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February 29, 2008



The latest round of FW new releases has the forces of the Death Guard coming to Vraks. These upgrade kits are hopefully first in a line of upgrade kits covering many of the first founding legions.

I really like these new Plague Marines. They are really similar to the old 2nd ed. guys, which have a great look. Its a shame GW put out the Plague Marines they did as the main kit, instead of revisiting these old classics.

February 28, 2008

Capitol Imperialis: 40k scale


Yes, I am making a Capitol Imperialis, and yes, I probably should seek help.
Seeing something on paper, and reading how large it's dimensions in 40k would be, is quite different that seeing the actual beast in real life. I had no idea how much of the actual table top this thing will take up. It's so large, I had to move it's construction off of my hobby table and onto the kitchen table. You can imagine the rather interesting conversations that has caused with my wife.
But lets start from the beginning. All things need a plan. And the bigger they are, the more planning they require. I decided to construct it in 7 stages.

The first stage was the basic frame of the cargo area. This had to be sturdy enough to not only support its own weight, but also the weight of an army stored inside. Oh, did I forget to mention BigRed convinced me to have it double as an army transport case? So yes, it had to have a sturdy frame that you could hold from the top and not have everything come spilling out of the bottom. I went with wood for the frame. It is solid enough to support the weight, easy enough to cut into the correct shape, and very inexpensive (36 cents a foot at home depot). But working with wood presented it own challenges. Wood does not take to superglue. It is porous enough to absorb most of the glue before it has time to cure. Because of this, I had to use either wood screws or hot glue when attaching anything to the structure.

The second stage is the front. This one is tricky. Lots of odd angle and curves have to fit together just right. It's much harder than it looks. If you look closely at some of the pictures you can tell that the left side is slightly higher than the right (oops). This part is mostly plasticard with just enough supports to keep it from getting smashed during transport.

The next stage is the wheel sections. As robust and bulky as they look on the picture, if the whole weight of the CI was resting on them, they would snap off in no time. To prevent this, I attached a pair of skids directly to the frame. I originally planned on short stubby legs, but they would tear up any table we played on. Two 16" long pvc pipes run underneath the CI, just to the inside of each tread section. Finding twelve wheels in the right scale and with the right look presented its own problem. After some digging, I went with furniture leg rubber cups (the things you put under the legs of tables and couches to keep them from moving around) with some random electrician bits. Trust me, they look good. For the treads, I stuck with the the tried and true Caterpillar Spacers, though the last time I was at Home Depot, they didn't have any. I hope I can still find them.

I'm still undecided on how I want to build the crenellations on top. My original though was to use a hot wire and cut them out of foam. but that would make them too irregular. I'd like to find some sort of preformed block that I can stick up there. maybe .5" x .5" x 1". I'm also going to make use of the hatch that exists on the original model. This will be removable (or have a hinge and folds up) so you can reach in and grab the top support strut and use it as a handle to carry the CI.

The ramps should be pretty easy. Some thick plasticard, a few hinges and some embellishments. If I am up to it, I may use a some various sized tubes on the back ramp to look like hydraulics. I'm also not sure how to keep the front hatch closed; probably magnets.

The next step is the guns. I haven't given too much thought to these yet. I already found a good housing for the volcano cannon (a small plastic bowl). I'm going to base the gun's barrel off the ones that forgeworld uses for their shadowswords, rather than the one on the epic model. The side sponsons are still a mystery to me. I don't like the looks of the ones on the original. I'll probably make them like the ones on the IG tanks, only larger and with a gun facing to the rear and the side. That brings us to my next problem, the sponson guns themselves; anyone have 6 extra plasma cannons they aren't using?

The last step is the armored sides. This should be pretty easy. Each side will be a thick plasticard sheet that can be removed for easy access to the inside. On the outside I will cover it with squares of thin plasticard for the armor plates. I'll have to break down and get a pounce wheel to do the rivet work on them. Rather than the large stone block appearance of the epic Capitol Imperialis, I'd like to have it resemble the armor plate look of the baneblade (10,000 rivets and all).
As you can see from this comparison shot, the scale looks just about right. Once I get the crenellation around the top, it should be a good fit.
There is still a lot of work to be done. I hope I can have it out before our next big campaign.

