RUMORS: Necrons

Rumors brought to the community by Warseer’s Brimstone and MoonlightSonata

Hi all, there is some Necron Scuttlebutt floating about out there.

Early word is that Necrons may be slated for the Q2-09 40k release slot. There is another codex scheduled ahead of them but there is conflicting data on what it is (currently bouncing around between IG, Space Wolves, Dark Eldar). The info reported so far is:

  • Removal of the C’tan from the Codex as fieldable units (they are still in the fluff).
  • The C’tan are to be moved over to Apocalypse where they will make an appearance as much more powerful single figures (possibly with attendant new oversized Forgeworld minis).
  • The big new HQ replacement for them will be entirely new tiered-level Necron Lords. Read the Apocalypse Necron background page for insight into what may be coming, but there is talk of Bronze, Silver, Gold, possibly even Platinum Lords.
    Lords are said to have multiple special abilities and options, and certtain levels of Lords may re-arrange the Force Org chart for certain units, making different army builds possible. An example of an option was an advanced necrodermis, allowing the Lord to mimic his C,tan masters (and conveniently allow for the use of the existing C’Tan minis).
  • There will be Necron Lord named characters.
  • The rest of the army is described as getting a small number of new units, and having several existing units rearranged by Force Org category.
  • In general, the Necron army is desribed as being somewhat “buffed”.

~Interesting if true, and these would seem to dovetail nicely with the last set of Necron rumors we heard several months ago. A Q2 release slot seems odd unless there is some issue with mini or codex development with several of the other codices which are older (Wolves and Dark Eldar mainly). Still I would applaud the move if only to rid the game of the wonkiness and arguments that We’ll Be Back can generate. As usual, Caveat emptor folks.

  • I sense great wailing and gnashing of teeth with the loss of WBB…

  • Great, like Necrons need some more buffing.

  • Kannon Fodder

    Hooray! The necrons are becoming a real army now!

  • I’m glad. Every time I see a Necron army the only thing I feel is pity, so hopefully this will give them a boost in flavor.

  • lord_caerolion

    Well, I’m glad they’re removing the C’Tan from the main list, and giving the Lords more personality. It was one of the things that stopped me ever making a Necron army, as I didn’t want a C’Tan, and having a Lord was along the lines of “Yes! Go forth my legions of automata! By the will of Lord Automaton!”
    Now the Lords will actually have a degree of character, instead of being more powerful faceless drones.

  • Hatchett

    That’s swell. I hated facing Necs, especially when my highly analytical friend interpreted the rules to mean:
    I’ll win, I’ll win, oh God I’ll win!
    Even he got sick of winning after awhile, especially beating the piss out of such characterful armies with mindless, soulless, character-free tin soldiers and the C’Tan, whose stats were more in line with a goddamned primarch…

  • Forhekset

    Dark Eldar is currently on hold as the guy doing them has been moved to another project for the time being. Heard it from someone who went to a GW industry meet. Does that help explain the schedule?

    I’m glad the Lords are getting more personality, since they constantly do have them in the fluff.

  • i hope they get rid of WBB and the other godrules, or else nothing will have been achieved by making a new codex

  • Hurrah on several counts! I have to agree with Hatchett on the C’Tan Gods… save for the fact that the Deceiver is still more powerful than Angron (admittedly, I’d expect more from a Primarch as it is… he’s a shitty demon prince at that.)

    Considering that Necrons were sitting in the back of my mind as a project army, this may be pushing them up farther on the list of “have to do!”

  • Anonymous

    Not gonna lie, wbb was the main cause of almost every argument Ive had while playing 40k as it was tweaked every time to mean that the necrons never die 0_o if they switch it out with something a little less wacky and more straight forward Ill be very happy.

  • Anonymous

    Eh, even weakened, the C’tan SHOULD be excessively powerful (and apoclypse-only, naturally. I’d even go so far as to say epic-only, but GW haet epic.). They’re not some puny primarch – they terrified the old ones. It wasn’t called the war in heaven for nothing.

    The stuff mentioned is nifty, though. I assume higher-level lords will let the necrons start waking up the big guns.

  • hludwig

    @ hatchett

    I totally agree with you, most Necron players do use their list to get the “auto-win”. Between Will Be Back and the Gauss weapon special rules, every 40K player I’ve ever meet who plays against Necrons calls the list “Broken A@# sh*!”. I think its time to tone it down not buff it up. As for getting rid of the C’tan, I think thats just swell. I don’t see them often on the field of battle because even Necron players think their over powered. If you ever noticed the stat lines between Fantasy and 40K its huge. Yet the C’tan is the only ones to have those high stats in the hole game. While that might match the fluff it still sucks to face them in the game. Be whatever happens it won’t brake the game but it will be fun, I only hope I get a win once in a while ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Anonymous

    Also, a potential replacement for WBB might be letting the necrons bring reinforcements in to directly replace downed units – you still buy them as normal, perhaps with a slight discount, but they only come into play to replace the dead. Balanced? I have no idea, it’d be tricky, but it would let you have the whole “THEY WON’T STAY DEAD!” thing without it being dependent wholly on luck.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve actually never lost a game against Necrons. Admittedly, it was always the same opponent, and I was using Worldeaters back in 4th Ed using the ‘decent’ Chaos Codex. Once you weathered their shooting, it was just a case of grinding them down in assault.

    I’m happy that they’re getting a new list, but I hope that they retain Warriors as the staple troop choice. After all, huge blocks of Necron Warriors look awesome from across the table!

  • Tyrael

    maybe they’ll get that shinny Obelisk as both a model and rules wise. As for everyone complaining about the C’tan, i’ll just say this: World Eater’s army (useing the last ed of the codez) led by a lord with chosen aspiring champion body guard squad kill C’tan really fast…

  • I hope they will take the opportunity to majorly rework the fluff of the Necrons. I think one of the major reasons that the Necrons never got traction is that by far, the most common xeno army is Eldar, then Orks, and the Necron background totally reconned huge parts of both backstories. That left the guys most likely to play them, the xenos players, totally cold.

    That said- game play wise they are one of the least pleasant armies to play against, imo. Their rules are an exercise in pedantry and WBB, unbalanced or not, is incredibly tedious to play against. Hopefully it dies horribly.

    My Alaitoc Pathfinders will be sad to see the C’tan go though. Sweet Delicious head shots.

  • hludwig

    You’ve got that right Anon 2:11 massed warriors do like cool on the field but they suck when you play against them. I just want to add I’m not bitter about losing all those times, it may be the style of army I play. I play Vanilla Marines (Iron Hands) and they kick the sh$% out of me 9/10ths of the time. But it just makes me try all the harder next game. The way I see it is the only thing that brakes the game is people who do nothing but complain and never realy play the game. Win or lose I’m in this hobby for a great long while yet, so even if a codex is over powered I see it as a way to learn not have something new to bitch about.

  • Anonymous

    If WBB was replaced with FNP it would solve alot of arguements.
    Then the res orb would allow you to always FNP even against AP1+2 weapons and powerweapons.
    Something like that would make sense.

    Also I always thought the C’Tan should be more powerful. The amount of times i’ve seen them go down to sniper fire is pittyful. Either a 3+ invun or some extra wounds would have sorted them out.

  • Anonymous

    Just a thought: should Necron Warriors (and perhaps Immortals) be given Slow and Purposeful as a rule? It seems to fit.

  • I wonder how many of the miniatures will change. I’d considered collecting Necrons in the past, but have been put off by the green plastic tubes, which I don’t think work so well when the rest of the model is painted. I’ve seen other colours of tube but they suffer from the same problem. So if they could perhaps keep the overall appearance of the force the same–that is, similar to their current incarnation, as opposed to the originals introduced near the end of 2nd edition–but lose the green tubes, that’d be great in my opinion!

    I wonder whether we’ll see any new fluff expanding on the Void Dragon or Outsider?

  • Pete Mason

    I think they’re unlikely to change the main plastic kits significantly, only introduce more plastics and update metal models. You can always just paint the tubes if you don’t like the green plastic.

  • romerous

    Great, just finished painting a Necron C’Tan and before I get used to gaming with it, bye bye. Folks, maybe a fully painted Necron army on Ebay sometime next year.

  • Anonymous


    Cool another ebay quitter, that will be another dicount army for me then…

    What would i do whithout people like you ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Anonymous

    I am still hoping that WBB stays in the Game…..makes the Nercs so much special.

    But to get rrid of the Phaseout ist just about time!

    Can#t wait to see the new Models.

  • Anonymous

    I know my friend who plays ‘crons loves the plastic tubes on the guns.

    He bought a bunch of it for use on his necron scenery for a necron campaign he came up with.

  • Slightly Celebrating

    As long as the necrons have more units to choose from and a bit of flavor , (being a necron player myself) i wouldn’t mind having FNP, i actually prefer it!

