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November 30, 2008

Fire Hawks Logo Sheet

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"In the year 963.M41 the Fire Hawks were sent to the Crows World subsector against Eldar pirates. The entire chapter-fleet, including the chapter's mobile space-fortress Raptorus Rex, made a successful warp jump from the Piraeus system 120 light years from Crows World. The five ships, over eight hundred brethren, and two thousand other personnel expected to reach Crows World within no more than 12 hours. They never arrived.

Twenty years after the event the chapter was officially declared lost in the warp and presumed destroyed. The great Bell of Lost Souls tolled a thousand times, and it said that the Emperor himself ordered a Black Candle to be lit in the Adeptus Chapel of Fallen Heroes."

Its finally the Fire Hawk's turn. This chapter, borne of the 21st "Cursed" Founding has a very close tie with BoLS. One could call the Fire Hawks our Godfather chapter, as the origin of the Bell of Lost Souls in 40k canon is in the original Legion of the Damned article that described their origins in the unfortunate chapter.

We are doing them now as part of the Badab War campaign book, but they really are a cool chapter. How cool is it to throw down on the tabletop with the chapter that becomes the Legion of the Damned? Did I mention their chapter scheme is yellow with flames...not to mention the nuclear blast symbol. Enjoy guys!

We have been noting for a while that GW does a great job of covering the "Big 4" chapters with their decal sheets. However, there are a number of great looking 2nd and later Founding chapters who get a good amount of back-story and have great alternative uniform colors that never have had decals produced for them. In the interest of promoting diversity in the Space Marine community and encouraging players to branch out beyond the "Big-4", I continue our line of logo sheets for some of these other chapters who I think look great and have no GW decal support.

Here is the link to the PDF file for the logo sheet you can freely pull down and use:

Download Here

The sheet is designed for printout on decal printer paper which is easily available online. These decals are designed for the CLEAR decal paper. The procedure is as follows:

CLEAR PAPER: If you use the clear decals, the decals need to be applied to a white colored surface to be visible at all. The procedure for applying the "outline only" decals is to apply them to a white surface, and wait till they are fully dried. Then paint in the Fire Hawk's yellow around the logos. It is odd, but gets the job done.

Click here for a detailed Custom Decal Tutorial

This sheet is sized for superheavy vehicles up towards the top and scales down to marine scout shoulderpad size at the very bottom. I have included the standard "nuclear blast" chapter logo first described in the Rogue Trader Badab War article. Please make sure you run off a test sheet first on your printer to make sure.

In any case, enjoy and I wish you the best in using this set for your forces.

~Please feel free to leave comments if there is a special Chapter, Craftworld, or something else you would love to collect, but have no GW decal options, and I will see what I can do.

November 29, 2008

NEWS: Adepticon 2009 Registration Opens

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AdeptiCon 2009 Registration Now Open!

Registration for the “can’t miss” miniature wargaming event of the year is now open! AdeptiCon 2009 will return on April 3rd to the Chicagoland area for our seventh year of Games Workshop and other miniature wargaming madness.

Click here to check out our new and improved lineup of events!

Pre-register online at:

This year we will be moving to the Westin Lombard Yorktown Center in Lombard, IL, located just outside of Chicago.

AdeptiCon 2009 Hotel Information
The Westin Lombard Yorktown Center
70 Yorktown Center
Lombard, Illinois 60148
Phone: (630) 719-8000
Fax: (630) 719-8079
AdeptiCon Room Rate: $109.00/night
Group rate available until March 11, 2009 (Subject to availability)
Parking: Free

Reservations can be made by calling the The Westin Lombard Yorktown Center directly (1-630-719-8000) or by visiting

Full details of our new host can be found on

Register Early!
Pre-register online and your AdeptiCon Weekend Badge (required for entry to all AdeptiCon events) will be discounted to $25. This discounted price will be available until January 31, 2009.

On February 1st, the price for the AdeptiCon Weekend Badge will go up to $30, so don’t delay and register online today at

What’s New at AdeptiCon 2009
We’ve added new events to the roster this year, including a Lord of the Rings singles tournament, a 2-day Blood Bowl tournament, a new Warhammer Historical demo, and a new, improved lineup of Hobby Seminars.

