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January 29, 2008

BoLS Necron Obelisk Apoc Datasheets


We have a double dose of Necron goodness today. First we have 2 new Necron Datasheets featuring the Necron Obelisk (brought over from Epic) and then we have step by step instructions on how you can build your own 40k scale Obelisk.

Specialist Games released rules for playing Necrons in Epic a while back. You can find them here: In there they have the description for a Necron unit called an Obelisk (not to be confused with the Obelisks in Dawn of War). It is described is a flatted cube with a power crystal in the center. They include this wonderful picture as their guide to modeling one ;)

In the epic list they use Obelisks in two ways, as a scout force and as a Monolith escort. Our first datasheet is for the Obelisk as a scout unit. It is basic a unit of 1 to 3 Obelisks in a vehicle formation. The second formation is a bit more interesting.
Necrons don't really get to have any super heavies. I wanted to give the Necron player the ability to field a superheavy unit without having to build or buy anything too crazy. The Apsis formation allows the Necron player to have some of the benefits of a super heavy, without actually having a super heavy.

We have included both of these Datasheets in our BoLS Lords of Battle download. You can get it here.

Building the Obelisk

Building a Necron Obelisks isn't very challenging, but it does take some time to get all the details added to it. You can start by using this template. It is a top down view of the Obelisk.
The Obelisk can be divided into 3 layers, the top and bottom being 5" square and the middle being 6".
This template shows the top layer in grey and the middle layer in white.

The first thing to do is to cut out the 3 layers in some sturdy plasticard (or a For Sale sign) The bottom 5" layer is a perfect square, while the middle and top both have notches cut out of them. The middle layer has four 1/4" notches and the top layer has four 1.5" notches. The top layer also has a 1.25" diamond cut out of its center to hold the 'power crystal'.

Once you have them cut out, you can prepare the lowered 'shelf' sections for the top layer. You will need to cut eight 0.25" x 1.5" strips and four 0.25" x 1" strips of plasticard. Place these perpendicular to the cut out sections of the top layer as shown in this picture (note: the top layer is upside down in this shot).
Next, cut four 1.5" x 1" sections of plasticard. Glue these onto the bottoms of the four sections you just attached. You should have 4 "shelves" now.

Next, cut out four 1.5" sections of sprue. You may need to trim down and file off parts of the sprue to get a single, uninterrupted piece. It is also important to get all 4 sections from the same piece of sprue, as not all sprue are equal. Put these 4 pieces under the edge where the center diamond was cut out.

Cut a 1.5" x 1.5" square of plasticard and glue it on the underside of these sprue sections creating another lowered shelf in the center.

Create four 3/4" spacers. These can be made of anything that is 3/4" tall. I used some Electrician's Caterpillar spacers, but you could easily make some out of plasticard. The important thing is to make sure they are sturdy, as they will be supporting the top layer of the Obelisk. Attach them between the top and bottom layers as I have shown here.

Pay special attention to the placement of the top layer, it needs to be parallel to the middle layer and centered on it.

The next step is to add the detail to the top layer. You will need about twenty-four 1.5" sections of sprue. Again, you will probably have to trim down and file the pieces to get an uninterrupted section of sprue. As before, try to get the sprue from the same piece or similar pieces. The more uniform the sprue size, the better. Place these in the 4 "shelf" sections of the top layer. Chances are, they will not fit in there correctly. You may have to sand down 1 or more sprue section to get a good fit.

Once the sprue pieces are in place, you can move onto the top detail. For this section I printed out the template from the beginning of this article and glued it to a thin sheet of plasticard. I used spray adhesive to get an even stick across the sheet. Once it dries, cut the pieces out of the pattern and glue them on one at a time. It is important to start from each corner and work towards the center. This ensures that the pieces have the best fit.

Once you cut out a piece, you will need to trim the edges to create a gap between it and the other pieces of the design. Don't worry too much about pieces hanging over the edge. You can file those down later to get a good fit.