February 27, 2008

BoLS Maintenance

As some of you are aware, there has been some spam links posted in our comments. Personally, I think this is a rogue element of the Mantis Warriors space marine chapter trying to infitrate the blog. In order to curb this Mantis Warrior incursion, we have implemented Text Verification when posting.
Hopefully, this should cut down on the spam bots out there. We are also looking into other methods of keeping BoLS 'clean' of the evil Mantis Warrior influence.

February 26, 2008

RUMORS: IG Minis in the Works


rumors brought to the community by warseer's: asmodai_dark86

Hi guys, early scuttbutt says that the Imperial Guard are getting some serious loving by the design studio.

We are hearing of things such as:

-Plastic Stormtroopers
-Plastic Greatcoat Guard (with interchangable bits with the current Cadians)
-Plastic turret/accessory tank sprues (say goodbye to the metal Hellhound, and Demolisher kits)

and the real gems:

-Plastic Valkyrie
-Plastic Vulture
-Plastic Thunderbolt (maybe)

~ Yowza, that is some serious IG firepower there, and seem to lend itself to the recent rumblings of possible flyer rules in the 5th edition rulebook....

February 25, 2008

BoLS POLLS: 5th Edition Fever...


Good day everybody,

So 5th is coming up fast and we have a good idea of all the cool stuff thats coming with it.

So the weekly question is, what are you planning on picking up and why? Are you guys a "just the facts maam" rulebook-only type of crowd, or do you want all the plastic goodness to swap around with your friends to build up new armies?

Inquiring minds want to know...

~As usual: poll, left column, you know what to do

UPDATE: Confirmed Rulebook release date from GW: June

February 22, 2008

SNEAK PEAK: Codex Daemonic Legions


They are coming.....

HQ:Special characters:

  • Kugath the Plaguefather
  • Fateweaver, Oracle of Tzeentch
  • Skarbrand the exiled one
God-specific Greater Demons: (significantly more potent and costly than the CSM Major)

  • Bloodthirster (don't even try using psychics agasint these guys)
  • Keeper of Secrets (dance marine-boy'll see)
  • Lord of Change (tons of shooting, can split fire)
  • Great Unclean (a tough Monstrous Creature who wounds on a 2+!)
Special character Heralds:

  • The Masque (Slaanesh)
  • Epidemius (Nurgle)
  • The Bluescribes (Tzeentch)
  • Skulltaker (Khorne)
Standard god-specific heralds (four)

-You can take 2 heralds as 1 HQ choice but the army must be led by either a GD or one of the named demons.

  • Fiends of Slaanesh
  • Flamers
  • Beasts of Nurgle
  • Fleshhounds (with a named character upgrade option)

  • Bloodletters
  • Daemonettes
  • Plaguebearers
  • Horrors (with a named character upgrade option)
  • Furies (do not fill compulsory troops slots)
  • Nurglings (do not fill compulsory troop slots)
Fast attack:

  • Bloodcrushers
  • Seekers of Slaanesh
  • Screamers

  • Soulgrinder
  • Daemon Prince (tons and tons of options)
Wargear and Gifts:

  • Chariots are coming to 40k, and are upgrade options for Heralds.
  • Many new psychic powers (including a hilarious Slaneesh one which is a much saner version of lash and may inspire some truly comic dreadnought conversions)
  • Khorne has an ability to ignore Psychic and Force Sword damage on a 2+!
  • Most of the standard daemons are our old favorites (power weapons for knorne, poison for nurgle, etc...)
~I'm started to get might excited about all of this. I'm really excited about getting an entirely new army to use all my Nurgle daemons for with only a handful of cool new HQs to pick up.

NEWS: Dark Heresy RPG Lives!


Well, well, well...

It looks like GW hasn't shut the door on their RPGs and boardgames after all, but have merely off-loaded them to a 3rd party vendor.

Fantasy Flight Games press release:

Fantasy Flight Games and Games Workshop jointly announced today that they have reached an agreement for Fantasy Flight Games to become the exclusive publisher of board games, card games (including collectible card games), and roleplaying games based on Games Workshop’s family of renowned intellectual properties including Warhammer Fantasy Battles and Warhammer 40,000. Additionally, the deal will grant FFG the exclusive rights to publish new versions of the classic board and card games titles published by Games Workshop over the last 25 years.

