PLAY-AID: Genestealer Cults Mini-dex from BoLS

UPDATE: V2.0 (for 5th Edition) is up.

Hi Everybody,

As promised, with the advent of 5th Edition, the Fly Lords are working through our older publications and updating them for the new edition. First up is the Genestealer Cult. This new version 2.0 list is ready to go! Within this 22 page mini-dex you will find:

  • Background
  • Modeling section
  • Army List
  • 4 Special Characters (including Imperial opposition characters)
  • Apocalypse Datasheet
  • Galactic Map

It has been an absolute blast working on this list and tweaking it for 5th. Hopefully it will get some of those old dusty cult minis off of the shelves and back onto the tabletop where they belong. The list is an updated version of both the original Rogue Trader list, and the more recent Citadel Journal list.

It is primarily a horde list that contains some of the most low quality (but dirt cheap) units you’ve ever laid your eyes on, mixed with some mean, nasty inner Coven units to keep an enemy on his toes. And hey, Limos…with Genestealers in them… No matter what happens Genestealer Cults always win on style points!

~I hope all you Cult fans have some fun with these. Enjoy and as usual, we love comments and feedback! What I think I enjoy most of all is the flexibility these PDFs give us. While we endeaver ot playtest the heck out of these things, a lot of the tweaks in v2.0 came directly from feedback from you, our readers. So enjoy, and by all means keep the feedback and comment coming. We really do read them!

Download Here

  • Ed

    Well done. On the whole quite good but I think molotovs should be brought back (I liked the rules for these) and you should be allowed to take broodlords. My 2c.

  • Psyren

    From the quick look I’ve had through this, it looks excellent. I’ve been waiting for someone to make decent rules for this for a long time. I think I might expand my genestealer cult now.

  • you guys continue to amaze with the quality of what you produce. Once you get your photography up to snuff these books wont look far off an official product!

  • Very cool mini-dex! Now where did I put those old metal Space Hulk hybrids…?

  • Wow that is a really awesome codex. If only we could just buy GW and put you guys in charge. Back to the glory days…

  • RTM

    Nicely done, I’ll try it for a spin tomorrow.


  • Anonymous


    There is no reason why one couldn’t add the molotovs back in and add broodlords. This is far from offical and if your opponents let you play this, they sould let you add your own tweaks.

  • nicely done lads.

  • Anonymous

    I tired really hard to get the guys to add in Molotovs, but it was a no go.

  • Anonymous

    You are the best mini-dex ever.

  • Anonymous

    Very Nice but when will we see the Arbites mini dex?

  • Ben

    Nice. I’m going to make a small guard army using Copplestone Neo-Soviets in the near future. With some of the old cult figures and the Copplestone scavenger line this might be my second army. 🙂

  • Artur from Chicago

    Gents – you deserve a big pat on the back indeed. It takes some serious dedication to put out a PDF after PDF like that.

    Now, I really think that it is time to take care of those Sisters of Battle for myself! The author (if coming to Adepticon, and I assume on top of that month of servitude) gets a beer from me.

    Also, I second the call for Arbites mini-dex. I think I know where the call for help is coming from!

  • Anonymous

    Really nice looking dex. Now I finally get a use for my hybrids at the bottom of my bits box. The Cult is coming!

  • I recommend the use of 1/43 scale cars for all the civilian vehicles. Its gives you a nice size that looks good and reflects the fragility of the standard issue cars and trucks forced into combat situations.

  • Awesome!

    Now I just have to dust off the old minis and get them back into play.

    Brings back so many memories of nostalgia.

    And they are going to get a turn in the next apocalypse game I play added into the tyranid swarms! 🙂

  • This is great work guys. I am so annoyed that my Hybrids have been lost in the sands of time…

  • Still reading through, but a couple points:

    1. Why all the clamor for broodlords? The patriarch is right there, and is basically a broodlord with some new abilities … Right?

    2. No flesh hook option on the stealers? Sucks for them if they run with the patriarch who has the option, and just over all is unfortunate to not have a frag option when most other armies do.

    There may be more, but 2 thoughts so far. Great stuff though, digging the PDF ;D

    – Salvage

  • Admiral Halsey

    Well, I just had my first game against the list. A themed battle at 1,430 points. Father Genestealer, his retinue, three groups of 6 stealers, A magus, and 5 man retinue, (With two flamers) a monstrouity, 30 brood brothers, 30 initiates, and 10 comrades, vs An inquistor lord, his retinue, 5 stormtroopers two with grenade launchers, 7 stormtroopers (two with flamers) accomapanied by an Inquistor, and 9 Stormtroops with melta gun, and plasma gun. + Vindicare, and 6 SM scouts with sniper rifles. All stormies where mounted in heavy bolter/multilaser Chimera’s.

