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March 31, 2010

Wargames Gallery 3-31-10

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40k HOBBY: Flesh Tearers Video Tutorial

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++Flesh Tearers Space Marines++
++Intro By: grey_death++
++Video By: LBursley++

Les of takes us through painting Flesh Tearers Space Marines with a wonderfully comprehensive video tutorial.

If you're considering a new force for the release of GW's new Blood Angels codex, this is a good start! If you've got a different way of going about it, let us in on your techniques!Want more? Then don't forget to visit The Painting Corps for regular updates with tips for the newest wargamer to the most grizzled veterans. There's something for everyone. Head over and join the conversation!

40K NEWS: Forgeworld Launches New Website

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At long last, forgeworld has updated their ancient website to a much cleaner one with a much easier navigation and an easy to use shopping cart model.

Go check it out

Now if only that Eldar Phantom titan was available...

40K BATTLE REPORT: Gladiator Championship Game - IG vs SM (Video)

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Hi everybody.

The BoLS video battlereport today is something very special. We were fortunate enough to pick the correct table and film the final game to determine the Gladiator champion at Adepticon 2010. This game pitched BoLS' own Darkwynn using a slightly modified Imperial Guard Leafblower up against a Vulkan Space Marine list under the command of Wyatt Traina. This batrep is slightly different from our normal ones as we filmed from the side of the table, with no attempt to stop or slow the game in progress for clarity of the report, out of respect for the players. The batrep turned out pretty good overall. Enjoy seeing two great players duking it out for one of the biggest tourneys of the year!

BoLS YouTube Channel (check us out)

Here is Wyatt's list:

Vulkan He'stan
Inquisitor, Psychic hood, Emperors Tarot, psycannon, 2 Mystics, Sage

Dread with multimelta
Dread with multimelta
5x THSS termis

3x tac squads in rhinos. MM/flamer/P.fist, Lascannon/flamer, M.launcher/flamer
Scout squad, 5men, Meltabomb, Power sword, flamer, combiflamer in a landspeeder with a H.flamer

3x Attack bikes w/ MM

Landraider, Extra armor, MM
Landraider Redeemer, Extra armor, MM

~Comments are welcome guys! Monday-morning quarterbacking of major tournament games is always great fun after a battle report. Finally, lets give it up for these two great players who were both happy to let us film and give followup interviews for the community to enjoy.

Goatboy - 40k Championship Thoughts

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Hi there, as I am sure the blogosphere knows I won the 40k National Championships at Adepticon this weekend. I got my ticket for Vegas as well as an insanely awesome life sized Thunder Hammer as a prize. It is made out of steel and ready to pound some non Space Goats to paste. Overall I had a great weekend with great games and some really amazing looking armies.

March 30, 2010

Wargames Gallery 3-30-10

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The Russians (Cossacks) are coming!

40K NEWS: Chaos Daemons FAQ Updated

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New Chaos Daemons FAQ updated.  Grab it from the Games Workshop Shrine of Knowledge here:

~Have at it folks.

BoLS Poll: Adepticon is Over Shoutout

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I wanted to say THANK YOU!  This weekend has been a tremendous festival of wargames, from Warhammer 40K, Fantasy, Flames of War, and Warmachine.  We sent over a dozen of the BoLS regulars up to Chicago, and are just getting back into town  now after out 22 hour drive back to Austin.

We had a fantastic time, in both the victories and the defeats.  Most of all, we felt a huge amount of warmth and support from you all, and had a great time meeting so many familiar online voices for the first time face to face.  To each one of you who we got to spend time with in person, again THANK YOU!

This is an open thread for you to share your favorite memories and comments about Adepticon 2010, as well as your thoughts on the event in general in the poll below.  Have at it.

I'll go first with my secret trick picked up from a crafty soul.  Bring one of those "chef's gel mats" to unroll and throw down on your standing spot each round.  It seems silly, but boy does it make a huge physical difference in fatigue level by the end of the day!

40K TACTICS: Synergy vs the Imperial Guard

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Recently, we had one of our readers recently ask for articles that help on creating combos or how to identify synergy within other army books. Synergy is most simplisticly described as the concept of 2+2=5. It’s how to create a greater sum out by working together with units that can have for a greater effect together.

This can have a big effect in Warhammer and Warhammer 40k games and can help to improve your games greatly. One of the very first things that JWolf, Goatboy and I do usual is sit down with one of the new books together and start looking for combos and here are some off the top of my head.

