape successful

      Treachery at Phall
      Imperial Fists vs Iron Warriors
      Reports are sketchy at best, but it is reported that the Imperial Fists are caught up in a bloody fleet action on the Phall system. Their nemesis legion, the Iron Warriors have destroyed many of their vessels, and left them drifting in space. Rather than finish off the loyalists, the Iron Warriors have broken off and headed to Terra, leaving the Imperial Fist palace garrison dangerously low on manpower.
      Fleet Status: Traitor attack successful

      Battle of Thranx
      Emperor's Children vs Salamanders, Thranx techno-defence cohort (Necrons)
      The Warmaster's brutality is a terrible thing. Fresh from their defeat at Istvaan V, a company of Salamanders was limping back to their home system of Nocturne when they were ambushed by an Emperor's Children force. Even with the support of the world's defense forces, the attack proved to much for the bloodied and exhausted Salamanders. With their officers slain, there has been no further communications from the loyalists, and Terra fears the worst.
      World Status: Traitor control

      Lion and the Night - part 1
      Dark Angels vs the Night Lords

      The Dark Angels have inflicted a sound defeat on the forces of Night-captain Wolf. For the first time in his career, Wolf's tactics have been turned aside. His fleet ambushed a Dark Angel fleet far on the Eastern Fringe, and send boarding parties to disable their drive sections. While a portion of the Dark Angel fleet is dead in space, the Sons of Caliban have turned to their Legio Cybernetica Robot Maniples to push back the Traitors in the tightly packed confines of their vessels. Combat is both brutal and bloody, but as of now, the Night Lords have been pushed back and only hold a handful of Dark Angel vessels. It is to be seen what tactics Wolf devises to deal with this latest Loyalist gambit.
      Fleet Status: Imperial Control

      Ambush at Chondax
      White Scars, Space Wolves vs Alpha Legion
      There has been no world of this fleet action as of this time. It is known that a large Alpha Legion fleet has attacked a force of Space Wolves and White Scars vessels in the Chondax system, where they were mustering for the journey to Terra.
      Fleet Status: Unknown

      Battle of El'Phanor
      Ultramarines vs Sons of Horus

      The Ultramarines have beaten back a Sons of Horus ambush. Captain Tyranus along with a small contingent of Custodes Guard responded to a false distress call, and were met with battle from an unexpected quarter led by First Captain Abaddon. Several of the Custodes gave their lives to buy time for the Ultramarines to stabilize their position and beat back their traitorous brothers. With the Sons of Horus pulling back, the Ultramarines have carefully interred the fallen Custodes in their fleet catacombs, and are making best speed for Terra
      World Status: Imperial Control

      Week 6 Summary:

      The Loyalists have fought with some success. While some Legions have been waylaid by the Warmaster's forces, others have fought off their attackers and are making their way to Terra. Captain Garro has brought detailed information on the treachery of Horus to the Emperor, and all Imperial forces are rapidly reinforcing the Imperial Palace. When the Warmaster arrives, he will get quite an unfriendly welcome...

      Further Week 6 news and updates as they come in...

      Next Week: The Terran Landings begin...

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