Goatboy’s 40k Thoughts: Fail is the Suck!

First of all, thanks to all the people I met and played against at BoLScon. It was a blast to be there, and for something that was only a thought 3 months ago, it was extremely well run. I might have had some issues with some of the missions but that meant next to nothing when comparing it to the actual event itself. The games were tightly run, the judging was spot on, and never did I think that this entire event was a bad idea or poorly put together. In fact I enjoyed the 7 games more then the 3 games at Adepticon. I think it was due to the fact we had no real break and could just machine through each round. All in all I would advise anyone who wanted to check out Austin to come down and play.

Now onto what I want to talk about before I go and get married and have some fun in Hawaii (I will be out next week). I am really tired of reading about how this failed and that failed. It has gotten to the point where instead of reading something insightful about the game, I have to somehow plow through whatever random you suck remarks before I find anything worth chewing on. There is a ton of great information online on how to play the game differently. I like reading different battle reports and seeing how the game evolves and grows all over the world. What I don’t like seeing is the constant attacking of each other in order to somehow make one person “better” then someone else. I know we want to give advice and helpful thoughts, but coating it in levels of “fail”, “suck”, and other nonsense you just makes people look like jerks.

I agree with everyone that the armies that “won” at BoLScon were not the best armies to represent 5th edition. What they were however, were armies both players play all the time. When you have gotten 500+ games with your army, you start to run the numbers in your head during any game, and know your chances to win versus whatever opponent you might get thrown against. I’ve started not discounting any army I now face, due to getting beaten by what I thought was a terrible list (this is to you Jwolf). A general will add a lot to the army. If both generals are good, then it really comes down to list and dice rolls, but you get my point.

If you know the strengths and weaknesses of your army, you know how to mitigate the losses from a superior army. I have played enough games to know the types of armies that my play style fits better. When I play a different style of army, I don’t expect to win like I would normally do.

So what I really want to say is, lets all try to be more constructive. I have made posts on all sorts of blogs. I try to be active in the game because I want to help the game. Whether it is coming up with a hard list or trying to figure out a paint scheme for a new player, I always put my best foot forward and not fall into the fail wagon. The only way to have more fun is to get more players into the game. Saying players suck does not make anyone better, it just discourages players, especially new ones. We all sucked when we started this game. So why don’t we try to say fail less often and go towards more constructive criticisms (like making fun of mothers).

I will be gone all next week in Hawaii, so no random Goatboy thoughts. I wanted to throw something up before I left and since I lost all my battle sheets from Bolscon, my memory of who I played is kinda fuzzy. I did splat 2 Plague marines and 1 Daemon Prince in one awesome Deff-Rolla-a-go-go!

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