BoLS Hobby & Modeling Archive

Bigred & Mkerr’s Collection
Death Guard Fellblade
Lost and the Damned
Legio Tempestor Reaver
Legio Metalica Reaver
Legio Metalica Warhound
Eldar Revenant
Pake’s 2nd Death Guard Army
Dave’s 40k Scale Warlord
Georg’s 40k Scale Imperator
Jody’s Cult of Fire
Victor Hardy’s Chaos Daemons
Robert’s Mordian Iron Guard

HOBBY: Green Stuff 101
TUTORIAL: Magnetic Weapon Swaps
TUTORIAL: Snow Basing
HOBBY: Working with Brass Etchings
TUTORIAL: Designing a Minidex
TUTORIAL: Speed painting Plaguebearers
TUTORIAL: Death Guard in 7 Easy Steps
TUTORIAL: Dipping Orks
TUTORIAL: Custom Decal Sheets

PROJECT: Wreck Dioramas
PROJECT: Ruined Temples
PROJECT: Ziggurat
PROJECT: Ork Village
PROJECT: Bunkers
PROJECT: Trenches

What the Hell is Paint?
Matte Medium and What it can do for You
Color Theory 101
Layering vs Drybrushing
Washing and Tinting

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