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October 30, 2008

GW NEWS: Spray Gun Tutorial, Events, Misc.

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Here's a list comprising various odds and ends of Games Workshop related news:

- Games Workshop has added a Spray Gun Tutorial to their website.

- On October 23, GW announced the appointment of a new CFO.

- The Citadel Realm of Battle Gameboard is now on continuous display in some GW stores around the US. These displays give customers the chance to get up close and personal with the product.

- The Warhammer 40k Lucky 13's Campaign in the US wraps up nationally in November.

- Hobby Center birthday events continue to be held around the US. There is special GW merchandise available only at these events. This includes special dice, posters, key chains and mugs. Door prizes and raffles are often part of these events as well.

Halloween Tales of the 40th Millennia

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It was the darkest night we had ever seen. We were 15 light years outside of the Piraeus system back in 974.M41 and the Spiders were scared. We'd been raised from the meanest, dirtiest scum Necromunda could offer but this night was different. We were hunkered down in the icy dark in blasted out ruins of some derelict ship we homed in on and calmed our nerves with drink and cards. The dancing shadows from our lum-strips cast crazed shadows that cavorted through the wreckage and one by one we were dying.

We didn't know what it was, but every 49 minutes it returned... a short gurgle, a muffled scream, then nothing. We were down to my command squad and Commissar Gyart. He was thumbing his pistol and rubbing an Aquilla necklace incessantly. It didn't make anyone feel better seeing a Commissar nervous.

Then it came for ME. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the shadows grow. They moved with a pattern of their own and formed into a blurred shape from my childhood nightmares. I peered back at my men I saw they were motionless. Not even the flames of our campfire moved and I knew I was dead already. As I turned to face this timeless horror I saw the glint of malice reflected from its impossible rings of razor teeth.

As it reared to strike I heard a BANG that shattered my very soul. Opening my eyes I saw an Astartes, bathed in green balefire step before me. He glared at my attacker, his eyes crimson coals. With bolter ablaze he struck the horror back into the shadows from whence it came.

I awoke the next morning with Commissar Gyart standing over me. He said I had slept peacefully through the night and no men had been lost. A lander was coming to pick us up and we would be off this icy rock in an hour's time. As the dawn broke over the horizon I began gathered my gear to proceed to our extraction site. I looked down at my feet and saw a single bolter shell nestled in the icy debris. A word was barely visible, etched into its ancient, corroded side. It said Firehawks.

~Its almost Halloween folks! Lets hear your 40k Ghost Stories! A special prize goes to the spookiest (and concisely written) one!

Calling All Armybuilder Authoring Dudes

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Hi all, just a quick note as you all enjoy your countdown to Halloween.

BoLS is looking for someone with experience in authoring Armybuilder files to help us with putting together a BoLS mini-dex Armybuilder file. We have always been big fans of the program and figure that there is no better way to get folks to embrace and use some of our lists than by giving you all a nice easy file you can load to build some of your favorites like Genestealer Cults and the rapidly approaching Adeptus Arbites lists.

~If you have the skills and want to help being minidexes to the masses, hit the BoLS email link and let us know. Thanks all!

October 29, 2008

EVENTS: GW Halloween Spooktacular

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Many GW stores in the US will be having special events this coming Friday evening, October 31. Events range from open mini-games with names like "Chopping Mall" and "Streets of the Dead" to conversion and costume contests. Some of the mini-games allow players to convert up a WYSIWYG miniature to represent themselves in the game. These games often have Halloween related themes, like halting a zombie invasion. Some game events and contests have prizes. If trick-or-treating is not your bag, you might want to check out the activities at your local GW store this Halloween and join in the fun there. Note that some stores are carrying their Halloween events into the weekend as well.

Here's a peek at the miniature I threw together last night for the "Streets of the Dead" game this coming Friday at the GW store. It still needs some clean-up on the sculpting and a coat of paint, but it will give you an idea of the fun you can have with these types of conversion contests and open games. I'll bet someone out there can guess what movie trilogy is my favorite after seeing this picture.

More information on GW store events is available at GW online. I attended the Halloween events at a GW store last year and it was quite the fun-filled evening so I'm really looking forward to this year's events as well. To all our readers, have a fun, happy and safe Halloween.

With luck I'll have some pictures and a report for you on the events at my favorite local GW store some time after Friday.

October 28, 2008

BoLS POLLS: 40k Changing ICs Edition

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So I've noticed an interesting pattern of late with the Ork and Space Marine codices.

If you look back at many of the older codices from the tail end of 4th you see the "old fashioned" view of ICs. From the Phoenix Lords to the Chaos villians you see important individuals with some pretty unique wargear, a special rule or two, and generally a pretty beefy statline.

Sneaking in with the Dark Angel codex, and following it in Codex Orks and Space Marines a new trend emerged. These books have unveiled what I'm terming the "new fangled 40k" ICs who are "keys" to unlock completely different army builds and variants. Where Codex Eldar in the old style presented army variants within the individual unit rules (for example making full sized wraithguard units count as troops; to allow Iyanden buildouts), we now see things such as Pedro Kantor making veterans scoring, Sammael and Belial unlocking Ravenwing and Deathwing buildouts. Codex: Orks provides more examples, but in general the trend seems to be increasing as time goes forward.

My question is what do you guys think of this? On the one hand it would seem to be an attempt to bring ICs back into Warhammer from their early 4th edition state of "by permission only" exile. On the other hand, I find it a little odd that you HAVE to take a particular individual whenever you wish to field a particular army variant, as if it simply can't take to the field in the IC's absence.

~Whats your take on this emerging trend and more broadly; what are your feelings on the common use of IC in games? You know the drill, poll right column, attack!

Battleforge Games VS. Dragons Lair BATTLE-O-RAMA!!!

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So this weekend I decided to take a day off and play in this inter store tournament. BFG picked 4 players and Dragons Lair also "choose" 4 players to battle it out for store dominance. The points were set at 2000 a piece, VP's were used to decide winners, and the thought was that everyone should bring "hobby" lists in order to create a nice and fun environment for some dice battles. I decided to play orks and ran with this fun list.

HQ: Warboss, PK, Bosspole, Attack Squig, Cybork, Eavy Armor
HQ: Big Mek, Field, Burna
Troops: (10) Nobz, 3 PK's, Bosspole, Waagh Banner, Painboy, Eavy Armor, Cybork Body
Troops: (29) Shoota boyz, 3 Rokkits, Nob, Bosspole, PK
Troops: (29) Shoota boyz, 3 Rokkits, Nob, Bosspole, PK
Troops: (29) Slugga boyz, 3 Big Shootas, Nob, Bosspole, PK
Elites: (15) Lootas
Heavy: Battlewagon, DeffRolla, 2 Big Shootas
Fast Attack: Deff Koptas (3), TWL Rokkits (3)
Fast Attack: Deff Koptas (3), TWL Rokkits (3)

A nice round about list that was fun. Here is a rundown of what each of the other players played.

