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July 30, 2008

Generic Astartes Logo Sheet


Did someone ask for generic logos?? You all asked (loudly) and you shall recieve.

Most of us have some marines lying around somewhere, and one of the most fun parts of painting up a snazzy Marine Army is designing the iconography for our men. GW does a great job with their marine decal sheet, but there are all manner of other variants of the standard icons for Tactical, Assault, Devastator, and Veteran squads. Here is a logo sheet providing a set of 12 squad variant logos across a range of popular colors. I have also thrown in both roman numerals and the "Astartes Numerals" in a variety of colors.

Here is the link to the PDF file for the logo sheet you can freely pull down and use:

Download Here

The sheet is designed for printout on Decal printer paper which is easily available online. These decals are designed for the CLEAR decal paper. The procedure is as follows:

CLEAR PAPER: If you use the clear decals, the decals need to be applied to a light colored surface to be visible at all. The procedure for applying the "outline only" decals is to apply them to a white surface, and wait till they are fully dried. Then using the outlines as a guide, paint in the darker color around the decal if needed. It is odd, but gets the job done.

Click here for a detailed Custom Decal Tutorial

This entire sheet is sized for Marine shoulderpads, but please make sure you run off a test sheet first on your printer to make sure.

In any case, enjoy and I wish you the best in using this set for your forces.

~Please feel free to leave comments if there is a special Chapter, Craftworld, or something else you would love to collect, but have no GW decal options, and I will see what I can do.

July 29, 2008

Rumors: Marneus Edition and more


Hi all, here are some morsels that have washed up on the shore on our good friend, the Master of Bling - Marneus Calgar himself.

Marneus Calgar
First off, Marneus Calgar is described as awesome; the Abaddon of loyalists. Not simply because he's an outstanding fighter but because of the support he provides for his army. He gives all Ultramarines the ability to pass or fail any Leadership test (other reports say morale checks). This is a superior ability to Combat Tactics as that only works in CC and the marines can normally only choose to fail.

Marneus also has a rule called "God of War" which allows him to re-roll virtually anything (shooting to hit rolls, attacks rolls in assualt, to wound rolls). It is basically the psychic power Warp Time, but is always on and works with Marneus' shooting. His storm bolter built into the Gauntlets of Ultramar is AP2. Marneus had 4 base attacks on his statline and is armed with two powerfists. ~you do the math

Calgar possesses Eternal Warrior without any mention of a mantle. Power armour is apparently no longer an option for him, but his "Honour Guard" are still in power armor. Finally, he's wearing his Terminator armour with an additional 4+ invulnerable save.

Honor Guard Vs Command Squads
There is a bit of confusion regarding these units so here are some other morsels we've heard. Honour Guard and Command Squads are two different things. Only "Chapter Masters" can get Honour Guard and they cannot take apothecaries (so no Honor Guard-Feel No Pain combos). Command Squads are available for company captains. The leader of the Command Squad is the company champion who gets to re-roll all hits against enemy ICs.

~Wow, thats a big ball of crazy for Marneus. Now the Gauntlets of Ultramar seem downright scary. No word on points costing, but if these rumors pan out (standard caveats apply) then I'm thinking somewhere in the order 200pts wouldn't seem too far out there. Your thoughts?

July 28, 2008

NEWS: Forgeworld Red Scorpion Stuff


Pics brought to the community by Warseer's:bnf

Hi guys, Out of Gameday Germany we get these 2 quick shots of Forgeworld kits for the upcoming Siege of Vraks: Part 2. These two are a Red Scorpions Dreadnought, and what appears to be a set of Assualt Marines in Red Scorpions iconograpy.

~Its always nice to see these guys get some more love.

July 26, 2008

SNEAK PEAK: Codex Space Marines


Hi guys,

Games Day Chicago is over, and our Bothan spies tell us the following based on a review of Codex:Space Marines

In general, almost all of the latest round of rumors are correct. The codex is described as lavish, with a large color section, and clocking in at nearly 150 pages. Lets dive right into some of the details:

Has well over 20 wargear options, and access to a once per game S:10 AP:1 Orbital Strike that is somewhat similar to the Witchhunter power.