  • Forhekset

    Perhaps it’s worth remembering that the C’tan in the game are them taking a fallible, tiny physical form. Their real essence would never fit into any game system ever.

    I’ve never heard of any primarchs eating suns.

  • Anonymous

    Why do you guys have a Scientology banner ad up? ๐Ÿ˜

  • In case people havent actually played against necron in 5th.

    WBB happens at the beginning of the next turn. When you charge them, they are just like a marine. Lets face it, more attacks along with just 1 power weapon in your unit makes Necron much more likely to have a large modifier to run. Good or bad rolls aside, I2 means you run them down and take them out with no WBB possible.

    I wouldn’t reccomend standing around in front of them for more than 1 turn, but they are only unstoppable up till you get them to phase out.

  • @pete: That’s an option, but I don’t think it generally looks that good.

  • Grimcron

    Hope the new codex comes out ASAP. I trust GW will make the right changes and updates to Necron codex. Whatever the change is, I will embrace and adapt. Just do it.

  • I would really like to see Guass=Rending. Of course all Gauss weapons should have their strength reduced by 1 from their current profile to balance out the Rending. Odds go down on Anti-vehicle, but go up for anti-infantry (which is what Gauss weapons are supposed to do).

  • Anonymous

    This is great. If they fix WBB and they should, it will go a long way. The whole army needs some work. They have been nerfed in 5th edition since there weapons can only glance now. They have a hard time against armor. Heavy destroyers cost to many points for what they do. They also need to make some decent melee troops. The immortals are too expensive and the flayed ones are a joke. I can’t wait to dust of the ‘crons to create terror in the galaxy!

  • Mike

    As a ‘cron player that started just after 4th came out I enjoyed the “cheese” and “broken” comments for the last few years.

    I do think the codex needs to be reworked. There are obvious army builds that are horribly effective (destroyer wing, 2x lith + warriors) and a rebalancing of units would do wonders for the army as a whole. My case has 4500pts of what works, and only a squad of 3 wraiths and 2 tomb spiders that shows what doesn’t.

    I actually think there are more people doing poorly with Necrons then are doing well though. They are a VERY quirky army to play well. Most people don’t have the composition to do it right. When it’s well thought out though, players that don’t know how to kill crons get VERY frustrated. But when you see a guy deepstrike a lord with his only squad of flayed ones into open terrain, its your fault for not killing it.

    I would loathe the loss of the C’Tan. Both of my models are the centrepieces ro my army, even though they rarely get played. Why do you guys think they put snipers in the game if not to punish C’tan? Have you ever seen Nightbringer fight Genestealers? There’s a ying to every yang people, so if you don’t have it in your list shut up about it.

    5th unbuffed crons enough anyways. The change to the glancing table combined with combat resolution hurts. And here’s a huge secret for everyone…MONOLITHS ARE WORSE NOW!!! Yes, you all got your wishes. Hit’s on 4’s is a HUGE hit to liths.

    ‘Crons FTW, I hope they keep the true Steel Legion as mindless and driven as ever. And I destest the idea of my Lords being coded the same as grades of gasoline.

  • Anonymous


    I run necrons only and lose all the time. All the time and that was before 5th.
    We’ll be back isn’t and instant win now, and wasn’t before.

    I’m not sure why all the complaining is for. The rules are easily stated in the codex. If there is a we’ll be back issue, then either people can’t read, iterpert the rules wrong, or are using them wrong.

    Sure guass used to glance vehicles to death, and now doesn’t seem to be as good.
    I’m fine with that, it needed towned down.

    Sure the monolith is tough to kill, but it can’t score anymore so ignore it. most good necron players won’t be dropping templates with it anyway, they will use it for teleportation. So it isn’t a big scary tank/building.

    Kill the troops that is all to worry about in 5th and necrons are just barley above tau in hand-to-hand. They fall easily to most assualts and we’ll be back takes place the next turn so downed necrons count as losses for moral checks. I usually am at -2 to -5 after most assualt and those aren’t easy checks to make.

    Not to mention we will almost always get run down from a sweep.

    So necrons for the win?? Not now and not before. At least not from this player. I might have ever won 5 out of 50 games with my army, yet I still trundle on with them.

  • Anonymous

    I think WBB should be replaced with FNP USR and their basic points cost increased slighty to make up for this. Flayed ones should be made troops and given rending. Monoliths should lose the ability to allow a possible re roll to WBB/FNP and gauss flux arcs should only be able to attack a maximum of four units, with weapon destroyed results reducing this number not the number of shots. Also I don’t think there should be Necron special characters but the C’tan should be kept but with the following changes: Both gain Eternal Warrior USR and should cost an extra 20 points each but count towards the army size for the purposes of phasing out and power of the machine spirit shouldn’t work if one of them is present. Also The Nightbringer should lose Etheric Tempest or at least have it toned down a bit.


  • ulthanesh

    The problem with Necrons is that they evolved from a warband type mini-codex in White Dwarf. Remember the 1st edition models? Bleh.

    So for a small list geared for limited troop types and limited models, rules like WBB and Phase Out made the list playable and fun under 3rd ed. Players ate up the Terminator style fluff and the almost unkillable troops made power gamers salivate.

    Along comes 4th and they go into full production, adding more troop types and new models, but still keeping the old WBB and Phase Out rules. They made sense in a Necron Warband White Dwarf list, but in a full codex they’re the new MEQs and easily unbalancing.

    I’ve never played Necrons, but I’ve run into so many Necron power gamers at RTTs who’d completely abuse the WBB and Phase Out rules (plus resurection orbs) that I bought the codex just to highlight those sections when I’m at a tourney.

  • Yay… I mean booo… Maybe I’ll wait and judge it when it comes out.

  • Anonymous

    I actually kind of like the Cthulu Terminator background. That being said, as I hate Eldar, I was destined to get a kick out of any adversary race.

    Trading We’ll Be Back for Feel No Pain would arguably be equivalent/better, though I can see the points dropping (as with all the other armies). The durability is nice, but their total lack of Initiative and combat tricks makes up for it.

    One thing that might be nice is some sort of squad upgrades, but then that would be getting too close to Chaos/Marines.

    Stock up on Pariahs now since they will be insane in the new book, if past trends have been any indication.

  • Anonymous

    Well to be honest. I think the WBB Rule should stay. albeit with a slight change. It fits their fluff incredibly well. Terrible dark menacing undead style robots who reknit the damage dealt to them. Playing against them makes for an Awsome game. The only problem i have with them is the damn scarabs always tieing up my Crusader squads lol.

    That aside this is what I think the WBB rule should be. instead of haveing it on a 3+ make it a 5+, then if there is a lord within so many inches with a res orb or something.. then maybe increase it to 3+ But for the most part it becomes harder to repair damage, unless said lord is there, but he cant be everywhere, and make the range maybe 6′? that way even if you have two lords working in tandem, some of your force is likly going to be uncoverd.. or grouped so close as to allow my plasma cannons in my marines, or my earthshakers in my guard to do their dirty work.

    But seriously folks. Why don’t You go out and try to make a complex and awsome wargame such as warhammer, put your own models into production, do your Own artwork and run your own international Niche company, Then complain about how Games Workshop runs. Only then, as it is your not bloody qualified to rant and rave about how sucky their rule changes are, You Havent Done what They Do. So you don’t know how hard it is.

    They have to stay in buisness, so a price up on their models was needed. So what if ther 45 canadian for 20 guard… ITS Worth It If you love the hobby, and if not? then go somewhere else because were tired of hearing your derrogatory comments aimed at one of The best minatures and wargaming companies ever made.

    Lord Jacobus (A.K.A. Jacob Hopkins)

    now I think i need to go make an account for the BoLS

  • Anonymous

    I’m very much opposed to any change that robs an army of it’s individual flavour – thus i hate the thought of replacing wbb with fnp or replacing gauss with rending. This standardising of armies using usr seems to be a trend at the moment and has happened to all my armies recently. It sucks.
    Most of the other changes sound groovy though. Having C’tan only in Apocalypse is cool, I only play Apoc and it’ll be great to have them at representative power levels. Character lords, and lords transforming into C’tan? Extra units? Sounds like they’re following some of the ideas from Dawn of War.

  • oh.. i guess you only need a gmail account do ya?

    lord Jacobus

  • Anonymous

    I should add tho, I’m all in favour of tweaking WBB to avoid people arguing over it. Never happened to me, but i don’t play tourneys and it’s not fair if some Necron players are being power gamers

  • Anonymous

    The idea that you need to have developed a game and made your own models to be able to provide input on this hobby is rubbish. The fact that we spend buttloads of money and devote countless hours playing the game qualifies us. I think it’s dopey that my DA storm shields won’t work the same as a vanilla marine’s. Do I need to invent a game real quick for you to validate that opinion?