Many of our signature events have been modified and updated, including the Warhammer 40K Gladiator, which now offers players a chance to field 2250 point armies in four rounds of no-holds barred competition. Read the new rules for all events carefully – even if its got the same name as before, there may be differences you don’t want to be surprised by!

AdeptiCon 2009 Allowed 40K Units/Codexes
Are you wondering exactly what is allowed at AdeptiCon for 40K players? Wonder no longer – download our list of allowed 40K rules/codexes, and our list of allowed 40K ForgeWorld units from the links below.

Register Today!
Remember, your AdeptiCon Weekend Badge will be available for $25 until January 31, 2009. All events are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so register online today and reserve your spot at AdeptiCon 2009.

~The Fly Lords will be there and we hope to see as many of you as can make it.

NEWS: Forgeworld Price Adjustment

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And not the kind you think...

Just in from the latest Forgeworld news release... an across the board prise DECREASE! Read below:

Forge World Will be Passing on UK Tax Reduction to its Customers Recently, the UK Government has decided to reduce the rate of Value Added Tax (the UK sales tax) on all products subject to it by 2.5%, reducing it from 17.5% to 15%.

As a result Forge World will be passing on the effect of this reduction to all its customers with immediate effect, which will be represented by a reduction in our prices. All orders placed on our online store from now on will be processed and charged at these new lower rates, (except for our book products, which are not subject to VAT.)

This is great news for all our customers worldwide, because although this is a UK tax change, we have decided to apply these new lower prices to all the orders placed directly with Forge World, not just those from within the UK. This means that Forge World models are now lower in price for everyone.

~Once again, this news combined with the recent surge in the value of the US Dollar versus the Pound Sterling makes this good time to splurge for Forgeworld if there is something you US readers have had your eye's on. I know I'm getting another Firestorm turret to beef up my Eldar Riposte Host.

November 28, 2008

PAINTING: Bigred's Dark Elves Grow

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Hi all,

Here's a little followup post regarding that Dark Elf army i've been working up for my initial foray into Fantasy. Since the last time we chatted, I've fulfilled my promise of not buying any more fantasy minis until every single one I bought with my initial purchase got painted up. So here they are. I've got the army color theme established and just need to really go into "factory production mode" So far we have:

10 Cold One Knights
10 Shades
1 Lokhir Fellheart

I'm off to pick up a Dark Elf Batallion box which will get me:

20 Corsairs
5 Cold Ones
16 Warriors w/ crossbows
12 Warriors w/spears & shields

~I've been playing a few games and am still quite shaky but starting to get my Fantasy "sea legs". I know a bunch of you guys play both systems, so what is you advice for my next set of purchases to build upon this core to get a lean and mean 2250 pt army? Note than I am a big fan of the Cold One Knights models, and I really like the Repeater Bolt Throwers.

November 27, 2008

OPEN THREAD: Happy Thanksgiving!

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~Have a Happy Thankgiving from everyone here at BoLS! Open thread, so have at it...gobble,gobble.

November 26, 2008

Tournament and GT thoughts...

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Anyone who pays attention to the metagame of 40k and the results of the GT's must be wondering, how the hell do you deal with orks? When you look at the top players in most of the GT's this year, you see a creeping sensation of green all over the upper tables. So if you are thinking of throwing some dice in any type of event, you better be prepared to face some green and hope that the waagh roll comes up a 1. So today, I want to go through some thoughts that might help out your armies versus the oncoming wave of smelly jerks that run out of some kind of cobbled together monstrosity.

In order to beat orks, you need to first look at their strengths.

1. Cheap as hell!! One ork boy with 2 to 3 attacks based, with WS 4 and Toughness 4 for 6 points a piece is just about insane. Mix that with a really good gun (18" Assault 2) and you have a mean threat that can put a lot of hurt out on a unit if they hit.

2. Fearless without being fully fearless. The mob rule is a pretty sweet ability that allows to ignore a lot of methods that are normally used for large squads of guys. Plus, once you get down to under 10 in assault, you still can have a high leadership due to having 9 or so boyz.

3. Orks Power Klaws are still effective, due to having a larger amount of attacks (3) for the model that can take a Power Fists. Most of the time, you are looking at 2 attacks with a fist for any other army, but with nobz you get 3 base, 4 on the charge. That is more then enough to put a squishin' on something.

