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September 30, 2009

40k Pic of the Day 9-30-09

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pic submitted by Svyatoslav Karyagin

Improvised smoke-launchers are a bad idea.

~Your daily dose of tabletop fun! Enjoy. If you have an awesome shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us. If its one of the rarer xenos races, even better!

EPIC: Avalanche of tournament action Down Under!

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Oh yes. It's a great time to be an Epic-playin' Aussie!

Not only do we have Heavy Bolter 2009 kicking off in Melbourne on 14 November (just two weeks left--registration closes on the 16th of October), but it's now been announced that an Epic:Armageddon tournament will be held at CANCON 2010 (January) in Canberra.

For details about the CANCON 2010 tournament, see its BoLS Lounge thread.

~CANCON is one of the premier gaming events in Australia, so seeing Epic running there again is a fantastic step in the right direction for the game.

40K SNEAK PEEK: IA:8 Tidbits

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Select pics and video courtesy of reader: Owen P.

Hey Warhammer 40k fans. Some little morsels of Forgeworld info were spotted at Games Day UK regarding the next IA:8 book.

It looks like this one will involve Orks, Elysians, and the Raven Guard. Here is a look as some of the things that several folks got shots of at the event.

UPDATE: Forgeworld explaining that this thing is.

-Word on the street is IA:8 is coming early in 2010, so it won't be long. Enjoy!

40k: Trying to Use Al’Rahem Effectively

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Hello all, Jwolf here.

One of my favorite miniatures for the past decade has been Captain Al’Rahem, whom I have generally used to represent the commander of the Tallarn 21st infantry. Fifth Edition came along, and suddenly Al’Rahem was back in the picture, with new and exciting rules. I played around with him and small platoons, and found him to be generally not a good member of a combined team. For the rest of the year, I’m going to try centering my Imperial Guard forces around him, and see how it turns out. NOTE: If you think this is anything like an easy-to-use and highly effective idea, I’ve got a lovely farm 20 miles south of Galveston to sell you.

Building the Platoon
First, using Al’ Rahem means go large or stay home. He needs a Commissar and a Priest in his command, as well as a Medic. We’re talking 7 Guardsmen at 200 points or so, but these guys can actually kill things, even Landraiders with a bit of luck.

Second, Platoon squads need to be a mass of Stubborn swordsmen, so a couple of Power Weapon Sergeants and a Power Weapon Commissar. Again, lots of points, but fighty and Stubborn 9.

Third, I need to be able to kill some other things. An Autocannon HW team will be fun to have coming in, and fairly cheap. A Special Weapons Squad with Demolition Charges makes for some deadly fun as well.

Deployment and Tactics
With all that decided, now I need to get my opponents near the edges so I can actually kill them with Al’ Rahem. How do I get opponents near the edges?

Baiting them with objectives and target units is one way. In Capture and Control, this means putting my objective right on the table edge. In Seize Ground, putting as many objectives near board edges as possible is also a given. For Annihilation, I can make a corner castle, go on both edges, or make a central firebase, depending on what my opponent’s composition and likely tactics will be.

Terrain deployment also helps. If there are nice big LOS blocking pieces, putting one midfield near a board edge and deploying where I can’t shoot the board edge side will encourage my opponent to avoid the cannons and be behind the wall. Clogging the center of the board with forests and craters to make advancing up the middle slower can also encourage edge deployments.

The Rest of the Army
The last part is building a supporting army to help Al’Rahem get his licks in. This means some solid heavy support in the form of tanks and artillery (LRBT, LRD, Medusa) a couple units of Melta Vets in Chimeras and Valkyries, and a Hellhound Chassis or two to keep them honest. I’m getting too expensive quickly, but I’ll rotate different elements through for testing.

~After I run a dozen games or so, I should have a better idea of what works and doesn’t work for me in the list. If you have some Al’Rahem success stories, I’d love to hear them. Similarly, I’m interested in what you’ve tried and failed with. I tried a small force, and that was not good. I tried a Straken / Al’Rahem combination that quickly became the Straken show, so not trying that again, either. I want to avoid Creed, as he has his own dynamics that radically shift the game, just like Straken.

September 29, 2009

40k Pic of the Day 9-29-09

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"Yup, he's gonna need a new catalytic converter. What should we charge him for it?"

~Your daily dose of tabletop fun! Enjoy. If you have an awesome shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us. If its one of the rarer xenos races, even better!

40K EDITORIAL: Tourney Preparation is Complicated

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Hey all! Jawaballs here,

Last weekend I played in a tournament, then I spent the week traveling to Tampa. Ugh! Endless hours wasted with nothing but my thoughts to keep me company. Stupid airports. Any way, my mind started to drift, and I was thinking about the tournament and trouble shooting my mistakes etc. I was in position to win and failed, but the point of this post is not the tournament. It is the missions! They tend to be the great equalizer at tournaments for two reasons and they are definitely something that needs to be considered when writing up your list and preparing for a tournament.

First of all, writing up a list that wins standard 5th edition rule book missions is fairly simple, and not all that useful. They are predictable. You have 3 missions, modified by 3 deployments. The variables here are small. Heck, write up a list that is strong at grabbing objectives, and you instantly have an advantage for 66.6 percent of the games! (Like mine) This sadly does not quite translate into tournament success. You need to prepare a list that can handle all three of the standard missions. Kill Points is the toughest for me, since my standard operating procedure does not have me killing a lot of my opponent's forces. Even more sadly, I have been noticing that Kill Points are playing more and more a role in tournaments! I do not recall, but I think that at BoLScon over half the missions had some sort of Kill Point element. One was a kill point mission in which you scored ZERO kill points if you failed to kill all of your opponents HQ... Gulp.. I played a Space Wolves guy with 3 of them... At the recent tournament I played in, over all Kill Points were used as the tie breaker. (So I threw Jwolf's "brick in the face" at my first two opponents and tabled em)

"But Jawaballs, you just said you don't kill a lot of your opponent's forces?" True, but my army is designed to be versatile, and while my tactics usually have me winning games with barely killing any of my opponents forces, I am capable of bringing the pain! Such is the point of this paragraph. Put together a list that is versatile and capable of playing multiple play styles, but plan on taking lots of Kill Points. It seems the tournament trend is leaning in the KP direction.

Second, watch out and prepare for wacky missions! Easier said then done. Last weekend, the final round had me and my opponent fighting for posession over 3 squigs. We each had one, and there was a 3rd wild squig on the table. The primary objective was Victory Points, and the squigs threw in bonus points for controlling them at the end of the game. Additionally, each round they caused wounds to the squad holding them. Angry piggies! This made for some intense rounds at the end... my opponent started out holding his squig with a 10 man tactical squad, that was reduced to just one man by the end of turn 5 and I did not fire a shot at it! At BoLScon, one of objective missions completely nullified my fast moving rhino grab at the end of the game ability, by having certain objectives randomly disappear at the end of each turn.

