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February 28, 2009

EDITORIAL: Rise of the 40k Blogosphere

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Rise of the 40K Blogosphere
Something has been stirring on the internet. We here at Bell of Lost Souls have been along for the ride into the new world of 40k blogging. No matter your platform of choice, whether it Blogger, Wordpress or something else entirely, blogging seems to be here to stay when it comes to Warhammer 40K.

Warhammer players have been around for a while, but we've always laboured under the shadow of the fringe. It wasn't until the relatively recent success of Dawn of War, Warhammer Online, and other Games Workshop and 40K related software products that word of Warhammer 40K began freely spreading without consequence through the internet over the past couple of years. The end result? All kinds of comics, motivational posters and even 40K music videos on youtube, and our little niche hobby has slowly begun taking its place in the mainstream.

So as every other part of social networking and media has been intiltrated by 40K, it’s only natural that a surge in Warhammer 40K bloggers was destined to follow. And what a sudden surge it has been. But it wasn't always so. Lets take trip back several years and see how we got here.

Emerging From the Swamps
As recently as 4 years ago the 40K blogosphere was virtually non-existant due to a lack of powerful self publishing tools and the prevalence of the elder-statesmen forums for the Warhammer hobby. The forums were well established, popular and easily understood by the community. They were also the only game in town on the internet for almost a decade, having evolved out of the prehistoric 1980s bbs paradigm. These communities had been firmly established for years and were often spread through word of mouth during the days before Google search. As a result, they were able to develop a large and loyal user bases who never ventured far from their chosen fix of Warhammer 40K.

However, 2005 saw the closure of the massive Portent forum, which was a truly heartfelt loss for the online Warhammer community. Countless people migrated to the other forums seeking refuge. The closure of other forums including Games Workshop's customer forums in mid 2006 further shattered the community into ever more smaller forums. While many of the old forums still remain, the online Warhammer community became far more nomadic in their approach to online resources, dabbling in all manner of websites that they came across. Over time new forums sprung up with a strong focus on particular races in the Warhammer 40K universe in preference to the open approach of the old guard generalist forums, which tended to cover anything and everything related to the Games Workshop hobby.

Something else occurred in those critical two years. Blogs were rising, and with them, more and more powerful platforms and tools. As the warhammer hobbyists scattered, some found refuge in thier own little piece of the blogosphere.

It’s hard to imagine that merely three years ago in 2006 Bell of Lost Souls was a simple blog for our local Austin war games group, set up to hold pics of our minis and hair-brained rules ideas. Back then before we slowly began to branch out and link with the other 40k blogs BoLS was just a way for the Fly Lords to keep in touch with each others projects without having to haul all our stuff to our FLGS every week. The very few Warhammer 40K blogs at the time cross linked to each other as we stumbled upon each other. That way, it would be easy for our readers to find more relevant 40K content.

In 2007 there were more of us, but still nothing big, and the odd blog sometimes recieved shortlived attention if they did something that was noticed by the big forums. But 2008 was coming and in it we grew like weeds. It was the year it all changed for 40K blogging. Some bloggers stuck to a specific subject like the Eldar Wind-rider specialists of Way of Saim Hann, while many other formed loose feed networks like From The Warp, much like a blog version of the venerable web-rings. Others directed their efforts towards the 40K journalism route, like us here at BoLS, reporting on the latest news, reviews and rumours all our standard painting articles and army tactics thrown in for good measure. For the first time, in late 2008, several blogs had become destinations in thier own right.

Web 2.0 and Social Networking
Web 2.0 is a popular term banded about by the media with regards to the internet and the rise in online social networking. Blogs are pushing ever more towards the Web 2.0 social networking model of communication, acting as both a personal website, soap box and means of connecting with countless other bloggers who are all recording their own projects, providing resources for their readers and creating an interlinked community. With each passing month, new widgets, upgrades and features are added by the platforms to bind them ever most closely in the social networking worldview.

In many ways the 40k blogs combine the best elements of journals, web pages and magazines, allowing a blogger to freely express their interests using all varieties of media. And the obvious appeal of blogs over hosting your own website is that they are free! New 40k blogs are popping up every day and the sheer amount of content bloggers can generate as a whole is outstanding. A typical example is Warhammer Tau which has only been around for a couple of months, but is growing with its unique Tau-centric content.

Google's Blogger in particular caught on like wildfire simply because it was free and easy to use for non-technical writers. While WordPress is a more potent and flexible platform; its higher level of technical understanding pushed most of the hobbyists straight into Google's hands. Recent blog addons such as Google Connect, Facebook Connect, and DISQUS even allow posters to retain their avatar and commenting history as they move across multiple blogs, in effect turning the blogosphere into a single internet-wide distributed forum.

So if you ever got fed up with the sheer massiveness of the big forums and yearned for your own little web space to write about your army, post pictures, battle reports and conversions guides while generally rambling away to your heart’s content about how you crushed your opponents, got eaten by Tyranids or how cheesy the new Ork codex is, then blogging might just be the outlet for you. There’s a rapidly growing community ready to welcome you into the fold and thanks to Google, you’ll be amazed by the number of readers you’ll receive. We've been out here for 3 years now, and let me tell you... the water's fine!

~Your thoughts on the 40k blogosphere are welcome, as well as what you think the Warhammer internet community might look like in a couple years. If you ever wanted to ask about bloggin in general this the place to ask questions and get your feet wet. Enjoy guys!

February 27, 2009

40K NEWS: Forgeworld Nurgle Details

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Well, it looks like Forgeworld got out details on our mysterious Nurgle Daemon Prince pretty quick. Check out the links below:

Even more Pics

360 Animated View (very cool)

~Apparently this fellow is is called "Mamon the Herald", and will be appearing in the Upcoming Siege of Vraks:3. You should really check out the animated 360 of the Daemon-prince to see the couple of nurgling lounging in his back-mounted sludge barrel like its a hot-tub...nasty!

40K REVIEW: Gunheads

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A review by Timo

Gunheads – Steve Parker

This winter, it seems we are being bombarded with Imperial Guards novels. Since most of the infrantry regiment has been incorporated in past novels, Steve Parker now brings us a story about tanks.

Parker gets some serious brownie points for this choice of topics! After all, who doesn’t like tanks?! You there in the back… Please sit back down, Tyranid players don’t count.

Okay, enough musing about those hunks of steel on wheels, let’s get to the story.

Golgoltha: a planet firmly in the hands of the Orks. This is where Comissar Yarrick lost his Baneblade "Fortress of Arrogance" 38 years ago.

Hoping to save a spot for himself in the annals of Imperial history, senescent General DeViers takes on "Operation Thunderstorm", a suicidal undertaking seeking the recovery of Yarrick’s lost tank.

Operation Thunderstorm heads out with just one armoured regiment to occupy Golgoltha’s key spots, but several landing capsules are lost in the storm while entering the planet’s atmosphere.

One of these capsules is manned by the novel’s main character, Sergeant Wulfe and his crew, as well as the tank "Last Rites 2". This is the beginning of a rather bloody trek back to the regiment, whose search for the "Fortress of Arrogance" is even bloodier.

