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November 30, 2009

Pic of the Day 11-30-09

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Master Lavoisier upholds the honor of the Executioners

~Your daily dose of tabletop fun! Enjoy. If you have an awesome shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us. We love spectacle and characterful shots so lets see what you budding photographers can do!

BoLSCon 2010 Dates Set

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The dates are set, and we’ve added a full day to our schedule for 2010.

Join us at the Doubletree Hotel in Austin from the evening of:
Thursday July 29th until the afternoon of Sunday, August 1st for the second annual BoLSCon.

Our events include:

7 game, 2-day Warhammer Fantasy GT
7 game, 2-day Warhammer 40K GT
3 days of Narrative 40K gaming
Warhammer Fantasy Pairs tournament
Warhammer 40K Pairs tournament
GW Specialist Games and Demos

And more, to be announced later.

Registration will open in December, but set aside the dates now.

Goatboy's 40k Thoughts: The Future!!!

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Hi there, Goatboy here again with some 40k thoughts. Today I want to talk about what do you think we can expect from the future codex? What kind of trends can we see being displayed and how will the new armies change to cover this new trend?

First of all we all know about the power of Mech. So of course each new list has to have some efficient way to deal with a box of dudes. Personally, I could see a push for more AP 1 weapons. These guns will give you a chance just like the old vehicle damage chart. I also like this option as it creates a different form of weapon that is just not get within 6 and hope for the best. I think the Nid codex will have a push in this direction, as well as some changes to their overall weapon strategy. Of course, each new marine style codex seems to cram more melta in there as a way to "fix" mech so that is another option to help balance the game. I prefer more AP 1 weapons as it lets you design guns that really do fit the grand scheme of the meta-game.

Super Hero HQ's
Secondly we see a push for more heroic characters. You can see this in Fantasy too, but each new codex seems to have pushed the power level of the HQ even further. You have an increase of characters who somehow can take on a full squad of guys, murder most of them, and walk away looking like the tough guy we think they should be. I like this, as I think 40k needs a rich vein of super-heroes in it to play into our sci-fi cinematic expectations. I also enjoy how the special characters change up an army, giving you a new build to try and model. So looking at the last codex, the new ones should have some kind of crazy characters that do more then have an extra attack and maybe some fancy wargear. We are going to get buildable characters that can be pretty customizable as well as special characters that create new mini army lists.

Psychic Powers Good?!?
Third, the push of "good" psychic powers that do more then buff your troops. This is an interesting addition that really started with the coming of Lash of Submission. Most psychic powers were more of the "helper" style powers. Just like a buff in an MMO these powers were designed to be used in conjunction with another unit in your army. The newer powers that are starting to come out are really pushing the limit. You've got powers that push your opponent's units around, kill without any kind of save, or break your leadership into tiny pieces. All of these things are game breakers and now each army is having a chance to get one at a pretty reasonable cost. This means that we will see more interesting powers as well as a return to games being decided by a roll of two dice and hoping you are not within 24 inches of a cancelation power. I've got a good feeling the nids will have some crazy stuff in this department.

Have I got a Deal for you!
Finally you have an overall points drop across the board. Of course, GW is interested in this as allowing you to take more guys means you buy more guys. I like this as it allows you to create cooler armies within the normal confines of your points allotment. This means that instead of normally seeing 30 marines on the table you now see 50+ armored dudes running at you. I like this as having more guys on the table, just allows you to lose more without actually losing the game. This lets the game become a real back and forth tug-of-war that makes for a lot more enjoyable experience.

So what does this mean for the upcoming Nid codex? Look for a big points drop across the board for sure. It makes no sense for the horde army to be out horde-ed. I am also hoping that they have some cool AP 1 weapons and some changes to the good ole Venom cannon to help scare those rhinos. Maybe this will change up some of the normal weapon load out of 2 Melta and some friends. After that look for the Blood Angels to have more of the same just like the Space Wolves. A chance to get a lot of melta in a squad mixed with some cool assault gifts. I am hoping for some cool new dreadnoughts as I have always loved the model and wished they were more then just a quick kill by some enemy trooper with a microwave gun.

~What kind of things do you want to see in the new codexes? I know there are a lot of Necron players that are hoping for a return of the toaster menace. I think there is an alright build in there right now, just with the issue of really only having 1 or 2 alright builds. It is the same with the Eldar codex as well. I am hoping that we get a glimpse of the future after Blood Angels, with some kind of cool Xenos codex.

As usual shoot me an email to if you have any questions.

I am starting a bike Marine army to play around with. I found a scheme and will be posting some pics on my blog in the coming weeks. Look for a list on there as I try to math hammer it a bit as I really only want to throw down with a painted army. Beyond that, I have another Thunder Wolf/Juggernaut squad going to be started up soon as well as some Gladiator thoughts for Adepticon.