4. Large units means you can cover more then one objective, if you placed them close together.

5. Did I saw cheap?

The big issue with most tournaments is that people are not changing their lists for 5th edition. The influx of objective marker games has created the whole, look for the goodies instead of just killing the opponent. Mix that with a large push for everything getting cover, and you have a game that no longer is as dominated by shooting the hell out of your opponent. These things are why the new ork codex has put an iron grip on the tournament scene. You have an army that can throw down large units, that are constantly getting cover saves, as well as being extremely efficient in combat. Since people are playing the goodies game, orks can cover a ton of ground, and thus grab a lot of the goodies. So how do you combat this?

1. Take lots and lots of templates that can cover a ton of models. Yeah they get cover saves, but if you are wounding 10+ models, you will still be killing 5+ at a time. And once you get the unit under 15, it becomes less scary and easier to manager.

2. Flamers are great. Orks have crap for armor, so basically you are hitting 4+ models per template and wounding half of them. If you have a flamer with a higher strength, then just watch as you roast a ton of the green off those bastards.

3. Use dedicated assault units. Khorne Bezerkers are great at tearing apart 30 man orks squads. Hell marine assaults squads also can put a hurting on orks and cause them to take fearless wounds at the end of combat. Thunder hammer terminator squads are death squads to just about any unit they touch, especially orks.  If you win by 10, and they are still fearless, they are taking 10 more wounds.  If that doesn't kill them off, the next round of combat should and you will get a free d6 movement to get closer and put some hurting on the boyz.

4. Castle up, don't spread out. If you take a corner and make them come at you, you will force them to funnel their units. Once they start funneling, your templates will start eating large chunks of their army out.

5. Don't be afraid to sacrifice a unit in order to get the orks to assault the way you want them too. Remember, if they kill out the squad, they are left there to sit around and you can easily take out lots with template weapons. Flamers lover models after an assault.

6. 14 armor is a pain in the butt for orks to deal with. The only thing with str 10 is the warboss, and you can easily take him out with what is in your Land Raider.

These are some things that people need to think about when putting together their armies. The ork armies you are seeing right now, can be easily handled with just a little bit of thought. Of course there are ways for the orks to change to help combat this, but the games should not be as one sided as it looks in the tournament.

Armies to look at, if orks are becoming a problem in your area.

1. Chaos: Lash is great versus orks. Mix that with most of your units being good in assault, means you have a great way to deal with the green skins. You also have access to templates as well as some solid units to help dish out some hurt.

2. Marines: Thunder hammer terminators are death squads for any army. Why weren't we seeing more of them at the GT? I am not sure, but if any one of those squads hit a nob biker unit, don't expect your 800+ pt unit to survive the hammer beatings. Why wasn't Shrike out there making your terminators fleet. Or why wasn't there 3 Land Raiders with 3 squads of hammer men hanging out and putting the smack down on people?

3. Sisters: Constantly Leadership 9, mixed with auto killing weapons (Exorcists for nobz) and lots and lots of flamers gives you a great chance versus just about anything orks throw at you. Mix that with a great anti horde weapon (bolter) and troop transports with flaming death on it, and you have a good army that can combat the ork monstrosity.

4. IG: Templates, templates and more templates. Lots and lots of orks die if you get hit by tank templates. And hell, the scatter doesn't matter as much, as the unit is 30+ big.

5. Nurgle Daemons: Not the best army, but they sure do a great job killing orks. High toughness mixed with taking off attacks can put a hurt on anything orky. Mix that with a unit that can throw out a big template and is pretty impervious to most ork weapons (Soul grinder) and you have a mixture that is pretty scary for orks.

So there you go, some things to think about if you are playing lots and lots of greenskins in your local store. Now how do orks deal with this new threat of pain from other armies? Welp that is another article as I go into how orks need to evolve to deal with the changes in the tournament scene.

Some new art here. Look for an article about my building a chaos mortals army and painting it up for paint challenge from my local store owner. But enough of that, here is a pic.

If you have any questions about the list or want to know more, shoot me an email. And again, the link below takes you to my art and miniature commission site.

