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March 31, 2008

NEWS: Chaos Daemons up at the Online Store


Hey Gang,

We're getting close now. GW has added the new codex and army to the online store. Head on over to the UK store to check out pics and prices of the full Chaos Daemons range.
~ As usual, it would seem that certain minis which looked iffy upon first glance look better when we see them in good light and various paint schemes. Epidemius is really growing on me. Will to resist failing...

BoLS POLLS: Space Marine Smackdown Edition

OK guys, we've all heard the rumors of the new Space Marine Codex coming down the pipe, and we have all looked over the "new-style" Dark Angel and Blood Angel codices. What to you guys think is the biggest single issue with the current Space Marine Codex that the design studio needs to fix? If you think the big problem isn't listed, let's hear about it and why you think its so important.

~Poll, left Column, get at it!

March 30, 2008

GW Canada loves us!


Check out the latest "Voxcaster" podcast from GW-Canada. Especially check out the section about 80% in, where they talk about little old us!

Voxcaster Episode 5

~Pretty cool

March 28, 2008

Capitol Imperialis Update 2


Here is a short update on the Cap Imperialis for a slow news day. The front and sides are on as well as a much improved wheel section. I decided to go with a solid wall on the top instead of the crenelations mostly because it was easier to make it look right. There will be a removable plate on the top for easy access to the carry point.

I'm going with three seperate sponsons rather than the single large one. I'm also adding a row of firing ports near the top to help break up the large empty space on the sides.

The yellow bowl on top will be the housing for the volcano cannon. After I took the picture I realized it was in the wrong place. I'm need to move it forward about three inches and down some.

I still have the front and rear doors to finish, but they shouldn't be too hard. Once all that is done, I can get to work making the 1600 riveted plates to cover the outside.

March 27, 2008

SNEAK PEAK: Yet more Codex Daemon Minis


images brought to the community by warseer's: Philbrad

Check em out boys and girls! We have some new closeups of several of the new plastic daemons.

~That Daemonette with the floating ethereal hair is really growing on me. I also like the old-school throwback Bloodletters. Those of you who still have the ancient Realms of Chaos books know what I'm talking about.

RUMORS: Drop pods with Codex:Space Marines


OK, its not a super fresh one, but scuttlebutt now says the much rumored plastic drop-pod has been confirmed as a plastic kit to go alongside the new Space Marine codex coming on the heels of 5th edition later this year.

The kit is said to have optional sprues to allow it to built as a standard or deathwind pod (and maybe even a dreadclaw).

This kit was apparently pushed up for release with the codex, while the other big rumored plastic releases like the Valkyrie and (maybe) the Thunderhawk (currently rumored to be priced in the $200-250 range) have been shoved back to 2009 for release with Planetstrike.

~I could see the plastic pod being a big seller if they don't price it to high. Almost every marine player can use multiple ones, and with the right extra sprues, CSMs can get in on the action as well. I could certainly use a handful of nice PH-Death Guard pods. How many would you guys pick up ?

March 26, 2008

Death Guard Obliterators


Hi guys,

You didn't think our constant news trawling and that little Macharian Crusade thing would keep us from adding to our collections did you?

I present 4 Obliterators done up in the Death Guard pre-heresy paint scheme. It looks like these four ex tech-marines, wont be fixing any more broken tracks on rhinos.

~These little dudes are a small part of the BoLS Adepticon team armies! We are sending 8 folks up this year and hope to get to hang out with as many of our readers as we can link up with. Consider this a linkup thread and let us know if you are going to be there. (or if you like Oblits!)

March 24, 2008

The Arch-Maniac of Calvera

One of the nice things about being a Fly Lord is being able to prepare your army for the campaigns long before anyone else has a look at the book. The Arch-Maniac of Calvera is one such example. In the Macharian crusade, some of the armies will pass through ork space controlled by a giant ork warboss known as the Arch-Maniac of Calvera.

I'll try not to spoil too much of the fluff, but the basic premise is that an ork controlled world is rich in a naturally occurring explosive. The orks took a liking to the stuff and decide to start lobbing it at anyone in sight. First they put it inside of small bottles, Calvera Cocktails. Soon they began stuffing it into larger and larger objects, eventually filling entire KillKruisers with the stuff and ramming them into enemy formations. One of the Nobs was dared to eat a bomb squig filled with the stuff. He won the bet, but lost several fingers, half his face, and internal parts that his mad dok couldn't even identify.

The old saying 'what ever doesn't kill you only makes you stronger' could not have been more true. By the time he recovered, he had grown several times his size. He now commands a large waaagh! in the Segmentum Pacificus and is never seen without his trusty ammo runt, Kiff.