How do we prepare for wacky missions and predominantly Kill Point scenarios? The Kill Point issue is easy. I dropped my lumbering Furioso Dread and replaced him with multi-melta attack bikes. They helped a lot with laying down the law. Just don't let yourself get pigeon-holed into always playing the same tactics just because they work. Switch it up a bit, and be prepared to throw a brick in your opponents face every game if you have to.

What about whacky missions? Get copies of the scenarios at every tournament you play and practice their missions. Frankly, if you are a competitive tournament player, there is almost no need to play missions straight from the book, as you will almost never get to use the experience gained from them at tournaments. When ever you play a pickup game, get your opponent to agree to playing an alternative mission from your last tournament. And if you have one coming up, play missions they have used in the past to prepare your self for what you may encounter. After a few tournaments you should have a nice library of interesting missions to select from.

You probably can't build an army that can handle any scenario you encounter, but you can at least minimise the damage by being prepared for what you may face!

~Ok, that will wrap up my first Bell of Lost Souls article. Bigred generously invited me to be a guest columnist and I will be posting up some thoughts and tutorials from time to time. Coming up soon will be a long awaited Yellow Helmet tutorial. (It's the single most requested one from my subscribers.) I am a blogger, competitive tournament player with my Mech Blood Angels, and I also compete for painting competitions and do commissions. I offer painting tutorials and scenic resin bases! Thanks to BoLS for inviting me to share my tournament mission thoughts. Whats your take on the tourney missions you've encountered?

THQ SNEEK PEEK: DoW II - Chaos Rising Trailer

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Our good friends over at THQ wanted you all to see this:


40K BATTLE REPORT: Space Wolves vs CSMs (Video)

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Hi everybody.

The BoLS video battlereports continue. This time we have a good one. Mkerr has put together a 2000pt Space Wolves army using Njal and 3 other Runepriests (4x JotWW), and laid down the gauntlet. Jwolf responds with his CSM force led by Huron Blackheart. Who will prevail?!

BoLS YouTube Channel

~Comments are welcome guys! You can expect many more battle reports and videos featuring all aspects of the hobby from your favorite writers, and more. Get on in there and let us know what you liked, wanted to see me improve, and of course Monday-morning quarterbacking is always great fun after a battle report.

September 28, 2009

40k Pic of the Day 9-28-09

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pic submitted by Anthony Morones

Caption contest! GO!!!

~Your daily dose of tabletop fun! Enjoy. If you have an awesome shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us. If its one of the rarer xenos races, even better!

GW: White Dwarf Subscription Miniature

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So my inbox is stuffed to the gills with pics of this little guy. This is the new White Dwarf subscriber mini seen by many readers at Gamesday UK. Mighty interesting huh?

~What do you guys think it means? A harbinger of things to come, or just a bit of good-natured humor from Games Workshop to get us back for those years of unending questions about you know who?

Goatboy's 40k Thoughts: Space Wolves or Space Goats?

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I am always on the look out for a new army. As you can tell, I quickly get an army up to snuff paint wise and the constant drive to have something new and challenging keeps me going. It also makes my local store owner happy too! So with Space Wolves coming next and I feel the urge to create an army based off of this new book.

First of all - my own personal thoughts on the book is that they are a pretty interesting army to play, but I still feel C:SM is still better for their overall cheaper cost as well as larger range of options available. But that is for another time, when I do an actual break down of the Wolves codex versus what kind of options you have with the good ole smurfs. The biggest thing with the new Wolf codex is that I feel the flavor that could have been in the Chaos Space Marine book has been added to the Space Puppies book. So what does this mean for me? Well since I really don't like playing "good" guys it means I need to create a Space Wolves army that is a bit more - Chaos like. Thus I've decided that my next army is going to be called "Space Goats" and use some bits from Beastmen, Orks, Chaos, as well as Daemons to create my army. My plan is to hopefully have this done by the upcoming Adepticon. Normally that wouldn't be a problem, but I have some up coming commissions that will take up the majority of my time.

The thought behind the army is to take some of cooler bits of the Space Wolves codex and Chaos them up model wise. Besides giving me a broader range of conversions, it will also let me create an army that doesn't look too cookie cutter on the table. The bits from the codex that made me want to create this crazy army is the thought of Thunderwolves. My plan is to take the new Juggernaut model and create riders on there. The currently Thunderwolf model is on a dreadnought base and since the Juggernaut is on the same base, the sizes will be similar. This will ensure that I am not stretching the rules as well as LOS that should be available to armies trying to target my monsters. I plan on using Ork arms to represent the sheer strength increase as well as give me some cool options for "Frost axes" and other such nonsense.

The army is going to be fairly small as it will allow for quick games that I can easily finish and have more then enough time to get something good to eat. Plus it will allow me a lot less standing as I have to move every model in some kind of crazy horde. Beyond the Juggernauts, I will be using bits and pieces from the Fantasy Chaos Marauder boxed set to give all the models different crazy weapons as well as banners and other bits that will make them look like some kind of crazy goat warrior race. Look for some test models in the coming weeks as I get ahold of some goat heads.

Space Goats 1.01 - REVENGE OF THE GOATBOY!!!

HQ: Njal
HQ: Wolflord, Saga of the Bear, Thunderwolf mount, Thunderhammer, Fenris Wolves (2)
HQ: Wolflord, Saga of the Warrior Borne, Thunderwolf mount, Frost Axe, Fenris Wolves (2)
Troops Grey Hunters (10), Meltagun (2), Powerfist, Mark of the Wulfen
Troops Grey Hunters (10), Meltagun (2), Powerfist, Mark of the Wulfen
FA: Thunderwolf Cav (3), Mark of the Wulfen, Power Fist
FA: Thunderwolf Cav (3), Mark of the Wulfen, Power Fist
Heavy: LRC, MM
Heavy: LRC, MM

This is a 2000 point list and the thought behind it is, the LRC run up forward, with the Juggers running behind. The Juggers should get a 4+ cover save most of the time, and if not you can dump wounds on the Wolves that run with each of the Wolf Lords. The one with the Saga of the Bear can take further wound dumps, as he won't instant die to Str 10 weapons.

