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November 30, 2010

Wargames Gallery 11-30-10

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pic submitted by reader killington

How can this not be a Caption Contest?   GO!!!

FOW: Omaha Beach AAR

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This is an older battle report of mine, but with the pending release of the new Flames of War D-Day books, I figured it would be appropriate! I played this game with my father many moons ago- he ran the US and I ran the staunch defenders. Lets get to it.

40K: Dark Eldar Painting Tutorial

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Hello fellow hobbyists, iPaint here with a quick tutorial on how I'm painting my Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors. With Dark Eldar fever running rampant around my local gaming scene - and I'm sure everywhere else too - I thought it fitting to whip up a quick guide so you guys can get cracking at painting your shiny new minis.

40K RUMORS: Grey Knight Chatter

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Hi there folks,  its time for yet another roundup of what's been floating around out there regarding the upcoming Grey Knights.  Here's what we have heard:

The Skipped Move: The Verdict Discussed

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One of my all-time favorite comments was, “Oh God, is it Tuesday again already?”  Yes, boys and girls, Unicorns and children of all ages, it is; we're here to discuss The Verdict!

November 29, 2010

Wargames Gallery 11-29-10 - Wedding Bells Edition!!!

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BoLS reader Christopher Buckle proposed with this very miniature last night...
She said YES!!!!
I think congratulations are in order all around for the lovely couple!

VENOM CHALLENGE: Deadline is Midnight!!!

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Today is the last day to get your entries in for the Venom challenge ending on November 29th!  Its time to wrap up those last details, and get those photos shot.  We have already recieved some fantastic entries, so get those models wrapped up today folks!

Forces of Hordes: Circle Orboros Overview

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Just released this month, the eleventh book in a banner year, is Forces of Hordes: Circle Orboros. To those of you unfamiliar with the faction, these aren't your grandma's Druids. Lets take a look.

40K Rules Conundrum: Duke Sliscus

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Da Duke Debate

Over the weekend we had a rules question come up that divided the BoLS writers in half even though everyone thought they were following Rules As Written (R.A.W.).  After a spirited debate we decided to put it to the internet to see what the community thinks.

Goatboy's 40k Thoughts - What I am Thankful For.

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Goatboy here today talking about the things I am thankful for. I know some of you are thinking that I am probably thankful for the mean old Space Wolf codex - and yes I am thankful for that, but there is so much more. So without further ado a look back at the year and the things that made this Goat happy as a Pig in Poopie.

November 28, 2010

Wargames Gallery 11-28-10

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Caption contest...GO!

Hobby: Drybrushing Follow up (video)

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Who says we never listen? Hey guys Psyberwolfe here with a follow up video post. Based on your comments I've taken pictures from my painting archive and put together a slide show showing how I paint up Dark Angels.

There you go guys Dark Angels painted up. As always your comments are welcome.

HORDES: Gentleben's Wrassler Repose

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When I committed myself to starting a Minions army there was no way I was going to limit myself to just one pact. Especially when the new Blindwater Congregation has so thoroughly captured my imagination.

40K Deep Thought - Rapid Response Units

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Bigred here with some thoughts I've been having over my last few games. The well designed rapid-response unit can save your bacon and throw the bad guy on his heels.

Hrud: The Other, Other Dangerous Aliens

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A Guest Post By EvilAmeriCorp

I've never been the kind of guy to play a flavor of the month net list, or paint my army like the codex tells me to. My Space Wolves are green, and I don't run any vehicles in my list. My upcoming Dark Eldar will be... unconventional, to say the least. The army I want to talk about today is one I made for the Las Vegas GT a few years ago; my Hrud. Now I know GW has updated their fluff, and I know they're supposed to look like swamp things/compost demons with hundred-jointed arms like this guy,

But I always loved the funny little cloaked, rat-tailed "Nocturnal Warrior of Hrud" from the third edition rule book (see top image), and that is the look I decided to go for with this army. The obvious choice for modelling was to use fantasy Skaven figures, and after a quick perusal of the line, I decided that Plague Monks would make a nice, simple-looking base for my Hrud. I didn't want to make the gaming faux pas of just putting a Skaven army on round bases, so I looked through my bits box, and finally decided that Kroot arms would give the models a lanky, creepy look, and their guns would make nice Hrud Fusils (their traditional weapon, according to the Inquisitor rulebook). Add a few rocks on the base and a coat of paint, and viola! My Hrud Fusiliers (counts as Eldar Pathfinders) were born.

