40K ARMY: Aventine’s Lamenters

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So this Lamenters army has been a long time in the making and I’ll probably never stop adding to it, but this is it, as it stands, in September 2010. It is a very large army, probably almost 6,000 points (mainly due to the ~20 HQ choices). Much larger than last time I showed it. I have units to run it as Codex Marines or Blood Angels, as well as an assortment of Special Characters from each book. Let’s check it out.
The remnants of the Lamenters 3rd Company and assembled Command Staff
alongside the Alabaster Sanguinor

Reclusiarch Athaloc and Chaplain Xeras assemble the Death Company

Assault Squads Rigio and Volare

The Super Friends! Assembled Lamenters Masters

Sternguard Veterans

Chapter Librarium
Thunderfire Battery under Techmarine Ignatio
Furioso Dreadnought

So what does everyone think?

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