40K RUMORS: Grey Knight Chatter

Hi there folks,  its time for yet another roundup of what’s been floating around out there regarding the upcoming Grey Knights.  Here’s what we have heard:

1) Further reinforcement of this being a Grey Knight/Inquisition book. Almost all the chatter has died down regarding inducted IG, and allied Space Marines.  This is fundamentally said to be an Astartes book with some flavoring added in.

2) Lots of talk of the book containing all Grey Knights units with only Imperial Assassins and Inquisitors w/retinues as choices not hailing from Titan.

3)Speaking of Inquisitors, they are said to reflect the entirety of the Inquisition (whatever that means), as opposed to the previous codex’s “Daemonhunters” focus.

4) As you would imagine from #2 above a lot of units from the current Daemonhunters codex are missing.  Daemonhosts, DeathCult Assassins, Inquisitorial Stormtroopers are all supposedly being wrapped into the Inquisitor’s retinue options along with all the old favorites.  These retinue units have many, many, exotic options (said to easily outstrip the Dark Eldar Archon’s retinue options).

5) Lots of all new psychic powers all around, including Grey Knight Vehicles who are said to be difficult to stop.

6) Stormraven is a GO! It is also said to fulfill a critical role in the codex with the Grey Knight infantry having little access to “traditional” heavy and special weapons found in other Marine books.

7) LOTS of new independent characters, and tons of new Grey Knight fluff.

8) Continued chatter of both GK Terminators and powered armored versions as troops.

9) Talk places this codex at the new extreme of “elite” armies, in the 40k metagame diametrically opposed to horde type play.

10) Talk still points to March 2011 for this one.

~Sounds very cool to me.  Standard caveats apply to this stuff this far out, but we wanted to further tamp down all the old round of allied IG/SM talk that was still out there.

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