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July 10, 2008

NEWS: GW Upcoming 40k Releases


Hi Guys,

Look what washed up on the shore. Here we have a list of some of the 40k goodness that is coming down the pipe over the next couple of months, starting with this week's 5th edition kickoff.

320 Page Book
31 Fig Box
56 Fig Box
5 Craters
1 Cloth Gaming Matt
2 Frames
Laser Pointer
88 Page Large Format Book
3 Fig Box
31 Fig Box
4 Fig Box
5 Fig Box
57 Fig Box
46 Fig Box Set
Paint, Brush, Miniatures
6 x Barricades/Walls
19 Fig Box + Book

~Well it looks like we got a date for Black Reach and the Space Marine Spearhead. Its cool to see thsoe little $8 sets coming up soon. I think those are a great way to both fill out those little squad tweaks you need from time to time as you mess with your army builds, and its a great way to get someone new into the hobby. Hey, its about the cheapest thing you can pick up in the store.


Cirative said...

Why is the moonscape a new release? I bought it months ago...

And any details on what the 3-figure CSM box is going to be for only $8?

I'll definitely be buying the markerlight. Can't wait for September when I can get the mini 5th edition rule book and the SM codex.

Jholar said...

Ork Barricades? Here is to hoping they are tall enough to block line of sight

Adam (Lizardman) said...

yeah, good point. the moonscape is only a "re-release", i believe it was actually supposed to be a limited numbers sort of thing when it first came out. but i could be completly wrong (only been into the hobby for about a year but am a veteran Space crusade player, so yes, i have roots from the old days but new 40k kicks the bejesus out of it), as for the $8 marines, its just 3 CSM with boltguns (dont quote me tho..) probably snap fits.

one thing of extreme interest, the Ork Barricades, maybe for those who buy the boxset and wish they had some real terrain instead of pots'n'pans.

would really like to get a visual on those tho..... come on BoLS, you know you want to.....

Check Out GRIZZLY LIZARD, new demo songs up for those NOT interested in top 40 rubbish songs. Comments welcome guys! Have a listen!

Adam (lizardman) said...


well, the only advertising so far, wonder if BoLS will play nice and leave the plug there??


JohnPublic said...

There are items missing from this list. I have no idea how many but I know this is not complete. Da Green Tide is not listed, nor are either of the new Tau sets that are all coming out on the 19th.

bigred said...

If folks have info on items not on the list, you all know where to send them... :)

Lagduf said...

When is Codex: Space Marines supposed to arrive?

Good to see a firm date on the Assault on Black Reach Box set, but I really wish that was coming out earlier, oh well. I can wait.

Anonymous said...

the 8 dollar sets for eldar, csm, and ig are all snap fit. even so, they all look identical to the normal plastic units. the csms are posed the exact same way as the bfbr marines, only more spikey and horny.


Anonymous said...

the 8 dollar sets for eldar, csm, and ig are all snap fit. even so, they all look identical to the normal plastic units. the csms are posed the exact same way as the bfbr marines, only more spikey and horny.


Anonymous said...

codex space marines will be in the spearhead on 20 September. would expect the codex separately in late october. We may see some early releases at games day 08 in birmingham (UK).

Laurence J Sinclair said...

I'm guessing the Ork barricades are just a re-release of the old Gorkamorka ones.

Anonymous said...

horny space marines? i'm not sure thats a great idea!

Scruff said...

Ork Barricades are same size as the current Barricades GW sells. One is really a re-release - a toppled bike with ork icons around. Rest is just scrap metal and nob banners shrewn around

Tale of 4 Gamers is rubbish so far. Expect the madness to be explained in (UK) WD345. Fists, Eldar, Orks, and Chaos

Scruff said...

ANGRON HAS RULES!!!! Liber Apocalyptica has 2 new datasheets, and the submersible, for Armageddon!

Anonymous said...

i saw in my local gaming store a poster that had an "ork dred mob". Consisting of 6 kans and 3 dreads. I was wondering when that would be released

eriochrome said...

I am sort of annoyed that all the sets are not coming out this weekend. I have to wait a whole week more to get my Assault Brood.

As a not I think this is listing only the retail channel stuff. Most of the missing stuff is direct only.

I tried to get some moonscape pieces last weekend at my local GW store and they were not instock but the sales person said they had them pretty recently. Maybe I will try one of my FLGS on Saturday for them as I will be a few blocks away dropping off recycling.

Anonymous said...

@anon 5:40

sorry, i was half asleep and didn't read my post. I meant horny as in excessive horns, rather than anything phallic. get your mind out of the gutter.


seemyinnergeek said...

Lot's of kewl stuff coming out soon. I may have to start donating plasma to bring in some extra cash!

Snowfire said...

The $8 small boxes of troops are for Indie retailers, so don't be surprised if they dont show up at your local GW (If you still go there)

Anonymous said...

The $8 box sets are designed to take the place of troop blisters that GW had back in the day. They are set at an allowance/pocket money price point and will be available through all channels in the US.

Anonymous said...

$30 for a cloth battlemat is hilarious. Go to a sewing/cloth store and get a 6x4 piece of cloth, whatever clolour you want, for something like $2-4.

Anonymous said...

The cloth battlemat has a "static grass' appearance to the gaming side, like the older paper back mat. Unlike the old mat, however, the "flock" does not come off as it is part of the weave, not glued on.