We had this discussion on the way back from Adepticon on our 20+ hour drive and wanted to share some combos that people probably might haven’t thought of when dealing with Guard. Understanding the advantage of these combos and synergy of units can help out greatly when playing games in your local shop all the way to GT. We are going to try not to focus on Guard in this article as you will be seeing a following article about Guard coming either this week or next week.

Ten Synergistic Combos

1. Pedro Kantor and Khan outflanking.
- This is one annoying combo that is kinda subtle and a lot of people don't think about. This can be a great combo to use against Mech guard list.
Have Pedro attached to a drop pod that will come in turn 2 and have Khan outflanking in turn 2 at the same time. You have a lot of units in the backfield with +1 attack on top of everything in close range. This is a bit of a trick and doesn't always work but you will see a lot of guard players start to sweat bullets when they see Kahn with out flanking units entering on the table side Turbo boosting on or in position to Assault, Drop pod with Pedro in the middle supporting your units with +1 attack to the outflanking units.

2. Scout Bikes w/ locator beacon and drop pods
- One of my personal favorite combos out there that very few people use. Bikes can be expensive for what they do no doubt. I like them because they are a highly mobile unit that can infiltrate, scout first turn and get my first turn assault coming where I need it to be. This is a great advantage when playing guard and you get to go first or second and you can put yourself in position to overload a flank and try to collapse a side. This can be a issue when players will reserve off the board but then you are at least putting them on the back end of the table edge.

3. Space wolves- Assault units in Redeemers and wolf scout squads
- You have one unit that is going to be pushing the back field and you are going to have another unit that is pushing the front deployment zone. Forcing the guard player to make choices on where he can go and putting pressure on key units. You are creating a pinch on both sides that forces the player to make hasty or risky decisions which you can capitalize on and carry forward momentum..

4. Fortune with Shining Spears
- We all know about the fortune with seer councils and how that works but when that unit is stuck in a blob or IG or low armor save unit that can be tied up there forever doing tons of wounds but really not killing anything. One thing we have noticed and have seen great success with and also help dealing with low armor save units plus with Hit and run is Shinning spears with hit and run and having a farseer or eldraded cast fortune on them in a wave serpant running up on its side. The Turbo boosting saves will get you there to deliver the first bunch and you can have your farseer cast fortune on them from the wave serpant. It seperates your units forcing your opponent to choose two different units and try to get rid of them but not being able to shut down another target. With str 8 lances and str 6 lances on the charge Shining Spears have a great change of turning most tanks to junk and going stright through other units with out getting tied or locked down in combat.

5. Terrorfexes and trophy racks
- Terrorfexes are small blast templates and you run your raiders right up to the chimera or rhino. YOu use another unit to blast the unit out of the chimera which then they are forced to take a pinning check at -1. If they don't fail that pinning test you can use the Terrorfexes to shoot the unit that has been forced to disembark. If you hit two or three guys with the terrorfex you will add culimative modifiers to their LD check which will help you to keep them down. This is also a huge help when dealing with such nasty units as Thunderwolf Calvery which are LD 8 base. If you can park a raider next one one of them and hit one or two guys with a terrorfex they could very well be at a LD 5 to pass their check or be pinned.

6.Wierdboy with Tankbustas
-Wierdboy teleporting to the side of a mech guard line or teleporting in the backfield while releasing your squig bombs can play havoc on a mech guard line and and create a lot of synergy between those two units. You help being able to control some of the movement that the tankbustas have and also get them closer to chosen units that need to die

7.Deathleaper and Doom.
-This can be a expensive combo to play no doubt about it but it can have a huge pay off in certain games. Having the ability of deathleaper to lower LD of a key target such as a psyker with a hood that could block Doom's powers or putting the negative on your opponents HQ can get you a quick Kill and cripple your opponents key player in his army very quickly. On top of Deathleaper being able to contest missions and help support key areas on the field this is a great combo to use.

8. Terivgons+ Termagaunts+Trygon + Zoanthropes in Spore pod
-So this one seems well known for the first part but the second part can be very helpful. Having the tervigons moving forward in the sea of termagaunts that will have furious charge can be a big benefit for at least glancing tanks on AV 10 when they are in melee. The Tervigons can give out FNP to the Trygons when they get close enough or when they pop up. But what you are really doing is forcing your opponent to pick targets and either forcing them to deal with the Zoanthropes or try to bring down the Trygons that are in their face. It is always hard as even guard will usually not have enough guns to kill both units in a turn and will be stuck in a sticky position. This can create a nice combo allowing you to gurantee to get into the enemy lines and start taking down units quickly. Its the theroy of having frontloading units in a way that you hit a stack and it will topple very quickly without being able to recover.

