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March 31, 2009

GW NEWS: Australia Website Reborn

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"Do you come from a land down under? Where women glow and men plunder?"

A quick one guys. Hot on the heels of the GW Canada update the old Games Workshop-Australia website has also just been updated to the new-style GW Website. There are now only a couple of countries left with the old-style sites (we're looking at you Italy, and Japan), as the slow web-transition continues.

No word so far as to the Web Exclusive Space Marine Sergeant which was offered with the rollout of some other countries sites. Maybe, or maybe not...

~The changeover of GW-Australia was the final chapter for many of those old Warhammer 40k and Fantasy fluff and Chapter Approved articles from the days of yore. The only old-style sites remaining are non-english.

40K RUMORS: Space Wolves Chatter

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So we have been hearing for months and months that the Sons of Russ are in the pipeline. First it was last holiday season, then it got bounced to the back half of this year and the latest we hear is Q4 of this year.

A sharp-eyed reader has noticed that Games Workshop has just removed the Space Wolves Codex from their website. The rest of the Space Wolves range is here, but no codex! It stands out as a clear contrast to other old armies such as the Dark Eldar who still have their codices up for sale.

Also note the Collectors Range Wolf Guard with Lighting Claws that was just released. Hmmm, the plot thickens...

~You can put 2 and 2 together and theorize to your heart's content.

40k TACTICA: Killing Nob Bikers, for Bob

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Hey all, Jwolf here. So reader Bob asked for a list of what to kill Nob Bikers with for each Codex. I didn’t want to go crazy and promote units that most people wouldn’t take anyway, so here’s the list.

Space Marines: Terminators, especially TH/SS Assault Terminators. Ironclad Dreadnoughts are also pretty good.

Black Templars, Dark Angels: Terminators.

Blood Angels: Terminators and Furioso(s) charging with Dante and Corbulo should kill them all.

Space Wolves: Space Wolf Bloodclaws with many Powerfists can kill a normal Nob Biker Squad. Probably the cheapest Nob Biker Killer unit in the game.

Chaos Space Marines: Lash of Submission and Obliterators/Battlecannons. Follow that up with a charging Defiler and whatever is left is insignificant.

Chaos Daemons: Soulgrinders are very cost effective for killing Nob Bikers. Pretty much anything in the Codex is good for tying them up, though I’d suggest Bloodcrushers and Bloodletters are better choices. Tzneetch Daemon Princes and Fateweaver nearby means doomed Nobs, especially once the Warboss becomes a Spawn.

Orks: Lootas with Nobs to follow up.

Eldar: Fortuned Seer Council charging Doomed Bikers = wins combat and can run them down. Fortuned Harlequins are also a good choice; saves aren’t as good but rends mean more wounds get through. A lucky Mindwar on the Warboss cripples the unit as well.

Dark Eldar: The army that loves to fight only tough things loves to fight Nob Bikers. Dark Lances, Pinning blasts, and Wyches are contemptuous of Nob Bikers and the army anyway.

Witch Hunters: Lurk in Rhinos unit they charge, then pop out and use Divine Guidance flamer spam. It is best to shoot them dead unless you’re a fan of Penitent Engines, but that’s not terribly hard to do if you point the whole army at a single squad. Exorcists are also good things to lay into the Bikers with, though Lootas tend to suppress their fire effectively. The most fun possible way to kill Nob Bikers? A 2+ invulnerable Cannoness with a S:8 Eviscerator killing a couple Nobs and then running them down.

Daemonhunters: Nothing particularly good for the job, but driving around in Landraiders makes it hard for them to do anything to you. Shoot them a lot and charge with Grey Knights once they’re weakened is the best bet, and it’s not a great bet.

Tau: Shoot them with heavy markerlight usage to get them nearly automaticly pinned. Repeat until no more Bikers are alive.

Necrons: C’tan can keep the Nobs from ever being in close combat, so C’tan the Nobs into a corner and shoot them. 2 units of Nob Bikers are a big problem, so kill one first then get to the other.

Imperial Guard: Demolisher and Battle Cannon rounds, followed with gouts of Hellhound promethium while leaving nothing worth killing to attack is the basic plan. Guard can kill Nobs over several turns if they leave the Nobs no way to earn their value easily. Also repeated tank shocks will break them, which is possibly the most fun thing in the game.

Tyranids: Implant attack is the bane of Nobs. Jumping on a unit of Nobs with implant attack Genestealers and Carnifexes will kill them. A Lash Whip Tyrant and Guards will drop the Nobs attacks by 1/3, which means the Carnifexes get to eat them and keep going.

~So there you go Bob – you asked for it, you got it. If any of you have a more efficient way to deal with a large Nob Biker squad, Lets hear about it.

March 30, 2009

40K NEWS: New Bitz Additions

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A bunch of new bitz have just gone up on the Games Workshop site ready for immediate purchase. Some are incredibly useful for the converter, some...less so.