Now, create another 4 spacers. These should be 1/2" tall. Use them to attach the bottom layer.

Now you are ready for the sides. Cut out eight 2.5" by 1" sections of plasticard. Now cut a a corner off of each one so that the top is 2" and the bottom is 2.5" long. These are the sides for the upper section. Do the same thing for the lower section , but the pieces should be 3/4" tall. Because we are all human we sometimes make mistakes. The sections you need may need to be a little smaller or larger. Measure your Obelisk before cutting any of these pieces.
Once you have the sides glued on, you will need to work on the inset section in the middle of each side. You will need four 1" x 1" sections for the top and four 1" x 3/4" sections for the bottom. There will be a gap between these sections and the side section you just attached. Cut small sections of thin plasticard to fill in these gaps (I think you need a 1/4" x 1" rhombus shape for the top, but it is best to just eyeball this section and file down any excess).

You are almost done. Use this template to create the side details (again, you may need to make them slightly wider or shorter depending on your exact model). There are 2 layers that you will place on top of the sides. The first layer has the corner piece and an L shaped piece. The second layer has 2 shorter 'bars' that go on top of the corner piece.

To make the Obelisk "hover" I took some leftover sprue sections and placed them under the obelisk near the center. You may want to stack them to make it a bit higher off the ground.

Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of a Necron Obelisk.

"But what about the green Crystal in the middle?"
I'm glad you asked. The Container Store ( sells small translucent green boxes for about $0.39 each. If you don't have a Container Store near where you live, you can order one here . Make sure you pick the smallest one.

Once you have the "crystal" you can either use the base of the box (turned upside down) or the lid. Personally, I think the lid works better, but I tried it both ways. Glue it to the recessed center of your Obelisk and you are ready for your toaster revolution! I'm sure most Necron players already know this, but many glues will create a fog on translucent plastics. Choose your glue wisely.

If you have any other questions or if some of the instructions were unclear, leave a message in the comments section and we'll clear it up

January 28, 2008

RIP: Dark Heresy 1/2008 - 9/2008


Press release from Black Industries:
Black Industries regret to announce that Dark Heresy: Disciples of the Dark Gods out in September will be the final product to be released from Black Industries.

Kevin Rountree General Manager of BL Publishing said ‘As a result of the continued and impressive success of our core novels business, which we have built around 40K and Warhammer, we have decided to focus all of our efforts on growing this part of our business. Black Industries has seen fantastic success, most recently with Talisman and Dark Heresy. This change does not take away from that achievement rather it allows BL Publishing to focus on producing the best novels we can. This is a purely commercial decision and will enable us to carry on the huge growth that we have recently been experiencing with our novels’

For the time being Black Industries will continue to post articles in support of the products on their official website, which is a fantastic resource for scenarios and gaming tools for GM’s and players alike.

~Its a shame as from a fluff point of view, the book is an invaluable resource. Its about the only place you get a good detailed view of what life is like for the ordinary citizen in the Imperium. To think I waited almost 20 years for this since WFRP came out and it got canceled after a week.

January 27, 2008

NEWS: Comments from Jervis


This news brought to the community by Warseer's: DinoDoc via the Relicforums

~It looks like Jervis had a nice chat with some folks at Ireland's Warpcon. Lets see what's tidbits are coming out of the Emerald Isle:

Liber Apocalypica
April among other things will see the release of Liber Apocalyptica, which deals with different sections of existing armies, then creates Apocalypse Datasheets for them. First up is Chaos with the Emperor's Children Noise Marines. It's going to be a White Dwarf segment. The April edition contains a datasheet for an Emperor's Children Warband, with lots of juicy sonic weapons.

Traitor Legions
There are plans in place to implement the Chaos Legions in 40k. That means codex's for Emperor's Children, World Eaters, Death Guard etc...bear in mind this is pretty long run stuff (2 years +). Chaos legions WILL be getting a full codex. His exact words were "if we're going to do things, we're going to do them right."