Leadership 10, and has an entire page of various powers to select from. Big news is the Psychic Hood which now has a range of 24" instead of infinite.

Master of the Forge
Access to the Conversion Beamer, an old-school Rogue Trader era weapon with a 72" range that grows more powerful the greater the distance to its targets. At its top end, it is S:10 AP:1 Small Blast.

Available in squad sizes of 5-10. Stormshields for Assault Termys confirmed as 3+ invulnerable vs all attacks (assault and shooting).

Has a power allowing you to improve the cover save of a single piece of ruins in your deployment zone by +1. Access to the Thunderfire Cannon, which is artillery and has multiple fire modes based upon 4 small blast markers. One of the fire modes makes its target count as being in difficult ground next turn. ~neat!

Honor Guard
These bad boys have access to "Relic blades" which are +2S powerweapons. Their squad leader is the "Company Champion" who is required to direct attacks vs enemy ICs if possible. ~cool!

Tactical Squads
Available in 5-10 men. Squads of ten grant access to Flamer/Multimelta/Missile Launcher/Heavy Bolter for FREE. Squads less than 10 may not purchase any special or heavy weapons. ~Heed the words of the Codex Astartes indeed!

WS/BS:3; the heavy bolter option has access to Hellfire rounds.

Land Speeder Storm
Scout transport land speeder nullifies enemy teleport homers and icons within 6". Enemy deepstrikers within 12" roll double scatter. Enemy units who are assualted from it are at -2 Leadership.

Combat Tactics
New marine special rule allows you to voluntarily fail any morale check for any unit in the army.

Shrike (Raven Guard)
Grants the entire army Fleet instead of Combat Tactics. He has rending lightning claws and Infiltrate.

Cantor (Crimson Fists)
Grants the entire army Stubborn instead of Combat Tactics. Sternguard Veterans count as scoring units.

~I'm thinking of two things. First is the wailing and gnashing of teeth that will ensue as folk's 6-man las-plas squads are consigned to history. Second is the awesome combos Combat Tactics and ATSKNF will allow. Things such as taking shooting casualties, then falling back out of assault range to blast away at assaulters comes to mind. I'm sure there are many, many other mean tactics this will allow. What do you guys think?

NEWS: Black Reach Available for Pre-order


Hi guys, finally after months of speculation and rumors, here she is, unveiled at last. I guess this settles things once and for all.

Assault on Black Reach Boxed Set (UK)

Assault on Black Reach Boxed Set (US)

~Look at the contents... look at the price...look at the release date. What's not to like.

July 25, 2008

NEWS: FAQs, Russes, and Tourneys OH MY!


Hi guys,

A few quick items today, lets get right to them.

Updated FAQS
Today GW put up three new FAQS for Space Marines, Witchhunters, and Dark Angels. Go check em out and lets see what's new.

New Leman Russ?
Have you guys flipped through the hardback to the IG section on p.142-143? Folks have noticed that there are little tiny illustrations of an unknown Leman Russ variant with a short quad-barreled gun. Sources say, this new turret option may be coming in plastic along with the demolisher cannon. This would be similar to the upcoming "all land raiders in one kit" concept GW is rolling out with the new Space Marine range. There is various speculation as to exactly what the weapon could be, but we may be headed for a new unified "all Russes in one" plastic kit in the future.

Gamesday Chicago
This Saturday (the 26th) Gamesday Chicago kicks off and our intrepid reporters are enroute, with armies and cameras in tow. I'd expect a host of new news and pics to be breaking this weekend, so keep an eye out for them.

~If any of you guys have thoughts or info on that new Russ turret, lets hear it...

July 24, 2008

CHALLENGE: Convert a Macharian Crusade IC


OK, guys lets take a little break from the rumors on a slow day for a bit of BoLS community building. With the kickoff of our Macharian Crusade book, its Challenge Time! This challenge goes out to all of our intrepid modelers and 40k narrative gamers out there. Today I introduce the: Macharian Crusade IC Challenge!