BFG Players
Me: Orks "I don't like poems"
Nick "Cheater" Rose: 32 year Old Eldar
Jay: Eldar
Robert: Tzeentch Flavored Chaos Marines with one dab of Lash

DL Players
Mike: Dark "I like Poems" Angels
Byrce: Orks "What do you mean I need to play"
Kingsley: IG Chem Inhaler Madness
Nathan: Mixed Chaos Marines

Some of the DL players couldn't make it, so we had to make some phone calls and got Kingsley, a BFG regular and participant from last years battle, to come out and help DL. Bryce also came by and was able to help out DL and their two missing battle partners.

RD 1: Pitched Battle - 12 inch Deployment lines, nothing else funky. I ended up playing Bryce. So it was a battle of Orks on Orks. Byrce had two big squads of boyz, some boyz in a trukk, 5 deff koptas, 10 lootas, Warboss w/nobz in a trukk, and 15 kommandos. I put my boyz in big blocks and took advantage of the big mek putting out his protective field to all the boyz squads. First turn went to Bryce and I was unlucky in seizing the initiative. He flew Koptas forward, shot at my BW, didn't do anything. His two trukks moved foward and his small squad of lootas were ineffective. His deffkoptas were far enough forward that I could tank shock them with my Deff Rolla BW. He broke, ran back and my boyz jumped out and assaulted his 30 man boyz squad. I also blew up his Warboss trukk and did a few wounds to his nob squad (FNP nobz are poopies). But that first turn ended the game due to me having my hammer in the middle of his army, running through the squads. I had whittled down his Nob squad enough, that they wouldn't be killing out the 30 man squad in front of it, and I just had to wait and sacrifice squads to it and then get a massive counter charge off to kill them out.

Game ended with me at 2000 VP and Byrce at less then 200, one squad of slugga boyz were at below half. Massacre for the Orks, so we always win muahahah!!!

Other Players results.
Nick "I'm not 32, I'm 9000" beat Mike "Green Marines RARGH!!!" in a massacre.
Jay "Eldar are not Sassy" beat Nathan "Chaos gods be damned!!!"
Kings "Ringer" beat Robert "Chaos likes me." in a close game.

BFG 3 DL 1

Rd 2: Versus Nathan (Chaos) - Set up was Spearhead and Nathan rolled to go first. I filled up my entire quarter, with my field hitting all the squads. Nathan had a Defiler as well as a vindicator and a Lash Prince. Nathan put his prince too far in the back, so his first turn he didn't get a chance to lash anyone around, thus his Templates did not work as well. MIx that in with getting 7 5+ saves out of 10 and we can see how the game was going to go. My first turn, lootas ate the Defiler, and rokkits from my deff koptas immobilized the Vindicator. Nathan didn't get close enough to lash my guys around, and some more orks died to Noise marine fire. Nathan lost his first chaos marine to plasma overheating and it was onto my turn. I had moved my BW around to get into range to charge some Plague Marines and Noise marines hidden in a forest. Lucky for me, my waagh took me close enough and I was able to hit both squads. PK to the Plague marines and Choppas to the Noise Marines. I also shot the power Daemon Prince down with Loota fire (Lootas for the win?). After that it was just munch time as my nob squad made it around his army, kill both noise marine squads, plague marines, and vindicator. Again the evilness of Nobz with FNP rears its ugly head.

Game ended with me at 2000 vp and Nathan at 0 (Nothing below half).

Other Players results.
Robert "I paints good!" beat Mike "Eternal Dice hatred"
Kings "Super Ringer" beat Jay "YOU FAIL ME SPACE ELVES!!!"
Nick "I swear I'm not 32" beat Byrce "Nobz = epic fail!!"

BFG 6 DL 2

Game 3: Versus Kingsley and his IG: Dawn of War

I won the roll to go first and set up. I set up 18 inches away, ready to blast some dudes with some fire. Of course the dice gods were against me as Kingsley rolled to seize the initiative. All those awesome orks in the front... They started to die to massed templates (Two Demolishers, 1 Battle Cannon, and a hell hound). So there went my perfect games hah. Still the game went alright and I held my own, with my nobz eating up a lot of units and basically allowing me to stay in the game. The nobz lived and stayed at under half but both my HQ's ate it as well as 2 squad of boyz. My lootas took out some light armor and regular doods, but for the most part were living on the life due to dealing with the bits from Nathan. Still a good game and as usual Kingsley brought his A game. You can see his army in a lot of the battle reports from good ole Aventine.

Game ended with me getting 1043 and Kingsley getting 1350 - Minor loss to me.

Other Games:
Mike "Green for the Tie!!" drew with Jay "Space elves just want love."
Robert "Super Paint!" beat Bryce "Orkie ork ork ork"
Nick "Dice love me like your mom" beat Nathan "Stoopd chaos!!!"

BFG 8 DL 3 Draw 1

Game 4: Versus Mike and his Poem loving Dark Angels. Pitch battle deployment

Mike won to go first and I couldn't sneak the initiative from him. I set up in a huge block as usual and was ready to just push forward with my BW and take on some Green Marines. Of course the dice gods favored Mike, one lone lascannon took out the poor battlewagon with a 5 to hit, 6 to pen and a 6 to blow it up. Of course I rolled a 3 to try and stop it. To add insult to injury my Warboss took a wound coming out of the BW. Bastard. They fell out, weren't pinned and were ready to add some helmets to their victory pile. My turn, my lootas ate a Razorback, regular shooting was just blah and some rokkits stunned one rhino. My warboss ran up and got to the center, ready to jump over and waagh into some Marines. Next turn, Mike's shooting left him (can't hit with meltas or can't wound) and it was up to me to come on. One squad of Koptas outflanked in, and gummed up a squad of heavy bolters. My lootas took out another rhino and a rokkit blew off more weapons. My Warboss got a good movement as well as a waagh and was able to hit two squads in assault. Rinse, repeat, the squad ate it and spread out to take on what was in the Land Raider. Mike threw out the raider and his Commander with Lit Claws took on my warboss. Sadly his commander wiffed and my warboss added his head to his backpack. The rest of the squad ate it and the nobz of doom went off to get the land raider and some other Marines. Oh his terminators came down near the nobz, but their fire didn't help (heavy flamer and storm bolters didn't get throught FNP and cybork). My warboss ran into the land raider with 3 other PK nobz as the other bits hit two squads of marines. A big explosion later and we are left with 2 marines and a whole bunch of nobz. The terminators were about 14+ inches away, and thus taken out of their chance to squish some green skins. Mike called it after that, since I had gotten some boyz in charge range and he just had some dudes and Terminators I was going to torrent the hell out of.