The new releases are:

Land Raider Terminus Upgrade Kit
Baneblade Sponsons and Accessories
Imperial Guard Tank Accessories
Space Marine Backpacks
Chaos Space Marine Backpacks
Space Marine Jumppacks
Chiurgeon and Cypher Backpacks
Eagle Warriors Shoulderpads
Silver Skulls Shoulderpads

~Hurray for the jump packs and backpacks which are bread and butter bitz for a host of common projects (pre-heresy forces for example). As for the rest, we can all now jump on this seasons newest 40k fashion trend; the "All Chiurgeon All The Time" army. Fabious Bile's backpack... its the new black :)

Goatboy 40k Thoughts: Rules Lawyers

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I started on this topic a bit last week, and wanted to delve into it more this week, right before I head up to Chicago to throw down at Adepticon. We all know what a rules lawyer is. What I want to do is go into the different aspects of rules lawyers as well as ways to play with them.

First lets look at what is a rules lawyer. Lets thank wikipedia for giving me the following definitions.

A rules lawyer is a player in a game who for whatever reason attempts to use an often encyclopedic knowledge of the rules of a subject to gain an advantage, to annoy or to ingratiate himself with other players, to amuse themselves in a round of banter with others, or to test a rule's solidity.

(slang) Someone who knows, or thinks he knows, even the most arcane and technical rules of a game.

A player who seeks to gain game advantage by invocation of the letter of the game's rules.

Lets break down each definition and see what makes this type of rules lawyer annoying or difficult to play with.

Rules Lawyer 1. I am the smartest!

We all have played the players that seem to “know” everything and make it known they know everything. Hell I’ve fallen into that trap, since I play 40k a bunch and have usually taken on just about every army in the book. At a base level, this type of lawyer is usually the easiest to deal with, as well as the most beneficial to the game. You see the rules of the game are meant to be enforced to make the game run smoothly. Knowing the rules or having someone that can help you figure out the rules is a great help in ensuring the game is played smoothly (or as smoothly as can be). Yes it can be annoying to be corrected all the time, but when you are playing something wrong and it creates an unfair advantage, it is helpful to know how it is supposed to work.

As a player, if I feel someone is just spouting too much during a game, or trying to be annoying by pushing the rules, I make them find it and prove it to me. I know that most of the time they are right, but making them look for the rule and prove it lets me learn as well as lets them look right, thus making them not seem as harsh due to proving that they know what they are talking about. Having proof makes you not look like someone trying to push the rules, it just makes you look like someone that is just trying to make everyone play the game right.

Rules Lawyer 2. I think I know my rules but I forget sometimes…

These are the players that are adamantly stating their rules while forgetting they have changed. We have all done this, with many players going through 3 editions of a game change in their hobby life; it is hard to keep all the rules in check. What you once thought was a rock solid rule, has now changed due to rules changes. I have done it, as you could see with the chaos dreadnought thoughts and vehicle LOS. Many players have forgotten a rule an HQ might have now, or thought a stat was higher in this edition then it was in the last. How many times have you thought your Chaplain’s BS is 5 like in the last codex?

If you are playing someone like that, the best option is to just show them the rules. Instead of arguing back and forth about it, keep your cool and just go to the book. Nothing is more concrete than breaking out the rules and making sure things work the way they are supposed too. I know as a player who sometimes falls into this, the best way to break the stalemate/argument is just to look at it and see. There is never a need to argue or fight about anything in this game.

Rule Lawyer 3. Tweaking or mismanaging the rules will get me that win…

This is the rules lawyer most people think about when hearing the word. It is the player that strives to break a rule or misquote a rule to try and create an advantage. You know the player knows the rules, but you don’t as well as they do. So whatever they say, they must be right, no matter how “broken” it seems. This is where the game moves from being fun, to something just not all the enjoyable. Losing is one thing, but losing because someone was not truthful or tried to break the RAW of the rules just leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

Each army has advantages and disadvantages. They are designed that way to create games that evolve into something more advanced than a pair of 40k monkeys rolling dice. The game’s myriad units, stat lines, and equipment create a game that is more then just army men on the field. We all can’t have copies of every codex or have access to all the armies so knowing everything is a hard thing to master. When facing someone that is known to do this, the best option I have is to ask for proof for anything I feel is fishy. If you think you are getting taken advantage of, call a judge. Nothing shuts down a player like calling a judge and getting a ruling. If you are not in a tournament setting, ask the most experienced player who is NOT playing the game to help you guys resolve the situation. I have found that folks have a very level head and are impartial when it’s not their own plastic soldiers fighting for their plastic lives on the tabletop.

Use the Rules for Good, Never for Evil

The rules are part of the game, and it is up to us to know them and inform our opponents of them. This game is not secretive nor should you rely on rules deception to eek out a win. Each army should be fairly open to any questions due to having lists open to each of the players. It is up to the players to create environments that are both fun as well as exciting to play in. Remember, the game takes at least two people to run and it is up to the players to make sure things move smoothly.

For those reading this and going to Adepticon, I will be getting up there Thursday night. I plan on playing the gladiator on Friday, judging on Saturday and finishing off my gaming weekend with a run in the invitational on Sunday. If you see me, give me a shout. Or yell at me for the dreadnought shenanigans. Either way come and say hi. It would be great to chat with you guys and get some feedback and ideas for upcoming articles/thoughts/etc.

