40K HOBBY: Lamenters Death Company

Aventine here, with my take on an alternative paint scheme and modeling options for a Blood Angels Death Company squad.  Check em out:

This is another new unit for my Lamenters using “their” new Codex. I took a pretty small squad of these guys with lots of special weapons plus a Reclusiarch (not pictured). I did a couple conversions, like the former Techmarine, and incorporated a few of the resin Red Scorpion bits.

For the paint I didn’t want to go with the traditional black,and I thought a bone colour would really complement the yellow in my army. I did a white undercoat with a Devlan Mud wash, this was painted with Dheneb Stone, and then Bleached Bone, leaving the previous colour in the cracks each time. This was then highlighted with Skull White.  After that, its just standard Lamenters detailing on top.

~Quick and easy, and the white Death Company looks great on the tabletop.

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