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August 31, 2008

SNEAK PEAK: Forgeworld Model Masterclass

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Pics brought to the community by Warseer's: ALF

Hi guys, on this long 3-day holiday weekend, lets have some fun light reading.

First, Forgeworld showed some shots of their upcoming Masterclass book at LA Gamesday, and an intrepid player (Warseer's ALF) was waiting and ready to go with his camera. Go check out his extensive Flickr photos here.

Secondly, head on over to the mkerr's Flywire and chime in on his two latet 2500pt 'Ardboyz tournament lists. He loves a good discussion, so let him have it :)

~This is your weekend open thread, so have at it guys. If its 40k related, you're good.

August 30, 2008

ARMYLIST: 5th Ed. Plaguespear - 2000 pts

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Its been too long since I've done an armylist post. With 5th upon us, I've been holding off on these until I had enough games to get a feel for the new system. This post is part of a series of recommended army lists. It will document an entire list, with a short tactical summary and related notes. I have had requests for an updated version of Plaguespear and here it is.

Army List

1 Typhus (HQ) @ 225 Pts

1 Summoned Greater Daemon (HQ) @ 100 Pts

8 Terminators (Elite) @ 310 Pts
-Heavy Flamer (x1); PowerFist (x2); Chainfist (x2); Combi-melta (x1); Icon of Chaos Glory

7 Plague Marines (Troops) @ 229 Pts
-Flamer (x1)
1 Plague Champion @ [63] Pts
-PowerFist (x1)

6 Plague Marines (Troops) @ 191 Pts
-Flamer (x2); Personal Icon
1 Plague Champion @[38] Pts

6 Summoned Lesser Daemons (Troops) @ 78 Pts

6 Summoned Lesser Daemons (Troops) @ 78 Pts

6 Summoned Lesser Daemons (Troops) @ 78 Pts

6 Summoned Lesser Daemons (Troops) @ 78 Pts

1 Chaos Land Raider (Heavy Support) @ 240 Pts
-Daemonic Possession

1 Chaos Land Raider (Heavy Support) @ 240 Pts
-Daemonic Possession

1 Defiler (Heavy Support) @ 150 Pts
-Dual Close Combat Arms

Models in Army: 52
Scoring Units: 6
Possible Killpoints: 12


This list is inspired by many of tactical doctrines pioneered on It represents a "pure offense" approach to using the Death Guard. In this list, every point is dedicated to the assault role, with nothing heldback for long-range support. Even the HQ selection of the Greater Summoned Daemon and Typhus, are there to emphasize the "boat anchor" quality of the assault force...once you get this army "stuck in", it is going to be very difficult for an opponent to get "unstuck".

The army is designed to deploy with the Typhus and the 8-man unit of Plaguemarines embarked in a Land Raider, with the smaller Plaguemarine squad embarked in the 2nd Land Raider. This assault force, supported by the fleeting Defiler will use cover and smoke to hit the heart of an enemy army with all due haste, and destroy it in a single "alpha strike" consisting of the Typhus and the 3 flamers plus bolters, folowed by assault-ramping plaguemarines and Defiler in HtH. On roughly turn 2-3, you should be in assault and begin to both summon down the four lesser daemons packs, the Terminators and the Greater Daemons which should have good options with most of the first wave squads being equipped with champions or icons for accurate deeptriking and summoning.

At this point surviving landraiders will back off and become bunkers, attempting to take out enemy armor along with the terminators whose anti-vehicle assult options will make very short work of any vehicles they reach. I have been very impressed with both the Land Raider, Defiler and the Greater Summoned Daemon in 5th.

In a way, it is a "pure" army, with few complex tricks up its sleeve. The army wins through sheer shock value and numbers of high lethality units in HtH, and this army is designed to emphasize that element like a ton of bricks. In most cases, the enemy has 1 turn to deal with the smoked Land Raiders. If they are not stopped immediately, they will tend to make the enemy army and engage on turn 2. Its generally downhill for an enemy army at that point. Subtle is not the way of Grandfather Nurgle.