The soldiers are not just decimated by the Orks but also by the planet itself. Sandstorms, parasites and the tiniest of particles that change the human organism turn this search mission into a race against time.

You’d think all that would be just about enough to deal with, but it also turns out that the Adeptus Mechanicus Adepts accompanying them are following an agenda of their own in this operation. Will their directions really lead to Comissar Yarrick’s old Baneblade?

Gunheads’ weak point lies in character development. While Wulfe and his crew are well developed, interesting characters keep popping up all over the story just to disappear into nothingness without any further description or actual plot.

Another drawback is the fact that some strands of the plot are not carried out to the end. This unfortunately creates open endings. I know many people love those, and I can only speak for myself here: I truly don’t.

This book’s strength is not just in the tanks – I already mentioned those at the top – but also in a story full of suspense and good ideas concerning a planet’s influence. The changes in the soldiers on Golgotha are portrayed as very subtle, yet very fatal.

All in all, it’s a respectable book about the 81st Cadian Armoured Regiment that deserves its worthwhile spot among 40k novels.

4 Stars (out of five)

~Thanks a lot Timo, and there are more Black Library reviews coming down the pipe for you all. Comments are welcome.

February 26, 2009

BoLS-THQ Dawn of War 2 Quiz Winners

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Hi everybody. We recieved hundreds of entries for our Dawn of War 2 Trivia Quiz, so thank you all for joining in. We have gone through the corrent entries and randomly selected our winners. Drum Roll please...

1st Place
Michael de Jong

x1 T-Shirt (L)
x1 Body Warmer (L)
x1 Dog Tag
x1 Rucksack
x1 Battlegear Keyring

2nd Place
Dave Scriven

x1 Tote Bag
x1 T-Shirt (L)
x1 Battlegear Pin Badge
x1 Cap

3rd Place
Roy Harter
United States

x1 Dog Tag
x1 Body Warmer (L)

~Congratulations winners! The prizes are in the mail and for the rest of you, a Dawn of War 2 review is coming soon.

40k SNEAK PEEK: Nurgle Daemon Prince?

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Hi folks,

Sometimes stuff just drops out of thin air around here, and today as I was painting up some Druchii, BoLS reader Mike said he was looking around at some cool new Warhammer 40k minis on Forgeworld and stumbled upon this fellow:

As a Grandfather Nurgle player, and card-carrying member of the Death Guard, you can only imagine my inner gurgling of fetid appreciation.

As we can see here, it appears to be some type of Daemon-Prince of the Lord of Decay and his rotten man-servant. It is painted, so the model made it past the prototype phase. As for whether its just a one-off test, or a production model headed our way as part of an upcoming book (say Siege of Vraks:3) we just don't know.

~What I do know, is I really want one. He's kind of a chubby well armed brother of the metal Nurgle Daemon-prince available currently. They would make a nice pair on the tabletop. If anyone else knows something about this guy, lets hear it.

40k CHALLENGE Reminder: Badab APCs...

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Just a friendly reminder guys to get those Badab APC Challenge entries in. We are exactly one week in, and have one week to go before the deadline of midnight the 4th of March.

Remember that if you don't enter, you won't be able to win the brand new Land Raider BoLS is giving away.

On another note, on some of our previous challenges, I selected the finalists myself and put them up for a reader poll to determine the winner. This time, I am recusing myself for fairness purposes, and BoLS has contacted Golden Daemon Winner Victor Hardy, who has graciously agreed to select our finalists for us. I trust Victor will have a better eye for standout models than I will, and will ensure we have a great pool of finalists.

Looking forward to your Badab APC entries guys, lets get painting, and get those pictures into the BoLS mailbox!

February 25, 2009

40k NEWS: Stompa Apoc Sheet Spotted

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Hi Guys,

A trusty BoLS reader snapped this guy in a store in the UK. Check it out, its a stompa-aircraft carrier (kind of)... This one may be isn't in the White Dwarf, but we had not heard of it specifically yet.

~I really like the concept of Apocalypse "named characters" and would like to see more of this type of thing.

EPIC: Death From Above!

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A guest article by Global Epic-Evangelist: GR00V3R

In the 41st Millennium, armies do not just fight on the ground. Much like real world modern militaries, the forces in Warhammer’s dark future consist of infantry, armour, aircraft and spacecraft, each doing their part in the battle, contributing to combined-arms actions and generally functioning as a cohesive whole.

My previous Epic posts have focussed on the ground war. In this post, we will look at how aerospace units can contribute to your strategy, and you will see how effective and outright deadly they can be when effective tactics are employed.

Because of its larger physical scale, your typical Warhammer 40k (and even Apocalypse) game showcases a small cross-section of a much larger battle that rages around you, unseen, off table. 40K has difficulty providing for aerospace support for similar reasons--there just isn’t enough room for manoeuvring fighters, bombers and gunships around the board. For this reason, a single Thunderbolt is a rare sight, let alone entire squadrons of them.

The Epic scale, on the other hand, allows you to play out the whole glorious battle, and aerospace units can feature prominently.

Aerospace Units
Epic armies are often supported by aerospace units that operate either in atmosphere or above it in orbit. Particularly when playing a higher points game (say, 6,000 points or more), all the toys come out to play, and you will see the spacecraft, Drop Pods, Death Claws and Roks (which require planetfall operations), and aircraft making their presence known.

This post will not go into spacecraft or planetfall; here, we will instead focus on the use of flyers. For information about spacecraft and planetfall, check out the free PDFs of the Epic:Armageddon rulebook (available from the Games Workshop online store; click: Specialist Games > Epic:Armageddon > Resources).

Aircraft units are organised into formations and can receive blast markers. While flying, they cannot be broken, suppressed, assaulted or used by another formation to set up a cross-fire, and they cannot lend supporting fire. Once landed, however, they are treated as any other land-based unit (although with a Move value of 0), and may be assaulted and so on.

Tau flyers, like all other Tau units, are available from Forge World only

Aircraft formations on kept off-board in reserve rather than set up on the tabletop, and instead set up on the table when they take an action. Aircraft can only take one of the following actions:

Interception: Available to fighters and fighter-bombers only, this action enables the formation to attack enemy aircraft formations on the table.

Ground Attack: This action enables the formation to attack enemy ground formations.

Combat Air Patrol (CAP): Available to fighters and fighter-bombers only, this action enables the formation to carry out an Interception action against an enemy aircraft formation taking a Ground Attack action. This interception is worked out before the ground attack. (A good optional rule is to allow formations on CAP to intercept any aircraft formation’s action, including other interceptions. While this can result is large and complex furballs, it is nevertheless cool to watch such a big stink unfold on the table.)

Landing: Aircraft transporting another formation can land and any units onboard may disembark. Units disembarking must be placed within 5cm of the transport aircraft (or 15cm for skimmers and units with jump packs), in which case the aircraft and the disembarked units are treated as a single formation for the remainder of this action. Once disembarked, the formation may shoot (that is, the aircraft and any disembarked units shoot together as a single formation). Note that the disembarked unit may not take an action later--landing and disembarking is its action for the turn.