Let hear your thoughts on rules-lawyers and your approaches to dealing with them. I know every one of us has a really good story on this topic… and as usual email me if you have any questions.

March 29, 2009

Lugganath Craftworld Logo Sheet

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I think It's time for a another detour from our regular marine chapters. I've been meaning to do the Lugganath logo sheet for a while after seeing that beautiful 2-page craftworld spread in the new rulebook. Here you all go!

I have been noting (again) that GW does a great job of covering the major Craftworlds with their decal sheets. However, there are a number of great looking minor ones who get decent back-stories and have great alternative uniform colors that never have had decals produced for them. In the interest of promoting diversity in the Eldar community and encouraging players to branch out beyond the "big 5", I keep knocking out logo sheets for some of these other Craftworlds who I think look great and have no GW decal support.

"The renegades of Lugganath foster close ties with the Harlequins, for they hope to abandon this galaxy and start civilization afresh, claiming the webway as their realm."
That sounds like just the ticket for someone who likes lots of Harlequins, or has a favorite enemy in the Dark Eldar. Here is the link to the PDF file for the decal sheet you can freely pull down and use:

Download Here

The sheet is designed for printout on Decal printer paper which is easily available online. These decals are designed for the CLEAR decal paper. The procedure is as follows:

CLEAR PAPER: If you use the clear decals, the orange decals need to be applied to a light colored surface such as white or light grey to be visible at all. The black ones can go just about anywhere and look good.

Click here for a detailed Custom Decal Tutorial

Size wise, the larger decals towards the top are best used for super heavies/terrain, and move down in size to the large array of infantry/jetbike sized towards the bottom.

In any case, enjoy and I wish you the best in using this set for your forces.

~Please feel free to leave comments if there is a special Chapter, Craftworld, or something else you would love to collect, but have no GW decal options, and I will see what I can do. We are down to just Iybraesil and Kaelor for the Eldar.

March 28, 2009

REVIEW: War of the Ring

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"In the land of Mordor where the shadows lie..."

Hi all

I said you were going to get a review of War of the Ring, and here you go.

First things first. Put aside everything you have heard of the previous Lord of the Rings efforts from Games Workshop. Forget all those months of skimming over the LoTR section of White Dwarf, as well as walking right past the LoTR minis. We all did it, but just for a second, lets pretend we have never heard of this new game.

And NEW it is. What we have in War of the Ring is an entirely new game, with no similarities with previous efforts, aside from using the existing LoTR minis. This has given Games Workshop a once in decade opportunity to start a new core game from scratch, with a clean slate. The results are impressive.

This isn't going to be one of those micro-level reviews that goes over every rule, so lets hit the highlights.

Playtime: 1-2 hours for a good sized game (2000pts). This game plays 50% to twice as fast as 40k or Warhammer Fantasy. The standard game ends after 8 turns.

Turn sequence: We have a phase interleaved sequence. Basically its I-go-u-go per phase, with a critical Priority Roll determined at the start of each full turn to determine which player will move, shoot, and assault first for that turn. Its kind of a halfway point between the full I-go-u-go of 40k and Fantasy, and the by-unit interleaved structure of Epic.

Full Information: In a nod to some other products such as Flames of War, premeasuring is allowed at all times. This is a big break from the Games Workshop main-line products, and give the game a less adversarial, more skill based feel. If you got yourself into a briar patch, its not because you couldn't have seen it coming, and in one stroke, a lot of the uncertainty and potential deception that one can find in 40k & Fantasy is swept away.

Companies and Formations: Armies consist of formations which are composed of companies of either 8 30mm based infantry models or 2 40mm based cavalry models (in those cool plastic movement trays). For all practical purposes, the individual models are wound counters for the company, making this once again an interesting halfway point between 40k and Epic.

a formation of 2 companies

a damaged formation of 2 companies

Movement: Movement is handled with a trim set of rules governing how to position and move formations. Its a lot easier that it seems, and plays rather like a very fast moving version of the Fantasy Battle movement phase with all the irritating fiddly bits of wheeling, changing formation, and the like thrown out.

a formation of 6 companies

a formation of 6 companies repositioned

Shooting and Assault: Both of these are handled very cleanly with an overall higher bar to strike and wound targets that you are used to in the existing games, due to the lack of saves! Once you've nailed the bad guys, they are out of there, very similar to infantry in Epic.

warg-riders charge Riders of Rohan

casualties after the charge

Morale: After most combats, checks are made and formations occasionally flee, but generally, units just step back and reassess the situation and prepare to reposition or duke it out again the next turn. While not as historically accurate as the rapid chain reaction panic and routing that you often find in Fantasy, the War of the Ring system is a lot more fun, and tends to keep both players "stuck in" later into the game.