Additionally, a second agreement between the parties will transfer the publication rights and system of the Universal Fighting System CCG, formerly published by Sabertooth Games, to FFG. “We are just so thrilled to partner with Games Workshop in such an encompassing deal,” said Christian T. Petersen, CEO and founder of FFG. “Not only will we be able to continue the publication of some phenomenal roleplaying, card, and board games currently on the market, but we look forward to creating new games for the popular GW universes.”

“In Fantasy Flight Games, we’ve found a partner who shares our passion for gaming and our dedication to producing the highest quality products,” said Andy Jones, Head of Legal and Licensing for Games Workshop. “The legacy of our board, card, and roleplaying games is in the best possible hands with them, and we are extremely excited about the prospects of seeing some fabulous new games set in our universes as well. ” “.is is the beginning of an exciting new era for the Universal Fighting System,” said Stephen Horvath, CEO of Sabertooth Games. “Fantasy Flight Games are the perfect choice to carry on the UFS line, and fans can expect great new content and more fantastic events supporting their favorite CCG going forward.

FFG will take over the production of Talisman, and plan to produce a new printing and expansions for the 4th edition of this ever-popular classic board game. Further, FFG will continue production and new-product support for the Universal Fighting System CCG, the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay RPG, and the new smash-hit Dark Heresy RPG. More details on FFG’s publication plans for these titles will be provided in the weeks to come. The agreement does not include certain GW titles in which miniatures feature as the predominant component of the game, such as Space Hulk and Blood Bowl.

The Universal Fighting System CCG will continue to be sold as starter and booster packs in a traditional CCG format. FFG has no current plans to adopt the game to its LCG™ (“Living Card Game”) sales model.

~It looks like we will all be able to enjoy some 40k RPG adventures after all. Now does anyone know offhand what the reputation and quality level of FFG is?

February 21, 2008

The Methalor Penal Auxillia

Convict Colonel Cash
Charges: Murdered his family at the age of eight. Multiple homicides upon Methalor.

So much to my own chagrin I have decided to work on two armies at the same time. The Tyranids are numerous and the color-scheme takes its toll, so I decided to slowly work on these guys as well. The list I made looks like a lot of fun, I think.

Hardened Fighters
Independent Commisars

Heroic Senior Officer w/ Power Fist
Command Squad w/ Meltagun, Medic, Standard Bearer (Hardened Fighters) 137

Fire Support Squad w/ Autocannons 95

Priest w/ Eviscerator, Honorifica, Carapace 100

Schaeffer & Kage & Chancers 470

10*Veterans w/ shotguns, missle launcher, 2*grenade launchers, plasma gun (Hardened Fighters) 141
10*Veterans w/ shotguns, heavy bolter, 3*grenade launchers (Hardened Fighters) 134
3* Independent Commissars w/ 2*Power weapon, 1*Power Fist 180

Chancers sub-units:
5*Last Chancers w/ Missle Launcher , Plasma Gun
5*Last Chancers w/ Lascannon, Plasma Gun
Last Chancer w/ Demo Charge
5*Chancers w/ 3*Flamers, Demo Charge
Last Chancer w/ Meltagun, Refractor Field

Infantry Platoon
Command Section w/ 2 Flamers (Hardened Fighters) 67
Infantry Squad w/ Frag Grenades, Heavy Bolter, Flamer (Hardened Fighters) 101
Infantry Squad w/ Frag Grenades, Heavy Bolter, Flamer (Hardened Fighters) 101

Fast Attack
Sentinels w/ Lascannon 55
Sentinels w/ Lascannon 55

Heavy Support
Leman Russ Demolisher w/ 3*Heavy Bolters, Extra Armor, Improved Comms 190
Leman Russ Demolisher w/ 3*Heavy Bolters, Extra Armor 170


Troopers Caldwell, Bowie, Hays, Travis, and Boone
Charges: Gave up their garrison when faced with overwhelming force.

Troopers Hendrie, Snyder, Perry, and Bennet
Charges: Rogue Traders charged with trading with unsanctioned Xenos.

Trooper Manson
Charges: Assault and Battery on a superior officer

February 20, 2008

NEWS: Gav Thorpe exits stage right...


Folks the news is flowing hot and heavy on this one, but it looks like Gav Thorpe is leaving GW. Reasons are unknown for now.

There are unsupported rumors regarding other Design Studio personalities who may or may not be departing...

More as we get it.