EVENT: Bargains at GW Bizarre Bazaar

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The next Bizarre Bazaar customer flea market at Games Workshop stores across the U.S. will be on December 6 and 7. These flea markets are a great way for GW hobbyists to buy, sell and trade GW products amongst themselves. Whether you are looking to sell off some unwanted product so you can buy new, trade some items for another, or seeking a rare collectible model from days of yore, Bizarre Bazaar is where you ought to be. You never know what items you might find in another hobbyist's bargain bin. You might even find that rare out of print model you've always wanted.

Don't hesitate, pack up those no longer wanted or used items and head off to your local GW store on the morning of December 6. And here's a tip from experience, get there early to make sure you don't miss the best bargains or if you're selling, some of your best potential customers.

I've been able to subsidize my hobby nicely since GW started having these flea markets in 2007. I've sold a lot of older items I no longer used in order to pay for a lot of nice new models and game books. I've also made some great trades where no one spent any money, but everyone walked away happy with something they wanted. Some of the bargains I've seen at these events include an LotR Mumak for $25, Land Raiders new in box for $30, Eldar Wraithguard for $4 each and once I even saw a $1 for each metal model bin. I've also found the flea markets to be tremendous fun and I've met a lot of nice new people at previous Bizarre Bazaar events. If you've never been to Bizarre Bazaar before, I highly recommend it.

DESIGN CHALLENGE: Star Phantoms Scheme Edition

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OK guys,

After exhausting every scrap of background we can find, we've struck out on the paint scheme for the Badab War's Star Phantoms.

This chapter was brought into the warzone after several years and charged with assaulting Badab itself and smashing the Astral Claws. They have an entire piece of fiction dedicated to them in Cities of Death, yet no images, or even hints as to thier appearance appear.

Thats where you guys come in!

In one week I will select the best Chapter scheme submissions and put them up for a BoLS reader poll. The winning scheme gets into the Badab book. The submission rules are:

1) The Deadline is December 3rd.
2) The submission should be created using Bolter and Chainsword's superb space marine painter tool. (you may have to do a screen capture and cut out the image)
3) Make the marine background white. (not the gridlines)
4) Throw in a short explanation for the color scheme and armor/equipment options selected. (2 sentences max)
5) Submit the image and the text to the BoLS emailbox (top right column) with the subject line "STAR PHANTOMS".
6) For Extra Credit you can attach a suggested Chapter Logo.

~Turn on those artistic skill and good luck! The title image is an Black Templar example of the type of image we're looking for.

November 25, 2008

EVENT: Black Friday, Tanksgiving Update!

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Games Workshop will be having a special Black Friday Celebration on Friday, November 28. Special merchandise will be available on that day. Visit the GW Black Friday Events web page for full details.

Also part of the Black Friday weekend-long celebration will be the Tanksgiving Armor Clash I posted about last week. This super-mega-multi-store event will occur in GW stores all across the U.S. on Saturday, November 29. Here's the latest information about it from this week's GW e-newsletter:
Saturday: Tanksgiving
It's back and bigger and badder than ever! You will not only be playing against opponents across the table, but across the entire country! We're going for the biggest simultaneous tank battle ever recorded. So while you're shelling the Defiler thirty inches away, pick up the phone and call in an Orbital Bombardment thirty states away!

There's a special announcement about Tanksgiving in the Black Friday Events section of the GW website. Note that there are also Warhammer Fantasy and Lord of the Rings events as well. These are called "The Summoning" and "Dark Riders" respectively. Visit the links provided in this article for more information.

If you want to keep up with all the latest news on these kinds of events, GW has a newsletter which you can receive regularly via email. You can get on the newsletter mailing list by signing up for it at the Games Workshop website.

Being a fan of all things Chaos and happy to display it too, I have to get myself one of those terrific Black Friday special limited edition Four Powers of Chaos T-shirts. I will be at the store when the doors open to make sure I get one. Chaos must be served!

Images from the Baltimore GT

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Hi all,

Kind reader Auxellion forwarded these links to YouTube slideshows he made from the 2008 Baltimore GT. They are pretty well done and give a nice feel of taking part in these types of events.

Baltimore GT 2008

Baltimore GT 2008 Armies

~I know many, many of you have never gone to a major 40k or Fantasy event, but if it at all interests you you should try it at least once. I remember at first I was intimidated by the concept, but it really is just a big gathering of folks like you who truly love the hobby. In the end, its the people , the great armies, and the conversations that are the most compelling reasons to keep going to these things.