August 29, 2008

Skarbrand The Exiled One, by Gentleben

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Do you guys remember Gentleben? Well he didn't fall off a cliff but has been away painting and playing a variety of minis games. He just dropped by yesterday to drop off his latest creation. Check out his take on Skarbrand, the Exiled One.

He tells us he used a Bloodthrister, minotaur weapons, and the head is a highly greenstuffed skull from a Ogre Kingdoms Hunter (inset with a Chaos spawn eye). The wings were damaged with heavy use of a dremel and metal clips. I've thrown in a couple of the work-in-progress pics as well for your entertainment.

~Comments are welcome, and I'm sure Gentleben will chime in here and there if you have any questions for him. Are you guys having any success converting any of the Chaos Daemon ICs? I'm still trying to figure out how to even begin to tackle Ku'gath. Consider this a "conversion show and tell" thread, so if you have links, lets see your latest stuff!

August 28, 2008

NEWS: Gamesday UK 2008 Mysteries

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OK guys check this out,

GW recently put up their promo-site for Gamesday UK 2008. Take a look at that little Forgeworld section they snuck in, right in the middle of the article.

Another Land Raider variant?!
A secret Chaos project codnamed B.O.B.

~Interesting stuff. If anyone has anything on these lets hear it. I assume they tie into Siege of Vraks-Part 2, but maybe not.

NEWS: THQs Rhino is Taking Shape

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You know, when I saw some of the early pics from the first Rhino post, I thought it was going to be a hard road to get that British APC converted into the Astartes beloved transport. Now however, I think they have a really good shot at it.

So head on over and check out THQ's latest press release and Flickr photos. We will keeping tabs on this one as project as it works its way through to completion.

~That beast is really coming together, and I cant wait to see what they will come up with for the cupola and the stormbolter. I can only imagine what could happen if they try to drive it to Gamesday!

August 27, 2008

BoLS Polls: Astartes Smackdown Edition

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Ok guys,

Everyone else is talking about it so now its our turn. Word is Phil Kelley dropped the news in Los Angeles that much of the updated wargear and equipment changes in the new marine Codex will not be standardized across the other codices.

That means 3+ invulnerable stormshields for the boys in blue, but not the boys in red for example. While I could understand the point of not giving the Black Templars the option of 3pt upgraded stormshields for entire assault squads, it still seems strangely inconsistant across the board. Why 12 vs 10-man Land Raiders for example?

The Space Wolves apparently get off easy as their codex specifically says to refer to Codex: Space marines for much of their wargear.

~ So lets hear it guys, if this news turns out to be true, who comes out on top? Why? You know the drill, poll, right column, attack!

August 26, 2008

Tuesday Omnibus

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A few things today,

GW Space Marine Preview
First up we have GW throwing up their Codex Space Marine Preview. Go check it out, as there are a lot of nice looking spreads shown in thier "teensy-weensy cant quite read it" mode.

'Ardboys Discussion
Head on over to Mkerr's 'Ardboys discussion thread on the Flywire and see if you can help him come up with a solution to the age old "To Armored Company or not to Armored Company" debate.

Lords of Battle Casting Call
Thirdly, its Lords of Battle casting call time. I'm in dire need of some good pics of the following minis for use in the Lords of Battle 2.0 mini-dex. If anyone has a good painted shots of any of these vehicles either in Epic Scale, or even better as 40k scale vehicles (armorcast or scratchbuilt), please chime in and let me know. If you don't mind, I might just want use your pic (with proper credit of course) in the updated book. I'm looking for:

Leviathan Command Vehicle
Deathstrike Missile Launcher
Knight Paladin
Knight Lancer
Knight Warden
Hellknight of Slaanesh
Contagion Plague Engine
Tyranid Dominatrix

~Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope! Consider this an open thread guys and have at it. Any one working on cool conversions or crazy projects out there?

August 25, 2008

RUMORS: 40k Into the Future...

