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April 30, 2010

Wargames Gallery 4-30-10

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Pic submitted by Andrew Sudbury

There's no school like the Old School

40K RUMORS: Dark Eldar Mini Details

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The first batch of Dark Eldar model rumors are making the rounds... Yummy! They are said to be VERY CLOSE to the warrior shown on p.174 of the warhammer 40k rulebook.

Wargaming ASKEW: Behavior Modification

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I am pretty whinny person when it comes down to it. I whine about paying car insurance. I whine about having to walk up three flights of stairs to my condo. I whine almost daily about how terrible the new Clash of the Titans movie was. I even whine sometimes playing 40k. Worse, the better you get to know me, chances of me whining increase. My whining though revolves around things I cannot control-- like rolling 6s all the time.

I remember I was 11 when I started the dark journey into wargaming. At that point if the dice wouldn't go my way I would often curse and throw mini tantrums. Still I would never get violent towards my opponent. I might throw the dice across the room or break one of my own models. Of course as I got older I matured into the happy-go-lucky guy you can find today.

Nowadays I am pretty much play fast and loose. Occasionally in competitive play I might get a little uptight if you don't know the rules. I didn't know at the time that showing grown men the rules can cause some to cry. Made only more tragic (funny) when they are like 6'4 and had a good 100 pounds heavier than you. Anyway I digress.

I do think there is a point somewhere... so I was wondering the Interweb this week, I came across a thread asking gamers if they had ever been kicked out of their local gaming store or gaming circles. I found it amazing that not only did people had stories of being kicked out, but just how violent some of them were. One in chap in particular regaled how he'd been kicked out of two different stores and would be arrested if he went to a third.

This guy got in a fist fight for the first store. Threw a metal figure at another person's head for the second one. Then, attempted a throat choke against a bystander for trying to "steal" one of his figures. Regardless if this is just an Internet tall-tale for attention, many other stories had similar tones. I just could not imagine this sort of thing was even possible. I mean there are win at all costs players and then there is criminal behavior-- I never knew they could be so close.

Then I thought of a tournament I attended awhile back. I remember my final game got done before the top table had finished. So I went over to watch as a silent spectator. What I saw blew my mind. Never had I seen such a verbally abusive game in my life. I was having flashbacks to Heathers and Pump up the Volume movie moments-- minus the Christian Slater. It was the big kid picking on the little kid, only difference was these were adults!

It was obvious that one person wanted to win more than the other. The big guy started off by accusing the little guy of all things that anyone would consider makes a bad player. From not knowing rules, to cheating, to slow play and everything in between.

What was worse, anytime things would go the bug guy's way he would fist bump and curse down at the little guy. The big guy was such a tool, even though he played by the rules I still got the same feelings I get from watching a total cheater. To top it off he added in some racial epithets for good measure. I stood in silent horror as everything transpired.

The little guy kept his head low saying he was sorry anytime the big guy raged. The big guy ended up winning the game only because the little guy forgot to move a model in the final turn. Something I sure he would have remember if he was not badgered for the entire game. I should have said something and stand up for the little guy, but rules of non-interference prevented me.

So now seeing such behavior first hand I wonder does the big guy knows what he is doing? That he is drives away players he might want to play? Does the little guy know this sort of WAAC player is few and far between? Should the observer step in? All anyone wants is to have fun and people who might have problems with losing need to either pick a different game or learn to treat everyone with a little more respect. You'd think it would be that simple...

What kind of bad behavior you've seen on the table top? What has been your reaction to bad behavior by your fellow gamers. How do you react when treated poorly? If you want more abuse come and visit

40k EDITORIAL: Why Do You Hate Special Characters?

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So lets get down with it.  Since the advent of Codex Space Marines we have seen the "new style" of army twisting Special Characters that let you build variant armies.  This new philosophy has not only created a lot of variant lists but a lot of somewhat cookie cutter IC-based lists.  So why so much hate in the community?

April 29, 2010

Wargames Gallery 4-29-10

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I really want to model cowboy hats on those riders...
Caption contest, rodeo edition!  YEE HAW!!!

WARMACHINE: Thoughts on Vice Scrutator Vindictus

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Gentleben here to give you my post battle review of the Protectorate of Menoth's newest Warcaster. Lets get started:

WFB: Deathstars Part Two: Warriors of Chaos

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Deathstars Part Two: Warriors of Chaos

By Revenant

The WoC deathstar is somewhat random. Since, it involves dice rolls to reveal its full potential there are times when you can kill or cripple it before it becomes unstoppable. Lets see what makes it tick.

