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May 31, 2008

RUMORS: Marine Minis


Hi guys,

We have heard these whispers on the wind regarding the upcoming Space Marine Codex and minis:

The "Big Gun" the techmarine can get is called a Thunderfire Cannon and it's aesthetically a throwback to the old Thudd gun. The model is very Adeptus Mechanicus looking. Huge tracks with a quad barreled gun. The techmarine operator is looking up with a controller in his hands. His servo harness has reversed arms with the flamer and plasma on top. The left servo arm holds a "quick reload" of four shells and a single shell is in the other.

An Ultramarine Tank commander special character is coming that appears in two versions. One for putting in your tank and one on foot. He has a bare head and a helmeted head that looks like a Mk3 helmet. Rules are unknown.

The Land Raider will now be one unified kit that makes the three variants. The sponsons have larger armor coverings for the Crusader's Hurricane bolters and the Redeemer's Inferno cannons. The Reedemer has two inferno cannons and twin-linked assault cannons. There are revised frag-assault launchers for Crusader and Redeemer; angled to be pointing forward, not the 45 degrees upwards like the current ones are. The Inferno cannons are modeled as huge, over sized heavy flamers, similar to an upscaled version of the Forgeworld siege dreadnought variant.

Power of the Machine Spirit rule allows Land Raiders to move 6" and fire all their guns.

Scout bikes are slightly smaller than the standard marine bikes but use the same tires. They have small front fenders that only cover the top and back of the tire. There is no trim on the handlebar canopy and the riders are like the plastic scouts. The scout bikes are covered in gear including a big shotgun holster mounted on the front forks.

The land speeder has been re-cut to make it easy to assemble without clamping. The sides are separate pieces and all the bits for variants are on the sprue now. It looks like you get some extra heads on the sprue as well.

Pedro Cantor has a powerfist and a stormbolter mouted like a greyknight on his other wrist. He's kinda leaping sidways firing the SB. There is a belt feed for the SB going to his backpack. He has a mk7 helmet.

There is an Ultramarine scout vet. sergeant who's bald with a beard, armed with a bolter and another Ultramarine special character captain who's an homage to the old Ultramarine captain model (with the transverse plume on his helmet and a gladius).

~Lots of interesting news here folks and that Thunderfire cannon may mesh with the rumors we've heard of techmarines or the Master of the Forge being able to take a set of arcane and powerful old school ranged weapons now. Its also great to see the "combo kits" with all varients included for both the Land Raider and Land Speeder. That makes collecting some the harder to find models easier, and gives my bits box more extra goodies for conversions. As usual, Caveat Emptor folks, this stuff if still slated for after summer.

May 30, 2008

NEWS: Friday Omnibus


Hi folks, some little tidbits for the end of the week:

GW has posted prices and descriptions of some of the new Apocalypse sets on the UK online store. Go check them out here.

5th Edition:
Everyone is gabbing about some of the purported fluff updates included in the new hardcover. There is talk of the potential failure of the Golden Throne, the dire state of the Emperor, and general upheaval throughout the Imperium as the "Time of Ending" descends upon the galaxy.

I'll keep my eye's peeled and report back more on these as more news comes in.

5th Edition Test Game:
So that Eldar test game Jwolf and I had last night was a blast. Wow, the game moves much more quickly and fluidly that 4th, and assaults are very, very decisive. We both had a blast, and let me tell you that we are all going to have to start to teach ourselves movement skills. It is probably the biggest new thing in the game that is utterly foreign to lots of players now. Those LoS rules really, really shake things up in the movement department.

~Consider this an open thread, and have a good time. As usual, no chairs...

May 29, 2008

TACTICA: Thoughts on 5th: Eldar Edition


So here I am just like all of you, looking over my mini collection and tinkering with what my first 5th edition army list should look like.

I've decided to try my hand with my true love, the Eldar. Some of the key changes I see for the craftworlders are:

  • The changes to rending make the Harlequins more balanced versus scorpions and banshees, so each has their place. I don't feel that the Harleys are the default best choice any longer.
  • The cover rules for fast moving skimmers I think is roughly a net neutral for falcons, but a big buff for waveserpents (especially combined with fortune).
  • With the changes to fast skimmers having to choose outright between shooting or moving fast enough to gain the cover save, I feel Star Engines are a better deal now, as there is no more "middle ground" of moving fast enough to fire and gain high-speed protection. (Star engines also improve ramming if it comes to that.)
  • Crack shot for both Reaper and Dragon exarchs is cheap and very formidable. Same thing with counter attack for banshees.
  • Having to kill every last member of a troops squad to make it non-scoring makes small mobile harrassment squads cost effective.

