40K Hobby: The Chupacabra Strain

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Hivefleet Chupacabra began attacking from above the galactic plane in an area focused mainly on the Segmentum Pacificus very late in the 40th millenia. Many worlds on the far fringes were consumed by the Chupas. But it seems their advance is inexorably advancing towards Terra. The Hivefleet has a very unusual mutation of Genestealer, which are the namesake of the Hivefleet.

So I wanted to make some unique looking Ygmarls that really justified the name Chupacabra. For those who don’t know, find out more about the Chupacabra here. I was inspired by the heads of carrion birds for these models, I imagined that they would use their tiny voracious heads to gorge on their prey. I also thought giving them rending claws for all four arms would make them look more menacing. With the Dormant rule, they are almost as sneaky as the real Chupacabra!

I painted them slightly different than the rest of the army. I did them like this:

1. Grey Spray
2. Macharius Orange
3. Devlan Mud wash
4. Blazing Orange
5. Fiery Orange highlights
6. Gloss medium

1. Grey spray
2. Dheneb Stone
3. Bleached Bone
4. Skull White highlight

So what does everyone think? Are they a reasonable representation of the unit? Are they ‘special’ enough?

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