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July 31, 2009

40K Pic of the Day 7-31-09

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Launch the Deathstrike! NOW! NOW! NOW!

~Your daily dose of tabletop fun! Enjoy. If you have an awesome shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us! We know you have cool stuff.

The BoLS Lounge is Open

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Today is a big day for BoLS! After months of preparation and planning, we are proud to open the BoLS Lounge to all of our readers.... so get on over there and reserve your name. You will find a link to the Lounge in the top nav-bar for easy access, and more interactive Lounge elements will be coming soon.

The Lounge offers forums for all of your favorite Games Workshop games, covering all aspects of the wargaming hobby from army collection, to hardcore tactics, to painting and modeling.

We also have isolated many of the top centers of the wargaming hobby and set up sub-forums just for fellow local gamers to enjoy. Link up and just chat about whats going down with the gaming scene in your own backyard. Many new features are already lined up and will be rolling out in the weeks ahead to make your Lounge experience even more fun.

Now the next question will be what does this mean for BoLS, and our daily editorials, news, and rumor coverage? The answer is... NOTHING. You can still expect you daily dose of BoLS to stay just where you like it. You just have another way to indulge your hobby.

Bell of Lost Souls: News, Tactics and Opinion Up Front - Conversation In the Back. Welcome to the new and improved BoLS!

EPIC: GW looking at supporting again?

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Matthew Otter - Space Marines

If you have been following my series on Epic:Armageddon, you will already have read about mine and others' lamentation regarding GW's apparent lack of enthusiasm for their Specialist Games products.

It's because of this apparent lack of enthusiasm that I was more than a little surprised to learn about the new Epic displayat Warhammer World in the UK.

EpicUK display case

Apparently, the awesome blokes over at EpicUK (you guys rule! keep up the great work!) were approached by GW representatives earlier this year about hosting "an exhibition of the best EPIC tournament armies seen at EPIC UK events".

Matthew Otter, EpicUK Chairman, writes "EPIC UK have [sic] been in talks with Games Workshop to see if we can hold another EPIC display in the future and it all looks hopeful".

Ryan Downes - The Lost and the Damned

For a larger dose of Epic Awesome, check out the slideshow posted on Photobucket!

~What could this mean? Is it possible GW is finally feeling The Love for Epic:Armageddon and the other Specialist Games? Has the wasted potential of these ranges finally been noticed by The Suits? Particularly with the imminent release of Planetary Empires, merging the Awesome Factors of Battlefleet Gothic and Epic:Armageddon with Warhammer 40,000 makes a lot of sense. What say you all?

July 30, 2009

40K Pic of the Day 7-30-09

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Lamenters vs Imperial Fists - Just looking makes me want cheese.

~Your daily dose of tabletop fun! Enjoy. If you have an awesome shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us!

40K RUMORS: Space Wolves Roundup

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Collated info brought to the community by Warseers: The Dude
GENERAL INFO-To be released October 2009
-Codex written by Phil Kelly
-Space Wolves will supposedly be “even less Codex Astartes” than they were before. This would cover unusual squad sizes etc.

Army-wide Special Rules
Sagas – Characters can take special skills called Sagas. They are said to work similar to the Vampiric Powers used by Vampire Counts. 75hastings69 gave the example that a character with “Saga of the monster killer” (made up name) may be better at killing Monstrous Creatures, but would suffer a drawbacks such as needing to kill a certain number of them per game.

Wolf Claws – The Space Wolf version of Lightning Claws, allow you to choose to either re-roll “to hit” or “to wound”.

Special Characters-Logan Grimnar: No news yet
-Ragnar Blackmane: No news yet
-Njal Stormcaller: No news yet, but would share the Rune Priest standard rules.
-Ulrik the Slayer: No news yet, but would share the Wolf Priest standard rules.
-Canis Wolfborn: Mounted on a large cybernetically enhanced Fenrisian wolf. Wears Power Armour and has a pair of Wolf Claws. Canis also allows you to take two cavalry choices, either wolves, or more Marines on wolves.
-Bjorn the Fellhanded: Early rumours reported Bjorn would have AV14 all around, but these have been thrown into disrepute recently.

Special Characters will likely have prescribed (maybe unique) Sagas attached to them.

-Wolf Lords: May take up to two Sagas. They will have a wide variety of weapon options. May possibly be able to make one unit of Wolf Guard a Troops choice.
-Wolf Priests: Combines the skills of Codex Marines’ Chaplain and Apothacary. Armed with Power weapon, Iron Wolf Amulet (4+ Inv) and Healing Balms and Potions as standard. Will allow units to re-roll “to hit” and also confer Fearless and Feel no Pain on any unit they join. May take up to one saga.
-Rune Priests: Armed with Force Weapon and able to take Space Wolf Specific psychic powers. May take up to one Saga.
-Iron Priests: Will most likely be brought in line with Codex Techmarines. May take up to one Saga. It is unclear if they will be HQ or Elite.