So with all that in mind, here is my first 5th list I'm tinkering with. It may suck, but I'm going to give it a whirl tonight and see what happens (we will be muddling through using the 5th rules we know of until the preview copy hits our LGS).


Spear, Jetbike, Runes of Warding, Stones Doom, Fortune

Dragons (6)
Exarch; Crack Shot

Banshees (10)
Exarch, Executioner
Wave Serpent; Double Sh. Cannons, Stones, Star engines

Banshees (10)
Exarch, Executioner
Wave Serpent; Double Sh. Cannons, Stones, Star engines

Guardian Jetbike Squad (4)
Sh. Cannon
Warlock; spear, destructor

Guardian Jetbike Squad (4)
Sh. Cannon
Warlock; spear, destructor

Guardian Defender (10)
Scatter Laser

Guardian Defender (10)
Scatter Laser

Scatter, Sh. Cannon, holo, stones, Star engines

Reapers (5)
Exarch; EML, crack shot

Reapers (5)
Exarch; EML, crack shot

~I get 4 scoring units and 6 others which can contest. The Guardian Defenders should give the Reapers some additional screening cover and provide some rear-field scoring units. The mobility elements are fast, hardhitting vs either vehicles or infantry and gain Farseer enhancements. There are 3 crack shot BS:5 exarches in there so that can't hurt vs vehicles either. Comments and thoughts are always welcome.

May 28, 2008

SNEAK PEAK: Plastic Deffcoptas


Pic brought to the community by: The Waaagh's Grishgrub

Well well well, look at these babies, I guess settles the old plastic deffcoptas vs plastic kans debate...

And that is supposedly the plastic warboss from the boxed set as well.

May 27, 2008

TEASER: Macharian Crusade Empires


Hi guys,

As the countdown continues I thought you would like to take a look at some of the non-guard players in the BoLS Campaign book. You didn't think all the fun and games was limited to only IG players did you?

Here we have 2 background pages on forces met in different parts of the Macharian Crusade; the determined Eldar of Il-Kaithe Craftworld, and the unhinged Astartes of the Crimson Guard. Of course both of these forces have their own special rules, Independent Characters and much, much more, but I want to just whet your appetite for now, and give you a glimpse of what's coming.

~As usual, comments and feedback are always appreciated, and you can see a pic of Il-Kaithe in action here.

May 26, 2008

BoLS POLLS: King of the Hill Edition

We've all heard enough scuttlebutt and rumors to get a good idea about 5th Edition. Many forums have eyewitness accounts of games played under the new rule-set, and slowly but surely preview copies of the hardback are making their way into GW stores.

Which race do you think is the big winner of the new rule-set, either because they got substantially buffed, or just didn't get nerfed like many other armies.

Lets hear it folks, who and why?

~You know the drill ladies and gentlemen, poll, left column, attack!!!

May 25, 2008

RUMORS: 5th Edition Changes


So we are getting close, and there are numerous reports of hardcover rulebook sightings at various spots over the globe. Here is what the birds are singing into our ears:

Firstly, the rule-set has hundreds of minor changes all over the place. It is a different game so we will all need to really take the time to re-read every sentence carefully as many, many subtle changes have been made all over the place. It isn't a case of the same game with just a handful of major changes.

Secondly, the leaked PDF must have been quite early as there are many, many changes from it.

Here is a set of some of the larger individual items we've been hearing:

  • BS of 6 and higher made it in.
  • Wound allocation by model is in (meaning special models may be lost early)
  • Torrent of Fire is gone
  • Intervening models (friend or foe) grant a 4+ cover save to the target unit
  • There is no longer any consolidating into new squads in assault (only charging can do this)
  • Only engaged models may fight (like now), but casualties can be pulled from anywhere
  • Powerfists only get the +1 attack if you have a pair (like lightingclaws)
  • Monstrous creatures do fire 2 weapons per turn
  • Vehicle LoS for sponsons and various weapons are now defined through a ton of charts
  • Obscured and skimmers moving fast now grants a cover save vs damage (and it is a cover save so chew on that for the full implications)
  • Assault Attacks versus vehicles with no WS are resolved against rear armor
  • Vehicle Squadron rules are very different
  • Vehicle Ramming is in (and skimmers get a dodge save to avoid it against non-skimmers)

~Thats just scratching the surface here folks. As I've said earlier, many, many, many things have been revised throughout the entire ruleset, so expect to adjust you tactics. Its a new game. Caveat Emptor's apply until we get a look at the actual book in person.