Air Assault: An aircraft transporting another formation can land and any units onboard may disembark as above. The aircraft and any disembarked units then fight an assault instead of shooting. Enemy zones of control are ignored for this action, as for an Engage action. The aircraft and its disembarked units are treated as a single formation for the assault. If the aircraft’s formation loses the assault, the aircraft is destroyed because it has a Move value of 0 (unless the aircraft is Fearless).

Stand Down: If the aircraft formation fails its action test, it must take a Stand Down action and do nothing this turn.

As you would expect, aircraft movement differs greatly from ground-based units. Aircraft make an approach move toward their target or destination, and may turn a limited number of degrees per 30cm distance travelled, depending on their class. A fighter, for example, may turn up to 90 degrees per 30cm travelled, whereas a bomber may turn just 45 degrees per 30cm. After making its approach move, your aircraft formation makes its attack.

If the approach move takes your formation within range of enemy anti-aircraft (AA) weaponry, these enemy units can shoot at the approaching aircraft, so how you approach the target can be critical to the sortie’s success.

All aircraft formations that have not landed must disengage at the start of the End phase (before any ground formations attempt to rally), in which case they must exit the table, manoeuvring in the same fashion as they did for their approach moves. Aircraft that have landed may choose whether or not to disengage in this End phase.

Disengaging aircraft may leave from any table edge; however, leaving from any table edge other than your own causes the formation to receive a blast marker.

Speaking of blast markers, while aircraft formations do collect them, they are affected by them in a different way. When taking an action test for an aircraft formation with blast markers, a -1 modifier is applied to the roll for each blast marker upon the formation. If it fails, the formation must take a Stand Down action. Whether it passes or not, all blast markers are removed from the formation immediately following the action test.

Epic Space Marines Tactica: Fun with Thunderhawks
The Space Marines’ Thunderhawk Gunship is a cherished hallmark in their Warhammer 40k fluff. Thunderhawks allow Space Marines players to strike out at enemy formations with surgical precision. These awesome flying machines are capable of deliverying their payload of super-human warriors (and supporting units) anywhere on the battlefield, often directly into the thick of battle, and perform their missions despite taking terrible poundings.

Here’s a treat for the aspiring Marines players out there. It’s a variation of a tactic my mate CAL001 showed me when I was first learning to play Epic:Armageddon. It’s quite simple, but can be deadly when it comes off.

First, a little background. Marines are pretty much always outnumbered, and you rarely have the numbers to just plant a formation at an objective and hope it can hold for the entire game. What I like to do, and I think most Marines players do this, is organise my army into strike groups or task forces that have a specific mission. I usually have at least there strike groups, each with the mission to achieve a certain victory condition.

Now, let’s say Turn 2 has just ended and that turn’s End phase is complete. Turn 3 is about to begin. Your Imperial Guard opponent has a standard Mechanised Infantry Company (1 Commander stand, 12 Infantry stands, and 7 Chimera transports, worth 400 points) holding his own Blitz objective, helping him achieve a Defend The Flag victory condition because he holds the other two objectives in his half of the board. This Mechanised Infantry Company has not yet had its activation this turn, and has not come under fire all game (and so has no blast markers). In his previous turn, your opponent moved this formation to where it is now, and so it is not on overwatch. There is nothing nearby that can assail this formation, and so the Imperial Guard player is comfortable that it can hold his Blitz objective.

A diagram, courtesy of VASSAL40K:Epic, appears below.

The target

We, on the other hand, have in reserve Task Force Charlie, which consists of two Thunderhawk gunships, two Devastator detachments led by Librarians, and two Assault detachments led by a Captain and a Chaplain respectively. None of these formations have seen action yet, and so none have any blast markers.

That’s 1,450 points worth of Space Marine fury that we’ll pit against 400 points of mechanised Guard--I hate a fair fight, and I avoid them wherever possible.

Let’s see if Task Force Charlie can’t take the Blitzkrieg victory condition—and, in the process, deny our opponent the Defend The Flag victory condition.

First, both players roll against their Strategy rating to see who gets the option to go first or second. The Guard player has a Strategy rating of 2 and rolls a 4 (Strategy score 4 + 2 = 6), while we have a Strategy rating of 5 and roll a 3 (3 + 5 = 8), so we have won the initiative. We choose to go first.

We announce that Thunderhawk 1 with its payload of two Devastator detachments, each led by Librarians, will take a Landing action. Marines have an Initiative rating of 1+, and so we pass the action test automatically. Thunderhawk 1 makes its approach move (avoiding enemy AA) and lands on one side of the target formation, facing the enemy and about 10cm away, and the Devastator detachments disembark to either side of the Thunderhawk, outside the enemy formation’s zone of control (ZOC) but inside the 15cm firefight range.

The Devastator detachments disembark within 15cm of the target formation so that they can shoot now and later also provide supporting fire.

The Devastators and the Thunderhawk now shoot together as a single formation, and score six AP hits in total, wiping out six infantry stands. Seven blast markers are placed upon the enemy formation as a result, though, which is the true goal here. We have now prepared the enemy formation for the assault that is to come.

Two Devastator detachments have prepared the target formation for assault by putting blast markers upon it.

Attempting to retain the initiative, we announce that Thunderhawk 2 with its payload of two Assault detachments, led by a Chaplain and a Captain respectively, will take an Air Assault action. For the action test, we roll a 2--the order is successfully relayed and the action proceeds. Thunderhawk 2 makes its approach move (again avoiding enemy AA) and lands facing the enemy and about 10cm away, and the Assault detachments disembark to enter base-to-base contact with as many enemy units as possible, with the Chaplain and Captain leading the charge. The enemy make their counter-charge moves, and the assault is fought.

A Chaplain and a Captain lead their assault marines into the fray!

Needing 6s, the Guardsmen get lucky and score a hit on our Marines, which saves. Meanwhile, the Marines (despite needing just 3 or better, and despite the presence of two characters and a Thunderhawk) score just six normal hits--weak! To add insult to injury, our opponent gets some lucky Chimera saves, and so just a single enemy Chimera and two infantry stands end up destroyed. We have been very unlucky, but at least we did not lose any marines.

And we can take solace that luck is not a factor here thanks to our awesome tactical skills, as you will see.

Against the odds, the Guardsmen hold the line.

The Guardsmen have done well to this point, but things heat up for the Guardsmen now as we unleash supporting fire from the eight stands of Devastators with Librarians that we positioned so cleverly prior to the assault. Devastators have a Fire Fight (FF) value of 3+, so we roll eight dice for them plus two more dice for the Librarians’ extra psychic attacks. We are somewhat unlucky again and score just six normal hits, but this is not a problem because just three Chimeras remain within the 15cm range anyway. None of the three Chimeras survive the hits, so now just three Chimeras and five infantry stands (including the Company Commander stand) remain.

After supporting fire.

It’s time to resolve the assault and see who got the upper hand, which could have turned nasty here...if we had not loaded the scales up well and truly in our favour.