Heroes: After all the previous LoTR games, you may well be wondering "It is really all about Frodo?" It is and it isn't. Heroes and villians are aplenty in the game, but with rare exceptions, they are all upgrade characters for formations. What this means, is that yes, Boromir is an Ork buzzsaw, but if you just pound his unit from afar with war machines, or hit him in a well coordinated flank assault, he's going down just like all the dudes around him. In short, you can emphasize heroes if you wish (and there are some really mean ones), but they don't equal an automatic victory and a good general can deal with them with practice.

sampling of heroes

Armies: The best part of War of the Ring for me is the army section. In a throw back to the early days of Warhammer 40k and Fantasy, you get EVERY ARMY in the game in the core book. You just buy this one book, and add minis. There are 10 armies (5 good and 5 naughty), and the forces of good and evil are balanced on the tabletop.

Minis: Virtually the entire range is ready to go after years of buildup with the previous LoTR games. With everything from the terrifying Mumak to the enchanting Goldberry, you can have a grand time building up an army that strikes your fancy after reading the books or watching the films. Many of the minis are quite well priced with several core boxed sets being in the range of $1 per model.

Conclusions: I'm not going to tell you this game is the greatest thing since sliced bread, nor will I tell my fellow Warhammer 40k and Fantasy enthusiasts to drop your current projects, sell them on ebay, and take up War of the Ring. What I will say is Matthew Ward and Jeremy Vetock have done right by Professor Tolkien. This is a strong product. War of the Ring is easily accessible for new players, has a deep miniatures range to back it up, and offers a refreshing "third way" in comparison to the Warhammer 40k and Fantasy product lines which are burdoned with decades of legacy and expectations from the fickle playerbase (that would be us). It has the power of one of the strongest licences on the planet to pull in new players, and is the least burdonsome on the checkbook for them as well.

~I would say in closing to not expect War of the Ring to go away any time soon, and the next time you see a pair of players throwing down at a tabletop near you, don't saunter on by with your nose turned up. Stop for a few minutes and check out the action. You may decide to linger for a bit in Middle-earth.

4 Stars (out of 5)

Bell of Lost Souls Alliance Blog Network

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Do you have a great Warhammer 40k, Fantasy, Warmachine, Flames of War or Wargaming Blog? Do you love the Games Workshop, Privateer Press, or Flames of War universe and want to expose your hard work to a wide audience of 40k, Fantasy, and Wargaming fanatics? If you answered yes to those questions you may be ready to join the BoLS Alliance Blog Network.

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BoLS Update:

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1) The move is over. Keep a sharp eye out, and if anything seems wonky, email us at belloflostsouls@gmail and let us know.

2)"Where are all the comments?" The DISQUS comments are perfectly safe, and we are working with DISQUS to get them re-synched with thier old posts. They will be back very soon. All new posts since Saturday are fine and you can comment away.

3) If anyone has old links or banners on your sites that point to please take a couple of minutes to redirect them to It would mean a lot to us, really!

Hi guys.

We will be moving to this weekend, so there may be some little hickups along the way. Everything is being forwarded from our old .blogspot url, so all of our backlinks will be fine. You should redirect automatically.

We will see you on the other side, with all sorts of cool stuff planned for our new home.

40K Poll: Codex Peoples Choice Awards

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Its time to have some FUN over the weekend. So you've all seen Jwolf's opinion of the best and worst of the codices in the game.

We've had a lively discussion, but now its time to turn the mike around to you all.

I just put up a new poll listing all the 16 codices in the Warhammer 40k. Your job is to pick the best 8 (no more or less). As we get the votes in, this should give us a good distribution of where the community thinks the armies lay in terms of power.

~I can't wait to see how this one settles out, and compared to Jwolf's list. By all means speak up guys and lets hear you comments of who you think is the best and worst and why. Remember, reasoned argument, and no chairs! Poll, right hand column, attack!

March 27, 2009

EVENT: Battle Bunker Birthday, April 4

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Here's a list of the special events for the Glen Burnie Battle Bunker Birthday Bonanza, Saturday, April 4, 10 AM to 9 PM. Note that the special "Celebrate the Day" merchandise will also be available for purchase that day. This may be the biggest Celebrate the Day store event ever!

- Army Speed/Batch Painting: Learn tricks to get your army painted and ready for battle in a short amount of time.
- “The Mighty Gift” LotR Game: Bring 250 points of LotR for an epic battle that will change the fate of Middle Earth.
- “And So It Begins” War of the Ring Battle: The massive battle for the “Rally the Troops” national event. The gigantic War of the Ring battle will cater to both brand new players and experienced gamers alike. Bring your War of the Ring army and get ready for war!
- “Bad Moon Birthday Brawl!” 40K Extravaganza: Bring 1000 pts (no Force Org.) plus one Super-heavy of your choice to this gigantic 40K birthday event. A planetary governor has been targeted by Warboss Gazbag Moonrippa. Will you help him escape the planet or will you collect the bounty?
- “Rise of the Warlord” Fantasy Campaign: This event will be a massive Fantasy campaign in a day. The mightiest warlords from the Fantasy world will gather for the ultimate contest of skill and generalship. Will you be crowned the Warlord of the Fantasy Realm or left bleeding in the dirt? Bring 1500 points (standard organization) with a 500 pt. sidebar and crush your enemies beneath your feet!
- Advanced Painting Master Class: Learn advanced painting techniques for your army from Golden Demon winning painters.

