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April 29, 2008

NEWS: Forgeworld Reaver Up for Pre-order!


We have waited so very, very long...

She Lives!

Reaver pics 1
Reaver pics 2
Reaver pics 3
Reaver pics 4

All for the bargain basement price of a measly 550 Pounds Sterling!

The beta rules are in the Forgeworld download section and boy is that thing a killer. Apparently this monster will be making an appearance in Siege of Vraks: Part 2, and wow is that just a beautiful model. It is just dripping with fine detail both inside and out.

~It may be a tad under-costed for my taste considering it is mounting some very heavy weapons in its arm mounts, but these rules are still beta. I can tell you that if they release it with that point cost, be prepared to see lots of them at next year's Adepticon Gladiator!

RUMORS: More Codex: Marine Tidbits


Hi all,

As usual, you faithful scribe is here to deliver what little rumor morsels we've scraped up from around the tubes.

The current rumors say there will be 9 special characters. So far these 8 have been mentioned:

Calgar -Ultramarines Master
Tigurius - Ultramarines Chief Librarian
Cassius - Ultramarines Master Of Sanctity
Sicarius - Ultramarines Captain
Shrike - Raven Guard Captain
Lysander - Imperial Fists 1st Captain
Pedro Kantor - Crimson Fists Master
Tu'Shan - Salamanders Master

We also have heard talk that the Land Raider will be rolled into an updated all plastic kit that will allow you to build all the basic variants in the codex (Standard, Crusader, Redeemer). ~I hope the rumored Redeemer's inferno cannons look like the Forgeworld siege dreadnought arm... that would be wicked!

There is also scuttlebutt regarding a re-cut of the maddening Land Speeder that might be easier to construct and some chatter regarding new scout bikers.

~As usual folks, caveat emptor, and if these don't pan out, you didn't hear these rumors from me :) I for one would be ecstatic to see the Salamander's get some love. Now what about those Iron Hands and White Scars GW? Haven't they been loyal for 10,000 years?

NEWS: GW 2008 USA GT Season Details


GW just put up the details for the upcoming USA Grand Tournament season. The Fly Lords will definitely be attending some of these, so if you love the thrill of competition (all 3% of you according to this week's poll), head on over and check it out.

~In particular the Las Vegas Tournament looks nice. Like the commercial says..."What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" :)

Penal Colonel Savoy


Penal Colonel Savoy
Charges: Refused a direct order

Here is the Methalor Penal Legion special character from the upcoming Macharian Crusade campaign book. He is armed with a shotgun loaded with man-stopper rounds as well as an array of prison shivs, called the 'Methalor Surprise' when he uses them. He carries the tattered remains of his disgraced regiment's banner and his old officer's hat.

April 28, 2008

NEWS: 5th Edition Countdown Timer from GW


5th is rolling towards us now!

GW has released a countdown timer to the release of 5th Edition.

They have also put up a Youtube video for the upcoming addition as well.

~Interesting to note that the GW Germany timer indicates a release date of July 4th, while the American timer says July 11th. Hmmm...

Building the Ork Aerodrome


Aeronautica Imperialis fever has hit the BoLS crew. While I'm waiting for the Ork squadrons (or skwadrons for you purists) to arrive from Frogeworld, I thought I'd give my orks a place to land when they arrive. The design was pretty easy, I went with an old WWI style aerodrome (air base) as it seemed to fit the ork's style. I kept it pretty simple, a runway, control tower and a couple of hangars. Construction took about 2 hours not including painting and drying.

The runway was the easiest, so we can start there. I cut a 12" x 3" section of plasticard. I sanded down the edges to give it a gentle slope, then scuffed up the surface to give the texture something to adhere to.

I then textured the top with some carpenter's wood filler. I made it pretty smooth, then let it dry for a minute or two. I then came back and roughed it up a bit. Giving the top a few minutes to dry let it 'crackle' a little as I re-textured it.
I then covered it in a dark grey paint, followed by a lighter grey and finally a white drybrushing. The runway markings were done with Citadel's foundation Iyanden Darksun paint.

The control tower started out with some old sprues I had sitting around. I cut them to length (about 4") and glued them together.

For the base I used a fantasy base with some plasticard to cover up the slot. I did similar work for the control tower as well.

I used a washer and a radar dish from the whirlwind sprue to top it off.