I am not sure if Njal is worth it, as you can almost get 2 Rune Priests for that with some annoying powers. Both with Jaws and one with Living lightning and the other with Tempest's Wrath. I won't be able to really find out until I do a bit more testing. I know the basic set up is locked but the HQ's can always change up. I might find that Canis might be a better buy instead of one of the Wolflords. It would make a for a cool Juggernaut with huge claws on the rider.

~That is my current army thought for the next few months. I still want to finish my regular marines and plan on doing so in the same time with some more IG as well as another ork order. Fun times for Goatboy eh? Jump on in here with comments and questions.

As usual questions can be sent to

September 27, 2009

40K NEWS: Gamesday-UK 2009

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Some images brought to the community by: Felix's Gaming Pages Blog.
Lets see what we've been hearing and seeing from the convention floor:

Codex is headed our way January, written by Robin Cruddace.

Lord of Change is on display again.
Chaos Reaver is looking good with a fresh paintjob.
A Elysian buggy of some type.
A smallish one-man Eldar Falcon looking piece (probably a super-heavy turret work in progress).

New Tallarn Greens
Plastic Daemon Prince
Plastic Seekers of Slaanesh

The moment fans have been waiting for is finally here... for the first time, the Warhammer 40,000 universe will be realised in a feature-length movie on DVD.Ultramarines is a 70-minute sci-fi thriller that will use CGI and state-of-the-art animation production techniques. Games Workshop is delighted to be working with UK-based production company Codex Pictures, who have the momentous task of bringing the Warhammer 40,000 universe to the screen. "

Go check out for more info.

~More to come, this will be updated all day as pics and more info comes in. Have at it guys!

The Art of War-hammer, Eldrad Edition

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"The clever combatant imposes his will on the enemy,
but does not allow the enemy's will to be imposed on him."

The second in my series of painting articles focuses on my Eldrad Ulthran. Painted earlier this spring for a local painting competition.

After black primer, I started with the basic grays, using Adeptus Battlegray, then Codex, Fortress, and finishing with a slight white line along the very edges. I used Kommando Khaki, Bleached Bone, and white edges again for his armor decoration. His sword is Hawk Turquoise, Ice Blue, and white. The original symbol was painted in Scorpion Green and Hawk Turquoise, but I ended up changing it later. His tunic or whatever it is, was painted to match the rest of my Eldar army using purple shades lightening to white.
The next step was his staff. I painted the top Shadow Gray with an ice blue highlight. I used the same colors for his Obi. The symbol was painted with the same purple tones as his tunic, but with larger soft white highlights. The lower part was done with Scorched Brown, Graveyard Earth, and finally some Khaki highlights. The same colors were used for his pouches and the grip of his sword. I added some gray highlights around the gems and on the sword as well.
The next step were the MANY gems covering him. I painted them green, matching the rest of my Eldar. I used Orkhide Shade, Snot Green, and Scorpion Green, with a white highlight to bring it out and make it shine. I painted a number of tassles around him using reds and oranges and did the straps holding his pouches with reds as well. I used fortress gray on the charms around his forearms, and hawk turnquoise for the bangle around his upper arm.
I finished him up using more reds and oranges for some of the decorations adorning his sword and the back of his staff. I also used the Hawl Turquoise/Ice Blue in other places on the model, I liked the way it ended up contrasting with the darker tones. I cleaned up his base using grays and added the green tone static grass that I used for my other eldar and he was complete.
He ended up second place in the painting contest to Demosthenes' Salamander Librarian.

~Next on the list is my own Red Scorpions Terminator Librarian that I custom built for the Badab Campaign. Comments as always are welcome!

September 26, 2009

Gamesday UK Reminder

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Gamesday UK 2009 is Sunday, September 27th.

BoLS would like to ask any UK readers who attend to send any pictures, summaries, tweets, or whatever you got to us. You can email us at or post in the BoLS Lounge GD-UK thread here.

~Good luck and good hunting men! We will be updating all day tomorrow to bring you the latest from the convention floor as we get it.

Whether Warmachine?

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Go back six years, and 40k and WFB were the whole of my hobby world. At that point I’d been playing the games for a full decade. I had five 40k armies and four for fantasy. I could name the Primarch of every Space Marine chapter and recite the history of the High Elves from the time of their first meetings with the Old Ones. The few other miniatures games around seemed to come and go. A few of them looked interesting, but come on… did anyone really play them?

Getting me to waste my money on something a few weirdos played in their basements was going to be a hard sell. So the fact that Privateer Press's Warmachine was the first other miniatures game I witnessed actual human beings playing did a lot to catch my attention. Eventually two of my oldest gaming buddies picked it up and went about convincing me that it was worth trying. These were folks I’d known for five years. Both were consummate 40k players whose comments and criticisms of the game I’d always found to be more or less dead on. If this game was worth their time, I was going to give it a try. Here’s why I’ve been playing it ever since:

The Setting

Warmachine and its sister game Hordes, are set in a classic fantasy world that has undergone a technological revolution. It was originally designed as a D20 setting, and has all the depth and content you would expect from a fully realized fantasy world. Six centuries before the current timeline, the Dwarf realms taught the secrets of warjack construction to the enslaved kingdoms of man. The first warjacks, titanic beasts of steel called Colossals, drove their oppressors back to their longboats and into the sea. In the years since, resource limitations have reduced the size of warjacks to the more modest 10 ton constructs you’ll find in the game. The nations of the aptly named Iron Kingdoms now use these machines to wage war on each other and on the less technologically inclined races of Hordes. The latter wage their wars using great beasts whose rage they tap to fuel their powerful magic. Between Warmachine and Hordes (yes the two games are meant to be played together), the game now has 10 different factions. For the sake of space, this will be the last I mention of Hordes, as it has slightly different rules.

The Basics

At the core of Warmachine are the concepts of focus, warcasters and warjacks. Each warcaster is a unique character with a unique history and background. The death of your warcaster will cost you the game. They are the generals of your army and each comes with a list of different spells, skills, equipment, and a feat: a powerful once per game ability that can turn the tide of battle. These abilities comprise the core tools you will use to achieve victory. A warcaster’s list of spells is potentially his most important asset. Depending on the warcaster, these spells might help protect your troops, cripple your opponent’s army, or just destroy your enemies directly. Casting these spells will cost your warcaster focus, a limited resource representing his magical ability.

Focus will also help your warjacks. These machines possess magical brains called cortexes, which allow them to think almost intelligently. But the steam powered behemoths are only capable of so much on their own. Their performance will be greatly enhanced if your Warcaster diverts some of his attention from spell casting to help them fight more effectively with the allocation of some of his focus. A warjack can spend his focus to run, charge, make another attack, or boost an attack or damage roll. How you choose to use your focus is the difference between victory and defeat.

