40K HOBBY: Converting Warriors with Lashwhips and Boneswords

Hey all!

My name is Simon Schnitzler, aka “Hydra” and I’m gonna walk you converting Tyranid Warriors with Boneswords and Lashwhips.  Lets get to it!

As long as I remember, I have been madly in love with monsters. And though I started back in the dark and glorious days of kitchen-floor-fighting-2nd Edition with Blood Angles, my true interest was always those gribbly monsters from beyond the galaxy.

The 5th Edition on the Tyranid Codex is here and there are tons of possibilities included to let your creative juices flow. The kind members of BoLS gave me this opportunity to bring you my ideas for conversions of non existant models or biomorphs. So, jump in the pool and enjoy my ramblings about claws, biomorphs and happy spawnings.

What do we need for some sword swinging and whip lashing warriors?

-1x Tyranid Warrior Sprue
-1x Big Scale + 1x Ripper from the Tyranid Biomorph Sprue
-1mm Plastic Card
-Apoxy Sculpt

For my warriors I used Hormagaunt scything talons and Hormagaunt heads, but that is optional.

Let’ start, shall we?

Lash Whip

Step 1:

Some people feel that it still does look like a ripper. To erase that feeling you might want to sand off or fill in the eyes of the ripper at this stage.

Step 2:
Make some greenstuff sausages. As you can see on the picture, I used a CD on which I taped some large brushes. Randomly lay the sausages over the brushes and let the GS cure.


Step 1:

This is the point where the road splits. You can either just cut off the scything talon at its bonding to the hand and leave it as it is and you are done.

Or you can pull out your plastic card and follow the next steps…

Either way is perfectly fine 🙂

Step 2:

The pinning is the really tricky part, so be carefull and don’t drill into your fingers (as I did… several times…)

Now it is time for the Apoxysculpt. Why Apoxysculpt, you will probably ask. 2 Reasons, first it cures harder than greenstuff and gives the sword more stability. Second, it is easier to handle on the thin blade of the sword, since it is really smooth to work with and doesn’t have the memory effect GS does have.

And here are your finished warriors…TADA!!!

~I hope you find this helpful! Stay tuned for more spawning madness…

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