There will also be the unveiling of a massive Birthday Banner for the staff that everyone can sign. If you have any questions, please contact the store at 410-590-8675. The Emperor Wants You To Celebrate This Day!

I've been asked to assist with some of the model painting instruction being given that day, a request to which I've gladly agreed. I've been to four of these Celebrate the Day events in the past and they are always fun. This one has more special events planned than any I've been to previously so it should be a pretty full and entertaining day no matter what game system or aspect of the hobby one enjoys. I hope some of you out there can make it.

On the subject of new store openings, it looks like the new GW store at Fair Oaks Hobby Center, Fairfax, VA will be opening on or about April 16. There's a possibility that I'll be assisting with the festivities on the first Saturday, April 18, much as I did at the Olney store a few months ago. If you have questions about any of the new store openings this spring, please contact GW for more information.

40K SNEAK PEEK: Sentinel Sprue & More

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Images brought to the community by: John's Toy Soldiers

Check out the sprue and Instruction sheet for the new Sentinel kit.

~Notice some of the little things such as the smoke launcher,plastic closed top, and all those weapons. I can't tell if the ankle ball and socket has been beefed up or not...

40K HOBBY: The Average Guardsman - Part 2

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The second in a series of modeling and painting posts by Fade_74

The Average Guardsman - Part 2 | Color Selection and Base Coating

Hello people! Following up on part 1 of this series, today we are going to talk a little about basic colors and then start base coating our average guardsman. By using just a few easy techniques, you easily achieve an above average look for your Imperial Guard, or whatever else you are painting.

Color Selection

Let's talk a bit about color selection. I like to use 2 main colors, one for the uniform and one for the armor and helmet. Any more than two colors and your paint scheme might look a little funky to the eye. Remember that most of the time people will be looking at it from 2-3 feet away. Always use colors of the same tone. A red-brown and a greenish brown won't look right together. Colors that are sold together will be your best bet. All paint companies try make colors that complement each other, including GW. For example:

-Codex Grey goes with Fortress Grey
-Scorched Brown goes with Bestial Brown
-Mordian Blue goes with Ultramarines Blue, etc.

Avoid clashing colors. Yellow and purple, red and green, etc. If a normal person wouldn't wear those colors together, then your models shouldn't either. If you are having problems deciding on a set of colors, look at GW's website. The 'Eavy Metal team has a real eye for color, look at their stuff. Look at the winning models from Games Day. Find a site that shows real world military uniforms. There are a million places to find inspiration. I got my color scheme at Wal-Mart. I looked in the craft paint rack and lo and behold came up with two well matched Greys that I thought would look great together in a city-fight themed army. Once you have your colors picked we can move on to painting.


The first thing you need to do is prime your mini. Black. Period. Using black primer allows you to add a touch of shading and all your black lining right from the start. Whether you spray it on, or brush it, make it a thin coat. If you use a brush, water down your black quite a bit and go over it a couple times. You should have just enough paint on the mini to color it black and not obscure the details. Don't forget to primer the edges of your base also. It will help paint stick to them later on in the process.

Base Coating
Base coating the clothing and armor always comes next for me. Take a fine brush and outline the items that won't be getting painted. Belts, hands, face, etc. You can do this with paint straight out of the pot, as it will be a little thick and it will create sort of a dam that will help you from getting your colors in places they don't need to go. Don't forget to leave a very thin black line between everything. It will add definition and a clear demarcation between things.........DOH! I was going to have a pic of this step, but I went into a trance and did this and the next step without stopping lol. You will be able to see how I left the black lines in the next pic.

Once you have your outline complete you can start blocking everything in. Now is the time to thin out your paint a bit. The thinner your paint is, the smoother the finish will be when complete, but you will have to paint more coats. I would suggest something a little thicker than milk for most applications. You don't want to have to paint more than 4-5 coats of any one color but you don't want the paint to be globby either. I know this seems a little tedious but the results will be well worth it in the end.

Now that we have a nice base to work with let's shade a bit. Your shade color should be warm for warm colors, reds, browns, olive greens, and yellows should always be shaded with a darker version of that color, or brown. Cool colors like blue, blue greens, grey, and brown should be shaded with black. You can either use very, very thinned paint (10 to 1), or you can buy a ready mixed wash. I find that the citadel washes work great for me. The one thing you want to watch out for is putting to much wash on. Don't just slop it on. It won't look good. A wash should be painted into the low spots of your mini not painted over the whole thing. If you want to avoid the wash ring effect, put just a drop of dish washing detergent into your mix. It breaks the surface tension of the wash and allows it to flow easily. Allow your mini to dry thoroughly before you move on. And don't worry about any wash that gets in the wrong place. Leave it, as the next step will remedy it very easily.

Next time, we will delve into highlighting, but if you have any questions or comments on this step or others, feel free to post, I will get back to you ASAP! See you around!