ELITES-Wolf Guard/Terminators: May take a Wolf Guard Battle Leader who will be able to take up to one Saga.
-Wolf Scouts: Will supposedly remain the same and gain the option be mounted in a Land Speeder Storm
-Lone Wolf: A one-man unit that will be “really strong” and act similar to Tyranid Lictors
-Wulfen: Possibly a "Legion of the Damned" style Unique choice, or maybe something based on HQ selection. It is unclear if they will appear at all.

TROOPS-Blood Claws: Have supposedly been re-worked in respect to "Berserk Charge" to make them 5th Edition compatible. May take a Wolf Guard as a squad leader.
-Grey Hunters: Rumoured to be able to take a second special weapon in their squads. May take a Wolf Guard as a squad leader.

-Rhino: No news yet
-Razorback: No news yet

FAST ATTACK-Blood Claws Skyriders: Blood Claws with Jump Packs.
-Land Speeder: No news yet
-Land Speeder Storm: Likely Added
-Bikes/Attack Bikes: No news yet

HEAVY SUPPORT-Long Fangs: May possibly receive some sort of special rule allowing them to move and fire, but not assault. May take a Wolf Guard as a squad leader.
-Land Raider: Crusader and Redeemer most likely added. Also rumours of a unique Land Raider variant, possibly with three twin-linked Assault Cannon.
-Predator: No news yet
-Whirlwind: No news yet
-Vindicator: No news yet
-Leman Russ Exterminator: Almost certainly removed

~Bigred here. Standard caveats apply to all of this until we have a copy of the codex in hand, and special thanks goes out to The Dude for putting together the latest of his famed roundups. In particular I'll be eagerly awaiting this "saga" concept, and seeing what they have done to make Long Fangs viable on a 5th edition tabletop.

40K NEWS: Astro Mag #5 is Out

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Hi folks,

A quick one today, The fine folks over at The Astromonican mag have kicked out their 5th e-zine issue. Go check it out!

Astro Mag #5

July 29, 2009

40K Pic of the Day 7-29-09

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"We're totally safe. There's a titan right behind ....*splat*"

~Your daily dose of tabletop fun! Enjoy. If you have an awesome shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us!

BoLSCon: 3 Week Alert!

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BoLScon 2009

BoLSCon 2009
August 22-23
Doubletree Hotel, Austin, Texas

BoLSCon is just 3 weeks away!

Remember back when we said we had $4000 in prizes and giveaways? OOPS, now its up to over $11,000 of value, with more prizes and gifts still coming in! That averages out to more than the cost of the BoLScon Floor Pass per attendee! The prizes now occupy Bigred’s entire dining room, and we still have not added the dozens of Battalion and Battle Boxes from Battleforge Games.

Fantasy players have their list submission set back to August 14th. If you have already submitted your Fantasy list, you are free to resubmit it later. We are doing this so that people who are attending Bayou Battles in Houston can make changes after they see how their armies do there. Remember that Bayou Battles attendees will receive a $20 rebate for BoLSCon, paid at the BoLSCon registration desk.

Due to some players shuffling around between event tracks, we have a few slots available again for the 40K Narrative track.

Warhammer 40,000 2000pt Tournament
Warhammer Fantasy 2250pt Tournament
War of the Rings 2000pt Tournament
Warhammer 40,000 3000pt Narrative Events Anti-tournament

Open Gaming
Pod Racing

REGISTER NOW! There are only 3 weeks to go!

The Doubletree is a NICE hotel. Really.

~Come on down to beautiful, sunny Austin and enjoy a weekend of your favorite games with the Fly Lords. We'll see ya there!

40K PLAY AID: Badab Teaser - The Minotaurs

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Hi Guys,

Badab is merely days away, and we are working on proofreading. For all you guys salivating for some Badab-era fun, here is a look at one of the more challenging paint-schemes to ever grace a tabletop. I present...

Captain Minos and the Minotaurs. This is a space-based chapter that led an epic hunt for their arch-rivals - the Lamenters. I hope you find them to have some cool background and rules, not to mention possibly a serious challenge for any 40k painter.

~Enjoy and by all means comment away. You can expect something along this format for each and every chapter in the Badab War, along with a detailed history, tons of color plates, maps, and a full 4-part branching campaign that allows you to change the history of the conflict as either Rebel or Imperial forces.

