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February 28, 2010

Wargames Gallery 2-28-10

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Pic submitted by: Tim Boase

Caption contest, GO!

EPIC: Land Raiders - An Opinion

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In the universe of Warhammer 40,000, the Space Marines of the Legions Astartes are THE iconic army. And within the ranks of the Space Marines, the Land Raider is THE iconic armour unit. Lets take a look at why is it, then, that in Epic:Armageddon you rarely see the formations of Land Raiders on the Epic tabletop?

Warmachine News: Iron Lich Asphyxious

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The new 2010 model for Cryx's Iron Lich Asphyxious has been unveiled on Privateer's website.

~Go check the big bad guy out.  We are only days away from the release of the Forces of Warmachine: Khador book.  Expect full coverage on this one as soon as we can snag a copy.

40K: Deathwatch RPG Announced by FFG

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If you've ever wanted to play a Deathwatch Marine, facing down the darkest xenos scum of the universe, today is your lucky day!

WFB NEWS: Orcs & Goblins in May

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Latest word straight from the mouth of Games Workshop:

More Orcs & Goblins coming in May

Orcs & Goblins are the scourge of the Warhammer world, an unending tide of ferocious raiders. For every greenskin Waaagh! defeated on the field of battle, another arises to trample a swathe of destruction across the land. Orcs and Goblins live to fight!

Orcs & Goblins are one of the most popular Warhammer armies and it's not difficult to see why: they can field warriors of all shapes and sizes from tiny Snotlings to Giants, and every shape of Orc and Squig in-between. They have access to a bizarre array of war machines and mounts, and some of the most entertaining special rules of any Warhammer army. And thanks to their inclusion in the great-value Battle for Skull Pass set, are often the first army a hobbyist collects.

So this May we're celebrating the Orcs & Goblins in all their choppa-wielding glory. We're under orders from the Big Boss to keep quiet about exactly what's going on so be sure to check out in April when all will be revealed and pick up May's issue of White Dwarf for an in-depth look at all things green.
~I have to admit this one comes straight out of the blue.  Of course there is a bit of vague wording in there like the "More" Orcs & Goblins and no specific mention of an updated army book.  We will have to see what this pans out into... 

40K RUMORS: Dark Eldar and Necrons Schedule

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Rumors via Harry

So the latest 40k scheduling skuttlebutt says BOTH Dark Eldar and Necrons are well underway and headed towards us within the next 12 months.  A variety of folks including some very good ones are saying to look for the new Dark Eldar Codex and 100% redone miniatures range to hit the shelves in the timeframe between Gamesday-UK 2010 and Christmas.

February 27, 2010

Wargames Gallery 2-27-10

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Heresy-Era Titan Duel
Caption contest, GO!

ODDBALL: Tankbustas are Real!!!

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The mere existance of this "festival" of Tankbustas is somewhat unsettling, as is the background audio of this thing.  You've got to see this video brought to you by a sharp-eyed BoLS reader.

Real Life Tankbustas!

~That is some crazy stuff (dont' try it at home!).  Now back to your reguarly scheduled Saturday painting and game-playing...  Extra points if anyone can dig up some background on the where, what and why of the matter...

Building a 2250 Tournament Skaven Army

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Building a 2250 Tournament Army
By Jordan "Big Deal" Braun

Skaven are new, versatile, and sneaky. Lets try to take advantage!


Grey Seer w/ 3 scrolls
Warlock level 2 w/Condensor
Warlock level 1
BSB Chieftain w/ Stormbanner

Most fantasy tournaments have some sort of comp or theme score. Staying under double digit power dice can provide for a more fun and balanced game while still being effective. The BSB can keep those LD10 units around the grey seer around a little longer. The stormbanner can keep our units safe from non magical shooting for 1 turn. Getting to your enemy with more bodies is always a plus! The doomrocket has unit killing potential. I am more paranoid with magic defense then most people and that is why I take 3 scrolls.


3 x 24 Slaves
20 Giant Rats/3 packmasters/1 master moulder+grt wpn
3 x 24 clanrats w/ ratling guns

The slaves are great to harass and divert the enemy. The clanrats are just more expensive slaves. They are required though to pump up our shooting phase with the ratlings and be a place to hide our characters. Giant rats are a great unit to pop on the flank. Being fast and decent leadership away from the Seer.


6 Jezzails
2 x 7 Censor Bearers
8 Gutter Runners w/ poison slings

Here comes some of that sneaky skaven stuff. Jezzails are some of the hardest hitting shooters in the game. Great to ping the steam tank or take out some chaos knights. Censor bearers really vamp up this armies combat output. Censors are less dependant on static combat resolution and can get to units quick with skirmish. Gutter runners are my little secret. But, I am going to share it with you. Sneaky infiltrate combined with BS4 poison slings is very powerful!!!


1 WLCannon
1 Hellpit Abomination w/ spikes

You wouldn't think a cannon would be that great of a rank and file killer. However, the WLC is just that. The template at the end of the shot is amazingly powerful. Even landing in the middle of a ranked unit at Str4 can be devastating. If you don't know how awesome the Hellpit Abomination is by now you are not a tournament fantasy player. The hellpit has game winning potential if your opponent lets it anywhere near his line. I would not field more then 1 if there is soft scores involved though.

