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June 30, 2009

40K Pic of the Day 6-30-09

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pic submitted by reader: Talarion

Rumble in the Jungle

~Your daily dose of tabletop fun! Enjoy. If you have an awesome shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us!

40K VOTING: IG Command Squad Challenge

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Hi everybody, Its VOTING DAY! Below we have the 10 finalists from the pool of entries BoLS received. We got a good selection of entries and it was very difficult to pick 10 finalists. Thank you to everyone who entered. The 10 Command Squads below are randomly ordered, and the summary of the Squad along with thier creator are listed BELOW EACH ONE.

Look each one over, and judge them as you will. When you have selected the best one, vote in the poll. We will have our winner in a few days time, and they will recieve a brand new Valkyrie courtesy of Battleforge Games as a prize well deserved.

The Cadian 22nd Regiment, known as the "Bloodhounds of the Emperor". General Rokossov, known as ruthless leader is the glorious Company Commander. His veterans are real "Dogs Of War" and true specialists of their own military profession.
By Konstantin Kucher

Commander Ivan Karamazov of the 501st Valhallan has been in command for the past twenty-two years and has seen more combat than most can stomach (his bionic left arm a battle wound left by a stray Las-Cannon shot from one of his more drunken heavy weapon crews.) His regiment, the "Ice Dogs" as they are referred to for their gritty determination and rather crude methods of warfare, has most recently been dispatched to hold defenses on an outer world against the encroaching Orks.
By Kevin-TF

This command group came from a very small planet used for advanced tech research, since the planet has an acid atmosphere not compatible with human life the whole squad is forced to wear masks. They are well equipped and specialized in fast hit and run attacks, they are knows as the Heron Hounds.
By Luther Blisset

The vostroyan Military is known for one thing, their ridiculous headgear. Although the Vostroyan headdress is considered a symbol of noble blood, Field Marshal Demitriev, commander of the 1st platoon of the Vostroyan 9th regiment, refuses to create such an obvious target for his enemy. He and his platoon are looked down upon as peasants by others in their regiments for refusing to don such foolish garments. Demitriev and his subordinates take comfort in the fact that the other prouder Vostroyans won't be around long enough to mock them.
By Alessandro Kitchener

Hauptmann Hermann Musk of E Company Cerberus VII Regiment and his staff.
Musk, along with the remains of the Regiment, disappeared following the purging of the Librarians of Ush in the services of Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Dunstable Llan. Hauptfeldwebel Schwartz carries a copy of Llan's Inquisitorial Mandate under which the Regiment fought during the conflict. After-action reports archived by the Departmento Munitorum record tales of "saints" aiding the attackers, and Inquisitor Llan's movements since the conflict are unknown...
By Simon Brown

The Catachan XVII ''Swamprats'' are the deadliest jungle fighters ever known in the Imperium. Led by the infamous Colonel Gator, the Catachan 18th fought the Tyranids in a seven year campaign on Koralkal VII.
By James Beng

The Catachan 233, "Ol' Painless", were thought KIA on Kynlee Secundus, a world being devoured by the Tyranids from Hivefleet Jericho. They signalled for rescue 3 weeks later, 750 kilometers from their last known location.
By Joshua Goss

Command squad for the 72nd Krieg Siege Company. They are currently being re-deployed further from enemy lines as they were a bit too aggressive in their shelling and accidentally demolished a key fuel depot that the 22nd Armored Regiment was set to capture. Commissar Von Lietzietz (far left) summarily executed Captain Strough and has taken command due his failure and negligence.
By Will Downey

82nd Platoon Command of the Iron Army of the 14th Grand Company led by Tiresias the Lost. Tisesias was a small boy when the 14th conquered his world and as the Warsmith strode upon the field of victory, Tisesias was brave (or foolish) enough to not look down. The Warsmith had him immediately blinded and promoted to the lead the 82nd platoon. He is accompanied by Niles the Unspoken, who is required to be gagged or else will continue to scream blasphemies until he passes out.
By Joseph Baird

Colonel Aristides and his staff from the 9th Prosan. The regiment is currently stationed at Blutenanger, taking part in the Bavarius Campaign. Former achievements are the "Devensor Cadium" during the 13th Black Cursade the "Medusa Star" and the "Via Mortis". The regiment was founded on the training-deathworld of Prosan in the Cadia system. The soldiers are well known for their light infantry and being far from home, the regiment has no more recruits but a lot of veterans.
By Johann Bauer

~I'm sure the entrants would love to hear your comments folks. We have a really great pool of painters out there and I would like to say THANK YOU to each and every one who entered. I really enjoyed the little stories entered and the variety of conversions and painting styles. Good luck, and may the best 40k hobbyist win! Poll, right column, VOTE!