Game finished with me at 2000 and mike at 270 (Deff Kopta units).

Other Games:
Robert "Chaos loves me long time." beat Nathan "Chaos doesn't call me the next day."
Jay "ME HATES ORKS" lost to Bryce "I guess Orks kinda like me"
Nick "Woot you suck Thomas" beat Kingsley "Ringer 4000" in a good game.

Final BFG 11 DL 4 Draw 1

Total victory points for me is 7043 and by the looks of it in second place in total Victory points.

This was a fun little tournament with everyone looking at just having a good time, versus total annihilation. I wanted to try out the BW and I can say for sure, you need more than one. If I had two others, it would have been a different army and in a lot of ways, a much more abusive list. But hell I will wait till next year, to grab me two new BW's and start the chant of dirty bastard from my local players. To everyone that played, thanks for making this a fun tournament, and for my teammates, thanks for kicking bootie heh.

Sorry for the lack of game pictures, I was rushing to get my games in due to people being late and the sheer number of damned dirty orks that have to run around. Also, if I messed anything up in my reporting, comment and I will fix it. Next year we will hopefully have a few more stores involved and thus have a much grander tournament. Thanks to everyone involved and a big shout out to the store organizers for both BattleForge Games and Dragon's Lair Comics. I thought this tournament was a lot of fun and we went into it for the spirit of the game, instead of just crushing the skulls and doing a happy dance on their dead bodies. Good games all, and I hope to get a chance to throw down next year.

Now onto some art, my Battle Wagon in action.

If you have any questions about the list or want to know more, shoot me an email. And again, the link below takes you to my art and miniature commission site.

EDITORIAL: My Hobby, Your Hobby, The Hobby

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Last week I had a discussion with a manager at GW HQ that focused on ways to build the hobby community in our area. My friend summarized the situation in a way I thought was brilliant, referring to it as "my hobby, your hobby, the hobby". I believe what he meant by that is that the challenge that faces anyone trying to grow the hobby through community building is to find ways to provide people with help and fun that fulfills their own hobby needs even when those might be quite different from your own.

For example, I recently ran a Drop Pod building clinic at a local GW store a few days after the model was released. This was very helpful to anyone interested in building that specific model, but activities like that don't reach a wider range of the community. After all, not everyone, not even every Space Marine player, wants to build a Drop Pod or wants help with it. It's the same with painting clinics. There are many people who love to paint their models and who are greatly interested in tips on doing it, but again, not everyone paints their models. Now this is not to say that activities like assembly clinics for certain models or painting clinics in general should disappear. Quite the contrary, these are highly useful to a lot of people. But the question remains, how can we serve the needs of the hobby rather than just my hobby or your hobby?

One thing we can do is passive rather than active, but important nonetheless. Few people are more passionate about building and painting models than I am, but I never denigrate others who have no interest in it. Remember when GW used to kick customers out of the store who had unpainted models? Guess what, it did not grow the hobby or their business. A customer is a customer. There are people out there who collect the models and leave them in the boxes as they literally just stuff the unopened boxes of models in a closet collection and leave them that way. Is that for me? No it isn't, but they paid for the models and they can do with them what they please. The fact that they spend money on the models helps keep GW afloat and keep the hobby alive for those of us who do paint and convert lovingly. Customers who hang around the store playing games with unpainted models buy a lot of product and stores need customers who buy merchandise. It's that simple. Low sales mean store closings and that's bad for all of us in the hobby. The first obligation of any business to its customers is to stay in business (thanks to Mr. Lightner for that one, what a great quote). Would I like to see everyone paint their models? Sure I would, but it's not for everyone and it never will be. I love Thai food, but that's not for everyone either. That's life and everyone who paints needs to learn to accept the fact that not everyone who collects models likes to paint them.

Of course, it's also important to be active in promoting the hobby. This means sharing what you know when people ask questions or show an interest in your hobby. From what I've seen through hundreds of hours spent at my local hobby stores, all hobbyists both new and veteran alike benefit from sharing ideas. It's fun, gets people excited about their projects and often provides inspiration that gets projects completed either more quickly, with a more satisfying outcome, or both. Providing help to people with their hobby is rewarding for purely altruistic reasons, but there is also the satisfaction in knowing you helped keep the hobby alive and well. An ulterior motive for being helpful in this case is not a bad thing, because if you want to keep your hobby alive it's important to support others in their hobby for the sake of the hobby. It's a win-win situation for everyone involved.

It's also essential not to discourage people in their hobby no matter what level of participation they currently enjoy. The way to get more people interested in painting and converting is to keep them in the store near people who do those things and to encourage them when they show some interest in the hobby. Don't insult them, avoid them or wish they'd leave the store, let them enjoy their hobby their way. Eventually some of them will be converts (pun intended) to the painting and converting fun of the hobby. I know, because I have had at least one person who only used to play with unpainted models come up to me and say they started painting because I made it look like so much fun.

Now, it's time to gather up some bits for a conversion I have planned to represent myself in the "Streets of the Dead" event this Halloween at my local Battle Bunker. With luck I'll have some good pictures of conversions and of the costume contest to show you after the Halloween events are over. Back to the hobby!

Red Corsairs/Astral Claws Logo Sheet

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Though my guards may sleep and ships may lay at anchor, our foes know full well that big guns never tire.
-The Tyrant of Badab

Watch out folks, because Huron Blackheart is coming your way. The story of the fall of the Astral Claws and their corruption into the Red Corsairs is one of the coolest "side shows" in the 40k universe. The Badab War has been with us since Rogue Trader, and these guys even have a cool paintscheme and their own named character and mini. Its time they got some love!

You didn't hear it from me, but word on the street is you might be able to divine some patterns of interest by taking a close look at the logo sheet archive and putting two and two together (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)! Enjoy guys.

We have been noting for a while that GW does a great job of covering the major Chaos Legions with their decal sheets. However, there are a number of great looking renegade chapters who get a good amount of back-story and have great alternative uniform colors that never have had decals produced for them. In the interest of promoting diversity in the Chaos Marine community and encouraging players to branch out beyond the Traitor Legions, I continue our line of logo sheets for some of these other chapters who I think look great and have no GW decal support.

Here is the link to the PDF file for the logo sheet you can freely pull down and use:

Download Here

The sheet is designed for printout on decal printer paper which is easily available online. These decals are designed for the CLEAR decal paper. The procedure is as follows:

CLEAR PAPER: If you use the clear decals, the decals need to be applied to a light colored surface to be visible at all. The procedure for applying the "outline only" decals is to apply them to a white surface, and wait till they are fully dried. Then using the outlines as a guide, paint in the darker color around the decal if needed. It is odd, but gets the job done.