For the model, I started with a Lord of the Rings: Buhrdûr, Hill Troll Chieftain. I had to file off all the ogre warts on his legs and smooth out his two-toed feet to make them look like boots. He also needed a good amount of greenstuffing around the arm joints. I replaced his weapon with a big shoota and choppa. His head came from the burna sprue as well has his grot backpack. To beef up his chest area, I took several of the straps off the burna sprue and made a harness for the little guy. Small round beads were used to make the Calvera Kocktails.

His stats aren't finalized yet, but he is going to be a beast in combat. Oh, and the Calvera Bomma trukks are going to be a hoot as well.

March 22, 2008

BoLS POLLS: Springtime Diversions

OK gang, its springtime , and I'm looking to add a new 40k game to my ever growing collection. Whats the best 40k universe GW product out there I should pick up? Why? If you think the best one isn't listed, let me know. I've got some money burning a hole in my pocket here folks!

~Poll, left column, go to it!

March 21, 2008

SNEAK PEAK: Forgeworld World Eaters


Hey Guys, check out the latest coolness from Forgeworld:

~These guys make for a great follow-up to the earlier FW Death Guard models. I'm thinking the Death Korps of Krieg are going to run into some tough opposition in The Siege of Vraks: Part 2

March 18, 2008

PLAY-AID: Ordo Hereticus Strike Force from BoLS


After an incredibly long and painful gestation period, I'm proud to announce the release of Bell of Lost Soul's latest Mini-Dex: The Ordo Hereticus Strike Force. Inspired by an article written by Andy Hoare in Citadel Journal #49, this mini-dex allows you to create an elite and deadly Adepta Sororitas army list led by a tireless Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor Lord.

The Mini-Dex includes:
  • An Updated Version of Andy Hoare's Classic Sisters of Battle Army List
  • New Units, Special Rules and Wargear
  • Three (and a Half) New Special Characters
  • An OHSF Apocalypse Datasheet
  • A Special OHSF Mission
  • Plus Background and More!

Andy's original army list was a gem and it was a great pleasure updating it. Due to the nature of the army list, we extended our normal playtest period so we could make the list as balanced as possible for normal games (thanks again to our extremely talented and crafty test servitors!). I hope you'll be impressed by the results!

Although designed for campaigns and special events, this army list is a must have for every Sisters player. With a few small additions, you can experience your existing army in a completely new and fun way.


~ Although I'm glad to finally share this mini-dex with you, I'm sad to see the playtesting end; it was a lot of fun. But I'm jazzed to move on to something new for you guys (maybe some overdue tacticas or updating Gav's classic "Army of Death" list...). In any case, Enjoy! And, as usual, we love the comments and feedback!

March 17, 2008

NEWS: Chaos Apocalypse datasheets on the way


Hi all,

It looks like GW is kicking out a ton of chaos Apocalypse goodness. The latest White Dwarf (340) contains the following 4 datasheets:

  • Thousand Sons Warcoven (rubric marines and terminators)
  • Banelord of Khorne (chaos warlord)
  • Defiler Assault Force (3-6 defilers)
  • Chaos Conclave (handful of named characters and daemon princes)

The following others have been mentioned as coming soon, and all are to be posted online eventually.

  • Khorne Lord of Battle
  • Khorne Doom Blaster
  • Slaanesh Subjugator
  • Emperor's Children Warband
  • Nurgle Plague tower
  • Silver Tower of Tzeentch

~Nice, very nice! Its really good to see that Apocalypse support continues! Yet more scratchbuilding to come... I guess a lot of this is to give the new Chaos Daemons codex some datasheets to call their own.

So you wanna run a 40k RPG?


Apparently Fantasy Flight Games is hiring someone to run the Dark Heresy line.

Do you think you have what it takes? Check out the job posting here.

~ Its always nice to see them taking the time to hire someone with expertise in the universe, instead of just handing it off to an internal staffer.

March 14, 2008

~Dire Foes~

Hivefleet Calavera v.
Bregenzian 13th Imperial Guard

Back again with another battle report. Here we have Kings' Tyranid-hunting IG come back for a second go, this time with a more appropriate foe, Tyranids! This is the same force I used last time, hopefully its more successful this time. Next report should be with my Methalor IG.

So it's time for another 1,000 point game, with Cleanse being the very appropriate mission.

Deployment- Kingz won the roll for quarter and picked one with a nice large forest in the middle of it. I set up most of my force behind a wood positioned in the middle of the board, with my Carnifex straggling out to the side to shoot at the Leman Russ Demolisher. Kingz won the roll for first turn and took it.

The horde gathers

Sergeant Fox glanced at his scanner, "We have life signs, two hundered clics to the Southwest. It appears they are Tyranids, a small brood group. Move in to engage". The message went out to all the soldiers. They knew what it meant. By the end of the day they would have new trophies, and the Great Devourer would know a little more about pain.

