40K RUMORS: New Years Grey Knight Latest

It’s almost time to show 2010 the door, and lets send it off with a batch of the latest Grey Knight tidbits from around the intertubes…

We got word on three topics recently:

Grenades – ALL Grey Knights (even the Termys) are said to have frag & krag, as well as the return of some old chestnuts from the days of yore such as blind and psych-out options ~no idea on what those would do.

Eversor Assassin – This guy is said to get +d6 attacks on the charge, and comes equipped with 2+ poison equipment. ~YIKES, I hope he still blows up when he dies.

GK Librarians – Here is where it gets good.  We’ve heard that a wider array of Librarian Ranks are available, some allowing over 2 powers per turn to be used ~Eat your heart out Eldrad!  Some of the reported powers included crazy stuff like:
-the lowering of a target unit’s toughness! ~Think of what that means for the T:3 races!
-a “Stealth Kustom Force Field” that hands out the USR to all nearby friendlies.
-an “Inverse Gate” to yank a friendly unit from wherever, to right near the libby.

~Pretty cool stiff, but as usual, standard caveats with all this stuff so many months out.  The previous batch of Grey Knight rumors is here. Have at it gang!

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