Your goal is to flip through the Campaign book, talk to your fellow gamers and figure out who you would like to play. Pick an army that reallly fits in with your playstyle, your existing collection, or maybe you just love their background. You job is to submit to the BoLS email box (upper right column) the following:
  • A high quality pic of a single converted and painted Macharian Crusade Independent Character against a white background
  • A very brief rundown of the bitz used to convert your trooper.

After a week or two, we will post the top finalists BoLS receives and put up a poll for you, our dedicated readers to judge.

Here is an example to get your creative juices going...

1st Army Group: Major General Bradley - Merican Fusiliers

Cadian, Space Marine Scout, Marine Storm Bolter

~Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines! Its only one Character to convert up and paint. Lets see your best stuff folks. As usual, comments are welcome, so let us know if you're in, what you're working on, and how its coming. I want folks to start thinking about how they can organize and play the Crusade among their friends, and selecting an army is the easiest starting point. We here in Austin are kicking off our Crusade in October, and would love to see as many of our readers gaming along with us, and sending in battle reports as we push back the borders of the Imperium during the Fall. Happy modeling and good luck to you all!

p.s. I've also thrown up a poll to see which Crusade Armies or Xenos you guys think are the coolest. Have at it!

July 23, 2008

NEWS/RUMORS: Midweek Dribs and Drabs


Codex Space Marine rumors brought to the community by Warseer's: brothercaptains

Hi guys,

After two days of Macharian Crusade its back to it. I have a set of accumulated items here so lets dive right in.

GW 5th Edition Podcast: Part 2
It looks like the Design Studio is really on the podcast bandwagon. Here is the the second podcast, following up on their initial 5th edition one. This one deals with the studio's goals for the background section of the hardcover.

Upcoming Release Dates
We've been hearing that the following items are coming up fast upon us:
-Space Marine Spearhead $244, September 20
-Space Marine Codex $25, October 4
-Space Marine Drop Pod $30, October 4

Codex Space Marine Latest (Rumors)
-Apothecaries grant Feel No Pain to their squad and any attached IC
-Storm Shields again cited as granting 3+ Invulnerable vs all attacks (shooting and assault)
-Sternguard Veterans may all take combi-weapons in addition to their special ammo types
-Thunderfire Cannon has 3 different fire modes all of which use four of the small-blast markers
-Shrike grants his army Fleet
-Lysander grants his army Combat Tactics or Stubborn

~Once again its great to see the design studio open up its views to the community. I know that a lot of grousing over some of the 5th edition changes went away down here in Austin once folks got to hear Allessio explain WHY he made some of the changes. As for the minis, I'm eyeing those drop-pods! Finally, I'm pretty excited over the possibilities of those Sternguard Veterans. Its nice to see some rules to finally make Veteran Tacticals a force to be reckoned with. Now I can understand how dangerous a Chapter's 1st company can be, even without Terminator suits.

July 21, 2008

PLAY AID: Macharian Crusade


OK, everybody, I have something very special today. You've all been waiting for it, and at long last it's here. Myself, Mkerr, Aventine, Jwolf, Bulwark, and many, many others have wrapped up the Macharian Crusade campaign book. Within its 136 pages you will find a set of rules to allow you all to play games during the greatest Imperial Crusade in the last 10,000 years.

Here is the link to download the 13mb Adobe Acrobat file for the rule-set.

Download Here

Note: This book is specifically designed for 2-page book style printing and viewing. If you want to open it in Acrbat, please make sure you set your options to view 2-page spreads "2-up", and "show cover page during 2-up". I strongly recommend taking this down to a local printer and getting it printed out front and back and bound. You won't be sorry.

Within you will find the history of the Macharian Crusade, rules for each of the Imperial Guard Army Groups and other major combatants, new doctrines, and wargear. A large set of new Named Characters offers something to every player and modeler out there. There are also time lines, and suggestions for using other codices in your games.

