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May 31, 2010

Wargames Gallery 5-31-10

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Godzilla quotes caption contest..GO!

FOW PRIMER: Movin' On Up (Part I)

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DNiR here with the second-ever installment of FoW Primer, this time focusing on the Movement Step!  I hope you enjoyed the Primer on the Starting Step and will do my best to incorporate your feedback going forward.

Warmachine Tactica: The Widowmaker Marksmen

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One Shot, One Kill: The Widowmaker Marksmen
The Widowmaker Marksmen


Just like his less experienced brothers (and sisters) the Widowmaker Marksmen is a sharpshooter with high RAT, however he brings a POW 12 weapon to the party that will keep solos and UA's on their toes. I think he a ton of applications that don't immediately jump out, most of them become more apparent as you team him up with other parts of your army (more on this later!).

Stats, abilities

The biggest thing that stands out on the marksmen is his exceptional RAT. It's one point higher than our already accurate Widowmakers. He will hit most things and can stay on the move while doing it. Even high defensive models will sweat it out when he stands still for an aiming bonus. He also brings 5 damage boxes to the table, which can be nice is AOE's are heading his way. Also of note his his speed. When paired with Swift Hunter he can be quite mobile.

Speaking of Swift Hunter, as long as other Widowmakers will gain this ability when in his control area. This effectively makes their threat range 16" as they can shoot and back up (if they kill something of course). One big benefit of the marksmen is his stealth ability. With his extremely long range weapon he can remain fairly safe as long as AOEs aren't thrown his way. Even then the change of rolling a 1 on the scatter is low and if they are throwing AOE's at him, then something else in your army isn't taking the hit. Seeing as Khador has many more immediate threats in their army this problem usually doesn't come up much.

Finally I will touch on sniper very quickly. He has the ability to choose where he puts his damage on warjacks and warbeasts, or can simply deal 1 point of damage (which he can also chose where it goes). At first this doesn't seem like much, but he can reliably damage light jacks, especially arc nodes (I'm looking at you Cryx) and when teamed with Widowmakers they have a great shot at knocking out crucial boxes.

Just like Widowmakers he also comes with Advance Deploy. I typically use this to simply place him last rather than in front of my army. This makes sure hes in the right place to take out his targets.


Widowmakers - This is a fairly obvious choice as he grants them Swift Hunter when in his command range. As well as giving them swift hunter it can be another auto damage point to jacks or solos that require that magical 5 damage to bring down.


Matching him up with any of the above is awesome and is almost always in any army I built. When you hit a heavy jack with one of the above you are usually a few boxes away from taking out systems. The widowmaker with his PS 12 gun on average can do a few points of damage to a heavy, and a moderate amount to a light. This will often be enough to cripple systems. A great boon and something the enemy usually won't see coming. I personal field a "detachment" of a `Jack Marshaled Destroyer with widowmakers + marksmen backing them up. I run them on the opposite side of the field and chew away at flanking units/jacks/solos. The Destroyer with power booster and `Jack Marshal can fire a boosted to hit and damage shell every round followed by the hail of 1 point damage can really cause headaches to an opponents jacks.


He is actually a great solo to throw Fire for Effect on. His ability to choose where he damages can mean some pretty crippling shots on warjacks. Solos will also run for the hills. He can also hide with other infantry and shoot through them taking out key solos, just be wary of AOE's getting throw their way, or arc lightning.


Similar to eIrusk but for one round he can help lay on some crucial damage during the feat turn.


Everyone benefits from Signs and Portents, the widowmaker marksmen is no exception, especially with the sniper ability.


Inhospitable Ground is awesome and greatly increases his survivability as enemies trying to run to engage him will find themselves short staring down the barrel of his gun.

Lady Aiyanna and Master Holt

These guys greatly increase the hitting power of the Marksmen. If they can Harm a unit hes targeting its almost like having boosted damage rolls against them. Very handy especially with the Destroyer/Widowmaker combo I mentioned earlier.

~ I love the marksmen. Where as the Manhunter can be sort of a one time missile, the Widowmaker Marksmen can keep laying on the pain in crucial areas from the safety of 14 inches away. I almost use him with every caster I play as I can always find a use for him. Lately I've even been taking him over the Manhunter and it's been working out very well. I hope this helps anyone thinking about using him! Feel free to add your own thoughts and ideas! As always if you have any questions feel free to drop me a line at, or come swing by First Rank, Second Rank!