Looks like a darn good deal once you know all the facts about it.

Kyle Mullaney said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kyle Mullaney said...

The mat: My local store had an event this weekend in Taipei, Taiwan. The mat was such a hit that their entire stock sold out and now there are none in our store. Thus, all the guys who actually play at the store, which is in Kaohsiung on the other end of the island, have not seen it nor have we seen the plastic counters for the same reason. Well those with the gamers edition have them now.

Ork barricades: we need some dimensions on those.

Assault on Black Reach: Can't wait!

What about the Ammo Runts they have been showing off at all the gamedays?

RT Maitreya said...


Wow, those look VERY sweet. I liked the imperial ruins barricades enough to get three sets. Orkses will get the same love. Nice release! Perfect for green luvvin' apocalypse!

To jholar, the answer is no, they won't block LOS, as I can see that many of the same ruin elements are used there as in the imperial set. They will be giving you a cover save, and you can fire over them. They are also big enough to give a rhino cover against a shooter on the ground. They are close to 6" long each. I am a big fan of those, and mount nicely on (and integrate into) larger terrain pieces if you use the cityscape terrain or model in a similar way.


Anonymous said...

no drop pod =/

Cirative said...

The battlemat is still overpriced. I bought a 6'x8' grass mat at my LGS for only $15 (originally $25 but I used a $10 discount) and the flock won't come off anytime soon.

Also, the moonscape is...well, depends on your point of view, but probably not worth it to most people. I got it for $17 months ago, but be warned that they're pretty damn big (larger than a Rhino) and made of extremely cheap plastic. Though I don't really regret buying it, my advice is to just make your own.

And I might pick up one of the CSM 3-packs for my girlfriend if they look any good.

Anonymous said...

BFBR contains 46 models and the new rule book for 60$. space marine spearhead contains 19 models and the new codex for 239$. anyone see a problem?

Anonymous said...

also, the drop pod is in the spearhead.

Mark Thomson said...

So will we be able to buy the drop pod and new push-fit Dreadnought separately or are they only coming in the big sets?

BrassScorpion said...

The Apoclaypse bundle deals on the list above and several not on the list have been showing on the GW Advance Order page on the US website for weeks, so some of this is not really "news". The Doombringer Annihilation Force is a fantastic deal I've already purchased; it comprises $170 retail box sets for $90!

Great news above on the SM Spearhead. Looks like there's likely a price break on buying that bundle of great new sculpts.

To see the full list available at the moment, go to GW Advance Orders for WH40K at;jsessionid=5BDFF74E22C1E712A42D7FFA88E8CE8C?catId=cat1170001&rootCatGameStyle=wh40k

I got my LOS Pointer today because I had Direct Ordered it in advance a few weeks ago. It's very nice. It does have safety warnings on it such as "don't stare into the beam" and "not for sale to people under 16 years of age". It is classified as a laser device.

The inside of the ammo crate box is filled with two sheets of egg-crate style foam. The book, templates and counter sprues are not packed inside. Purchasers of the Gamer's Edition will be handed each of these items individually. I can't wait to get mine tomorrow night!

BrassScorpion said...

>> "The battlemat is still overpriced. I bought a 6'x8' grass mat at my LGS for only $15 (originally $25 but I used a $10 discount) and the flock won't come off anytime soon."

I had a first-hand look at the new GW Battlemat on Wednesday. Unlike previous mats sold by GW, very little of the static grass on it falls off and the backing material is a high-quality sturdy fabric. This new mat is not a glorified paper poster like the old GW grass mat or the cityscape battlemat from 2006. I won't comment on whether it's "worth it" or not because I don't really need it at this point myself, but I can say that if I did have a need for it, I would at least seriously consider it because of the quality.

BrassScorpion said...

>> "So will we be able to buy the drop pod and new push-fit Dreadnought separately or are they only coming in the big sets?"

The push-fit Dreadnought is part of the Assault On Black Reach starter set and comes on a sprue in that set that is specifically made for that set. Therefore, it will not be available separately.

"Spearheads" are boxed sets of the newest models for a newly revised army. Buying them gets you models that will eventually be sold separately a bit early all in one convenient set along with the new army book for those models. Spearheads are "splash" promotional releases sold in limited quantities, after which all of the models contained within them are then sold separately in their normal packaging. Therefore, you will eventually be able to buy the Drop Pod separately.

BrassScorpion said...

GW has posted a preview of the Apocalypse Reload book at

I've reviewed much of the contents of this book several times now. The strategems, datasheets and hobby section are highly entertaining and creative. The whole book is re-loads of fun!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have any news on the 5 man cadian box set?

If it's just another command squad or what not, then meh. But if it's a special weapons box in a similiar vein to the heavy weapons one... the only printable thing I can say is that it'll send me over the moon.

Azzy said...

@ "Does anyone have any news on the 5 man cadian box set?"

They are snap-fit, regular infantry models with lasguns.

BrassScorpion said...

@ "Does anyone have any news on the 5 man cadian box set?"

Again, a simple glance at the Advance Order page on the GW website once or twice a week would provide all the information desired on this and many other releases as they come up. A picture and description of the Cadian push-fit models has been there for weeks.

Anonymous said...

Scroll to the bottom of the page for pics of the box.

Matt said...

couldnt find where the "all-in-one leman russ" thread was but on the subject of the new varient, my guess would probably be a more powerful version of the rapier artillery gun. just a thought.

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