Click here for a detailed Custom Decal Tutorial

This sheet is sized for superheavy vehicles up towards the top and scales down to marine scout shoulderpad size at the very bottom. I have included the standard black chapter logo, as well a small amount of inverse white logos for folks who want some variants for something special. Please make sure you run off a test sheet first on your printer to make sure.

In any case, enjoy and I wish you the best in using this set for your forces.

~Please feel free to leave comments if there is a special Chapter, Craftworld, or something else you would love to collect, but have no GW decal options, and I will see what I can do. Finally, lets see if any of you can solve my little logo sheet archive mystery...

October 27, 2008

CAMPAIGN: Macharian Crusade: Week 2

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The Macharian Crusade League is underway!

We had almost over 40 folks show up at Battleforge Games yet again, and the Macharian Crusade is grinding forward. This second week featured all seven army groups pushing and shoving their way forward into their first warzones, and 1 hallmark game; The 4th Army's Battle of Hoight. Lets do a quick recap so everyone can see how the forces of the Lord Solar are faring.

1st Army: Kallastin Warzone
Merican, Krieg Korps, Cadian Rangers vs Advanced Heretics (Tau), Orks
The world of Markos has tested the 1st Army to the limit. Across multiple fronts, the Merican, Krieg, and Cadian Rangers report a full stop and determined resistance by all enemy forces met. Macharius is currently embroiled in contingency planning to get his army moving forward.
Status: Stalled

2nd Army: Argolis Cluster Warzone
Mordians, Barac Pioneers vs Chaos Daemons
General Sejanus and Apfel report continued resistance to their advances. Continued operations on Altair and Chiros have stalemated, and Chaos Deamon rifts are growing in the vicinity. If the situation is not brought under control, the Argolis Warzone may have to be abandoned.
Status: Stalled

3rd Army: Takar Warzone
Cadian, Genswick Rifles vs Orks
General Tarka reports a major breakthrough in the Takar Warzone. Genswick forces on Scaros have routed a major ork Waaagh, while Cadian Shock Troops have devastated Ork raiders on Takar. The Third Army is proceeding westward at good speed and expects to exit the Takar Warzone shortly.
Status: Advancing Quickly

4th Army: Hoight Warzone; Battle of Hoight
Tallarn, Steel Legion vs Rebel Guard, Orks

General Lysander reports a total victory on Hoight, with the complete conquest of the native culture. A full battle report of the Battle of Hoight can be found here. General Stanislaw reports the 4th Army is in high spirits and has exited the Hoight Warzone. They are currently the leading Crusade Army Group and making best speed towards the Kelementia Warzone. The Lord Solar has ordered a Crusad- wide toast to General Lysander's progress.
Status: Advancing Quickly

5th Army: Xenos Pacification Warzone
Cadian, Harakoni vs Tyranids
General Crassus has ground to a halt. Cadian forces have been thrown back by the monstrous inhabitants of Thannos in an unexpected counter-offensive, while Harakoni General Timovich has been forced off-world in the Attropos system. Astartes and Mechanicus assistance has been requested. Deathwatch Master Pizarro killed three Tyranid monstrous creatures in assault single handedly in the battle shown below.
Status: Stalled

6th Army; Christos Warzone
Catachan, Methalor, Terrax Armored Corps vs Chaos, Chaos Marines
General Arrian has reported a resounding success due to his direct intervention in the Christos Warzone. Methalor troops have thrown back traitor marine forces on Christos and are advancing quickly. Unfortunately, Terrax and Catachan campaigns against allied renegade Astartes forces on Elinia are still stalled. General Arrian has turned down his general's requests for Mechanicus support, and is reassigning penal regiments to reinforce their positions via the Methalor Express. Methalor Colonel Savoy reports the shanking of: 1 Ork Nob w/ power claw and eavy armour, 1 Skull Champion w/ Power weapon and plasma pistol :)
Status: Slow Advance

7th Army; Centaurus Warzone
Cadian, Valhallan Armored Corps, Rogue Traders vs Eldar, Tyranids
General Cyrus reports slow progress in the Centaurus Warzone. Cyrus' Valhallan Armored have smashed through bestial aliens on Centaurus, while Cadian General Elohir has been mauled by the same xenos forces while opening up a second front on-world. Rogue Trader Thrift reports a major rout of Eldar forces in the vicinity of the now cleansed asteroid field of P-1138.
Status: Slow Advance

Total Results:
1st Army: Stalled
2nd Army: Stalled
3rd Army: Advancing Quickly

4th Army: Advancing Quickly; (Hoight Warzone Conquered)
5th Army: Stalled

6th Army: Slow Advance
7th Army: Slow Advance

The Macharian Crusade is grinding forward. This week sees a partial reversal of week 1. Now the 1st Army has bogged down and several other army groups who were mired out of the gate have "gotten their sea legs" and are advancing quickly. The troublespot of the campaign is currently the stalled 2nd Army under General Sejanus which has been bruised and battered for two straight weeks. The 4th Army under General Lysander is the standout at this time, having cleared their first warzone.

Next Week: The Crusade pushes forward; several Army Groups break into their second warzones...

October 26, 2008

REVIEW: Realm of Battle Gameboard

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There is currently a Citadel Realm of Battle Gameboard sitting on open display in our local Battle Bunker, so I thought it would be appropriate to offer a review of the product at this point since the item is now readily available for both customer inspection and pre-orders. Before I begin I want to offer a disclaimer. We all know the price of the item and I think we all as regular GW fans and customers have an opinion on that. To avoid the inevitable debate, anger and digression that often accompany discussions of price, especially those that are more than $200, I am going to limit myself to reviewing the product itself at this time with as little mention of price as possible. I realize it's a huge issue for many people in this case, so I won't ignore it entirely, but my focus will be aimed firmly on the product. The price topic has been discussed here on BoLS already more than once and on other forums as well. Rather than flog a dead Ork or an undead skeleton warrior, let's have a good look at the product itself, shall we?

First, if you are thinking about buying the Realm of Battle Gameboard (heretofore referred to as the RBG for the sake of brevity) and haven't seen it in person or at least seen the closeup pictures of it in the latest White Dwarf, you should definitely do that. The little details and artistic flourishes in the board sections themselves are terrific. Details such as what appear to be overgrown tiles from ruined structures, small naturalistic rock piles, occasional bones with skulls and shallow pits filled with skulls abundantly adorn the board. The larger decorative areas like the tiled regions and skull pits can be placed to appear random or placed together to create thematic areas for games. These features are also recessed in a way such that they will not snag your movement trays for Fantasy Battle. The details and their execution are well done. I am quite impressed with the look of this product now that I've seen it up close and personal. Seriously, the look of it alone exceeded my expectations and it was fun just to go over it for a while and scrutinize all the great little details sculpted into it. It was mesmerizing!