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'Ard Boyz Preliminaries Planning - Dark Eldar

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So you 40k hardcore fanatics, the ‘Ard Boyz missions are out, and I’ve already committed myself to playing Dark Eldar. At first glance, the missions seem pretty bad for my army choice, but let’s take a look at them in a little detail – note that I’m only interested in Massacres with full Battle Points; anything else isn’t in the spirit of the event.

Mission 1: Land Grab
Massacre requires holding more objectives and having more kill points than your opponent. The Battle Points are to hold all 5 objectives, have all HQ alive, kill all enemy troops, and no opponents in your deployment zone.
Deployment is Pitched Battle
*** Note – Night Fight is in effect on Turn 1.

This is the easiest deployment choice for me.
If I go first I put everything down and rush the enemy. If the enemy holds everything in Reserve, I run around fast until they come into play.
If I go second, I do the exact same thing, only I know if they started on the board.
If the enemy is Daemons or Heavy Drop Pods, everything goes in Reserve and comes in to concentrate on what is nearby and then chase down the rest of the bad guys as I can.

There is no way I can hold 5 objectives if the enemy is alive, so I have to kill everything on the board. Which is what the Dark Eldar are all about anyway, so that works for me.

Mission 2: Head Hunter aka 43 Kill Point Dark Eldar
Massacre is 8 KP over the opponent.
Deployment is Dawn of War

With 43 KP to give, many armies can loose everything but one model and beat me easily. I have the choice of avoiding them and sniping (which means I certainly won’t get all the Battle Points), or going all out to kill every model. Again, the choice seems simple. Kill ‘em all, no sorting required.

Again, the worst draws for me will be Heavy Drop Pods or shooty Daemon lists, as they can get too close to me for my tastes.

Mission 3: Drawn and Quartered
Massacre is more objectives and more kill points. The Battle Points are control both objectives, have scoring units in 3 table quarters, destroy all enemy troops choices, and kill all enemy HQs but keep one of your own alive.
Deployment is Spearhead.

Spearhead means that I’ll have an actual range advantage over some armies, and one that I can maintain during the game.

This is the only mission that I can play for the objectives in order to achieve my goals. Careful use of suicide squads to dash in and take out the enemy’s long range weapons should allow me to pick them apart and win on objectives.

~I’ll be testing my theories against several opponents on Thursday, and I’ll let you know how it turns out. What are you bringing out for the ‘Ard Boyz Preliminaries, and how do you plan to play the scenarios? Don't be shy now. It's spillin the beans time...

June 29, 2009

LotR TACTICA: Mordor by the Numbers

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A guest tactica by: iamadj

In part four of our ongoing War of the Ring series I am going to discus one of the most iconic armies of all time, Mordor. This is it, the original Orc horde, the horde from which all other hordes spring. So lets get down to it.

Mordor Orc Warband.
Mordor Orc are a cheap and flexible unit, able to take two handed weapons, shields or bows, along with the full list of command, including a Shaman. They also have the Mob Rule, special rule, meaning each company of Mordor Orcs in support will add 2 dice instead of 1, so big formations are more useful. The down side to Mordor Orcs, as would be expected, is a rather sub-par stat line, especially in defense; even with a shield they have a measly 5. Because of this I find them best taken with two-handed weapons. They will die in droves but they're cheap so who cares and their large numbers will generate a massive amount of attacks, which the two-handed weapons will translate into kills.

Morannon Orc Warband. Morannon Orcs are Orc heavy infantry and are pretty much the equivalent of other armies main line infantry, such as Warriors of Minas Tirith, Isengard Uruk-Hai, Dwarf Warriors, etc. Use them as such. While many are drawn to them over the Mordor Orcs due to their better stat line, I prefer the sheer destructiveness of Mordor Orcs.

Mordor Uruk-hai Warband. I’m not really found of these guys, they represent a midway point between Mordor and Morannon Orcs, but don’t really seem to fit either role well. I feel that if I really want Uruk-hai in my army I would be much better off allying with Isengard.

Morgul Stalker Warband. This is a pretty cool, and underused unit. While their stat line is not amazing, S4 and prowlers means that they can really hurt units by hitting them in the flank. Wounding most heavy infantry on 4+s is nice. Ambushers is as always a nice rule and helps them get those much needed flank charges, while enchanted cloaks are just fun.