The Guard player has just five infantry and three Chimeras remaining in his formation, which makes for a unit count of seven, while we have seven Assault stands and the Thunderhawk (which has a DC of 2), so a unit count of nine.

For the assault resolution, the Guard player rolls a 3 and a 6 (and so takes the 6), while we roll a 1 and a 1 (snake eyes! surprising no one, we take the 1). Let’s see how the results add up:

6 (roll) + 8 (units) + 0 (kills) = 14
1 (roll) + 10 (units) + 5 (kills) + 1 (inspiring Chaplain) + 1 (no blast markers) + 1 (less blast markers) + 1 (outnumbering) = 20

We have won the assault by a clear margin resolution, and our attacking formation takes no blast markers because we took no losses. Meanwhile, the defending Guard formation is broken and must withdraw--and so no longer contest the Blitz objective.

Also, the difference between the two assault resolution counts (20 – 14 = 6) means that the Guard formation takes an additional six hits with no saving throw allowed, which leaves our opponent with just two Chimeras in the formation. Brutal.

With the enemy’s other forces busy elsewhere, the Blitz objective is now ripe for the plundering, and so we should have the Blitzkrieg victory condition by the end of Turn 4 (if not this turn).

Packing Up
You can probably see that Thunderhawks, with their carrying capacity of eight units, can bring a lot of pain in short order to anywhere on the battlefield.

Now take a moment to consider the Space Marines Landing Craft, with its carrying capacity of 12 units and up to six Rhino-class vehicles or four Land Raiders. Or the Ork Landa, which carries up to 10 units of varying flavours. And we haven’t even touched on Drop Pods and planetfall operations from spacecraft. Oh, the possibilities...

~Thanks once again to Onyx for the use of his always-awesome images. And a super-special thanks to Dezartfox for creating VASSAL40K:Epic, which I used to create the diagrams for the tactics described above--dude, you ROCK.

~Bigred here, GR00V3R strikes again. I'm sure he would love to hear what epic topics you are interested in so he can start brewing up some articles for you guys. Word is he might be working on an entirely new take on Epic that a lot of you 40k players might really, really like. More on his secret research soon...

February 24, 2009

40K HOBBY: Deathwing Land Raiders

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A little more than a year past I had a go at building an all plastic Land Raider Crusader for myself before the new kit was announced, using plastic bits from other kits and old bolter sprues to complete the project*. With the new Land Raider Redeemer/Crusader kit now available, I decided to add a Redeemer to my already large army for the fun of it. After all, with seven squads of Terminators, a second transport seemed useful and I wanted a go at painting the cool flame cannons of the Redeemer. There's also an Apocalypse Formation datasheet out there now that comprises three or more Land Raider Redeemers, so my plan is to have one for my Deathwing**, one for my Grey Knights using the Forge World upgrades, and one for my new custom Space Marine Chapter.

For the curious painters out there, here are some notes on this color scheme. The base color for all my Deathwing models is a jar of Skull White mixed with about half a jar of Bleached bone. I never like the way Bleached Bone looks next to Dark Angels Green, it always appears a bit muddy to me, but I didn't want to go pure white either, so I created a custom off-white color that is much brighter than Bleached Bone. I used a lot of green accents on my Deathwing Terminators so having the light cream color next it contrasted well there and on the Land Raiders too I think. Using the cream as the base color also allowed me to use pure white for accents on details, like on skulls, wings, and feathers. Feathers are shaded with Fenris Grey while the shading in all the seams and around the rivets on the Land Raiders was done with thinned Scorched Brown. By limiting my palette to just a few colors for all the major features: cream, Dark Angels Green, Red Gore (burgundy) and gold, I was attempting to create a strong visual theme. Where I've gone outside the standard palette, such as for the yellow and black stripes on the Crusader, it was deliberate, calculated and limited.

Both Land Raiders are copiously decorated using the large Dark Angels icons from the Ravenwing plastic sprue. The custom gun shields for the multi-meltas were converted from extra Ravenwing sprue bike ferring upgrade bits. The gunner in Mark VI armor was built using Dark Angel Veteran sprue parts. The large white Dark Angels icons on the front door ramp of the Land Raiders was hand painted directly onto the doors.

Here are some pictures from different angles, including a couple close-up details shots.

I just finished painting the Cypher model and am planning to add at least one Drop Pod to this army as well. Large as this army is at approximately 6,000 points, it's still not quite "done", but when you like to paint and convert as much as I do, no Warhammer 40k army is ever really finished. My backlog will definitely be in more trouble when the new Imperial Guard models are released. Have fun!

*I originally left the frag launchers off of the Crusader conversion because only metal ones were available, but I recently added a pair of the plastic frag launchers to this model.
** Yes, I'm well aware that the Redeemer is not in the Dark Angels Codex, but there were good reasons to do this project anyway. First, it seemed like a fun addition to the army and the friends I play with are unlikely to care much about it, especially since the Dark Angels FAQ covers this possibility. Second, the Apocalypse uses for it are plentiful and in Apocalypse it matters not what color it's painted or which army it's associated with in relation to the Codex from which the rules originate.

For anyone who happens through the Battle Bunker in Maryland in the near future, I have a few more models on display there now, including my scratch converted Chaos Stormlord as well as something special that will be released in about ten days and a Chaos scratch conversion built using a gun barrel from that same new large kit. I may have some pictures for you in the near future, as soon as I know it's okay with the Administratum.

40K PLAY-AID: Army of Death

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Hi Everybody,

As promised, the Blood Angels Army of Death is upon YOU! The playtesters are all playtested out, the proofreader's eyes are sore and we've had a lot of fun with this one. Within this 10 page Warhammer 40k mini-dex you will find:

-Modeling section
-Army List
-2 Special Characters
-AoD Missions
-Apocalypse Datasheet
-Lots of cool fluff and Army of Death stories.

It has been pretty cool working on this list and tweaking it for maximum fun. Hopefully it will get some of those Blood Angel players who have been a little grumpy of late to unleash their Black Rage on the table. This is a newly invisioned list based on the old Army of Death White Dwarf list from way back in 4th Edition.

It is primarily an infantry list that takes no prisoners, and goes right for the jugular. If any of you miss the days of the old "electric football" World Eaters from the previous Chaos Codex, you will be right at home with this list. Games are nail-biters, with virtually every army in the game having to focus on the objectives, and fight and maneuver dearly to redirect and survive the awesome close combat power of the unhinged Blood Angels. If an AoD reaches your lines, you are finished. The art is in preventing it.

On the modeling front: if you have a Blood Angels're done! Drop em on the table and start rampaging away like a madman. ~PS, this is the list that will make you read and learn the RAGE usr rules.

Download Army of Death Here

~I hope all you Blood Angels fans (and Flesh Tearers in particular) have some fun with this. Enjoy and as usual, we love comments and feedback! What I think I enjoy most of all is the flexibility these PDFs give us. While we endeaver ot playtest the heck out of these things, they really are living documents. So enjoy, and by all means keep the feedback and comment coming. We really do read them!

UPDATE: v1.01 is up.