November 29, 2009

Pic of the Day 11-29-09

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Pic submitted by Peter Bejmuk

You almost feel sorry for them. Almost...

~Your daily dose of tabletop fun! Enjoy. If you have an awesome shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us. We love spectacle and characterful shots so lets see what you budding photographers can do!

HOBBY: A New Take on Painting Metallics

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Those of you that have been following this blog for long enough will remember me touching on this subject ages ago, but I have always wanted to come back and give it its own article. Metallics have a well deserved reputation of being difficult to work with. There are two basic ways most people tend to paint metals. One is to simply drybush them over black, and the other is to paint solid metallics on a surface and put a wash over them. These methods can be effective enough but they have their share of problems. First there is really only so much you can do with any color drybushed over black. At the same time, metallic paint can be difficult to work with directly. It has a contradictory nature, being both thick in consistency and thin in coverage. Directly applied metallics may take several layers of application to cover properly, meaning you can easily lose finer details. Also metallic paint tends to dry with a very smooth surface which can be less than ideal for ink to adhere to. It can often lead to problems like patchy and uneven coverage.

The simple solution is to begin with a standard non-metallic color and drybrush your metallics over the top. The base color, if applied properly should not fill in finer details and will provide a more porous surface for an ink layer to adhere to. The ink should be less inclined to cling to the metallic areas due to their smoother surface, and will be more likely to gravitate to the nooks and crannies. So here's a quick overview of how to get a nice clean simple metal; the kind you might want for knight's armor or the exposed mechanical parts on a dreadnought or warjack. Start with a neutral gray like Codex or Ironhull gray for the basecoat. Drybush with a mid range metallic like chainmail. Then apply a simple ink wash like a slightly thinned Badab Black or Armor Wash. Depending on the results you want you can follow it up with more drybrushing for stronger highlights. To get it even brighter you can drybrush it again with a lighter metal like mithril silver or radiant platinum.

But the real beauty of this technique is how many different effects you can achieve by changing up the basecoat or ink. Imagine starting with a blue, brown or even a purple instead of a gray. For my example I'm using one of the new Trollblood Runeshapers, and I've started with blazing orange in order to end up with an aged rusty look.

To darken it up a bit the next step is to give it a drybrush of dark flesh.
After the dark flesh is applied, there will often be areas of concentrated orange where I don't want them, usually on the sides of armor plates or other places like that. Since I only want orange in certain recesses where it will look most natural, I will try to cover up these patches with scorched brown at this point. Now I'm ready to give it the chainmail drybrush.
Now for a wash of Devlan Mud.
Since its a bit darker than what I want, I go in for a second drybrush of chainmail.Its a bit hard to make it all out in this pic, but showing through the metal are flecks of red and orange, that along with the wash, give me exactly the aged look I'm after. If you want a rustier look take it easier on the Dark Flesh and Chainmail when you drybrush it on.

Now I move on to the gold I want as a secondary metal. I paint those areas with snakebite leather first.
And then I drybrush them with shining gold.
Next is to hit them with a mix of PP armor wash with some added Asurmen Blue and just a bit Brown ink. The whole mix is diluted to about 40% water, and some matte medium is added to help bind it and keep it from ringing. You can use something like Flesh Wash or Gryponne Sepia to get a warmer look for your golds, but I've chosen inks in the cooler spectrum of colors since I think it fits the natural feel of the Trollbloods.
Once again, its a bit darker than I want, so I drybrush it again with shining gold and then give it a light drybrush of burnished gold. Finally I pick out a few key areas with shining gold manually to make them really pop.
And here's one more quick example from my most recent project: Rorsch and Brine.
As you can see this is right before I hit the pig with the ink wash. I want him rustier than I wanted the runeshapers so I've drybrushed on less dark flesh and metal. If he's not rusty enough after the ink wash, I'll take one of my older brushes and carefully stipple on some more little patches of Blazing Orange. You will also notice his armor has bronze as a secondary color, rather than gold. For the bronze, I mixed up a dull turquoise for the basecoat so it will end up looking a little oxidized as well.

And finally, here are pics of the completed Runeshapers taken with Bigred's superior camera. Hopefully Brine's picture will end up somewhere on bols eventually when I've finished painting him, but for now he's got a ways to go.

~I hope this article helps get everyone's brushes moving. And since I'm not so vain as to believe I'm the final authority in all things painting I think it would be great to get other people's hints and tips in the comments section. I'm sure there are plenty of other great ways to paint metal.

WFB: Ard Boyz Tournament Finals Report (Video)

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Hi everybody.