The hangars were the most fun to build and paint. I used a new technique I learned a couple of months ago for the basic shape. Start with 2 pieces of plasticard cut to 3.5" x 5.5".

Wrap one of them around a coffie cup (note: this is my painting cup, I don't drink out of it ;) ).

Cover this one with glue then tape the second sheet on top of it. The glue needs to dry completely; for superglue this is about 2 hours.

Once the glue has dried, you can remove the tape and you are left with the two pieces of plasticard that have been laminated together in the same shape as the cup. It is a great way to make curves, and they keep their form very well. Trace the semicircular front and rear onto some plasticard and cut them out.

Don't forget to cut out a section for the door!

I waned to have a row of checks along the front and rear of the hanger. I taped off 1/4" on each end so that red paint wouldn't get on there.

The pigment used in most red paints has a tendency to bleed through to colors painted over it. White checks over red paint would have left me with a very unorky pink color.

Add an ink wash and a few decals, and they are done.

And they you have it. Your very own ork aerodrome. Now I only need to wait the 6 months for forgeworld to ship to planes :(

April 27, 2008

Aeronautica: Chaos Squadron Grows...


I've been a busy beaver this weekend. Now Aventine has some company up in the unfriendly skies. Only the Harbinger remains, and boy is she going to be a monster...

I think the Austin Aeronautica group is going to pushing 10 players before its over, so there will be plenty of fun over the summer in between our regularly scheduled 40k games.

April 26, 2008

BoLS Polls: Hobby vs Headhunter Edition

OK guys, we've had a lot of conversations over the last week regarding everything from fluff to tournaments to our 40k sidegames and the like. What I want to know is what do you find most engrossing about the Warhammer 40k hobby, that keep you coming back for more?

Is it, the fluff, the minis and painting side of things, hardcore tournament play, or the social aspect of the actually playing the game, win or lose?

If something else tickles your fancy, let us know what it is.

~You know the drill, poll, left column, forward march!

April 25, 2008

RUMORS: Yet More 5th Edition! (UPDATED)


~UPDATED (again)

Hi folks, another day, another dollar :) Look what tidbits fell into our little news-hungry hands for you guys to enjoy...

If you shooting through more than 2" of cover, then your target gets a cover save.
If there is a dispute about the majority being in or out of cover, thats when the cover save with the -1 comes in.

There is a new category of 4+ cover. This new 4+ cover save applies if you draw LoS through any other unit other than your target.
Normal terrain still has a standardized chart for everything from hedges up to bunkes similar to 4th edition.

Line of Sight:
There are no height levels, all terrain is true LoS (even jungles and woods). They will need to be modeled appropriately if they are to block LoS.

Blast Weapons:
Blast weapons don't roll to hit, but always scatter 2D6" minus the BS of the firer. ~Yikes, watch out for Dark Reaper Exarchs!
All models under a blast template (including partials) are automatically hit. If a "hit" is rolled on the scatter-die it lands on target.

Skimmers get their cover saves if moving at Cruising speed or All-out.

Scoring units must be Troops and Infantry (it is unknown if jump infantry or bikes count towards this).
Killpoints are mostly out, being replaced by the standard VPs in most missions. They remain in a limited fashion in some mission variants. You now score a single killpoint for each unit killed regardless of its FOC category.

Perils of the Warp:
Perils now causes an automatic wound, but invulnerable saves are allowed. They must be rerolled if you pass it the first time, so perils is still dangerous.

Monstrous Creatures:
Monstrous creatures now have the Move Through Cover USR instead of re-rolling the difficult terrain dice.

~Apologies for numerous updates, but things were flying hot and heavy over the last 2 days. I've gone back and done a sanity check on these and cleaned them up for readability. I have pulled down any rumors which have later had conflicting reports come up to minimize the "panic level" potential.

April 24, 2008

Rumors: Codex Marines


rumors brought to the community by warseer's: Bestiaparda

Some iffy tidbits, take with a bit of sodium chloride...

There will be 9 Special Characters, including Tu´Shan and Pedro Kantor. Apparently if you choose a special character your troops slots changes (like DA).

There will be a new impressionant techmarine mini. He has a weapon out of his body (the idea of a Tarantula) and his servoarm is loading the weapon. Of course he will have new rules.

Drop pods are one of the plastic kits.

The new variant of Land Raider (in plastic) is with inferno cannons/heavy flamers (not sure what kind of weapon or if are mixed).

New minis and rules of assault veterans.
ATSKNF more powerful.