9.Techmarine on a bike with plasma gun bikers in Black Templar Army
-One of my personal favorites too that I used for a long time. Equiping a Techmarine with a Bike and servo-harness with plasma guns gives you 3 shots to add to your BT bikers that also ahve another 3 plasma guns in the unit. The big plus with the techmarine is he has a signum which allows you to reroll misses which can help reduce overheats on your normal plasma guns. It also brings a powerfist to the unit which helps shore some of its CC weakness.Bikes are also base to skirt up the flanks allowing you to get side shots on key targets or chiemras which then allows you to either break down guard or shake key units from returning fire allowing your hammer units to get close enough to unleash the pain.

10. Infiltrating Chosen w/Rhino with lesser deamons packs.
Having a chosen squad with a icon either starting on a table going first in a posiiton that can allow you to move closer can be a huge benefit. Having a good quantity of lesser deamons can allow you to deploy a good amount of units close to a mech guard line to assault. Now that being said they are not super awesome and they might not destory tanks reliable but in reality you want these units to get into the line to tie them up shake and stun units. This buys you time to allow your lines to get closer and tie up the guard guns. Another idea is to allow the Chosen to outflank on the side and then you have the ability to overload the flank with deamons. This can be a issue though as you are depending on reserve rolls but you can mitigate that by having a decent amount of lesser deamons such as 4 packs of 5 if not more.

~If you have found any other successful combo's that have helped you take down IG drop it in the comment box and let people know.  (-Darkwynn, Jwolf, and Bigred)

March 29, 2010

Wargames Gallery 3-29-10

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The lovers of the Dark Prince.
Part of a stunning Fantasy Warriors of Chaos army.

Full Sized Blood Angels Chapter Banner by Jawaballs!

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Hey Folks, Jawaballs here!

So I have this thing about painting full sized banners. I started with the Blood Angels 2nd company banner, then did a Furioso Dreadnought banner when I started using my Dreadnought list. To celebrate the new Blood Angels codex, I decided to do a full sized Blood Angels Chapter banner!

Warmachine Tactica: The Butcher of Khardov

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Hi guys, after 2 months straight of nothing but games with the Butcher I felt I would write up a small review based on my experiences!

40K NEWS: Forgeworld Phantom Titan & More!!! (Pics)

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HOLY COW!!!  Forgeworld had their open day yesterday in Nottingham, and my oh my check out the amazing stuff they unveiled.

Goatboy - Some Deep Blood Angels Thoughts

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Goatboy here again - with some Blood Angels Thoughts. Our local store has the new codex so we have been playing with it as well as theorizing some new and interesting things with the list.

March 28, 2010

Wargames Gallery 3-28-10

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Behold "Team Beerhammer" in the early afternoon.
I can only image what they looked like by the end of the Apocalypse game :)

Adepticon Update: 40K Championship Finals

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Goatboy Wins Best Overall!!!! (Space Wolves - Track1 event)
BushidoredPanda Wins Best General Championship! (CSM Abaddon - Track2 event)

The Adepticon Championship is over and Goatboy and BushidoRedPanda have brought home a bit of tabletop glory.  Goatboy's Space Goats and Bushido's CSM list took in some top honors in the dual track event.

~Lists and batreps coming soon

Hobby: Yellow like a Submarine

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The color yellow is the bane to many a figure painter, but it doesn’t have to be. Before we dive into this subject let’s talk paint and what it is made of. Paint has three parts: binder, vehicle, and pigment. Binder is what keeps the other two parts of the paint together. Too little binder and the emulsion that is paint will fall apart. Vehicle is what the pigment is suspended in and contains resins, proteins, plastics, etc. in a liquid form. Pigment is the color.

When it comes to most modern acrylic paints there are about 11 artificial pigments that create the hundreds of colors. As a note, there are more pigments but then we are getting into natural pigments which are super toxic. Of these pigments 5 are fairly translucent, which are pure values of red, blue, yellow, green and magenta. Yellow and Red are the most translucent.

If you know that yellow is naturally translucent then you will be able to use it better. The first step in painting yellow is a solid base coat. Once that is in place everything else will come together. For those who only have access to GW paints I recommend Tau Sept Ochre Foundation Paint. I like this color for starting yellow because it will become my darkest shadow. I also like it more than Iyanden Darksun because it is a richer color that provides more depth.