The BoLS video battlereports continue. This time we have Minus67 and the Austin crew taking us all on a 2 part summary of their journey to the Warhammer Fantasy Ard Boyz finals in Chicago. A whole lot of us have never been to one of these big tournament finals, and I think you will have a fun time with these videos. They really give a good feel for what going to one of the big events is like. Its great fun, so sit back and enjoy the sweet taste of victory and the agony of defeat! You'll laugh, you'll cry, it's better than Cats! :)

BoLS YouTube Channel (check us out)

~Comments are welcome guys! You can expect many more battle reports and videos featuring all aspects of the hobby from your favorite writers, and more. Get on in there and let us know what you liked, wanted to see me improve, and of course Monday-morning quarterbacking is always great fun after a battle report.

November 28, 2009

Pic of the Day 11-28-09

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Pic submitted by reader Klaus Fischer

What will those crazy Mekboys come up with next? Cap It...

~Your daily dose of tabletop fun! Enjoy. If you have an awesome shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us. We love spectacle and characterful shots so lets see what you budding photographers can do!

Art of War-hammer: Adeptus Titanicus Update

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"Secret operations are essential in war; upon them the army relies to make its every move."

Haven't had much time this week to work on the Warhound, but I was able to get both of the legplates finished. I think the striped plate looks really good, but it took a LONG time to get right. I decided to tape it off to create the coloring, I'll go into more details over on Bushido40k.
The other leg was the basic green, but I needed to add the Collegia Titanica symbol. I decided when I first started that I would not use any transfers and I'd hand paint all of the symbolism. This was my first opportunity.
Here is the current dry fit of the entire titan. I've dry-brushed both of the weapons at this point as well. So what does everyone think?

~As always, comments are welcome. More details over on Bushido40k! Please go vote and help me out!

40K RUMORS: Shadows of Commorragh

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Something sweet for a holiday weekend. This is definately way too out there on the release schedule for anything solid, but little birds are whispering a couple of tweet, tweets...

1) With Tyranids launching so early in the upcoming year (January), the stars could align to allow four 40k Codices in 2010. (Even with the big Fantasy new edition push)

2) IF (and its a big if) that 4th codex gets squeezed in at the very tail end of 2010, there is an excellent chance of the Dark Kin returning to the game in force with a new shiny book and entirely updated miniatures range.

~Yes, I know... Its the merest hint of a rumor, but what's different from the past is this chatter is coming from a most unexpected quarter...

REVIEW: FFG - Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd Edition

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A guest review by: Dosadi

So WHFRP 3rd edition is upon us and I’d thought I’d take some time out from day write up a quick review of my first impressions of the game.

I’m not going to list off the contents as you can just visit FFG’s website and see what’s in the box. Needless to say, there is a lot of stuff to look at before you even crack the books open.

I’ll start with the rules. There has been a lot of discussion about how “dumbed down” 3rd edition were going to be; about how it was not a RPG but some sort of basterdised board game. I can say that after reading through the four books and playing the demo, WHFRP 3rd edition is as much of an RPG as you wish to make it. In fact I’d say the role playing elements are more supported by the new system than past versions were. The system is unique, innovative, and elegant. I’ve never seen mechanics for a game quite like this before. Again, there is already a ton of information on the FFG website giving details of how the mechanics work so I’m not going to go into it here. All I can say is that my gaming group who are for the most part jaded and bitter old men, turned into children on Christmas morning once they got their hands on the book. The way you assemble the dice pool can be a narrative experience in itself. As the GM I can paint a picture of the scene as I add Misfortune Dice or convert the players Characteristic Dice into Stance Dice. I really like the Stance meter; it’s a great way for a player to see at a glance where the character is at emotionally. This mechanic combined with the Fatigue and Stress mechanic give you a great overview of a characters physical and mental state and this again is a great aid in role playing.

One of the first things that jumped out at me was, as I was looking for how I can use my WHFB models in the game, I came across the Manoeuvres rules which are very abstract. At first I was little disappointed as I was hoping for a system where I could place and move models around to help illustrate an encounter. After reading through the rules I found that I liked the system for Abstract Measurements even better. Instead of having a grid or using a tape measure to move around it’s handled by using the Standees (or minis if you got ‘em. And who here don’t got ‘em?) and Tracking Tokens to show if Characters are engaged, close medium, long or extreme range from each other. It takes the expenditure of a Manoeuver (an action that does not require a roll) to move between range bands and if you push your character and take Fatigue you can move between multiple range bands in a single turn, but each Maneuver beyond the first gives you Fatigue. So moving from Close to Medium range is a single maneuver but moving from Medium to Long is two maneuvers and goes up exponentially from there. Maneuvers can also be used to do things like get off and on a horse, draw a weapon or interact with the environment in some way. Again, you can do more than one in your turn but will get tired fast and risk passing out from exhaustion. Overall I find the Manoeuvres mechanic very intuitive and straight forward and I actually like the abstraction as it once again supports creative role playing over concentrating on what tile you might be standing on in the dungeon.