P.S. Here are some pics of my finished Macharius tank. It turned out so well that I feel the need to show it off a little.
Please feel free to vote or leave a comment!

Fade_74 has been an avid gamer for 20 odd years. He plays just about everything. His favorite 40k army is Imperial Guard, but he has also been known to collect and play Necrons, Space Marines, and Tau. If you would like to check out some of his other work just follow this link.

~Lets give it up for Fade_74. He's pressing forward with his painting series aimed at everyone, not just the high-end painters and converters. Comment away guys, I'm sure he will be along shortly to answer any of your questions.

March 26, 2009

RUMORS: Space Hulk Chatter

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Hi guys,

More whispers regarding the best Warhammer 40k boardgame ever made, Space Hulk.

Talk about the tubes is that when Games Workshop sets their mind on something they go all the way. Space Hulk is being described as a full bore rework with all the bells and whistles you could ever want.

Sources say to expect it in Q3 2009, and we have heard tales of modular plastic boards, an extensive set of large scale sprues with all the termys and genestealers you can shake a stick it, and all new fancy elements such as sliding doors and the like. There might even be a need for batteries (perhaps). Expect a full sized boxed game that will make all you cry with tears of joy.

~I was somewhat excited after our last Space Hulk rumor, but its looking like its not going to be just a simple re-release but a hefty overhaul. Now I'm excited!

SHOWCASE: 40K Scale Warlord Titan

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~Hi guys,

You all know how we love to bring you the finest Warhammer 40k crazy projects from across the globe. Well get a load of this Warlord Titan brought to you by California's Dave Smith. Dave, take it away:

Why Did I Do It?

I built the Warlord simply because I wanted titans in my games of Apocalypse, but couldn’t really afford the Forge World Warhounds or Reavers, well I could… but I’m married with kids after all. At first, I was going to make a Warhound, but figured that GW would eventually make a plastic kit in the future, and I might as well make something big if I was going to go through the effort of scratch building.

Project Overview

I started with the Epic mini and I scaled it from that. A lot of people think this thing should be huge… like six feet tall, but I’m used to the epic scale and I based it off that. I like the size and it will play well with existing Reavers. My Warlord is about 28 inches tall. Basically, I compared the mini to other epic minis like Leman Russes and Land Raiders and built it from there. Actually, its scale is a little bigger than Epic comparatively.

I roughed the whole thing out in foam board and was too lazy to snap pics of it after that. I layered thin sheets of styrene plastic “armor” on top of the foam board to tighten up corners and to build in the “crevices” between armor plates. It’s equipped with two Volcano Cannons which can be separated from the arm if I choose to add a different gun, but nothing else is built at this time.

I used a lot of bits from my Leman Russ Battle Company, but even that wasn’t enough. I cast a bunch of bits from the Imperial Sector and Space marine kits—mainly skulls, eagles, and engine pieces. I also used Forge World brass etched eagles. All the styrene, bits, and paint added up to be about $200 bucks in materials. I kept running out of styrene and had to buy more. Don’t cheap out if you build one of these things, it’s worth it in the end.

Originally, I wasn’t planning on using a base, but the upper body was so top heavy, that I felt I had no choice. My only regret is that the ankles are a bit “wobbly”. I should have been more careful and reinforced them with wood or something. When I started, they felt firm.

I used Photoshop for my banners. I scanned in Baneblade decals to start with and added from there.

Big tip: I used wood glue for my foam board and strips of cut-up Bristol board (thick art paper) to cover the foam. Also, get “The Chopper”, a styrene cutter; it works great and is worth the cost.

Eventually, I will add a crew to the cockpit and LED lights, but that’s another project. I want a Reaver crew, but Forge World doesn’t sell them separately. If anyone can help me get a crew, let me know. I fielded this baby in a huge Apoc game at the LA Battle Bunker where it was finally destroyed by four Necron Pylons. It is on display there, so check it out if you are in the area. I also play Epic at the bunker on the last Saturday of every month, so stop by or join the club.

Dave Smith has been into Warhammer 40k and Specialist Games, like Epic, since 2nd edition. He was an Outrider back in the day—back when you got the games for free and a few weeks early. He has kids, so he's been into GW off and on during the last four years. Dave is a professional artist of sorts, mainly as a digital painter. As a part of Liquid Graphics, he colored popular comics like X-men, Fantastic Four, and Iron Man. Lately, he teaches Photoshop/Illustrator and paint backgrounds for Eli’s Dirty Jokes (starting with episode #30), so check them out on Youtube.

~Give it up for Dave folks. That may be the finest Warlord I've seen since Apocalypse has hit the scene. She's the right scale, and ready to rumble on the tabletop in style. I'm sure Dave will be along soon to chime in on your comments.

March 25, 2009

GW NEWS: GW Canada Reborn

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The King is Dead, Long Live the King!

A quick one guys. The old Games Workshop-Canada website has quietly sunk beneath the waves, to be reborn as the new-style GW Website. There are now only a few countries left with the old-style sites (we're looking at you Australia, Italy, and Japan), as the slow web-transition continues.