This army takes part in every phase of the game and I would dare to say it is pretty dam good at it. This army is mainly going to rush forward with the slaves and clanrats to set up traps for your harder hitting troops. If your opponent takes the bait, you hit him with flank chargers or censors and abomination. If he doesn't, you trade shots with your ratlings,jezzails, slings and magic. Practice makes perfect!

What do you think of this skaven army? Would you field something totally different? Did I miss out on one of your must haves(furnace/bell)? How about it BoLS?

THQ: Space Marine Video Game 1st Screenshots

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THQ has kindly thrown over a couple screenshots of the upcoming Space Marine console game being developed by Relic (Dawn of War 1&2).  Whew, those sure are pretty!

40K NEWS: Forgeworld IG and Ork Vehicles

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Forgeworld just unveiled 3 new kits for the upcoming Imperial Armour:8 book.  This time we have an Elysian Valkyrie variant for the Imperial Guard, and two of the meanest looking Ork tanks you've ever seen:

February 26, 2010

Wargames Gallery 2-26-10

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The forests of Athel Loren hold great power...
Caption contest, GO!

FoW: Who are the Germans

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In Flames of War the Germans, more than any other county, have the best toys. Nearly every German list can be viewed as elite. They have the best trained troops, the best equipment and the best tanks. If you want to play a list where everything you have is a major threat, Germans are it. Be warned, however, that with that comes a heavy cost. Germans do not come cheap. The basic theme for the German player is "so many choices, never enough points."

Wargaming ASKEW: How I learned to love the Noob.

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I hated you. No, no really I did. I tried so hard to hide my contempt. I just couldn't help myself. It was irrational and down right rude. I could see you a mile away.

40K NEWS: Main Rulebook FAQed

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Yup, its been a busy FAQ time for us 40K players.  Today hot on the heels of the Ork FAQ we got the brand new updated main rulebook FAQ.

40K Tactics: Doubling Up - Part 1

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Games of 40K with more than two players, particularly doubles, have seen a surge in popularity in recent months in our local gaming scene. These 2v2 games require you to rethink your normal gaming procedures, before and during the game. If you aren't used to playing doubles, they can create a few situations to test your nerve!

February 25, 2010

Wargames Gallery 2-25-10

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Things that go bump in the night...
Caption contest, GO!

Project Unknown Tyranid Beasties Vol. IV: The Doom of Malan'tai

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Aventine here with a rundown of my latest conversion, the dreaded Doom of Malan'Tai.

40K RUMORS: Blood Angels Upgrade Sprue Contents

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It looks like our good friend Philbrad has taken a peek at the upcoming Blood Angel upgrade sprue.  Here's his skinny on what's on it:

THQ CEO Speaks of 40k MMO

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The CEO of THQ spoke this week of the upcoming Warhammer 40,000 MMO.  Here's what he had to say:

40K TACTICS: I Jest Of Death

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Fritz here, and having recently been spotting running mass Harlequins in a number of games I feel it’s time to reveal my next series of 40K Eldar articles- focusing on Harlequins as the cat is now out of the bag. Only in Warhammer 40,000 do space elves running around dressed up like clowns even remotely make sense…

The Death Jester has got to be one of my all time favorite 40K models- black leather overcoat, over sized gun, skull mask, sign me up! I’m going to start with the ‘jester and his role in the troupe, but first a basic understanding of Harlequins is needed.

February 24, 2010

Wargames Gallery 2-24-10

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My gun is bigger than yours!
Caption contest, GO!

40K FLUFF: Nature of the Hivemind

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A guest column by Just_me

Today we are going to try something a bit different.  Lets take a detailed look at a piece of the 40k universe's background and talk about it in detail.  Todays's subject, the Tyranid Hivemind.

40k Tutorial: Death Korps of Krieg

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Hey guys, Col_Festus here! I've had numerous requests for a tutorial on how I paint my Death Korps of Krieg, so I decided to write up my recipe for you guys. 

BoLS: The Gallery is Open

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Hi guys,

We just added a full featured gallery to BoLS (the BoLS Lounge really).  Now you can upload your favorite miniatures pictures, create personal user albums, vote on what you see and much more.  Access the gallery via the "Gallery" button in the navbar.  So get over there, and let's see some of your best painted minis.

40K BATTLE REPORT: Space Wolves vs Eldar (Video)

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Hi everybody.

The BoLS video battlereports continue. something special today, a game played from the Battle Missions book! This time we have Goatboy's Space Goats (Wolves) surrounded by BushidoRedPanda's Eldar. Can the hated xenos fight their way into the fortified central objective? Can the Space Wolves pull out a win in a static defensive battle?

BoLS YouTube Channel (check us out)

~Comments are welcome guys! You can expect many more battle reports and videos featuring all aspects of the hobby from your favorite writers, and more. Get on in there and let us know what you liked, wanted to see me improve, and of course Monday-morning quarterbacking is always great fun after a battle report.