July 28, 2009

BoLS: Something Wonderful Is Coming

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You can almost feel it on the wind...

40k Deep Thought: Killing VS Surviving?

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So I've been having a lot of discussions about what is the single key element that a unit can have in 5th edition. Without boring you with the myriad details, the lines have been drawn in the sand between two main camps who both think they have 5th edition all figured out:

The Butchers
"It doesn't matter what the other guy does. A 4x6 board is actually pretty small, and in 5-7 turns my super lethal models will find and clear you off of the little parts of it that matter... Lethality wins!"

The Survivors
"5-7 turns isn't enough time to deal with a large bunch of models trying to minimize thier losses. Cover is everywhere. I have enough super tough units spread around, that I can batten down the hatches, run down the clock, and contest my way to victory. Survivability is king!"

~What do you think is the superior approach, and where do you fall on the Butcher vs Survivor spectrum. If you have specific armies, lists, or units you feel are great examples of either type throw them up into the comments. The floor is your's generals.

BoLSCon: Jwolf's Challenge List

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Hi all, Jwolf here. I’ve got some challenge games coming up with Jawaballs and Fritz at BoLSCon, and I struggled with what to play. Do I play Chaos Space Marines, because I love Berserkers? Dark Eldar, because they make mobile armies look static? Or the Tallarn? In the end, I decided to go with my good old Imperial Guard. Here is my list:

JWolf's IG "Brick to the Face" (2000pts)
Company Command Squad: Company Commander with Plasma Pistol, Powerfist, and Meltabombs, 3 Plasmagunners, Medic, Bodyguard, Carapace Armor
In a Chimera with Hull Heavy Flamer, Turret Multilaser, and Hunter Killer Missile

Le Soldat Marbo

6 Ratlings

4 Ratlings

Infantry Platoon
Platoon Command Squad: Platoon Commander with Bolt Pistol, Power Weapon, and Meltabombs, 3 Flamers, Medic
Platoon Squad: Grenade Launcher and Mortar
Platoon Squad: Grenade Launcher
Heavy Weapon Squad: Lascannons
Heavy Weapon Squad: Autocannons

Veteran Squad: 6 Shotguns, 3 Meltaguns, Bolt Pistol and Power Weapon
In a Chimera with Hull Heavy Flamer and Turret Multilaser

Veteran Squad: 6 Shotguns, 3 Meltaguns, Plasma Pistol and Power Weapon

Valkyrie with Multiple Rocket Pods and Multilaser

Hellhound with Hull Multimelta, Extra Armor, and Smoke Launchers

Armored Sentinel with Lascannon

Medusa with Enclosed Crew Compartment

Leman Russ Battle Tank: Hull Heavy Bolter and Sponson Heavy Bolters

Leman Russ Demolisher: Hull Lascannon and Sponson Plasma Cannons

So I know that both of these guys are going to be very mobile, and I’m taking a list that isn’t nearly as mobile as I could make it. Why? Well, if we’re testing our playstyles against each other, I think I should play it my way, and my way is plenty of guns and no concern about what my opponent brings, so that is what I have done with this list. I look forward to giving the Fifth Dimension a personal guided tour of the Brick-in-the-Face Dimension.

~Now of course it would be ungentlemanly of Fritz or Jawaballs to custom tailor a list based on this one. I trust they will take good representational lists for their well-documented playstyles. Who do you all think will prevail? Come on don't be shy....

July 27, 2009

40K Pic of the Day 7-27-09

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"The reclusive Jungle Harridan strikes!"

~Your daily dose of tabletop fun! Enjoy. If you have an awesome shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us!

40K SNEAK PEEK: Chicago GD - Ork Supa-Kannon & Space Wolves

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Images provided by BoLS readers: Hook & Sean

Straight from the mini cabinets of Chicago Gamesday 2009. Here are some nice shots of our previously blurry Space Wolves, and a new Forgeworld Ork Supa-Kannon upgrade kit for the Battlewagon.

~Enjoy guys!

Goatboy's 40k Thoughts: Setup and Go!

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Goatboy here with some setup thoughts for everyone to chew on. As I have said earlier, setup is one of the most important factors to winning in the new landscape of Warhammer 40k. It is interesting to see how the shift of going first to shoot that lucky lascannon has been replaced with going second to respond to enemy mistakes. The question I want to talk about today, is when going second is preferred.

Each army can fit into 3 different categories. They are kinda obvious and most player’s armies fit into these molds. You have assault, mix, and shooty armies. I know all armies shoot in some way, but you know the difference between a true shooty army and a mixed army. What I want to get into is how I would set up for each army if you are going first and second. Hopefully seeing set up examples can help you not get totally destroyed during the Turn-1 shooting phase.