We have included a full color hobby section, a full campaign, a dozen Apocalypse formations, and several new units and Army Lists such as the Rogue Traders. Here are a few teaser pictures of battles, maps, and Independent Characters to whet your appetite.

Is it perfect or comprehensive? No, but I hope this serves as a starting point to get your creative juices flowing and give groups of Imperial Guard enthusiasts a mutual set of rules they can use to start modeling and playing games.

~Its been a long time coming guys. Enjoy, and by all means, leave comments.
UPDATE: v1.51 is out with lots of fixes. As always, thanks for helping us catch these things guys! I promise that will be the last version for a while.

NEWS: Firebase Issue #7 Out


Firebase #7 is out! Get it here, and give up three cheers for our favorite 40k ezine.
~I hear that there might even be a little article in there by some guys you know...

July 20, 2008

SNEAK PEAK: New Designs from UK Release Event


Pics brought to the community by Warseer's: Shabbadoo and Roterschnee

Some days you get the bear, and some days the bear gets you. With all the craziness of the 5th Edition launch last week, I completely missed these CAD designs that GW showed at the UK Launch Event. These broke over the last few days but didn't get much attention. Here they are, enjoy!

First off we have what is reported as the new Hellhound

Next off we have an odd one. These two shots show us some type of asymmetric superheavy based on the baneblade kit. It has a nasty looking forward gun and perhaps some type of exposed troop capacity in the rear?

Finally, we have two ork pics. No idea on these, perhaps something to do with the previous shots of the Battlewagon design shown at Gamesday Baltimore?

~You guys know as much as I do on these shots, so feel free to chime in with whatever you got.

July 19, 2008

Saturday Omnibus July 19th 2008


Thunderhawk rumors brought to the community by Dakka Dakka's: Old Man Ultramarine

Hi guys,

A lot of odds and ends this weekend, so lets get right to them.

New Bitz Packs
GW has released a several new sets of Bitz Packs to go along with all the 5th Edition lauch items.
Check them out here (scroll down)

Thunderhawk Rumors
Once again, in a trend that is now well over a year old, there is word of an upcoming plastic Thunderhawk, tenetively scheduled for a release next year with the postponed Planetstrike supplement. We are way,way to early for pricing, but a $200 pricetag has been passed around.

40k Ardboyz 2008
Once again GW has sounded the clarion call for the best of the best to battle for 40k glory. The 2008 40k Ardboys 2500pt tournament details have been released.

  • September 13: Preliminaries are held across the US at LGSs

  • October 11: Regional Semi-finals with 2500pt armies awarded as prize support for top tier winners.

  • November 14: Finals are held in Baltimore with lavish prize support promised.

~Did you guys notice a certain White Scars theme to a lot of those bitz packs or was it just me? As for the Thunderhawk talk, standard Caveats Emptors apply, but this smoldering rumor just won't die down, and we are seeing more Apocalypse formations with Thunderhawks headed our way. Just saying...

July 18, 2008

5th Edition Gems


So we have the rulebook and have been tearing it apart looking for all the major changes. Its easy to overlook a lot of the little minor changes that are stuffed in there. Here are some cool little nuggets I've uncovered so far that could be game-changing but are easily missed:

1) Permanently immobile units kept in reserve, arrive via deep strike (p.94)

3) Vehicle mounted barrage weapons may always elect to fire in direct-fire mode at targets in LoS, allowing firing on the move. (p.58)

4) Vehicle mounted weapons may pivot upwards a max of 45 degrees (p.59)

5) When firing at vehicle squadrons, determine all hits using the facing of the closest vehicle (p.64)

6) Infiltration is now performed by unit, not by FOC slot (p.75)

7) Attacks resolved against mixed Toughness units now use the higher Toughness if the squad is exactly 50/50 (p.19)

8) Attacks resolved against mixed Weapon Skill units now use the higher Weapon Skill if the squad is exactly 50/50 (p.37)

9) No more -1 Ld modifiers for units making morale tests when under 1/2 strength (p.44)

10) Passengers in vehicles may only fire out of if it is moving at Combat Speed (o-6") (p.66)

~There are a lot of interesting things in there. #3 means move and fire Whirlwinds are back. #6 takes a lot of power away from DCAs and Light Infantry IG Platoons. #10 makes the 12" Rhino double plasma drivebys a thing of the past. What cool stuff have you guys uncovered? Lets hear your opinion on these and any other changes you discovered.