40k Lore: The Eldar Pantheon and the Old Ones

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Wait, wasn’t that supposed to be Eldar gods?  Oops…  Although we are talking about the Old Ones, and that seems about right...

40K: Fear The 'Leaper!

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Fritz here, and having recently been spotted playing Tyrands I wanted to say that hands down I think the biggest MVP in the new codex is Deathleaper. Let me share with you some bullet points on how I’m using him in my games…

April 28, 2010

Wargames Gallery 4-28-10

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Brother Custer's Last Stand

Hobby: Wrecked Vehicle Markers

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Written by: RealGenius

Today is a quick tip that I've been trying to post for quite a while.  Ever since I saw the huge explosion markers in the Apocalypse book I wanted to duplicate that look on a smaller scale for wrecked vehicle markers.  Here's a quick run-down on how I built the markers.

FoW REVIEW : Dogs & Devils Campaign Book (video)

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Hi guys, lets take a quick look at the Flames of War "Dogs & Devils Europe" campaign book. This is the latest Late-War book due out from Battlefront covering the Anzio landings and Italian campaign. Let's take a look.

40K BATTLE REPORT: BAs vs BAs (Video)

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Hi everybody.

The BoLS video battlereports continue. Today we have Darkwynn taking (bigred's ancient) Blood Angels out on the field against everyone's favorite Goat and his Blood Angel army. Can Darkwynn's aged models hold the line versus the Goatboy's brand spanking new army? Can Goatboy ever learn manners and public speaking (you've been warned)? Enquiring minds want to know!

40K RUMORS: Dark Eldar Whispers

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Let it begin...  Here's what we've been hearing from the voices in the wind regarding the Dark Eldar.

April 27, 2010

Wargames Gallery 4-27-10

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Pic submitted by Ben Zagami

Not wanting to be left out, the Orks present:
Tony StOrk - Iron Nob!
How many of you guys do paint up minis as superheroes?

40K Conversion - Looted Guard Executioner, Chimeras

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With the release of Blood Angels I'm trying to tune up my Looted Guard Army. So I've added a few more units with the hopes of dashing the advance of the ReD SpAze MaRinZe.

Warmachine Teaser: Cryx Mortenebra Theme Force

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Hi guys!  Yet another great teaser peek exclusive from Privateer Press just for you BoLS readers.  Today we have the first unveiling of Cryx's Master Necrotech Mortenebra's theme list. Take a look.

GW: Alessio Exits Stage Right...

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As of Friday (April 23rd) , Alessio Cavatore, has parted ways with Games Workshop.  This veteran member of the Design Studio has left notice on his Facebook page.

EDITORIAL: Repetition Versus Redundancy

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Jwolf here. One of the major arguments Goatboy and I have is based on the difference between repetition and redundancy. Goatboy, if you look at his lists, likes repetition. I generally go for heavy redundancy without little to no repetition.  Lets dig deeper:

April 26, 2010

Wargames Gallery 4-26-10

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Brandon Palmer's stunning "Skallywaggin" CSM army

"Under the sea..."
Dare we mix a Disney with CSMs?  I think so...

Hobby: Crater Making 101

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Hey guys, Col here to give you the run down on easy to make craters!

WFB RUMORS: 8th Edition Rumor Roundup

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A lot of stuff has been floating around out there regarding Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition. Lets take a look at the latest collated info:

40K: List Building 101 - Part 3: Support & Damaging Units

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40K: List building 101
by Reece Robbins

This article is intended to help new players build effective army lists in 40K, over the course of a 4 part series.  This is the third part part covering support and damage-dealing units.  You can find part 1 here and part 2 here.  Lets forge ahead.

Goatboy 40k Thoughts: Which Space Marine are You?

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We now have 3 brand new Space Marine variant codexes for us to choose from. Each flavor of 8 foot tall super human plays differently. So the question is what marine variant are you?

April 25, 2010

Wargames Gallery 4-25-10

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Movie quote-along contest...GO!

40k Book Review: Flesh and Iron

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Yet another new Black Library novel has made its way into my possession, and after reading it, I figured I might as well tell you folk what I think of Henry Zou's latest.

Editorial: Why We Play

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Why is it we yell so loudly for official FAQ's?  Why is it people will give up an entire game they've played for years simply because of one army book, or even one specific build-type within that book?

40K Tactics: Blood Angels Armylists

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Mr. Black here, join me as we take a look at some of the diverse armylists available in Codex: Blood Angels.