Other Codices
Dark Eldar are HIGH on the list guys. Alien hunters isn't on the radar, since the focus is on updating current army lists rather than starting new ones. This means Dark Eldar, Guard and Space Wolf players are going to be happy. Jes Goodwin is already throwing around some concepts for Dark Eldar plastics.

A new Imperial Guard codex is being talked about.

A Space Wolf codex is high on the priority list, and he revealed they're among his favourite chapters, purely because they actually care about the civilians, they're the good guys as he put it.

There's not going to be much in the way of Lost And The Damned as Jervis feels they're covered already and more suited to Apocalypse as it is.

Sorry for you Armoured Company guys, Jervis mentioned when I asked that they'd be ridiculously hard to manage balance wise, but they're throwing around the idea of giving Guard maybe 4 Heavy Support slots. He first said 6 and then when my eyes widened in shock he laughed and shrugged, "Well maybe 4...". He feels Armoured Company are better off in Apocalypse, and he might do a datasheet on them for it, but as far as 40K it doesn't look good.

Thoughts on the CSM Codex
The idea behind the Chaos legions is that he felt that the last book tried to cover every aspect of the Chaos forces, and did it badly. The way he saw Chaos was as this huge amalgamation of different forces serving the Dark Gods, each deserving their own army book.

The current Chaos codex is meant to represent renegade marines, not necessarily the ancient 10,000 year old servants of Chaos. He felt that while splitting up the different aspects of Chaos into their separate sections while at first painful (as shown by the displeasure at the recent codex) will, in the long run, do each component part more justice than a small 20-30 page footnote in an army book.

He said they regret not letting Chaos guys in on what the big picture was, and he feels they probably should have pushed that angle a little more (hindsight is always 20/20 though...).

Misc. Items
He wants to release a book of scenarios for 40k as he feels most of the complaints from people come from the fact that there are a limited amount of scenarios and mission types, and people can tailor their armies to excel in those limited confines, and as such win more easily. He feels a more varied approach to missions and scenarios might help to balance the game, rather than a more kill things and have more scoring units than your opponent approach.

Jervis revealed (and I can quote him on this) that Cypher is "absolutely NOT a Chaos Space Marine". The way he envisioned Cypher is as an avatar of redemption, that in some sense the fallen Dark Angels are the good guys, as they see their mistakes and learned from it, but the Dark Angels simply can't see past it, and instead decide to kill things to solve the problem. He also said that Cypher is not entirely human (or super human as the case may be) anymore due to the rend in reality that shattered Caliban, casting the fallen angels through space and time. He said there's a mystical aspect to his character. He also explained a lot of where he got the idea from, a Clint Eastwood movie called High Plains Drifter was his main inspiration.

Also Void Dragon fans don't hold your breath. I asked him if we're going to learn any more about it and it was the only question I asked to which he replied he has no idea.

~ As a proud Death Guard army collector and player, let me tell you guys... I'm stoked about that Chaos Legion news!!! ...and Cypher... hey, who knew?

January 26, 2008

NEWS: FW Baneblade Kits and More...


Hi guys,

Here is your weekend roundup:

The modular Baneblade kits are available for order. The following kits can be had for £85.00 apiece and include the basic Baneblade parts on top of the resin upgrade pieces.

  • Shadowsword
  • Stormblade
  • Stormsword
5th Edition
Word is that GW has now handed info down to the retail stores confirming that 5th is coming this year (summer or fall). This along with the confirmation of the leaked document originating from GW seems to cinch it up folks. 5th is on the way.

There is yet more word on Plastic IG Stormtroopers (with both lasgun and shotgun options) coming out with this 40k supplement. We've been hearing of this plastic kit since last year, and here it is again. Some are saying that it may tie into a new IG codex possibly coming on the heels of 5th Edition, but we have no corroborating info on that as of now.