Goatboy's 40k Thoughts: How to Best Use My Threat.

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Goatboy here again, talking about some 40k theory this time. We all know that each of our units presents a threat to our opponent. Whether it is the threat of an over achieving assault, massed fire power, or just someone that can sit on an objective forever and be a pain in the rear throughout the game. Each of our army choices have distinct threat characteristics that we want to utilize to the best of our abilities.

Memorial Day

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Today is Memorial Day, and across the United States between the manic vacations, and shopping sprees, one can still find information on its origin and meaning.

May 30, 2010

Wargames Gallery 5-30-10

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All the sistas in the house say HEY!!!
Caption contest

Jawaballs Battle Report: Blood Angels vs Ultramarines

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I have managed to get in quite a few games lately, and I thought I would share the most recent. On a recent Sunday I had the pleasure of playing my buddy Ultrabob and his Ultramarines.

Warmachine Poll: King of the Hill Faction Edition

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We have a fun one this Sunday afternoon gang.  Warmachine has really taken off since the reboot of Mark II Prime thie January, and from across the country we are hearing reports of lots of enthusiastic players dipping thier toes in the Privateer Press waters in thier local FLGSs.

Wargaming Through the Eyes of Julius Caesar

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Wargaming through the Eyes of Julius Caesar
A series by Todd V. Ehrenfels

This is the second in a series of examinations of how traditional military thinkers can help us as players of various types of wargames. The idea of these articles is to provide both new and veteran players with sage advice that has echoed down the ages and still influences modern tactical, strategic, and logistical thinking.

19th Hole - Chaos Daemons - “Daemons-R-Us”

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The 19th Hole
Chaos Daemons “Daemons-R-Us”

With the second wave of the daemon miniatures coming out I figured I would have a 19th Hole article around the denizens of the Warp. They should have had the release of the models probably 9 months ago but at least Games Workshop got them out. The list I have for you today can be mixed and matched around. If you want to run Fateweaver you can drop Skarbrand and drop a model from one of the Daemonettes squads or you can drop the big hitters and go run four heralds all the way across. The list can be scaled down and up depending on point size very nicely and will have its hitters in it also. Now to the list…

Daemons-R-Us (2000 points)


Fiends of Slaanesh x5
Fiends of Slaanesh x5
Fiends of Slaanesh x5

Daemonettes of Slaanesh x 10
Daemonettes of Slaanesh x 10

Plaguebearers of Nurgle x5
Plaguebearers of Nurgle x5
Plaguebearers of Nurgle x5
Plaguebearers of Nurgle x5

Seekers of Slaanesh x 10 with transfixing gaze
Seekers of Slaanesh x 10 with transfixing gaze

Soul Grinder with Tongue
Soul Grinder with Tongue

Army Overview
The list focuses on speed and going straight for the throat and overwhelming your opponent. I have run this list before with Fatewaver deep striking as the core of Fiends around himself. This makes sure they will take minimal damage and they can engage the line but it can really take the fun out of a game for an opponent when you start making all of your saves. Now that being said I wanted to try something different and run Skarbrand because he has fleet and the aura which allows everyone to reroll miss in melee and against vehicles. The first wave should be Skarbrand, Fiends, Seekers and one Soul Grinder. This should allow you to deep strike pretty much anywhere and engage next turn with your opponent. If they are going to reserve its still great for you as you’re able to move around the board quickly since you most of your troops move like beasts and have fleet. With the ability to rend, your high initiative and your high number of attacks you really shouldn’t be worried about anyone in melee expect for 2+ save type models but you should be able to rend and make them roll ones by sheer number of attacks.