40K NEWS: Updated Ork & Tyranid FAQS

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In some type of odd scheduling thingamabob, Games Workshop released Ork and Tyranid FAQs from the Spain website first.  The Ork one looks like its settled the Deff-rolla tank-shocking argument once and for all. 

February 23, 2010

Wargames Gallery 2-23-10

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Eat shuriken Space Goats!
Caption contest, GO!

Painting Leopard Spots/Scales

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++Leopard Spots/Scales++
Written by: RealGenius

RealGenius here to give you a step by step guide to adding scales/Leopard spots to your minis to really pump up your paintjobs.  Lets dive in!

Warmachine Teaser: Butcher Theme Force

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Hi guys!  Yet another great sneak peak exclusive from Privateer Press just for you BoLS readers.  Today we have the first unveiling of the dreaded Butcher of Khardov's Theme Force. Take a look.

WFB EDITORIAL: The Place of Beastmen

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So the big release for February from Games Workshop is the Beastmen Army Book.   My question for today is did the new book leave the Children of Chaos out in the cold without a place to call home in the game?

40K TACTICS: Against the Imperium, Chaos Edition

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Now that the Xenos have been covered, on to the really fun stuff – Chaos.

February 22, 2010

Wargames Gallery 2-22-10

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Leafblower vs Canopener
Caption contest, GO!

Flames of War: Panzergrenadier Platoon Review (video)

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Hi guys. I wanted to take you through an overview of a typical Flames of War boxed set of miniatures. Lets take a look at a Late-War German Panzergrenadier Platoon.

40K Hobby: Death Guard Defiler

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Lets take a closer look at one of my favorite models, my heavily converted Pre-Heresy Death Guard Defiler.

40K NEWS: Blood Angels Cover - WD364

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Looks like the Blood Angels are on the cover of the latest White Dwarf. Based on Tyranids, Imperial Guard, and Space wolves, its a good bet that is the codex cover.

~With the breaking of the first Blood Angels miniatures pictures this weekend, the Advanced Orders won't be long now.  I would advise everybody to grab a steady supply of Mechrite Red while you can...

Goatboy - My Adepticon Lists - Initial Thoughts and Decisions

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Goatboy here again - showing you my lists I plan on bringing to Adepticon. My plans are just to bring Space Goats as well as hopefully bringing along my fledgling Cryx Army. I have been enjoying painting the metal models as well as the first game I played with MK II rules last Thursday. I will talk more about that at a later time as this is all about my Adepticon planning.

February 21, 2010

Wargames Gallery 2-21-10

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Pic submitted by: Benoit Mangiapan

"Teleport Homers for Dummies"
Caption contest, GO!

Origins of the Defiler Revealed! (video)

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A sharp eyed reader has brought this infernal machine to our attention.  Who knew John Deere was the original designer of the Defiler?

PLAY AID: Genestealer Cult v3.0

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Hi Everybody,

Something very special today. With the release of the Tyranid codex, and the Imperial Guard one before it, the Fly Lords of Terra were keen on working through their Genestealer Cult minidex and updating it to fit in the new modern 5th Edition world.. This new version 3.0 list is ready to go! Within this 22 page mini-dex you will find:

  • Background
  • Modeling section
  • Army List
  • 4 Special Characters (including Imperial opposition characters)
  • Apocalypse Datasheet
  • Galactic Map

The new list looks leaner and meaner than ever, incorporating some of the cooler elements of both the IG and Nid codices to beef up everyone favorite cultists. Hopefully it will get some of those old dusty cult minis off of the shelves and back onto the tabletop where they belong. The list is an updated version of both the original Rogue Trader list, and the more recent Citadel Journal list.

It is primarily a horde list that contains some of the most low quality (but dirt cheap) units you've ever laid your eyes on, mixed with some mean, nasty inner Coven units to keep an enemy on his toes. There is also a bit of the new IG in there to help bolster the Cult a bit against the new dangerous world of 5th edition. And hey, Limos...with Genestealers in them... No matter what happens Genestealer Cults always win on style points!

~I hope all you Genestealer Cult fans have some fun with this. Enjoy and as usual, keep the feedback and comment coming. 

Download Here

40K Tactics: Tyranids 1 Month In

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The new Hive Fleets have been with us for a month.  For better or worse, the new codex will be with us for quite a while, and all over the world people are adapting to their new Nid neighbors.  Lets talk about what we have discovered on the hard reality of the tabletop.

40K BATTLE REPORT: CSM vs Chaos Daemons (Video)

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Hi everybody.

The BoLS video battlereports continue. This time we have Bigred's Chaos Marines walking into a nest of BushidoRedPanda's Chaos Daemons. Can Bigred add a few Daemonic skulls to his trophyrack? Who shall prevail, bitter hatred vs eternal more bitter-er-er hatred?

BoLS YouTube Channel (check us out)

~Comments are welcome guys! You can expect many more battle reports and videos featuring all aspects of the hobby from your favorite writers, and more. Get on in there and let us know what you liked, wanted to see me improve, and of course Monday-morning quarterbacking is always great fun after a battle report.

February 20, 2010

Wargames Gallery 2-20-10

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Khador holds the line
(and Gentleben paints too well...)

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