  • Anonymous

    [quote]Why don’t You go out and try to make a complex and awsome wargame such as warhammer, put your own models into production, do your Own artwork and run your own international Niche company, Then complain about how Games Workshop runs. Only then, as it is your not bloody qualified to rant and rave about how sucky their rule changes are, You Havent Done what They Do. So you don’t know how hard it is.

    They have to stay in buisness, so a price up on their models was needed. So what if ther 45 canadian for 20 guard… ITS Worth It If you love the hobby, and if not? then go somewhere else because were tired of hearing your derrogatory comments aimed at one of The best minatures and wargaming companies ever made.[quote]
    *snorts* please. You serious. Yes everyone has the resources to go out and start an international company to prove their game-design abilities. And being able to run shops and a business proves GW can do no wrong with rules.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying they suck, they give us a wonderful game after all, but they do mess up sometimes and it’s not that hard to design rules for the game. Most players do come up with rules but arent able to publish them. Look at what the Fly Lords accomplish. Plus, everyone’s entitled to an opinion on what works and what doesn’t. The game is made for us as players after all. As creative people providing a product I would think GW appreciate the feedback.
    And their prices are a bit steep. Worth it? For the moment. I recognise they’re a business and need revenue but they need to learn that higher prices doesn’t always equal more profit. What you gain in profit margin you lose in number of sales.
    So let people speak their minds dude

  • Anonymous

    Holy shit if this crap bumps the Iguard release I will be pissed. I want Guard RIGHT NOW

  • Anon 8:59

    your right, im sorry, im just so Damn tired about people complaining that gw is doing something crapy. If you dont like it than just quite, i understand you have to be able to say your own opinion but seriously, Do you Need to knock down the company Just to make yourself feel better?

    If your tired of Games-workshop Only rules at tournaments run by them, then go start your own tournies, where you can use your Own house rules. noone Says you Have to play by the current rules. Heck, one of my friends has been playing the occasional game at our local club with his older guard codex so that he can field 3 griffons cuz we both Llove the model…

    By the way GW, Thats a hint to put the tanks and artillery choices from the older guard dex, into the new one your working on cuz i like a lol griffon with my earthshaker…

    That said, i again apologize for snapping, like i said im just so tired of people complaining about how they ruined this or nerfed that. Serious folks, at Least there Trying

  • by the way, I Totaly Agree with Anon 9:03, we want guard NOW lol

  • Guy Le Douche

    Yeah, I’ve been holdin off on starting an IG army until the new codex/models come out. This would be a major bummer.

  • I get the impression that the people who are complaining about always losing to necron are the same people who can’t win with a space marine army.

    They will be the same people who will complain that the IG will be too tough with new rules, and that dark eldar are cheezy and unbalanced when they are released.

    As a side note:
    Has anyone tried charging a Space Wolves Bloodclaw unit recently? Countercharge USR FTW!
    The army has been ignored for almost a decade, and with the 5th edition rules they get a huge boost in HTH. Of course, Like they vere severely lacking before.?. Think about it, 6 (9 with a battle leader) powerfist hits on the unit that charged you does wonders for combat resolution even with a WS3.

    All I am saying, is the power armies of “yesteredition” are not always the same after you play them with the current rules.

  • Anonymous

    Hey commissar ๐Ÿ™‚ anon 8.59 here (i really should think of a name)
    Also sorry for the rant. I agree they are trying and generally succeeding, and it is annoying when people think GW can do nothing right, every bit as much as when people think GW can do no wrong.
    You’re totally right about the house rules thing, I mean thats what I do when I want to play my way

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if this codex will include more special rules that funadamentally ignore every core rule in the BRB.

    Lock a unit in combat? Never

    Kill something more than three times? Couldn’t be

    Ignore 90% of all Antitank weapons in the game? Not possible.

    I wonder how many other rules they’ll be able to break as to make it impossible for a generic, non-specialized list, to be able to beat them.

  • why not just make your Name Anon? *chuckles* but thanks, they realy are doing some awsome things, the new cadian plastics for example, they make an awsome base model , bar a few conversion here or there, for a 6th Mobile Infantry army, yes im currently duing a starship troopers themed guard foorce complete with Colonel J. Rico and Colonel Carl.. don’t ask lol. Il admit though, they have made some mistakes .. such as removing griffons and leman russ exterminators, twin linked autocannons and three heavy bolters the model was just Awsome.. But ya… anyways back to the topic, I cant wait to see these new necrons. Iv always loved playing them, even though i lose, scarabs.. *shudders* so im truly interested to see what they do with them.

    here’s to hopeing il see more tomb spiders on the field because they are the Most awsome model, next to the wraith, in their series.

  • Anon :)

    I’m thinking we’ll see a variant Tomb Spyder, akin to the Builder Scarab from Dawn of War: Dark Crusade
    And as a Necron player, I also can’t wait for the new ‘Dex, should be sweet. As always, I hope for more fluffy charactefulness rather than more power. Necron Lord variants should be cool.

  • I think if they dropped we’ll be back, for Feel No Pain, and hiked the points to 20/model that would be fair. Give Flayed Ones rending as people stated before, and Make like 0-2 units of Immortals troop choices maybe, depending on the level of Lord you choose.

  • I think having at least 2 more troop choices would be necessary though.

    What am I going to take.. Necron warriors, and for my next troop choice? Necron warriors!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand the people cheering about pulling the C’Tan out the list. The last thing the Necrons need is less options. ๐Ÿ™

  • @annon 11:02

    don’t make the assumption that there will be nothing to replace the C’tan.

    The last thing GW will do is reduce the number of available units in the codex, just think through the implications of different level lords and named characters.

  • This is good. While the Necrons are an interesting army, their list was always lacking in options. I think adding new units, especially more Troops units, and more importantly, options for existing units, will make Necrons more fun to play and less boring to play against.

    As to which Codex is being released before Necrons, I’d like to see a new Dark Eldar codex the most. They haven’t had one since 3rd ed. 3rd! WTF?!

  • Mellr0

    first of all, i remember 3 people at least getting this wrong: WBB is 4+.

    I’m so looking forwards to the new necron codex.
    Seriously, I have only played Vs orks in my past few necron games (the newest ork codex, still in 4th and in 5th) and they are horrible.

    Orks have BS 2 and still put out a more painful set of shots than imperial guard which pretty much slaughters anything but a 50 strong necron army with 4 destroyers and 2 lords with res orbs. when i try to mix things up with a spyder or monolith, i just dont stand a chance.

    the necrons need an update, and sitting there going “WBB is soooo OPED!! OMG make them Toughness 3 and give them lasguns if you give them FNP” is really the worst attitude to have. When i see a scan of the front of a codex and a bunch of rumours below it, i will be inclined to comment on them in an enlightened way.

    i do agree with the transfer of c’tan to apocalypse though. im fed up of a squad of 30 orks with 1 nob with a power fist causing 2 wounds a turn on it.

  • John

    Yay, *more* MEQs…

  • Anonymous

    ah, finally the necrons. I hope the battleforce is better than the current one. they definitely need at least one more troop choice, but I hope there are plastic pariahs. Ive been wanting to collect them for a while.

  • Anonymous


    Why more troops?

    I love the necron warrior, why add more? I think it fits their background well and gives that space undead feel. A giant horde of walking shooting skeletons seems really cool. That is why I play them. If I want cool troops or lots of options I wouls play another force.

    More troops and more upgrades just make necrons something else….marines with initiative 2.

  • taking C’tans in a regular game is like taking Angron in a regular game… or any other such super-powerful characters…. it makes sense if the C’tan are moved to Apoc….
    and consider this… if there is going to be some more variety with the Lords, then that gives u more options to balance out the one option you are losing….

  • Veahirin

    I don’t mind WWBB. But I don’t like how they have essentially the same stats as Marines and then a WWBB save. That is too much, and on top of that any one of their little guns can take out a tank… But wait theres more, their Monolith can’t be hurt be extra D6 weapons, I know Ill get flamed for this but that all stinks of gorgonzola. I like living armour, but make it armour 13, WWBB but a regular 4+ save and a WWBB on 5+. And give them a viable heavy support and take the gauss weapons special weapon away.

    Again, this is just my opinion, so try not to flame me too hard. (also not to say that other codecies have equal or greater cheese.)


  • Anonymous


    Why nerf the necrons further? 5th ediion hurt the current codex enough. Close combat cuts most necrons apart, and Gauss weaponry doesnt have a shot with lucky glancing hits to one shot vehicles. That and necron weaponry severely lacks armor piercing. Necrons have good survivability, but to compensate they lack some firepower. Ya ever tried shooting down terminators with Necrons? =P

  • I hope the new codex will bring new PLASTIC boxes like 10 Flayed Ones…with diffrent head torsos and hands, and something will be alternative for destroyers, I don’t like models of them and a fast moving vechicle is not “Necron fluff” it’s more like a Tau mobile battlesuits but not ancient Necrons…
    And last one: C’Tans must stay in standard battles, incarnate of Khaine will fight or great Chaos Primarch will fight, so why Star Vampire didn’t?

