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August 31, 2009

40k Pic of the Day 8-31-09

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~Your daily dose of tabletop fun! Enjoy. If you have an awesome shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us. If its one of the rarer xenos races, even better!

FFG SNEEK PEEK: Rogue Trader

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This one has been bubbling just under the surface for the last few months.

Fantasy Flight Games is gettng ready ro roll out the sister product to Dark Heresy for even more role-playing adventure in the 40th Millenia: Rogue Trader.

Over the last couple of months FFG has cranked out:
-Teaser adventure :Forsaken Bounty
-Introductory Adventure: Dark Frontier
-Character sheets
-Character creation excerpts
-Star maps
-Rogue Trader vessel record sheet

All of this stuff and more can be found in the FFG Rogue Trader support page.

~If you liked Dark Heresy run, dont walk to download all this cool stuff. The core rulebook is expected this fall, with a MSRP of: $59.95

40K/WFB TACTICA: To Spam or Not to Spam?

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Hi guys,

Lets talk today about one of the most venerable army building philosophies out there: Spamming.

First a definition:
SPAM ARMY: An army designed to contain as many identical min-maxed pieces of equipment or optimized units, based on a mathematical determination of the equipment/unit's superiority on a per/point cost basis.

Once you get the basics of any gamesystem down, you can begin to do cost-benefit calculations to any set of things as complex as army-books/codices to determine the most undercosted units or pieces of equipment. While we all like to believe that Games Workshop balances everything out perfectly, we all know in practice this is an impossible goal.

Conventional wisdom says that once the best unit in a army has been determined you should spam that unit/equipment as widely as you can, to effectively gain a points advantage over a non-spammed list, and give yourself a great tabletop advantage.

We see these lists everywhere. From the min-maxed las/plas squads of 4th to the new melta-spam builds in 5th. Lists such as these are commonly available off the net, and every day some new player picks one up and starts collecting, sure his path to victory is certain.

It is my premise that this is utter hogwash.

To be sure, the spam list does have its advantages. It relies on a smaller set of divergent units and is easier to use for newer players. It tends to be relatively straightforward to use, also a bonus for newcomers. Finally the list does not have single points of failure, and the loss of individual units is seldom crippling.

Now look at the advantages a spam list gives to its opponent. The number one advantage is the removal of the critical skill of target priority. When facing a spam list, veteran players don't have to apply their judgement skills from unit to unit to determine effectiveness, as the units are identical. The game becomes an exercise in blasting the closest unit, or those advancing on objectives. Worse still, spam lists are very easy to identify player intent with. In contrast, a divergent list with multiple units with similar mission roles presents much more of a challenge to enemies, who can often make mistakes regarding target priority, or fatally misjudge what the army is even doing as it moves about the table.

Is that dev squad with 4 missile launchers in cover, or the triple las-cannon predator, or the advancing Land Raider Redeemer the critical target? Choose wisely... What I believe to be true is spam lists are crutches for new players, which artificially increase their effectiveness, while divergent lists are superior in the hands of more experienced players. If you've ever had a game against a seemingly "non-focused" list and gotten wiped out, but just couldn't nail down exactly where it all went wrong you are seeing this point in action.

~Perhaps the next time you draw up an army, try to add a bit of subterfuge and variety to your units. It just might pay off on the tabletop. Your turn!

August 30, 2009

40K RUMORS: Space Wolves Latest

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Rumors brought the community by Warseer's: Slashgod and Librarium Online's: Zarahemna

Lots of Space Wolves stuff kicking around the net these last few days. Lets get right to these:

I asked him about Björn and the rumour about his AV14. He responded that he couldn´t tell,but Björn would be the most survivable Cybot in Game.
We also talked in general about Space Wolves and he said that Space Wolves would have extrem stats and some nice special rules but would pay with a lot of points. "You will be always outnumbered".
Logan Grimnar isn´t a fighting character,he is more like Creed, he gives you some special abilities like standing near a Long Fangs and saying you become tank hunter. He will also give even imperial guard special rules,because he is an amazing leader.
If you want a close combat monster you should choose Ragnar,he is young and berserker like.
All of the Special characters will be priced high over Gazhgul Thraka.

I also asked him about Wulfen and 13. company.
I was a little bit shocked when he said that Wulfen won´t come back as a unit. He wanted them more mysterious. You can still fill in some wulfen,but not as a unit costing 18 Points.

And last,i asked him about the Sagas. He confirmed that Sagas will give the complete army boni,not just a unit.

That´s all what i can remember, I hope GD uk will reveal more.

My brothers Njal the storm caller has granted me this vision so that you too may know the terrible might of the Space Wolves and howl as their heavy tread draws closer!