2008 Overview
So far the rumors seem to point to this on the 40k release side:

  • Codex Orks
  • Codex Daemons
  • 5th Edition (order may be switched with Planetstrike)
  • Planetstrike
  • Possibly another codex (IG, Dark Eldar being the most commonly mentioned as candidates)

January 25, 2008

NEWS: 40k RPG: Dark Heresy Available


Hi Folks,

Today Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay: Dark Heresy shipped.

I have briefly thumbed through a copy of it and Wow is it a beautiful piece of work! Almost 400 full color pages of RPG goodness, stuffed full of all the character classes, skills, weapons, and maps you would expect from a solid 40k offering from Black Industries.

The next time you are at your local hobby store or shopping online, check it out!

January 23, 2008

NEWS and RUMORS: Daily Omnibus


Hi everyone!

First off we have GW's release of the new Ork Apocalypse datasheets.

  • Green Tide
  • Ork Minelayer
  • Ork Submersible
  • Ork Pulsa Rokkit
  • Shokk Attack Battery
  • Ork Trukk Konvoy
Next up we have news pointing to the release of Forgeworld's Imperial Armor 6 (Siege of Vraks part 2) in March. It should emphasize the Chaos elements coming to the aid of the Vraksian rebels, and is said to include such cool new models as the:

  • Reaver Titan
  • Brass Scorpion
  • Khorne and Nurgle Renegades
  • Plastic Baneblade conversion kits
  • Chaos Terminator conversion bits (maybe)
  • Some type of giant artillery cannon for the DKoK (maybe)

5th Edition
Finally on to 5th edition. We have heard more corroborating information from several sources confirming GW as the source of the "mystery document". That is, it was not a fan-made hoax, but instead an early play-test document that got out. This would seem to mesh with some of the more "recent" changes we have heard about that are not in the doc, as they would be revisions that are shaking out of later development process. More as we get it.

~ Whew, busy news day folks! I'm particularly interested in a giant gun for the DKoK. Maybe its a WWI style Paris Gun!!!

Adeptus Custodes Pictures.

By popular demand, here are more pics of the Adeptus Custodes.
Images of their creation can be found here and here. Info on their transport can be found here.
As always, you can click on any of the images so see a larger picture.

January 22, 2008

Painting Tutorial: Hivefleet Calavera

So I have had a few people ask, so I though I'd knock out a tutorial for my new Nid paint scheme.

Step 1: First off I undercoat the model. I undercoat 100% by hand using basic paints. Some people say you need true 'primer' but in my expierience there is no real difference.

Step 2: Next I paint the black sections with Bestial Brown. Even at this stage you have to start the underwork for the striated carapace. Basically you just paint it on in lines. All the white parts are given a coat of Blazing Orange, mixed with a heavy dose of Gloss Medium. Also the tongue and tubes are hit with a little Red Gore.

Step 3: For the next step I use my 'rust wash'. This is made of a 1:1 mix of black and brown ink, with two drops each of Bestial Brown and Blazing Orange, and a small drop of dishwashing liquid. This is used to wash the orange areas. The striations are continued with Kommando Khaki. The Red Gore sections are washed with Purple Ink.

Step 4: I almost finish off the striated carapace with Bleached Bone at this stage. The washed orange is highlighted up with Fiery Orange, again with a heavy mix of Gloss Medium. The tongue and tubes are re-highlighted with Red Gore.

Step 5: Only the details left at this point. I completely finish the carapace with a small edging of Skull White. The eyes are painted Hawk Turquoise. And voila.

January 19, 2008

Warhammer 30,000 League - Week 9


The Heresy League reaches its climax, and the Imperial Palace's Inner Sanctum is under siege!