May 24, 2008

NEWS: 5th Edition: GW Draws Back the Curtain...


Hot on the heels of those color plates from the interior of the 5th Edition rulebook, GW has let us take a further peek at the rulebook contents...

Look Here for even more color plates.

~What do you guys think of that! That Age of the Imperium Timeline looks pretty cool, as well as all those race-maps.

May 23, 2008

NEWS: New Chaos Daemons Apoc. Datasheets


Hi guys,

GW has put out 2 new Apocalypse Datasheets for the Chaos Daemons army.

We have the

  • Bloodthirster Bloodbath
  • Daemonic Forge-Host

~The Apocalypse support continues, and I'm pretty creeped out about Ann'ggrath the Unbound leading a set of 7 other Bloodthirsters deepstriking in a pack all at once...

May 22, 2008

Capitol Imperialis, part 3

They said it couldn't be done. They were wrong. They said it shouldn't be done. They were probably right. Either way, here it is. The Capitol Imperialis is finally built. Twenty-four feet of wooden support structure, twelve "For Sale" signs, over 300 plates and more than 22,000 rivets. Not to mention the countless wood screws, staples, magnets and close to a gallon of superglue. This is by far the largest scratch build project I have tackled. For the most part, I am pleased with how it turned out. There were a few things I would have liked to have done better; there are some alignment problems with the front, the ends of the screws could have been finished off better and not all the armor plates line up exactly. But for a model that is twelve pounds and nearly three feet long, it's not bad.

I am very pleased with how the main cannon turned out. I went with the Malcador style turret to emphasize the age of the Cap Imp.
Special thanks goes out to Crazy Larry for the plasma cannons. I'm not sure what I would have done without his donation.

The exit ramps also turned out well. The stylized hinges and grating really adds a nice level of detail.
Here is a shot with a baneblade to give some perspective. GentleBen has graciously agreed to paint this beast. I sure hope he knows what he is getting himself into.

May 21, 2008

SNEAK PEAK: 5th Edition Bling


Pics brought to the community by 40kterra's: WargameNation and Baron Spikey from Heresy-Online

So we've been hearing that the new 5th Edition rulebook will blow the 4th edition book out of the water in terms of production quality.

These 5 morsels of goodness seem to point in that direction.

~Is it July already, I'm dying over here... Hey look a drop-pod, and Dark Eldar fluff! Someone had mentioned that the updated Dark Eldar would look like cylons but I was hoping for the hot, blonde models...oh well. Beggars can't be choosers.

Wanna write for Firebase?


Hi everybody,

Firebase is looking for some 3rd party writers to increase their already burgeoning content. If you think you have what it takes, check out:

...and get typing!

May 20, 2008

RUMORS: Codex Space Marines


rumors brought to the community by B&C's: Ignatius

~Hi all, look at this raft-full of rumors that just broke on the tubes today. Here they are as originally posted:

OK people, the dex is back from the printers and it's a real peach! Base rules written Jervis, trimmings written by Matthew Hoggard I think his name is.

The info bellow is 100% taken from a final print new SM dex.

144 pages. (twice he size of the necron dex)
Written by Jervis + Matt
Cover art of Ultramarines
Section for each of the Chapters of Legend (like Eldar Craftworlds in C:Eldar) but without any in-game rules.

General Marine Rules
Combat Squads works as codex Dark angels. 1 Heavy 1 special.
New marine rule, based on Ld, called Comabt tactics.
New Drop pod rule.
Traits dissapear.
Free frag grenades, krak grenades and bolt pistols.