February 23, 2009

NEWS: Rogue Trader Roleplaying Game

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Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) now has a live website available for the Rogue Trader Roleplaying Game. Online designer notes state that this game is fully compatible with the existing Warhammer 40k Roleplaying Game: Dark Heresy. Most of what's available at the website is just a bit of a teaser for the moment. More extensive pictures and details should be forthcoming over the next few weeks and months. The big unveiling of this new product is set for this coming August at GenCon 2009.

NEWS: War of the Ring

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War of the Ring related products, including the new rule book, plastic Ent and plastic Army of the Dead, are now available for Advance Order from GW. Other new products include Isenguard Uruk-Hai Commanders, Minas Tirith Commanders, Morannon Orc Commanders, Sons of Eorl, Rohan Commanders, Grey Company, and Halbarad. It appears that the price of the Ent and the Army of the Dead are each $5 US more than originally announced on the new release boards in US GW stores over the past few weeks. In spite of the small change, at 20 models for $25 the Army of the Dead set seems like a real winner. As for the new Ent model, it is fairly large and contains many optional bits on the frame like two different faces, Orc casualties and some other cool bits.

For those who may not have heard much about War of the Ring, it is not an expansion to the existing Lord of the Rings game, it is an entirely new game system. From talking to people who've tried it out, it apparently combines some of the best rules elements of several of GW's existing game systems. For those interested in a preview of how it works, GW stores in the US, UK and Northern Europe will be having a War of the Ring preview this coming Saturday, February 28. It appears that movement trays for the game will be released this coming weekend as well.

With so many modelling projects backlogged from twenty years of Warhammer and 40K, I haven't as yet delved into Lord of the Rings in an attempt to focus on my "core" hobby. However, with economical sets that would be a quick paint like the new Army of the Dead, I may have to give Lord of the Rings and War of the Ring a bit of a try. If I could get one done quickly, it would be fun to have an army that I could use in the occasional friendly game or store-run event.

Goatboy's 40k Thoughts: Updating your Army.

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It is 5th Edition – Evolve Your Army.

Last week I talked about metagame and what it is in reference to Warhammer 40k. 5th edition changed the game up, and lately I have seen too many 4th edition armies coming to the table. I want to go over some ways you can change up your lists to reflect some of the changes in 5th and the new advantages the changes brought to your armies.

Lets look at some of the base changes in 40k 5th edition. I will list them out and then go through them and how you can take advantage of this change. I won’t go through every change, just the ones I feel are a bit stronger and can change up how your army is built.

Vehicles got a big boost with the change up of the glancing/penetration table. They also got nerfed a bit with the change of defensive weapons being strength 4 and assaulting a vehicle means you hit the back end of it. What do these changes do? Well they have given vehicles a bit of life, since they are no longer popped as easily by some random glancing hit you might see coming at you. This also gives a big boost to extra armor/demonic possession as they give your vehicles options even if glanced. I feel in 5th edition, Rhinos and other APCs have become a lot better due to the fact that they have a much better chance at getting their job done: Dropping dudes off where you need them to be. Mix this with being one of the only true walls on the field (Rhinos are not see-through in any way) and you have a unit that is a nice edition to any army as well as adding a lot of tactical options to your list.

Another big change in 5th is that assault has become an extremely deadly affair. Usually an assault is a one-sided affair, and the lack of consolidation into another unit makes assaulting a somewhat uncertain option. Smart opponents will give you the “gift” of quick and easy assault targets, to leave your valuable forces stranded out in the open and ready to be rapid fired to death. I feel that if you have an assault-based list, you need to make sure everything is backed up in some way. If you leave your assaulters out in the open, there is a good chance they will be whipped during your opponents shooting phase. Now if you have something behind them, that is just as scary of a threat, you are basically baiting your opponent, just as they baited you. I like my lists to have waves of assault. That way you can create anxiety in your opponent and see if you can force a mistake.

The run feature in 5th has created a game where your infantry can really book it. If someone wants to get somewhere, they will get there, often with their Rhino dropping them off 12 inches and running d6 inches after that. This change has created the big jump in melta-gun use, due to most games not being the long range shooting fests you saw before running was added.

The melta also has a distinct advantage by being AP 1 and breaking the rule that a glancing hit won’t blow you up. This makes the weapon a default option in most armies that can take it. The poor lascannon, once the bane of all heavy armor, has now been push to the side as being too expensive and not worth it for the super strong flashlight. If you are gunning for vehicles, then you want a melta gun since it gives you a 50% chance to kill it on the penetration table. This change in power of AP 1, has created a new overall distance in the game. That distance is 24 inches. This is much smaller then before, and helps create a much more involved game, where both armies are moving and counter moving to try and get an advantage. The addition of run, has made the game less static and a lot more fun in my own opinion.

The change in overall gaming field of 24 inches also helps rhino and other APC's. You really just want them to move up at the very least 12 inches. Once that job is finished, most opponents ignore them as they no longer have squish bits inside of them. This helps the rhino live longer and get second uses such as more troop redeployment and objective clearing.

The change in cover saves means that volume of fire ends up being better then low AP fire. This again hurts plasma, as most of the time, if you are sitting back and shooting, there is a good chance the guy you are trying to fry with hot plasma death is probably going to get a 50% chance to live. The change in flamer templates ignoring cover makes any kind of flamer weapon with strength of 5 or greater something to fear. Most of the time, the flamer weapon is on something that can assault after shooting it, which makes the flamer another great choice in the current metagame. Nothing clears out a bunch of guys hiding in the bushes like some hot liquid death.

Blast weapons have changed too, with high BS guys hitting with their templates most of the time. This makes some units a lot stronger, as they can pour out lots of template fire that can hit a lot of models due to the changes of what is affected by the blast. This makes blast weapons different, sometimes better and sometimes worse than before. When shooting a fat squad of orks, you are probably always going to hit with any blast template you throw against it. But if you are going for one guy, there is a good chance you will miss more.

I know I didn’t go over the entire change set of 4th to 5th, but I wanted to hit some of the bigger bits that will affect your army as they try to compete in the new landscape of 5th edition. How do you change up your armies to take advantage of the changes? I think the power increase of troop vehicles means you should take more transports to help get you where you need to go as well as give you ways to change the overall landscape of the table by blocking true LOS. I also think that if you are not taking melta or AP 1 weapons, you hurting your army versus any heavy mech list that might be throwing out LR’s or other armor 14 vehicles (looking at you IG and the coming of the iron storm).

I also feel this edition has pushed the whole, needing to think of your army as a machine that takes 5 to 6 turns to work. You are no longer winning completely on one turn, and have to use each of the turns to create your advantage as well as get your pieces in place. When I play a game I try to think out each turn before the game begins and then try to make that plan fall into place. The amount of movement involved in the game now, makes it feel more dynamic and creates a push and pull feel that makes our favorite game of little dudes killing each other exciting.

I’ve had a lot of people email me about army lists for marines. So I’ve decided to list an army I have tinker with in my head.