Tactics and Tips
When you deploy the first wave you need to pick a side and just commit to it with everything you have and deepstrike past the enemy line into their back field. Send Skarbrand after tanks or characters so he can instant kill them in melee. Toughness 5 guys like thunder wolf Calvary you might want to ignore or attack them with support from Fiends or Seekers. Fiends will still be the core of the list as they will be able to take out pretty much anything including tanks but they will get whittled away after time. The Seekers are great screens for them and they can keep up while dealing with regular infantry. If you have a unit of Seekers and Fiends charge any unit from small elite to horde size unit they should do enough damage to wipe them or cripple the unit. They will have 75 attacks on the charge with rerolls from Skarbrand and then you’re looking for rends followed by just crazy numbers of saves that are needed by the victims. Your Soul Grinders are there to go after tanks or specialized units that don’t have the ability to destroy AV targets such as Land Raiders, Sanguinor, Grey Hunters with mark of wulfen, Lootas , and models that really just don’t have anything over strength 7. This should be a fun list as both you and your opponent are going to be interacting with each other, with both rolling tons of dice and just having fun.

That is this week’s list, now remember you can tweak and change it if you want for a softer game and there are things you can do to make it harder but its your choice at the end to use it… Otherwise I’d love to hear your thoughts on its design as well as you own tweaks and advice. If you have any special requests for next week's lists, let’s hear them or you can message me or put up your own Chaos Daemons lists for discussions on the BoLS Lounge. Darkwynn out!

May 29, 2010

Wargames Gallery 5-29-10

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"Pic submitted by: Nick

"I've never fought a blunderbuss before"
Caption contest

40k Hobby: Battlefield in a Box - River Expansions

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Hey everyone, today I've got a few pieces of the pre-constructed, pre-painted terrain from Gale Force 9.  We already had an un-altered set so we decided to add some grass to this one.

40K NEWS: Ultramarines Movie Teaser LIVE NOW

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Those guys over at Codex Pictures have put up their first movie teaser for the upcoming Ultramarines Movie.  Go check it out.

Lure of the Expanse: A Rogue Trader Review

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~A guest review by Fnordopolis

Lure of the Expanse contains three adventures for Rogue Traders. Each of these adventures can be run as a standalone adventure in an ongoing Rogue Trader game, but I think that they work best run one after the other, with encounters in one adventure allowing for a smooth transition to the next, providing ample hooks, crooks, and opportunities to increase the books. After all, the book promises "grim adventures of profit and peril," and it delivers on both counts.

WARGAMING: About Your First Army?

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So everyone one of us one day picked up wargaming.  No one forced us, it was a conscious decision. Today I want us to talk about our stories and what choices we made with our first wobbly steps.

May 28, 2010

Wargames Gallery 5-28-10

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They'll just die tired!
Caption contest

Warmachine Teaser: Fiona The Black

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Hey everybody,  our friends at Privateer Press sent over this exclusive teaser of Fiona the Black's tier list from the upcoming Mercenaries book.  Take a look:

40K NEWS: Spearhead Arrives

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As of Friday, May 28 the new Warhammer 40,000 Spearhead formation rules are available for free download on the Games Workshop website. Further rules and information are available in the June issue of White Dwarf released on Saturday, May 29.

There are twelve types of Spearhead formations with the following names:

- Armoured
- Ambush
- Mechanized Asault
- Tank Hunter
- Archeotech
- Outrider
- Skyfall
- Monstrous
- Mass Attack
- Crusher
- Seek And Destroy
- Super-Heavy

So, after you've had the chance to visit the GW website and explore the rules for each of these formations, which ones do you think are the most tactically useful? Which ones do you think will be the most fun and entertaining? How many of you will be adding to your model collections in order to be able to use specific formations and which ones are most likely to get you to buy some new models? Have a blast!

Personally I am quite enthusiastic about Spearhead. Since starting an Imperial Guard army in 2006 and then the release of 40K Apocalypse in 2007 I've become quite a "treadhead". All my armies that have tanks have multiple tanks now as well as copious Walker collections. I'm really looking forward to trying out some of these formations in games. Any expansion to 40K that makes it easier to play with more models suits me and my model collection very well.

On a final note, many of our US readers will be enjoying a three-day weekend as the Memorial Day holiday approaches. Let's remember why this weekend is a holiday by remembering those to whom the holiday is dedicated. To everyone in the armed forces, thank you for your service. And to all the BoLS readers out there, have a fun, safe, weekend everyone!