Combat is fast and furious. People have pointed out that they think it’s going to take too long to assemble the dice pool and work out all the modifiers. This is not the case. As I said above we actually turned the assembly of the dice pool into a role playing experience, each time I added or changed a die I explained to the payer why it was being done and what the repercussions of their choice of Action meant. It’s then all handled in a single role of the dice. No need to oppose the check with a role of my own or consult a chart. That’s been taken into account by adding Difficulty and Misfortune dice to the player’s pool. Check the results with the Action card being used it instantly tells us the result. So figuring out if an attack hit and how much damage and how severe that dame was is all handled in a single drop of the dice pool. Any extra effects will also be described on the card such as allowing the acting player to perform a free Manoeuver if they did particularly well or even allowing the enemy to take a free Action. One can assume that even though the attack was a success, the character overstepped and exposed themselves to a quick counter attack. If acting in the Reckless Stance there is a chance that the character exerted themselves a little too much and so would receive a number of fatigue tokens to represent them getting tired. Again, it’s very intuitive and supports descriptive role playing over the basic hit or miss.

Anyone who thought they were going to tone down the horror and gritty darkness of the Warhammer World for this game was dead wrong. There is an entire deck of cards dedicated to making your characters go insane! Critical Wounds are very real and very common and you are not going to recover from them by sleeping.

The Background section is fairly thorough although Empire –centric and even someone with no familiarity with the Warhammer world will have an idea of what it’s like to live in the Empire. There isn’t much beyond Reikland that gets anything more than a passing mention however and you can tell that there will be supplements to cover the other parts of the Old World.

On the subject of Supplements it very obvious that the box set is just skimming the surface of the potential of this game. Despite all the content in the box it still feels as if it’s not quite complete. That is really the only criticism that I can level at the game; there just isn’t enough of it in the box to slake my thirst. Not enough careers, not enough Action Cards, not enough enemies, not enough…

I can foresee FFG releasing all sorts of supplemental products from new decks of Cards to a full-fledged Magic set with the ability to play all sorts of magic users beyond the three colleges covered in the main set (Grey, Celestial and Bright). Heretic warlocks anyone? Future sets to cover other regions from the Chaos Wastes to the Bretonnia each adding new Careers and baddies to fight is a no brainer. Who doesn’t want to play a party of Chaos worshipping scum stalking the Empire in search of forbidden knowledge and arcane items?

I’m looking forward to getting my hands on the Adventurer’s Tool Kit as even with all the goodies you get in the main box it feels like they were holding back a lot of content. Also, while the main box says it has enough stuff for three players and GM, you can have more players if players are willing the share, I’m looking at running a campaign with four PCs and I don’t weant to be resource short. Heck, I’m thinking of buying a second copy of the main game when it’s released.

Warhammer was never about Monty Haul style gaming and the lack of “magic” items or rewards of that sort in the game continue that trend. There is a single magic item in the box in the form of a card and that is tied to the introductory adventure in the back of the GM book. It at least gives you an idea of what to expect from any adventure supplements they put out. It wouldn’t be hard for a GM to come up with their own magic items, but FFG could very well just put out a deck of magic item cards covering the various races. Say the “Elven Deck” or “Dwarf Runic Item Deck” or the “Heirlooms of the Empire”. The card mechanic gives them a whole lot of flexibility. I’m sure this will all trickle out over time in various forms. FFG needs to turn a profit on their investment and pay GW for that License, so I can’t fault them for wanted to release as much extra content as the market will support. I’m a sucker for things in shrink wrap so I personally don’t really feel that this all that bad a thing. What else am I going to do with my money? Start another 40k army? It’s not going to stop people from complaining that FFG is trying to suck money out of them by releasing all sorts of supplements and extra cards and dice. But then it wouldn’t be Warhammer if people weren’t complaining about cost. We’ve chosen a luxury here people, and now you want to whine about how much your luxury costs you? I digress…

Overall I’m very impressed by the game. FFG is known for high quality products and WHFRP 3rd continues that tradition. There was a lot of skepticism leading up to the release and I hope people will be able to see past that. They could have just updated 2nd Edition, but I don’t think that would have done the source material justice. See, way back in the day when WHFRP 1st edition came out it was seen an innovation of the RPG. It took D&D and its antiquated THAC0 and replaced it with a Percentile system that, for its time was seen as a unique and elegant mechanic. It took the dungeon crawl and turned it into the gritty adventure in a perilous world. It took the PC party out of the wilderness and stuck it into a cesspool of a city (it was a very urban fantasy game). It took player characters and drove them insane, or cut deep gashes in their flesh, or popped their eyeballs out or hobbled them permanently. It felt real and it felt refreshing and new.

