40K HOBBY: Portal Objective Markers (Video)

Wednesday, March 24th, 15:00 Central time…

Bulwark: Hey, do we have 4 themed objectives for the Team Tournament at Adepticon?
Bushido: Ummm, No?
Bulwark: Oh…

That’s about the conversation I had with Bulwark the night before we left for Adepticon.  It was up to me to save the day…

I ran some ideas through my head.  It had to be something I could build out of what I already had.  It had to be fairly simple to build, and it had to be fairly simple to paint.


The Demon Portals were born.  I had build a very small one out of tile a while back for our Planetary Empires campaign and had wanted to do objectives that were similar for a while now.

I started by breaking the cork into rather small pieces, leaving a larger (40+mm sized) piece for the base.  I cut some plasticard into ‘portal’ shapes and proceeded to glue small pieces around the edges on both sides creating the stone arch.  After the arches were complete, I flattened out the bottom edge so it would sit well on the base and glued them together as well.  I used some extra glue along the base of the plasticard to give a sealed effect.

The I primed them black…

Then all that was left was the paint.  I started by dry-brushing the stone colors with every gray tone in the book, a lighter coat each time.  Then I painted the ‘portal’ part dark blue, followed by progressively lighter blues each time shrinking toward the center.  Then I used the lighter blues to create the glowing effect around the inside of the stone.  I finished it off with some flock as well as some gloss varnish for the portal and they were done with at least a few hours to spare for sleep!

~What other sort of quick and easy objectives using supplies other than bits have been seen out in the field?  There was another player at Adepticon using a very different style portal as well.  I think they make for some really nice Chaos-y objective markers.  As always, comments are welcome.

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