    The inquistion lost. Not just lost, Really lost. 1 Chimera left at the end of the game, vs 20 brothers, 10 comrades, 10 inititates, 9 stealers, and the father stealer. (The magus was wounded and fled off the board.)

    It was a fantastic list, a well fought and enjoyable game, and both me and my fincee (Who played the Stealers) give max congratultions to all involved. This kinda stuff keeps the game alived.

  • Anonymous

    The real question is… when are you guys going to write a squat dex for us?


  • Chaosgerbil

    This is nice to see, given that my very first army was a genestealer cult. At first glance this army list looks very well put together, but a little under-powered. I am guessing that any of the newer 4th edition books would probably have an edge against it. While it’s better to err on the side of caution with a home-brew list and not make it too cheesy, but I would have liked to see less restricitons on what you can field.
    Maybe I’ll feel differently after I test it out. Anyways, thanks for putting it together.

  • Nice Codex.

    Any idea how to make the coven limos that featured in the old WDs of the time?

  • HBMC

    While I like the Codex in general, one thing bothers me greatly:

    Brood Brothers, historically, have been shown to be utterly devoted to the Cult’s cause, and in light of that they have always been virtually unshakable when it comes to taking casualties. In 2nd Ed they suffered from Hatred, making them Ld10. Here they’re Ld6 and run away at the drop of a hat. I see this as a major diversion from the fluff. Where Chaos Cults tend to fall apart as they take more casualties, Brood Brothers are basically all under some level of mind control from the Genestealers and Patriarch/Magus. They should be Ld10 or Stubborn or something.


  • palemonkey

    Gotta love the guy with the bucket on his head in the codex painting section.

    The truck, well, jawol, sie sind eine deutsches trukk, ja?

  • Anonymous

    Ohhh yes suicide bombers yippii

  • Anonymous

    Firstly, very cool job and thanks for doing it!

    Secondly, some constructive criticism on the accessibility of the list for those wanting to start a new cult (which many will after reading your list!). The codex appears to have been designed to accommodate a specific miniature collection (one with lots of OOP Frateris Militia!)- it would be fairly difficult to built it from scratch, as the most numerous troops – the Brood Brothers – are difficult to source. Giving these the option of taking lasguns would open the list up hugely and allow people to start a new army, using Cadians for these troops. Otherwise, there just isn’t an easy way of getting hold of large numbers of models armed with the las pistol/ccw combo, especially in plastic. This is fine if the codex is only there to accommodate existing cult players, but what if players want to start a new army? Or what if players have an IG army and a Nids army and want to combine the two for something different?

    Please consider this if you update your codex – it’ll really give people a route to start a new army, rather than just dusting off an old one!

  • Anonymous

    Love the codex, have dug out my old models and am going to be giving the list a run on Thursday.

    The only thing I’ve noticed that might want a quick update is the special character the beast of Barrila doesn’t have the inhuman strength special rule so unlike the normal patriarch he wont be ignoring armour saves.

  • The Beast of Barilla is a Monstrous Creature. That takes care of the armor saves (and watch out tanks)!

  • Wildonion

    So I took the Cult into battle, it was fun but I got beaten pretty badly; the battle was 1500 against my friends Ravenwing force.

    Some suggestions I wanted to make:

    -Give the Brood Brothers Lasguns and maybe make them stubborn; the Cult needs some gunners! Maybe the option to take a heavy weapon, like a Missile Launcher and Autocannon too.

    -Maybe add some corrupted PDF forces (been reading Ciaphas Cane, got the idea from the first book.) with Stormtrooper stats and a limit of one or two squads. An elite unit, comparatively speaking, would be helpful to the cult.

    -Up the number of Genestealers you can take in a brood to eight, six went down pretty fast. Also, giving them Flesh Hooks would be nice. Ld 10 is handy, but it hurts when these mindless killing machines turn tail and run, maybe they should be fearless?

    -Bikers could do with an increased save, seeing them die to Bolter fire was pretty painful.

    Hopefully these suggestions are helpful and don’t come off as a whiny rant. I enjoy the Cult, appreciate the time and effort you are putting into making the mini-dex, and can’t wait for the next edition!