40K Deep Thought: On Vehicle Squadrons and their Pitfalls

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So I've been poring over some recent tournament results and listening to many of the Ardboys results, and some things are starting to gel in my mind.  First of all, Imperial Guard are still ruling the roost post Blood Angels, but I think I've got a handle on what the root cause of their dominance is... Vehicle squadrons.

40K NEWS: Witchhunters / Daemonhunters PDFs

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So a short one this Friday.  We have been hearing for a bit that Games Workshop will soon be releasing the Witchhunters and Daemonhunters codices as downloadablwe PDFs on the corporate website.

May 27, 2010

Wargames Gallery 5-27-10

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This makes me think of Blackhawk Down
Caption contest

HOBBY: The Word on Seal Coats pt. 2

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If you have not read part 1 do that now. This time around we will discuss paint on sealers.

WFB: 8th Edition Rulebook Sneak Peek

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Games-Workshop has cracked open the upcoming 8th edition rulebook a teensy-tiny bit.  Lets see what they had to say and show off:

40K TACTICS: The Throw Away Unit

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Fritz here with a homework assignment for the fine readers of BoLS. Today we are going to talk about psychology and throw-away units. Read up and then get to work!

40K NEWS: Eldar Night Spinner

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The Night Spinner rules are out via the latest White Dwarf. Here's what the Eldar are getting:

May 26, 2010

Wargames Gallery 5-26-10

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All the colors of the rainbow... the better to eat you with!

40K HOBBY: Angels Sanguine Terminator

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Written by: Grey_Death

When I originally ordered my Space Hulk set, I had no idea when or how I'd go about getting the models painted.  After receiving the box though, I quickly thought of one of my favorite color schemes, The Angels Sanguine.  My decision was made.  Now, where to find some time...Classes have kept me quite busy, and I'd been using what little free time I did have on a few other projects.  Since classes are now officially finished for the semester though, I've been able to finish my first Angel of Death.

I used zenith styled highlights, both with my airbrush and bristles.  The breakdown of this can be found here for those interested.

The black was painted without using a true black base color.  Instead I went with VMC German Grey as the base, highlighted with Codex Grey by glazing the color on subtly according to the facing, the higher and more in line with the 'light source' the more highlighting was applied.  This was then washed down and shaded using Badab Black.

Once base colors were finished, metals were applied with Chainmail and washed with Gryphonne Sepia or Badab Black according to what finish I wanted.  See this set of articles for a bit more on how I go about metals.

After the metals, it was time for the gems.  I used VMC Purple VMC Black and VMC White to create a spectrum of color on my wet palette (Buy: Masterson Sta-Wet Palette Seal), this was applied in the usual fashion for gems with consideration for the light source.  I'll need to get a tip together for this some day, but there are so many out there already!

The purity seals parchment was painted with VMC Ivory to a solid finish.  The text was done using Bestial Brown and then the entire thing was then washed down with Gryphonne Sepia.  The wax was painted with VMC Flat Red and highlighted with a light mix of Flat Red and White, this was glazed slightly to tone the highlight back down with Flat Red.

The base was added by chopping up a bunch of plasticard and lining an outline of the models attached base on a 40mm round base, then trimming the excess.  The model is secured by putting a magnet in the base of he model and gluing one to the underside of the round base.  Expect an article in the near future on this one!

The base was painted Boltgun Metal, then using pigments from, I added the rusting.  I mixed the pigments with VMC Matt Medium and applied it heavily all over.  I started with the deep brown pigment and then when dry I applied the orange rust color in the same way by stippling it on heavily.  Then going back in with a drybrush of Boltgun Metal, I hit the edges of the sections and gave them a worn away look.  To finish the base, I painted the rim Black.

I'm really looking forward to getting more of these guys finished.  I can't wait to have a fully painted set for Space Hulk, but it's quite a ways off!  I've already modeled the next of the set and hope to get started soon!  I might even find the time to take a few extra photos of the a few more steps along the way!  Stay tuned!  

Want more? Then don't forget to visit The Painting Corps for regular updates with tips for the newest wargamer to the most grizzled veterans. There's something for everyone. Head over and join the conversation!

WFB BATTLE REPORT: Lizardmen vs Wood Elves (Video)

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Hi everybody.