REVIEW: Mathias Thulmann, Witch Hunter

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Timo is back with our latest Black Library review:

Mathias Thulmann, Witch Hunter– C.L. Werner

As most Black Library collector’s editions, this book contains three short stories as well as three books belonging to the same series, the only difference being that the stories were actually written chronologically (the first short story was penned in 2001, the last book in 2008).

Mathia Thulmann and his shady companion Streng are sent to investigate mysterious murders in a community, where they uncover the strange doings of an undead and his necromant, who are in search of a grimoire full of evil spells, "Das Buch Die Unholden". Quite a few strands of plot are joined over the course of the three related novels; all protagonists and antagonists seems to be on the prowl for this dark opus in one way or another, thereby establishing the story’s leitmotif. Due to this, the novels connect to one another perfectly, which creates a perfect Omnibus. Thulmann’s antagonists range from mad scientists to Skaven, turning this book into a downright case of dog eat dog. Every character involved is driven only by his own selfish interests, which results in a daring yet very crafty story.

Over the course of the book, a plethora of additional information breathes life into the character Mathias Thulmann. Not only do we find out about his thoughts and moral values, the story also sheds some light upon dark events in his past, and so the witch hunter becomes more vivid. The difference becomes clear when we compare this to the short stories from the time between 2001 and 2004, where the character seems more like an action hero straight out of an 80’s B movie. He comes across as a cold and two-dimensional entity with a smart catch phrase always ready to be said.This goes to show that the story’s main character is not the only one who undergoes major development; C.L. Werner evidently makes some progress as a writer.

Still my favorite character here is Streng. This mercenary and witch hunter’s side-kick drinks, hits on women, enjoys torture and has his own special view of the concept of "honor". He fits perfectly into Warhammer Fantasy’s dark world view.

Werner puts German terms to use relatively well, so they don’t give away the plot or make you laugh unwillingly if you are familiar with the German language. This is actually the case with some Warhammer Fantasy RPG adventures as well as a few Blood Bowl novels, where, for example, the horse’s name is "Pferd", which is really just German for "horse".

I only had a problem with this book’s open ending, which leaves situations unfinished and calling for a sequel. After reading 761 pages it disappoints me to see "to be continued" written at the very end. Closed endings like those of the Gaunt’s Ghosts or the Gotrek and Felix series just sit better with me.

So this Omnibus is a good read all in all, even if it will not find a spot in the top ranks of all Warhammer novels.

~3.5 Stars (out of 5)

~Bigred here. As usual comments are welcome and expect to see more novel reviews from Timo in the days ahead.

November 24, 2008

SNEAK PEEK: 2nd Wave Orks and Lizardmen

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Hi All,

As some industrious readers have noted, the GW 2009 Catalog has hit the stores and includes some nice little peeks at certain of the upcoming Lizardmen and Ork minis headed our way this January and February.

Check these shots out. We've seen the models before, but here are additional shots of them all painted up. Enjoy guys.

~That battlewagon is a real interesting kit. There are some kits that just scream out for you to buy them even in the plastic. Yet there are others which seem to magicly transform into amazing kits as soon as they get paint on them. Just compare the painted battlewagon kit to these pics to see what I'm talking about.

November 22, 2008

Victor Hardy's Chaos Deamons Army

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Hi all,

Its been a long time since we've done an painting collection post. Last night I was playing a game and glanced over to the next table to see none other than two-time Slayer Sword winner Victor Hardy, throwing down on the tabletop against Darkwynn's Black Templars.

I quickly forget whatever I was previously doing, grabbed the camera and introduced myself. Victor is currently living in the Austin area, and we are humbled to have his armies make regular appearances at our FLGS.

On behalf of the Fly Lords, BoLS, and the State of Texas: Welcome Victor! For this post, I am putting up a small set of the full resolution pics of his Chaos Daemon army for your viewing pleasure. As Aventine noted, when you line up across the tabletop from an army like this you realize that Victor's painting makes YOU -2 leadership. Just amazing stuff. Enjoy!

~If you all have any comments let's hear them. If we're lucky Victor might even be checking in on the thread.