As with other web-site rollouts, Games Workshop is offering the Web Exclusive Space Marine Sergeant for those who order over $100 from the new Canada site.

~If anyone wants any of those old Warhammer 40k and Fantasy fluff and Chapter Approved articles from the days of yore, GW Australia may be your last chance...

40K RUMORS: Plastic Trygons Ahoy?

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OK gang,

Some nice Warhammer 40k detective work has been has been done by the fellows at Warpshadow, so lets just throw up a few interesting pictures and let you all decide...

If you all remember way back in the days right after the release of Apocalypse there was a 2-3 month period where folks were saying Games Workshop had done a lot of experimental work on converting Forgeworld kits to plastic as a test of ther new fangled CAD-design technology.

As we have seen with the Stompa, some of those kits just hitting the shelves now were almost done, or well into design way back then. There was talk of Thunderbolts, Stompas, Valkyries, Thunderhawks, and Trygons...oh my! :)

Well take a look at these three pictures and tell me what you see.

Forgeworld Trygon

Trygon from Apocalypse Book, p.29 (From Below...)

Phil Kelly Trygon from the now defunct GW-Canada website

~You all notice anything interesting in those last 2 pictures? It would seem that as with the Planetstrike terrain in the BGB, someone at GW has a great sense of humor about putting upcoming releases right in front of our faces for months. It may be time to break out the magnifying glasses and start going on Apocalypse release hunts in all our existing books gentlemen... What this means in terms of the release schedule is unclear.

March 24, 2009

40k Radio Webzine Issue#1 Released

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The crazy Freebootaz fans of 40K Radio have gotten together and created their very own Webzine. Its a really impressive first release, and if you like FIREBASE, you should check it out.

The Freebootaz Webzine is a bi-monthly publication, concentrating on Warhammer 40,000.

"I’m sure you will find that this debut issue is packed with great information, ranging from How to Paint Faces to Tips & Tactics, as well as great stories in the Fan Fiction segment. Not to mention it is full of amazing fan artwork as well!" - UnrealG, Editor

The Freebootaz Webzine is a free download available here:

NEWS: Adepticon 2 Week Warning

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With only two weeks left until AdeptiCon 2009, hobbyists across the country and the world are furiously painting to finish up their armies for the “Can’t Miss” event of the year in the Games Workshop miniature wargaming hobby. April 3rd-5th, 2009 will bring hundreds of gamers and hobbyists from across the world to Chicago for a weekend of fun and excitement.

AdeptiCon 2009 Online Registration Closes on March 27th, 2009, at 1700 (5:00 PM) CST
If you haven’t registered yet for AdeptiCon 2009, what are you waiting for? Online registration will close at five PM on Friday, March 27th. After that, you will be able to register onsite at AdeptiCon beginning Friday, April 3rd…but who want’s to risk not participating in your events of choice? Register online today at to make sure that your weekend is packed full of miniature wargaming goodness.

New AdeptiCon 2009 Guest of Honor: Gav Thorpe
Due to circumstances outside of our control, Alessio Cavatore will be unable to attend AdeptiCon 2009. Never fear – because Gav Thorpe has just confirmed that he will be in attendance.

Prior to becoming a freelance writer, Gav Thorpe worked for Games Workshop as lead background designer, overseeing and contributing to the Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 worlds. He has written numerous novels and short stories set in the fictional worlds of Games Workshop, including the Time of Legends 'The Sundering' series, the seminal Dark Angels novel Angels of Darkness, and the Last Chancers omnibus. He lives in Nottingham, UK, with his mechanical hamster, Dennis.

Find out more about Gav at his blog: Mechanical Hamster

I Spy With My Little Eye, Something That Begins with an F…
Free Swag! The first 800 AdeptiCon attendees will receive an Chaos Dwarf Lord from Avatars of War:

I Spy With My Little Eye, Something That Begins with an M…
More Free Swag! The first 750 AdeptiCon attendees will also receive a set of special AdeptiCon deployment zone markers, courtesy of AdeptiCon sponsor Gale Force 9(

I Spy With My Little Eye, Something That Begins with an E…
Even More Free Swag! Additionally, players in many of our tournaments will receive objective markers and/or tokens that will be used during the event, and taken home afterwards! Check out some of our tournament marker/tokens below, created by Flying Tricycle (

Lord of the Ring Tokens (Shot of both/Skull side

40K Team Tournament Tokens (all four head on)

From the High Seas, to Middle Earth, to the Red Orktober
Due to the popularity of our non-competitive open gaming and demo events, we’ve worked to add more such events to our roster. We’re adding demos of Warhammer Historical: Trafalgar, War of the Rings, and the Sabol Designs-sponsored “Hunt Within Red Orktober!”

Trafalgar – Age of Sail Naval Combat – Times TBD – Sign up onsite! Sponsored by the Last Square, Warhammer Historical and Lithko Aerosystems.

War of the Rings Demos – Times TBD – Sign up onsite! Sponsored by the Games Workshop Chicago Battle Bunker.