  • Anonymous

    This codex is superb. I have been playing it in a cities of death campaign. If it got any better my friends would never let me play it! The only things that seem a bit over-powered are the Magnus’s auto pinning ability and the fact that the hybrid monstrosities can charge 12″ This is easily the best Genestealer Cults codex on the net.

  • This codex is pretty cool, but as a genestealer cult player from the old Citadel Journal list I have to say that I cannot use it. The old list gives us options for shotguns, three leman russes, and sentinels for fast attack. I have a hundred models with shotguns I would not be able to use and most of my tanks have to be left out. I’ll have to stick to the old list. :/

  • Well, the Brothers can have shotguns…

    I really like the list because it is _not_ just a way to use Nids and IG at the same time. I like that just as in real life, the military keeps away from the angry civilians and fights as they should. A Cult’s real military and PDF could easily be represented by the Guard Codex.

  • Anonymous

    A few thoughts about psychic powers… It seems that the magnos’s voice of reason power is a bit stacked. I was playing my buddy’s eldar army and was able to keep a squad of guardians(?) pinned for 3 rounds. This is waiting to be abused. Maybe by limiting the number of times this can be used (every other turn) this could be corrected. Also my friend is insisting that the transfixing gaze can’t be used in close combat because it doesn’t specifically say so in the rules. Are there any plans for a second edition?

  • Thanks for the comments guys,

    1) Voice of Reason is working as designed. If you want to take down a Magus, you’re going to need to do it with more than a single unit (or a vehicle). 🙂

    2) Tranfixing Gaze is specifically designed to work in assualt. It can only be used during the assault phase when in base-to-base contact with an enemy model. If it couldn’t be used in hth, it would never go off.

    Thanks guys, and keep the comments coming.

  • Anonymous

    Two combat patrols played so far at 500 points each time. First vs Eldar and second vs Chaos Cult. Both battles saw the enemy wiped out to the last model although I must say it was solely luck against the Eldar where glancing hits brought down his war walkers.

    Must say that the Hybrid leaders rock. Buying that extra scything talon and rending makes them CC monsters.

    Just disappointed with the stats of the civilians. Lots of 2’s and furious charge just doesn’t seem right to me (or my opponents for that matter.)

    Also, what do I do now with the rest of my purple/blue Russes and Sentinels????? At least this list doesn’t have captured predators and land raiders which was just silly. A rhino was alright as it could have been taken from an Arbites armoury.

    I agree with the earlier commenst about making a batch of these guys stubborn or somesuch. They are ‘psyched’ into the cult after all.

    Still all up, an excellent effort. Now just have to get the list up to 1500 points.

  • Matthew

    Firstly let me say that I am over come with joy that the rules have had an update.

    After I recently joined in at a large game at a near by store it has reignited my love for the game and my favorite army the stealer cult.

    I have not had a chance to put the new rules into action yet but a couple of things seem to be bothering me.

    In smaller fights, the leaders of the cult would not endanger themselves and I was wondering if there were any plans for another HQ unit to be added.

    The Brood Initiates having to be taken with every Brood Brother squad was a nice touch; the only problem is modeling that many units with pistols as no box set comes with enough of the required parts to create them. Was just going to model imperial guard Catachans with lasguns and say they are pistols.

    With the Hybrid Acolyte upgrades, he starts with two limbs and has +1 attack for having the laspistol and the Scything talon, what would giving him another Scything talon (and another limb) actual do? Would the rending claw biomorph give him another limb or replace a Scything talon? If it gives another limb and you take all of the upgrades meaning he would have 4 limbs (1 pistol and 3 close combat weapons) would that mean he would have 2 base +2 extra attacks (4 in total).

    Guessing since the Brood Bikers are unit type Bikes they have the turbo boost rule as well?

    I under stand the limit imposed on the heavy choices to stop being able to field to many tanks in proportion to troops as you could get 2 Russ’s in a 500pnt army with the journal rules but with large games will mean that the cult is heavily out gunned and will be blown away.

    Was thinking of something along the lines of turning the Brood Comrades into a heavy weapon team of up to 3 heavy weapons but limit them to 0-2 choices.

    Also putting a restriction on the armor options but have it based on the size of the army so for every 500pnts after the first 500pnts you can take a Russ or Sentinal squad, so in a 2000pnt army you can have 3 choices.

    This I believe would allow for larger games to be played and would represent the cult having gained control of more of the planet as they grow in size.

    I apologize for the amount I have gone on and I am truly grateful for all the work you guys have done and I look forward to getting my cult out and unleashing hell on my enemies.