I know not of the new range of miniature representations of the sons of Russ, but I have seen the awesomeness of their almighty codex. Gather round now and listen!


Njal Stormcaller:

Njal is back in all of his glory. The cyber raven joins him and the most easy comparison is with Tigurius, except that he wears terminator armour and carries mighty runes which blaze and improve his invulnerable save to a 4+. Truly unstoppable he remains.

A storm now covers Njal and this affects enemy shooting and combat prowess (-1 to both within 18" or something like that) and at higher levels can destroy foes and cast them around the table with it's mighty winds. Njal is the master of all six Space Wolf Psychic powers and yes, he is really expensive. Think 250+ points.

Bjorn the Fell Handed. Bjorn is incredibly strong, AV13 to the front and of course venerable. Put those two factors together and he is an almighty warrior. He has four attacks basic and is strength seven. He is also very expensive.

There is also a Telion type upgrade for the Space Wolf equivalent to scouts. This hero, more than three centuries old is the equivalent of a captain and yet with his unruly manners cannot be accepted among the battle brothers, not least because he stole one of the Chapter's thunderhawks and then crashed it during his flight. He upgrades his squad, I cannot remember how.

Battle Brothers:

All Space Wolves have counter attack and acute senses.

Wolf Guard are deceptive, they start off at a little over thirty points but they get very expensive very quickly. A wolf guard with Thunder hammer and Storm Shield weighs in at just under seventy!

There is a character with a special storm shield who can get an extra attack which represents him slapping his opponent with the shield when he charges. He also has furious charge and a thunder hammer that he can throw in a shooting attack. yes, a thrown thunder hammer. When it hits the foe there is an explosion and it reappears with a flash in his hands... Not bad eh?

Blood Claws now come in three flavours, bikers, jump packers and infantry. They remain slightly less able than regualr marines in shooting and close combat but are still really deadly...

Wulfen are gone as a unit.

There is a character who rides a Fenrisian wolf in to battle. It's a bit He-Man esque, but in a good way.

Long Fangs, Heavy Bolters for only a handful of points, you know about the same as a meltagun for regular marines... Also you can carry five heavy weapons... It's brilliant.

How much is a regular Space Wolf? xx points? Oh and you get a special weapon for free. Oh, and if you take ten you get a second special weapon for free... Ten men, and two special weapons for 150 points? Sounds good eh?

Kit? Oh yeah, every space wolf carries a chainsword, bolt pistol and boltgun. Extra attacks, I think so. You can kiss good bye to true grit though.

Oh and one last thing. Dark Angels are now not alone in being able to field Terminator only armies! SW's can field all terminator armies as one of their characters makes it possible to field T's as troops choices!
~Feel free to chime in or jump into the discussion in the Lounge here.

40K NEWS: Forgeworld IA Updates

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A quick one guys,

Forgeworld has released another set of rules updates for Imperial Armor Volume 1 and 2.

These are large documents that update almost all the units in those two books (the IG, Space Marines, Inquisition) to bring them into line with 5th Edition, Apocalypse, and the new Space Marine and Imperial Guard codices.

IA: Volume 1 Errata
IA: Volume 2 Errata

~A lot of stuff has changed, including the latest in the long series of Armored Company lists. Other standouts are the updated Land Raider Prometheus and the Deathstorm Drop-pod.

40K All Day Sept. 5, Tank Building, & More

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All North American GW Hobby Centers will be running a "40K All Day" event on Saturday, September 5. This comprises a running mega battle, a demonstration of the Planetary Empires expansion set, and assistance with building tank kits. Anyone who's been putting off finishing their vehicle kits due to difficulty getting them assembled, this is a prime opportunity to get the assistance you need. Warhammer 40,000 fans are encouraged to come on down and chat about 40K all day during this 40K focused Saturday. There's also a Space Marine painting competition. Full details are on the GW website.

I've been invited to provide assistance with the tank building clinic portion of the events on September 5 at the GW store in Annapolis, MD. It was an invitation I gladly accepted. I'll bring a sampling of 40K vehicles built and painted using a variety of techniques and will be discussing basic model kit assembly, various painting methods, converting and use of plastic card in scratch-converting as requested by attendees. I will be there for much of the day, so if you have any vehicle questions or need assistance getting those tank kits together, come on down. The staff at the store is great and our local hobby community is growing. Hope to see you there.

By the way, thanks to those BoLS readers out there who've taken the time to stop and say hello to me when they catch up with me at my local game stores. Your friendliness and kind feedback regarding my articles here on BoLS is much appreciated. Hobby articles usually don't draw the number of comments that some of the other topics here do, so it's not always easy to tell if many people read them. Based on the feedback I've received in person from many of you, I am reassured that such articles are fun and helpful to many people out there in the hobby community.