Sunday 10:30 AM – 3:00 PM – The Hunt Within Red Orktober - Sponsored by Sabol Designs. For more information download the PDF below:

Sponsor Spotlights: Sabol Designs & Armorcast
We’ve created two more Sponsor Spotlights, highlighting longtime AdeptiCon Sponsors Armorcast and Sabol Designs. Find out more about these two companies by clicking on the links below.

40K Tournament Rules Update
With the recent release of new FAQs and datasheets by Games Workshop, we’ve updated the INAT FAQ and our allowed armies/units lists to reflect these changes. We’ve also added some new questions to the INAT FAQ that have been asked by attendees.

We’ve taken a conscious effort to not reverse previous rulings or listings, but if you’re playing in a 40K Tournament and want to make sure your army list is legal, or how the judges will rule on contentious issues, check out the documents below:

INAT v2.2

Allowed 40K Army Lists:

Allowed Forgeworld/Apocalypse Units (only applies to the 40K Gladiator):

Sponsor Highlight:
In need of a commission painter? Well then your search might be over! For your next painting project consider Professional, quality service is their standby. With a list of services from army, to character painting and gift certificates there's something for everyone. your home for high end artistry, without the high end price!

~And I just put the final touches on my last Gladiator mini...whew! See you all there. BoLS is sending up 8 guys this year, so look for the Bell of Lost Souls shirts. Bigred, Jwolf, Goatboy, and many others will be there, so if you want to say hi, tell us we are idiots, or go grab a brewski, here's your chance.

Goatboy's 40k Thoughts: Don't get Ruled Out.

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Goatboy here, and let me start by saying I was wrong. The trick with Chaos Dreadnoughts I was talking about does not work, according to the nice people at GW who wrote the books. Dreadnoughts, like every other model in 40K, can see 360 degrees around themselves, and only worry about Arc of Sight for weapons after they choose their targets. That said, a lot of you were swayed to my side of the argument, and that brings me to my topic for this week – rules abuse.

When we come to the table to play a game, we have an idea of the rules of the game that is probably at least slightly different than our opponent’s idea, even if both are experienced players and neither wants to twist the rules to gain personal advantage.
It is important to know the rules of the game, and being able to know when an opponent has made a mistake and call them on it is important in competitive play. The pitfall to avoid is reading part of Rule A, part of Rule B, and creating Rule C that is sort of like those two put together, and just happens to give you a big advantage. Most players don’t have the familiarity with the rules to deal with this kind of manipulation, so most rules lawyers can get away with it at the table. Later, though, when you look through the rules, you realize that Rule C doesn’t really exist, and you want to rip that guy’s head off. Don’t be that guy.

Forgetful Opponents

We all forget the rules from time to time, but try to have all the important stats and abilities of your army correct 100% of the time. Also, don’t be the guy that forgets that you can’t shoot with one guy and run with the rest of the squad, or anything like that. Practice for fun like it was for real, so when you’re playing a serious game you don’t screw up as much. That doesn’t mean being a jerk about mistakes your opponent makes in a pick-up game, but it does mean trying to make no mistakes yourself. Depending on the opponent, you may or may not point out their mistakes in the game, so they can play a tighter game as well.

How do we keep the rules?

First, have the rulebooks and codices for the armies you’re playing. Explain your list to your opponent, and make sure they know how any tricky things in your army work. Anything that feels hidden can make a player feel cheated, and no good player wants to win by taking advantage of their opponent’s ignorance.

Second, ask a judge. Outside of a tournament, there may not be a judge, but there are probably other gamers around that know the rules, so ask their opinion. If it’s just the players and you can’t figure it out, right it down, dice it off, and look it up later.

Lastly, ask questions if you think something strange is going on. Just because your opponent has a fully painted army and seems to play all the time doesn’t mean they are right; even the best players make mistakes, and I’ve know players to make the same mistake for a long time before someone helped them see their mistake by asking the right question.

I know a lot of this is common knowledge to most seasoned players. But I don’t know how many times I have seen people “cheated” by misrepresentation of the rules. Whether it is on purpose or on accident doesn’t matter, as you are the opponent and it is your job to make sure that things are run smoothly and correctly. The game is more then just rolling dice and moving plastic guys around. You need to interact with your opponent to help create a fun experience; no matter what army you are playing.

I will be heading to Chicago for Adepticon soon, and beyond that I am trying to finish up some painting commissions at the same time. I have both my armies done, so really I am just waiting for the date to rotate around. I just wanted to give a heads up for some upcoming articles that I plan on doing. The wash article will be coming, I just need to get BigRed’s camera set up and get to painting. Most likely I will take a bunch of ork models, do one step at a time on each one to show you how I do it from beginning to end etc. Beyond the painting article I borrowed a Tau army and plan on playing them a bit to see if I can find other tactics that might help the Tau players out there. 

Oh and a quick question for those getting up to Adepticon, how do you plan on dealing with the ork menace? Comment away, lets see if we all can figure out how to deal with them. As usual, send me an email with any questions you might have and good luck with your games.

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