Unit Rules
new techmarine rules has a new option in the form of the thunderfire
Master of the forge, has a conversion beamer.
new land raider variant, called the Redeemer with Str 6 AP3 flamer sponsons and twin linked assault cannon. Sallies like this and the colour section has one in sallies colours.
3 Dread variants. Again sallies seem to favour the new Ironclad Dread which is like a heavy assault/breaching dread. (AV13)
New Veteran rules - Tactical Vets (special ammo like death watch.), and Assault vets (can have jump packs and an assaulted array of nasty CC weapons) can deep strike and assault in the same turn.
Scout bikers will remain.
No two special weapons even for Sallies .
5 man terminator squads 1 heavy.
Commander in terminator armour on a bike or has a jump pack has no bearing on army selection. However special characters do.
Rites of battle is gone. But marine captain get Halos

Special Characters
11 specials which add chapter traits to your army, Calgar, Tigirius, Lysander, Shrike, Kronos, Sicarius, Kantor, Tu'Shan (WTF really hard guy probably the best SM charater in the game but at 200+ points...), Cassius, White Scar guy and scout character, all will have models.

Other Stuff
Drop pod kit looks similar to the forgworld kit but is hollow with seats around the edges and a control table in the middle. Storm bolter come down from the ceiling of the pod when deployed.
Drop pod kit priced about the same as rhino's (£18)
Codex release date is October
Plastic LR redeemer/crusader
Plastic Scout bikers, imaging scouts on scrambler bikes!
Retooled Plastic Land speeder + another new varient which works with scout squads call land speeder storm.
Scouts have helfire heavy bolter rouns but are WS and BS 3 and are still troops
Thunderfire a thuddgun/molemortar cross.
New metal range (I think more metal vets!..... again.... mmmm jump packs!)
New Sicarus now has hair and a beard! *shrugs* go figure!
Razor back has may weapon option, twin heavy bolter, Heavy Flamers, Assault Cannons, Multimelta, Lascannon, and Lascon and twin plasma guns.
New HQ units.

Marines are now what you may call pretty hard!


Master of the forge


Vanguard Vets (tact vets)
??? Vets (assault vets)
Venerable Dreadnought
Iornclad Dreadnought
Techmarines - Thunderfire


Tactical Marines


Drop Pod
Land Speeder Strom (Scouts only)


Assault Marines
Scout Biks
Attack Bikes


Land Raider
Land Raider Crusader
Land Raider Redeemer"

~There is talk about the marine special rule being voluntary fallback, and the possibility of veterans being able to deepstrike and charge on the same turn. Wow, voluntary fallback, and the conversion beamer makes their return. Thats a lot of cool stuff in there. More as we get it, and as usual, Caveat Emptor folks.

May 19, 2008

TEASER: Macharian Crusade Map


Another week, another teaser. We are moving along speedily on the Macharian Crusade Campaign Book, and this week I wanted you guys to see a slightly larger map of the crusade.

Which army group will you choose? There are alot of contradictory maps out there from GW over the years so this one by definition is an amalgam of differering sources. Its gonna be a blast guys.

Here is another campaign pic of Sejanus' 2nd Army Group cutting through the Northern Front.

~And oh yes, a master logo sheet for all combatants (imperial and xenos) is coming shortly. Comments? Requests?

May 18, 2008

SNEAK PEAK: 5th Edition Page and Apoc Boxed Sets


We are getting closer and closer now,

The rulebook is said to be much more extravagant compared to the 4th Edition one, and here is a sample page that's been floating about the tubes.

Alongside the 5th Edition release will be a host of larger Apocalypse boxed sets to go along with Apocalypse: Reload

Highlights include:

  • Space Marine Strike Force (31 models)
  • Chaos Space Marine Renegade Strike Force (31 models)
  • Necron Warrior Phalanx (56 models)
  • Tyranid Assault Brood (57 models)
  • Eldar Grav Tank Warhost (26 models)
  • Tau Mobile Assault Cadre (58 models)
  • Space Marine Armoured Strike Force (46 models)
  • Da Green Tide (101 models)

~And many more... The cool thing about a lot of these is they have been designed to give you a nice even point total like 2000, or 1500 pt forces that could be used to form the core of a standard 40k army.