Black Guard of Barad-dur. Now this is a brutal unit, that can really wreck things. High F,S and D are the stats you want in your unit and these guys have them all. Having a captain with fight 6 means they can take on Epic Heroes without to much trouble. These guys really shine when taken with a Shaman (or Ringwraith) The combination of casting “Strength From Corruption” on the unit and their own Berserk rule means that they will on average be S8 on the charge (maybe 10), allowing them to tear up lesser units.

Shagrat’s Tower Guard. A legendary formation of Mordor Uruk-hai, with all the weakness of regular Mordor Uruk-hai, this unit does not really endear itself to me. Shagrat is a pretty good captain, F6 with 3 might, but doesn’t really justify taking the unit to me. The ability to spend might to automatically pass Courage tests is nice but of limited use on a small formation (only 3 companies) with low defense.

Castellans of Dol Guldur. Well whats to say about these guys, they are most likely the best single infantry unit in the game. High strength and defense (without shields!) are nice and make the unit good, but resilience two infantry are what make the unit amazing. Combine this with a host of good rules and they guys can form the center of any battle line and be counted on to destroy just about whatever they face. Expensive? Yes. Worth it? Totally.

Gorbab’s Morgul Rats. This is one of my favorite units in the Mordor list. Essentially a unit of normal Mordor Orcs with the ability of move At the Double! twice a turn, I like to combine these guys with the Witchking’s ability to allow units to automatically pass At the double! tests. This in effect allows the Morgul Rats to act as foot cavalry, great for getting flank charges with two-handed weapons.

Mordor Orc Warband
. Poor but cheap archers, they allow you to put out a lot of shots for not too many points. Not a huge fan of these guys myself.

Orc Tracker Warband. Better Orc Archers, with prowlers and Ambushers. These guys have the ability to pop out form hiding and shoot up a units flanks/rear. Prowlers means that even trough they are archers the enemy will think twice about giving you flank/rear charges. They are a little pricy for Orcs.

War Catapult Battery. The heavy artillery of the evil side. Expensive but able to put out a whole lotta hurt, I would take this in bigger games and watch then just smash enemy units.

Siege Bow Battery. One of the better of smaller classes of Artillery, the siege bow is far better then the Gondor equivalent and out ranges in Dwarven counterpart. This thing will tear up enemy units. Taking 3-6 of them may win you games, but it won’t win you friends.

Grishnakh’s Trackers. A legendary formation of Orc Trackers, these guys are pretty nice. Grishnakh has the Take Aim ability allowing him to temporarily increase the shot value of the unit, good when you just HAVE to have those shots, and his 3 might means more heroic shooting. Better then Orc Trackers which are already pretty good these guys have a lot going for them.

Warg Rider Warband
. Mordor’s one unit of cavalry. These guys are firmly in the realm of Light Cav. While they are a good way to get your heroes around these guys need to aim for flanks and rears to do much damage in combat. Don’t expect them survive much punishment either.

Mordor Troll
. The Mordor troll is pretty much your basic monster to which all other monsters are compared. 7s for a lot of its key stats means this guy will either wreck stuff, or die to the first attack he suffers. I’ve seen both happen a lot. Good for either running in groups, or alone on a flank you will see these guys in almost any Mordor army, and for good reason.

Mordor Troll Drummer. A more expensive troll, the drummer allows all friendly formations nearby to count as having a drummer in their formation, i.e. +1 movement. Other then that he is you standard troll. Expect to see with other trolls.

Mordor Troll Chieftain. The Granddaddy of all trolls, this guy can hand out a real beating. Better then a normal troll in almost every way (and twice as costly) with a host a special rules, use this guy anywhere a normal troll isn’t good enough. He can also be used a potent hero killer. I would use him to “lead” a small group of trolls.

Mordor Battering Ram. An amusing unit, useful in scenarios or if you expect to attack a lot of defended terrain. Useless in any other situation.

. Shelob the Spider queen, while in the books she may lose to a single angry hobbit (and lets face it would you want to fight an enraged hobbit with a glowing sword?) in this game she will kill more then her fair shard of enemies, combining a good number of attacks, S7, prowlers and the ability to reroll misses, she is a deadly killing machine. She is best used against small expensive units as she is not to tough and even a small number of return attacks can see her slinking off to her lair, head hung in shame.

The Necromancer of Dol Guldur. The first (and cheaper) incarnation of Sauron in the Mordor list the Necromancer is one of the most potent casters in the game. With a Mastery level 5 and access to 3 lores he can really put the magical hurt on the enemy. Keep him out of combat, and out of danger.

