40 RUMORS: Planetstrike Whispers

Rumors brought to the community via Warseer’s The Dude

Hi guys, here is the latest talk about town regarding Planetstrike, the next 40K release after Imperial Guard.

Planet Strike will supposedly come sooner than expected. I’m told July at the latest.

In a game of Planet Strike, the Attacker/Defender split will be very important, with them possibly getting different FOCs.

-Gets to place all terrain on the battlefield and picks his table edge.
-He can declare Terrain to be dangerous if he wants (Mined for example) although it’s not clear how much he can do this for.
-There will be buildings with mounted weapons, like armed bunkers etc. Probably, the defender will have to place all of his army.

-May place some Craters to get some cover.
-May move in from his table edge, Deep Strike and Outflank, similar to a “Dawn of War” Scenario.
-May also get some goodies like a prepared Artillery fire on the defending units, special equipment etc.
-Will most likely get first Turn.

New multipart plastic terrain kit similar to the Cities of Death ruins. With enough of those you will possibly be able to build fortresses, defensive structures for tanks, or control towers, outposts etc. These are believed to be seen on p.81 (bastion), p.230 (bastion, barricades, autocannon AA turret), p.243 (bastion) in the 40K rulebook.

-Aircraft landing pad
-New craters
-Ironclad Dreadnaught
-Land Speeder Storm
-Vulkan Hes’tan
-Plastic Thunderhawk is again mentioned.

~Quite interesting. Its another “Cities of Death” type release, that serves as a platform for another set of terrain models. This time instead of GW buildings and ruins, we get modular defensive structures, pretty cool! It would seem they are cramming the 2nd wave Marine releases int there with it.

As for the plastic thunderhawk, its entered “Loch Ness Monster” status after almost 2 years of speculation, but lets be honest for a moment. Games Workshop would be silly to not at least do preliminary research on what could be a big selling and very profitable kit, aimed squarely at their best-selling army. We’ve been told that they have gotten a bit farther than prelininary research.

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