July 17, 2008

NEWS: Dawn of War II Screenshots


At the risk of turning all your attention towards upcoming 40k video game releases instead of focussing all your energy on our new beloved 5th Edition, take a look at this batch of screenshots released by our friends over at THQ:

You'll like em.

Dawn of War II Screenshots

~I really like the glowing wraithsword! Do you guys see anything in particular that knocks your socks off? Also, I promise not to turn BoLS into a video-game site... :)

July 16, 2008

5th Edition Tournament Thoughts


Hi guys,

With 5th in our sweaty little hands, I wanted to turn your thoughts for a second to tournaments. Now I'm not taling about the huge crazy organized ones like The Big Waaagh, or Adepticon. Those guys have plenty of staff to create pretty much whatever they want to do to keep participants busy.

I'm talking about the smaller tourneys that you play in regularly in LGSs around the world. 5th edition is a very different beast, and we have now heard Allessio's thoughts on why he made the changes he did to the core rules.

With such an emphasis on fun, the job of the tournament organizer has gotten a tad more difficult and I would like to get your opinions on what the biggest challenges are going to be and how you would deal with them in a standardized set of tournament rules. Let get the ball rolling with some obvious issues:

Real LoS: This seems like it can lead to all sort of arguments once folks start to get into the higher tourmanent tiers, and some method of quick and clean resolution will be needed that will keep both players feeling that they were not taken advantage of.

Competitive Modeling: From crawling carnifexes, to oversized ork battlewagons, to very-high flying hammerheads, folks are going to try to pull crazy stuff to gain advantage on the modeling side of things. How do you keep a tourney going and resolve compaints from players who find themselves faced with potentially abusive models.

Kill Points: As written, some armies will routinely be fielding 2-3 times the Killpoints of opposing armies (IG in particular). What can be done to balance this out?

~I'm sure you guys can come up with a ton of other examples, but I wanted to get you talking and thinking about this issue. Local tourneys can be a great way to bring together a playgroup and enhance the hobby, but we are all going to have to overcome some 5th edition hurdles first. BoLS is considering organizing all of our community's thoughts into a 5th Edition Tournament Packet that anyone can download to help get us on the road to fun tournaments. So lets hear from you guys, the designer's chair is open.

July 15, 2008

NEWS: Dawn of War II Intro


You guys have got to check this out...

You'll thank me.

Dawn of War II E3 Intro

~My money is on Nids as the mystery at the end. What do you think it is?

Macharian Crusade Logo Sheet


Well, guys you have asked for it and here it is. The Macharian Crusade Logo Sheet has arrived. Here is the link to the PDF file for the decal sheet you can freely pull down and use:

Download Here

Within this sheet you will find logos for super heavies down to individual trooper sizes for:

Imperial Guard Army Groups
1st Army Group (Byzant, Merica, Krieg, Cadia)
2nd Army Group (Mordia, Cadian Armored, Barac)
3rd Army Group (Cadia, Genswick, Elysia)
4th Army Group (Tallarn, Armageddon, Kanak)
5th Army Group (Cadia, Praetoria, Harakoni)
6th Army Group (Methalor, Catachan, Terrax Armored)
7th Army Group (Valhalla, Catachan, St. Joseman's Hope)

Xenos Empires
Il-Kaithe Craftworld
Orks of Calavera (Waaagh Kaboom)

Black Templar's 745th Crusade
Crimson Guard

IG Terran Household Regiments
Byzant Janizars
Merican Fusiliers

This is a tricky sheet to use as you could use it with either the white or clear decal paper depending on which logos you want to use. In general, most of them will look good on white paper, with the complex black-only logos (like the Orks and Crimson Guard) looking better with clear paper.