August 29, 2009

40k Pic of the Day 8-29-09

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Pic submitted by an Aaron Provost

Sons of Medusa advance at BoLScon

~Your daily dose of tabletop fun! Enjoy. If you have an awesome shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us. If its one of the rarer xenos races, even better!

40K NEWS: Forgeworld Orks & Vraks

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Hi guys,

Forgeworld just released a TON or orky stuff today:

Big Trakk
Enclosed Trukk
Flakk Gun
Gretchin Crew
Big Zzappa
Big Lobba

Siege of Vraks Part 3 and the full set of Vraks books with slipcover is also now shipping.

~The Ork kits are designed to be modular, so you can mix and match the weapons with many of the Ork vehicles such as the Trukk, and Battlewagon. Once again, its a good time to be green.

August 28, 2009

Pardon Our Dust

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As I'm sure you've noticed BoLS has a new fangled layout. Let me get a few points out of the the way, then you can have your say.

1) The old layout was reaching the end of its abilities. We had used it for a little over a year (which is 10 years in computing years)! A bunch of new blogger features and cool stuff has come out in the meantime, and it had pretty much reached its limits of easy modification. Things such as the new condensed header area, has all the same functionality of the old one, but in much less screen real-estate. In general, the new template is a much more modern one behind the scenes, which allows lots more cool features to dropped in over time.

2) The new layout allows more content. With the move to a summarized post frontpage we are now able to not only display more posts, but let our writers off the leash, and can now do long form articles. Previously with all the recent posts in plainview on the frontpage, long articles were a real challenge as they could impact loadtimes severely. No more.

3) Consistent Theme. With the advent of the BoLS Lounge, we wanted to bring the frontpage into a new layout that ties both sides of the site together visually.

4) We're not finished. While we are up and running, there are still some old features to bring back online and some commenting information to make keeping track of the posts easier. It is coming.

5) the Recent Post Slider is just cool... Nuff Said.

~Have at it guys.

40K: Armored Might of the Guard

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Painting large quantities of models can be done quickly with fairly good results. The picture above and the one just below show the massive quantity of tanks I've finished for my Imperial Guard army so far. This article is a follow-up to my recent articles on converting and painting Imperial Guard tanks. I've now finished painting all eleven of the vehicles that I air brushed about 17 days ago as of this writing. The other day I took them down to the local GW Annapolis store for a photo-op with the older tanks in my IG army that are temporarily on display there. I was curious to see how the whole thing looked together.

Now, the older tanks finished in 2006 do look a bit different because I used a darker camouflage brown and I used spray paint instead of an air brush on them, but I think the whole thing together still makes a pretty good cohesive whole.

This photo spotlights just the Baneblade variants completed to date for my Cadian army. There is one last detail to complete: name plates for the Stormlord and Hellhammer. That will be done hopefully within the next few days, once I settle on appropriate names.

Using the tips I detailed in other recent articles like "Hounds Of Hell, Imperial Guard" and the aforementioned Russ tank article, it is possible to complete large numbers of models with relative alacrity. Here's a summary of general techniques used to complete this fairly large project quickly plus some extra tips not included in the earlier articles:

1) Spray: Spray is your friend. Whether it's an air brush, spray paint or GW's Spray Gun (single action air brush), spraying your base color will give you a nice even finish in a fraction of the time possible with hand painting. This time savings is magnified even further on large models like tanks.

2) Dry Brush: Dry brushing highlights is relatively quick compared to hard edging and other highlight techniques. It yields a different finish than those other techniques, but I found it to be the preferred method for my IG tanks for multiple reasons. First, if built up very slowly and carefully it can be used to achieve a glowing, multi-layered semi-transparent finish and I've used it to achieve this interesting effect on some Space Marine vehicles in the past too. Try it with Space Wolves Grey over Shadow Grey and you'll see what I mean. Second, in the case of the tanks shown here, it not only added dimension through highlighting, but provided a somewhat dusty look to the finish, quite desirable for Imperial Guard vehicles.

3)Tracks: Paint the tracks separately. I sprayed all the tracks for the Russ and Hellhound type vehicles black, then dry brushed them with Tin Bitz, Boltgun Metal and finished them off with stippling and washes for a grungy, dirty effect. By painting them separately from the rest of each model I avoided the time it takes to be careful not to get the track colors on the tank hulls and vice versa. After both the tracks and the tanks were completely painted, only then did I glue the tracks on the models.