WHFRP 2nd was an evolution of 1st; taking much of what existed and expanding upon it with the ever growing Warhammer background. It didn’t change much and while it was great product (with a great lineage) it wasn’t as innovative or industry rattling as its predecessor had been. WHFRP 3rd Edition is too the RPG industry of the 2000’s what WHFRP 1st Edition was to the RPG industry of the 80’s. A much needed revolution of the gaming experience to shake up the status quo. I sincerely hope it is a success as it deserves it. Kudo’s to the game developers and play testers who have managed to create something that should, if given the chance, evolve the RPG zeitgeist. In my opinion, this is way all future RPG should be made. I haven’t seriously played an RPG in almost a decade. WHFRP 3rd edition has me dusting off my GM hat and plotting my PC’s demise. I’ve already got the first adventure mapped out and I’m beginning to look at the bigger picture of the campaign I want to tell.

A few years ago, someone told me that Pen and Paper RPGs were dead. Well, they were right, in a way….


November 27, 2009

Pic of the Day 11-27-09

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Pic submitted by: Peter Bejmuk

Caption Contest... Bikes are dangerous edition

~Your daily dose of tabletop fun! Enjoy. If you have an awesome shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us. We love spectacle and characterful shots so lets see what you budding photographers can do!

WFB EDITORIAL: Herohammer Renaissance

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A guest editorial by iamaddj

Many of you either remember or have heard tales of the old age of Herohammer, or as some call it, 5th edition Warhammer Fantasy Battles. These are the days of yore when mighty Vampire Lords rode upon Emperor Black Dragons, when you could stilly fly high and when your greatest worry was not the line of enemy repeater bolt throwers but his High Elf Prince on a Pegasus, who waited above the clouds to do battle with your lord of undeath. These where the days when battles where decided by a handful of powerful heroes, the massed infantry of both sides serving only as fodder for their heroics.

Then came 6th edition, the great Age of Armies. Heroes became manageable, artillery and shooting ended the days of dragons and griffons and wizards where relegated to doing 2d6 S4 hits a turn, if they where lucky. Massed blocks of troops, infantry or cavalry became the winning combo. Some armies still clung halfheartedly to the old ways, Vampire Counts will always be a hero-centric army, it is their nature, but for the most part heroes became support, a bonus. Many rejoiced at this change ( I was among them) “At last”, they said “we have a Strategy game, rather then some form of tabletop RPG, now we can use tactics, now we have something that is like “real life ™.”

But that age was short lived, army book creep, 7th edition, the changing philosophy of Games Workshop, blame what you will but Herohammer is back in full force. Once again we see characters that are able to single-handedly take on blocks of massed infantry, and win. Again we see powerful dragons take flight and dominate the skies, and now once more we see wizards whose unrivaled power can destroy whole units in a single casting. What’s more we have witnessed the birth of the “Death Star”, a powerful unit into which the majority of a players characters are placed. In these units it is the characters who do all the killing, the unit is there to take wounds. I myself have been a proponent of this with the so-called “doggy death star”, a unit of dire wolves with 4 vampires in it (with the Drakenhof banner of course). The unit here is to take wounds, the vampires do the killing. This army is not alone. You may have heard of the “Shade-star” a large unit of Dark Elf shades full of heroes and assassins (who are just heroes who don’t take up slots), or the “Chosen Death Star”. While these units vary in their own capacity to do damage, the main idea behind them is a concentration of heroes that can overcome the enemy. In modern fantasy Heroes do most of the damage, units serve as delivery devices. That we live in a New Age of Herohammer, is not up to debate; as anyone who has paid attention to the game over the last few years can see the changes. No, the questions are twofold; firstly is this a deliberate decision on Games Workshop’s part and secondly, is this a change a good one?

I think that it is pretty clear by looking at the past few years of Warhammer that this change is a conscious move on Games Workshop's part. Part of this I feel lies with Chaos Demons. Greater Demons of Chaos have to be able to take on a unit by themselves, either in close combat or with magic. They cannot join units, nor hide, nor gain any real support. In order for them to be a viable unit they must have a chance at beating a unit single handedly. However this being the case, there must be a counter for them, some other hero must have a chance, even if it is not a good one, of beating a Greater Demon in combat and any hero that can do that, also has a good chance of being able to take on a whole unit, thus we have one reason for Herohammer. On top of that there has been a clear decision on Games Workshop’s part to increase the power of characters, wither with powerful new spells such as Infernal Gateway (allowing a wizard to suck an entire unit into the warp with no saves), powerful new magic item combos such as the Dreadlance and Red Fury (allowing a vampire to get up to 8 S:7 attacks that automatically hit) or simply through an amazing stat line such as the Bloodthirster has. This change is not solely new, it is in fact in some ways ingrained in the very basic rules of the game. Take overkill in challenges, which allowis a hero to get up to +5 over the number of wounds the enemy has they allow a lord challenging even just a unit champion to overcome the basic static combat res of 5 (3 ranks, a banner and outnumber) and win by one. Games Workshop in this case knows what it is doing and is doing it on purpose.