Currently I’ve been using Reaper Master Series Paints and have found that their colors Saffron Sunset, Burnt Orange, and Marigold Yellow make great base colors depending on what effect I’m trying to achieve. These colors are all vey close to GW’s Vomit Brown, which is a fantastic base for color for yellow because it applies almost like foundation paints. If you use non foundation paints, or thinned paints, you will need to apply multiple coats. The key to multiple coats is paint thin and let the coat completely dry before applying the next coat. Since I use almost primarily use Reaper Master Series Paints I will explain how I paint yellow using their colors.

Since I have been having a devil of a time photographing yellow in a way that is apparent, I have made some rudimentary jpegs that should help you visualize what I am talking about. I will also include a finished figure that will show how this looks in the end. Here is a link to a great color matching website, which will help you translate colors. The owner of this site hasn’t updated it for awhile so there are some older colors on it but it works well enough.

I begin with a solid base of Saffron Sunset.

From there I begin adding brighter shades of yellow painting towards the highlight.

I start with Sun Yellow and the move on to Lemon Yellow.

Then I finish with a 50/50 mix of Lemon Yellow and Pure White, but this final highlight is thinned 2:1 paint to water.

After this I then mix Sun Yellow with water at a ratio of 1:6 paint to water and then I carefully glaze the entire area, which ties the colors together and blends them.

Here is what it looks like in practice:

That wraps up this article. Let us know how you paint yellow. Next time I’ll get to a reader request.

Armies of Hordes: Trollbloods at a Glance

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The constant wars between the Human inhabitants of the Iron Kingdoms have ensured that there are still vast tracts of undeveloped wilderness within their borders. Stretching on for hundreds of miles, these places serve as a home to many of the less "advanced" humanoid races of Imorren. Perhaps the most powerful of these varied people are the Trollkin.

Observations From the Tournament Floor

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Hi guys,  whew, the BoLS crew is playing, talking, and have a great time up here, but most of all we are taking it all in, and looking for the big trends in the individual games and the wargaming environment as a whole.  Here in no particular order are a few things you may want to know as conversation starters:

About 1/3 of the the Warhammer 40k entries are Imperial Guard players!

At last count over 60+ Leafblowers are on the floor.  Many people are having to slug the way up the rankings by facing down, row upon row of IG squads holed up in vehicles refusing to get out.

After IG, there are MANY Space Wolves lists out on the floor.  Chaos Marines are pretty well represented as well.

Recent codices like the Nids are not as common as would be thought, and many of the older armies like Necrons and Tau are fesw and far between.  Even Orks and straight Space Marines seemed a little rarer than you would think. 
Overall, there seems to be a big trend these days of players of all stripes just hunkering down and sitting inside vehicles, blazing away, only getting out to claim on last turn, or if they get blown out of their safe transports.  Many games almost seem to be tank battles until you stop to notice the dozens of sideboarded models within.

Warmachine has a dangerous chess game on the razor's edge feel where the decisions and combos can turn a game from utter victory to crushing defeat with a single move.  There is little ability to anticipate the outcome by a quick positional glanceover of a table as you can in GW products. From a drama and excitement level this makes the Warmachine competitions very dynamic and exciting from a player standings point of view with common upsets and unexpected wins.

Fantasy seems to always draw strong opinions on the need and implementation of comp systems to make up for the supposed wide disparity in Army Book power levels.  There is talk about whether 40k is headed in that direction as well.

Flames of War is great fun, and fast moving, but more than other systems requires both players to decide to have a fun time, and keep the flow of the game moving forward.  Its also has a spectacular company level scale and the ease of putting together stunning tables that you can't easily match in the larger 28mm games.  Its difficult to keep on walking past an awesome looking FoW game.

~More on all of these themes coming soon, and consider this an open thread on each of these observations.  Have at it everybody.

40K: Which way do we go? Inquisitional Allies Choice

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MBG back again with an interesting debate, which Inquisitor ally do you take?  It seems like more and more players take an Inquisitor ally with Mystics to protect against deep strike threats like Daemons, Drop Marines, and shortly Decent of Angels. Now we're all adding in a Psychic Hood for threats like Tyranids, Space Wolves, Eldar, and quite possibly the new Blood Angel powers as well.

With all that being said, what version of the Inquisitor should u take? Do you burn the HQ choice and take the Inquisitor Lord for the LD 10 Psychic hood? Taken with 2 Mystics and the lowest henchmen it's like 100 points.  Or do you take the Elite Inquisitor with the LD 9 Hood, and 2 mystics for around 40 points? Is the +1 LD stat worth 15+  points?