  • Anonymous

    here are my ideas for what the necrons should have in the new book

    warrior-15 pts? a ws of 2, they keep their current WBB, the gauss gun is s3, rending. somehow i dont see a zombie robot being as good in combat as a spacemarine

    cheaper gauss destroyer- (maybe a 5-10pt decrease)

    monolith- the gauss flux things (the d6 hits on each unit within 12″) should shoot d6 shots at 4 units within 12″ weapon destroyed results takes off one of these, so a weapon destroyed would cause the monolith to shoot at 3 units.

    a genuine necron retinue-maybe something similar to the droid bodyguards from star wars

    a necron medium tank- armor 12 with a gauss big blast weapon o doom that the monolith has. it has the ability to combine fire with monoliths, similar to the fire prisim. 2 or more of these vehicles, if within 12-18 inches of each other, give the necrons behind it a 4+ invulnerable save

    anyone else feel this way, or am I nuts


  • Anonymous

    ok someone mentioned earlier about the void dragon and if a miniature was released this would probably raise arguements (that is if it would be made) that the end of times has come and the primarches would return and all sorts of stuff would happen but i’d expect that to happen in the next edition of 40k… but then again thats my opinion

  • Gauss weapons are powerful, leave them as is, and I don’t think they should be that inexpensive for what they can do. I say leave their current points cost as listed, or bump it up to 20 points and give them feel no pain, and rending gauss, maybe…Then their cost would be mroe like 21 or 22/model to be fair.

  • for all of those commenting about the C’tan “eating stars”, please check your codexes. you’ll notice it merely says the energy beings were eating a star, not “eating a star whole”. in fact, the way it is written sounds very much like they were living in a star and feeding on it like a tick feeds off a dog. small bits at a time. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    when the Necrontyr channel the C’tan into necrodermis, it goes wild and consumes thousands. note. Thousands given the necrontyr were probably not very well armed in that event and we don’t know how long it took, the codex stats could easily do that. later we read about them instilling fear in other races. races that were primative. given the way cargo cults have formed in real life, you don’t need to be powerful to do so, just sufficently more advanced. if your bringing a necron army to a world who’s greatest acheivement is the pointed stick, you don’t need to be all powerful to seem like a god.

    as for the old ones, the necron were feared, yes. but we know the old ones and the eldar were masters of the warp. a race with seemingly endless troops, with no connection to the warp, who travel in FTL ships, can teleport without the warp, regenerate damage…i’d say thats a threat. but as a total package, not just the C’tan alone being feared.

  • SixSystems

    @ Commissar

    Listen, Jacob. I really think that people on this and any other thread should bitch a little if they have a real beef. I’ve learned quite a bit from players that were upset and voiced their opinions. Frankly, its made me a better player.

    Secondly, however slow GW may be to respond to complaints, they will never make changes if people just act as fan boys who blindly align themselves with whatever GW produces. A great a game as this is, it’s not perfect. And players who give GW the skinny on rough patches in this game help make things better in later editions.

    Let’s all complain a bit. Whether in games or in politics, the sqeaky wheel gets the grease…

    On to topic: I’m very interested to see how they deal with the WBB rule. How many of you think its just going to be swapped for FNP? Will it be tossed altogether?

    I’m not sure how I feel about named charecters for ‘crons. One of the things I always liked about them is that they are horrible, soulless robots with nothing to link them to sentient beings. What would they name a Necron charecter anyway? 0010001011110010?


  • Anonymous

    Necron Lords have been identified. There are four tiers of Lords the lowest being Bronze, then rising to Silver, Gold and at the top level Platinum.

    “We are not creatures of flesh and emotion, but circuit and reason.

    We are the machine, and the machine will not be denied.”

    Nercon Lord, designation ‘Herald of Dismay’ Damnos Incident

    Each Necron Lord is responsable for his own War Cell. And each Necron Lord was a strong willed, and powerful Nectyr, that kept his sense of self in the transition to a living metal body.

  • Anonymous

    Some of it sounds great, some of it I’m a bit concerned about. WBB is more powerfull than FNP. While I agree that there was a lot that needed to be done to make it easier and more straightforward, that’s what the FAQ/Errata should have done, rather than just let lie for several years. But I do believe it needs to be something other than FNP. Partly to set them apart. Otherwise you might as well play nurgle marines. It’s the main thing the whole army gets that sets it aside from the others. What I get from other gamers who face me isn’t that they can’t figure out WBB, we established how it worked, locally at least as best we could by RAW and FAQ, and went with it. What they had a problem with was that they quite often had to kill my army 3 times over to finally get rid of it. I don’t mind if the tactics are changed by playing with how things are done, that can be dealt with, but it should be seperate from FNP, and more potent.

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to see some of the metal units done over in plastic. Some of the current metal models for Necrons are cost-prohibitive, especially in any real quantity. Pariahs, Immortals, Wraiths and Tomb Spiders are all quite expensive, especially in numbers. I won’t be buying those till they are more affordable.

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully the new Necron rules will allow match-ups against them that aren’t as lopsided as is currently the case with certain armies, particularly Imperial Guard. Since the average Necron is better than a Guardsmen and all Necron weapons can damage Imperial Guard vehicles, the Guard really have no strong hand to play against Necrons and it’s almost a foregone conclusion each time they meet that the Necrons will win. A new Codex for Necrons should hopefully fix that and then maybe the new Guard Codex will help with these issues too.

  • Anonymous

    Plastic Immortals. Thats what I want.

  • Anonymous

    You know what I’d be a fan of? (note I don’t play necrons) T5 and slow and purposefull. To me, fluff wise the necrons should be a steadily advancing incredibly tough horde. Might have to up their points a little…smaller squad sizes would help. Dig the FNP USR though, it’ll just make games with them much smoother and settle complications with the rules one way or another. Call it broken but I’d get a kick out of playing against it.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, get rid of “we’ll be back”, up the toughness to 5, slow and purposeful would be in character as well. Good suggestions all. Higher toughness would work much better in game terms than the often “broken” to play against we’ll be back rule.

  • Anonymous

    Plastic, highly customisable Pariahs to suit the concept that they are the most recent, partially living part of the Necron army – imagine them having lots of options, making them good at assault or shooting, or whatever. Different tiers of lords change the force org chart as per most of the recent army releases and their special characters. Oh, and either Deep Striking Obelisks with a single monolith type portal, or a mobile vehicle with a direct fire high strength weapon to compensate for gauss becoming weaker.
    While rending on all gauss weapons would be cool, I’d like to see some probability tests on that first!

    And the whining over how powerful Necrons are is a bit childish to be fair. Yes, it’s easy to make them very competitive in tournaments, but so are most armies, and 5th edition has sufficiently weakened them that I am surprised by the continuing negativity towards the army.
    Surrealfish (yet to make a gmail account)

  • Anonymous

    Up toughness to 5, FNP instead of WBB, and Slow and Purposeful? NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!! They’re NECRONS, not Plague Marines. Make them like that and there is no reason to play necrons anymore. Play CSM, and that way you can add in better fire support and better CC units as well. You want to nerf gauss into oblivion and retcon the fluff so their individual weapons aren’t so tuff, fine. Want to make a C’tan roughly equivalent to a titan or some such for Apocalypse only, fine. But Necrons without being just that ridicuously tough are just nurgle.

  • Anonymous

    This is an open letter to everyone who says “why do nercons need a buff they have enough “godrules” as it is ?”

    wtf?! Are guys serious? Nercons gauss weapons took a hit for 5th ed., and to anyone who says it was overpowered 4th, necrons don’t have devastator squads or even any infantry portable heavy weapons so piss off.

    aAnother thing, everyone is all like “WWB is so overpowered! OMG!”
    WWB is just FNP with a slight twist
    the rules are there plain as day. If you can’t read/understand how they work, don’t play against any necron players EVER till you figure it out.

    Also nercons never stand a chance in any games under 1750pts because of the great balancer called “Phase Out”. That right I said said it. Phase Out. When people are discussing necrons and how “Overpowered” they are, everyone forgets about Phasing Out. If I kill 75% of my buddies DA or Space wolves do I get an automatic win? Hell no I don’t. Then when i go to my LGS or the Glenn Bernie Battle Bunker the first strategy I hear is “lets go for the phase out cause he’s playin ‘crons”

    all I’m really saying is being a necron player isn’t all sunshine and farts.
    —Rant Terminated—

  • OOOOOH. Circle takes the Square on that last anonymous post.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, yeah, we’ve heard all those arguments before and it doesn’t change a thing. If you’re getting phased out all the time playing Necrons then you need to “figure it out” and play better, because they are a tough, hard, and monotonous road for most armies to play against, and was pointed out above, certain armies can do little against them no matter what the points.