The Nine are Abroad. A powerful unit combing all nine Reingwraiths into one uber-unit. This is an incredibly deadly unit, but will have a hard time earning its points back. Mastery level 10, means you can cast a lot of spells, but without the ability to cast the same spell more then once you will almost always run out of spells you want to cast before you run out of mastery. While this unit is nice, and can pack a punch, I would rather take the Ringwraiths as special heroes.

Twilight Ringwraiths. Weaker less useful ringwraiths best left for scenarios and the like.

Ringwraith/Winged Nazgul. A discussion of the Ringwraith abilities and which ones ones are best on foot or mounted is best left for its own article. It is sufficient to say that both are very useful choices are I would include at least One Ringwraith and one Winged Nazgul in just about any Mordor army I take. In particular I see no reason to ever take an Orc Shaman when for 25 pts more you can get a ringwraith, who knows more spells, has mastery 3 rather then 2 and a nifty special rule. In addition a word to the wise, be careful with your Nazgul, they are potent, but fragile.

The Mouth of Sauron. Another good Shaman replacement hero. I find the Mouth to be a relatively week hero and would always just rather take a Ringwraith over him.

Gothmog, Castellan of Minas Morgul. Gothmog is without a doubt one of the best heroes in the game. While 4 might, overlord, being an army banner and the all important Epic Strike all for only 110 points might seem like a really good deal, the “Master of Battle” special rule really pushes him over the top. Master of Battle allows Gothmog to mimic any enemy's heroic or Epic action taken with 12’ of him, for free, even if he cannot normally take that action. Let that sink in. He can mimic for FREE. I can’t really describe how awesome this is, but Gothmog is a must have for any Mordor, or any evil player.

Kardush the Fire Caller. Another Shaman replacement hero. Kardush has the ability to cast spells of ruin, something with the Ringwriaths cannot do, which is the only reason I would take him over a ringwriath. Still if you plan on taking Kardush I would think long and hard on whether a Ringwraith can't do his job just as well.

Sauron, The Dark Lord Of Mordor. This is it, the big guy himself, the Lord of the Rings, and boy is he a monster! Clocking in at a mean 500 pts of man killing and elf roasting badness, Sauron is the Lord of Mordor. With the ability to call free epic actions and getting free might Sauron can either make himself a combat monster OR a master wizard, without expending points. While Sauron is a massive beat stick, able to put out the hurt like few other heroes (or full units) he needs to be protected as he can be killed, and without much effort by some heroes or units.

Gollum. A neat little hero that joins enemy rather then friendly units. Gollum doesn’t have much effect on the game by himself, but rather increases the number of casualties an enemy unit is going to suffer. Gollum will almost always end up earning his 50 pts back so if you’ve got the model and the points you might as well try him out.

BoLScon 2009 Pod-Racing and More!

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BoLScon 2009

BoLSCon 2009
August 22-23
Doubletree Hotel, Austin, Texas

So by now you've heard all about our cool events and formal events. Now its time to talk a bit about our BoLScon 2009 after-hours events. Yes that's right, you can play like crazy folks all day, and drag yourselves back for even more fun in the evening.

Friday - August 21st: Lucky 13s and Open Gaming.
If you guys are taking part in the Lucky 13s campaign across the country, have no fear. You can take part in the latest campaign Apocalypse battle and get your participation logged and submitted to GW by our local FLGS.

The Open Gaming is not just a big set of cool tables ready for pickup play. We will have a large set of our own "big-dude" models available for you guys to use (just be careful). If you've ever wanted to field some of our Reavers, Revenants, Gargants, an Eldar Phantom, or even our own Capital Imperialis, this is your change to have a great time with some awesome models.

Saturday - August 22nd: 40k Pod-Racing!
Oh you heard that right. The racing pits are open Saturday night, so grab a skimmer of your choice and see if you're the fastest racer in the galaxy. Here is your totally free set of Pod-racing rules for you to practice with in your local playgroups, and we hope to see you at the track!

40k Pod-Racing Rules

If you have a bits box and a need to show off your conversion skills, brew up a 40k Pod-racer the likes of which have never been seen and see if you can win the grand prize in our BoLScon Pod-Racer Hot-rod Exibition. All races are eligable. Now this isn't just some simple conversion challenge here. We want you guys to pull out the stops on your pod-racers. If it has neon running lights, vibrates, hops, plays music when you touch it, has the most high-gloss metallic paintjob a 40k table has ever seen, or anything else, come ready to impress! Here are some pictures to help inspire your hot-rod conversions:

War of the Ring Tournament – The very first War of the Ring GT event. This three game event runs on Saturday August 22. We expect to see all the monsters of Middle Earth rampaging around the field in this event.