As usual, go here for the BoLS Custom Decal Sheet Tutorial. This is the last Macharian post before we release the book, so gentlemen, get ready, and start cracking those paintbrushes.

~As usual, comments and requests are welcome. With the army dispositions listed above, you guys should be able to start looking around your playgroups and organizing yourselves into the various Imperial and xenos factions.

July 14, 2008

NEWS: GW 5th Edition Launch Articles


Hi guys,

Here is a quick one. GW has put put several support websites to go along with the 5th Edition launch. There are introduction articles, changes, and perhaps most intriguing a new Design Studio Podcast. This podcast promises to be a irregular series of interviews, that give the player community greater insight to the design studio and what their mindset is as they move from product to product over time. Prety cool.

Design Studio Podcast 1 (Design Philosophy: 40k 5th Edition Rulebook)

5th Edition Design Notes

What's in the Book?

What has Changed?

Armies of the Dark Millenium

Getting Started with Warhammer 40,000

~Definately give that Podcast a listen. Its a very interesting discussion. I'm also all for this newfound openness from the design studio. What do you all think of Allessio's thoughts on 5th?

SNEAK PEAK: Apocalypse Reload Strategic Assets


Info brought to the community by Dakka Dakka's: reds8n

Hi guys,

You all know how I love Apocalypse games. Here we have a list of the new Strategic Assets coming up in the Apocalypse Relaod book, and some notes on some of them. The book hits shelves next week.

Universal: Replacements, Hammer Blow, Trophy Kill
Imperium: Disengage and Rearm, Holy War, General Staff
Imperial Guard: Defence Line, Strongholds, On My Coordinates, Tank Riders
Marines: Heroic Stand, Crusade Banner, Legion Relic
Orks: Da Big Waaagh, Effigy of Gork (or Mork), Mek Workshop, Rok'em Boyz
Tau: Darkstar Warhead, Icefire Warhead, Remote Drone Network
Eldar: Waygate, Phantasm, Eldritch Tempest
Tyranids: They're All Around Us!, World Digestion, Spore Chimneys
Chaos Daemons: Blood Thirst of Khorne, Plaguestorm, Mirage of Tzeentch, Grand Pavane of Slaanesh, Major Possession
Necrons: Subvert Machine, Cannibalise Technology, Reconstruction Scarabs
Chaos Marines: Chaos Altar, Corrupt and Despoil, Indiscriminate Bombardment, Daemon Shell
Dark Eldar: Lords of Twilight, Strike of the Serpent, Webway Assault.

~Some of these are said to be spectacular. Plaguestorm is said to function like the old Virus Grenade from 2nd edition, jumping from model to model killing them in turn until a fortunate one survives! Holy War is an asset for Sisters! It is said to grant Relentless and Rage to all Sororitas who are outside of their deployment zone. So apparently no datasheets, but at least the sisters got an asset to call their own.

July 13, 2008

NEWS: Angron is Coming


On this Sunday we have word that the upcoming White Dwarf contains quite a gem. A new article titled Liber Apocalypta makes it appearance and give us background of the Armageddon wars and the following 3 Apocalypse datasheets:

  • Angron, Deamon-Primarch of the World Eaters; Angron and up to a dozen Bloodthirsters ~Chew on that Grey Knights!

  • Ork Submersible

  • Blood Angel Thunderhawk Assault Force; 3 Thunderhawks, Dante and a large entourage of marines ~Giving the Tau Manta Strike Force a run for its money is the $$$ department.

Liber Apocalypta is said to be an ongoing column, so perhaps this is the first example of Rick Priestly's recent comments regarding the Design Studio taking more control of White Dwarf. I hope so.