No transport Land Speeder.

New minis and rules for veterans (special ammo...).

Apparently it will be not an update of the codex, it will be a different codex in his own!!!

I didn't see it but it is possible as I didn't read the whole thing! As far as I could tell though the captains still had rights of battle! the new special rule isn't stubborn! it is how ever Ld based. I get the feeling the original idea was that all marines had hit and run but that was too good!

The new rule however is Ld based!

There is a new scout special character, which may allow you to take scouts as troops but I'm not sure of his rules. the other new character is Sicarus, with new model rules and wargear.

~Many of these rumors tie into some of the older talk that has been drifting about from folks in the know, but others are completely out of the blue. hmm... That new special rule sounds intrigueing...perhaps its something to do with being able to break off from combat?

April 23, 2008

Mkerr's List Equalizer-Redux


So apparently mkerr's little one-sentence tournament idea has lots of folks up in arms.

Here's a handful of threads regarding the tournament rule proposal, with folks all fired up and hopping mad on all sides of the issue. Take a look and let us know what you think.

Warseer's Equalizer Thread

Bolter and Chainsword's Equalizer Thread

Dakka Dakka's Equalizer Thread

New Zealand Equalizer Thread

~The original thread was getting a little large and is slowly sinking down towards the bottom of the blog so use this new shiny thread to continue the conversation. Remember, play chairs.

April 22, 2008

Latest 5th Edition News


Hi all, well it looks like the rumor floodgates are opening. Here are today's tidbits regarding the upcoming book. These come to BoLS from a little bird who has taken a gander at the final product.

Charge Response Move: The response move is exactly the same as the countercharge rule. Every unit gets it, but models that already have Countercharge (like Space Wolves) gain +1 Attack as if they had charged themselves.

Relentless USR: This applies mainly to bikes and terminators. You may move and fire heavy weapons and fire to full effect with rapid fire weapons and still charge.

Hit and Run USR: This is similar to the current rule but now you have to pass an initiative test to perform it.

Vehicles: Vehicle rules are apparantly identical to the leaked codex

"No-Argument" cover saves: Your opponent says what they think it is; if you disagree they still gets the cover save but with a –1 ~That's and interesting new concept for GW to throw into a ruleset.

Wound Allocation: This is performed per model (similar to Flames of War) exactly as listed in the leaked PDF. This can lead to the loss of key models within a unit.

No Retreat: Saves are limited to the amount of wounds caused (if you outnumber a fearless opponent 4:1 and you won the combat but only caused 1 wound you cause only an additional 1 wound; if you win and cause 5 wounds you only cause 4 wounds as your limited by how much you outnumber your opponent.)

Missions: Troops are the only scoring units but they count as scoring till the last man. They must be destroyed entirely to remove their scoring status.

There are 3 different deployment zones (Quarters, Deep and Shallow Long table Edges) and 3 different objectives (VPs, Take and Hold, Loot) means that there are 9 types of missions

~Its sounding like that leaked pdf was a lot closer to the final product than many initially thought. Its also interesting to see that they are formalizing certain common items of dispute that happen in games to keep things moving along (similar to Flames of War's very clean dispute rules).

April 21, 2008

5th Edition: We have a Cover! (updated)


Images brought to the community by Bolter and Chainsword's: ravenheart

Look at this ladies and gentlemen! I'd say that is as hard a confirmation as we're going to get that 5th is indeed right around the corner.

On a related note also from Games Day France, check out this link to BoLS reader: Waxfrance's awesome Gamesday France webpage. Its really put together well with over 100 great images of the convention and a cool 2-minute video.


We also have some additional 5th edition tidbits:

  • Release Date: Saturday, July 5th
  • Powerfists confirmed as not getting an additional attack unless equipped with a second PF.
  • Secondary weapons on vehicles confirmed as Strength:4.
  • Units which are charged get a "response move" of some type (so many of the "precision charging" shenanigans of 4th are out the window).
~More as we get it...

April 20, 2008

Aeronautica Eldar


Well bigred told me that he would have his airforce done before mine, but I don't see his anywhere... :D

Got these all wrapped up this weekend, so hopefully we'll have our first game this week!

RUMORS: Land Raider Redeemer


Hi guys,

Latest scuttlebut says the new Marine codex is going to help us out in the Land Raider department.

A new sprue(s) is being produced to create an all-plastic Crusader and a new pattern known as the "Redeemer".