War of the Ring Tournament – On Sunday August 23. That makes two days of tournaments for your War of the Ring armies, with two days of prizes!

Warhammer Fantasy Point Tournament – Two days and seven games of Fantasy battles. One of the few tournaments ever run with enough games to determine a true winner based on the Swiss System. No composition restrictions, just strategy and tactics on the field. Please note that this is not a ‘Ard Boyz event, so Sportsmanship matters – taking a maximum Power Dice Tzeentch list and being a jerk about it is not going to be a winning strategy.

Warhammer Fantasy Consolation Bracket – For those who have a bad day one of the Fantasy Tournament, we have a totally separate track for day two, the Consolation Tournament. And unlike many other Consolation Tournaments, ours has placings and prizes. While no one is required to move to the Consolation Bracket, we expect that this offering will be fun for all participants.

Warhammer 40K Tournament – Two days, seven games, maximum carnage. Come find out if you’re the best tactician in the Grim Dark Future.

Warhammer 40K Consolation Bracket – Just as in the Fantasy bracket, some people will have a bad first day. The Consolation Bracket lets you reset your game face and play day two for prizes and placings, putting all those 1s behind you.

Warhammer 40K Narrative Events – Competitive tournament events not your thing? We’ve got just the ticket for people that prefer a game with a story. Based on our own Horus Heresy, Macharian Crusade, and upcoming Badab War sourcebooks, we will have 2 days of 3000 point action for you. With prizes for accomplishing events in the storyline (and for dramatic failures, too), the Narrative Events are the perfect anti-tournament option.

Painting Contests – We have painting contests in 12 categories, with multiple placings possible. Expect to see some of the finest painting in the US on display.

$4000 Prize Pool – Lots of Forgeworld goodies, battalion boxes, and more.

LETS GET REGISTERED! There are less than 2 months to go!

~Come on down to beautiful, sunny Austin and enjoy a weekend of your favorite games with the Fly Lords. We'll see ya there!

Goatboy's 40k Thoughts: Sucky units are Fun?!?

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Every game has pieces that just aren't that good. Whether they are cards, minis, or just units in some kind of pixilated battlefield, each game has something that just seems to scream, “SUCK”.

First of all, what makes a unit terrible? The way I define a “crap” unit is something that costs too much and doesn’t do anything to improve your game in some way (beyond making your opponent giggle or feel superior). There are a lot of these units in the game and I what I want to talk about today is how to make them into more then just crap units.

So what are crap units good for? Lots of things as I have discovered in my own journey to create an effective yet fun army. Today I want to go into how I use them and what I expect out of each subpar 5th string JV unit I sometimes use.

Your army is built of threats. Your opponent has to decide what is an immediate threat and how to best nullify it as quickly as possible. Now how does a crap unit even register as a threat? Well most of the time they don’t, which gives them an advantage when trying to get somewhere across the board. There are many times I have had my lesser daemons live a lot longer then they should have, because people don’t respect their awesome crapitude. This lack of a threat makes these units a great option to get somewhere and become an annoyance. Nothing is better then watching your unit get a group of guys off an objective with a well time assault, or just get in the way when someone wants to get somewhere. This is where sub-par units can be great, since their lack of threat status to the opponent means they can be left alone to pick flowers or run around the field.

Another thing I find crap units good for is a bit of comedic relief in a game. Nothing is funnier then watching bad assault units win an assault. You could have a bunch of grots taking down a greater daemon. I know the chance for that to happen is slight, but it still can happen especially when rolling a ton of dice. These bad units excel in creating odd-ball situations that can create cool narratives that might not normally happen in a tough game. One of my recent games had a squad of lesser daemons take out a predator in 3 turns by immobilizing it, blowing up the heavy bolter in their face, and finally taking it out by blowing up all the weapons. It was like a big gremlin fight trying to get into the squishy center and made for a funny moment as these daemons tried to blow up this tank as slowly as possible. In the end, its the crazy moments that often leave the most lasting memories years from now.

I went into this a bit earlier but sub-par units are good for speed bumping guys. They might not win combat, but a lot of the times they can make sure that walker or big threat has to chew through some guys for awhile before they can go do something more threatening. That is the main use of my Lesser Daemons as well as the Possessed I take in my current Bile build. I don’t expect them to do anything extremely awesome, but when they do it will be very cool. Nothing is more fun then watching these flying possessed have to sit outside of their rhino and then take out some hapless enemy command squad.

Now I am not saying you should always take crap units, I just want people to rethink some of their army builds and how they might be changed to just be a bit more fun to play against. I know we all like to win, but I always prefer a hard fought game, not a 3rd turn sucker punch to the jaw.