February 19, 2008

Terrain Building Extravaganza

About a year ago I started a series of easy to follow terrain building posts. Since then, BoLS readership has gone through the roof. So, here is a brief recap of some of the terrain building articles that you may have missed.
We've changed our formatting since these were originally published, so some of the text may be misaligned.

The Ziggurat. This was my first article for BoLS (and it shows). This is a pretty easy build using insulation foam and creative knife work.

The Ork Village. Adobe style ork buildings made from foam core and Wood Filler.

Bunkers. Having actual bunkers makes a bunker assault mission much easier. These were constructed similar to the ork village.

Roads. Easy to make road sections using MDF board, wood filler (for texture) and a little flock.

Trenches. You may have seen these in our 30k apoc battle reports. These are made from 1/4 round trim and a little plasticard.

I had originally intended to do an article on necrons, but my dog (or rather, my wife's dog) ate the usb cable for our camera. Anyone want a slightly used pug?

February 18, 2008

SNEAK PEAK: Dark Eldar Haemonculus


Image brought to the community by warseer's GeOrc

Well everybody, look at that! New Dark Eldar sculpts from GD Spain. Our long national nightmare is finally over (or is it only beginning...I forget).

~ I think that guy holding the spine looks awesome. These seem very much in the style and proportions of the new Eldar, which is great! The Dark Kin have returned.

February 17, 2008

SNEAK PEAK: Soulgrinder/ New Daemons


Image brought to us from GD Spain via Waseer's Pentagram Sam

Here we have the new Soulgrinder, Heralds, and some clearer pics of previously seen things. from Codex Daemons. More and more things are showing as we get closer to the release. I can't wait to see the rules the Soulgrinder has. And those new Heralds and Hounds are just awesome. This is going to be a very exciting book...

February 14, 2008

RUMORS: 5th Edition Boxed Set Contents


Hi guys,

Scuttlebutt from the tubes says the rumored 5th Edition "Battle for Rynn's World" boxed set may contain the following plastic minis:

  • Captain with powerfist
  • Tactical Squad
  • Terminator Squad (possibly "just a couple" instead of a full squad)
  • Dreadnought (only 2 pieces!?!)
~Some or all of the models have been hinted at having Ultramarines iconography


  • Warboss
  • Twenty Ork boyz (like the four man Ork boys set)
  • Twenty Grotz
  • Three Deff Koptas

~ Two things guys;

1) Returning the basic boxed set to Marines vs Orks makes the universe seem right.

2) Plastic Dreadnought, Warboss, Deffcoptas! Holy Moly!!!

February 12, 2008

NEWS: Firebase # 6 Approaches...


Hi all,

FIREBASE sent us this!

We don't know when issue 6 is coming out, but we're certain it will be soon.
In the meantime, here's a link to their archive issues:

~I don't know about you guys, but I think that dude looks suspiciously like Marneus...

February 11, 2008

BoLS Polls


Hi guys,

We have quite a conversation going regarding the upcoming 5th edition rumors post thread, so I figured it's time for a new poll.

~What 40k army do you think is the most difficult to master? Why?

Have a look at the left hand column and let us know. Feel free to drop comments in here to explain why you think so. I'm going to be putting up these polls weekly so think of them as your friendly neighborhood 40k coffee shop. Pull up a chair, put your feet up, and have a chat!

~UPDATE: Google ate my poll! You are supposed to be able to vote for ANY Army. I'll get it all squared away next time. Comment appropriately :)

February 9, 2008

RUMORS: 2008 Schedule - with Space Marines!


rumors brought to the community by warseer's: harry

Greeting all,

Today's juicy trove of gossip says that this is what 2008 will look like for 40k:

Latest 2008 Estimates:
  • April - GW Birthday releases ~I have no idea what this could entail
  • May - Daemons
  • July - 5th Edition rulebook
  • September - 5th Edition Box set
  • October - Space Marines

Hmmm, these seem broadly in sync with these earlier estimates, with the major change being the booting of Planetstrike for a new Space Marine codex, just in time for GDUK.

Previous 2008 Estimates:
  • Codex Orks
  • Codex Daemons
  • 5th Edition (order may be switched with Planetstrike)
  • Planetstrike
  • Possibly another codex (IG, Dark Eldar being the most commonly mentioned as candidates)

~I'm torn on this one guys. On the one hand I REALLY want to see Planetstrike and the other races done before we see more marines. On the other hand, as a semi-regular Tournament player, I can tell you that with every new codex release, the existing Space Marine codex just gets more and more overpowered by comparison. It has to get brought into line with the others sooner than later due to its heavy influence on the 40k community due to the number of SM players out there.