May 17, 2008

RUMORS: 5th Edition Omnibus


Hi all,

Today we hear the following hints and whispers regarding the upcoming release:

  • You may ‘Run’ after deepstriking
  • Deepstrike Mishap Table (roll when you scatter onto other models or off table) is 1-2: Dead, 3-4: Opponent places your models down, 5-6: Units get placed into reserve again.
  • Turn 5 your reserves automatically come on (unless they were placed back in Reserve)
  • Swarms have an amended USR to state they are never scoring.
  • All models regardless of whether they are scoring or not can still contest objectives
Yet more information points to a very cut down rulebook that only allows play with the included models. The transport rules for example are not included, and none of the basic missions at all.

  • 1 Marine Captain with Powersword. Very ornate with a large cape many tassels. He amazingly has hair!
  • 10 Marine Tactical Squad. Sergeant with Bolt pistol and CCW. Missile Launcher, Flamer. ~the old school classic
  • 1 Dreadnought: Multimelta and Stormbolter.
  • 5 Terminators: 1 Sergeant with Powersword. The squad has Stormbolters and Powerfists with no heavy weapon provided. ~I believe you get some spare heavy weapons with the standard Terminator boxed set so making 2 squads should still work out normally
  • The marines are described as exceptional and you will have a difficult time telling them apart from the fully poseable models. Skuttlebutt says these have tactical symbols and and Ultramarine symbol molded onto them.

  • Ork Warboss is VERY LARGE. He’s armed with a twin-linked shoota and Klaw. He is holding his power klaw out to the side pointing with one of the claws.
  • 20 Ork boyz split into two 10-boy mobs. Each has a big shoota. Reportedly indistinguishable from the regular ork boyz.
  • 5 Nobs: All are armed with slugga & choppa. Large models.
  • 3 Deff Koptas: AMAZING! The standouts of the boxed set. They are described to be very much like the one depicted in the ork codex. Standard orky construction with spare parts and bitz all over. State of the art detail for snap-fit models.

~As usual, caveat emptor, and time will tell. Sources indicate that some of the models provided are aimed at existing gamers and provide things that are not currently available any other way (deffcoptas, Multi-melta dread). Overall, I think I have to side with GW on this one and support the cut down rulebook (if it's true). As I mentioned in an earlier post, they are treading a fine line of needing to train up new players into the hobby while maximizing sales of the big rulebook to the entire community. Its a tough call, and I think its the right one. Let us know what you think. (and remember, no chairs!)

May 15, 2008

NEWS: Eldar and Chaos Space Marine FAQs released!


Well the time has finally come, the first round of the new FAQs are here. It seems they were heavily influenced by yakface's IGT FAQ, which isn't a bad thing at all. Featuring heavily are Lash of Submission and Veil of Tears, which seem to be almost just as powerful as they have always seemed to be.

Check them out!

May 14, 2008

SNEAK PEAK: Boss Zagtrukk pics


top pic brought to the community by warseer's : hammerofulric

Hi guys,

Here are some pics of an unreleased mini of Warboss Zagstrukk. I have nothing else on this but the pics. They sure look pretty!

~From an aesthetic point of view, that has to be one of the most dynamic minis GW has ever done, bravo!

BoLS Polls: Chaos Pantheon Smackdown!

OK guys,

The long wait is over, and Codex: Chaos Deamons is in our greedy little hands. Which member of the Chaos Pantheon can build the meanest army. If you think you can make an even stronger hybrid build, let us know what it is. Finally, how to you guys think this very different army will fit into our 40k universe. Which armies cower in fear from them, which ones don't care a bit?

~Choose carefully, young adventurer, for the Ruinous Powers are fickle and both their gifts and punishments are terrible to behold!

May 12, 2008

RUMORS: More Upcoming 5th Tidbits


Hi guys,

So the contents of the boxed set seen here are apparently correct. The good news is that sources are saying that GW has decided to go ahead and throw in a very abridged version of the rulebook.

Apparently the main concern that arose out of Battle for Skull Pass was its cannibalization of sales of WFB's standalone rulebook and GW does not wish to repeat that experience. Thus we see the roll out of the of the 40k 5th edition rulebook at the start of summer and the boxed set at the end of it providing a three month window for purchasing temptation.

As for the contents of the mini-rulebook itself, reports vary. At a maximum, it may look like the Battle for Macragge one with the rules section only, and all fluff and advanced missions removed. At a minimum, the mini-rulebook might not even contain the full set of core rules, and just permit the use of the provided boxed set minis (there could be major sections of core rules omitted).