November 21, 2008

NEWS: Citadel Bitz & Collectors Catalogues

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Games Workshop has updated their Bitz and Collectors Catalogues and placed them on their website as PDF downloads. Many terrific models are now available again and some useful bitz too. For example, if you want to buy a few horse models for that special mounted conversion you can now do so again. Visit the GW website for full details.

Personally, there are a few items I'd still like to see added back into the Bitz range. While I appreciate what GW is trying to do with the metal "weapons upgrade" packs of melta-guns, plasma guns, flamers, lightning claws and thunder hammers, I'd much rather have the plastic sprue equivalents available even though they'd be a bit more expensive. The Tactical Marine Upgrade sprue, Chaos Marine Icon And Upgrade sprue, and the Assault Terminator arm sprue would be terrific bitz offerings. Over the past couple years GW has largely moved away from hybrid kits of plastic models with metal conversion bitz, so why offer the old metal bitz for conversions in the bitz pack service? I'd much rather have the plastic sprues with those upgrade bitz available as bitz packs. Especially that Chaos Marine Icon sprue; there are so many essential bitz on that sprue for building specially equipped squads and cult models, decorating vehicles with icons, etc. More than a year after it's release I'm still frustrated that it cannot be purchased in quantity by itself. I'd also like to be able to purchase the Razorback Turret sprue without having to buy it bundled with the Predator sponson sprue.

NEWS: Orks On Advance Order!

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The following models are now available for Advance Order in the GW US on-line store:
- Ork Battlewagon ($50)
- Ork Nobz ($25)
- Ork Kaptin Badrukk ($20)
- Ork Boss Snikrot ($15)

There are of course photos for each new model in the GW on-line store. Pictures of the Battlewagon fully painted can be found there as well as in last month's issue of White Dwarf, in pictures around the Internet from Games Day Italy, etc. The Ork Battlewagon kit contains 113 parts, so there's a lot to see. You might also wish to see GW's Janu-Waaagh!-ry Preview article for more pictures and product information. Here are some additional pictures of the Battlewagon in an unpainted state:

Some of you may recall that I posted these photos of the Battlewagon a while back, then removed them. In spite of a few crazy conspiracy theories about why they were removed, let me assure you there were no dark forces at work except the forces of Chaos that caused the model to be displayed too early. The model was put on display in the store in error and when the mistake was corrected I removed my photos as well as a courtesy to my friends at GW. Two days after the error, the model was revealed in all its glory at Games Day Italy, hence the consternation over the early display. Now that pictures of the model abound everywhere, including the GW on-line store, I share with our BoLS readers again some revealing shots of the detail and some of the options on the new Ork Battlewagon. If you're buying one, I hope you enjoy the model. It looks great. Unfortunately I have no time for an Ork army, I tried Orks once and gave them away to another starting out in the hobby years ago. Alas, I'm too busy for Orks because of Chaos Marines, Eldar, Space Marines, Fantasy Chaos, Daemons... Um, er, you get the idea.

November 20, 2008

Designer Challenge: Renegades Edition

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Hi everybody,

It's time to reveal the next big campaign book headed your way. The Badab War is looking like it will be a whole lot of fun and we have just "broken ground" on it. It is still a ways off, but I would like your input on a couple of points while we are still at a formative stage.

First, it is my intention to do this campaign book a little differently. BoLS is firstly a community of enthusiast gamers, and I want this next effort to reflect that. Expect to see many more design challenges regarding the Badab War book as the Fly Lords "widen the circle" and bring you all inside the design group. You guys really helped keep me on my toes with the Arbites Minidex, and I hope to expand on the dialogue with Badab.

Now onto the actual design challenge. The Badab War is a setting of rebellion, misplaced honor and tragic mistakes. The chapters involved range from the loyal, to the duped, to the truly treasonous.

GW has given us 2 codices to fill this wide spectrum, the Space Marine and CSM codices. We are told that if you love the Emperor you use codex A, and when you renounce him, you use codex B. Badab however gives us a concrete example of chapters at the knife edge of decision. To me, it seems odd that on Monday your chapter is loading up the droppods, and polishing the Thunderfire Cannons, yet on Tuesday is summoning daemons and unchaining the Defilers.