Now is this change a good one? The answer to this question really comes down to which of two “camps” you belong to. On one hand you have a group of people who do not like Herohammer. They believe that WFB should be a tactical tabletop war-game, you should maneuver units around trying to gain an advantage, flanks, rears, these things should be important. The game should in some sense resemble a medieval battle, with many armies representing “historical” equivalents, the Empire is the Holy Roman Empire of the 30 years war, the Dwarves are the Romans, the Beastmen are the northern barbarian hordes that menaced Roman and her successors, and so on. Then there is the other camp (and this is the one that I feel Games Workshop has fallen into now), they think that every game of Warhammer should be an Epic. Every battle should be like an epic poem of old. Mighty heroes should do battle and drive armies before them, spell casters should rain fire and destruction form the heavens, basic troops have little part other then to make the heroes look good. Many people think this is how a game of Warhammer Fantasy should go; focussed on spectacle and storytelling, not tactics and maneuver. These ideas are not at their base new, they are some of the oldest ideas known to man, take these selections form an recent Ard Boyz battle report:

“Thirsters die to Gift of Chaos and the Hellfire Banner. Thirster gets in there and almost dies to Skulltaker, thank you Kairos for the Ward re-roll. (Fateweaver!!!!!!!) The battle continues for another turn and Skulltaker dies in my Magic phase to Kairos bursting Cleansing Flare.” “I kill off his Skink Priest and his flank falls. Thirster mops up his Temple Guard slowly but surely and eventually kills Lord Kroak.”

Notice how all the action is done by heroes, the game revolves entirely around them, now compare that to this inscription at Karnak by Ramses The Great, this is one of the earliest recorded accounts of a battle

“His majesty slaughtered the armed forces of the Hittites in their entirety, their great rulers and all their brothers ... their infantry and chariot troops fell prostrate, one on top of the other. His majesty killed them ... and they lay stretched out in front of their horses. But his majesty was alone, nobody accompanied him”

This could almost be a description of a modern Fantasy game. The idea of Herohammer, is in many ways how humans have been trained to look at battles since the dawn of recorded history. By bringing Herohammer back Games Workshop is drawing on age old traditions and attempting to make the most Epic battles they can. Some people like this, some do not. Epic battles may at times be more fun to hear about then to play (no one likes being the conquered masses in an epic tale) at heart its up to personal taste. The truth of the matter is that Herohammer is here and we all most learn to live with it, as I have.

~One question remains, next year is rumored to see the release of 8th edition WFB, do you want to see 8th keep or do away with Herohammer?

THQ: DoW2 - Chaos Rising Designer Diary

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You have got to see this me. As the launch window for Chaos Rising approaches, Relic is beginning to give out some real info regarding the expansion.

~Ship date for Chaos Rising is March 11 (USA) and March 12 (UK). The lead designer has also mentioned the primary play mechanic for Chaos in multiplayer is "worship", with the choice of gods you worship providing the primary gameplay differences...neato!


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Its Black Friday folks, and the holiday shopping season has officially begun! You've already familiar with light blue BoLS Bargains section (right column) but many of thsoe retailers are offering even bigger Black Friday saving for orders placed today.

By all means check out all the BoLS Bargains vendors today to see if they have something you want Santa to put under the tree, and take a special look at the following who are offering Black Friday deals:

Wayland Games

If you find something you like, tell them BoLS sent you!

November 26, 2009

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! - Rogue-Trader-2nd Edition Open Thread

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Thanksgiving poster - 1960s

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! The turkey is gone, and most of us are asleep. Only the hardened core remain. Now is the time to throw back a few beverages and talk of the heady days of HIGH ADVENTURE!

Eat up, and enjoy this open thread:

Warhammer 40k Rogue Trader and 2nd Edition

~Urge to resist tryptophan failing, failing...

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! - 4th-3rd Edition Open Thread

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Thanksgiving Art Nouveau Piece - 1895

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, time for us vets to dial back the clock, loosen our belts and talk about the tales of Warhammer 40k yore!

Eat up, and enjoy this open thread:

Warhammer 40k 4th-3rd Edition

~The tryptophan is growing stronger, stronger...

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! - 5th Edition Open Thread

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Norman Rockwell: Freedom From Want - 1943

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and thank you for being part of our growing BoLS family!

Eat up, and enjoy this open thread:

Warhammer 40k 5th Edition

~Don't say we didn't warn you about the tryptophan...

November 25, 2009

Pic of the Day 11-25-09

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Pic submitted by: Tisten

Caption Contest..AHHH IT BURNS! Edition

~Your daily dose of tabletop fun! Enjoy. If you have an awesome shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us. We love spectacle and characterful shots so lets see what you budding photographers can do! Come on guys, you can't let those Black Templar players get all the good shots.