Game Mechanics

Attack rolls in Warmachine are made by rolling 2d6, and adding the result to your relevant attack value. If the total exceeds your targets defense you score a hit. Damage rolls are made the same way, and the amount by which your total exceeds your target's armor is the amount of damage your attack will cause. This gives the game a wider probability curve, and brings us back to another key concept: boosting. One of the primary uses of focus is to allow you to boost, letting you roll an additional die for attack and damage rolls. This will help you hit targets with higher defense, or do more damage to the heavily armored ones. Many models have stats designed to make sure you will have to boost to hit or damage them, making it even more important to spend your focus wisely. And since a heavy warjack has around 30 damage boxes, you'll need all the focus you can get.

And since warcasters only have so much focus, every army has numerous infantry choices. Infantry act more autonomously, and the only focus they will require will be from the beneficial spells you may choose to cast on them. The roles your infantry will play in your army vary. They could serve as simple a purpose as shooting the enemy or hacking them to bits, but it’s just as likely they will play a more esoteric role. For example, Mechaniks help repair your warjacks, while the Choir of Menoth chants holy prayers to make them fight more effectively. Your infantry will be further aided by "solos", heroes or specialists who fight individually, helping to inspire your troops or face the enemy head on themselves.

While infantry typically only have one damage box each, a solo can have up to ten. I think the infantry in this game gives it a lot of its real flavor. The Knights Exemplar with their Baroque armor and blessed relic blades are one of the biggest reasons I chose the Protectorate of Menoth as my first faction. But it wasn’t easy… Cygnar had the Storm Guard, whose glaives generate lightning and electrocute the enemy as they engage them. Cryx had Mechanithralls: foul zombies augmented with giant mechanikal piston fists. Finally Khador had the elite Man-O-War, fearless men in oversized steam powered armor who stand head to head against the warjacks they fight.

Warmachine was designed to encourage players to engage each other head on. Designated shooting units can be expected to have a range around 10-14”. The longest range in the game is 20”. In Warmachine, the only units that are penalized for moving are the few heavy weapon teams. At the same time, units that do not move receive an aiming bonus because your pieces are expected to be moving all the time. The low ranges also mean losing the first turn roll probably won’t be too devastating. In fact depending on your strategy, you may find yourself seizing the opportunity to go second.

Where to Begin

Starting Warmachine is easy. It’s a skirmish game, and a basic army could run anywhere from 5 to 50 models, though a typical game will probably have 20 to 30. The smaller army sizes can make its initial cost lower than other miniatures games. Most players begin with one of the Battle Boxes, which contains a warcaster and several warjacks. Each Battle Box is designed to be balanced for play against another, so you get a starting army to learn with for the first few games. Once you’ve got it down you add some infantry and a few solos and very quickly have a full points level army. Every warcaster is unique, so once you’ve got your first army together, you can buy a new warcaster for a new and different gaming experience. Where you go from there is up to you.

Warmachine Mk.2
I think the most interesting thing to happen to Warmachine has been the MkII Field Test that kicked off this April. After eight years and six expansions the game’s creators decide it was in need of an overhaul. In an almost unheard of gesture they gave the players access to the rough prototype of the MkII rules through their website. For a month thousands of people the world over ran these new rules through the ringer trying to find the most broken combos and the most useless pieces, allowing players the opportunity to help shape the future of the game. When the field test ended in May, Warmachine fans collectively took a deep breath and began the long wait for the release of the finalized new rules this coming January. When Privateer Press posted an official draft of the MkII rules on their website this Monday, everyone was taken completely by surprise. The overall response has been tremendously positive. Go check them out yourselves. they are absolutely free.

~So if you need one more reason to try Warmachine there you go. The rules are available to download for free from their website right now. But if you do decide to give it a try, leave everything you know about 40k or Fantasy at the door. I promise you this game will be a completely new experience. Gentleben here, and its good to back at BoLS. I'd love to hear your thoughts on what has become one of my favorite games. And, yes, you can expect many more pretty pictures in the future from my collection.

40K CAMPAIGN: Badab War: Week 1

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~Where does evil lie within the heart of man? What forces
can twist the noble into the craven, the defender of the
just into the ruthless criminal? Does the seed of evil lay
within the heart from the beginning, patiently awaiting
its time to blossom? Or, is it a deadly shard, twisting
like glass into the heart of the pure, tainting it with its

The Badab Campaign has started and Round 1 is already complete. Each Rebel Commander is on his own campaign track and the Loyalists will shuffle around to best fit a historical battle or balance available players. Each game rewards the winner with an Apocalypse asset for the next large game. This week the rebels went 3-2, narrowly eeking out an overall victory.

Round 1 Results:


Lamenters under command of Captain Lukas Heroically Intervene on Turn 3 to destroy the inoperative titan Deus Castigator with meltabombs despite the resolute efforts of Librarian Durja and Novamarines 1st Badab Strikeforce. Disabling this potent engine of war will surely give the rebels an advantage down the road.

Lamenters win Blind Barrage asset for the traitorous Rebel slime.


Howling Griffons under Chaplain Delgado successfully defend their Lance Battery from an onslaught by the Mantis Warriors on the desert planet Icarus. With such a decisive blow, surely the Mantis Warriors will begin to pull back to their jungle homeworld?

Howling Griffons win Blind Barrage asset for the Glorious forces of the Almighty God-Emperor.


The glorious Exorcists server the Emperor well, protecting their Lance Battery from a feeble attack by the traitorous Mantis Warriors. It is said that Chief Librarian Merrin of the Exorcists gravely wounded Chapter Master Mantodea of the Mantis Warriors.

Exorcists win Blind Barrage asset for the Glorious forces of the Almighty God-Emperor.


Huron's treachery allows him to call down an Orbital Strike onto his own strike cruiser, destroying several assaulting Red Scorpions. Such an act shows terrible things about the inner workings of the Tyrants mind...

Astral Claws win Trophy Kill asset for the traitorous Rebel slime.

The galaxy's greenest Land Raider isn't enough to bring victory to the Sons of Medusa against a combined assault of Executioners and Astral Claws. Master Lavosier kills many green-clad Terminators.

Astral Claws and Executioners win Trophy Kill asset for the traitorous Rebel slime.

~Stay tuned for further campaign coverage over the next few weeks. Will the Badab fall, or will Master Huron throw off the yoke of Imperial rule once and for all?

September 25, 2009

40k Pic of the Day 9-23-09

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pic submitted by TSINI

Caption contest! GO!!!

~Your daily dose of tabletop fun! Enjoy. If you have an awesome shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us. If its one of the rarer xenos races, even better!