4) Necessity: Only paint what is necessary. In other words, only take the painting as far as is necessary to provide a pleasing overall result. If you're painting a tank for a painting contest, you may wish to shade around every seam and rivet, but if you're batch painting large quantities and wish to finish with relative speed so you can move along to other projects, it's possible to get great results without sweating every little detail. Instead, focus on the details that others will likely focus upon. By spending a little extra time on certain details it's possible to spend less time on others while still ending with a satisfying, attractive result. This is true for smaller miniatures too, not just tanks. It's the secret nearly all quick army painters use. Very few features on these tanks were shaded and highlighted, but all were at least highlighted. However, I spent some extra time getting the aquilas nicely shaded before painting, shading a bit on the main weapon on many of the tanks, picking out sensor lights, etc. Most models have a single feature that will draw the most attention from viewers. In the case of troopers it's usually the face. In the case of tanks it's usually the main gun, so give those focal points a little extra attention and people will hardly notice you skimped on painting steps on some other less prominent details.

What's next for me? Well, I've got a Space Marine chapter of my own devising I started earlier this year to get back to and of course there are always Chaos projects in the wings. There's even more IG stuff in my near future plans as well, like a few more tanks, some conscripts, new platoon command squads and an overseer for my psyker battle squad.

I hope this article helps encourage some of you out there to tackle a few of those large daunting hobby projects. Even an army with as many models as Imperial Guard can be fully painted with relative speed if you know a few tricks. Anyone with some "get it done quick" hobby tips of their own should feel free to share them in the comments area below. I'm sure others in the hobby community will be grateful for the assistance and we'll all be happy to see more painted armies out there. Have fun!

Goatboy's 40k Thoughts: Fail is the Suck!

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First of all, thanks to all the people I met and played against at BoLScon. It was a blast to be there, and for something that was only a thought 3 months ago, it was extremely well run. I might have had some issues with some of the missions but that meant next to nothing when comparing it to the actual event itself. The games were tightly run, the judging was spot on, and never did I think that this entire event was a bad idea or poorly put together. In fact I enjoyed the 7 games more then the 3 games at Adepticon. I think it was due to the fact we had no real break and could just machine through each round. All in all I would advise anyone who wanted to check out Austin to come down and play.

Now onto what I want to talk about before I go and get married and have some fun in Hawaii (I will be out next week). I am really tired of reading about how this failed and that failed. It has gotten to the point where instead of reading something insightful about the game, I have to somehow plow through whatever random you suck remarks before I find anything worth chewing on. There is a ton of great information online on how to play the game differently. I like reading different battle reports and seeing how the game evolves and grows all over the world. What I don’t like seeing is the constant attacking of each other in order to somehow make one person “better” then someone else. I know we want to give advice and helpful thoughts, but coating it in levels of “fail”, “suck”, and other nonsense you just makes people look like jerks.

I agree with everyone that the armies that “won” at BoLScon were not the best armies to represent 5th edition. What they were however, were armies both players play all the time. When you have gotten 500+ games with your army, you start to run the numbers in your head during any game, and know your chances to win versus whatever opponent you might get thrown against. I’ve started not discounting any army I now face, due to getting beaten by what I thought was a terrible list (this is to you Jwolf). A general will add a lot to the army. If both generals are good, then it really comes down to list and dice rolls, but you get my point.

If you know the strengths and weaknesses of your army, you know how to mitigate the losses from a superior army. I have played enough games to know the types of armies that my play style fits better. When I play a different style of army, I don’t expect to win like I would normally do.

So what I really want to say is, lets all try to be more constructive. I have made posts on all sorts of blogs. I try to be active in the game because I want to help the game. Whether it is coming up with a hard list or trying to figure out a paint scheme for a new player, I always put my best foot forward and not fall into the fail wagon. The only way to have more fun is to get more players into the game. Saying players suck does not make anyone better, it just discourages players, especially new ones. We all sucked when we started this game. So why don’t we try to say fail less often and go towards more constructive criticisms (like making fun of mothers).

I will be gone all next week in Hawaii, so no random Goatboy thoughts. I wanted to throw something up before I left and since I lost all my battle sheets from Bolscon, my memory of who I played is kinda fuzzy. I did splat 2 Plague marines and 1 Daemon Prince in one awesome Deff-Rolla-a-go-go!

Questions -

August 27, 2009

40k Pic of the Day 8-27-09

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Reader Faultie at BoLScon

Arbites Hold the Line

~Your daily dose of tabletop fun! Enjoy. If you have an awesome shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us. If its one of the rarer xenos races, even better!

NEWS? Warhammer meets FoodNetwork

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A little lighter fare today.

Remember that wierd Squig Cake that folks snapped pics of at Baltimore Gamesday? Well it is going to star in an episode of Ace-Of-Cakes on Food Network. I kid you not!

Check out the show listing, time, and summary here.

~What an odd, odd world we live in. Even worse, this entire post makes me hungry...