Adepticon NEWS: November 2009

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AdeptiCon 2010 News and Updates

Wargaming hobbyists from across the country are signing up to become a part of AdeptiCon 2010 in numbers larger than we’ve seen in years! With the addition of Battlefront Miniatures and Privateer Press as core events alongside our Games Workshop signature events, AdeptiCon 2010 is on course for our best year ever. Don’t miss out on your chance to experience the fun, excitement, and camaraderie that has made AdeptiCon the largest fan-run convention in the miniature wargaming hobby.

AdeptiCon Poker Tournament and After-Con Mixer

Why let the excitement end on Sunday at 5PM?

Enjoy a fully catered meal and a seat at the first AdeptiCon Poker Tournament/After-Con Mixer! We’ll provide the food and non-alcoholic beverages (with the hotel providing a cash bar). You just have to sit and relax amongst friends, reminiscing of battles won and lost throughout the weekend. You’ll also have a chance to win some great hobby prizes, with the top 20% of players receiving awards and gaming swag.

So bring your hat, glasses and a stone cold face, because the AdeptiCon Poker Tournament is sure to be the grand finale of the weekend. You can register for this event at -

Learn from the Masters - AdeptiCon Hobby Seminars

The AdeptiCon 2010 Hobby Seminar line-up is, without a doubt, the most impressive set of classes and workshops ever offered at AdeptiCon. A fantastic group of award-winning painters and veteran hobbyists are ready to share their knowledge and experience with you!

Whether you’re a seasoned painter or a complete beginner, AdeptiCon offers a Hobby Seminar to suit your skill level. Classes this year range from basing and vehicle seminars to advanced level competitive painting and airbrush workshops. Whether you’re a complete novice or an award winning artist, we encourage you to take advantage of this year’s great collection of painters, gamers and hobbyists.

Click on the link below to see the full roster of AdeptiCon 2010 Hobby Seminars.

Space in all of our AdeptiCon 2010 Hobby Seminars are limited, so register online today at:

Take Your Game to the Next Level - Warhammer 40K Tactics Boot Camp Level I

Coming into town on Thursday night? Want to be a better Warhammer 40K general? Thought you were missing something crucial in your games? Then this might be the seminar for you!

Join Jay Woodcock and Shaun Kemp, members of the multi-award winning DaBoyz, as they cover various techniques that will greatly improve your generalship, such as:

-Ensuring you have a balanced force to meet whatever your opponents throw at you
-Determining you and your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses
-How to review your opponent’s army list quickly and pick out the dangerous units from their list

-Methods to throw your opponent off their game without being a poor sportsman.
-Incorporating effective timing for your game actions
-Team tournament techniques

The instructors have won multiple Games Workshop Grand Tournaments and the AdeptiCon 2008 Warhammer 40K National Team Tournament. The Q & A session will try to address as many questions as possible. Attend on Thursday night and you’ll be able to apply the lessons learned on the battlefield during the many events at AdeptiCon 2010.

You can register for this event at::

Team America Qualifier – Warhammer 40K European Team Championships -

Ever imagined representing America in a world-wide event? If so – it’s time to step up to the plate!

Eight players will travel from the US to represent our great country in the European Team Championships held on August 7-8th, 2010 in Munster Germany.

Six of the eight slots have been filled. The remaining two slots will be filled through a qualification round held at AdeptiCon 2010. Only players who "opt in" during registration will be considered for a place on the American team. Registration for both the AdeptiCon 40K Gladiator and 40K Championships is required for this qualifier.

So if you believe you have what it takes to represent the US - then read all of the information at the following link and register for the appropriate events:


Register Online Today!

Become a part of the experience! You can view our full lineup of events and register online at .

Our host is the Westin Lombard Yorktown Center, with great rates for all AdeptiCon attendees. Rooms are available at the special AdeptiCon rate of $114 per night. This special group rate is only available to AdeptiCon attendees, and can be reserved through the link below:

Stay tuned for more news about AdeptiCon 2010! See you in the Windy City!

40K HOBBY: Paper Tarps

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Using paper for tarps and cloth has been around for a long time, and a lot of people use this method extensively for both tanks and terrain alike. Such an important technique cannot slip through the cracks on The Painting Corps!

I use Tamiy'a 1/35 Jerry Can Set and a 40mm base for my objectives. They are just the right size and are perfect for just about any army to fight over. And the 40mm base is the apparent standard around the web for Tournament style objectives.

Once assembled I glue them all in place in a manner that gives me a good amount of vertical variation and just a little bit of story. Here the 'story' is conveyed by the broken bucket on it's side, inferring the stockpile has been here for a while unkempt.

You'll need some watered down white glue, and just a bit of paper. I've taken to using a certain fast food restaurants take out bags, the texture is great and the paper is heavy enough to not just tear and rip apart when trying to press and push it into place.

