40K Hobby: Aventine Batches Termagaunts

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As a Tyranid player, I naturally have a couple Tervigons, which means I needed quite, a few Termagaunts.  Here’s how I did them up in no time.

I wasn’t worried about these being high quality paint jobs, as they are basically counters for all intents and purposes, but I did want them done fast. Here I did about sixty. Enter Montana Gold Orange spray.  This paint is super opaque, and available in a huge array of very intense colors.  So I sprayed the whole batch…

Next they were all washed Devlan Mud and then had their carapaces painted Bleached Bone.

I used a little Gryphonne Sepia to line the carapaces and based them. Done.

Total time (-drying): 75 minutes.  The bases took almost as long as the minis.  What are your secrets for ultra fast work?

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