On an unrelated note, we have heard word of an upcoming laser pointer shaped like a 40k sniper-scope to aid with Line of Sight determination.

~Folks, time will tell, and as usual, caveat emptor. Even with no mini-rulebook at all the boxed set is still a deal just for the minis.

May 10, 2008

FLY WIRE: BoLS Ministorum Land Raider Cestus..


Mkerr has thrown up a Flywire post brainstorming a Ministorum vehicle for all you starving Sisters players.

This early design concept could be pushed in a lot of different directions, so give it a look and let us know what you think of it.

How's the fluff?
How's the rules?
What would you change?
What would you keep the same?
What would you price it at?

~The designer's chair is open, lets hear from you guys?

TEASER: Working on the Chain Gang...


Life is hard in the Methalor Penal Regiments...

Backbreaking labor, bad food, testy commissars, explosive collars, and did I mention the beastmen...

Here's a taste of what those poor wretches in Arrian's 6th Army have in store for them. I'm sure Aventine will be along shortly to give you guys even more info on his latest creation.

May 9, 2008

RUMORS: 40k FAQS Coming Soon


news brought to the community by warseer's Fred_Scuttle

Hi all, latest rumors say that GW will be updating their FAQs soon. Here is the schedule listed:




Dark Angels

Black Templars






Blood Angels


Dark Eldar

Witch Hunters

Daemon Hunters


~While some of these are starting early, I'm betting this is the master update to bring all the cidices in line with the new 5th edition, similar to what happened right after the release of the 4th Ed. book.

May 8, 2008

RUMORS: Apocalypse - Reload


Hi all,

Here's the latest we've heard regarding this July's release of the 2nd Apocalypse book: Apocalypse-Reload.

  • 88-pages
  • Contains 50 new Apocalypse Datasheets (unknown if this includes the current ones online)
  • New army-specific Strategic Assets
  • A monumental battle report "that has to seen to be believed"

As part of this rollout, several of the larger Apocalypse boxed sets (like the Battle Company, Tank Company, etc...) are supposedly being re-released, as well a a load of new boxed sets for the included Datasheets.

~Hmm, there are about 30 datasheets on the GW website now, so my question is are they included in the 50? In any case, more Apocalypse boxed sets is always good news, some of those sets were real discounts. Standard Caveat Emptors apply...

May 7, 2008

UPDATE: Methalor Penal Legion


Trooper Jonahs
Charges: Impersonating an officer

Trooper Boreas
Charges: Desertion

Escapee Objective

At this point the army is pretty much finished, I am waiting on two models on order from my local shop, then it's all done. I have moved on to working on objective markers and soon an army base. I'll have pics of the completed army up later on in the week. Having put up the first test model in mid-February that means the entire army took just over two and a half months, not bad.

Macharian Crusade book visits the Chicago Battle Bunker

~Its Coming,

Bulwark here,

I'll be at the Chicago Battle Bunker tonight sometime between 7 and 8 with a copy of the Macharian Crusade for anyone that wants to take a gander at it's current state.

May 6, 2008

BoLS Polls: 5th Edition Madness!!!

So, with this week's latest 5th Edition news and the "colorful conversations" it spawned, lets hear it directly from you guys. What are you planning on picking up for 5th? Are you a just the rulebook type of guy, or do you want the cool accessories from the Gamer's Edition? Do you want to go all the way with the super fancy Collector's Edition, of skip all the hoopla and wait for the boxed set?

We only get a new edition every few years, so how are you planning on kicking off our latest era of 40k?

~You all know the drill, poll, left column, FIRE!

May 5, 2008

NEWS: 5th Edition Collectors and Gamers Editions


Looks what's coming down the pipe in July.

First up we see the super limited edition 40k Collector's Edition. It looks like it has a super fancy tri-fold cover with a purity seal included.

Second we see visual confirmation of the 40k Gamer's Edition mentioned earlier. It looks the earlier rumor was spot on regarding the content details. That "ammo crate" is metal and has a foam liner, so you could fit minis in there.

Price for either Collector's or Gamer's Edition: $90USD

~You better believe I've already signed up for a Gamers Edition set. I want those tokens. I'm sure these are limited releases so if you want one, run don't walk to your LGS and sign up.
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