Lets compare the two choices.  Deafhobbit did some math for me on a recent BolS post.

You have 36 potential combination on 2d6, with ld 10 vs ld 10, and are trying to roll higher than your opponent.

So, what we'll do is figure out if your opponent rolls n, with n equal to 1 - 6, what do you need to roll to beat him. Total up the number of possible results where you win and put it over 36 (the total number of possible combination), and those are our odds.

If opponent rolls a 1, you need a 2+. 5 cases
If opponent rolls a 2, you need a 3+. 4 cases
If opponent rolls a 3, you need a 4+. 3 cases
If opponent rolls a 4, you need a 5+. 2 cases
If opponent rolls a 5, you need a 6+. 1 case
If opponent rolls a 6, you cant stop him.

5 + 4 + 3 + 2 + 1 = 15

15 / 36 = .41667 = 41.667 % For LD 10
 9// 36 = .25 = 25% For LD 9 ( you can stop a roll of 5 or 6 by your opponent)

There may also be some real world factors such as the dice, the table etc., but this is the math on it.  You will negate that psychic power about 25% of the time for the LD 9 which is a big difference from the LD 10.  Against some armies like Eldar who HAVE to have x power, it's still pretty crippling.

So Inquisitor will you take? Checkout Spikey Bits for more Imperial Guards lists and Battle Reports!


March 27, 2010

Wargames Gallery: 3-27-2010

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Here a taste of some ofthe Adepticon goodness across a few gamesystems.  Taste the Awesome!

Adepticon Hall Walkthrough and Table Layouts

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Hi guys, I wanted you to get a feel for the scale of the Adepticon event floor, and this only one of the two major halls.  In particular, check out the terrain levels on the tables.

Warhammer Tactica: No Look Out Sirs

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Warhammer Tactica: No Look Out Sirs

There is ways to hit characters in units without having to melee them to death. Consider trying to kill annoying wizards or heroes with some unconventional methods. Listed below is a few ways to threaten characters from range:


There are quite a few spells that pick out characters. Consider trying some of these next battle.
Warriors of Chaos Nurgle Lore: Buboes
BRB Lore Metal: Burning Iron
BRB Lore Death: Steal Soul
BRB Lore Fire: Wall of Fire
High Elf Lore: Flames of the Phoenix
Skaven Lore: Plague
Demons of Chaos Nurgle Lore: Shriveling Pox
Dark Elf Lore: Blade Wind
Vampire Lore: Curse of Years

This is just a few spells that pick on characters. There are plenty more that I did not list.

There are some weapons specifically designed to pick out characters.
Empire: Hochland Long Rifle
Wood Elf: Hunter's Talon
Wood Elf: Pageant of Strikes

US5 or not?
A lot of players don't know that Champions do not count as rank and file models for the purposes of look out sirs. If your opponent takes 5 cavalry models and upgrades one to a champion it is open field day on any character that may join that unit.

Its not safe
Plan your shooting and magic phases carefully. If a character is in a relatively small unit you just need to kill off a few models before you can start randomizing to hit the character. As soon as unit goes below 5 rank and file models you can start looking to hit characters inside them. Consider magicking a small unit down to less then 5 rank and file and then firing a cannon or stonethrower at the character. He won't have a look out sir to hide behind.

Bolt throwers
Always look for a flank shot with bolt-throwers. Sometimes opponents will lazily put characters on flanks so they don't have to move a model in the unit. If the character is the only model in the flank he is hit with the Str6 no armor save d3 wound bolt.

Double Dip will Do Ya
When you have 2 cannons/stonethrower like weapons you can setup the character kills if your opponent is only hiding in 5 rank and file. With a little luck and correct guessing you can snipe a character. A character in 5 rank and file is not totally safe from 2 war machines. Aim both war machines at the character. If he takes his look out sir vs the 1st and you kill the lackey he will now be in a unit of 4 rank and file. He will not receive a look out sir vs the 2nd war machine shot.

I can see the Bells
Characters on large targets or US5 mounts or are US5 themselves can be picked out of units. You still have to randomize the mount or the character ,but, if you throw enough missiles his way you should clean his clock.

So BoLS what ways do you go after characters? Have any legendary character kills, lets hear your stories.

40K Review: Blood Angels Rundown, HQs Part II

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Mr. Black here, once more continuing our arduous look at Codex: Blood Angels. This time we're focusing on non-character HQ's in the book.

