BoLS Warhammer Tactica & Armylist Archive

By the Authority of the Immortal Emperor of Mankind (IG-WH/DH)
You Must Concentrate
Baiting Your Opponent
A Unit’s Mission
Imperial Guard Advantages in 5th Edition
Imperial Guard Buildout and Deployment
Dealing With the Three Armies of Orks
Black Templars Introduction
Lash of Submission (pt.1)
Lash of Submission (pt.2)
All About Assassins
Culexus Assassin
Vindicare Assassin
Callidus Assassin
Eversor Assassin
Death Cult Assassins
Building Witchhunter Inquisitorial Retinues
The Art of Taking Inquisitorial Retinue Casualties
Fantasy Tacticas
Cauldron of Blood
Army Lists
Imperial Guard Homecoming Queen’s Got a Lasgun (2000pts)
Humble Marine Gunline (2000pts)
Eldar Reposte Host (2000pts)
Black Templar Armylist Archetypes (2000pts)
Night Lords Raiding Force (2000 pts)
Death Guard Triple Vindie (2000 pts)
Death Guard Plaguespear 5th Edition (2000 pts)
Emperor’s Children (2000 pts)
Eldar Torrent of Fire (2000 pts)
Imperial Guard 21st Tallarn (2000 pts)

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