40K SNEAK PEEK: New Eldar FirePrism & NightSpinner (pics)

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Woohoo, check out whats been screaming across the internet this evening...  Looks like the Eldar are getting a couple of sexy new toys for the June Spearhead release.

Fire Prism
Night Spinner

So who likes them apples?

April 24, 2010

Wargames Gallery 4-24-10

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This army just looks awesome!
Caption contest, GO!

40K Open Thread: The Marine Assault Squad

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Here's a quick one for you all to chew around on a fine Saturday.  Marine Assault Squads.

FLAMES of WAR NEWS: Early War coming in August

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Big news from Battlefront this weekend.  Coming this August is the unveiling of the much anticipated Early-War setting, with a big "Bliztkrieg" campaign book and a slew of product codes.  Here's the details:

ODDBALL: Grand Moff Tarkin Paints Minis Better than You! (Video)

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We are in good company my friends. You have GOT to see this video of late British actor Peter Cushing (best remembered in America for playing Grand Moff Tarkin in Star Wars) collecting, painting, and playing miniatures and wargames.

40K Hobby: Making Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons

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I've always been a fan of both Tzeentch and the Thousand Sons, originally through the seduction of Chaos-themed armies in my earlier gaming years, but more recently with the original legion's reinvention through the Horus Heresy series. I've been itching for an excuse to build some pre-Heresy Thousand Sons for a while, so here's my first venture into the path of the sorceror!

April 23, 2010

Wargames Gallery 4-23-10

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Pic submitted by Darvinho

Tony Stark: Playboy, multi-millionaire, genius, Techmarine!
Caption contest, GO!

40k Tactics: Better Know a Necron - Necron Lords

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Codex: Necrons is one of the more misunderstood codexes in 40k, so I've come up with my newest series of articles "Better Know a Necron" to help people better understand these misconceived robots.

Deathstars Part One: Vampire Counts

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Deathstars Part One: Vampire Counts
By Revenant
Yes, they do exist. And they are quite intimidating if you have never faced them before. In this four part article series I will describe some of the more popular deathstars and how to fight them on the field.

Wargaming ASKEW: A Common Sense Solution

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I seem to come here for all my problems. I have a problem with Cosplay I told you about. I have a problem with GW employees I just couldn't help myself. Well I have another problem. Now my problem involves the Internet and listening to common sense.

The Internet just begs me to play with it. It is like here Tasty don't you want to see some more Chad Vader I hear it is good again? Or the Internet is like hey did you know that Iceland is on the Mid Atlantic Ridge divergent boundary? It also tells me stuff like what Lady Gaga is wearing and how many times Heidi Montag has been under the knife... if I looked at that sort of thing.

You know what it also does? It gives everyone a voice and in the world of Wargaming that is both powerful and sometimes dangerous. Getting caught in the siren's call as you jump between forums and blogs looking for advice to better your game playing experience is alluring. Things though can go horribly wrong.

The majority of people drinking the bandwidth of this sweet Internet you would never know were even looking. They are lurking about-- plugged in, but not engaged. So when you read this or any other place where us cyber jocks congregate you have to understand that maybe 10% if you are lucky dare to comment.

For most of you this isn't news, but for someone like me I often forget that very important fact. Really think about it. When you go to a forum and see some dude with 28,000 posts you have to wonder just how big the community really is or how long he's been using Adderall. All it really tells you is that we have some really devoted folks.

What about the nameless 1000s that are never heard? It might be really scary for those guys, seeing names like Slavetosasquatch or Sweetzombiejesus. You begin to wonder is our view of Wargaming skewed by that 10% that have an itch to share their opinion? An ego can come big or small; from a forum troll that commands authority by his post count to the blogger that is a master of his own domain.

This is not to say Sweetzombiejesus doesn't have anything to say. Far from it Sweetzombiejesus I am sure gets out reads his rule books, plays his games, and comes back to share his enlighten theories. Sometimes, but not often a few Sweetzombiejesuses drown out other voices or create a voice so strong it sucks in everyone into their sweet siren song. Often, I even get caught up in the siren song lulling me to my doom.

It is when I pause and think of the nameless guy just reading along, looking for that little nugget of advice to take home and try on his buddies. Maybe not understanding the context from which it came nor the its proper application. He can find himself sorely disappointed. Sweetzombiejesus might have the best of intentions, but what he is singing can often hurt more than help. So what can the nameless possibly do?