Space Wolves MAQ: Mkerr Asks Questions

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As most of you know (especially readers of the Flywire), I've been using the new Space Wolves codex for the last month or so. Whenever you dive into a new codex, you always end up with questions about how the new rules work. As a proud early-adopter, I decided to collect the questions that came up during the games and make an attempt to answer them.

These questions aren't easily answered, so most (if not all) will require an official FAQ. But for to limit confusion on our local gaming group, I'm going to take a stab at answering them. I'd love to get your feedback in the comments - in the form of thoughtful discussion.

Note: These are not "official" answers. I'm mixing a witch hunter's brew of interpretation, desginer comments, and special mind-reading powers to come up with these answers. Your answers are just as good as mine (perhaps better). But until we get a better answer from GW, this is how I'm interpreting the rules.

Q1: Can a character with Saga of the Hunter join a Wolf Scouts pack and deploy using Behind Enemy Lines?
A1: Yes. As long as the IC has the ability to outflank, he can deploy with the Wolf Scouts pack using Behind Enemy Lines.

Q2: Can an Independent Character WITHOUT Saga of the Hunter (or Infiltrate or Scout) join a Wolf Scouts pack and deploy using Behind Enemy Lines?
A2: No. If a unit contains an Independent Character that does not have the ability to outflank, then the unit must be deployed normally and cannot use outflank or Behind Enemy Lines.

Q3: Can a Wolf Priest nominate a unit type for his Oath of War that is normally not subject to Preferred Enemy (i.e., a vehicle without a Weapon Skill)?
A3: No, he must select from the following unit types: Infantry, Beasts/Cavalry, Monstrous Creatures, Jump Infantry, Bikes/Jetbikes, or Vehicles with a Weapon Skill (e.g., Walkers).

Q4: If I have multiple Runic Weapons can I make multiple checks to nullify a psychic power?
A4: No, you may only make a single Runis Weapon attempt to nullify a psychic power.

Note: We went back and forth on this one. The RAW doesn't prevent you from using multiple Runic Weapons to negate a power, but the designer is clearly trying to create a Psychic Hood variant. In our test games, we also determined that it was a lot less fun to allow multiple negation attempts (completely shutting down psykers). So our answer to this question takes into account both intention, balance and fun.

Q5: Can Njal Stormcaller's Staff of the Stormcaller and a Rune Priest's Runic Weapon both be used to attempt to negate a psychic power? Can I choose to use a Psychic Hood (from an allied Inquisitor or Grey Knight) and a Runic Weapon (or Staff of the Stormcaller) to get multiple attempts to negate a psychic power.
A5: No and no. You can only attempt to negate a psychic power once.

Q6: If I take Njal Stormcaller (who has all Space Wolves psychic powers), can I take a second Rune Priest?
A6: Yes. This is supported by Phil Kelly's (the author of the codex) Space Wolves army list in White Dwarf #357, which included Njal and a Rune Priest.

Q7: If I have more than one Rune Priest, can I have duplicate psychic powers as long as one psychic power is different?
A7: Yes, as long as the Rune Priests do not have the identical list of selected psychic powers.

Q8: If Njal Stormcaller dies (e.g., losing his last wound to Peril of the Warp) before his Lord of Tempests power goes off, does the effect happen?
A8: No, as soon as Njal is removed the Lord of Tempests effect ends instantly. -- corrected Stormcaller typo (thanks BushidoRedPanda)

Q9: Does a vehicle count as a "friendly squad" for Storm Caller? Does a single model unit (e.g., a Lone Wolf or Independent Character) count as a "friendly squad"?
A9: Yes and yes. A "squad" doesn't have a distinct definition in the rules. This power works on any friendly unit.

Q10: Does a unit that deployed via Deep Strike in a previous turn (but is not a skimmer, jetbike or jump infantry) continue to treat terrain covered by Tempest's Wrath as difficult and dangerous in subsequent turns?
A10: No. Tempest's Wrath only hinders units deployed via Deep Strike on the turn (or turns) they arrive from Deep Strike.

Q11: Does a unit that has taken a casualty from Fury of the Wolf Spirits have to take an immediate Morale check? Or is this Morale check taken at the end of the phase (i.e., a test caused by casualties or one caused by tank shock)?
A11: The Morale check caused by Fury of the Wolf Spirits is taken at the end of the phase in the same manner as one caused by normal shooting casualties. If the target unit also took 25% or more casualties, it only takes a single Morale check. -- clarified (thanks kenoh)

Q12: Does Murderous Hurricane require the power to hit or wound its target to "affect" them? A12: No, a targeted unit is affected by Murderous Hurricane even if the power fails to hit or wound.

Q13: Is the unit affected by Murderous Hurricane for the entirety of their turn or just the following movement phase?
A13: The unit treats terrain as difficult and dangerous for the entirety of the next player turn.

Q14: Does Jaws of the World Wolf require line of sight? Does it ignore terrain that blocks line of sight (i.e., impassible terrain)?
A14: Yes. As a psychic shooting power, Jaws of the World Wolf requires line of sight. The Rune Priest must have line of sight to every model affected by the power. But terrain is completely ignored for purposes of determining line of sight for the power (even impassible terrain).

Note: This also caused a lot of discussion on our end. The power is a psychic shooting attack, but doesn't seem to follow any of the normal rules for shooting (besides restricting the Rune Priest from using a second shooting attack). In the end, we settled on requiring line of sight for Jaws of the World Wolf minimized potential abuse.

Q15: Was the reduction in transport capacity of the Drop Pod and Land Raider intentional?
A15: Yes.

Q16: Can Fenrisian Wolves bought as wargear (i.e., using the Loyal Companions rule) ride in a Drop Pod with their owner?
A16: Yes, the Loyal Companion rule allows Fenrisian Wolves bought as wargear to ride in any transport that the character can ride in (as long as there is room for both the character and the Fenrisian Wolves). Remember that Fenrisian Wolves count as two models.

Q17: Does Bjorn's Ancient Tactician rule require for both dice to be re-rolled to determine who picks their deployment zone first? Or does the Space Wolves player re-roll his die? Or can the Space Wolves player choose which die is re-rolled?
A17: The rule says "dice", so both dice must be re-rolled.

Q18: Arjac Rockfist is an upgrade character (i.e., does not have the Independent Character rule), so does he confer the Stubborn ability to his unit?
A18: Yes, the squad benefits from Arjac's Stubborn rule.

