WARMACHINE NEWS: Weekly Roundup 1-24-10

Hi everybody, lots of fun on the Privateer Press front this week.  Lets get right into the new minis and card teasers:

Warwitch Siren (Cryx)

Taryn Di La Rovissi (Mercs)
Exemplar Cinerators (Menoth)
Vigilant ( Menoth)
Avalancher (Mercs)

~You can find even more stats on those last 3 here.  We had the launch of the Faction Decks this week, so with them and the new rulebook, you have everything you need to get playing.  February brings the anticipated Cygnar Forces of Warmachine book, with all kinds of new content, so look out for info on that in just a few. Also, Jwolf has picked up a Cryx army, so Menoth help us all…

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