March 26, 2010

Adepticon Update: Gladiator Finals

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Darkwynn Wins Gladiator !!!! 1st Place! (Leafblower IG)
Jwolf Wins 2nd Place Gladiator! (CSM Abaddon-Berzerker list)
The Gladiator finals have begun with their 4th round, and Darkwynn is on table 1 with his Leafblower variant Imperial Guard list facing down a dual Land Raider Vulkan Salamanders list.

Its a complex mission and both players are fighting hard as we head into mid game.

~Lists and batreps coming soon

Wargames Gallery: 3-26-2010

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Here is Sabol's crazy diorama for this year's Adepticon.  It is a massive bombed out Imperial fortress with a complete underground manufactorum.  These guys are crazy awesome!

Adepticon 2010 is ON!

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Adepticon 2010 is ON! We are on the premises, shooting tons of photos, getting loads of batreps and interviews, and Jwolf, Darkwynn and the rest are battling their way through the Gladiator as we speak.

40K Lore: Meet the High Lords of Terra

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Hey everyone, Just_Me again with a new Warhammer 40k background-fluff piece for you folks to consider, let’s give some thought to the High Lords of Terra.

40K NEWS: Forgeworld IA-8, Stompa Upgrades & More

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Forgeworld has just announced several more upcoming products that will be available to see at the upcoming FW Openday on March 28th.  Lets check them out:

40K Tactics: Imperial Guard Basilisks

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The release of the latest Imperial Guard codex opened up a wealth of heavy armour possibilities for all you ‘Treadheads’ out there. The Leman Russ variants took centre stage, but for me, it’s the artillery that really shine. Only one of these is available 'off-the-shelf' for now (although this may change), and it has recently received a minor revamp and reboxing, of course, this is the Basilisk.

March 25, 2010

Wargames Gallery 3-25-10

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Sometimes a table and army paintscheme go perfect together.
You can almost feel the frost.

Slitherqueen- Waterbugz Converted Hive Tyrant

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Hey everyone. I'm back with what I think is my best Tyranid conversion to date; The Slitherqueen.  This baddie will be the leader of my Waterbugz as they decimate the Ultramar sector, or at least central Virginia lol.  Well as you can see I used the same theme as my Slitherfexes, but added some armor plating on the front.

Flames of War: Who are the Russians

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“We are prepared to pay the price!”

This statement really symbolizes the spirit of the Russian army in this game. The Soviet army had a rebirth during the midwar period and rose into something fierce for late-war.  Lets take a look:

40K RUMORS: Spearhead Models Latest

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So various new kits have been added to the Spearhead model mix since the initial list of kits rumored to be in the June release slot.  Here are the latest contenders:

40K TACTICS: Land Raider: Wall Of Steel

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Could there be a more iconic image of Space Marines then the Land Raider? Can you play Space Marines and not play a Land Raider? Is there nothing more satisfying in the game then crashing that ‘raider though terrain and unloading those assault terminators into the heart of your opponent?

March 24, 2010

Wargames Gallery 3-24-10

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Pic submitted by: Brian Nero

"In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only camping" 
Caption Contest: Camping edition

FANTASY: Skaven at Adepticon!

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Skaven at Adepticon!

WOW , lets just say WPS comp scoring (pdf download) used at Adepticon for Fantasy is pretty brutal to a lot of armies. Lets take a look at the Skaven list I'm bringing. I was planning to play Tomb Kings all year ,but, if I wanted any chance for the Adept Championship Overall my negative scoring Tomb Kings would not be allowed. The 4 tunnelers in my army was giving me a rather huge hit on the scale. I looked over the sheet and rested on Warriors for awhile. WPS does not account for the chosen deathstar...I don't really have a lot of fun playing against or fielding the chosen deathstar so I finally landed on skaven.

Warmachine Teaser: Feora Theme Force

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Hi guys!  Yet another great teaser peek exclusive from Privateer Press just for you BoLS readers.  Today we have the first unveiling of Feora, Protector of the Flame's theme list. Take a look.

40K BATTLE REPORT: Blood Angels vs Space Marines (Video)

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Hi everybody.

The BoLS video battlereports continue. Today we have our very first Batrep using the new Blood Angel codex! BushidoRedPanda brings out the Sons of Sanguinius to face down Mike's Space Marine army. Astartes vs Astartes, who shall prevail? Also, the dreaded Catbus-Rhino returns...

BoLS YouTube Channel (check us out)

~Comments are welcome guys! You can expect many more battle reports and videos featuring all aspects of the hobby from your favorite writers, and more. Get on in there and let us know what you liked, wanted to see me improve, and of course Monday-morning quarterbacking is always great fun after a battle report.