February 8, 2008

~The Purging of Tarsis~

Schism Sector Crusade v.
Hivefleet Calavera

Well it seems from our feedback entry that many people would like to see battle reports, so I am going to try and put up and least one every two weeks, as well as things like tournament reports. I finally got one thousand points of Tyranids painted up so I decided to pull them out for a little battle. The list isn't competative and I have never played Tyranids, so I wasn't expecting to win. But I digress.

So a 1,000 point game versus Nick's Black Templars with Witch Hunter allies. The mission was Take and Hold.

Deployment- Seeing the Land Raider in front of me I honestly felt even less chance of winning, but if anyone would do it it would be the Carnifex. Following this line of thinking I deployed most of my forces in a ruin in the center of my deployment zone within a short walk of the objective. I wouldn't let these humans destroy my precious Hive Node...

"Xenos", Canoness Jessika said. Was there anything in this universe so foul as the Tyranid? Her order had been fighting them, trying to push them from her world for weeks on end. Now, finally, amidst the ruin of their convent, they felt that there was a dim hope, a hope getting brighter every day. The shadow in the warp had engulfed Tarsis and she had been sure that no reinforcements would arrive. It was only by dumb luck that the Schism Crusade had encountered the planet. If they were able to claim and destroy this Node it would be just one more vital step towards ridding her planet of this plague.

Black Templar Turn 1
Techmarine Logan revved his bike and turbo-boosted behind area-terrain on the left flank. Meanwhile the Land Raider Crusader slowly rolled forward as the Seraphim boost behind its armoured bulk, awaiting the xenos.

Tyranid Turn 1
As the dry wind blew the chitinous hordes of Tyranids advanced on the prey species. The Hive Tyrant plodded into the skeletal copse of tress in front of him as the Carnifex spewed out gobbets of venom, though they went wide of the Land Raider. With an impulse of his mind the Tyrant sent hundreds of flesh-eating worms from his devourer. Three Seraphim plunged from the sky, their flesh chewed from their bones.

Black Templar Turn 2
The Land Raider rolled forward as fast as it could, its assault ramp opening as the Crusaders under Emperor's Champion Liam disembarked. The Techmarine advanced upon the Tyranid center. Powered by the Machine Spirit the Land Raider's assault cannon whirred into action, the hail of bullets finding a couple of weak spots in the rock hard chitin of the Tyrant and felling his Guard. Singing a hymnal to the Emperor the Champion charged the Tyrant, toppling the abomination. He and the Crusaders consolidate into the Hormagaunts.

Tyranid Turn 2
The Genestealers advenced towards the combat. The Ravenor tunnelled up underneath the Carnifex and was crushed underfoot. Once again the Carnifex's bio-weapons are no match for the armoured hull of the Land Raider. The Hormagaunt's scything talons found a chink in Liam's armour and the Champion was gravely wounded.

Black Templar Turn 3
The Land Raider's assault cannon blazed, breaking through the Zoanthropes psychic shield, and tearing through its fleshy brain matter. Techmarine Logan, steeling his nerves, charged into the Carnifex, plasma pistols blazing. The Crusaders cut down many Hormagaunts who, now out of synapse, flee towards the Tyranid center.

Tyranid Turn 3
The Lictor appeared from the ruins, pouncing into Techmarine Logan. The Genestealers charged into the Crusaders killing the Emperor's Champion and two of the Emperor's chosen ones. The Techmarine is unable to wound the Carnifex. In retaliation the behemoth crushed Logan under his chitinous hooves.

Black Templar Turn 4
The Seraphims bolt shells were divinely guided into the Tyranid Warriors, killing two. The Landraider left smoking holes in the Carnifex and it crumpled to the ground. Meanwhile the Crusaders finished off the Genestealers.

Tyranid Turn 4
The Tyranids surge out of the rubble into the remaining enemies as their survival instincts are discarded in favor of their imperative to kill. The Lictor hopped onto the hull of the Land Raider, his claws catching some vital system, setting off a chain reaction which left it a flaming hulk. The Hormagaunts and Warriors manage to bring down half the Seraphim squad and wound the Canoness but are killed in return.