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We love to pass on on all the little tidbits we hear and here are some of the latest. We have recieved word that the 40k schedule is shaping up for early-to mid 2009 as follows:

2nd wave Ork
Plastic Gretchin, Stormboys, possible the plastic Battlewagon.

2nd wave Deaemons
Many Independant Characters, Plastic Daemon Prince, etc...

Lots of chatter out there on this one, but common themes indicate the long-rumored Stompa and one or more Baneblade variants (Stormlord, possibly others) have gotten the green light.

Imperial Guard
These guys are coming with all the same chatter of plastic Stormtroopers, possibly Valkyrie, a new russ variant, and who knows what else.

All the stuff reported here.

~There is uncertainty as to the exact timing of these releases, and the Apocalypse release could fit into the order anywhere, but these are all described as lining up starting in January 2009. There could definately be lots more releases towards the end of the year, but this should get us to mid-year. Standard caveats apply folks, have at it.

August 24, 2008

NEWS: LA Gamesday

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Rumors brought to the community by Warseer's: Colonel_Kreitz

Morning all,

LA Gamesday has come and gone, and the following tidbits have dribbled out. I'm sure there will be more to follow throughout the day:

Phil Kelly is working on this supplement that has been rumored since last year. ~There are no timelines on it, but earlier rumors placed it sometime in 2009.

Plastic Valkyrie
This long rumored kit is still said to be a possibility, but not definite. Phil kelley said that GW has the technical know-how to produce the kit, and that there is simply a business case to be made for putting it into production. ~Earlier rumors had placed the Plastic Valkyrie alongside Plastic Stormtroopers as part of the upcoming IG release schedule.

Scenario Book
With the dearth of mission vairey inthe 5th Edition book, this one seems like a no brainer. GW is considerering a scenario book with additional missions and possibly a campaign system. No production work has begun. ~This is a very old rumor that has reared it head again after many months of silence.

40k Movie
Black Library in response to an audience question replied (paraphrasing): "Well, hypothetically, there could maybe be a direct to DVD release of some kind of CGI movie with Ultramarines next year. Maybe." The quality of said effort was described as being on the same level as the Dawn of War II cutscenes. Essentially the Black Library presenter made clear that something is in the works, while issueing no guarantees as to whether it would ever be finished, or released, much less an actual timeline.

~That is a lot of good stuff in there guys, have at it. I'm not going to jump up and down yet in regards to a 40k movie. We have all seen these efforts come and go inthe past, but I'm happy GW is still pursuing the overall concept.

DISQUS Commenting System Added

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Morning all,

BoLS has just replaced our default commenting system with DISQUS. You will now have a much more robust commenting system, which allows threaded comments, and offers a handy widget I have added to the right hand column. With it you can now easily see what topics people are talking about, and easily go back and add your thoughts without them being lost in the stream as the days go by.

Mkerr has already been testing out DISQUS for several weeks on his Flywire posts, so it should be familiar to anyone who has checked that out.

What this means for you guys is an improved ability to talk to each other, and keep track of who's who thanks to the profile system which is shared across any blogs that use this system.

You can also count on more open threads on slow days so our regulars will always have a nice place to kick back and talk about their latest exploits on the tabletop. Anonymous comments are fully supported, but feel free to set up a profile if you want your online persona to be available to your fellow BoLS readers.

August 23, 2008

NEWS: GW Price Increase is Coming


Everyone is chattering about this one guys. There is a price increase slated for September 29th. Here is a copy of the GW letter announcing the increase:

Dear Valued Customers,

There is an old curse you might know: “May you live in interesting times “

I would be very surprised if anyone could look around our tiny world today and not ponder the truism of such a simple remark. There is very little doubt that these current days would certainly qualify as interesting.

Among many other concerns the world has been struggling with the rising cost of energy, transport, and materials. These rising costs have ultimately affected not only the price of gasoline that we put into our tanks, but the price we pay for milk, eggs and cereal. It has also, not surprisingly perhaps, greatly affected the costs for producing miniatures.