My question to you our readers is what is the ideal framework to build armies for this campaign. With the extreme cases such as the Astral Claws and Salamanders the codex choice is clear, but what of the "mushy middle" chapters? Also take into account the timeline; Badab is pre-13th black crusade and defilers had not been sighted yet. Remember too that all the armies need to be balanced and fun. No one paints up an army and signs up for a campaign just to get slammed against a wall for seveal weeks in a row.

~Welcome to the exciting world of campaign design, its gonna be a fun ride! Let's hear your thoughts. May the best ideas win.

November 19, 2008

NEWS: GW Shrine of Knowledge Update

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Games Workshop has recently updated The Shrine of Knowledge introductory page in the FAQ and Errata section of the US GW website. Notable amongst the changes is the fact that there is no longer a flow chart for problem resolution, but there is a succinct explanation as to the difference between errata and FAQ documents as well as their intent regarding the level of authority of these documents. Please visit The Shrine of Knowledge for full information.

On a different topic, congratulations to all the fellows in the BoLS crew who participated in the Baltimore tournaments last weekend. Thanks for coming all the way out here to Maryland and thanks for stopping by the Battle Bunker to say, "hi". It was great meeting you!

Baltimore GT report 3rd Best General/5th place overall

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Welp as the title suggests, I did pretty well up in Baltimore. I decided to take my orks with me this time, and played a horde/bike lists that was set up to take advantage of 5th edition (low kill points, large amount of troops to score, high damage potential with a hand to hand unit that could cause total whip outs).

My list again for those that missed it.
HQ: Warboss, bike, cybork, PK, attack squig, kombi skorcha, bosspole X 2
Troops: Nobz (7), Painboy, Kombi Skorcha (3), Waagh banner, Bikes, PK (3)
Troops: Slugga/choppa (29), Rokkits (3), Nob, Bosspole, PK
Troops: Shoota (29), Big Shootas (3), Nob, Bosspole, PK
Troops: Shoota (29), Big Shootas (3), Nob, Bosspole, PK
Elites: Lootas (15)

Pts: 1750 Killpoints: 7 Scoring: 4

RD 1: VS Keith Rinaldi and his Witch Hunters. 2 Exorcists and some Storm Troopers with an Inquisitor Lord and some Assassins.
Game was a 5 objective game with a spear head deployment and Keith rolled to go first and took the first turn. I did not seize the initiative and the game was on. I set up in a brick of Slugga/choppa boyz to "protect/give cover" to my lootas and the other two large squads of shootas were set to the side. The Nob bikerz and bossess were left in the middle and the game was on. First turn had Keith firing both exorcists into my nobz and only causing 2 wounds per tank. Thus I was able to put the wounds on warbosses and left with only 1 wound on the boss after the initial fire. I turbo boosted after that, and proceeded to chew through his army via the bikerz. He pulled in front and tried to fire into them, but with the 3+ cover save it was a bit hopeless. Nice player and I feel bad from bringing this unit of evil. The game ended with me at 20 and Keith at 3. High point of the game was failing the leadership roll when trying to assault his Inquisitor twice. I still shot him, but I just wanted to get some clickity clack klaw action going.

RD 2: VS Tony Spino and his nicely painted grey Marines. Tony brought a list using Khan as his main guy with infiltrating rhinos and dudes. The mission was annihilation and he had a lot more kill points them me due to rhinos and other bits. The deployment as spearhead and I set up similar to the way I did last round. Tony went first and his speeders didn't put much of a dent. Next turn I shot up his speeders, leaving one alive. He had hidden his bikers and pulled them out the next turn. After some shooting left them less then likely, I pulled my bikes out as a threat. He charged in and I proceeded to klaw my way to victory. After that it was just a matter of time as the nobz went around the board looking for more people to squish. He did infiltrate into my back field and hurt some ork squads, but the combined forces of the two 30 man boyz took some steam out of them and left the rhino as well as the squad dead. The game ended with me at 20 and Tony at 3.