HQ: Lysander – 200pts
HQ: Chaplain, Terminator armor, Digital Weapons, Combi Melta – 145pts
Elites: (5) TH/SS termies, LRC, Multi-melta – 460pts
Elites: (5) Termies, LRC, Multi-Melta – 460pts
Troops: (10) Tac Squad, Multi-melta, Melta , Razorback – 210pts
Troops: (10) Tac Squad, Multi-melta, Melta , Razorback – 210pts
Fast Attack: Land Speeder, Multi-Melta – 60pts
Fast Attack: Land Speeder, Multi-Melta – 60pts
Heavy: Predator, Heavy Bolter Spon, Storm Bolter – 95pts
Heavy: Predator, Heavy Bolter Spon, Storm Bolter – 95pts

Pts: 1995 – KP – 14 – Scoring – 4

The idea is the Razorbacks and Predators give you a nice anti horde option, with a ton of fire coming out from both. The Speeders are there to take out armor as needed. The two LRC’s drop off two hard units into the enemy and give them something to slow them down as you get everything else into position.

Lysander is a beast since he breaks some of the normal rules for a base HQ, by not auto dying to str 8+. Plus he can put a beating on many things. He’s stubborn is a nice bonus and mix his bolter drill with regular termies that pop out and just fire away at some big MC in front of them. The chaplain is attached to the TH/SS to help create a really nasty unit that can pour out a large amount of wounds as needed. I think you could drop the LRC for Lysander’s unit and just have them deep strike in as needed. I just wanted two LRC’s since I can’t play them in Chaos heh.

You could drop the LRC to create a 1750 if you wanted too. I don't feel it would lose much of its bite by losing the LRC. It would lose an anti-mech option, as well as a great horde shooter, but I still think it would work. I also like the idea of running around lots of mech stuff and feel the army would look neat on the field, in bright and shiney yellow.

I updated my blog with some new weekly painting work. I did this for a local painting contest. I've been wanting the model as soon as it came out, I just couldn't see the reason for it due to not wanting to run one in 40k, as well as fantasy. But crap, I like how it came out so he might have to show up at some point. Maybe he can get lucky and get a couple rolls on the Eye of the Gods table.

February 22, 2009

POLL: Worst 40k Unit Edition

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Hi all, I wanted to do something a little fun this Sunday in the spirit of the Oscars (the Razzies really).

We've all heard so much about the terrifying units in the game lately; from Nob Bikers, to CC Terminators, to Lash Princes and so on...

Its time to have some fun and check out the opposite end of the 40k spectrum. The hopeless units. Some have good rules but are overcosted, others are just ineffective or completely unreliable. You guys know what I'm talking about, those units that you see once every 2 years and say..."Wow I forgot those things even exist!"

The candidates are:

-Imperial Guard Ogryns
-Eldar Support Weapon Batteries
-Dark Eldar Mandrakes
-Chaos Spawn
-Tyranid Biovores
-Necron Paraihs
-Ork Looted Wagons
-Vespid Stingwings
-Penitent Engines

~So take a look over at the right column and vote away. If you think I forgot one, lets hear about who you think is the bottom of the heap. Just for fun, lets hear your memorable stories from the tabletop that involved any of these units.

February 21, 2009

NEWS: Space Marine Casualty Models

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The Space Marine Casualties are now available from GW Direct Order. The cost is $20 US for three unique models.

The March 7 Apocalypse release date is only two weeks away. If you're anxiously awaiting the Stompa and the Shadowsword/Stormlord kits, you don't have long to wait now.

BoLS-THQ Dawn of War II Giveaway

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Hi guys, who wants to win a bunch of free stuff from BoLS and THQ? I thought I had your attention.

In celebration of the release of Dawn of War II, BoLS and THQ are offering the following prizes for three individuals who can pass our nefarious DoW-2 trivia quiz.

First Prize
1 T-Shirt (L)
1 Body Warmer (L)
1 Dog Tag
1 Rucksack
1 Battlegear Keyring

Second Prize
1 Tote Bag
1 T-Shirt (L)
1 Battlegear Pin Badge
1 Cap

Runner Up
1 Dog Tag
1 Body Warmer (L)

To enter the Trivia challenge, answer the following 10 Dawn of War II questions and email them to with the title: DOW QUIZ. Entries will be accepted up till midnight CST Saturday, Feb 21st. I will contact the three winners once they have been randomly drawn from the pool of correct entries. Onto the quiz:

1-Which Tyranid Hero is immune to suppression?
2-Which Squad Leader has the ability ‘Infiltration’?
3-Which race has vehicle called the “Fire Prism
4-Which Hero is the largest and most powerful Ork?
5-Which Ork unit can use the Rokkit Barrage ability?
6-Who leads the Tactical Marines?
7-Who is the fiery incarnation of the God of War and Murder?
8-What is the Carnifex impervious to?
9-Which race were once the masters of the Galaxy?
10-Which Ork vehicle is the fastest?

~Hop to it gang, and remember we are looking for the correct answers from DoW II, not our beloved Warhammer 40k tabletop game. Best of Luck to all entrants. We hear this quiz is an open-book test and answers might be found here. See, good things happen to those who read BoLS on Saturdays :)

UPDATE: TIME IS UP! and here are our winners. We have had a tremendous response, and thanks for entering the contest!

1st Place: Michael de Jong ~ Canada
2nd Place: Dave Scriven ~ Australia
3rd Place: Roy Harter ~ United States

February 20, 2009

40k SNEAK PEEK: Stompa Apocalypse Datafaxes

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Hi all,

We just got word that the upcoming White Dwarf will be have a set of new 40k Apocalypse sheets for both the superheavies and the Stompa.This is what we're hearing regarding the Stompa:

Kustom Stompa: 600pts + upgrades
WS4, BS2, S10, FRONT:AV13, SIDE:AV13, REAR:AV12 I1, A4
Structure points: 4
-Death cannon
-Big shoota
-Effigy special rule

-Krusha ball 50pt
-Deff Arsenal 120pts
-Belly Gun 150pts
-Red paint job 25pts
-Repair Krew 75pts
-Lifta droppa 25pts
-Gaze of Mork 25pts

Stompa Mob: 200pts + models
3+ stompas any type
One must be designated the Boss stompa
Special rule: Stompede!

Instead of assaulting, each Stompa may move 6" plus additional d6" directly ahead
Every model ( friend or foe, not super heavy) that one Stompa moves over on a 4+ suffers a single Destroyer hit. Immobilized or stunned vehicles are automatically hit. Any models ending up under the Stompa are pushed the minimum distance out from under the stompa (to the standard 1" distance).

Superheavies and Gargantuan creatures: The Stompa will stop and engage it in CC as normal, but with +D3 attacks for charging instead of the normal 1.

Standard terrain is destroyed, but impassable terrain stops the Stompa and causes d3 s10 hits to its front armor.

At the end of the charge roll a d6. On a 1,2,3 the crew gets carried away. The Stompa may not change direction during the next turn, and must continue the Stompede. If the stompa goes off the table edge it is removed from play.

Goff Rok-n-rolla: 520pts
-Mega Deff rolla

The mega deff-rolla rules are roughly the same as the Stompede! rules, but with only one Stompa.