Rumor says the Redeemer is armed with twin-linked Inferno Cannons (like on the IG hellhound) in the sponsons, with a twin-linked assault cannon in the forward turret. It is currently unknown if there are 2 seperate sprues for the crusader and redeemer, or they are combined to allow for a single plastic kit that would allow both builds.

~OK, I'm game. Two 24" reroll-to wound S:6 AP:4 templates that ignore cover AND the assault cannons is a nasty piece of work for the assault role!

GAMES DAY FRANCE: Reaver & Cobra Pics


Yet more views of the Forgeworld Reaver and the Eldar Cobra Mk.II from a reader in France.

~ I really love the Legio Astorum (Warp Runners) paint scheme for the Reaver. Its one of the Loyalist schemes I haven't done a logo sheet for so maybe I should get off my butt and cook one up.

April 19, 2008

Aventine's AI


Well here as a counterpart to bigred's AI post, here is the start of my fleet, a tester Nightwing. We have both matched our airforce schemes to our primary 40k armies. My airforce is composed of six Nightwings and a Vampire Hunter, all with star engines. I can't wait to get these guys done, then bigred and I can throw down a nice little battle report.

Open Thread: The Fly Wire


Hi guys,

We're rolled out a feed to our little Tumblr micro-blog on the right hand column. Its a place where some of us can post quick little comments or thoughts from just about anywhere (including from our cellphones). Its a great way to kick out ideas when there isn't the time for a full formal post.

So feel free to check it out, and offer any comments on Mkerr's new "Tournaments are Broken" balancing idea. I'm sure he would love to hear your opinion on it, after arguing with all of us for 17 hours on the drive back from Adepticon.

April 18, 2008

Work in Progress: Aeronautica Chaos Squadron


Hey guys, Its a bit of a slow news day so its time to show you whats on my work bench at the moment. Remember several weeks back when I asked you what 40k side game I should pick up for fun this summer. Well lets just say my pilots-license counted as about 1000 votes in that one :)

I was really excited to get to the Forgeworld display at Adepticon and picked up this heavy bombing squadron for Aeronautica Imperialis, as well as both of the books. They are a fabulous read, and are typical hardback Forgeworld quality.

My fleet here may not look like much right now, but give me a week. I'll be leveling targets in no time. Now it's up to some of other AI Austin players (we have a little league spinning up over the summer) to try to stop me!

You can see the one finished Helltalon at the bottom of the pic I'm using as my style guide for others which are just being washed and drybrushed now.


April 17, 2008

BoLS Polls: Marine Variant Codices Edition

So it seems that Space Wolves are coming around the holidays this year. You're job if you choose to accept it is to figure out who is the most powerful of the four "variant marine codices" Let us know why your chosen codex is most deserving of the smack-down crown over its three brethren (or why the other three just plain suck).

You know the drill: poll, left column, attack!

April 16, 2008

Astronomican Interviews Bigred


Rumors: Wolves, Kabalites, & Empires oh my!


Hi all,

Your daily roundup of rumors is coming right up!

Planetary Empires
First off, from some of our dedicated readers who went to Conflict: Scotland and talked a bit with Jervis and Jes we have word of something called Planetary Empires. This upcoming supplement promises to be Mighty Empires in space, with models for things like Hives, cities, battlefields, and 40k-specific tiles. No word on its timing.

Dark Eldar
You read that right... Dark Eldar! Jervis and Jes mentioned that the work on the Dark Eldar is underway, and the mini-line needs massive reworking. No dates were mentioned but if they actually admitted it, 2009 seems likely.

Space Wolves (courtesy of Warseer's dosadi)
We also have word of the following Codex:Space Wolves updates:

The Codex is into testing

Blood Claws are armed with bolt pistol, ccw, frag, and krak and can take special weapons or powerfist/power weapons. They have Furious Charge instead of berserker charge. Minimum squad size is 10 and they can go as high as 20. WS is now 4 but BS stays at 3.

Grey Hunters are armed like Chaos marines (bolter, bolt pistol, ccw, grenades). No more True Grit, but Counter Charge stays for this unit. They can take an assortment of special weapons or powerfist/power weapons. Squad Leader is a wolf guard with options like a vet sergeant from Codex:Dark Angels.

Jump pack Blood Claws are a separate unit entry now.

Wolf Guard are split into two squad types - terminators and power armour.

