SHOWCASE: 40k Scale Imperator Titan

Hi guys. Sometimes we get things in the inbox that are just amazing, and you all know how I have a soft spot for folks with a “little bit” of 40k-craziness in their blood. I present BoLS reader Georg’s 40k scale Imperator titan. Take it away Georg:

Project Overview
Here are some details on how to built an Imperator titan with only a few thousand steps. I was facinated with the Epic model, and the idea of a really huge walking fortress was pretty cool.

After some beer with my friends we discussed building Warhammer 40k titans, and I settled on the Imperator because it has a lot of geometric shapes and not to many round pieces like the reaver for example. That would make overall construction eaiser.

I was declared a mad freak and thus began the construction of my Imperator. I started in July 08 by descending into my basement and only emerged into daylight to buy more material. On October the 18th at 3:30 AM the titan was finished!
On the same day at 9:00 AM started the 180,000 points game… Just in time!

Construction Techniques
The Imperator has an internal skeleton built of plywood to carry the weight (about 50 pounds).
The feet and body are made with different types of plasticard (from 1 to 3 mm thick).
I used a lot of bottlecaps and different sized tubing. The towers for example are 5″ plastic waterpipes. I also used pipes from electric installations to built all the weapon barrels.
The windows are transparent plastic and painted with windowcolor (stolen from my wife, who use the color to paint “cute pics” in our livingroom windows).
Sometimes I used boiling water to get the plasticard in curve into the desired form (especially on the legs and the head).
All this effort was combined and detailed with a lot of pieces from the GW Cities of Death buildings.

40k Scale Imperator Stats
-Height: 29″ up to the carapace, 52″ up to top of the volcanocannon
-Carapace: 22″ wide 18″ long
-Main weapons: each about 20″ long, (the length of two Baneblades)
-Weight: about 50 pounds
-For transport, the carapace is removable.

~Georg from Bavaria

~Bigred here. Guys give it up for Georg. That thing is awesome-crazy! It looks like its going to dropkick that Tyranid Heirophant like the Taco Bell Chihuahua. Now I don’t have an excuse to not brew up an Apocalypse datasheet for the Imperator. If any of you have any mere Warhound, Reavers, or Mantas in Bavaria, be very afraid… Comment away.

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