Second, the RBG is of high physical quality. The whole set weighs 30 lbs., hence the $15 shipping fee in the $290 price if you order it by mail from the US GW online store. Each board section is a chunky, relatively thick piece of plastic and the back of each board section is filled with a cross-hatch grid that reinforces it. The result is that each board section is rigid and durable enough for someone weighing more than 200 lbs. to stand upon it with no damage or deformation. I've seen this demonstration for myself and again, the RBG lived up to an extremely high expectation of quality. This is not a product that will be damaged easily in either casual use or transport.

Third, the carrying bag for the RBG is lightweight and durable. The inside has a pouch for the clips that are used to secure the board sections during play and there are plenty of extra clips included in case you lose a few here and there over time.

So, is it worth it? Again, I want to avoid getting bogged down in a discussion of price as that's already been done to death. Every customer will have to make that decision for themselves and I don't think anyone is saying that $275 US or £150 is not a lot of money. However, just on the quality of the product alone I would have to say that if this is something that interests you and it's not completely outside of your potential price range, you owe it to yourself to take a close look at it. The quality is excellent, the product is versatile and relatively portable and easy to store, and it is truly beautiful to look at. Another thing in its favor is that it is so well made you should never have to replace it, so expensive as it may be it should provide years of enjoyment to its purchasers. The concept and execution of this product will likely please anyone considering purchasing it and if there are indeed specialty expansion tiles planned for the future as mentioned in the recent issue of White Dwarf, then the worthwhile nature and fun value of this product will only go up over time.

I know this product will be a tough call for many people now due to the cost. Hopefully, this review will help some customers decide whether or not this product is right for them. Whether or not you were planning to buy the game board or not or even need something like it or not, check it out for yourself if and when you have the chance. It is pretty cool!

Sunday Odds and Ends...

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Hi guys a few little items that have been building up on this slow Sunday:

Dark Heresy Adventure Contest
Fantasy Flight Games has announced an official Dark Heresy Adventure Contest. The winner gets his work posted on the Fantasy Flight Games web site and receives a signed copy of Creatures Anathema, an upcoming bestiary book for Dark Heresy.

International Inquisition Day
Do you love smiting Daemons and putting Heretics to the torch? I know nothing else help's me ease the mind after a hard day at work. A group of Witchhunter and Daemonhunter players are putting together a little project so ask GW what's in store for their favorite Inquisition lists. If you're interested in helping them out check out the details here.

New Swag
Without doing something silly like moving ads around on the site I though I should instead just point out that I added a ton of new t-shirt and swag designs to the BoLS Store. Feel free to take a gander, and if you think I can crank out logosheets in no time, I'm even faster with t-shirts. If you have a cool idea you think would look cool (and is legal) let me know and I'll see if I can cook something up.

~Have a great one guys and keep your eye's peeled for more Macharian progress coming soon.

October 25, 2008

40k SNEAK PEEK: 2nd Wave Orks (Part 3)

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Images brought to the community by Warseer and

You all didn't really think we were done with orky goodness did you?

~I'm blown away by the grots and slaver kit. If the pricelist listed here is correct and you get 10 little dudes, a squig and slaver for $15, then its one of the best deals to come out of GW for a long while. Those plastic stormboyz ain't to shabby either... It almost brings a tear to my eye after seeing the ork player community have to toil and scratchbuild for so many years with those Gorkamorka trukks and ancient minis. It really is a green year!

NEWS: Mechanicum

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Mechanicum, the next novel in the Horus Heresy series from Black Library, will be available on November 25 in the USA according to This is a mass market paperback that lists for $7.99. The first 300 copies sold directly by Black Library will be signed by the author.

Another recent Black Library release, Titanicus is currently available for a limited time in a hardcover edition and is offered at a considerable discount off the list price at

TACTICA: Black Templars Introduction

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Guest Tactica by Darkwynn:

Hey guys today we have a quick and dirty primer on the Black Templars by one of the best Crusaders around, Darkwynn. This article will go into the basic strengths of the army and common buildouts you can both try out or expect to see on the 5th edition tabletop. Darkwynn, take it away...

Hi guys, Today let's go over the Black Templars, one of those armies that hasn’t gotten a lot of attention and has a lot of hidden strengths in 5th edition. The article is going to go over a brief breakdown and cover the basics of the army. The Black Templar army is currently one of the strongest hitting armies out there if not the strongest, hands down!

With the current set of Vows an the changes they underwent in 5th edition, the army can just be brutal. They have four vows to choose from but I am going to go over the main two you will se seeing:
-Accept any challenge no matter the odds: This is the bread and butter vow of the Black Templars. In 5th edition, this allows your whole army (except neophytes) to have the Preferred Enemy USR! This vow only gets better when you have more marines on the board. The vow is 50 points but well worth it if you have over 40 marines in your army.

-Abhor the Witch: This is the second vow that is very good and a lot of people don’t give it the proper credit. This vow can come in very handy as it can allow your squads a d6 inch move (which you can reroll with Crusader Seals) before the game to close the distant towards an enemy psyker. Basically this allows you to get into thier lines one turn earlier which usually can turn the game around for you. Do you remember any games where you knew you could have used that extra turn in assault to turn that close defeat into a victory? Enemy psykers are more common that most folks realize.

List archtypes:
There are three basic styles of list that the Black Templars excel at, but these work best if you use them in a "pure form" and don't mixed styles. Remember for all of these styles, your opponent is hard pressed as you can now run in the shooting phase, and any fire into your infantry usually only get them Righteous Zealing into assault even faster...yikes!

-Crusader Horde: Perhaps the most powerful list. This is really a tough army for anyone to play. It can beat down Orks and overwhelm marines. The only people who are going to give you a rough time are Jwolf’s IG >.< ( the list hates battle-cannons; and any other heavy ordinance list). The basic idea behind this list is to have so many bodies the foe can’t cut through you fast enough because you are running multiple 15 man squads. You are also staggering your charges so if one of your units charges or gets charged you are able to support them with two other units. Run your units in an interlocking chain. The con of this list is very little anti tank. I usually equip my squads with a powerfist and a metla gun and I can handle most of the tanks on the board. You just won’t have any long range hitting power. -Mechanized Crusaders: I Think mechanized lists are going to be growing in 5th edition quite a bit; especially with the growth of Orks in the tournament scene. The Mechanized list is usually one or two land raiders with rhinos cruising alongside for all your squads. This list is extremely fast and hard hitting. The best thing about this is it is fast enough to allow you to use divide and conquer tactics as you have much more ability to focus your efforts on isolated elements of the enemy. The list's problem however is once you start losing one or two tanks it can go downhill very fast. This list is the most flexible for any player and probably a good starter setup for new Black Templar players.