40K Editorial: This is Not 1984

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This is not 1984
A guest column by Reese Robbins 
Big brother is not watching you.

You are not required to agree with everything that you read. Each of us as a gamer has been gifted with a mind, so we all need to use them for the betterment of the hobby.

It is easy to repeat what is said most often and most loudly by pundits on the internet, but majority does not always make right. Simply cheering when others cheer or booing when others boo does not help the community. I am not saying that we must all give each other hugs and wear kid gloves, just that it is a good thing to look at things with an open mind and make decisions based upon our own experiences.

The average gamer plays only in a limited geographic area against a relatively limited pool of players and lists. For this reason, most gamers’ real world experience with many of the near limitless lists that exist in a game with as many variables as 40K or Fantasy is small. For most people, the closest they come to the supposed super lists we hear of is simply reading about them on the internet. We can all theorize about what we see and read, however theory only take us so far. The game must be played and theories must be tested in order to see what actually works in reality and what simply looks good on paper. Claiming a list or tactic is good when you have not actually tried it or seen it played, is not helping the overall gaming community or progressing play.

Experience trumps theory.

So allow yourself to acknowledge the possibility that other gamers play the game differently than you may be used to and that they may very well be successful in doing so. You do not have to agree with everything everyone says of course, vigorous back and forth is what moves ideas forward and improves them. But to dismiss something out of hand only limits you. If no one proposed new ideas we would never progress.

It never ceases to amaze me to see how creative players find new ways to win that I had previously not considered. By maintaining an open mind, you allow yourself to continuously grow and improve as a player. As soon as you think you know everything, you stop learning and stagnate. Players that retain an open mind will be able to consistently learn new tactics and improve.

Tournaments are a great way to expose yourself to new play styles, lists and players. They are fun events that draw the best talent in the gaming world. They form the only baseline for determining what works and what does not against skilled, competitive players as these events occur in the reality of the game, not simply in theory. And for those who say tournaments prove nothing, then please explain how exactly one is to prove who is a good player and what ideas work? The answer to that is that there is no other way. Saying tournaments count for nothing is like saying the Super Bowl doesn’t prove who the best (American) Football team was that year. Sure some teams may have been better on paper (I’m a Chargers fan, I know this line of thinking all too well) but the reality of the situation is that you have to prove you are the best by playing the game. Nothing else matters.

If you were to believe what is touted on the net as the best lists without question, you would expect to see tournament results indicative of this, with nothing but the “best” lists in the rankings. If you follow the results you will see that this is almost never the case. Good players regularly win with lists that fall outside the bounds of conventional wisdom. Let’s take a look at a few recent tournament results in terms of battle points (games won):

2009 Mechanicon (1,850 pts):

Top battle points: Jeff Payne: Eldar.

Second: Casey Campbell: Chaos Daemons.

Third: Nick Nanavati: Nids.

Tied for fourth: Chris Dubuque (GO Jawaballs!!!): Blood Angels and Rob Baer: Imperial Guard

Note: Not what you would expect, and not all Mech. Armies many consider to be weak were performing well.

2010 Broadside Bash GT (5 games 2,000 pts):

Top Battle Points: Toby Walker: Foot Eldar.

Second: Brad Townsend: Spave Wolves (Long Fang and Razorback heavy).

Third: Dave Fay: Pure Death Guard Chaos Space Marines (no lash, no oblits).

Fourth: Steve Sisk: Space Marines bike army with Scout Bikers, and Land Speeder Storms, also won best overall.

Fifth: John Herman: Mechanized Imperial Guard

Note: Mech IG, while representing 7 of the 45 armies present, had only one army in the top 10 in battle points. And again, not all mech lists in the top spots, showing unconventional armies performing well including Foot Eldar and Bike Marines, both of whom went undefeated.

2010 UK GT

“For those of you that don’t know, UK GW's GT is 6 games at 1500 points, and you play in 3 “heats” in the fall to qualify for the finals that was held last weekend. There is no comp, no sports and no painting scores so it is battle points with victory points as the tie-breaker.

They had a lot better spread of armies than they have had in the past, Lash Chaos is still a very good combo no matter how people say that Mech stop it (the Oblits just blast you out of your tanks).

The Tyranid codex is still new, and there were only 2 tyranid players there that finished in the middle of the pack.

There were 2 surprises though. The first is that there was no IG in the top 10. Maybe it is not as good at 1500 points. The other surprise was that there was a necron player in the top 10, which goes to show you that every codex has a list that can win if you are good enough player.”