    As for taking a “hit” in 5th, so instead of outright destroying vehicles now ALL of the weapons in the Necron army can merely stun and damage vehicles, destroying weapons, immobilizing them, etc. Since even a stun result prevents vehicles from shooting, making it impossible for oh, say, Imperial
    Guard players to kill enough Necrons to phase them out, I’d say Necrons are still relatively overpowered.

    There, square takes it back from circle. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • I don’t think anyone is really saying that WBB is a difficult rule to figure out in regards to normal necrons. Like people have said, it is pretty much like FNP just done in a different sequence.

    The tricky part is what to do with WBB and Necron Lords, who must rise exactly where they fell. The rules as written say they have to enter play exactly where they left, but in the rulebook, you can’t exist in the same spot as another model.

    Meaning that almost every army (anything good in cc, or anything that can move in the assault phase without assaulting) was capable of killing the lord and moving on top of his “counter” to prevent him from rising up. “oh you have a Res Orb and Phylactery? well it doesn’t matter, you’re dead!” Although many tournaments have included their own FAQ clarifying this (like Adepticon) a lot didn’t, and it was never offically Faq’d one way or the other.

    Personally, I’d like FNP (with the orb doing the same thing it does now), Rending, +1T and slow and purposeful. Rending makes them better against enemy infantry and light vehicles which gauss should just shred, but it still means that you’ll need the ones with S5 to threaten AV14. It keeps the feel of a slow but implacable advance.

    I think it’s pretty obvious that WBB will be changed to FNP. Just look at bionics. Bionics all used to work in the same way as WBB did, how many current books have it like that though?

  • nah, I’m not even a necron player, I play chaos. My friend does necron. we’re even on wrecking each other though. I would rather lose every time to a necron player than to a marine player dropping his entire army in my deployment zone on turn 2.

    It is NOT that hard to kill necron. its been said earlier. Power weapons+Assault. hit em hard, hit em fast. don’t go trying to outgun them. taking WBB away takes their flavor away. I am fine with slow and purposeful and many of the other suggestions ITT. But giving them feel no pain actually gives them an advantage over WBB that most people negate. FNP would be rolled to ignore the hit entirely, and it is the same roll as WBB. as xbruthamanx said:

    “WBB happens at the beginning of the next turn. When you charge them, they are just like a marine. Lets face it, more attacks along with just 1 power weapon in your unit makes Necron much more likely to have a large modifier to run. Good or bad rolls aside, I2 means you run them down and take them out with no WBB possible.”

    giving them FNP would make it alot harder to run them down in HTH.

    I forced a ld test on necron with the lord in the unit and they failed, losing him along with the unit. It is ALL about assaulting them. and taking out the monolith. I hate that thing.

  • Anonymous

    @ It is NOT that hard to kill necron. its been said earlier. Power weapons+Assault. hit em hard, hit em fast. don’t go trying to outgun them.

    Er, um, Imperial Guard cannot hit anyone hard in assault and have extremely limited access to power weapons. Guns, mostly on tanks, are all the Guard have and that’s useless against Necrons because of the Gauss rules.

  • oh, dude, i know. Guard are awful now. I used to love playing them. They are one of the most in need of attention in fifth IMHO.

  • Veahirin

    Guard could hit hard and fast… You need to bring some Rough riders. The only thing is that Rough Riders aren’t an ‘all comers,’ unit. But if you know for a fact that your going to be playing ‘Crons then take some rough riders and watch the crons melt away.


  • It’s funny how people say Necrons are sooo hard, but always comeback to that one example, the IG. Ok, I concede, IG suck tremendously against necrons. It’s one of those Rock-paper-scissors things that happen in WH40k. Against other armies, they’re meh…

    I’ve shelved my army due to sheer boredom, but I’m looking forward to playing them again!

  • Anonymous

    FNP: feel no pain would be a blessing to the necrons right now imo, because i think that means they have a better chance or surviving an assault.
    SNP: How would you feel if your only scoring units can only move d6inches unless you have veil/monolith? just no.
    T5: Not exactly necessary, makes em TOO tough.
    Rending: whatever.

  • Anonymous said…

    “Yeah, yeah, we’ve heard all those arguments before and it doesn’t change a thing. If you’re getting phased out all the time playing Necrons then you need to “figure it out” and play better, because they are a tough, hard, and monotonous road for most armies to play against, and was pointed out above, certain armies can do little against them no matter what the points.

    As for taking a “hit” in 5th, so instead of outright destroying vehicles now ALL of the weapons in the Necron army can merely stun and damage vehicles, destroying weapons, immobilizing them, etc. Since even a stun result prevents vehicles from shooting, making it impossible for oh, say, Imperial
    Guard players to kill enough Necrons to phase them out, I’d say Necrons are still relatively overpowered.”

    I’ve been a proud Necron Player for over 2 yrs now. I love’em. the slow implacable march of death, the ghoulish figures of destruction unforgiving and merciless,automaton killers whose very existence is a mockery of the lives they claim. This is what Necons are, but what they are not is overpowered. anyone who makes such a claim is basing it solely on the own inability to defeat them. the anon above you never said he/she did not ever win a game,nor did he/she say the they always phase out. however,one can only conclude that based on your statement that you have a difficult time dealing with necrons and the only way you can see to remedy this is to bring them down to your level of skill.

    all of this leads me to say if you can’t handle necron in past,present or future incarnations. Go play Warmachine, but don’t try to ruin them t give yourself some sort of meager advantage.

    Circle retakes the Square. as it were.

  • Robert

    in the above posts… Has any ‘none’ Necron player read 5th ed and applied it to Necrons?

    GW:How can we make marines harder without making it obvious and making it a Codex entry?
    Oh re-write the main rules!

    #No C’tan – fair enough

    #Feel No Pain instead of WBB – yes please!!
    …..Suddenly with an Init of 2 I don’t always get over run!
    because they never went down in the first place!

    #Gauss weapons – rending, rule standardisation! cool, just make Gauss rifles assault 1
    …..(warriors can’t rapid fire, so no 20 x strength 4 rending dice coming at you)
    …..Worried over 10 x rending still coming at you for 200pts?
    …..Try 5 termies with 2 assult cannons (thats 8 x str 6 rending) for Oh dear +40 points.
    …..210 pts for 3 x Land speeder Tornado Squadron (thats 12 x Str 6 rending + 9 x Twin linked Str 5 dice)

    Rant almost over

    #IG troops Vs Necron Warriors?
    …..2 to 1 against in points and IG attacking first in close combat (init 3 vs init 2).
    How much advantage do IG want?
    Oh, the same excuse comes up vs CSM or SM’s?

    almost over

    And you know why a Necron player finds something that works for them, and sticks with it?
    because there is no choice, at the start of this post “Kannon Fodder” and “Green Shoes” said give them some flavor and a real army list.

    I just hope GW do!

  • Anonymous

    If Necrons had poop, that post above would be Necron poop.

    I recently bought a bunch of Necrons thanks to the great bundel deal from GW, but strictly because I like the models. As far as game play goes, they are boring and overpowered. I might use them for fun in an Apocalypse game, but that will be about it until they get a new, more interesting, fairer Codex.

  • Anonymous

    you know what would be a great new codex? tau. they suck now. a$$hole slaanesh took care of that.
    with close combat notoriously too much fun, shooting kinda looses its meaning. and kroot arent any help at all. think of them as the tau minutemen. they run around for a couple minutes and die super fast, eager for assault which is a complete female dog nowadays, thanks to it transforming into some warhammer fantasy bull.tau blows dude they are a terrible army and i dont really see any improvements that wont like mess them up a whole ton.

  • Anonymous

    First the necrons were the easyest army on earth to beat now I might have some FUN playing against them.
    Second now I might start playing them myself. I think they should get the c’tan when the marines get the primach….

  • Shaefer

    Reading the above posts alot of people mention the confusion about the WBB rule..and most the necron players’s comments seem to be of the impression that only non necron players have issues with the rule.

    While its not always the case granted but in my personal experience there are 3 necron players in the area i play against and each time i’ve battled against them their rules change as to how WBB works. It got so annoying that i actually ended up buying the necron codex just so i could read what the codex actually said.

    The necron players that posted above are right, the rules around WBB are simple, if only all players (necron and non necron alike) actually read them rather than glossing over them it there wouldn’t be any confusion issues.