Q19: Since Lukas the Trickster is an upgrade character (i.e., does not have the Independent Character rule) enemy attacks cannot be directly allocated against him. How does Pelt of the Doppelgangrel work?
A19: The rule is very explicit that Lukas must be directly targeted. So the Pelt of the Dopplegangrel isn't going to come into play until Lukas can be targeted directly (e.g., the only model left in the squad or he's a single model attached to one or more Independent Characters).

Q20: If Lukas the Trickster is in base contact with an embarked transport when he would be removed from play (and wins the roll-off) what happens to the embarked unit when the transport is removed from play?
A20: There's no way to disembark from a model that's been removed from play, so the occupants share the fate of the transport and are removed from play.

Q21: Does Ragnar Blackmane's Insane Bravado work if his unit Counter-attacks?
A21: No, Insane Bravo only works when Ragnar assaults.

Note: This was another issue that went 'round-and-'round. The final decision was that restricting Insane Bravado to the actual assault was more consistent with rules like Furious Charge and Berserk Charge.

Q22: The Axe Morkai can be used as both a one-handed weapon and a two-handed weapon in the same Assault phase. Does that mean that he always gets the extra Frost Blade attack -- even when he only uses The Axe Morkai as a Power Fist?
A22: No, although the Axe of Morkai can be used as a one-handed weapon, Logan Grimnar does not gain the additional attack because he is not armed with a close combat or pistol (Storm Bolter). -- correction (thanks BushidoRedPanda)

Q23: Does a model with a Wolftooth Necklace always hit vehicle without a WS on a 3+?
A23: No, the bearer must against a model with a WS benefit from the Wolftooth Necklace.

Q24: Can Fenrisian Wolves in an army led by Canis Wolfborn fill both Fast Attack and Troops slots?
A24: Yes. An army led by Canis Wolfborn can take Fenrisian Wolves as either Fast Attack or Troops choices.

Q25: Can Fenrisian Wolves in an army led by Canis Wolfborn claim objectives?
A25: No, Fenrisian Wolves can never claim objectives.

Note: Canis' The Wolf King rule and the Fenrisian Wolves' Supernumeracy rule cause a bit of a conflict. If you interpret the "counts as Troops" phrase to mean that the units must still be purchased as Fast Attack choices then the Supernumeracy rules invalidates The Wolf King rule. In the end, we felt that allowing them to be taken as both Fast Attack and Troops choices (but restricting them from being scoring units) was most consistent with the intention of the rules.

Q26: Can Wolf Guard units in an army led by Logan Grimnar fill both Elite and Troops slots?
A26: Yes. An army led by Logan Grimnar can take Wolf Guard units as either Elite or Troops choices.

That's the list of major rules issues we've encountered while playtesting the Space Wolves codex (and solutions that work for us). I'm going to delve a bit more into some of them in future articles, including the much dreaded Jaws of the World Wolf.

It's worth repeating that these are NOT official answers. Read them, talk to other players and decide what works for your gaming group.

~As you can glean from the article, a few of the solutions we came up with were debated quite vigorously. I'm looking foward to hearing your opinions and views on our answers. Comments are welcome and appreciated!

40k: Forgeworld GD-UK Releases

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Hi Guys,

UK Gamesday 2009 is right around the corner (and all you BoLS readers who attend know where to send your pics and write about what you saw.)

Forgeworld has 3 new additions which will ba available in limited number at the event:

Tau XV-9 ‘Hazard’ Close Support Armour (looking more anime every day)
Nurgle Plague Hulk (there went my Death Guard piggy bank)
Khorne Blood Slaughterer Impaler (the most bloody-minded whaling construct ever designed)

~These guys go into regular release later this year. Here are preview rules for the Tau XV-9 and the Nurgle Plague Hulk. Wow, that Necrotic Fumes rule is pretty nice! Enjoy guys.

September 24, 2009

40k Pic of the Day 9-24-09

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Victor Hardy releases the "Hounds"

~Your daily dose of tabletop fun! Enjoy. If you have an awesome shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us. If its one of the rarer xenos races, even better!

WFB TACTICS: Have a Breath Mint?

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A guest post by Jordan Braun

I think breath weapons are under-used in the current Warhammer Fantasy tournament environment. They are widely available and devastating to any large bulked up unit. Even skirmishers can be devastated by a well placed breath template. I think one of the reasons is a lot of Warhammer players don't know you can use breath templates even if you marched. Consider not charging that static 5+ ranked unit with your dragon and instead fly behind it and burn it up. If your opponent is not going to break, you are going to kill a lot more models with a breath template on ranked up troops then beating them by 1 or 2 near a BSB.

More and more popular today are these big point sink units, or "deathstars". They are extremely hard to kill in combat. Consider a unit of Dark Elf Blackguard with the 1/2 enemy ballistic skill magic item. Most shooting at that unit will require 6s or more to hit. There is an easy way around that though with breath weapons. T:3 Elves do not like big 8" templates that hit their whole unit. Breath weapons have the advantage of not using ballistic or guess range to hit. Not only are they more accurate ,but the more models there are in the enemy unit the more hits you can generate. If you're not a Wood Elf and want some accurate shooting, go breath weapon or go home.

Lets look at what units and items that have breath weapons:

Bretonnia: Wyrmlance. This is a great item. Not only does it give you some anti-regeneration with flaming attacks, it also gives you a one use breath template. It's great for when you have busted through the line and are turning to face a new target. Lay down some fire to drop a rank off the enemy.

Daemons of Chaos: The Bloodthirster special character has a sick Str:5 template, but he won't use it often with his frenzy leash. Nurgle has access to one of the cheaper Str:4 templates. A Great Unclean One can rack up a lot of kills for Epidemius real fast if he marches 12" and pukes on a ranked unit. The great thing about a breath weapon toting GUO is that he also has a spell that is a breath weapon. If your already lining up to breathe you will be in a great place to utilize the spell as well.

Dark Elves: Dragons. Hydra!!! The Hydra is right now the best monster in the game for its points. And its breath weapon is as scary as its jaws. When the Hydra has no wounds it can deliver a Str:5 breath template. Combined with its ability to march through difficult terrain, you can easily get the Hydra into devastating spots where it can lay down massive fire.

Dwarfs: GyroCopter. Probably one of the most useful units in the Dwarf army. On top of its march blocking 20" move it provides a nice little boost in the shooting phase with its Str:3, -1 template.

Empire: Steam Tank Steam Turret. Not only is the Steam Tank highly maneuverable its breath weapon is Str:3 with no armor save. Empire tend to have problems with skirmish units and this is an easy way to fix this. Pop 4 steam points and move 9" to incinerate some T:2 Skinks or T:3 Shades.