Today we are contacting all of our Trade customers globally to announce that due to these rising costs, we too will be raising some of our prices.

We do not do this lightly. We fully understand that the timing of the price rise directly conflicts with our annual July price review and for that we deeply apologize. I hope that you understand that this price rise is not something Games Workshop Global desires to do, it is something we have to do.

That being said, we wish to approach this change with the same dedication to customer service that we do for every endeavor. So for clarity and fairness I offer the following points:

We are contacting our Trade customers this week to prepare them for any questions they may have.

On Monday August 25th a message informing end hobbyists will be placed on all of our websites.

Prices will change September 29th.

A message will appear in our October White Dwarf.

The price increase will affect part of our paint and hobby ranges, as well as a large portion of our metal models and printed materials.

Even with the pressure of rising costs we are adamant that we will not at this time raise prices on any plastic model kits. Providing high quality, great value kits is fundamental to our corporate strategy and will continue to produce and distribute them at the current prices for as long as we are able.


Games Workshop

Our latest info puts these increases generally in the 15-25% range (on a per item basis) and they will be focussed on paints, paper books, and metal minis. All plastic ranges are being held to their current prices.

It would seem that the global economy and commodities runup of the last 12 months has finally caught up with GW as well. While the cost of goods for the minis themselves is a tiny fraction of the overall cost, transport and distribution costs have been through the roof globally. It appears that GW as part of their slow chageover to being a plastic-focussed company has decided to keep those ranges steady and pass the increased costs on through on the hobby, codex, and more specialized metal range side of things.

~Have at it guys, but I realize this is an extremely sensitive topic. Please be reasoned and try to keep it under control. Lets all try to keep this thread from degenerating into a cesspool of hatred. In the short-term the only advice I can give is to try to pick up that special metal mini you've had your eyes on for a while before the end of September.

August 22, 2008

NEWS: Marine Advanced Orders


Hey guys,

GW has just put up a new set of Advanced Orders for the upcoming Space Marines.

Go check them out as they have the final prices and better pics for some units than we have seen before.

The new releases are:
  • Codex: Space Marines: $25
  • Drop Pod: $30
  • Land Raider Crusader/Redeemer: $50
  • Land Speeder: $30
  • Scout Bike: $12
  • Thunderfire Cannon: $40 ~Includes Techmarine
  • Sergeant Telion: $12
  • Sergeant Chronus: $17 ~Includes both mounted and dismounted versions

~Go check out the Scout Bike to see a closeup of the grenade launcher. Its pretty cool, and it looks like the Drop Pods are indeed going to go for $30 each.

Flywire and Jokes Open Thread


Hi guys,

Here's an oldie but a goodie that's been floating around the net for a while. Enjoy some 40k humor.

Mkerr is requesting some feedback on his upcoming Blood Angels: Army of Death minidex, so head on over to the Flywire section and jump in. The water's fine.

Cya guys soon with more stuff.

~This is an open thread, so wade on in here with all your 40k comments, concerns, triumphs, and disappointments. Have fun, and chairs!

August 21, 2008

RUMORS: Necrons


Rumors brought to the community by Warseer's Brimstone and MoonlightSonata

Hi all, there is some Necron Scuttlebutt floating about out there.

Early word is that Necrons may be slated for the Q2-09 40k release slot. There is another codex scheduled ahead of them but there is conflicting data on what it is (currently bouncing around between IG, Space Wolves, Dark Eldar). The info reported so far is:

  • Removal of the C'tan from the Codex as fieldable units (they are still in the fluff).
  • The C'tan are to be moved over to Apocalypse where they will make an appearance as much more powerful single figures (possibly with attendant new oversized Forgeworld minis).
  • The big new HQ replacement for them will be entirely new tiered-level Necron Lords. Read the Apocalypse Necron background page for insight into what may be coming, but there is talk of Bronze, Silver, Gold, possibly even Platinum Lords.
    Lords are said to have multiple special abilities and options, and certtain levels of Lords may re-arrange the Force Org chart for certain units, making different army builds possible. An example of an option was an advanced necrodermis, allowing the Lord to mimic his C,tan masters (and conveniently allow for the use of the existing C'Tan minis).
  • There will be Necron Lord named characters.
  • The rest of the army is described as getting a small number of new units, and having several existing units rearranged by Force Org category.
  • In general, the Necron army is desribed as being somewhat "buffed".