    Unfortunately it appears a fair few bods (again necron and non-necron players alike) have had issues with grasping the concept of WBB so we get rumours like WBB is being replaced by FNP. Not sure if it’ll actually happen or where i stand on it..not sure which is the lesser of the two evils ๐Ÿ™‚

    The necrons aren’t overpowered, my guard only had issues in my first battle or two against necrons, after that i learnt tactics and have refined them. Though i agree the monolith is a beast (and rightly so) it scares the smeg out of me everytime i seem them getting set up ๐Ÿ™‚


    I love this blog!

    I can’t BELIEVE all of the bit@hing, moaning, and complaining about how “powerful” and “OP” Necrons are. What a joke.

    As has been posted numerous times, “ARE YOU GUYS SERIOUS?”


    At 4 different LGS I’ve been to/played at, Necrons are the laughing stock of 4th/5th. They have maybe 3-5 different viable entries to take in a list, but even that makes only 2-3 different Necron lists playable. Necrons have SO FEW CHOICES TO MAKE it’s rediculous. Most of the army has NO wargear, just Disruption Fields. Not enough, IMHO. Plus, I do think that more units is a good idea too. I definitely like the different levels of lords per that one article wherever it was.

    And as for the C’Tan, people whining that it’s too OP should just shove their own dex right up their crapper! A C’Tan is a GOD, not an HQ. It shouldn’t be allowed in the dex in the first place. This thing would make a Primarch look like a friggin ratling, but you’re hoping that they’ll nerf the ever-living sh@t out of it so that you can win easier… Lame.

    And that was just my comments about ‘Crons in 4th.

    If anyone is seriously attempting to argue that Necrons are even “okay” now because of the 5th-ed rules, then I seriously hope you die in a fire and are unable to spread this ignorance further.

    # Glancing = -2 on the chart:
    Gauss can’t ever destroy a vehicle now, ever, so shut your yappers. The “OMG Gauss is OP” problem was fixed from 4th to 5th so you’re done talking. -_-

    # Troops are the only scoring units:
    This means that the 50+ warriors you saw sitting back and doing nothing but firing at 24″ and using the Monolith to re-roll WBB will actually have to move up 6″ every turn to attempt to claim objectives. Necrons don’t have nifty transports to hurl at an objective in the last turn so they are forced to move and lose their 24″ gauss range (see note about gauss above). Their only viable tactic is done.

    # Guard vs Necrons:
    *sigh* So to use the Rock Paper Scissors argument, there’s always one army that will best another. However, I don’t see Guard ever losing to ‘Crons in 5th because of Guard’s HUGE BOOST due to true line of sight. If you’ve been losing with Guard to ‘Crons, then you haven’t fired a single weapon at them in 5th. Try it.

    And now about the proposed ideas for ‘Crons:

    # T5, S&P, FNP (instead of WBB):
    Fantastic. This really brings out the true flavor of the Necrons. WBB is a rather clunky rule (not difficult to understand, but having models “lying on the table” is a bit rediculous, and one of the types of rules GW has been eliminating). S&P really should have been in the dex in the first place. And, if you have a problem with them having the same idea as plague marines (T5 FNP), tough sh@t. It won’t be the first time an army’s special ability was stolen and put in another dex. Deal with it.

    # Phase Out gone:
    Good. It’s the only army in the game that you can cheat against. “Yay, I defeated 75% of your troops, but your Monoliths, X Pariahs, X Tomb Spiders, and X Scarab Swarms just decide to be chicken sh@ts and run away…” right…

    # Gauss turned into Rending, S3 from S4:
    Since this ISN’T 4TH EDITION ANYMORE, then I’m all for it. It gives their weapons a bit more of a punch against infantry, and a bit less against vehicles although it’s still viable. Great, as that’s the point of their weapons. Hopefully we’ll see a points reduction of Heavy Destroyers, a release of another anti-vehicle unit/weapon, or maybe the ability to upgrade a warrior squad with 1-2 heavy weapons.

    # C’Tan -> Apoc:
    Fine. It shouldn’t even be there though. Not that the model is OP, but the fluff is OP. The model will never EVER compare and thus shouldn’t be attempted.

    Necrons in 5th are borderline unusable. I play Blood Angels, Chaos, and Necrons (starting Tyranids soon) and let me tell you that before you attempt to berate a codex that has been around ALMOST longer than any other codex out right now, take a minute to THINK about the rules changes 5th brought and the weaknesses the Necrons have, then combine them and you’ll have your answer.

    Besides, Necrons are the LEAST of your worries in 5th. Try “playing” against Daemons (specifically Tzeench or Slaanesh) and tell me what you think about the term “OP” after that slaughter.

    Circle pwns the crap out of square, square is destroyed. Game over. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Anonymous

    After reading through these list of comments I have come to one conclusion. The actual in-game version of an army is drastically different than the story versions. If you read the codices SM run 30mph and bolters fire depleted uranium shells. If SM were played as they were written in stories they would be impossible. Necrons are the same way. You cant expect them to work the same way as they do in the books.

    But to completely contridict myself, Necrons are the most technology adavance race in the 40k universe as of now and so some things should set them apart like WBB. The best thing GW could do is elimate the cookie cutter ‘cron army by expanding some troop choices and rasing and lowering a few points here and there.

    To elimate the WBB role would be like eliminating power armor from SM.

  • Anonymous

    Some of these comments are just hilarious…for multiple reasons.

    But, seriously enough, just let me have a few more plastic kits (Immortals–pretty please!) and a bit more flavor in the army.

  • neverr3st

    its true you cant make an army exactly like the backstory but you have to use it as a guideline, some things that are said here are not very necron, removing wbb is like saying to an ork he is not allowed to fight with his choppa, they just belong together. besides, when i look at the fnp rule, i dont see much difference apart from the time the dice are rolled.
    if i could change something in the necron army, i would make them fearless, cause necrons DONT fall back, or withdraw for a tactical advantage, if necrons lose they phase out, they dont run away, if a necron could run.
    i agree necrons need change but not things to balance them just right, cause alot of the things said above are from players who lost to necrons and dont like they lost.

  • necrons arent OP at all, whether it is 5th or 4th. My traits have had straight wins against necron armies. i just kill all of them in assault, thats the way to take necrons out – full 10 man assault squad with double flamers and Vet with PF and attached chappy and captain with lightning claws… works every time…
    i have always made the necrons phase out… when there is only 1-2 model from an army left… not much that army can do… even if that one model is a C’tan….
    this is not too give people ideas abt taking down necrons.. but just shows that they are not OP’ed… and i happen to use traits – furious charge on AM’s with Counter-attack/True grit on TAC’s with the drawback being no drop pod assaults and only 1 bike squad…. and that squad is maxed at vet with PF, 2 meltaguns, AB with MM and 5 bikers total + the AB.

  • Anonymous

    People claiming that Necrons are OP’ed are the same people who couldn’t win a game with a 250 point advantage and a gun pointed at the other players head.

    As for changes to the list, i think giving them FNP and turning gauss into rending would be more than enough, add a few heavy hitting CC units to replace our C’tan (or just revamp the tomb spyder to be more like the Wraithlord or Carnifex) Give us a few tiers of lords, and a few special characters to change up the lists troop choices a bit and you got a revamped list with more character and the same cold unfeeling emotionless mentality that attracted their main base of players in the first place.

  • Lord Zod

    I play Nec’s…everyone complains about their WBB, but doesn’t look at their crappy H to H stats. Furthermore, what about the chaos models with better than WBB rules that can actually fight good. No one complains about them?

    The only drawback as a Necron general that I have is the lack of good choices in the army construction. It will be refreshing to see more choices in building a decent list. I hope to see more heavy models and maybe some types of customization available as far as weapons choices. Maybe some day there will be something equal to a sgt in the mix, so we can have a power weapon option amongst the warriors.

    If there were a change in the wraiths and pariah it would allow them to be played more often. The wraiths are very expensive for having only one wound and no power weapon. The pariah….if you have a hold ground mission they are fine….but if you have to move across the table, you might make it by turn 6. They need the ability to deep strike or infiltrate to make them usable.

  • Xilconic

    WAIT WHAT :S? NAMED necrons? WTH? The thing I like best if that necrons ARE nameless, speechless metallic killers. Why do GW have to ruin that :S
    But it good they update the necrons, because with 5th ed and the emphasis on Troops, Necrons are just screwed over in my oppinion.

  • Anonymous

    i think that necrons should get FNP, scarabs should be troop choices. i’ve lost a few battles mainly because of phase out but in 1 battle i lost 246 points out of 3500 roughly not because of lucky we’ll be back rolls (lost 5 immortals in one turn) but because of careful tactics and the right choice of strategic objectives(jammers)

  • Anonymous

    your all goin on about naming necrons but your not goin on about the other nameless killers the NIDS!!!.