High Elves: Dragon. Tyrion. The Stardragons breath weapon causes an automatic panic test. While not as usefull today as it use to be panic can still win you a game vs some of the older lists. Always try to breathe with the dragon. You spent several hundred points on a model; you don't want it earning nothing hiding behind woods.

Lizardmen and Skaven: Sallys and Warpfire Throwers. While not true breath weapons. These deserve mention since they too can be used to lay down some nice fiery damage. Best used on the flanks of big units. Pestilent breath is very hard to use from the Skaven lore unless your skitterleaping and the opponent has no ranged threats.

Vampire Counts: Zombie Dragon. While you don't see these guys very often they do have a reputable breath weapon. I think your better off setting up Vanhels to get in combat though then setting up for breathing.

Warriors of Chaos: Chaos Dragon and One Use Chaos Gift. The Chaos Dragon is the best breather around. He has two breath weapons that are equally destructive. I routinely take a sorceror lord on a dragon. My opponents are sometimes shocked out his ranged output. With bloodcurling roar and both breath weapons you can devastate a ranked up unit.

~So next time your thinking about charging some regening Plaguebearers or ASF Blackguard in the front with your breather. Think twice! Blow that dust off the 8" template and smile. March behind that dirty gitz unit and show him a thing or 2 on how to take multiple models off the table with just one BREATH WEAPON. How about it BOLS?

Jordan Braun is one of the leading Warhammer Fantasy players in North America. He has been playing the game for 15 years, since 4th edition. He owns every army but his favorites are Tomb Kings and Empire. Recent awards include GW Circuit Champion in 07, GW Ardboyz Champion in 08, Baltimore GWGT Best General 08, Colonial Best General 09, Battle on the Beale Best General 09, BoLScon 2nd Overall 09, Sooiepalooza Overall 09, and many, many more.

Battle report: Ard Boys Round 1!

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Ard Boys Battle Report Game 1
Donnie Rose and 180 Orks! vs "The Leafblower"

When I first got to the battle bunker bright and early at 9am I was so anxious to just start the games and get playing. There were a good amount of people there (over 60). I saw a lot of old faces that I knew such as Bill Kim, John Blake, Steve Turner, and many others.

The pairings go up and I look at who I am supposed to be playing and I see the name Donnie Rose! Wow someone with the same last name as me at Ard Boyz? Must be part of a great family lineage from long ago!

Scenario 1: CRUSH EM!
Mission: Annihilation, Modified Kill Points
-Troops= 1 point
-Fast attack/elite/Heavy = 2 points
-HQ = 3 points
-Transports = points for the slot they are filled with (for example Elite transports are worth 2 kill points and troops transports are worth 1)

So, I say Hi to Donnie tell him he has a great last name and let’s rock. We exchange list and all of a sudden I slump! I see 180 orks and I think to myself, “Aww crap! Am I going to be able to finish our game?" On top of the deployment is Dawn of War. I am not going to see him to shoot, and he’ll get that much closer.

My Turn 1: I win the roll and deploy first. I deploy two empty Chimeras in the middle of the board which forces him to deploy on the line and I have searchlights close enough to spot anything that I might need. Donnie deploys his battle wagon with Ghaz and Meganobz behind a ruin which blocked almost the whole thing. I go first and move everything on and move flamers and units to support the two chimeras out front. I set bait up with one Chimera to try and lure some Meganobz out next turn and see if he takes the bait for the extra movement to get closer. My Hydras roll on the back in the corner and turn to get shots on the Battlewagon with side shots. I roll he fails his cover saves and it goes Krump! Meganobz get out and hide in the ruins and that ends the phase. Who would have thought Ghaz with Nobz would hide in the ruins and be scared of tanks!

Donnie’s Turn 1: Donnie goes and starts moving all of his models on the board and gets crappy rolls on his run moves and only moves a whole 8 inches on the board with most of his mobs. The big thing is he moves his battle wagons on the board full 12 inches and has one empty one that he might be setting up to pick up Meganobz on the next turn. He moves his Meganobz out to assault my poor helpless Chimera that moved 12 inches standing out there all alone. Ghaz assaults and blows up my Chimera with his Meganobz. He also gets his Stormboyz on to assault my Valkyrie that moved 24 inches on the board to try and destroy it.

My Turn 2: I move my command squads about 10 inches away from Ghaz and his Meganobz ready to setup and pour plasma into Ghaz. I also move out my Chimera with a heavy flamer side ways to light up a squad of Stormboys that just tried to assault my precious Valkyrie. I had a Chimera with an infantry Command Squad with 4 flamers out to stack as many templates as I can on the Stormboyz squad that were waiting for a counter move. I move the Valkyrie that the Stormboys assaulted to kill some Lootas. So time to unleash the ploy and force him to pop the Waaaggggh. My command squad with 4 flamers does 44 hits on the Stormboyz squad and kills all but the Nob which gets shot by the chimera with the multi laser that had the heavy flamer waiting for the Ork Boyz squad. Medusa hits on Ghaz’ squad kills all but two and the Psyker Battle Squad targets them to break their leadership. Donnie pops the Waaagh (to make Ghaz Fearless) and the Command Squad plasmas kill all of Ghaz’ Meganobz. Ghaz is now all alone in the middle of the board. The Manticore immobilizes TWO battlewagons and stalls them on the back line. The Valkyrie kills half his Lootas with its rocket pods and multilaser.

His Turn 2: Donnie moves Ghaz to assault my Medusas; killing only one. He kills a Valkyrie on the right side, and my troops safely disembark and prepare to return fire.

My Turn 3: I move my Special Weapons Squad with two flamers and demo charge in position to hit the Boyz Mob, along with my Veterans without demo charges. I drop the flamers and do another 28 hits to the boys and do 14 hits with a demo charge from Special Weapon Squad. The Mob dies to the combined fire of the SWS, Vets, and Chimera. I try to kill Ghaz and Donnie makes over 16 4+ saves! My Inquisitor goes in to fight Ghaz to stall him. FOR THE EMPEROR! Ghaz slaughters everyone but the Inquisitor who stays fighting Ghaz to the death.

His Turn 3: Donnie counters and slaughters the Special Weapons Squad and the Veterans. He moves his last Boyz Mob on the table on the right side to assault another Chimera.

My Turn 4: Manticore fires at one of the Boyz Mobs that killed my squads and does 45 hits to the Boyz, killing them all with one Missile. Ghaz finally dies to plasma fire from two Command Squads. I do another 40+ hits on to the other Boyz Mobs with the flamer Command Squad.

His Turn 4: He only had two Battlewagons left.I still think Donnie was in shock of how nasty flamers are now in 5th edition.