We had over a dozen folks show up at Battleforge Games, for the Austin 2007-8 Warhammer 30,000 League's final game. This 9th week featured the Siege of the Inner Sanctum. It was an Apocalypse game where 25,000 pts per side tore into each other to capture the few remaining key positions inside the Palace's blasted ruin. It was an absolute blast so lets do a recap so everyone can see how the Palace fared.

You can see in many of these long shots the massive 7x30 table we used and the ruined Palace walls and isolated city habs that dominated the game. The Loyalist deployed first and put all their Marine heavy assets like Fellblades in reserve. Their infantry held a long fortified center while Fast moving Blood Angels held their left flank in built up urban terrain, and a large IG Armoured Company backed up by Adeptus Custodes held their right.

The Traitors setup all their armor including 3 Fellblades in the center and left only picket troops to hold their flanks. A large wave of loaded rhinos waited behind the armored front.

In the game's first surprise, the Loyalists rolled a 2 and lost first turn, giving the Traitors an unexpected advantage.

Turns 1-2
With luck on their side, the Traitors advanced aggressively on turn 1. Everything they had moved forward at full speed to seize the initiative. With many of their elite and rear-line troops in reserve the Traitors had this one chance to make a land grab in safely and took it. Shooting was light but the Loyalists now had added maneuver pressure against their 3 objectives and the Traitor ones now seems that much farther away.

Digging in and bracing their weapons the Loyalists threw everything they had at the advancing enemy. Whether it was the foul sorcery of the Ruinous Powers, of just simple fatigue after such a long siege, most of their fire went wide. Here or there a rhino was destroyed, or an isolated squad was caught in a crossfire and mauled, but overall very little damage was done.

On turn 2, the Traitors stood firm and opened fire. On their left, heavy damage was done to the IG armored company including the destruction of their Baneblade. Over 30 Traitor Terminators teleported behind the vehicles and tossed a Vortex Grenade, threatening the Loyalist flank. On the Traitor right, 4000 pts of Death Guard arrived and reinforced the Alpha Legion who was advancing straight into the oncoming Blood Angel and Raven Guard forces.

The Loyalists dove into their hated foe. A bitter assault opened up between Blood Angel and Death Guard forces and Alpha Legion and Raven Guard tore each other apart in brutal assault. Loyalist Captain Vineum and Traitor Captain Arkos were bloody dervishes of destruction.

On the Traitor Left, their Terminators and Sons of Horus drop-podders were beset by units of Adeptus Custodes, who killed with every stroke. The Traitor flanks were on the brink.

In the center, Ultramarines Imperial Fists, and Salamanders grouped for a push against the advancing armored push with some success.

Mid-game Overview
The battle stood on a knife edge. The Traitor armored advance in the center was rolling forward methodically, but more and more Imperial Fists reserved in to reinforce it. Many Loyalist deep strikers had landed in the Traitor rear, and threatened their thinly defended center rear. On both flanks, bitter assaults were being fought.

Flyers Arrive
The skies opened and a trio of Imperial Pilots swept down across the chaos. They hit some Traitor positions in an attempt to slow their advance but were swept from the sky in a hail of pintle-mounted heavy stubber fire. It was an act of defiance... no more.

Turns 3-4
The Traitors continued their march toward the Loyalist center. Their 3 Fellblades blasted the trench lines and bunkers, but only a handful of well dug in Loyalists fell. On the flanks, the Death Guard took heavy losses from Raven Guard terminators, and the Custodes along with a reserving Loyalist Fellblade punished the Traitor terminators on the left flank. The Traitor momentum was slowing.

From the sky dozens of deep striking Loyalists fell into the Traitor center rear and began to take a toll on the vulnerable rear armor of the advancing vehicles. A huge mass of over 100 Salamander and Ultramarines advanced into the center right and threatened to roll up the advancing Traitor armored push.