~Well, the Baneblade got a formation datasheet for 3 of them, so its only fair the Stompa got the Stompa Mob. That should be a highly entertaining face-off on the apocalypse tabletop.

FANTASY Empire Mystery Miniature...

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Hi all,

In the aftermath of GW Openday 2009, BoLS got flooded with pics from lots of you intrepid photographers. As I slowly picked through them and weeded out the duplicates, a few caught my eye. Some we had info on, such as the Plastic Greatswords we've been hearing about for Empire.

Then there is this one. It's as much a mystery to me as to you all? Any ideas? Those are definately Empire horses, but thats all I can tell.

-Custom conversion?
-Unreleased test piece?
-New upcoming plastic kit?

~Today, you all get to tell me what you think it is. Chime in...

UPDATE: We've gotten some further info and its a really nice conversion folks. There was some muffled chatter of a new War Altar coming, but that's not it. Still, really nice work there!

February 19, 2009

40k NEWS: Imperial Guard Summary Leak

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Hi guys,

Apparently a summary sheet of the IG codex was accidentally released by Games Workshop France and quickly pulled. While I won't repost original GW content here, I can give you all some tasty tidbits from the sheet in question: These are confirmed correct

Leman Russ Executioner's turret plasma cannon: R: 36" S:7 AP:2 Heavy 3, Blast
~Jwolf was right on blast templates, this thing will be the terminator eraser!

Leman Russ Punisher's gatling punisher: R: 24" S:5 AP:- Heavy 20
~Thats right folks, Heavy 20 is in the game!

All Leman Russ variants have AV:13 side armor.
Valkyrie is: AV 12/12/10
The "Armoured Sentinel" variant is: AV 12/10/10

The Deathstrike exists; and drops a 1d3+3"??? sized template upon its target once per game.
The Medusa Manticore exists and each of its 4 missiles drop 1d3 templates upon its target.

Named characters in the Codex:
-Artillery Sergeant Harker
-Nork ~YAY!!!!!
-Lukas Bastonne

~UPDATE: Here's the full sheet; its already up everywhere else on the tubes!

FANTASY SNEAK PEEK: Plastic Empire Greatswords

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Image brought to the community by Warseer's: Kaine

We had been hearing of these for a while, but this is the first shot of them I've seen floating around the internet.

~Apparently these guys are part of a push by Games Workshop to make the entire Empire range available in plastic. Once you factor in the Plastic Steam Tank, there isn't much metal left outside of characters at this point.

February 18, 2009

40k HOBBY CHALLENGE: Badab APC Edition

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Hi everybody,

Its been to long since we had a community hobby challenge. Times have changed since the last one of these back in the days of the Macharian Crusade, and BoLS is pleased to now offer PRIZE SUPPORT!

With the Badab War Campaign book coming up, and our recent completion of the Badab Logo sheet collection the time is right. So lets get right down to it readers. Your challenge is to submit to the BoLS emailbox 1-3 high-quality pictures of the following:

-Your choice of a Rhino or Razorback
-It must be painted in the colors and heraldry of one of the Badab War Chapters (see above picture)
-You must use the matching BoLS logo sheet from the Badab Logo Sheet archives for the chapter in question (or the GW ones for Salamanders).
-Weathering, fine detail work, stowed equipment, vehicle crew and the like are all acceptable to dress up your entry.
-Shoot the pictures against a well-lit white background (see the example Red-Scorpions Rhino).
-One or two sentences of fluff describing the vehicle, its squad, achievements, and fate during the Badab War (do a little bit of research, its fun!)
-Email the entries with the subject line "BADAB CHALLENGE" to the BoLS emailbox.

I will select the top entrys and put up a poll once the deadline has passed. The winner gets into the Badab book, and wins a brand new shrink-wrapped Land Raider, from your favorite Warhammer 40k Blog, mailed straight to your home. Tell your friends to come get in on the action.

~The Deadline is March 4th. Gentlemen, start your paintbrushes! Entries submitted may be used in the Badab War Campaign Book, and of course my nefarious plot to get folks starting new Badab War Space Marine chapters has nothing to do with this. This is your chance to really show off to your fellow BoLS readers, so lets see what you all can do.

February 17, 2009

BoLS, Now with Comics

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You heard that right!

Thanks to our great friends over at Turn Signals on a Land Raider, Bell of Lost Souls is proud to offer you a weekly strip of your favorite 40k comic strip. Check the right hand column for a new strip every week. Have a good laugh, and feel free to click on through to see even more of the Warhammer 40k hijinks and hilarity TSOALR has to offer.

~Word on the street is that Kren and Frep have absconded with an EPS logo sheet I had just finished off. Who knows where it might turn up all you intrepid TSOALR modellers...

Goatboy's 40k Thoughts: Metagame?

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I was going to put together a painting article this week, but I didn’t get the camera I wanted to use to take step by step pics. Those interested in speed painting info will have to wait a week or so. But I swear it is coming. I also changed up my personal blog to just show the models I painted over the week.

Enough of the intro. Today’s thought deals with the idea of a 40k “metagame”. If you’ve played Magic in the past, you have seen this word passed around a lot. It deals with the idea that there is another game that lies outside of the basic rules of the Warhammer 40k game. To play this outside metagame you must try to foresee the type of armies you might face in an upcoming tournament.

The goal of the metagame, is to get yourself fully prepared, as well as make sure you have an army that will be able to take on whatever comes your way in a competitive environment. You can do this by tailoring your lists to counter other common armies you expect to play. If you see a whole lot of mechanized armies, you might take more anti vehicle weapons, instead of the anti infantry weapons. If you know you will see a lot of a certain type of list, you might try to take some things that can give you a distinct advantage when competing against it.

You can “metagame” pretty easily by just thinking through the game a bit more broadly than you normally do in single one-off games. There are many ways to “break” the basic norms of the game to try and create an advantage for your army. If you know certain list builds are always seen at the top tournament tables, then most likely you will start to see them showing up at the local scene, as knowledge of them spreads through the community. Here are some ways you can “metagame” and try to create lists that will help give you an advantage that is a bit more reliable than hoping your roll hot.

What’s new? The newest codex on the block will usually have a strong showing in any given tournament. Buy the new codex and look at the toys people might play with. If they look pretty neat you will probably see them on the field. This works both ways, as some of the new books might have cool toys that can give a big bonus versus the newest tough armies.

What has been winning? Look at tournament results both locally and nationally. People can be lazy. If an army is winning a lot, then there is a good chance some people will just copy the list and not test it. If you see a lot of one style army, tailor your army a bit to help fight these guys. Just like taking a bit more heavy weapons to deal with the rise of mech or more anti infantry guns in case of hordes.

Metagaming has come to the forefront of many popular games where competition comes into play. Whether it is a videogame, card game, or Warhammer 40k, this extra game that surrounds the hobby is important to consider. Of course, metagame can back fire on you. There might be someone with the army you never see, but somehow kicks your butt all over the place (looking at you Dark Eldar players). You can also out think your own army, by building a ton of tricks in it and never see the armies you can play those tricks on. So beware when metagaming yourself into odd-ball byzantine army lists. Sometime the best trick is an army that has none.