~I for one am taken aback that after 20 years we finally have real solid GW rules for a Primarch on the tabletop. I guess if any of them are justified its the Daemon-Primarchs as they really can't be "killed" in the standard sense. At least now we have a baseline of what they looklike stat and ability-wise.

July 12, 2008

SNEAK PEAK: Forgeworld Goodies


Images brought to us by Warseer's: Slaaaaaanesh and aka_mythos

Hi Guys,

Slaaaaaanesh dropped these goodies into our mailbox. Apparently Forgeworld was showing off some goodies at Warhammer World today in celebration of the 5th Edition launch. These look like some of the new models for Siege of Vraks: Part 2.

We are treated to 4 shots of the painted Plague Ogryns, and 2 of the rumored Hades Breaching Drill.

~That drill is pretty cool and I can't wait to see its rules. It looks exactly like what a Krieg Siege Regiment might have lurking back in their motorpool. UPDATE: and a Mole Mortar as well!

July 11, 2008

5th Edition Retooling


Hi Guys,

5th Edition is here! One of the questions we get asked often is "How do you guys energize a play group to get everyone's level up, and how can I move beyond standard pickup-game play?"

Well folks we have all been there, and sometimes after a long period of stability the game can seem like old hat. Week after week can blur together, and you begin to wonder how to move beyond the standard week after week play. Luckily for us all 5th is here and a new edition is the best time to get re-energized about the game. Its a great opportunity to "level the playing field" because its the one time when no-one knows the rules better than anyone else.

What we do is have every one of our members (everyone) go buy their own copy of the hardback. I'm always stunned by how many players who can afford a $50 box of 5 terminators will play the game for years and never own a rulebook. Then have each of your members put aside some time and carefully read (not skimming) the entire rules section word by word, from front to back. When you are dealing with edition changes its very easy to skim because you think you know the rules already and miss that key phrase GW changed... We usually then convene a meet at our next gaming section and have everyone bring a list of the things they were most surprised by in the new rules. As you talk these over, you will catch the things that you missed and empart new things to your other players. The net effect is that after only a few days, your entire playgroup will understand the rules at the same level, which is the goal for fun balanced play.

I'm also a fan of "cheatsheets". If you all find that there is a set of little niggly rules that you often forget, sit down with your group and write down a top 10 list of commonly forgotten rules along with page numbers. Ideally work this list into a cool graphics file with an attached 6" ruler and laminate them. Now you have a handy tool to use to play, and a constant reminder of those hard to remember rules. After a few games, you can ditch the cheatsheets and the rules will become 2nd nature.

As for moving beyond standard pick-up game, we here at BoLS are true believers in the incredible fun to be had in narrative play. We wouldn't be cranking out campaign books if we didn't. The key is to start with something simple. Don't go off and try to craft a crazy 140 page campaign book (like I'm doing at the moment). Start with something like a set of 2 custom missions where the effects of the first mission slightly alter the second one. Have some fun inventing some cool narrative pairs of missions that allow your guys to reuse their army twice in the same night and get everyone's feet wet with non-pickup games.

Before you know it, your ideas will begin to build on each other, and you're group will want to start making larger themed games than link into each other from week to week and you're off to the races! A nice side-effect of campaign play, is you can set whatever house rules your group wants to get folks to not take really abusive armies and instead focus on having fun instead. I've found that once guys really get into fluffy narrative games, that happens naturally anyway, as no one wants be the one who "brings the chainsaw to the wedding shower" and ruin everyone else's fun. Its about at this stage that everyone's inner hobbyist comes out and even the grizzled old vets can really get into building and converting their own dream campaign army.

Happy gaming, enjoy 5th, and may you only roll 6s!

~I'd love to hear how you guys are planning to get into 5th Edition, and what your local clubs are into playstyle-wise. Are you the hardest-core of the hardest-core, do you enjoy the narrative side of things, or somewhere in between?

NEWS: 5th Edition FAQs are up


Hey everybody, right up on the 5th Edition release date, GW has released all the updated FAQS. Tomorrow is the big day, and the excitement in in the air!