~Interesting if true, and these would seem to dovetail nicely with the last set of Necron rumors we heard several months ago. A Q2 release slot seems odd unless there is some issue with mini or codex development with several of the other codices which are older (Wolves and Dark Eldar mainly). Still I would applaud the move if only to rid the game of the wonkiness and arguments that We'll Be Back can generate. As usual, Caveat emptor folks.

August 20, 2008

NEWS: Dawn of War 2 ~ Tyranids Revealed


Hey guys, remember a few months back when Dawn Of War: 2 was announced at E3 and they threw up that cool trailer with the mysterous ending? "no, this world is theirs..." Today THQ revealed the mystery race...and its nids. Check out the New Extended Intro with it's cool Tyranid ending.

Also check out this in-game nid screenshot.

~Pretty cool stuff. Maybe not as cool as the real-life Rhino, but who's counting...

August 19, 2008

NEWS: THQ is Building a Rhino!


You know what I really like to see? Crazed enthusiasm! And I haven't seen anything like this in a while. THQ is working on a Rhino. Not a model; but a real-life full-sized operational Rhino.

And the best part is they are letting us see their progress as they construct the beast. It is slated to make an appearance at Games Day UK 2008.

So head on over and check out their press release and Flickr photos. We will keeping tabs on this one as project as it works its way through to completion.

~I guess we will finally get to discover the answer to the ages old question of how many marines can actually fit in a Rhino. :)

TEASER: Lords of Battle v2.0


Hi all,

The Fly Lords have been puttering right along with our 5th edition revamp project. Next up on the chopping block is Lords of Battle. Its been 8 months since we put out the last version of our Apocalypse datasheet book and in that time, lots of additional datasheets and Apocalypse books have been released.

This gives us the opportunity to create a bunch more sheets, work in feedback from you our readers, and overhaul many of our older designs with 5th edition and several dozen more Apocalypse games under our belts.

Here is a look at the cover, current table of contents, and a sample new sheet, the devastating Chaos Harbinger Heavy Bomber.

~As usual, comments and feedback are welcome, but I do want to open the designer's chair up to you guys again. As you can see in the table of contents I've putting in a set of Knight formations for the 3 major races (Imperial Knight Household, Eldar Exodite Knight Host, Ork Digga Mob). I did this because they are fairly small models and its very possible to collect or scratchbuilt a small collection of them (the formation is 3-5 knights). What I want to hear from you guys is thoughts on how you would give these 3 datasheets a related but differing set of special rules and strategic assets so they feel broadly similar on the tabletop, but reflect the unique character of their respective races. The mike is open guys, lets hear it.

August 17, 2008

SNEAK PEAK: October Marines Coming in Hot


Well folks,

October is coming up quickly. As as we see in these set of publicity sheets, we will be seeing almost the entire Space Marine range updated and hitting our local FLGS shelves in just a few weeks. The release schedule has already been announced and now its just a matter of waiting out the days and preparing to raid our piggy banks.

~I've lost count of how many years I've been patiently awaiting a proper plastic drop-pod from GW, and the wait is now down to a matter of weeks. I'm betting they will be the biggest sellers of the entire new range. I'm certainly planning on giving my Pre-Heresy Death Guard about 5 of them. Which of these goodies are you guys excited about or planning on grabbing as soon as you set your eyes on them?