  • Anonymous

    Fantastic work on the 5th update. I was wondering if you have any plans to include a conversion beamer now that they have been reintroduced with the new Marine ‘dex?

  • Ram Rock Ed First

    Reading through the list and the comments I have a few things to say.

    To those who complained about a lack of a Broodlord, you obviously are newer players and have not actually seen the original lists, or at the least the 2nd ed one in Codex Tyranids (There was a Rogue Trader list as well? I’d LOVE to see that!). Patriarch’s are in effect Broodlords, or rather Broodlords are in effect Patriarch’s except thrown straight into the Tyranid Codex released in 4th ed. The only difference: The Broodlord wasn’t the first stealer on an uninfected planet to infect the first worshipper with the Tyranid seed and thus isn’t necessarily the oldest stealer and most definitely not revered as a Living God. Sucks to be the broodlord in short.

    To the lack of a lasgun option on Brood brothers et al, it is kinda annoying, but at the same time as in tim Huckleberry’s list in the Citadel Journal (Issue 40 & 41 for those not in the know) it was simply stated to play the count as game if needed. Lasguns can do a fine job of being a shotgun, and whilst not great at longer ranges (ie no longer range) the assault nature of the shotgun means that you can do what the cult is really all about, drowning the unbelievers in a tide of faithful…

    The change of Sentinels to Heavy Support and limiting the tanks available is nice. It represents nicely the fact that Cults rise up all at once and out of nowhere start seizing stuff bit by bit. The list is still ramshackle enough but has a smoothness to it that is highly appealing. The addition of a ‘stealer monstrosity is damned nice as a concept and adds in another solid unit that acts well as a distraction. The list is a little light on anti-tank ability with the advent of 5th edition 40k nerfing rending to +D3 extra to the Armour penetration (meaning most stealers/rending clawed chaps get penetration rolls of 13 at the best making landraiders damned nasty), but at the end of the day, one solid vehicle verse hundreds of dirt cheap chaps just piling in.

    To the Brothers and their Ld 6, well IMHO, they are lead by Hybrids who are the embodiment of the Father et al, and his Ld of 8 is solid for them. yes they aren’t stubborn et al, but if your cult leader gets cut down mercilessly, the embodiment of the forefather et al then you’d react one of two main ways, either charge in in rage or run as the invincibility of the living gods in your midst is suddenly destroyed. Balanced in any case.

    I’m rambling now so apologies.

    The final thing before I head home and digest the codex on the way home and start playing the cult again, is that the option of mounting a pure genestealer brood inside a cult limousine is a damned fine one, and is in-line with alot of the original cult artwork. It’s classy and well, lets face it damned cool.

    I can’t wait to get a few games with this list. Got a mate who is raving about his Thousand Sons and his bolts of Change, we’ll show him what the unwashed masses have to say about that sort of singular power, lol. :p

    Cheers all, well done, keep up the great work,

    Ram Rock Ed First.

  • Anonymous

    First, I love your mini-dex and as a long time cult player it is nice to see that people out there still love them also.

    A couple of humble suggestions:

    1) Add a third HQ choice: Either a High Level Brood Brother or Acolyte.

    There used to be a Hierarch at one time

    2) Wargear
    – Flesh Hooks for Genestealers
    – Satchel Charges should not be war gear, but a upgrade to a unit. (See Below)

    3)Hybrids used to have two-subgroups Neophytes & Acoyltes.
    A simple name change would be nice.

    3)Brood Brothers:
    – Need Hatred
    – Option to take lasguns.
    – Option of a Rhino or Chimera

    4)Brood Inititates:
    – 0-2 Satchel Charges
    – Replace Rage w/ Hatred

    5) Remove the Seeding Lictor
    It just doesn’t mesh well with the over all feel of the army. This army should be about Stealers not nids.

    6) Make Sentinels Fast Attack Again

    7) The Monstrosity is a cool concept but has too many liability’s. He needs a few tweaks.

  • ApHostile

    Hi guys.
    First an eternity of praises for this fantastic piece of work. My Coven of Our Four Armed Emperor is slowly flocking.
    A couple of questions though:
    One very wierd thing. Hybrid upgrade for vehicles seems very inconsistant. In the old edition it gave the vehicle bs2 and ignored stunned. In this edition it appear to work as a crappy extra armour. Especially for the cult Russ, where you can have EA for 15 pts and Hybrid stewardesses for 20 (which does the same only the brids lowers bs). This struck me as very wierd and so far I have been playing with the old version of the hybrid crew rules.