Wolf scouts can infiltrate or come on from any table edge.

Long Fangs stay as is. Probably picking up a bolt pistol and ccw in addition to their big guns.

Dreads and ven dreads go down to WS4, but Bjorn is back as a special character. Unknown if they can be HQ units.

~I'm pretty excited about a rework of the Wolves. I always considered their codex to be the strongest and most balanced of the old-style marine variants. If the Black Templars and Dark Angels are anything to go by, I bet the new Space Wolves minis or accessory sprue will be awesome. Bulwark will be dancing a jig around the new year, or shortly thereafter.

April 15, 2008

Adepticon Gladiator: Bigred's Journey


Oh, by now the tales of woe are flying, so lets set the record straight.

Gladiator List:

9 Avengers in a dual shuri-cannon waveserpent w/ stones
9 Avengers in a dual shuri-cannon waveserpent w/ stones
Vyper w/ shuri-cannon and eml
Vyper w/ shuri-cannon and star-cannon
Vyper w/ shuri-cannon and star-cannon
Firestorm w/holo,stones, shuri-cannon
Revenant w/dual pulsars

The Plan
The army has great offensive firepower in the 4 strength D pieplates per turn and decent objective grabbing speed. Eldrad would let me reposition the Revenant and the Firestorm (which is the greatest thing since sliced bread) at a minimum based on the enemy deployment. The weakness of the list would be its low scoring unit count which would require conservative use of the vypers till late game.

How It Went Down:

Game 1
I drew a very good opponent with a Space Wolves drop pod army. He was a meticulous player who knew what his army could accomplish and led on the tabletop with skill and efficiency. My conservative husbanding of my backfield units was useless in the face of crazed Wolves dropping into my deployment zone. On turn 3 the Revenant reserved in and methodically began to destroy every Space Wolf within range and LoS. My opponent realized the terrible danger of strength D and hunkered down a handful of small speedy units and waited me out. On turn 6 we both sprinted for the objectives, but alas, Adepticon rules that a titan can only contest and claim a single objective (rather than the 3 I was astride). That was it and with the Wolves having more scoring units remaining I chalked up a solid (but not crushing) loss on objectives.

Game 2
Here it is folks, the talk of Adepticon! Every mission only has a maximun of 32 victory points possible so it was believed by most that that was the largest possible margin of victory. But you all know me, always pushing the borders of the possible. At this years Gladiator, each player got a handful of tokens you could use once per day to reroll failed saves, hits, and the like. You can only use 1 per game and they cost you -1 victory points on the mission final score.

My commendable foe brought a marine list backed up with a double turbo-laser Warhound (worst case for my revenant) and a Callidus. We both deployed, and Eldrad moved my Revenant into a distant safe spot, along with the firestorm and a couple other units. Then, the Callidus used her trickery and moved my titan just within LoS by about 1/2 an inch!!! My foe's inquisitor gave him the +1 on turn 1 which he got, and pummeled by titan with 4 strength D hits. I used a re-roll token but it was to no avail. I was immobilized and both pulsars were stunned. I moved up my army to support my baby and to hopefully buy time with their lives. A handful of Eldar fire knocked down a couple of skimmers and some isolated marines, but no major damage was done. At the top of 2, the Warhound again laid into my Revenant, blowing it skyhigh in a 12" radius S:9 AP:3 apocalyptic explosion that took out all of my army save 2 vypers. That as they say was that.... A couple of minutes later I had filled out my mission sheet with my show-stopping -1 to 32 loss!!!

Game 3
With almost no points to show for 2 games, Mkerr quipped that I might consider dropping out while I was ahead. I might easily lose 2 further VPs in the next 2 games! Hogwash! If the Eldar are anything it is proud. My third game again matched me against a Warhound titan backed up with a Blood Angel army. This one went well. The titan got moving, and the army began to slowly destroy the Blood Angels squad by squad using the pulsars to kill units and the remaining Eldar to mop up stragglers. By turn 6 it was over, with the Warhound dead, and a few Blood Angel remnants stuck out of position. Total victory.

Game 4
This game brought the shorthanded rule, which let my Daemonhunter foe throw my Revenant into reserve till turn 4. I faced 3 Land raiders loaded with Grey knights barreling into my shuriken-cannon armed army for 3 very carefully moved turns. I made it to turn 4 with few losses, and when the Revenant arrived it was over fast. 2 Land Raiders blew sky-high along with their occupants with the pulsar's first volley, and the remainder of the foe's army was mopped up in short order. Total victory.