Stop listening and start playing. Whatever the Internet tells you stay outside that accretion disc otherwise you will be pulled in. Wargaming has too many variables. No matter how good the advice is or how true it can be; there is no better substitute than actually playing the games you love. The best advice comes from those that beat your little plastic men to a bloody pulp, not a faceless screen name telling you something is epic fail. Find out for yourself otherwise you are giving in to the Internet's naughtier half.

What are the best websites for Wargaming? What Internet advice have you gotten that totally backfired on you? What is the best way to become a better player? As always you are welcome to journey to the naughtier side of the 40k at Blood of Kittens.

EDITORIAL: Wargaming Melancholy and it's Cures

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Melencolia I - Albrecht Durer, 1513 

So you love wargaming.  You love it like sunshine, and spring rain...until you don't.  Eventually all of us hit the wall for a myriad of reasons, and struggle to rekindle the fire of wargaming.  Here are a few tips I use to get back in the groove:

April 22, 2010

Wargames Gallery 4-22-10

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Pic submitted by Jeremy Reese

Those xenos scum Tau are popping up everywhere
Caption contest, GO!

Goatboy 40k: I been painting Nids and Goat Angels

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My Goat Angels have finally reached their initial finished stage. As I normally do with any army, I just painted a bunch of stuff and figure out what I like after throwing some dice and minis across the table. So I wanted to post up some of the newer stuff I have worked on to complete the army as well as some Nid stuff I finished for some clients.

This is my initial librarian. Goat Angel leaders are based in white armor. The leaders are the closest to the Great Goat and they are separate from the initial Goat hordes. Space Goats are from the same breed, but have reverted to an older way of living. Thus the push towards the old Priesthood of the Great Goat. This also lets me cross build my army between both sets and lets me experiment with crazy army builds with less need to build and paint an otherwise worthless model.

I went with an otherwise orky style design on the Baals. The Space Goats are not the cleaniest of builders, thus the kinda ram shackled nature of some of their units. The first Baal was built by a local convertor. The second one was me goofing around with all the random Chaos bits I have as well as extra ork turrets I have from all my Battle Wagons. Quad linked for the win eh?

Here is the first Vindicator. I have another one in a box and will most likely look sorta the same as this one. I have found that using a small chain from the jewelry section of a bead or hobby store is a great way to give a cool look to your minis. The chain can be held in place by small dabs of super glue and can be easily placed around anything. You can always make flying chain by putting in the super glue and quickly activating it with any of the quick set activators.

Here is my honor guard. Obviously you can see some of the leaders within it that have white in their armor. I didn't want to go with the gold, as it just doesn't seem to scream goat enough for me. Plus all their accents and metal for the most part is gold so I didn't think painting a fully gold guy as something worth wile. I still might do it as Darkwynn will give me crap for not being all blinged out. I went with flamers as I am always jealous of the IG players that coat my guys in 4 gouts of flame from their happy little box of doom.

I really like dreadnoughts, so when the Blood Angels book came out with all the dreadnought options I was very excited. The Death Company Dread was painted white to symbolize being fully engulfed in the Goat Rage. Thus it is close to the Great Goat like the leader models in the army. The two other dreads are my Librarian dreads. The axe arms are from Warmachine Khador Juggernaut kit and really give the model a crazy look. I went with a crazy shield arm that resembles a gladiator arm. You can blame watching Spartacus: Blood and Sand for that one. The arms are magnetized on the Death Dread as I usually run him with Blood Talons

Right now the current build thoughts for the Goat Angels is another Ghetto Razorback as I call them. I originally built them for my Space Goats as a way to let me test and play with just about any build options from the Rhino to the internet darling Las/Plas Razorback. I shoot from the back middle hatch as that is where a normal Razorback would be. I just think the upfront design makes more sense as a way to still hold guys in the back.

Finally enough of my mix and matching army building I have some Tyranid stuff I painted for a client in Australia. The Tervigons are a pretty simple build design that just take bits from the Trygon/Mawloc box (arms) and the extra back plates from the Carnifex. I use the spike one for the top and then glue the hole one on the chest. From there I green stuff/Epoxy around the chest to increase the size and then add in a chest plate from a Warrior/Ravener kit. The Mawloc is basic without anything too crazy on it.

This is it for Full of Monkey painting and Goatboy. Currently on the block is some more IG stuff for a Spain client, more Nids that are in a dirty Arctic style, as well as another Tervigon conversion for a local client. Fun stuff as usual for Goatboy and the crew over at Full of Monkey.
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