RD 3: VS Matt Hoell and his Khorne influenced Chaos Space Marine army. Mission was Seize ground with 5 objectives and the deployment was Pitched Battle. Matt had a defiler, rhinos filled with Bezerkers, a greater daemon, some daemons, a dreadnought and a LR with Kharn and more bezerkers. The game was a bloody affair, with Kharn and friends eating a bunch of Orks and my bikerz just chewing through squads. Matt made a mistake when he forgot my lootas were strength 7 and could take out the defiler. First volley immobilized it, while the second blew it up. From there it was just down hill as I slowly ate through stuff with the squad and the boyz moved around to take objectives. I did do an non orky thing, and charged the immobilized LR instead of the crazy dreadnought. Hey the LR was worth more points and the dread was got eaten by loota fire. Matt was a great opponent and the game was a testament that Khorne and Orks always win in a bloody battle. Game ended with me at 20 and Matt at 3 as I wiped his army out.

RD 4: VS Neil Cauley. Neil had already taken out Nick earlier. I am sorry for not having a pic of his Army. I could have sworn I had it, but alas it was two squads of 8 Nob bikerz with two warbosses, a 20 man shootas squad and a 10 man Gretchin mob to sit on an objective. The mission was Capture and Control with pitched battle deployment. Let me tell you, nob bikerz are mean. I know how to deal with them, and as you can see in the tournament, the top armies were nob bikerz. My list was designed to deal with the lists out there to kill nob bikerz, but alas there were enough of them out there. For those that want to know, more meltas, thunderhammer terminators, and just power fists are a good way to kill bikerz. As well as Deff Rollas too. Anyway, Neil played a great game and took me out when I had a crap charge into one squad. My guys were dead, and his were not. We called it as his two squads were about to hit my objective and at the very least contest it. Good game and Neil went on to win the whole thing so it isn't too bad that I lost heh.

RD 5: VS Sid Lark. Annihilation and Dawn of War. Sid had a double lash chaos army, with some bezerkers in a LD, two DP's with wings/lash, 2 vindicators, a Greater Daemon and 3 squads of 5 man plague marines in rhinos. A nice Chaos list and gave me a nice game as it was extremely bloody. I ran two squads of boyz forward, and they got chewed on by a 9 man bezerker squad. I ended up killing them out, as well as a DP and left me with a 6 boyz and a nob from one squad. The bikerz went on a rampage as they got to the vindicators after losing all 3 PK nobz. The warbosses took it to the vindicators as well as rhinos and the other DP. I ended the game with 2 warbosses, 1 troop squad, and the left over nobz to his one LR, and rhino with 5 man plague marine squad. Biker squad took out 2 vindicators, 1 greater daemon, a rhino, and one plague marine squad. Extremely bloody game and my vote for favorite player of the tournament.

I thought my list worked out well, the only thing I wished I had more of, was rokkits to deal with light vehicles, or another squad of lootas. Not sure what would have helped, but most likely dropping one of the large boyz squads would have helped me by adding in more rokkits or another squad of lootas. I think it would have helped me control the game easier, as well as give me a lot more fire power for most armies. And for those going into any other tournaments, thunder hammer terminators are gross as well as get more melta. It auto kills stuff and if you are close, will blow up most tanks, including the big ones (LR).

Now some pics from the event. First is Scott Simpsons Sista Sisters. He wanted me to write it that way I swear.

And some other pics of cool armies and minis I saw around.

And finally the plasticard awards from Ard Boyz.

For those that armies I posted, add some comments in there. I am sure there were a ton of other armies I didn't get a chance to show case. Oh besides me hitting 3rd best general in 40k, Austin's own Abe took 2nd best general in Warhammer Fantasy with Jordan Braun taking home Best General in Warhammer Fantasy. Woot for Battleforge Games taking home three plastic trophies.

If you have any questions about the list or want to know more, shoot me an email. And again, the link below takes you to my art and miniature commission site.

SNEAK PEEK: Lizardman and Dark Elves OH MY!

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Pics brought to the community by: DAWARPATH's Turelio

Enjoy these pics snapped at the Australia/New Zealand Games Day.

What we have here are:

-Stegadon: 4 pics including sprue pics
-Lizardman Standardbearer
-Lizardman character: Chakax
-Lizardman Razordon
-Lizardman Kroxigors
-Dark Elf Lord with greatweapon

~The Lizardman are headed your way February. The Dark Elf lord may be the first visual confirmation of the rumored 2nd wave Dark Elf release, but the timing is uncertain. Enjoy guys!
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