Well, I started slow, and ended well. I ended the Gladiator right in the middle of the pack so my honor was regained (sort of). I think the best part of the day was re-telling the story of mission 2 all day long to everyone who stopped by to talk. I have to say that win or lose, I had a blast and will be back next year. If I have to strap Solar Macharius to the canopy of my Revenant with Eldrad holding a shuriken pistol to his head, I'll find a way to make my army even tougher.

~To everyone I faced in either victory or defeat.. I SALUTE YOU! You all are the best!

April 14, 2008

Adepticon Battle Synopsis, Gladiator Tournament


What I fielded: Solar Macharius and Big Red's ancient IG (including Rogue Trader Rough Riders and an Egg Sentinel) , DH =I= with mystics, and an Imperial Warhould Titan.

Round 1: Chaos Warhound vs. Imperial Warhound. Chaos Warhound dies in one amazing volley of shooting from the Imperial Warhound. Pair of Demon Lords prove to be impossible to catch out of CC, Chaos wins the primary by less than a millimeter for an 18-15 victory.

Round 2: Going first with a Warhound means a dead Necron gunline. Pylon comes out and does the only structure point taken by the Warhound for the day, and promptly dies. Great opponent, but not a fair game, Imperial win in 2.5 turns.

Round 3: Eldar holofields are just plain OMGWTF broken. Crazy 40kwreckingcrew Colorado guy tankshocks me with his perpetually shaken Fire Prisms for 4 turns, and I cannot kill them with the Warhound, Lascannons, charging Rough Riders, or even outright offers of demonic pacts. A last, desperate heavy bolter shot in the rear kills the one in my quarter for a by-the-skin-of-my-teeth win of a game that was never in doubt, except for the whole almost did not win thing. Much laughing, great opponent.

Round 4: Evil marines and the godawful mission from hell. Solid opponent, good tactician. Turns 1-3 are me trying to kill anything and stay alive, turns 4-7 are me hoping his Librarian command squad will get out of CC so I can kill them, while he runs like hell with everything else to avoid the Warhound. I was plain outplayed in this game by Jamie Hatcher of the Cold Steel Mercs from New Hampshire. (I got his card, so I'm not slighting the rest of my opponents by not remembering their names. I make my children wear nametags.) Macharius did smack down the Calidus that tried to assassinate him, which was a happy moment for the day.

Overall: I think I was fortunate in my opponents, as only my first game had any level of acrimony, and we were both exhausted. The Gladiator is probably the least serious of the three tournaments, as playing with intentionally broken armies has little to no reflection on the actual game, and I think people understand that. I had 80 points for the day.

April 13, 2008

RUMORS: Marineapalooza


So just a quick rundown for those who haven't heard already:

Marine Codex: September
Space Wolves: December


Imperial Guard

The marine codex is said to be huge, clocking in at nearly 140 pages. And the Space Wolves are coming hot on their heels just in time for the holidays!

Those 2 releases push IG and Planetstrike (along with that stubborn plastic thunderhawk rumor) into early to mid 2009.

~Wow, thats Wolves out of nowhere, and very fitting for the snowy holiday season!

Adepticon 2008: The Fly Lords Return!


Well folks, Adepticon 2008 has been a blast.

You can expect a series of posts in the next few days detailing our games, (both individual and team games). For now I want to say that all of us here from Bell of Lost Souls had a wonderful time and met so many wonderful folks. We got a chance to meet Phil Kelly and quite a few of our regular readers in person. For any of the great people we met who are visiting us for the first time, kick back, take a look around and have a great time... Welcome.

Here are a quick set of some glimpses of Adepticon 2008. A special note goes out to that charming fellow holding up the warhound titan. Ladies and Gentlemen, that is the face of defeat. Take a good look. Your's truly Bigred was defeated as badly as a person can be defeated in a public setting by that kind soul. I'm not afraid of admitting it here, but boy did it hurt (more on that game later). I would like to point out that he was a wonderful player and volunteered to by the official BoLS "Face of Defeat". So lets all give him a hand folks!

As for that pair of falcons in the lower pics... well Mkerr and I put 30 glancing hits on both of them, and managed to kill that one on the left... yikes!

We're on the road with 12 hours to go till we hit Austin, and its great to be back to blogging again. Regular posts from now on.
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