This is either some kind of horde like list or something with a bunch of specialized assault units. These armies normally have some sort of death star unit that will take the brunt of damage, while the other assault elements get into position to hit you like a wave. You have seen this in the old hated army Nob Bikerz, as well as some of the new TH/SS gating variants. The transition to mech has hurt these armies, as no matter what weapon skill they have, they will most likely be hitting a moving vehicle wall on a 6. These assault armies will have to evolve to survive, but I think they can be viable as they can just play towards the objective or mission game and ignore non-essential stuff as they run around the board hoping they can keep hold of the prize.

IG has been the new king of the gunline, and has pushed this type of army into the top tables. Guns, guns and more guns are what these armies are about. Besides that they have flesh walls to keep the power klaws, meltaguns, and other nonsense far enough away from the teeth of the army. Now of course these armies are not the most fun to play with and against, as most games are, if you get there you win and if you don’t, well you will be putting models into their foam prisons.

Now of course the mixed army is another bag and rewards a player with both sides of the game. You get to have great counter assault units as well as enough shooting elements to take out the big things that might hurt you. Of course a fully big gun/mech army can give you problems, but your assault elements can help you as you try to get there with good cover fire from your shooting elements. Normally these armies fit into the power armor type, as they can survive to get there as well as having the good shooting options and assault options. I am hoping some of the new armies coming up will push towards the balance army category, but we will see.

Here are some graphics to look at how I would set up based on each army choice. I set it up based on the normal missions in the BGB.

Pitched Battle

Shooty army

Going first

Here you set up in the middle. This way you can hopefully keep from getting your army ganged up on one flank. If you sit in the middle, your long-range fire will be able to hit just about anything on the board. Also you can set up with your tanks hidden behind your other tanks and hopefully keep from losing to a lucky seize the initiative roll.

Going Second

Here you set up on one side (of the 2 shown), all the way to the back. You want your opponent to have to make two full movements as well as run to try and get to you. This way you can get your maximum amount of shooting in and thus normally letting you win the game. If they get to close, throw a unit for them to eat. Don’t assault them, but let them chew on some guys. After they are done shoot them to bits with your rapid fire weapons and anything else that might not scatter on top of you.

Assault Army

Going first

Set up in the middle like the shooting army, but here you are trying to be close to the enemy. The middle set up will allow you to respond to a flank set up and hopefully pull your transports around to keep them around each other to allow for support for each one.

Going Second

Here you pick a side (of the 2 shown) so you can hopefully keep some of the firing away from you on the other side. Just move forward and hope you can cause enough anarchy by getting there as soon as you can. Usually once you get there, the bodies are going to hit the floor. Try to assault more then 1 unit, as you only have 6 or so turns to get your job done, and you are usually wasting 2 turns trying to get there. I know a smart player won’t let you get a multiple assault hit, but you can always try. Sometimes the board is just too covered with things that can get squished.

Mix Army

Going First

You set up like the assault army, except you try to use your assault elements to cover your shooting elements. This way you can allow your shooting to get as many shots out at your opponent as well as let them try to deal with the threat right in front of them. A lot of the time, the shooting element is more important then your assault element.

Going Second

Here you set up like the assault army, except ensuring your shooting elements are hidden. I know you can get the initiative, but it is not needed if you set up right. Cover your guys, as your assault elements normally have high movement to get out of the way and let you get your shots off.

Dawn of War

Shooty Army

Going First/Going Second

Just march out the first turn. You can move forward, get in your shots and take care of business. In fact, if you have a mech shooting army, this mission is just made for you. Move out on whatever side you feel you can get the most shoots out of, and make your opponent pay for his “mistake”.

Assault Army

Going First

Start in the middle with some elements to hopefully survive. A lot of the time, they are just there to draw the enemy out to a certain position to allow you to know where you need to go. This way you can hopefully keep your guys at least somewhat alive as you try to get there.

Going Second

This really depends on what kind of army. If you have some kind of bike army, turbo boost out on the first turn. If you are some kind of foot army, start a few inches away from the middle, with two units and hope you can use them to take some attention away from your more important assault elements. If you have vehicles, stay away first turn and try to rush out with smoke around you.

Mixed Army

Going First/Going Second

Just like the assault, keep your assault elements back, and have them rush out with their vehicles. Depending on what your shooting elements are, either have them walk out and hide in some terrain for a turn, or have the tanks move out 6 and shoot something. This is a harder mission for you as both elements really need each other on the board to work at their best.