EPIC: Forge World renews Epic support?

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Sources say Forge World has informed them it is continuing its support for the Epic range of miniatures.

Several months ago, a rumour began circulating that Forge World was going to end its support for Epic when the business removed some of their more popular Epic miniatures from sale (notably, their excellent Tau models--shown above).

It was soon after clarified by Forge World that, due to wear and tear suffered by their Epic moulds, the business was performing a review of its entire Epic range, with a view to identifying those moulds that were not worth re-tooling.

This led to rampant conjecture that Forge World's Epic support was coming to an end.

Thankfully, today sees this rumour being put to rest. My source tells me that "the majority of the Tau models, including the Railgun Hammerhead and their all their infantry sets" will be returning to sale in the near future. "Some items are already in the building, apparently. I'm most happy to find that the FW Grey Knight Terminators are coming back."

As expected, following the Forge World review, certain miniatures will not be returning, such as the Ion Cannon Hammerheads and the Drone Turrets. Nonetheless, this is absolutely stellar news for all Warhammer 40,000 Epic-scale hobbyists.

~First Space Hulk is re-released, and now this?? It's Christmas is August! This news will no doubt give a well-deserved morale boost to the Epic-playing community (ku dos to you for keeping the faith, brothers!). Could it be that the long-looked-for increase in support for Epic by Games Workshop is just around the corner? Do we dare dream The Impossible Dream...?


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Today's topic is terrain. Not building and painting it (that's another article), but its use on the battlefield.

A Table Quarter-REALLY!
First things first. I dont know about you, but many, many, many tables don't have even close to the suggested 25% of the table filled with terrain. Everyone thinks they have enough, but here's a quick trick. When you are assembling your table, start in one corner, and keep going back to the terrain room and pulling out more until you have totally filled a table quarter. Then spread it out. You will be shocked with how little you were using before. Tables with light terrain give shooty armies a leg up.

Where to put it?
There are lots of schools of thought on this one. You can sprinkle your pieces out evenly, push them together in bunches or group them by theme.

Of equal importance to a pretty table is what your terrain plan is, based on your army. If I'm running gunline, all the big pieces are hugging the table edges. If I'm running assault, I start with the largest, tallest pieces first, and fill up the center.

What Type?
Most terrain breaks down in 5th into either 4+ area terrain (woods, etc), or tall stuff that fully blocks line of sight (Cities of Death ruins, etc). You should take these into consideration carefully pre-game. I've seen many a game lost before the forces even deployed due to poor placement of terrain.

~I want to hear from you. How much terrain do you usually stuff onto the tabletop and what type? Do you have any particular strategies or sneaky tricks for placing terrain. If you have specific unit-army/terrain combos you find especially effective, lets hear them. The floor is yours generals.

August 26, 2009

40k Pic of the Day 8-26-09

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Pic submitted by an unknown reader (email if its you!)

Sicarius in Repose

~Your daily dose of tabletop fun! Enjoy. If you have an awesome shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us. If its one of the rarer xenos races, even better!

40K/WFB RUMORS: Latest Whispers

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Voices on the wind say:

Chaos Dwarfs minis (unknown on the Army Book) are to be produced entirely by ForgeWorld.

Chaos Daemon 2nd Wave is coming soon:
-Daemon Prince kit
-Daemonettes on Steeds of Slaanesh plastic kit
-Plaguebearer/Nurgling plastic kit

Tyranids in Q1 2010

~As usual, standard caveats on all of this, but it builds on common themes that have been circulating for a while. Blood Angels are also in the mix, but with conflicting reports of release times.

August 25, 2009

40k Pic of the Day 8-25-09

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Veil of Tears indeed...

~Your daily dose of tabletop fun! Enjoy. If you have an awesome shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us. If its one of the rarer xenos races, even better!

EDITORIAL: Thoughts on BoLScon

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Hi everybody,

Things at BoLS are slowly ramping back up in the wake of BoLScon, so forgive us if we seemed a little groggy over the past couple of days. Getting you guys the news, updates from the floor, and running a tournament at the same time can really take it out of you.

I wanted to take a few moments to talk about what I hope we achieved with the tourney. BoLScon had several big-picture goals and some controversial guidelines I wanted to speak to.

Emphasis on ALL Aspects of the Hobby
We set out from the get-go to offer something for almost anyone in the hobby. We had the traditional 40k, and WFB, as well as newcomer War of the Ring tournament tracks for the competitive minded people out there. We also offered painting competitions, and our own narrative track Apocalypse/Planetstrike events for those looking for something completely different.