    What am a poor faithfull to do, oh mighty magus? 🙂

    -much applause ApHostile

  • Matthew

    Love the new list and I have already dusted off my old models and started converting them to fit with the new list. A couple of things which I have noticed:

    HQ – Would love a 3rd option like from the journals, A Hierarch (with the Hybrid Acolyte stats and options) with 4 Bodyguards (Initiates stats, 6+ save and close combat weapon with the laspistol) for 35 pnts or so with options for more bodyguards at +5pnts each and the transport option of a limo. To represent the Hierarchs lower status maybe lose one Fast attack, Elite and Heavy support slot in the force organization chart and be unable to take the Brood Comrade Tanks.

    Elites – Maybe let them take either a Coven Limo or a Chimera as a transport.

    Fast Attack – The lictors ability to turn up just anywhere seems for a lack of a better word wrong, maybe turning up in any terrain piece would make more sense.

    Heavy Support – I seem to always be taking a Hybrid Brood over the Comrades and was hoping that changing them slightly would make them more preferable to take. A second weapon option would be nice (even if its at a slightly higher cost to the first one), Letting them have the option of taking a Truck or a Chimera would be nice and maybe letting them split into two smaller squads like the combat squad options in the space marines would represent the smaller guerilla style combat that might be expected from armed civilians/cultists.

    I apologies for going on and am over joyed that you guys have kept the cult alive, I know these things are just my thoughts but I hope you might take some of them on board for future changes. Your thoughts would be most appreciated.

  • Anonymous

    It’ s quite fun, but I strongly recommend, that u should include mounted cultists, bugboyz (ork hybrids), rock lobbers and bolt throwers. Cult not always has any opportunity to get some tanks, u know… AND they ARE in Tim’ s Director’ s cut. 🙂 Or, u can just make some variant armies (eg. invasion force, freebooter army, hive cult and feral cult).


  • Anonymous

    What about bugboyz, mounted cultists (there were miniatures, u know), rock lobbers and bolt throwers? Cult not always has any opportunity to get some tanks!

  • simon ellis

    major thanks for the renewed codex
    the map is a lovely bonus
    Long term member of the yahoo group so delighted to see Tim’s original work redone for the 5th
    Particularly liked the Specific Cult rules not to strong but distinct
    and extra thanks for the Arbites list as perfect opponents

    Concerns for the list match many comments already posted so for a possible V 3 I do think this will struggle at over 1200 points as well as being a very expensive army of lots of conversions

    my major concern is the Hybrid Brood
    Really think these should be a Troop choice because
    1 Background means at least 4 generations of them so should be a lot of them available
    2 Gives a real alternative to the mobs
    3 not overpowered especially post Ork codex – though would prefer the BS down to 2 and less heavy weapon options reducing point and increasing max numbers of each brood
    4 would allow different mixes of Cult rather than one style at present
    5 could allow a Genestealer Invasion Cult of Stealers & hybrids
    5 Frees up the Elite slot for more comrades

    Other major comments
    Heavy Stubbers as 1st upgrade for Comrades/Brothers please

    like the central concept reducing heavy weapons in the Cult but Tank and Sentinels
    not too much

  • simon ellis

    another thought
    given we are free from recent gw restrictions of all in one codex
    what about IG allies using list restrictions in the Inqisition codexes and also using cult as allies for an IG list?
    this option together with moving hybrids to Troops would mean the one list could build everything from an invasion force, through insurection (the current list), to a Cult take over of the PDF.

  • Anonymous

    Great Mini-dex. Also for every one who dosent see why everyone wants a broodlord, its because a broodlord and patriatch are different things. A patriatch is just a normal Genestealer that started the cult but overtime has gotten better/certain abilitys. A broodlord is a genetecly modified Genestealer witch is bigger and meaner. They are not the same thing.

  • Pittman

    I love the list and gave it a go against some Blood Angles this weekend. Did OK but the Land Raider I couldn’t do much against, the list seems to be a bit lite in fire power like trying to take out a Land Raider but other than that it is great. I missed playing the old cult and nice to see them back even if it is not official.

  • stoiss

    Sorry if this is a trivial question. I haven’t played since 3rd ed. (yes, I’m a bit rusty) and I’m considering starting a new (small) army based on this codex.

    Can anyone point out the best sources of “canopener” abilities in this minidex?

    What should I upgrade or buy in order to tear up that landraider at the other end of the table?

  • It’s hard to say what you should use. This codex is pretty weak in that regard. Maybe three sentinels with lascannons…

  • Eli

    Is there any chance we might get a update now that the new IG Codex is out?