Goatboy's Weekly Army
Now Ard Boyz is coming up and I wanted to show what I decided to play this time around. I don’t really feel like needing to win, so I decided to tweak out my Bile list and just mess around with a different build. It has a lot of movement for Chaos as well as a ton of scoring units. I know the Killpoint missions are going to hurt, but who really cares at this point. All I know is I get another 3 game day and I can hopefully have some cool games.

Father’s (Fabius Bile) Super Awesome Ard Boyz of Doom – V1.1

HQ: The Father (Counts as Fabius Bile)
HQ: First Born (Counts as Kharn)

Elites: Possessed (6), MoT, Asp Champ, Rhino

Troops: CSM (9), Bile Upgrade, Meltagun (2), Asp Champ, Pwr Fist, MoK, Rhino
Troops: CSM (9), Bile Upgrade, Meltagun (2), Asp Champ, Pwr Fist, MoK, Rhino
Troops: Plague Marines (5), Plasma Gun (2), Asp champ, Pwr Fist, Plasma Pistol, Personal Icon, Rhino
Troops: Plague Marines (5), Plasma Gun (2), Asp champ, Pwr Fist, Plasma Pistol, Personal Icon, Rhino
Troops: Plague Marines (5), Meltagun(2), Asp champ, Pwr Fist, Combi-melta, Personal Icon, Rhino
Troops: Lesser Daemons (6)
Troops: Lesser Daemons (6)
Troops: Lesser Daemons (6)

Heavy: Obliterators (2)
Heavy: Obliterators (2)

~So lets hear about your adventures with "crap" units and some of your most memorable game moments with them. I know there are some awesome tall tales out there. Oh and check out 40k radio, as I was a special guest on Saturday night. And as usual, shoot me an email if you have any questions etc.

June 28, 2009

40K NEWS: How to Paint Citadel Tanks

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Hi guys,

A quick one here. This little one kind of slipped in under the radar, but its up on the Advanced Order page for you guys who want a nice how-to guide for the vehicle kits out there. I've found these books to be useful for the newcomers who have never tackled larger kits before as there are quite a few techniques that differ between them and the standard 28mm models.

Price: $25.00
Release date: Aug 1st

~The description text says this book details the construction and painting of 5 vehicle kits. Any guesses which ones they are based on that cover? :)

40K NEWS: Ard Boyz Prelims and Missions

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Hey all you Warhammer 40k tournament junkees. Games Workshop put up the list of locations for the July 11th Ard Boys prelims and the mission pack to get you ready.

Ard Boys Basics

Participating Stores List

Mission Pack

~Ard Boys is great fun, and I recommend it to anyone who want to try something new. WOW, check out that Killpoint chart on Mission 2, and guard your HQs well!

40K NEWS: Forgeworld Goodies: June 2009

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Hi folks,

Forgeworld has 2 new offering this month.

Inferno gun and Turbo laser for the Mars Class Warhound Titan
Vraksian Renegade Heavy Stubber team.

These are available for immediate release and shipping. Look here.

~Pretty Nice! They also say that Siege of Vraks: 3 is complete and off to the printers, so look for it soon.

June 27, 2009

40K Pic of the Day 6-27-09

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~Your daily dose of tabletop fun! Enjoy. If you have an awesome shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us!

NEWS: Goatboy Crashes 40kRadio LIVE!

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Hi everybody,

Goatboy will be the LIVE guest host on tonight's 40KRadio show, discussing everything Codex:Chaos related. Don't miss it!

Saturday, June 27
9-11 PM Eastern

40K CHALLENGE: IG Command Squad Challenge is Closed!

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OK, The Battleforge Games Imperial Guard Command Challenge is closed for further submissions. We have gotten a boatload of great command squads and are getting the finalists ready for you all to vote on.

~I would like to thank everyone who entered, and may the best painter win. Look for the finalists poll early in the week and lets see who gets that Valkyrie prize courtesy of Battleforge Games.

Shop Battleforge Games

WFB NEWS: Bloodbowl for PC Ships

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The digital download version of Bloodbowl for the PC is available now.

Check it out here: MSRP:$49.00

The 8 races included are:
-Wood elves

~There is a new trailer to see here, so let me know what you think of the Warhammer Universe's most famous team sport.

June 26, 2009

40K ARMY LIST: Methalor 2.0

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So some of you may remember my old Methalor Penal Legion army I made for the Macharian Crusade. With the new IG book I decided it was time to revamp and touch up the old guys. The list I made ended up being pretty different in form than my old list, but it seems like a lot of fun.