-Crusaders from the Sky: The dreaded drop-pod list. First off, I want to say for 1500 points or more you really need to get 8 or more drop pods in your list. Otherwise the army will be to hit or miss. The more drop pods the better as you can reliably get at least two or three drop pods per turn and not come in piece meal. Again this has some very good abilities with the army and fights in a similar way as the mechanized list does. You hit one side of the enemy army and overwhelm it.

~Thanks for reading this far, and keep your eye's peeled. I will be putting up sample armies for the three Templars Archtypes listed above soon for you all to play around with. lets hear what you think about the Black Templars and what you've seen on the 5th edition tabletop.

October 24, 2008

40K SNEAK PEAK: 2nd Wave Orks (Part 2)

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Images brought to the community bt Warseer's: MastroBurattinaio

Yet more Ork goodies from GD Italy

~Maybe its just me, but "Orki Kapi" makes me think those Nobz should be wearing pinstripes, fedoras, and wielding tommy-gun shootas :) How I love Italy.

October 23, 2008

REVIEW: Imperial Armour Masterclass Vol:1

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~A guest review by: RedScorpionsGirl

Imperial Armour Master Class Volume 1, the newest book produced by Forge World, was just released on 17 October 2008. This book, written by Phil Stutcinskas and Mark Bedford, brings you into the world of Golden Daemon quality painting and modeling. When you open to the contents (if you are lucky, you will get one of the first 500 that have been autographed by both authors, as I was lucky enough to) you will find it rather simple, but to the point.

Table of Contents

-Tools and Equipment
-Renegade Medusa
-Cadian Stormsword
-Krieg Macharius
-Krieg Macharius Vanquisher
-D-Battery, 45th Artillery Company
-Marching to the Front
-Krieg Malcador
-Imperial Airbase Typha-IV
-Marauder Destroyer
-Marauder Bomber
-Tau Tiger Shark AX-1-0
-Tau Barracuda
-Siege of Vraks, Sector 577-449

It starts as one would expect, going over tools and equipment used throughout the book, the basics such as primer, knives, files, etc. to epoxy, white spirit, Klear floor polish, screen wash, weathering powders, hairspray, airbrush with compressor and an unusual use for the contents of a used water filter. Each of the items is allocated a paragraph or so to explain its uses when you continue on. (To answer what the water filter contents are for, Rivets! It is explained in the book how this is accomplished) Very unusual uses for some of the most common household items in some cases.

On to the modeling, the first tank on the list is the Renegade Medusa. Being the first of the builds, this is the ONLY tank that is completely built within the confines of the article. They start off by showing you the bundle of plastic sprues and the resin components of the kit and go from the ground up building it. Unfortunately to some, this is the only tank they lavish this much time on, one can only assume they were trying to convey the idea of not treating the reader like a complete novice and they are looking to the book for inspiration on fine detailing for their finished model. The best ways to take the surplus blocks of resin (called feeds) off and removing flash without damaging anything is discussed, as well as shown in large clear photographs. (everyone knows how trying the larger blocks can be) Extra details are lavished onto this tank throughout the article with detailed directions and good close up images through the steps.

Track hangers are constructed, details added to the dozer blade, barrel drilling and more are discussed and shown. Making tow cables with parts of the original pieces of the plastic one combined with picture hanging wire is discussed (complete directions with pictures) as well as distressing track guards and more. Battle damage (while it’s an amusing thought that all of the tanks just rolled out of Mars production facilities….umm..sure, NOT) is brought up, with a full page devoted to it with the how to. (only 6 steps) The authors bring up several points within the entire text of the book, noting one in particular in regards to this tank, “one can imagine that the once revered Imperial iconography would have no place in a Chaos army. I am sure that one of the first jobs that the Chaos militia crews would have done to their newly requisitioned vehicles would have been to attack the hated Imperial eagles with grinders!” The exquisite detailing continues with instructions on making spare tracks to hang on the tank, grab handles and more.

Next comes the painting process. They go over airbrushing, as well as a few techniques to bring rust to the model, paint chipping, oil and debris (ie. gearing assemblies that would need lubrication), and painting the fighting compartment interior. Continuing with the painting at this point, they move onto the camouflage, showing how to use low tack masking tape and an airbrush to accomplish this. They then complete the tank with weathering, rusting, mud and dust, shell strikes on the armour plating, and finishing up the tread. The final touches are rusting the dozer blade using hairspray, working with some of the brass etches, and finishing up the tow ropes and spare track links.

This tank build is extremely informative, and covers pages 12-33 in the book, as they break down and show you how to do a lot of the different techniques that produce the final tank shown on the last 4 pages. It is a great read to see just how many different techniques and ideas were used to complete the final piece.

Moving on through the book you find several finished models they use to show you how to apply different techniques to. Some of these techniques include oil and grease, rust paint, dust and dried mud, flamer turrets, leaking fuel, lenses, weathering, highlighting paint chips, and more. You are shown a single shot in most cases of the tank before any of the techniques are applied but the focus of the photography is the end result.

The next detailed build consists of making a diorama. This diorama, being D- Battery 45th Artillery Company, is rather extensive, consisting of a dug-in Earthshaker Cannon, and a Trojan delivering artillery supplies as well as all of the expected crew milling about. The pieces themselves have already been finished, and this article focuses on building the diorama itself. The weathering of the tanks is discussed, and then it moves onto building the diorama. Forge World trench sections are the mainstay to build the emplacement the cannon sits behind.

A sturdy wooden base is the start of this, with the main sections of the diorama built up with insulation foam. The article continues through to explain how to make it look as if they have been there for quite some time, mud churned up and that its location has been shelled several times as well. Adding details, like the spots that have been shelled as well as areas of reinforcement with sandbags is shown, then it is built up from there, starting with a mix of household filler, PVA glue, grit, sand, gravel and scorched brown paint as well as all the extra bits and such that were planned out. They then proceed through the painting and finishing process for the base itself, painting anything that needs to be detailed separately and adding it to the base when the time is right. The Trojan is added, as well as the finishing touches on the Earthshaker Cannon are made, and then the crew that will be in the diorama are discussed and painted appropriately. The entire article spans pages 66-85 with the last 4 pages devoted to the pictures of the final project.