When sizing your tear of paper, make sure you leave a little bit more than you think you'll need. you can always crumple it up along the base later and give it a more natural look. Too little and you'll have a towel instead of a tarp!

Dip the tear of paper into the watered down glue mix. A pair of tweezers will make things a lot easier as well. Between using them to dip the paper in the glue, hanging it to drip dry and using the slightly dulled edges to help push the paper into place later, they're an invaluable help with the entire process!

Drape the paper over your model and use your tweezers to get it roughly into place. Once it's over the spot you want it to be, use a wet paint brush (larger brushes work well for this) to help adhere and form the paper to the surfaces. Use downward brush strokes to get a more natural look over the objects (gravity and all!).

Be sure you let the paper dry thoroughly before even THINKING of priming and painting! But luckily all that time you wait for it to dry will be paid back ten fold by the ease of painting it. Use drybrushing and washes to paint your tarp and the natural texture of the paper will show through nicely.

Like I've said, this technique has wide ranging possibilities, and it's a great addition to anyones repitiore of modeling tricks. Best of all, it's nearly free.

What kind of projects can you think to use this on or have used something similar on?

Don't forget to visit
The Painting Corps for regular updates with tips ranging from the newest wargamer to the most grizzled veterans. There's something for everyone. Head over and join the conversation!

40K DEEP THOUGHT: What does the Game NEED?

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Today I want to talk a little about the tapestry that the armies of the 40K universe comprise.

Each army out there(if it's well designed) can be fielded in a myriad of effective ways, but at its heart has a core set of characteristics. While its possible to play against them, its often an uphill struggle (horde foot eldar, or scout-based marines for example).

If you put them all together we see there is a broad range of "big picture" choices to allow a new player to find something that really suits their playstyle... or is there?

Here is my quick and dirty rundown of the core traits:

Marines (all variants) (Elite Infantry, mobility, assault, survivable, firepower)
Chaos Marines (Elite infantry, assault, survivable, firepower)
Eldar (Elite Infantry, mobility)
Imperial Guard (Firepower, armor, mobility (shocking, I know), horde)
Tyranids (Firepower (maybe), mobility, assault, horde)
Necrons (Firepower, survivability)
Tau (Firepower, mobility)
Orks (Assault, horde, mobility)
Chaos Daemons (Mobility, assault)
Dark Eldar (Mobility, assault, firepower)
Daemonhunters (Elite Infantry, mobility, survivable)
Witchhunters (Firepower, survivable, horde(ish))

Now lets take out the armies that are somewhat rare leaving us with:

Marines (all variants) (Elite Infantry, mobility, assault, survivable, firepower)
Chaos Marines (Elite infantry, assault, survivable, firepower)
Eldar (Elite Infantry, mobility)
Imperial Guard (Firepower, armor, mobility (shocking, I know), horde)
Tyranids (Firepower (maybe), mobility, assault, horde)
Orks (Assault, horde, mobility)

And the game quickly breaks down into some fairly predictable camps:
-There is a LOT of 3+ save powered armor out there
-Most of these armies can put out the firepower
-If they can't dish out the firepower, they have the bodies to take it and make assault
-Leaving the Eldar aside as the the group's oddball, you have the SM/CSM generalist camp vs the IG/Tyranids/Ork camp who has more lower quality models but goes for either shooting (IG/Nids) or assault (Nids/Orks)

My questions is what does the game NEED right now. Look at the armies on the chopping block who we know are coming in the future: (ignoring nids, as they almost upon us)

Dark Eldar
Witch Hunters
Daemon Hunters

Loyalist Marine Variants

~How would you as a designer push and massage these armies to fill out the holes in the game to provide a more varied set of entertaining play conditions. What would you emphasize in each of them to make the game more exciting than just mechanized 3+ armor vs mechanized 3+ armor. Finally how would you order their releases from highest priority to lowest to address the things you feel the game is most lacking. The Floor is yours.

November 24, 2009

Pic of the Day 11-24-09

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Pic submitted by: Pake

Cap it!

~Your daily dose of tabletop fun! Enjoy. If you have an awesome shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us. We love spectacle and characterful shots so lets see what you budding photographers can do!

WARMACHINE: HORDES MkII Fieldtest and New Warjacks

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Lots going on on the Privateer Press front:

HORDES Mk II Fieldtest
Privateer has opened up the MkII Hordes rules for about a week of public testing and feedback. It's now open as of today (November 24). Go register here and grab the free PDF rules. The Fieldtest closes December 1st. Now all of you Hordes players can get in on the MkII action.

New Light Warjacks
The Cygnar Firefly and the Cryx Ripjaw have been unveiled. These new models should be in the all new Faction Books (analogous to codexes) that are ariving in Q1 of 2010. The big question is are these models metal or plastic. Privateer isn't saying.
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