  • Anonymous

    Having just finished by 4th set of games of 5th edition against different players and armies, I find myself at a great disadvantage. The Necron Warriors are fragile and they make up the bulk of the army. In 5th edition they are the only scoring units. I used to win with my army mix – I was able to hold a warrior unit back out of site to avoid Phase Out. Now, since I need them to score, I need several units of 10 (the last game had 4 objectives, I had 3 warrior units). Even though I was way ahead on points in the last game, I was phased out, prior to my WWB rolls at the end of the turn – and lost. You can easily get a Necron army now – just wait for them to come into the open to take objectives and nuke the warriors.

    I used to win 70% of my games and I have a set of lists that are competitive. But with 5th edition – I can’t kill vehicles, I get run down in sweeps, the other guy gets into hand to hand with run at the end of the turn and I have to put my warriors out in front to score. All in all the Necrons are in deep S**$ with the 5th edition. I pulled them out of the box today at the store and people starting trading to play me – offering up all sorts of things – most of them had never beaten me before. I won 1 of 4 rounds…the only army I beat was Kroot – on an open board…

    If the codex does not fix things, may army may be up on eBay.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve heard it at the local GW store that after they are done with the Necrons Codex, they are going to make a new Space Marines Codex to replace the one that is coming out in a few weeks.

    Apparently the folks over in the UK feel that a year is far too long to wait for a new Marines Codex so they are going to start making a new Marines codex every other non-marine codex.

    So, does anyone else here starting to love Warmachine/Hordes?

  • Lol, while untrue that’s hilarious. ๐Ÿ˜€

    I honestly can’t wait for the Marine dex in October, but Necrons use a 6-year-old book so that’s how you know where their priorities lie.

  • Nernat

    The last i heard is the following:
    1.) WBB Changed to FNP
    2.) Warriors get T 5 Pointcost:20-22
    3.) Armorsave is reduced from 3 to 4
    4.) Phase out is history
    5.) Regenerator gives a 5+ Saving even in close combat ( good against powerweapons or Lasercannons ^^).
    6.) C´tans removed only allowed in bigger “Apokalypse” Games.

    And as said Lords get status bronze-platin and Troop categories will be changed some. (Hopefully a 2nd “Standard” unit only warriors is getting on my nerves ^^).

  • Anonymous

    having played as necs for three years now, i really cant understand what all the fuss is about. leave our codex alone. dont change a thing. zilch nada. they arent OPed, they are emotionless killing machines on a relntless march across the galaxy trying to reclaim their empire. WWb is fine, machine gets shot, bits fall off, machine attempts to repair itself. We cant fight in hand to hand, have no vehicles, very low initiative(eveyone say k.e.t.t.l.e) and now with 5th ed we have even less chance of destroying anything from a puny chicken legged walker to a titan. all we are now is a stupid marine with no chance of being promoted to a dev unit. As for the ctan, its either that or a lord with veil of darkness and res orb. No fancy chaos lord with 50 attacks on the charge, no poncy marine chaplain/lib/captain, with access to an armoury of hate filled weapons of doom. No, in my little opinion, the necs are fine as they are, little to no troop choice, fine by me. a couple of destroyers to mix things up a little, and the daddy of them all, the lith. although even now a powerfist can apparently punch its way through living armour, thanks to marines not having enough heavy weapons to take it down. (space marine)daddy my power fist cant hit the tower thingy! (daddy gw) never mind son, i’ll nerf the rules for you, heres 5th and a doubling score of a dice. Dont tell your mum(eldar bright lance) though.

  • Sanguine

    With the new rules that only troop units can capture objectives (i heard) having a max of two huge units of very slow necron warriors unless you bring a monolith, is kinda impossible, especially compared with ‘combat squads’ of 5 SM’s get. also i hope there is something to remedy the inviciblitiy of terminators and other modles with 2+ saves, its kinda silly to have to hit them with the centre of the particle whip or with heavy destroyers to kill them, when SM’s get plamsa cannons in their normal units. (no one dare say pariahs ‘here shoot me!!’) ๐Ÿ˜›
    and, why not have WWB changed to the same rules as FNP but still called WWB? problem solved? they’re still self repairing robots that way lol

  • sanguine

    also, whats with SM’s having ‘and they shall know no fear’ and ‘crons having nothing?! seriously? robots cannot be afriad either, why dont we get equal standards?

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • The Leadership 10 is sort of their version of fearless/”and they shall know no fear”, sort of. Obviously it’s not as good as either but it helps having Ld10 across the board, period.

    A couple of my friends and I thought that giving ‘Crons “And they shall know no fear” on top of their Ld10 would be a better representation of their attitudes since they’d still be able to fall back and be run off a table like space marines.

    I honestly can’t wait for whatever tasty morsels get leaked out from GW, since Necrons are so far behind in codex updates. Unless they do to the Necrons what they did to the Blood Angels and Chaos Space Marines, it should be a fantastic codex.

  • The FNP is the same as WWBB except FNP won’t roll if the weapon is AP1 or 2, they both roll +4 and don’t work on instant death or power weapons. They will be stronger if you give them 1 more toughness and if give them FNP as WWBB only works if there is a the same type unit within 12″ of it.

  • Anon

    WBB is not the same as FNP, sorry. The time you make the dice rolls makes a big difference to the feel of playing with the army. They repair themselves after being damaged. That’s why it’s called ‘We’ll Be Back’ and not ‘We’re Not Going Anywhere’.

  • Yeah, um…

    We’ll be back is a rather clunky and horribly worded rule that leaves models lying about the table. Funny thing is, those models simultaneously do and do not count as being where they are. Gonna fight in hand to hand where the “dead” Necrons are? Move them out of the way, officially. Gonna measure for We’ll Be Back or the Res Orb? Better be within 6″…

  • Anonymous

    Don’t know what everyone is complaining about my guard never had many troubles with them

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand why people are saying necrons need nerfed. My pusscron army gets its ass kicked 9 out of ten times unless I play a 500pt game. since 5th edition crons need more tank killing options.

  • I have been playing Necrons since they were first re-issued as it were. I built my armor around a “fast attack” model. Destroyers and Wraiths work on my flanks and the Warriors in the center.

    I would like to see the different Lord options as this would add some more flavor.

    A plastic Tomb Spider would be cool. Give it some customizable features and presto, You would have a little more flavor.

    The WBB option should stay. That is what gives the Necrons their specialness. Each of the Marine chapters get some special rule or Chapter ability. The Eldar have scouts that can interfer with deployments…

    Flayed Ones should get rending, even as an option that the player can purchase.

    Heavy Destroyers should become an upgrade for destroyers.

    I have a sizable army that is painted up and so I hope they don’t change things too much.

    I would also like to see a weapons platform that the ‘Crons could deploy. I wouldn’t mind a rocket launcher of something.

  • wbb will be replaced with fnp and its no longer gauss but rending. ive never had a problem facing them but it was never the best of fun you cans easily target the largest threats and half way through the battle the listg dosnt change i cant wait for them to be mor intresting to play and as a whole

  • Has anybody heard of any new units for the Necrons?

  • Anonymous

    after going to uk games day, and nearly being barred for life after scaring the games developers, i can say this with confidence. the guy who wrote the new sm codex is the writer for the next necron codex. it will be out around 2q 09. being taken away by security after ranting about how the 5th ed has f#’;’d with necrons gauss rule wasnt my best moment. then sitting in the little room by myself thinking how it is only a game made me feel great. lol

  • Anonymous

    After reading several different blogs and thinking about how GW likes to make changes in codex. I will bet money on the following 10changes being made to the codex…

    1.Removal of C’Tan, however replaced with almost equally powerful Lord option(s)/characters.

    2. Introduction of new unit (with flashy new models to match). Probably a heavy support choice (such as a Pylon as an artillery unit).

    3. Moving of favored elites choice to troops (in this case most likely Immortals). I feel Flayed Ones will most likely stay elites but will be able to infiltrate or deepstrike, much like Chosen CSM.

    4. Flayed ones will get rending (as it isn’t that awesome anymore).

    5. Guass will be changed to rending also.

    6. We’ll Be Back -> Feel No Pain.

    7. Phariahs will be made better (but most likely will still not be Necrons).

    8 Awesome new Tomb Spyder model (Carifex size).

    9. Lack of flexablity in army will be fixable with lord choice.

    10 One unit re-verting to older rules (drum roll please)… in this case Scarab Swarms being mobile bombs again.

  • Anonymous

    Well, if these changes do come to pass, I don’t think that I am going to be too upset.

    My biggest concern was GW was going to change everything and turn my current models into worthless plastic junk.

    I have been playing Dark Crusade recently and it has been getting me in the mood to play again. Now I have to pick up the 5th ed. rulebook.