Black Templar Turn 5
The remaining Seraphim charged the Lictor but were unable to bring him down. Both the Lictor and the Seraphim ran out of the combat.

Tyranid Turn 5
The remaining Tyranids survival imperative returned and they went to ground.

Final Results
A Crushing Victory for the Black Templars.

Blood bumbled from underneath the Canoness' armour, her breath heavy. Dirt obscured the otherwise delicate features of her face. They were almost all dead but they had done it. With the Node destroyed synapse in the area would soon crumble. Though she almost wondered why she bothered. The populace, which she had sworn to protect, were dead, her family was dead, almost everyone but her was dead. This one victory gave her little solace when put in perspective.

February 7, 2008

RUMORS: 5th Edition Tidbits


rumors brought to the community by warseer's: harry (and brimstone)

Hi folks, we have some new tidbits regarding 5th today. Lets get right to them:

Line of Sight
The old PDF (which most folk are going off of) stated that all units (friend and foe) blocked line of sight. The final ruling is that you CAN shoot through intervening units (friend or foe), as long as they don't completely block line of sight (like tanks and so on). But if you do so, then you give the target a 4+ cover save.
-This cover save apparently works both ways.

Blast Weapons
There is a significant way in which all blast weapons work (large and small) now. First of all blast weapons do not require a roll to hit, using the firers ballistic skill. Instead you place the blast template over the intended target and roll a scatter dice. If the dice shows a hit all models under the template (including partials) are hit. If it scatters then roll 2D6 to see how far the template scatters. But here is the cool part - you now modify the deviation by the firers ballistic skill (in inches). So to simplify, the Blast template either hits or scatters 2D6 Minus (BS)"
-My question is are we talking the sum of 2d6" minus BS, or 2d6" (take the highest) minus BS.

~This is apparently further coroboration of the leaked PDF being a very early playtest version. What we are seeing in both of these tidbits is an improved and streamlined version of what was talked about earlier. The LoS news still shakes up the game and opens up screening both offensively and defensively without being tedious, while the Blast Weapon news makes them effective again based upon BS. Cool!

February 5, 2008

SNEAK PEAK: Beast of Nurgle and Bloodletters


Hi guys,

Apparently we are approaching the release window for Codex: Daemons. Look what the tubes have brought us today!

-Wow, its been a long time since I've seen a Beast of Nurgle headed for 40k!

February 4, 2008

Open Thread: Looking Forward


Hi folks,

Its a sleepy news day, so I though this would be a good time to pull up chair and listen to YOU, our readers.

I've put up a poll on the left column, and would like to hear feedback on what type of articles you like most of all at BoLS. We've been at this for a little over a year now (wow how time flies!) and its a good time to take astep back and look back over the past months and see what has really gotten you guys excited.

So lets hear it folk, what articles have you really gotten a kick out of? What would you most like to see in the upcoming year? What is it you most look forward to seeing when you come to BoLS?

-Be honest guys! If you don't tell us, how will we ever know what you really want?

February 3, 2008

NEWS: 2008 Bitz and Collectors Catalog


GW has released the first of the new Bitz and Collectors range catalogs.

These new bitz "packages" give you an entire set of bits to build out some exotic minis not available in the standard range. GW indicates that the range will continue to expand and that the catalog is only a "snapshot" of a continuing project in motion.

Bitz & Collectors Catalog

Bitz & Collectors Pricing Guide

~Whats your take on these changes guys? I'm glad to see the Armour Through the Ages package in there, but boy could they use an updated version of that Mk.3 suit.

February 1, 2008

PLAY-AID: Genestealer Cults Mini-dex from BoLS

UPDATE: V2.0 (for 5th Edition) is up.

Hi Everybody,

As promised, with the advent of 5th Edition, the Fly Lords are working through our older publications and updating them for the new edition. First up is the Genestealer Cult. This new version 2.0 list is ready to go! Within this 22 page mini-dex you will find:

  • Background
  • Modeling section
  • Army List
  • 4 Special Characters (including Imperial opposition characters)
  • Apocalypse Datasheet
  • Galactic Map

It has been an absolute blast working on this list and tweaking it for 5th. Hopefully it will get some of those old dusty cult minis off of the shelves and back onto the tabletop where they belong. The list is an updated version of both the original Rogue Trader list, and the more recent Citadel Journal list.