The BoLS video battlereports continue. Today we are counting down the last days of WFB 7th Edition with a nice solid Warhammer Fantasy batrep taking AdamHarry's Lizardmen (very lost) army out on the field against Revenant's Wood Elves army. Will the cold-blooded strength of the Lustrians overcome the Elves incensed hatred of interlopers in their sacred wood? Check it out folks and tell us what you think!

40K: Anyone for 1500pts?

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Tastytaste put up his opinions on the merits of playing 40K at 1500pts. Come for a GT in the UK, and you will almost certainly play at this arbitrary level. A lot of people find it strange adjusting to this smaller points limit when they’re used to 2000pts and more, just ask Mkerr!

NEWS: 40K Radio is Going, Going, Gone...

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Some most unexpected news broke this week.  40K Radio, one of the earliest wargaming podcasts has made the decision to close down.  Here is what Spencer had to say:

May 25, 2010

Wargames Gallery 5-25-10

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Top Gun - 40K Edition

FoW: Scenarios 101: Free for All

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Scenarios 101: Free for All
by Bluestroll

Lets take a deeper look at one of the Flames of War missions today.  Flames is all about the objectives. You take them, you win. Let me repeat this, you take them, you win.

Warmachine: Battle Box Tactica - Menoth #1

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Today we will cover tactics for using the Menoth Starter Box. Menoth is the second Warmachine faction listed in the starter rules, and originally one of only two starter sets with rules available to download.

NEWS: Games Workshop Returns to Tournaments

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Looks like Games Workshop is looking to get back into the tournament scene. Here's the latest word from Jervis:

Adapt or Die - Unit Usage in 40K

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In preparing for battle, I have always found that plans are useless but planning is indispensable. – Dwight Eisenhower

No battle plan survives contact with the enemy. – Helmuth von Moltke

May 24, 2010

Wargames Gallery 5-24-10

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Deciever says "guess whats in the boxes"

Warmachine Hobby: Painting Protectorate of Menoth

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Hey Guys `n Gals, I just finished up my test mini for my Protectorate of Menoth army and I thought I would share the tutorial with you guys.

40K REVIEW: Eldar Fire Prism (video)

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Today lets take a look at the brand new Fire Prism/Night Spinner kit headed your way next month. Its a pretty cool thing to see in the flesh.

VOTING: Blood Angels BFG Challenge

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It's voting day!  Ok everybody, the entries are in, and its time to select the winner of the Blood Angels Painting Challenge sponsored by Battleforge Games!

Goatboy's 40k Thoughts: How Not to Be a Douche.

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Goatboy here again, sitting at work after finishing a great tournament down in San Antonio, TX. I ended up taking home Best Sportsman (the Davy Crocket) award and want to walk about how to not be "that guy".

May 23, 2010

Wargames Gallery 5-23-10

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Battlefoam's Hellpit Abomination conversion
"When Romeo says he has something scary to show you in one of his cases...believe him"

40k Hobby: Sons of Horus Pre-Heresy Summoned Greater Demon

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I've been putting more work into my Sons of Horus minis, who've become my favorite army without question.  I thought extensively about what I could use as a counts as Greater Demon and decided on using one of my favorite models in the entire 40k line, the Penitent Engine.

40K: More "Obvious" Rules Questions

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Hey folks, Jawaballs here!

Ok, I know some of you hate wasting your time reading seemingly obvious rules questions, but that ever stop me before?  Heck no, lets forge ahead!

19th Hole - Eldar - Farseer's Dance

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The 19th Hole
Eldar “Farseer’s Dance”

I have been playing Eldar since they came out and they were one of the very first armies I ever started to play. Here is my latest take on putting together a balanced and effective tabeltop force for the Craftworlders:

40K/WFB SNEAK PEEK: Chaos Daemons Minis (Pics)

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Well, looks whats been flying around the internet this weekend.  It looks like a set of mini photos from the upcoming August Chaos Daemons release got "accidentally" put up on the Games Workshop website for a bit ahead of schedule.  Take a look:

May 22, 2010

Wargames Gallery 5-22-10

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Pic submitted by Kyle Reekie

I don't know what it is, but it's creeping me out!

Crxy Delays and Wargames Illustrated

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Hi guys, a couple of news bits this weekend from Privateer Press and Battlefront.
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