August 15, 2008

NEWS: Forgeworld Siege of Vraks-2


Hi guys,

Today Forgeworld put up Siege of Vraks;Part 2 up for preorder. This book continues the story of the ten year Imperial siege of the Armoury World of Vraks from the Apostate Cardinal Xaphan. While victory seemed close at hand, the Cardinal has obtained the support of the Ruinous Powers who have sent him aid. From the pics it would seem the Imperium is sending the Death Korps some heavy titan reinforcements. As with Siege of Vraks part 1, early versions of the book will ship with a double-sided Death Korps poster shown below.

Siege of Vraks; Part 2 Pre-order

Product details (lots of cool pics)

~You can bet BoLS will be picking up this one. We are titan-crazy around here, and I really want to see what rules Forgeworld settles on for the Reaver. Some of the earlier test versions of them were pretty far out!

VOTING: Macharian Character Challenge

Hi everybody,
Its voting time! We have a good sized group of entries to the Macharian IC Challenge here for you lavish your attention on. I've put up a poll, so feel free to select the best 3 models here. Lets see who comes out on top, and again, thank you to everyone who took the time and energy to enter the competition.

Valhallan General Vasili Cyrus
Bitz used: Yarrick, Marines

Harakoni Sky Marshal Timovich
Bitz used: IG Cadian, Tau FireWarrior, Dark Angel Accessories

Rogue Trader Matteas Wolf
Bitz used: Space marine Commander, Scout, Marine, Orks

Crimson Guard Master Kree
Bitz used: Marine Terminator, Fantasy Marauder

Fallen Aurora Brother Lucian
Bitz used: Marine and Necromunda Goliath

Kallastin Stratocracy Senator Geronimo Stauve
Bitz used: Bretonnian, Fantasy Giant, Ork, Basilisk

Inquisitor Ameh Hakim; Aide-de-Camp to Stratego Kemal
Bitz used: Arbites, Space Wolves, Inquisitor, CSM weapons

Heretic Preacher of Christos, Arkanan Zaldantis
Bitz used: Fantasy Chaos Sorceror, Flagellant, CSM weapons

General Collins, Genswick Rifles
Bitz used: Brettonian, Cadian weapons

Deathwatch Master Pizarro
Bitz used: Marine Terminator, Deathwatch, Dark Angels

Commander Sark; Adrantis Union
Bitz used: Tau battlesuit, Necron, Marine

Archon Vectux; Kabal of the Rubied Blade
Bitz used: Dire Avenger, Dark Eldar

Captain Alan Skar, 5th Army Group
Bitz used: Cadian, Empire Artillery, Catachans

~Feel free to leave whatever comments you have regarding the entries, and if you have any additional questions for BoLS or the creators, lets here them.

August 14, 2008

Daemonhunters Logo Sheet


Did someone ask for Grey Knight logos?? You all asked (loudly) and you shall recieve.

GW does a great job with their basic decal range, but for some odd reason, the Daemon-hunters got overlooked, leading to hours of a painful work attempting to freehand some of their detailed iconography. What we have here is a set of Grey Knight swords and crests, along with a set of Inquisition symbols.

Here is the link to the PDF file for the logo sheet you can freely pull down and use:

Download Here

The sheet is designed for printout on decal printer paper which is easily available online. These decals are designed for the CLEAR decal paper. The procedure is as follows:

CLEAR PAPER: If you use the clear decals, the decals need to be applied to a light colored surface to be visible at all. The procedure for applying the "outline only" decals is to apply them to a white surface, and wait till they are fully dried. Then using the outlines as a guide, paint in the darker color around the decal if needed. It is odd, but gets the job done.

Click here for a detailed Custom Decal Tutorial

This sheet is sized for vehicles up towards the top and scales down to marine shoulderpad size towards the bottom. The very bottom has two pairs of oversized swords for use on land-raider sized models. Please make sure you run off a test sheet first on your printer to make sure.

In any case, enjoy and I wish you the best in using this set for your forces.

~Please feel free to leave comments if there is a special Chapter, Craftworld, or something else you would love to collect, but have no GW decal options, and I will see what I can do.
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