Thanks to Blackmoor for sharing these figures and his commentary.

1:Chaos: 2 lash 6 oblit raider army.
2: Chaos: 2 lash 9 oblit army.
3: Space wolves, With 3 rune priests, 2 Squads of long fangs, 4 units of tooled up grey hunters.
4: Space Marines
5: Necrons: Lord on destroyer, 6 wraiths, monolith, 5 destroyers, 7 immortals, some warriors.
6: Chaos: Khorne daemon prince, 2 raiders, 2 rhinos, 3 units of zerkers + Khorne terminators
7: Chaos Daemons: Fate Crusher
8: Orks
9: Orks
10: Eldar

Not the typical armies that one would consider to be “the best.” A good player can and will win with any army.

This is a running compilation of tournament results, thanks to Fetterkey for compiling this.

February 5th-7th, 2010: Gottacon (1,750 points, 44 players, sports/paint/"bonus," no comp):
1st most Battle Points (2nd Overall): Imperial Guard (Doug Lawrence)
2nd most Battle Points (5th Overall): Chaos Dæmons (Daniel Hope)
3rd most Battle Points (1st Overall): Eldar (Bryce Jensen)

January 15th-17th, 2010: Seattle Conquest Slaughter GT (2,000 points, 77 players, sports/paint, no comp):
1st most Battle Points (1st Overall): Chaos Space Marines (Chase Lindo)
2nd most Battle Points (2nd Overall): Space Marines (Zen Zheng)

January 16th-17th, 2010: Toywiz Conflict GT (1750 points, 30 players, comp/sports/presentation):
Most Battle Points (and Best Overall): Imperial Guard (Alexander Fennell)
2nd most Battle Points (8th Overall): Fatecrusher Dæmons (Jeff Omundson)
3rd most Battle Points (2nd Overall): Blood Angels (Chris "Jawaballs" Dubuque)

Again, we see players winning with a wide variety of armies, not all mechanized, and several armies considered to be lower tier if one follows conventional thinking.

Wild West Shootout GT

The results page is down, but I know Blackmoor won with his Eldar.

First Place: Foot Eldar

2009 Adepticon 40K Circuit Invitational

It took a little digging to find this info, so thanks to Muwhe for helping me out with this.

1 White, Brian: Chaos Space Marines
2 Chester, Brad: Chaos Demons
3 Reidy, Thomas: Orks (goatboy)
4 Kim, Bill: Chaos Demons
5 Murphy, Paul: Orks
6 Hermann, John: Eldar
7 Twitchell, Mike: Unknown
8 Cook, Justin: Tyranids
9 Kallend, Alex: Unknown
10 Mohlie, Ben: Imperial Space Marines Variant

AdeptiCon 40k Championship

1 Flores, Christian: Space Wolves
2 Bajramovic, Alan: Orks
3 Walsh, Mike: Unknown
4 Arneson, Ragnar: Chaos Space marines
5 Bostedt, Colin: Chaos Space Marines
6 Farrell, Kevin: Chaos Space Marines
7 DeVries, Tyler: Chaos Daemons
8 Wolf, Jonathan: Imperial Guard (jwolf)
9 McRoberts, Shane: Daemonhunters
10 Swanson, Gregory: Imperial Space Marines Variant

There are some surprises again, JWolf placing top 10 with Imperial Guard (4th Edition book which was terrible in 5th ed rules) and Deamonhunters, which takes some real stones to play at a tournament like Adepticon. In the invitational, two of the top three armies are not Mech, again showing that you do not have to go with conventional wisdom to play competitively and win.

The point of all of this is that the game is wide open and that you should not limit yourself to sticking to the status quo. By expanding your expectations to encompass new ideas, you only improve your skill and increase your enjoyment of the game. The reason we see “weak” armies performing well at tournaments is because player skill and experience factors into the equation in a way that theory and math hammer can not quantify. Therefore, in the end it is the player, not the list that matters, although the list is a big factor. Ultimately each gamer must think for him or herself and determine what works for them and what does not. Do not get caught up in the Emperor’s New Clothes Mentality of agreeing with the majority as to the merit or fault of an idea without seeing evidence.

Wouldn’t you rather win a tournament with Grey Knights than Mech Guard? In order to do it you must first believe that you can. Make your own way and reap the rewards of success. Far better that than sitting on the sidelines making claims you do not support with actions. The ones that count are those that step into the ring and compete and try their own ideas, even if they fail to win.

While champions are remembered, no one ever erected a statue for a critic.

March 23, 2010

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