We found that the narrative events were a big hit, as well as the consolation bracket for the 2nd day of tournaments that allowed the bottom half of players a fresh start and chance to win prizes. The GW rep on site commented on the uniqueness of the narrative track and how much fun the players were having.

Emphasis on Quantity and Quality of Games
From the first press release, we knew we wanted to offer a truckload of games for BoLScon attendees. The tournament players got 7 games in 2 days, with 2 hour time limits for 2000pt 40k games and 2250pt WFB games. On the narrative side, we packed 4 Apocalypse games into the 2 days for each of the 3 narrative tracks.

Many, many people said the time-limits were impossible and the schedule would never be kept. In fact, BoLScon achieved over a 90% completion rate for our tournament games (all systems) and ran no more than 15 minutes off schedule across the entire event. The time-limits were possible.

Our judge staff's first and foremost duty was to help players keep their games moving. They were proactive at not only answering tough questions and throny situations, but helping players look up rules, and making sure everything moved along in a timely manner.

Fun Above All
More important than the other two was the overall goal of fun. From the 80s Rock mission themes, to the famed battles over the Siege of Terra, to the random team prize draws, we tried to run the entire event with the flair of a gameshow and not the SATs. By the end of Sunday, we saw a group of dog-tired players with huge smiles on thier faces. We made many new friends and got to meet a lot of our online blogging brothers in person for the first time. All in all, it was a great way to spend a weekend!

~This is an open thread on not only BoLScon but touneys/conventions in general. For attendees, please tell us your overall thoughts of the the events, and what you most enjoyed and your best memories. For everyone else, lets hear about what you would like to see BoLScon grow into to make it the best gaming convention on the planet. The floor is yours gentlemen.

August 24, 2009

40K: BoLSCon Overall Winners

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Hi all, Jwolf here. Here are the lists that won overall and second overall at BoLSCon. I think their success has a lot more to say about the quality of their players than the perceived strength of the armies.

Michael Strange’s Tyranids

Super Winged Choppy Tyrant

Foot Tyrant, Dual Devourers and 2 Guards

3x 20 Improved (WS, Str, In) Hormagaunts

8 Spinegaunts, Without Number


3 Zoanthropes

2x Carnifex – Barbed Strangler / Venom Cannon

Comments: When I checked this list in, I did not foresee a winning list, but Michael made it work, spending all of day one at first table and rallying back to take the title from the Guard army that beat him in round four. Michael has put a lot of hard work into the army, and he has clearly put a lot of working into determining how best to use it. I am pleased that an army that I would not have considered likely to win won in our almost completely tabletop scoring tournament. Kudos to Mike.

Ben Andranka’s Orks

Warboss Power Klaw; Shoota/Skorcha Kombi-weapon; Twin-linked Dakkagun; Stikkbombs; Attack Squig; Bosspole; Cybork Body; Warbike

9 Lootas

11 Kommandos – 2 Burnas
Boss Snikrot

6 Nobs + 1 Painboy in a Trukk. Striped for wound allocation.

9 ‘Ard Boyz + Nob in a Trukk

19 Boyz + Nob

19 Boyz + Nob

19 Boyz + Nob

20 Gretchen + 2 Runtherds

4 Warbikers + Nob

Battlewagon w/ Deffrolla

2 Killer Kans

Comments: This was another surprising list. Orks are a strong Codex in 5e, but this list doesn’t fully capitalize on the Ork strengths. Ben played with a straightforward aggression the hid a lot of nice tricks from his opponents and showed skill in a very un-Orky way.

~What strikes me about these lists as winners is the basic truth of 40K – no list makes nearly as much difference as the skill of the player and their ability to use their units effectively. I’m sure a lot of you can figure out ways to improve both of these lists, but they worked great for their players. If we are lucky, Michael and Ben may drop into the comments with their view of BoLScon and how their lists fought their way to the top.

40k Pic of the Day 8-24-09

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Pic submitted by reader: Will Merydith

Farsight Enclave Family Photo

~Your daily dose of tabletop fun! Enjoy. If you have an awesome shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us. If its one of the rarer xenos races, even better!

REPORT: BoLScon ala Aventine

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So I just completed 7 great games of 40k over the course of two days at the first annual Bell of Lost Souls Con. You can see the list I played here. It was an early morning start on Saturday, and it started off in a panic. They announced that pairings were posted, and I was nowhere on the list. Fortunately for me it was just a clerical error, and there was another person who had been left off as well. So with a little shuffling I was ready to sit down to Game 1.