My Turn 5: I take the next turn just to wrap up and destroy the Battlewagons and Donnie calls the game. I look down and we finish in an hour flat. Donnie moved his Orks super fast and was a great player to boot. The big thing that won this game for me was moving tanks close enough for him to bunch up then capitalizing on using template weapons to take advantage of the low saves that he had.

~Round 2 Battle Report coming soon. The floor is yours generals.

September 23, 2009

40k Pic of the Day 9-23-09

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pic submitted by Edward Mlynar

Got a light?

~Your daily dose of tabletop fun! Enjoy. If you have an awesome shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us. If its one of the rarer xenos races, even better!

40K EDITORIAL: Creating False Choices

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Hey guys, Fritz here from Way of Saim-Hann with some more tactical ideas that I have been playing around with on the table and want to share with you. I’m not sure if I can express such a nebulous concept, but I am going to do my best, hopefully it will be like a lightbulb going off rather then a rant of words and five minutes of your life that you will never get back…

Tactical Choices as a Weapon
I’ve been trying to turn the idea of choices in 40K into a tactical advantage. Choices are a part of the game, often times at a critical junction there is a good choice and a bad choice to be made. Where should I move? What should I shoot? Same for your opponent, but what if you could manipulate the game so that every choice your opponent makes is the wrong one? The example that I am going to use for said nebulous idea is from a recent game with my Necrons vs. my friends Imperial Fists terminator army led by Lysander himself. Right away my silver robots have a lot of problems from facing 2+ armor save models with no AP 1 weapons to dealing with every enemy model having a power fist/weapon in the assault with that 2+ armor save.

Using difficult terrain and tactically withdrawing my lead warrior squads I figured I could down a few terminators and win the objectives if I could take the army on a unit at a time, bit by bit, but if they marched right at me storm bolters blazing and then assaulted I was done. The key was getting my opponent to play along how I wanted the game to be played, giving him those bad choices- the illusion that there is a “correct” choice but really both are wrong.

So, in the picture above we have terminators deep striking in a “safe” distance away for the scatter as they begin their march forward. Take a look at my warriors to the upper right in ranks to withdraw and then take a look at my destroyers on the bottom left. Ignore the destroyer lord and scarabs since they weren’t there on my opponent’s turn a moment before.

Deep striking in where would you go? Aim for the phase out and throw all your terminators at the mass of warriors ignoring the 18 S6 shots pelting you at 36” from the destroyers? Even with that 2+ save that is a lot of high strength shots that are going to score some wounds.

Do you send a unit or two of terminators to deal with the destroyers who are just going to zip away next turn from your storm bolters leaving that terminator unit(s) stranded on the other side of the table to walk across it to my warriors? I’ve tried to use my deployment, the range/speed of my destroyers, and the weakness of Necrons phasing out to give you two wrong choices that help me either way.

The group of lone terminators to the left and Lysander in the center shows you the choice my opponent made. Was it the correct one?

~So the question is how do you set up false choices for your opponents on the tabletop? Any specific examples of units you use to set up these tactical puzzlers? Are you able to calculate your way through your foe's false choices or do you fall for them every time? Comments? Feedback? Flames?

40K WFB RUMORS: Q4-Q1 Armybooks

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The pieces in the grand puzzle begin to coalesce...

From the latest White Dwarf:
"If you go down to the woods today, you're sure of a big surprise...Especially if it's one of the dark forests that cover the Old World"

That would seem to corroborate with what we've been hearing of Beasts of Chaos being the first Fantasy book out of the gate with the new year (with some nice new plastic sets of beasties).

That would put the overall Games Workshop schedule looking roughly like this:

November: Skaven
February: Tyranids
March: Beasts of Chaos
After March ???: Blood Angels/Necrons (conflicting chatter)

~As usual, until we see any of this stuff from 2010, caveats apply. Have at it.

September 22, 2009

WFB HOBBY: Colors of A Khorne Lord

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This past week I made a brief return to one of my favorite ranges, the one that started it all for me hobby-wise about twenty years ago, Chaos Warriors. Painting the new Khorne Lord On Juggernaut immediately reminded me why I became enthralled by GW miniatures in the first place. The monstrous, arcane nature of these sculptures captured my imagination like no other miniatures all those years ago and they still do so today. Chaos is the "cat's meow" (or perhaps more appropriately, the "daemon's howl") for me when it comes to miniatures, whether it's Fantasy or 40K.

Whenever I approach a miniature like the fantastic new Khorne Lord On Juggernaut, I always spend some time considering exactly what palette of colors I'm going to use to paint it. Even when I decide to stick to the common conventions of color laid down long ago in the earliest Realm Of Chaos tomes, I usually look for some manner in which to individualize the execution, at least a little bit. In this case, I chose to experiment a bit with metallic paints and washes for the fearsome beast upon which the Khorne Lord rides. I used several coats and a combination of colors to get a proper red metallic color.

Of course, the first order of business is to get the model assembled. Being a large, multi-part metal model, this did take a while with numerous holes drilled for pins. I pinned both arms, the head, and the body is held in the saddle and on the mount with a piece of 1/16" brass rod. However, at this stage, the rider is only sitting upon the mount for a photo opportunity, I did not glue the rider to the mount until it was nearly completely painted. Once the rider and mount were assembled, I set about basing the model with some putty, some bits that came with the model and a Khorne rune from the Chaos Vehicle Hatch Sprue from the 40K range.

After basing, I set about priming the model black and painting the Juggernaut. A combination of metallic paints and multiple washes were used for most of the model. The base was painted with black, brown and grey.

Finally, I painted the rider. I decided to leave much of his armor black to contrast with the metallic red of the daemonic living metal beast upon which he rides. When the rider was nearly finished, I glued him to the mount for final highlights and details.

A rear view of the completed model. Throughout the painting process I tried to limit the palette of colors to keep a strong theme and avoid a "busy" look. The fur color is black highlighted with greys, again to contrast with the red of the mount.

Painting this model really reminded me why I continue to collect new and old Fantasy Chaos miniatures in spite of my huge hobby backlog. It's an imposing, fun model and it was exciting building and painting it. My compliments to the sculptor.

For a while anyway it's back to 40K for me. I'm in the middle of fulfilling a long delayed hobby dream of creating my own Space Marine chapter with a rather large number of models, so it may be a while till I return to my first hobby passion of Chaos, but rest assured I will as always return to it. I'll probaby intersperse Chaos projects with my Space Marine army project just to keep things interesting. I'm looking forward to a horde of Chaos projects for Fantasy and 40K.

So what model started it all for you? What miniature or range of miniatures first ignited your need to build, convert and paint fantasy models?
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