Primaris Psyker 70
Primaris Psyker 70

These guys seems like a blast. I load them up in the Valks with some Veterans and they get to blow 4d6 S 6 shots on the flank. If it's a MC or vehicle then they'll re-roll to hit thanks to Bastonne and the 'Take it Down!' order.

Penal Legion 80
Penal Legion 80
Penal Legion 80

These just seem like a natural choice for this army. The fact that they are stubborn, can outflank, and can roll some really cool abilities just sweetens the deal.

Veterans w/ 3*Meltaguns 100

These guys load up in one of the Valkeries and try to down a vehicle on the flank with their meltas.

Veterans w/ 3* Grenade Launchers, Missle Launcher, Powerfist 115

These guys control my backfield and take pot shots.

Veterans w/ 3*Plasmaguns, Grenadiers, Bastonne 205

These guys hang out with the Psykers, issue orders to themselves, and contest and hold far objectives.

Fast Attack
2*Valkyries w/ 1*multiple rocket pods, 1*Lascannon 245

I suppose these have been explained pretty clearly in the other entries, but I have to give a shout out to the multiple rocket pods, they are awesome.

2*Banewolves w/ Heavy flamer, Smoke Launchers 270
2*Banewolves w/ Heavy flamer, Smoke Launchers 270

These squadrons are really, really killy. In a game Thursday a group of them destroyed a twenty man combined Infantry squad, and today one of the squadrons killed an entire Thousand Sons squad. They do the most damage in the list.

Heavy Support

Demolisher w/ Hull Heavy Bolter, Plasma cannon sponsons 205
Demolisher w/ Hull Lascannon, Multimelta sponsons 210

These guys can do a few things for the list. Foremost they attract alot of fire and are very resilient. They are also this lists main way to kill 2+ armour.

~So how are everyones old IG armies converting over to the new book? I was really afraid for my army because it was so specialized and had so many Last Chancers, but thanks to Veterans being Troops and the Penal Legion selection, my army actually came out fine. It's funny, most people got to add stuff to their army with the new book, I have less infantry now!~

40K RUMORS: Minis From the Age of Yore

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Something short but oh so tantalizingly sweet for us Warhammer 40k old-schoolers...

So a little bird told us that GW was going to start a program in which gamers could essentially petition to have some of their favorite classic models brought back into the collectors range. This of course all depends if they still have the original mould to work off of, and the number of requests. There will supposedly be a mention of this program in one of the upcoming White Dwarfs.

~Standard caveats on this one, but it would be pretty cool if true. There are still a few gems out there in the ancient ranges. My personal favorites are Jes' original Eldar Aspect Warriors. What old-school mini would you most want to see return to the light of day if you could pick any one?

WFB PAINTING: Bigred's Druchii Complete!

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"Free at last, free at last! Thank God Almighty I'm free at last!"

My friends, it has been a long road. Almost 20 years ago I choose 40k over Fantasy and swore I would never look back. Then last year I saw those plastic Cold One Knights, and something in my icy Grinch heart skipped a beat... I was enthralled.

You have been with me along this journey. First I choose a paint-scheme, then began the slow grind of painting more, and more, and yet more.

September 08- Bigred Picks His Army
November 08 - First Units Painted
May-09 - Army Mostly Completed

As I was painting, I was also reading everything I could regarding the Old World as the last time I was into Warhammer it still had Fimir in it. Along with this came my training games, and let me tell you losing 12 games straight is just what anyone who is struggling to find incentive to paint that 3rd set of 12 crossbowmen really needs :)

But at last I stand before you... With my army done. I don't feel like I'm a good Fantasy player, but it is no longer foreign and I have a new exciting feeling. When I play this new exciting game with my new fully painted army, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of sheer FUN I'm having.

~Now that my first Warhammer Fantasy army is complete, its time to start my next army. Its for yet another GW game system and it also involves pointy ears. Yes I know, I am a glutton for punishment... My wife says its a sickness, I hope I never recover :)

Comments are welcome (yes I know, I'm working on banner logos now), but lets hear about what armies you are working on now, and what you hope to start up as your next army project?

June 25, 2009

40K NEWS: Planestrike Strikes, July 4 Events

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In addition to GW's Planetstrike product launch on July 4, many Games Workshop stores and independent retailers will be hosting Planetstrike hobby events that day to give everyone a chance to test out the new scenery and expansion rules.

For example, GW's Maryland Battle Bunker & HQ will be hosting The Battle Of Cold Steel Ridge, a massive mega-event pitting players against a Tyranid Hive army of more than 25,000 points! Rally your troops, prime your weapons, set your fuses and prepare for war. This game will combine Planetstrike with Apocalypse over ten large game tables for one of the largest Battle Bunker game events ever held by GW in the US. Similarly Planetstrike-themed events will take place in stores all over North America that day. Please contact your local game store for information about specific events in your area.