Game 1 'Welcome to the Jungle' v. Nick S.'s Eldar
Primary- Seize Ground
Seconday- Have more units in terrain than not in terrain at the end of the game.
Tertiary- Score 1000 or more VPs.
Bonus- Kill all vehicles and monstrous creatures +2
If your opponent has no heavy support left +2
If you end the game with an HQ in a terrain feature +1

Nick was a very new player. Being very familiar with the Eldar I was able to help him with the rules questions he had, but I wasn't going to tell him tactics (I didn't think it would be fair to him or me). He had a mixed force with Eldrad, an Avatar, a Wraithlord, a Falcon, and a boxed set worth of a half dozen Aspect Warriors. My droppod full of Lysander and Sternguard landed right on target and blasted Eldrad away with a bevy of bolter drilled hellfire shells. The picture above shows all ha had left at the end of the game. I got all the points besides a couple bonuses. 44/47.

Game 2 'Another One Bites the Dust' v. Colby A.'s IG
Primary- Modified Annihilation (No KPs are awarded unless the enemy HQ is dead)
Seconday- Never place an HQ in a transport.
Tertiary- End the game with more of your units outside your deployment zone than in it.
Bonus- You gain bonus points equal to the turn number in which you destroy the first enemy HQ.

Colby was fielding a pretty butch army consisting of a Company Command in Chimera, four vet squads in Chimeras (2 triple melta, 2 triple plasma), Marbo, two individual Banewolves, a Battle tank squadron, and two single Demolishers. I was able to start collecting KPs pretty quickly thanks to Shrike getting a first turn charge on the Company Command, who were on foot because of the Secondary objective. My Land Raider threw a track on some rubble and spent the game far away from the battle, and the rest of my force just didn't have the staying power to deal with that kind of firepower. I got the secondary (a gimme) and tertiary, plus 3 bonus. 25/48.

Game 3 'Beat It' v. Adam T.'s Blood Angels
Primary- Annihilation
Seconday- Score 1000 or more VPs.
Tertiary- Destroy all non-vehicle troop choices.
Bonus- +1 for each category of your opponents army with no units left at the end of the game.

Adam had a pretty cool Rhino based Veteran Assault army with Dante, Corbulo, and a few Attack Bikes. I was over aggressive with my forward elements (Shrike's infiltrating Assault Terminators and Lysander's Sternguard). If I had held back he would have come at me anyway, but instead I put the control of the game in his hands. My mistake. I managed to get the Secondary by Dante making a unit of Devs fallback, he couldn't catch them or stay within 6" of them, so in my turn they swung back around and blasted Dante in the face with a lascannon, pushing me up over 1000 VPs. 15/47.

Game 4 'Purple Rain' v. John E.'s Sisters of Battle
Primary- Seize Ground (5 objectives)
Seconday- Kill HQ.
Tertiary- Have units in terrain
Bonus- +1 for each category of your opponents army with no units left.

Well it took until my fourth game to play someone from Austin, but to my great fortune it was actually someone I had not ever played before. John was fielding an army of mechanized Sisters with a whole mess of Exorcists and Immolators, all led by Saint Celestine and her Seraphim bodyguard. The army started with an impressive 12 Faith points. He held a large portion of his army in reserve (I'm still not sure why). My first turn pressure units were able to kill a Rhino, and the whole squad inside whilst my Land Raider rushed towards his lines. I was able to kill his Seraphim with some great shots from my Thunderfire cannon (causing 19 wounds in one turn kind of great shots). My melta Tactical squad accounted for both Exorcists and an Immolator. By turn 5 all he had left was Saint Celestine, who was saved from being charged by Shrike and Lysander because the game ended. 33/47.

Game 5 'Back in Black' v. Josh R.'s Deathwing
Primary- Modified Seize Ground (5 objectives). Models may permanently claim objectives after turn three, gaining fleet, furious charge, and rage if they do so.
Seconday- Score 750 or more then your opponent.
Tertiary- Table quarters.
Bonus- Kill HQs and heavies.

So I did not treat myself nicely on Saturday night (mainly due to goatboys bachelor party) and it showed in my Saturday morning game. Apparently I also somehow upset my dice. I'm sure I wasn't razor sharp with my tactical decisions, but I couldn't roll a dice through a wet paper bag. Some examples from the game: Shrike charges a missle launcher dread (no DCCW) and is dead within three rounds of combat (pictured above), my Assault Terminators charge a unit of regular Terminators and are wiped out to the man, my Land Raider immobilizes itself trying to take an objective late in the game. Maybe it's just this table (it was the same one I played the Blood Angels on). 0/47. That knocked me down about six tables. ugh.