Pressing further into the book you find an article on modeling and painting mud, winter camouflage, and creating the Imperial Air Base Typha-IV. The Air Base is the beginning of the aircraft section, encompassing detailing both styles of Marauders, a Thunderbolt, a Valkyrie, a Tau Tiger Shark AX-1-0, and a Tau Barracuda. Within each of these two page spreads, there is highlight on where the paint scheme was derived (in most cases Forge World’s book Tactica Aeronautica provided the inspiration for the paint scheme) and highlighting a few of the finishing touches that are unique to each of them respectively.

The final build is the Siege of Vraks Sector 577-449 battlefield. This is an interesting article as it goes through making a modular gaming table. It was being made to go to Gamesday 2006, with a starting size of 4’x2’ and looking at a finished size of 12’x4’. They go through the making of the boards, and how to make sure everything lines up so it is truly modular, with everything being able to work both together and separately. They delve into shaping the foam, then move to texturing the boards, fine details and painting it. The last 8 pages of the article and book respectively are devoted to showing the finished product, with Titans fighting on the last two. A couple of the techniques mentioned previously in the book were pointed out on the Titans as well.

~Overall the book is a good read. A lot of good information awaits you, and some unusual techniques, tips and household items to use that will, with a little time and practice make your model truly unique. The only downside, in my opinion was the extensive use of the Death Cops of Krieg models within it. It seems it would have been a more diverse book if they incorporated a model from each of the races if they are going to show different techniques and ideas. While it is great for the Guard/Krieg enthuiasist, something that also incorporates the Orks, Eldar/Dark Eldar, Space Marines, and Inquisition would provide a little bit of something for everyone. It has been mentioned that this is the first book in a possible series of Masterclass books, so hopefully this is the intention, each of the volumes having a main focus, but also touching on several other models as well.

Four Stars **** (out of 5)

October 22, 2008

Macharian Crusade: The Battle of Hoight

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Greetings everybody! The Battle for the Paradise World of Hoight was fought this week by the forces of the General Lysander's 4th Army Group. This verdant paradise was discovered deep within the Argolis Cluster. It was defended by an advanced human culture whose military termed themselves the Paladins. This is a after action report of the climax of the campaign.

First, a brief description of the forces:

+++Report Begins ~ Lysander+++
4th Army Group; Hoight Invasion Taskforce
4th Army, General Lysander commanding
41st Field Kitchen Platoon (10 Ratlings)

21st Tallarn Desert Raider Company (Colonel Raz Aziz)
(Crusade Formation)

407/1 Hellhound Hellstorm Formation (6)
(Imperial Armour: Apocalypse formation)

423rd Tank Company (Hive-Marshall Stanislaw; Steel Legion)
423/1 Leman Russ Battle Tank Squadron (3)
423/2 Leman Russ Demolisher Squadron (3)
423/3 Leman Russ Vanquisher Squadron (3)

4111 Superheavy Battalion

The Warhound Titan ‘Indomitable Vengeance’; Legio Metalica

The Paladins of Hoight

Home Guard, Psyker-General Velatorin commanding
Paladin Lascannon Defense (craploads of Lascannon support teams)

Old Guard
5 Platoons of Lascannon Infantry
Leman Russ Tank Squadron (3)
Baneblade Formation (3)
Shadowsword Titan Killer

Raveners (2x3)
Hormagaunts (2x20)

Once objective were placed, the deployment over, the Scout moves of the Fast Attack over (Lysander allows all Fast Attack to make a full move after deployment), and a 4 rolled for first turn, the Imperials opened fire.

Imperial Turn 1:
The Titan and Vanquishers laid into the Shadowsword, doing 2 structure points, immobilizing it, and nearly destroying the main gun. The Stormsword and Hellhammer fired into the front ranks of the Hoight defenders, tearing huge gaps in the lines. The Hellhounds laid out 2 Hellstorm templates that terrified the Hoight defenders – if this formation was allowed to fire for 3 turns, neither man nor tree would be alive. The Battle Tanks fired on the enemy Battle Tanks, accomplishing little other than random destruction of nearby defenders. On the far right flank, 2 Tallarn Platoons destroyed the Exocrine with accurate missile and plasma fire. On the far left, the Demolishers advanced.

Hoight Turn 1:
The Shadowsword fired at the Stormsword, causing no damage. The Baneblades battered 2 Hellhounds and dropped multiple blasts on the Tallarn forces clustered around the Sacred Grove in the left-center, killing dozens and forcing the survivors to go to ground. The remaining fire of the Hoight forces killed a few more defenders, battered 2 more of the Hellhounds, but overall accomplished nothing significant.

Imperial Turn 2:
The Orbital Bombardment (Strategic Asset) was executed by the orbiting Battleship Oasis, turning the Disruptor Beacon and the reserved Hoight Hellhound into portions of the glazed lining of a 50m radius crater. The Vanquishers placed 3 accurate shots into the Shadowsword, resulting in another smoking hole in the Hoight defenses. More defenders were incinerated by the Hellhounds, but the Baneblades proved capable of absorbing all the anti-tank fire of the Warhound, Demolisher squadron, and remaining Imperial attackers.

Hoight Turn 2:
The Paladin unleashed their burrowing monstrosity upon the Leman Russ squadron. A daring landing behind the Vanquisher squadron was met by a Tallarn ambush, killing most of the attackers who then poured fire into a Vanquisher, destroying it. The Hellhounds took even more beating, finally losing a member and seeing most of the Inferno cannon’s removed. The Baneblades punished the Tallarn infantry near the Sacred Grove even more, but their faith was a mighty shield yet again.

Imperial Turn 3:
With the Disruptor Beacon finally disabled, the Tallarn poured through the Sacred Groves into the Hoight lines. Only a single Lascannon scattered, emerging inside a Hoight Baneblade with his knife and pistol at the ready. The Warhound finally hit it’s stride, killing 2 Baneblades with blasts from the Turbolasers. The Trygon was killed with massed infantry fire and the deadly shooting of the cooks of the 42st Field Kitchen. As it lunged forward for a last strike, Lysander personally placed a shot from the Fang of Tallarn into its brain, laying it low. The Hoight defenders were nearly eliminated from all the Sacred Groves by the assaulting Tallarn forces.

Hoight Turn 3:
The beasts boiled forth from the hole left by their Trygon. Raveners assaulted the Leman Russ squadron, only to be stymied by the improved side skirts of the Steel Legion. An entire platoon of Tallarn infantry disappeared under a tidal wave of Hormagaunts. Colonel Raz-Aziz saw his command Chimera destroyed, and order his veteran command forward to assault the Hoight command on their hill.

