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Two lists of details today from 2 sources, one on the contents of the black box, the other the contents of the Sanguinary Guard kit.  Lets take a look:

via The Voice

As to the Sanguinary Guard, contents are as follows:

5x legs (look like Dante/Tycho)
5x torso fronts (all muscled, no belts)
5x toros backs
5x winged Jump Packs (5 parts each)
5x left arms with wrist mounted Bolters
1x left arm with wrist mounted Plasma Gun
1x left arm with wrist mounted Melta Gun
3x 2-handed swords
2x 2-handed axes (1 double headed)
15x shoulder pads
1x large standard with winged grail icon on top
Multiple heads of different types such as with haloes and laurels
Other small bits like hands for the left arms

via Scarella

1. The leaked .pdf is not the codex

2. No new figs for Dante, Mephiston, Corbulo, and Tycho…

3. New Special figs for Astorath, Sanguinior, Seth, Lemartes

4. Astorath is a crazy fiend if you want your army to go ape and suffer red thirst on a 3+… he looks like a dark evil angel. with long black hair, black wings, red armor like the Dracula guy from the movie… and a large Axe held overhead 2-handed

5. Sanguinior is a ***pt beast…. WS8 ST5 T4 Atk5 2+save, 3+ invul… 2-handed master crafted power sword of something encarmine, nominate an enemy HQ then you get rerolls with all Sanguinior’s Hit and wound rolls towards that guy… he grants powers to one SGT. in the game ie., +1 attack etc., and units within 6′ get +1 attack except for him… the BEST NEW MODEL in the range… looks like the living saint on steroids… think Michaelangelo angel with wings out-stretched and soaring to the heavens… and he’s held aloft thru parchment… he’s got a nice sword in one hand and a grail in the other… he led a 12 man squad to assault a CSM battle barge and fought their way to the bridge and killed the Chaos Lord dude there… was pure nasty…

6. The codex is written by Matthew Ward, same guy who did the Space Marine Dex…

7. Stormraven… ok it’s got ar 12 12 10, is a skimmer, twin-assault, twin-Hvy bolter, 4 blood strike missiles… Range 72′ Str 8, Ap1, forgot if it was blast, probably was… here’s the PAIN…. carries 12 marines… Assault Vehicle… and it CAN carry 1 Dreadnought as well… it can deploy models even if it goes flat out however they suffer dangerous terrain stuff… BAD NEWS… there’s no pic of it anywhere in the dex… might be a second wave… but hey it CARRIES A DREAD & 12 Marines!!!! how big will this thing be….

8. The models are gorgeous… omg they had the Sanguinary Guard, pretty much Angel wings assault marines, but the detail is pure OMFG!!! there’s tear-drops under the soles of the feet, think the dude Maximus fought in Gladiator with the metal mask and you’re not too far off… just pure awesome!!! it’s a huge leap from the marines and more even from the space wolves… BLING BLING!!! Also the Death Company can have super weapons, ie. thunderhammers, power weapons, melta pistols… pure awesome kit… all the red X bands are modeled on the figs… even on the handguards… and the Banner that comes with the sanquinary guard is sooooooooooooooo nice! it’s the old pic of Sanguinius holding the grail in one hand and sword in the other but in relief…

9. For every 5 Deathcompany you can take 1 furious Dread as a TROOP!!! we counted it up so max 11 dreads… 3 elite librarian ones, 3 Hvy support ones, 5 Troop ones so OMFG… you won’t have much else…

10. Hmm, the Baal has the option for a Flamestorm cannon on the turret… ugh…

~Standard caveats but time is getting very short for this release slot. I would rate the reliable of The Voice considerably higher than Scarella. Count this as more anecdotal evidence in favor of the Blood Angel lander though…

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