Game 6 'Born in the USA' v. Michael A.'s Tyranids
Primary- Capture and Control
Seconday- Annihilation
Tertiary- Have more units in the opponents deployment zone then they have in yours.
Bonus- +1 for each table quarter
+1 for killing the highest cost HQ

So I finally played someone who I knew from Austin, guess it had to happen at some point. Michael had a bunch of over 200 point big bugs supported by a big brood of Warriors, some 'without number' Gaunts, and a unit of outflanking Genestealers. This time taking the fight to the enemy didn't seem like the logical choice, but it was definitely the right one. Shrike got a first turn charge on the Warriors, almost died, but the Terminators caught up right on time to save him. Lysander and the Sternguard came down (Pod landed on his objective) and hellfired the Flyrant to death. The game devolved into a big scum in the middle (Lysander v. 3 Fexes), while my rearguard objective holding force staved off iminnent assault two times. One of his Fexs destroyed the contesting Drop Pod, but my Land Raider rolled in at the last minute to steal the win. 46/47.

Game 7 'The Final Countdown' v. Jawaballs' Blood Angels
Primary- Modified Sieze Ground (6 objectives) at the end of each turn roll a d6 for each objective, on a '6' the objective takes off. If a player is controlling the objective at the time, then the models are removed from play, the objective permanently belongs to that player, and the unit that was holding it deep strikes back onto the board the next turn.
Seconday- Have units in all four table quarters.
Tertiary- Kill half the units in the enemy army.
Bonus- Assault the enemy with an HQ choice +1
Have a surviving HQ +2
Have a scoring unit within 3" of the table center. +2

In round 7 I played jawaballs of 'Way of Saim Hann' fame, who is a real nice dude. He held a bunch of his units in reserve, which I didn't understand. I combat squadded onto a couple objectives and decided to 'outflank' Shrike and the Terminators for the first time in the tournament. It was a fun game, but it is kind of a blur because of how tired I was at that point (that point, ha, I'm still exhausted). I had two of my units take off and claim objectives permenantly, while jawa had one of his units do it. He managed to kill my Land Raider in the last turn to grab an objective and force a 2-2 tie. PIctured above is Lysander getting killed by an exploding 'Baal' Predator. 37/47.

~All together combined with my paint and excellent sports scores I pulled off 9th overall. Not bad considering the size of the tournament. I'm already stoked about next year. Woo! Any of your other BoLScon attendees feel free to drop in your stories, thoughts, and best moments from the weekend's festivities. You can also follow the BoLScon threads in the Lounge.

WFB NEWS: Azhag the Slaughterer and Skaven

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Hi guys,

A couple of news items from the weekend.

Next up is confirmation via GW that the Skaven Armybook is headed our way this November. New Warmachines, monsters and charaters are promised. We've heard of several new models and plastic kits including Clanrats and others. The padded feet of Skavenblight are on the march!

Azhag the Slaughterer
First, the anticipated Azhag the Slaughter model has finally been released. This guys clocks in at a hefty $82.50 and is direct order only.

While his in-game stats leave a bit to be desired, I've always throught the model is great and extremely characterful.

~According to last weeks poll, about half of our readers play WFB, so what do you guys hope for out of the new Skaven book? Have at it guys.

August 23, 2009

BoLSCon Update: More Photos From the Floor

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Another late night, another early morning and BoLSCon rolls on. Competition is heavy in both brackets as we sprint to the finish. Here are some more photos from the floor.

Sisters, Prepare for Battle!

Old vs. New

One Shot, One Kill.

What's That Smell.... OH MY GOD!

They're Breaking Through!

The Edlar chases the Arbites Knight Titan

We Will Re-Take the Temple Men!

Goatboy's 40k Thoughts: Quick and Dirty

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As you know this weekend is Bolscon so my normal Monday post will have to wait a bit. Thus a quick, small post with some 40k thoughts. The question today is, has the drive of the internet created uninteresting army lists and games? I know we all have different opinions of what is good and isn't good, but has the drive to create the "best of" lists hurt the game?

I know when I first started my articles I had a lot of backlash to some of my thoughts. I have strived to be someone that helps the game in anyway I can. Whether it is through my articles, answering questions, or creating new thoughts on this hobby I always try to push the hobby in a direction that it can grow. But, has my push for more competitive play hurt the game?

I know I enjoy the competitive aspects of the game a lot more then other beer and pretzel players out there. I don't think my style of game is better then anyone else, it is just the style I like to play and locally is the common game brought to the table. Now of course this doesn't mean all my armies have 12+ melta guns and look to take out the army in 2 turns, it just means I make sure all my armies bring a hefty chunk of competition.

So the quick and dirty question is - do you think the internet and blogs in general this hurt the level of fun for the game or increase it? I know there are a lot of tactic blogs, so I wonder what do you guys think? My ultimate writing goal, is to make the game better for any gamer, whether it is the tournament player or the triple stout Friday night Dad looking to create a cool story.

Again as usual - shoot me an email at Woot time to go back to painting IG. What's the word guys?
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