I'm looking forward to playing a lot of Planetstrike. My Chaos and Dark Angel armies both have massive amounts of Terminators and my new Space Marine army will have at least a half-dozen Drop Pods in it. Like Apocalypse, Planestrike should really allow people with large collections of models to give them a good showing on the game table.

40K SNEAK PEEK: Bastion and Skyshield - Unboxed

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Hi all,

Well guys it was only a matter of time before some lucky Warhammer 40k fanatic got an early shipment of Planetstrike goodies. The fine folks over at Beasts of War have thrown up 2 videos of the Bastion and Skyshield kits and sprues. Enjoy!

Bastion Video

Skyshield Video

~In partcular, I'm pretty happy with the fine texture on the bastion. I was initially worried it was going to be glass smooth and look pretty drab painted up, but fine texture like that should give good results with dry-brushing, and many other scale modeling weathering techniques. Also, that Skyshield is HUGE!

40K EDITORIAL: Five Precepts of 40K

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Any approach to a broad set of tactical guidelines is necessarily either incomplete or terrifyingly long and tedious (and also incomplete). So here are a few thoughts from military history translated into 40K for you.

1) Do nothing which is of no use. - Musashi
When you build your army, have a purpose in mind for every unit (even if the purpose is just looking good, admit that). If you don’t have a purpose in mind, don’t include the model in your army. When you deploy your forces, if you don’t know what you expect to do with a unit, don’t deploy it. Maybe you’ll figure out a use for the unit before it comes in from Reserve. When moving units, move towards a goal or don’t move. I’ve won games by ignoring one of my units until the crucial moment and having my opponent do the same until it was too late.

2) Generals who save troops for the next day are always beaten. – Napoleon
Every unit must be deployed to be used up in the pursuit of the objectives. For example, a tactical combat squad deployed in the middle of the board in Dawn of War against Tyranids is going to die. It also keeps the Tyranids from putting a Tyrant and 50 Gaunts halfway across the board. Likely suicide in pursuit of objectives is far superior to preserving your forces in pursuit of nothing but preservation.

3) The best armor is to be out of range. – Italian Proverb
Just because you deploy your forces to be used up to achieve your goals doesn’t mean you waste them. For example, if your opponent has meltaguns arriving in drop pods, deploy your tanks with infantry to keep the pods more than 6” from your tanks. Another example is deploying your long-range shooting to knock out enemy fast transports. Always deploy looking towards the order you have to kill the enemy forces in to keep them from being effective. Always move to minimize the enemy’s options to hurt your key units.

4) Hold out baits to entice the enemy. Feign disorder, and crush him. – Sun Tzu
If you can get your enemy to commit to a course of action you have prepared for, you stand a better chance of winning. A good example is a Chimera placed so that an Ork Mob can assault them. No matter what happens to the Chimera, the Mob is now piled up to get burned by Hellhounds. Another good example is a Seer Council. The Council can’t win a game, but it can cause your opponent to lose by drawing all the fire onto it instead of important targets. Even the best opponent can be enticed if the bait is good enough.

5) Plans are nothing, planning is everything. – Eisenhower
Unless you’re very lucky, you won’t be able to do what you expected to do with every unit when the game started. However, if you didn’t make plans before you placed a model on the board, you’ve conceded the initiative to your opponent. Always approach the table with a plan. Then make a new one after you know what you’re facing. And then spend every turn during your opponent’s moves making a new one. Planning effects every single aspect of the game, from army construction on up.

~Nothing I’ve written here is innovative or revolutionary; everyone should know these things. Nevertheless, I believe that following these simple precepts improves my game and will improve yours as well. Thoughts, and examples are welcome fellow generals.

June 24, 2009

40K Pic of the Day 6-24-09

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~Your daily dose of tabletop fun! Enjoy. If you have an awesome shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us!

40K SNEAK PEAK: Plastic Battlescape

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Intrepid Reader Paul G. snapped these pics of the upcoming large plastic battlescape at GD-Toronto.

It seems to be in the same rough size and category as the Temple of Skulls, but for 40k of course. You can see the underside of the piece has plastic ribbing for strength, and the piece is large based on the size of that wrecked rhino.

~It would hard to fit more than a couple on a single 4x6 board, but I coult certainly see an oversized apocalypse board having a handful for that blasted WW-1 theme. Pricing is rumored to be @$25 with an August release.
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