5th Edition FAQ Index

~Well look at that! All nice and ahead of the curve. Nice Job GW! Now I need to sink my teeth into these. Feel free to use this as a comment thread onthe new FAQs guys.

July 10, 2008

Capitol Imperialis: Part IV


The Beast is base coated...whew.

Once bulwark finished construction on the chassis, he turned the monster over to me to detail and paint. I think the fact that his wife basicly hucked it out of the house had something to do with it as well. :)

In any case, here she is, ready for final detail painting. I probably going to use white as a counterpoint color in isolated places to break up the un-ending fields of green on the Cap-Imp. I'm also working up a special Banner sheet for it as she will be festooned with enormous banners of Cadia and General Crassus' 5th Army Group. Her name is Viridis Castellum; The Green Castle.

Here's a look at one of the test campaign banners in progress.

You can also see the Leman Russ for scale. Like the old saying goes, don't bring a knife to a gunfight.

~The Macharian Crusade book is coming hot on the heels of 5th Edition. Keep your eye's peeled for the Crusade Logo Sheet later this week. What will your IG army be bringing to the Macharian Crusade to earn Glory to the Emperor? Remember you can find BoLS rules for the Cap-Imp here.

NEWS: GW Upcoming 40k Releases


Hi Guys,

Look what washed up on the shore. Here we have a list of some of the 40k goodness that is coming down the pipe over the next couple of months, starting with this week's 5th edition kickoff.

320 Page Book
31 Fig Box
56 Fig Box
5 Craters
1 Cloth Gaming Matt
2 Frames
Laser Pointer
88 Page Large Format Book
3 Fig Box
31 Fig Box
4 Fig Box
5 Fig Box
57 Fig Box
46 Fig Box Set
Paint, Brush, Miniatures
6 x Barricades/Walls
19 Fig Box + Book

~Well it looks like we got a date for Black Reach and the Space Marine Spearhead. Its cool to see thsoe little $8 sets coming up soon. I think those are a great way to both fill out those little squad tweaks you need from time to time as you mess with your army builds, and its a great way to get someone new into the hobby. Hey, its about the cheapest thing you can pick up in the store.

July 9, 2008

SNEAK PEAK: 5th Edition Counters


Hi everybody,

>5th is almost upon us, so lets take a good look at the counters that are coming in the Gamer's Edition set. We have heard that this counter set will be made available as a standalone item in the future for anyone who missed out on sets.

~It looks like a pretty comprehensive counter set, and in particular, I like the Gone to Ground and Nightfighting turn markers. I always forget about those things in the middle of a hard-fought game.

July 8, 2008

Welcome to BoLS


Hi there,

BoLS had a Monthly 40k Roundup put up today on Ain't It Cool News. Its nothing new to all of our regular readers, but for all of you AICNers who may be stopping by for the first time, Welcome!

Bell of Lost Souls is a one-stop-shopping 40k enthusast site where you can get everything from the latest news and rumors, to hobby, converting, and painting advice (check out the left column) to tacticas, recommended armies, and our very own BoLS home-brew 40k rules, mini-dexes, and campaign books (check out the right column).

So feel free to take a load off, look around, and enjoy the 40k hobby. Our regular readers and posters are a great fun-loving bunch, just ask them.

~Consider this an open thread guys, and play nice.

July 7, 2008

Bolter and Chainsword's 5th Edition Primer


Hi Guys,

If you haven't seen it yet, you have got to head on over to our good friends at Bolter and Chainsword and check out their latest web-publication. Here are a few sample spreads to look over.

Shall They Know Fear...

This is a fabulous document, taking you through the entire 5th edition ruleset and explaining what is changing. It then moves on to cover every Imperial marine codex and exactly what changes they should prepare for. Did I mention its also full of awesome illustrations.

~If you play marines, go check it out, you won't be sorry. Its a living document so if you have any advice or tidbits for them by all means drop them a line and tell them BoLS sent you over :)
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