Shooty Army

Going First

This isn’t the best set up for you. The assault army is going to be closer then a pitched battle, and won’t be without their back up like a dawn of war game. Try to stay back and tempt an army with a second turn assault with some of your elements. As soon as they shoot forward, move back and lay down some fire from your back elements. This will hopefully keep pulling them forward and allow you to get the maximum number of shots out at them.

Going Second

This is going to be harder, as they will get a good turn of movement and might get some second turn assaults. If you can, throw some vehicles in the way and let them explode. I know you might lose a turn of template fire, but instead of killing 1 or 2 guys after cover saves, you will get a chance to cover the entire squad as they try to get into the wall box you threw in their way.

Assault Army

Going first

This is what you want to do in this setup. This will let you get your vehicles forward and hopefully allow you to get some smoke/speed/saves that will allow you to keep some of your jerks around. You are looking at a turn two getting some kind of job done and hopefully getting mixed up with some guys. The games most important turns will be the first 3 for you, so try to get there as quick as you can. Ignore the vehicles or bait they throw in your way and just go for the juicy stuff behind if you can.

Going Second

Your set up is the same, as you are always trying to get there. Cover some of your elements with your less assault gods and hope they can survive the first volley of fire to get some kind of better save or into some terrain that will help. This is one of the few setups where the assault army really needs to go first. Since you are locking the opponent into one corner, you won’t have to worry about the deny flank set up as much as the other setups.

Mixed Army

Going first

Just like the assault army, shoot out your assault elements to scare the opponent, while your shooting gets down to business taking out the pieces that could hurt your assault elements. This army needs each piece to work together to work, and thus you need each element to do its “job”.

Going second

As before, your assault elements cover your heavy shooting and lets you keep your pieces on the table. Normally assault elements are pretty hardy so they can take some fire while your heavy stuff waits to unload on anything in front of it.

Each army has it’s own strengths and game playing styles. I have lately been on a more balanced kick, as it lets you play all aspects of the game. Nothing is more boring then just rolling a bunch of dice and telling your opponent you just shot them off the board. It just isn’t my style and I would rather make sure that something is always going on. Those game stories we always talk about normally don’t deal with how you rolled a bunch of 6’s and didn’t let your opponent cross the middle of the board. It just isn’t exciting.

As usual shoot me an email if you want to ask any questions. I try to answer as fast as I can. What do you consider when you deploy and what do you think of these charts? The floor of open gentlemen.

July 26, 2009

40K Pic of the Day 7-26-09

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pic submitted by reader: Joshua Goss

"I request a Valkyrie and thet send me a Vulture... Gunner, Outta my seat NOW!"

~Your daily dose of tabletop fun! Enjoy. If you have an awesome shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us!

40k Hobby: Objective Markers

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Something that is often overlooked when most people build armies is having a set of objective markers. Sure you can use some spare dice or pieces of torn up paper, but with just a few hours of extra work, you can make a very unique set of markers that not only compliment your army, but enhance the feel of the game. They don't need to be Golden Daemon winners, just presentable on the gaming table.

While in the process of updating my Mordians for BoLSCon this August, I came across someone with an unopened blister of wounded Praetorians who, without their pith helmets, are indistinguishable from my minis.

I decided to combine them with GW's new "Mines, Bombs, & Bobby Traps" boxed set. Not only does it have a lot of cool mines and unexploded artillery shells, but it also has some great looking pieces of battlefield debris. To make a good deal even better, each box comes with TWELVE 40mm bases to put these finely detailed resin pieces on.

I find that using your own, custom made objective markers also has a psychological effect on the game. I'm sure we've all had games where we forget about an objective because it looks like just another die or it gets lost in the terrain. If you spend a little extra effort on your markers, you'll have a hard time losing them on the board, and you might be more compelled to stop your opponent's forces from getting their grubby hands/claws/tentacles on them!

~ What do you all use as your objective markers? If anyone has some that they're proud of, we'd love to see them!

WFB: Dreaming of Zharr Naggrund

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So by now, everyone knows the big news from yesterday. It was revealed at Gamesday: Chicago that the Chaos Dwarfs are returning to Warhammer Fantasy. They are probably the new non-human new race mentioned here.

Now as you can see from these two pics, the tiny little tidbits we have been given of the Chaos Dwarfs have changed QUITE a bit over the decades. This thread is to hear from you guys: the players.

What are you expecting, dreaming, hoping for in a Chaos Dwarfs army? What niche would you hope to see it fill in the WFB universe and what army characteristics would you like see it embody to give it a unique, yet equal footing compared to the other races? Put on your designer's cap and have some fun.

~You never know who reads these things so have at it. The floor is yours gentlemen.
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