  • Anonymous

    in the old codex chaos i only lost once, thats how good that list was, my mates necrons never had a chance… he took 2 lords (floating) with rese orbs, 2 max squads of warriors and the rest were destroyers and heavy destroyers… couldnt kill the bloody things fast enuff… but the plague marine army i was using was geared to h2h… just needed patience

  • My good friend plays Necrons and I don’t think he’s ever won a game.

  • Anonymous

    I am an avid Necron player and I have only lost a few times. I tweaked my force and actually use fast attack tactics. Yup.. Necrons can be fast attack.

    I am waiting for the new Codex to see what is changed and how the army works.

  • Anonymous

    Phasing out the wbb rule would be crap I face armies who have there own version such as choas with the feel no pain roll I am hoping for more close combat units maybe something with power weapons or units that have weapons the in a fire fight have more than one weapon to fire

  • Myu

    I think necrons are fine, but I like the idea of them getter “refreshed” with new stuff.

    For the people worrying about guass guns and WBB – ever tried facing IG leman russes? Or maybe a tyranid hive tyrant? Both of those kill necrons easily with no return (and NO WBB allowed).

    I usually forget about WBB as so many things I face ignore it. Also, I play marines as well and I reckon ONE missile launcher works
    better then the guass rule(those 6’s to glance don’t come up all the time you know – 20 warrior shots gives like 2 to 3 6’s on average, then you need to roll to damage).

    That and a missile launcher is 48″ range (guass gun is 24″ max) and a marine squad is 170 pts (not 180) with sergeant, flamer and missile launcher.

  • Um… You do realize what a RESURRECTION ORB is right?

    It allows WBB rolls in ALL of the instances you pointed out…

  • Anonymous

    I am a slight disadvantage in that I have not gotten the 5th edition rulebook yet. From what I am hearing though, I am beginning more and more to see a need for a new Codex.
    I have said it before, that I would like to see new weapons added to the Necron Arsenal… particularly heavy weapons. I would also like to see some vehicles, other than the Monolith. I once designed a “Tomb Raider” which was a troop carrier in the same vein as the Dark Eldar Raider craft. Hence the name!

    My wish list….

    Plastic Pariahs that are pt/cost effective to field and to buy!!


    How about a super-heavy unit? Something that is closer to the equivalent of a Terminator?

    I sit and wait…. and look at the new Space Marine codex.. cursing under my breath.

  • personally I’m glad the codex is being revamped there’s to many ‘tournament’ players who take advantage of horrendous combos.
    example 1 six tomb spiders each spawn one scarab base, these scarabs now have toughness 6, you’re now faced by 12 toughness 6 enemies with the tomb spiders all but unkillable.

    These types of games leave me cold and bored.
    Lets just remember the reason we started gaming in the first place, for FUN, not just to win and pee off everyone else in the process

  • Umm… so what’s with people not reading the Necron rules?




    And in 5th Edition, even though the scarabs are 3 wounds each, you have to allocate one wound PER MODEL before you stack them on a scarab base again, meaning the Tomb Spider will get hit more often than you’d think!

  • Actually as long as you don’t make a second base, it is T6. When rolling to wound mixed T units, 5th ed. says you use the majority (in models not wounds) and if there is no majority, use the highest T.

    So yes a single scarab with a Spyder IS T6. However, if you allocate a save onto the scarab from a weapon with S6+ it will be insta-killed as normal, the T6 is for wounding purposes only.

  • By the way that is on page 19 in the 5th ed. rule book. It specifically says ‘models’, not wounds.

  • guess i need to get me some tomb spiders ๐Ÿ˜›

  • don’t do it lol.
    mind you it would be nice to see some different units just to mix it up a bit make a more interesting game ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Myu

    I know about res orbs, but your lords can’t be everywhere (and cost a decent bit with an orb) and for smaller point games I don’t always take them (yeah I know, a necron player who doesn’t always take an orb).

  • Myu

    Btw, for a super necron vechile, take a look at the doomsday phalanx in apocalypse reload (It’s not really a super heavy, but good enough – and has 72″ range, not the 12″, 24″ or 36″ like all other necron ranged weopons)

  • Anonymous

    Ah… that sounds interesting.

    I would like to see a heavy weapon platform or maybe some sort of squad-carried artillary weapon.

  • i read through a ton of comments here, and the one thing as a necron player that i am really surprised to see is a lack of wanting to change the wraith! I have tried to field them several times, an even with their great save and movement, i can t justify spending 41 points for a 1 wound model… with no power weapons to boot… if it were me, wraiths would get one more wound, change to elites and get a power weapon, 2 max in a squad, and flayed ones, adding rending as most have said here, go to either a fast attack with some extra movement or a troop choice. but the other rumors that i see are mostly welcome. i am pretty new to 40k, less than a year of actually playing my army, but i have seen a few broken things, and the WBB doesnt seem to be one of them. I think the FNP would be a good swap, both for game mechanic and flavor, i mean cmon mindless soulless metal skeletons of doom not feeling pain? yea that makes perfect sense to me. Maybe toning down the WBB would be in conjunction, like say 6+ with the FNP might be perfect…. keep in mind that each warrior is a crazy 18 points a piece! my friend who plays orks gets two squads for every one of mine, and that s two power weapons, whereas my troops have none.

  • Myu

    I agree with kindredsoul, tho maybe leave the wraiths 1-3. I always viewed wraiths as character killers without that final ‘oomph’ (power weopons) to finish the job.

  • Anonymous

    Things i think the new necron dex really needs:
    – Replace current Gauss weapon rules with rending – based on description of Gauss weaponary, it fits much better.

    – Necrons replace WBB with feel no pain. Res orb allows Feel no pain even if hit by power weapons, ap1/2 weapons, instant death attacks.

    – Pariahs and wraiths with 2 wounds. Don’t care if the points increase, just give them 2 wounds. Wraiths get rending maybe, but definitely should not get power weapons outright.

    – Warriors with slow and purposeful, but have access to a heavy weapon of some kind.

    – Flayed ones as a troops choice – preferably as standard, at very least by taking character. They’re pretty much a close combat variant of the regular warriors already (but have infiltrate too).

    Some units i would like to see that would be interesting and add some character to the army are:

    – Some kind of repair scarabs – bought as a single unit but function independently (like lictors). Can join squads and grant them something like +1 to feel no pain rolls.

    – An elite or fast attack unit of necrons that can phase shift – unit functions similar to the Eldar warp spyders. (Jump, shoot, jump again).

  • Anonymous

    To Matthew
    It would be a much better thing to have FNP instead of WBB. I sense no “gnashing of teeth.

    To Utsujing and others like hludwig regarding the “BUFF” necron.
    For the record Necrons are not buff in many ways. If anything they are currently balanced. Now this may not seem so but there are a few things that everyone has been forgetting about. The Necrons have no customization, except the lords currently. To that end we have no other way to bring down vehicles or larger creatures except our gauss weapons. Necrons have that and WBB going for them. That is the only main way that army survives, by not being as easily killed as a marine. However all Necrons have a large weakness that everyone should exploit until the new rules. Hand to Hand is the death of us. With a bad moral role you will be able to chase them down with ease. And given that all Necrons basically suck at hand to hand you can win battles and tournaments by going hand to hand with them.
    To those speaking of the C’tan going to Ap games.
    Necrons have not special chars to field so putting them Ap only would be foolish.

  • Anonymous

    – An elite or fast attack unit of necrons that can phase shift – unit functions similar to the Eldar warp spyders. (Jump, shoot, jump again).

    This sounds interesting…

    I personally would like to see the Wraiths get the option to upgrade to Power Weapons. A player could chose whether to buy the upgrade or not.

    Squad based heavy weapons would be nice. Maybe some sort of rapid fire gauss weapon or a “missle system” of some sort. The image that popped into my head is of a weapon that can fire balls of gauss weapon energy.

  • Ms. Good

    omg… I want my new necron codex so bad… the current one is so terribly outdated what with all the other shiney new codexes they’ve been churning out lately.

    I’m so ready to have some more choices, and new things to be happy about and pissed off at GW about lol, oh the possiblilities are endless.

    everyone else around me it seems has gotten a new codex to pour over. I want it to be my turn dammit.

    (mind you they did just release the new lizardmen codex…. so I’m ok for a little bit I ‘spose.)

  • Anonymous

    I love necrons the way they are but for a couple of things. Flayed ones and wraith’s claws need to be power weapons, Monoliths should be able to deepstrike first turn like drop pods as I think the army should be fast and Guerilla like and Phase out should go. Necrons aren’t “Characterful” it goes against the grain of them being faceless robots. So I dislike the idea of having named lords as such. I just think it needs to be bought up to 5th ed playability. I don’t know why so many people have trouble with WBB, they get a chance to stand back up if they’ve been killed by anything other than instant death or power weapons. Pretty easy from my point of view. The Rez orb counteracts those things that have “killed” them outright.