Bregenzian Turn 1
The light of dawn washes over the ash-choked waste and and reflects off the bony carapaces of the Tyranid creatures rustling before the Bregenzian line. 'Fex Bane' rolls around and discharges its mighty demolisher cannon into the horde of creatures, blasting apart a Warrior. The Sentinels 'Lucky' and 'Potshot' attempt to wound the Carnifex, but there lasbolts flash harmlessly into the rocks surrounding it. On the other flank the Chimaera draws a bead and downs five Hormagaunts.

'Fex Bane' takes aim

Calavera Turn 1
The wave of bugs move forward into the rotten stumps of a once beautiful forest before them. The Hive Tyrant, seeing the fleshy things before him, unleashes a blast of flesh-eating worms from his devourers, killing three Guardsmen. The Carnifex attempts to harm the Demolisher, but misses his target entirely.

Bregenzian Turn 2
The Storm Troopers touch down lightly in the rocky outcropping to the west of the Carnifex and wound it with a barrage of plasma fire, though many shots stop short into the debris surrounding the beast. 'Fex Bane' wheels back in the wake of the beasts, hurling a shell which pulverizes the Tyrant Guard.

The Storm Troopers find their quarry

The Lictor ambushes 'Pot Shot'

Calavera Turn 2
The Lictor, its carapace shifting in the light, bursts out of the ash ambushing 'Pot Shot'. The Ravener wiggles out of the ground in the far corner, disputing a quarter. Meanwhile the Genestealers and Hormagaunts continue to advance. The Carnifex takes aim with its venom cannon, shaking the crew of 'Fex Bane'. The Tyrant, with the scent of blood in the air, unleashes its devourers, finishing off the Guard squad it had damaged before.

The Tyranids advance

Bregenzian Turn 3
The Guardsmen, in a very familiar situation, prepare for the Tyranid charge. The Storm Troopers continue to hunt their prey, though they seem more adept at hunting themselves, their plasmaguns killing their users, while their shots pound lightly off the rocks. Meanwhile the gunline opened up fire, leaving only a single Genestealer standing, and badly wounding the Hive Tyrant.

Calavera Turn 3
The Hormagaunts, sensing that their time had come, broke from the trees at a lightning pace, plunging deep into the Bregenzian lines. The Tyranid Warriors silently took aim and killed five Storm Troopers with their acidic deathspitters. The reamining Troopers broke cover to flee back towards their lines. The Carnifex once more knocks the Demolisher off-kilter, shaking the occupants. The Hive Tyrant charges into the sentinel 'Lucky' and blowsw it apart. The Hormagaunts pull down the platoon command in a dervish of scythes and consolidate into a nearby infantry squad.

The Hormagaunts get dug in

Bregenzian Turn 4
The Command HQ, seeing their troops in danger run up to the melee, preparing to counter-charge. The Chimaera spots the shifty Lictor and lays him low. Meanwhile the Command HQ kill all but two Hormagaunts and they flee into the safety of the Tyrant's synapse.

Calavera Turn 4
The Tyrant, sensing more threatening biomass, bores the flesh from more Guardsmen with his devourers, leaving only the Sergeant standing. The last Genestealer and remaining Hormagaunts charged into the Sergeant, eviscerating him before his comrades.

The Guardsmen precariously hold their position

Bregenzian Turn 5
The Command HQ charges the last Genestealer and finishes him off, consolidating deeper into cover.

Calavera Turn 5
The hives of the Tyrants devourers almost entirely spent he destroys another infantry squad, leaving only a bloody mess. He skulks behind the trees waiting for the eventual counter-fire.

Bregenzian Turn 6
The Demolisher, completely unharmed wheels into the Southeast quadrant and shoots a shell through one of the Zoanthropes psychic shields, destroying it.

The Tyranids consolidate their territory

Calavera Turn 6
The Tyrant kills the Command HQ. Dust settles.

Quarters: 1 to 1
Result: Solid Tyranid Victory by 136 Victory Points

Things of the Match
This award is going to be split between the Hive Tyrant who single-handedly killed over thirty Guardsmen while having only one wound from turn three on, and the rocks on the board, which allowed me to pass a ridiculously large number of cover saves.

March 13, 2008

SNEAK PEAK: BoLS 2008 Campaign

~Its Coming,

  • 120 full color pages
  • 8 week campaign for 2 thru 40+ players
  • 7 Imperial Guard army groups
  • Multiple renegade and xenos empires
  • 40+ special characters
  • New units
  • Over a dozen Apocalypse formations
  • Full color hobby section
Last Year, you walked in the footsteps of the 1st Founding Legions...

This year, take part in the greatest Imperial Campaign since the Great Crusade.

~Lasguns, Lock and Load!

March 12, 2008

BoLS POLLS: 4 Men Enter; 3 Men Leave...


You want something to talk about guys? Which army would you cut if you had to get rid of one of the older codices which hasn't gotten an update in quite a while?