This is one of the reasons why I build fairly redundant armies. I like tricks, but I try to make sure I cover as many bases as I can. It does hurt me at times, when facing an army I wasn’t prepared for (Dark Eldar… grumble), but again that is just a part of the game. If I could be prepared for everything, then I would lose some of the excitement in playing things I normally don’t see. It also means I get to hear some people cackle as they brought some pain onto my power chaos marines, orks, or weird daemons.

How does this all fit into the casual gamer experience? Well the biggest way is to just look at what you normally play against every week. You might not be fighting for some kind of prize, but you still don’t want to bring sticks to a gun fight. Just look at what you regularly play against and try to tailor parts of your army to combat it. If you always play your friend and his half painted orks on Friday night, why would you take lots of lascannons? If you play versus a ton of Land Raiders, why not take some melta guns.

Now onto this week’s 40k list that builds up from 1500 to 2000 points. I really enjoyed the Fabius Bile/The Father list and thought of some ways to make it more fun and less, “I hate Toughness 5”. The push of Khorne marines into the list should give me some more fun games. It is like I am running a bunch of mini bezerkers. I used to love running them back in the day, and would be a terror with the Axe of Khorne. I know why the took it out, but I do miss it. (For those wondering, it was if you rolled a 6 to hit, you got another attack. It was a power weapon, so it would get pretty goofy when you started to hit 6 or so times with 5 attacks heh).

HQ: Fabius Bile – 160 pts
Troops: Plague Marines (8), Plasma Gun (2), Asp Champ, Power fist, Plasma Pistol, Rhino, Extra Armor – 319pts
Troops: CSM (10), Melta Gun (2), Bile Upgrade, Mark of Khorne, Asp Champ, Power Weapon, Combi-Melta, Rhino - 305pts
Troops: CSM (10), Melta Gun (2), Bile Upgrade, Mark of Khorne, Asp Champ, Power Weapon, Combi-Melta, Rhino - 305pts
Troops: CSM (10), Melta Gun (2), Bile Upgrade, Mark of Khorne, Asp Champ, Power Weapon, Combi-Melta, Rhino - 305pts
Elites: Dreadnought, Multi-Melta – Pts 100

Pts: 1494 – Scoring 4 – KP – 10

HQ: Fabius Bile – 160 pts
HQ: Daemon Prince, Wings, Mark of Nurgle, Warptime - 175
Troops: Plague Marines (8), Plasma Gun (2), Asp Champ, Power fist, Plasma Pistol, Rhino, Extra Armor – 319pts
Troops: CSM (10), Melta Gun (2), Bile Upgrade, Mark of Khorne, Asp Champ, Power Fist, Combi-Melta, Rhino, Extra Armor - 330pts
Troops: CSM (10), Melta Gun (2), Bile Upgrade, Mark of Khorne, Asp Champ, Power Fist, Combi-Melta, Rhino, Extra Armor - 330pts
Troops: CSM (10), Melta Gun (2), Bile Upgrade, Mark of Khorne, Asp Champ, Power Fist, Combi-Melta, Rhino, Extra Armor - 330pts
Elites: Dreadnought, Multi-Melta – Pts 100

Pts: 1744 – Scoring – 4- KP – 11

HQ: Fabius Bile – 160 pts
HQ: Daemon Prince, Wings, Mark of Nurgle, Warptime - 175
Troops: Plague Marines (9), Plasma Gun (2), Asp Champ, Power fist, Plasma Pistol, Rhino, Extra Armor – 342pts
Troops: CSM (10), Melta Gun (2), Bile Upgrade, Mark of Khorne, Asp Champ, Power Fist, Combi-Melta, Rhino, Extra Armor - 330pts
Troops: CSM (10), Melta Gun (2), Bile Upgrade, Mark of Khorne, Asp Champ, Power Fist, Combi-Melta, Rhino, Extra Armor - 330pts
Troops: CSM (10), Melta Gun (2), Bile Upgrade, Mark of Khorne, Asp Champ, Power Fist, Combi-Melta, Rhino, Extra Armor - 330pts
Elites: Dreadnought, Multi-Melta, Hvy Flamer – Pts 105
Elites: Dreadnought, Multi-Melta, Hvy Flamer – Pts 105
Elites: Dreadnought, Multi-Melta, Hvy Flamer – Pts 105

Pts: 1982 – Scoring – 4 – KP – 12

So there you go, a build up based off the initial base into a 2000 point build. I am building up dreadnoughts as we speak with Forgeworld goodies. I used to love them back in 3rd edition days, and I’ve decided to just play with them now since they look fun. I can’t wait to see my own dread blow up some of my dirty rhinos with some super awesome rear armor shots…haha. Plus the fear of my butt getting shot up by multi-meltas will give a nice fun addition to the game. That's why they are not built up with heavy bolters or other weapons that are not as deadly. There is no fun in that. I will take pictures of them for my own blog and see if I can get some better shots with Bigred's camera.

The army is metagamed for my local environment. Lots of melta to deal with Land Raiders and other fun armored vehicles. I wanted to try Mark of Khorne on my guys since I feel Khorne just doesn’t get the love he needs. Blood for the Blood GOD!!! And of course, not one, not two, but three dreads for the pure hilarity.

Oh and here is the picture of all the stuff I messed around with this week. Minus one Loota I painted to replace the one I lost in Baltimore.

For those interested, I am open for commissions. This is for painted figures as well as drawings. If you are interested, shoot me an email. You can also use that email to ask me any questions about army lists, painting and anything else.

February 16, 2009

40k & FANTASY NEWS: Studio Openday 2009 - Part 2

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~Folks fasten your seatbelts, there are tons more pics here to dig through. Photos by BoLS Photographer: Alex Garbett

UK Design Studio Openday 2009 40K Seminar (thanks to Warseer's: Philbrad for some of this)

- Upcoming White Dwarf will detail APOC rules for Stompa's new wargear and add a Stompa Squadron Apoc datasheet.
-IG 4 plastic boxes, 4 blisters, and 2 battleforces (Cadian & Catachan) are coming out.
-IG Imperial Advisors work like the SM Chapter Masters do for Apocalypse.
-Next 18 months will be "big" for IG
-Sentinel has a plasma cannon and missile launcher variant.
-Sentinel metal enclosed cockpit pieces are now in plastic and on the sprue. The legs are now multiple pieces for ease of posing during assembly.
-Valkyrie is a fast, skimmer armour 12/10/10 and has a special rule allowing "flyby deep striking" allowing the Valkyrie to continue moving whilst the troops deploy. The occupants must take a dangerous terrain test when they land to see if they are injured.

-40k Version of Mighty Empires is done, but awaiting a release slot (but not within the next 18 months).
-When Heroquest/Space Hulk was asked about it was met with a smile and a comment that a "boxed game was being work on".

Warhammer Fantasy Plastic Empire Steam Tank
We've heard rumors about this one, but here she is in the flesh, and a sprue pic (and a dragon).

~Take it away guys, and check out that text near the advisors pics for even more info.
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