It is primarily a horde list that contains some of the most low quality (but dirt cheap) units you've ever laid your eyes on, mixed with some mean, nasty inner Coven units to keep an enemy on his toes. And hey, Limos...with Genestealers in them... No matter what happens Genestealer Cults always win on style points!

~I hope all you Cult fans have some fun with these. Enjoy and as usual, we love comments and feedback! What I think I enjoy most of all is the flexibility these PDFs give us. While we endeaver ot playtest the heck out of these things, a lot of the tweaks in v2.0 came directly from feedback from you, our readers. So enjoy, and by all means keep the feedback and comment coming. We really do read them!

Download Here

AdeptiCon 2008 News: Phil Kelly, Gladiator Prize, and More!

AdeptiCon 2008 – April 11-13
Crown Plaza Hotel, Rosemont, IL (Just outside of Chicago)

Here’s the latest news from AdeptiCon 2008 – For Gamers, By Gamers!

AdeptiCon 2008 Announces Games Workshop Guest of Honor
AdeptiCon proudly announces that Games Workshop Games Developer Phil Kelly will be attending AdeptiCon as our Games Workshop Guest of Honor. He will be present throughout the weekend, able to answer your questions, and perhaps share some teasers about the upcoming release of Warhammer 40K 5th edition.

Phil Kelly will join Graham McNeil on our lineup of special guests. Don’t miss out on this chance to meet some of the people behind the hobby that we all love and enjoy. Register online today at

AdeptiCon 40K Gladiator Tournament Prize Package Announced!
Previous AdeptiCon Gladiator Champions have walked away from AdeptiCon with such items as a Warhound Titan, Elysian Drop Troops army, or a Death Korps of Krieg army. This year the AdeptiCon 2008 Gladiator Champion will take home a brand-new Ork army, consisting of:

  • 3 Forgeworld Ork Battlewagons
  • 3 Forgeworld Ork Battlewagon Deathrollers
  • 2 Ork Skorchas
  • 6 Boxes of Ork Boyz
  • 4 Boxes of Ork Lootas
  • 1 Ork Big Mek

AdeptiCon 2008 Kicks off Games Workshop US Tournament Circuit
In case you haven’t heard, AdeptiCon will kick off the Games Workshop US Tournament Circuit. AdeptiCon offers six tournaments that will earn you points towards the 2008 Games Workshop US Tournament Circuit. Whether your game is Warhammer 40K, Warhammer Fantasy, or Lord of the Rings (or even all three), kick the 2008 Tournament Circuit off right at AdeptiCon 2008.

The following events will allow you to earn points for the 2008 GW US Tournament Circuit:

  • Warhammer 40K Gladiator Tournament (Friday)
  • Warhammer 40K Championships (Sunday)
  • Warhammer 40K 2007 Tournament Circuit Invitational (Sunday)
  • Warhammer Fantasy Escalation Tournament (Friday)
  • Warhammer Fantasy Championships (Saturday)
  • Lord of the Rings Team Tournament (Friday)

Register online at today to reserve your place in these tournaments!

Make sure that you have your Games Workshop Tournament ID # available when you register for these events, so that your points can be correctly assigned. Contact GW Direct for your free GW Tournament ID # at 1-800-394-4263.

Reserve Your Hotel Room for AdeptiCon 2008 Now!
Hotel reservations are filling up fast. If you’re planning on staying on Thursday night, you need to reserve your room by February 15. Here’s the link to the hotel reservation site:
Or you can call their reservation line at: 1 800 972 2494

Our AdeptiCon code (ADT) should automatically appear in the “Group Rate” field, giving you the AdeptiCon rate of $99/night. Parking will be available for $10/day, and in addition, a free shuttle service to and from O’Hare Int’l Airport will be available for our out-of-town guests.

Please make sure that when you reserve your hotel room, you use the AdeptiCon code (ADT). AdeptiCon’s staff has worked to get the best possible rates for our attendees, and we need to make sure that our block of room is filled.

Adepticon is a MUST for anyone participating in the 2008 GW US Tournament Circuit. There are SIX qualifying events! For those of you that want to get the most games for the dollary (like me), Adepticon is the must attend event of the season! It looks like Bell of Lost Souls is going to send two Fly Lords of Terra teams to Adepticon this year -- see you there!

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