Imperial Turn 4:
The Raveners were blasted from existence by combined fire. The Hormagaunts faced even more dreadful fire from Hellhounds, infantry, and the Warhound Titan. Tallarn veterans assaulted Hoight defenders all along the lines. The Tallarn assault elements, all led by veteran officers decorated with the Golden Aquila and Companion of Solar, slaughtered the Paladins as brutal repayment for the assaults of the beasts and the punishing fire of the Baneblades. The last Baneblade was destroyed, the Leman Russ squadron vaporized, and the Hoight command was left to face its fate almost alone.

Hoight Turn 4:
The Hoight command advanced to seek terms of honorable surrender, apparently unfamiliar with the Tallarn Desert Raiders’ philosophy of battle.

+++Report Ends ~Lysander+++

October 21, 2008

HOBBY: Space Marine Drop Pod Construction Essentials

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Now that the Drop Pod model has been in the hands of customers for a few weeks there are lots of these kits around in various stages of construction and painting. One thing I learned early on in building my first Drop Pod was that this model is a lot more intricate than many other GW vehicle kits and there are a few tricky bits that are not that well-covered in the instructions that come in the box. This article will briefly describe some of the tips and tricks I've found that make assembling and painting the Drop Pod easier and less prone to error. 'ere we go!

There are three common errors I've seen repeatedly on this model. One concerns the assembly of the interior passenger harnesses, another the gun turret, and the third relates to the doors. Let's take them in turn.

First, the harnesses are often problematic because it is not obvious that one of the ten of them is unique. The unique harness has a skull on it and round pins rather than square ones for gluing. The round pins fit only into one side of one part that otherwise looks identical to four other pieces. Test fitting these bits before assembly will ensure that the proper harness is paired with the proper piece to which it attaches. Related to this issue is the interior pedestal around which the harnesses are attached. Again, all of the pieces are nearly identical, but not quite. One and only of the upright pieces on the pedestal has a keypad. The harness with the skull on it is supposed to face the keypad section of the pedestal. An inset photo in the Drop Pod instructions attempts to make this clear, but from my own experience building this model and from looking at those built by other people, it's not all that clear. Click the photo below for what is hopefully a clearer close-up look at how this is supposed to work:

The second most common error concerns the gun turret. Many people are gluing this on in a fixed position. However, if you insert the plastic hub pin that goes through the intake on the top of the Drop Pod without glue on it, then put glue on the end of the pin after it is inserted, then attach the gun turret mount to the end of the pin, your gun turret will freely rotate.

The third most common error is not cleaning the mold lines off of the bottom of the doors. If you don't scrape these flat then the doors will not close all the way. You might want to shave these down a little more than seems necessary because when you add paint to the door bottoms and the base of the model, the added thickness may also prevent the doors from closing or rub the paint off due to friction. This model is very carefully engineered and the clearance on the doors is extremely close.

When I built my Drop Pod, I found it easiest to build and paint it in this manner:
- Build the entire interior harness system and paint it.
- Paint the interior base, then glue the harness system to it.
- Paint the bottom of the Drop Pod.
- Assemble the doors and paint them.
- Assemble and paint the upper intake assembly with gun.
- Paint the fins.
- Glue the bottom and the interior base together with the now painted or mostly painted doors inserted into their proper slots.
- Glue one or two fins onto the base and upper intake assembly. Now glue on the rest of the fins.
- Finish painting the model as needed, then matte seal.

The pictures used in this article are of the first Drop Pod I built and painted for my new custom Space Marine chapter. For anyone who missed it, there's a painting guide for the Space Marine Captain model I painted for this army back in September. The picture at top shows a side view of my Drop Pod and the picture below a top view that allows you to see the little painting flourish I've added to the intake hub. I hope this guide helps some of you get your Drop Pods built and painted just the way you'd like while avoiding some potentially annoying assembly errors. With alien peril at every turn, it's essential that the Space Marines have their equipment in good working order. Have fun!

October 20, 2008

Weekend gaming - Battle of the Austin Stores!!!

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I was lucky enough to be invited as one of the participants in the inter store tournament between BattleForge Games and Dragon's Lair. Since I am one of the local ork players, I've decided to throw down with the green horde. The tournament is a 2 day affair, and each team consists of 4 players. We play a total of 4 games each. The point total is 2000 points and the normal 5th edition tournament rules are being used.

But enough of all of that, why am I talking about this? Well first of all I wanted to show two lists and get opinions on each one, as well as give a preview of an upcoming tournament report. I know that it has been lacking on Bell's lately, so I've decided to throw down with a Batrep of the tournament.

Now onto the lists. I have two different builds that are fully painted and I want to see what the Bell's community thinks.

List one - Nob Bikerz mixed with Horde

HQ: Warboss, pk, bosspole, cybork, bike, attack squig
HQ: Big Mek, Shokk Attack Gun
Troops 1: Nobz (8), Bikez, PK (3), Bosspole, Waagh Banner, Painboy, Cybork Body
Troops 2: Shoota Boyz (29), Rokkits (3), Nob, Bosspole, PK
Troops 3: Shoota Boyz (29), Rokkits (3), Nob, Bosspole, PK
Troops 4: Slugga/Choppa (29), Big Shootas (3), Nob, Bosspole, PK
Elites: Lootas (15)
Fast Attack: Deff Koptas (3), TWL Rokkits (3)
Fast Attack: Deff Koptas (3), TWL Rokkits (3)

Scoring: 4 Killpoints: 9 Rokkits: 12 with 6 TWL

List two - BW and Friends!!!

HQ: Warboss, pk, bosspole, cybork, attack squig
HQ: Big Mek, Burna, Field
Troops 1: Nobz (8), PK (4), Bosspole, Waagh Banner, Painboy, Cybork Body
Troops 2: Shoota Boyz (29), Rokkits (3), Nob, Bosspole, PK
Troops 3: Shoota Boyz (29), Rokkits (3), Nob, Bosspole, PK
Troops 4: Slugga/Choppa (29), Big Shootas (3), Nob, Bosspole, PK
Troops 5: Trukk Boyz (11), Big Shoota, Nob, Bosspole, PK, Trukk
Troops 6: Trukk Boyz (11), Big Shoota, Nob, Bosspole, PK, Trukk
Elites: Lootas (15)
Heavy:: BattleWagon, Deffrolla, Big Shoota (2)

Scoring: 6 Killpoints: 12 Rokkits: Only 6...

Both are fully painted and correctly modeled etc. Both are completely different play styles and I want to see what everyone thinks. Both are right at 2000 points and both have the bits I like (Nobz, cool boss, nobz).

Look for a report next week. And for those interested, here is the BW I finished up as well as some new art for the next army I'm planning.

If you have any questions about the list or want to know more, shoot me an email. And again, the link below takes you to my art and miniature commission site.

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