If the army you think should go isn't on the list, let us know who it is and why they deserve the sanction of: Excommuncatus Finalis.

~Poll, left column, you know the rest...

March 11, 2008

SNEAK PEAK: Masque (Slaanesh)


GW-US just put up The Masque from the upcoming Codex: Chaos Daemons on their Sneak Peak section. I think he/she/it is a pretty good manifestation of the Dark Prince.

~How about you guys?

March 10, 2008

NEWS: Adepticon 2008 40k Primer Scenarios Out


Come and get em boys. These scenarios are not only great warm-ups for the Adepticon crowd, but they make for wonderful alternatives for local pickup and tourney games.

Adepticon 2008 Warhammer 40k Championships Primer Scenarios

~Yikes, that Volatile Area special rule on Scenario 1 is nasty!

March 7, 2008

Necron painting for the non-painter

As some of our loyal readers may remember, I got a Necron army at last year's 'Ard Boys regionals. Now that the newness of the ork codex is starting to wear off, I decided to put some effort into the Necrons and I stumbled upon a bit of a discovery. This may be obvious to some of you, but Necrons are extremely easy to paint!

If you are looking to get into warhammer 40k, but have serious doubts about your ability to paint an army, then have no fear. Necrons are the army for you. Seriously, I spent probably three times more time assembling the models then painting them. As long as you know which end of the brush to hold, you can follow these steps to have a nice looking Necron army in no time.

Step 1) Put together the models. Getting the arms in place is a bit tricky, but not too difficult.

Step 2a) Go to Home Depot and pick up some silver spray-paint. There are many different types out there. Rust-oleum even makes three different ones. I use the Rust-oleum Specialty Metallic; it adheres better to the plastic, it gives a stronger coat, and the silver is a few shades lighter than the others. The down side is that it takes a longer to dry.
Step 2b) Take your models outside and give them a good coat of silver spray.
Step 2c) Let them dry overnight. You have to let them dry completely or they will pick up finger print marks, even two or three hours after painting.

Step 3a) Mix up a batch of "Magic Wash": 1 part water, 1 part Future brand floor Polish (not floor wax) and stir in some black paint.
Step 3b) Give them models a good coat of the magic wash. This will dull the silver a bit, but fill in all the details and really make your model pop. It also has the added benefit of adding a durable clear coat to the model.

Step 4) Optional: Choose an accent color (red, blue, green, whatever) and paint the shoulder pads. You certainly don't need to do this step, but it does make them look better. I found that not all paints stick well to the silver or washed surface. You may have to brush on a base coat before the colors go on.

And that's it. Excluding the drying time, it should take you about a minute or two per model to paint. No blending, dry brushing or highlighting required. You can use this same technique on all your Necrons, except perhaps the Monolith. The silver on a model that large may look bad.

March 6, 2008

NEWS: Horus Heresy Upcoming Covers


Here's two more upcoming covers from Black Library's awesome Horus Heresy series.

~It looks the Thousand Sons are involved in Battle for the Abyss. Its about time they got some Heresy-era love! As for Mechanicum, it should be pretty cool if its anything like Graham McNeill's Kaban Project short story in the Horus-Heresy: Collected Visions hardback.

March 5, 2008

SNEAK PEAK: Codex Daemons Cover


...and we have a cover. I like it a lot. It feels like an update to the original Realms of Chaos cover art from almost 20 years ago.

March 4, 2008

SNEAK PEAK: Fleshounds of Khorne


New Fleshhound pics up from GW, including the Named Character, Karanak.

~Look at the cute puppies! Come here boys, come on....down, down, DOWN!!!..Whaaaa!!!! :)

BoLS POLLS: Assault Unit Smackdown!



In this week's poll we have 4 of the best assault units in the game. Only one can stand in the end as the best in the game. Which one of these four is the smackdownest-badass assault unit around!...And why?

You know the drill; Poll, left-hand column, take it from there...

If you think its someone not listed, let us know in the thread.

-This is a steel-cage match comments thread, (but no chairs) :)

Tolling of the Bell of Lost Souls


-Gentlemen, it has been brought to our attention that the 40k community has lost one of it cherished members. Our condolences go out to friends and family in the Virginia-area community on their loss. The Bell of Lost Souls tolls for thee.

"It would be greatly appreciated if the Bell of Lost Souls was tolled for a prominent member of our Virginia Beach gaming community who died last week. His name was Jason Hastings and he, along with his fiancee Theresa and brother Joshua, lost their lives in a house fire. Jason ran the local store, Atlantis Games and Comics, which was the major hub of WH40K gaming in southeast Virginia. As an avid fan of Warhammer, Jason played with both Death Guard, and the Vampire Counts armies in WH40K and WHFB respectively. He was an amazing person, both loved and respected in his community, by his friends, and especially by his family."

~Please feel free to leave any comments and support in the thread.
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