    A Couple of Suggestions:

    This is a Genestealer Cult NOT a Chaos Cult. Things like Rage, Unwashed Masses, & Seeding Lictors just don’t make sense in a GS Cult.

    Once someone is initiated into the cult (Implanted with Genestealer Seed) They are completely devoted to the Patriarch.

    Hatred and Fearless makes a lot more sense. The Cult will hate anyone who is not with them. They would not be afraid of anything and would do any thing to protect the cult and the Patriarch.

    USR: Hatred: Unit can re-roll all misses in the first round of combat.

    a) Must Have Implant Attack Biomorph.(There would not be a cult if he didn’t have one)

    Third Option – Brood Brother Commander. (Same as IG Command Squad)
    a) The Magus would have a number of 3rd and 4th Gens who would be his field commanders.

    a) Drop Lasgun
    b) +25 Points to Cost of unit
    b) Replace with Autogun, Stub Pistol & CCW
    c) Unit has Hatred and is Fearless

    Brood Initiates
    A) Drop Rage and Unwashed Masses
    B) Drop Las-Pistol
    C) Add Stub Pistol and CCW
    B) Add Hatred and Fearless.

    5) Human Bombs (Ole School:))
    Troop or Fast Attack Choice
    Cost 100 Point
    1 Acolyte
    5 Cultist with Satchel Charges
    Hatred and Fearless.

  • Will

    I second the call for an update to this codex. The lack of heavy support and the fact that the Brood Initiates/Brothers aren’t Fearless, in my opinion, most critically need to be resolved.

  • Anonymous

    nice to see!

    the refernces to tyranids seems off to me, cults come from hulk stealers, when Bugs come in force they destroy everything I prefered the thought of the cult not really understanding their purpose

    and where are the deamons? the mutants? the spawn? corrupted pskers?

    I’m talkin REAL old school when a cult could summon deamons have deamon weapons, and took in mutants and beastmen! The cult saw chaos as just another path to power…

    but thats me 🙂 I’m just gonna use the guard codex, straken almost works as a Patriarch stat wise

  • S

    is any chance to update GC codex??

  • Jay

    Update please, it looks nice but:

    Heavy support, fearless brood brothers, some sort of Grenade functions and extra punch on genestealers. Remove Seeding Lictors, add mutants and possibility of using Chaos (end up getting used) mini features. Ork Cults are a possibility, we used to have them with Tim’s awesome lists.

    Lasguns, stubguns, or autoguns on the Brood Brothers. Not just extra dakka, but to make it more affordable to play.

    Possibly add Rogue Genestealer Cults (unhiveminded like old days) into the fluff? (pretty please?)

    I like the idea of additional support from Comrades, rather than be Stormtroopers (possible but not that likely), have a nice in between of Normal infantry and Storm Troopers. Are the Brood Brothers supposed to be IG, because Brood Brother had to be specifically spelled out with Initiate, and Comrade after.

    Also, whose brilliant idea was to take the Comrade’s tank and fill it with hybrids, the reason why the tanks are in bad condition is because the Cult doesn’t have all the proper maintenance and training to fix them, but the crew should be the mercenaries/converted soldiers who actually know how to use them.

    Hybrid Monstrosity is wonderful.

    I understand the need to make homebrew balanced, but underpowering an army in a game where 80% of the friendly games have cheezing players is suicidal, even if you tactically outsmart the players.

    I was thinking of writing my own dex, seeing as I’m sick of Chaos Marines now.

    I also heard this list got approved to be played at an official Tournament sometime in the last 2 years in Australia, can anyone confirm this rumor?

  • Will this codex be updated to take the new tyranid Codex into account?

  • I am inclined with the new tyranid codex to revisit genestealer cults as an “official counts as list”.

    Here’s how I’m leaning:

    Initiates turn 3 to a base and become ripper swarms. If they’re unarmed, great, if they have pistols, shotguns, and crap, then they get spinefists.

    Brothers and Hybrids become Termagants. Brothers with pistols and shotguns are base fleshborers, but autorifles, hellguns, etc. turn into spike rifles. The old thick hybrids get the furious charge upgrade, and the hybrid heavies armed with heavy stubbers and heavy bolters with suspensors turn into a small devourer brood.

    My unit of 16 hybrids with stealer legs (or any you might have with skyboards or cycles) become hormagaunts.

    Small buggies become raveners with spinefists or warriors with guns.

    Hybrid cult trucks become something heavier, maybe brood guard.

    Hybrid heavy mortar teams become biovores.