The Traitors played their last trick. In the midst of the Loyalist center lines a massive Warp Rift opened and over 50 daemons poured directly into the Imperial Fists. Under cover if this foul trickery, the trio of Traitor fellblades moved forward and pounded the massing Salamanders killing over 90 of them in the space of minute! On the flanks, traitors held their right with Death Guard and Alpha Legion forces finally stopping a Loyalist Blood Angel and Raven Guard assault push.

The Loyalist were faltering. In the center, Jubal Khan and all White Scar reserves were drawn into the Warp Rift and killed as many daemons as possible along with Imperial Fist and Dark Angel infantry. On the Traitor left flank, the heretics were finally smashed with the combined forces of Custodes, 2 Baneblades, and the crushing arrival of an Imperial Fist Shield Wall bearing Sigismund.

Turns 5
With the Warp Rift occupying the Loyal center, the Traitors pushed onto the Imperial center objective and held it with a Death Guard Fellblade, a hand full of traitor-guard tanks and Daemons. Their push on the deep Loyalist right flank was lost, and they concentrated on holding their own three rear objectives. Kharn and his berserker body guard roared off a Palace wall section into the few surviving Salamander and Ultramarine assault forces moving forward and hacked them to bits, while the Death Guard and Alpha Legion ground up the last Loyalists on the their right rear flank. Stripped of his men, Blood Angel Captain Vineum lept into a squad of Plaguemarines to meet his fate. In the Traitor center rear, all the remaining picket forces opened up with a single Fellblade for support on the Loyalist deep-strikers and destroyed them.

The Loyalists fortified their positions and standouts such as Sigismund and Jubal Khan rallied men in their areas. Their position was crumbling and the only chance was to retake the center. They threw all remaining fire into the knot of Traitors holding it but it was not enough.

Turn 6
At the end, the Traitor push had held. They held all three of their objectives, beating back the Loyalist deepstrikers in their rear, and had taken the Loyalist center objective. The Loyalists made one last counter assault but it was easily pushed away. They hunkered down and fortified their two flank objectives and finished off nearby Traitors. It was over.

As the game came to a close, the Inner Sanctum was lost. Traitors held most critical locations and the handful of Loyalists seemed somewhat stunned to realize they had lost. Captain Vineum of the Blood Angels was dragged down by a knot of Death Guard. The finest hands that would ever hold a bolt pistol were gone forever. The Imperium was lost and they knew it. Here and there lone Heroes such as Sigismund, Jubal Khan, and Custodes officers rounded up survivors and fought on, falling back in good order to the underground vaults of the Palace. Then the message came through...

Kharn stood atop a mountain of dead Loyalists on the Traitor right and slowly lowered Gorechild. Black Cardinal Erebus on the Traitor left pulled Anathema from a Loyalist belly and looked towards the stars above, tears streaming down his face... The Warmaster was dead...

Already the Traitors were retreating. Landers were moving forward and loading heavy equipment and men, before lumbering up into the heavens. The Sons of Horus were already gone when several World Eaters forced Kharn into his transport and the hatch slammed shut behind him.

Brother Huskar was one of the last to go. He commanded the Death Guard Fellblade Dominator for over a century. He looked down at his ruined hand as his beloved charge was loaded on a Death Guard lifter and gritted his teeth. A stray bolter round had torn away several fingers but he felt nothing. Looking down at his ruined form and the blasted Palace, he wondered what his century of lost service stood for. In the end, the Warmaster was weak and flawed he thought. He would have his vengeance on the Imperium and his former brothers. If it took 10,000 years he would have it.

Result: Traitors: 4 Objectives, Loyalists: 2 Objectives; Emperor Crippled; Warmaster Dead: Loyalist victory?

~I would like to thank every member of the Austin Heresy League for an awesome and inspiring 4 month campaign. You guys are some of the most dedicated players and hobbyists around. Thank you all and please leave comments on your memories and thoughts of the campaign.

For our readers, I hope you all liked the League coverage, so don't by shy about leaving comments and ideas as well.

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