After making about 40 of them, enough to be the meaty center of my army, I broke away from the established (if outdated) fluff guidelines and started making the rest of my forces. I wanted something fast moving, that used dangerous scavenged technology, So I looked through GW's online Bitz catalogue (yeah, remember when that existed?) and settled on a Skaven Warlock backpack to be a warp tunneling device. I used various bitz to craft creepy helmets reminiscent of the Necromonger Lensers from that crappy Chronicles of Riddick movie, and gave them smaller guns with large clips. Enter the Hrud Warp Tunnelers (counts as Warp Spiders).

Now my force was looking set for infantry, So I moved onto vehicles. These stumped me for a while, because I wanted something that looked shoddily constructed out of scavenged crap, but that would also match the approximate footprint of an Eldar skimmer. I ended up using plasticard and bits to make large cross shapes with various tubes and whatnot, and used a warp lightning cannon as the main gun. I was a bit strapped for time when making these, so I didn't get to spend as much time as I would have liked constructing or painting them, but I think they came out all right. I give you my first Warp Plasma Launcher (counts as Fire Prism).

Now the force was really coming together, and didn't need much else other than a leader to tie them together, and look good doing it. This is by far my favorite model in the army. I was looking online for ideas, and found a link to a Hrud army someone else had built that had a disgusting fat floating rat leader, and I just had to steal the idea. It's a pretty straight forward conversion with a little bit of green stuff, but I love the way it came out. Here he is in all his horrible glory, Lord Rattus (counts as Farseer on Jetbike).

This army was the first that I had set out to finish before a looming tournament deadline and actually completed on time, and I think they came out well. They had the 11th best appearance score at the GT I took them to, which I was proud of, as I painted them before GW came out with their liquid skill line of products. Here is a shot of the completed army with their display board (which was not well constructed, and is falling apart now), let me know what you think of them in the comments.

Enjoy folks, and comments are welcome. The Girl will return to her regular schedule next week!

November 27, 2010

Wargames Gallery 11-27-10

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Tis the season...
We need some Black Templar Christmas carols doubletime you initiates!

Outside The Box 11-27-10

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Hello again, time for the news round-up. This week with news from Mantic, Spartan and Corvus Belli as well as Raging Heroes. As always, click on the links in the text to see full story of what I'm talking about.

Wargaming - On Campaigns - Part 2

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A guest series by Feighan-Raask

A series on playing and designing that most elusive and entertaining of goals, the well balanced, fun and successfully completed campaign. 

Porky Poster Ponders! (A Guest Editorial)

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Stolen Borrowed from the Back 40K, so pay a visit!

Boys and girls, Unicorns and children of all ages, my name is Brent... (this is where you say, "Hi, Brent!")... and I may well be an evil genius. This is my confession, and I'll let you judge it on its merit, because I've brought Porky Poster out to play!

November 26, 2010

Wargames Gallery 11-26-10

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pic by Robin Kinnunen
A table made for the Death Korps

40K Bring on the clowns! Jawaballs paints Harlequins.

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Hey Folks,

Jawaballs here, and I want to talk about finally getting some eldar Herlequins on the painting table!

40K: Playing the Player

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We often talk about playing the game and playing armies, but what about playing the player to ensure victory? Adam from the Space Wolves blog explains...

Goatboy's Army List - Ork GoBots!

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Ork GoBots - robots that don't have good disguises and seem kinda cheap. But still they can kick some butt. Or blow up real good. Depending on the type of player you are :).  Lets look at Goatboy's theme list of the week.

November 25, 2010

Battle Foam Black Friday Sale!

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Romeo from Battlefoam wanted to let you guys know that Friday is Black Friday, you will REALLY WANT to go visit their website for one crazy sale!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! - Rogue-Trader-2nd Edition Open Thread

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Thanksgiving poster - 1960s

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! The turkey is gone, and most of us are asleep. Only the hardened core remain. Now is the time to throw back a few beverages and talk of the heady days of HIGH ADVENTURE!

Eat up, and enjoy this open thread:

Warhammer 40k Rogue Trader and 2nd Edition

~Urge to resist tryptophan failing, failing...

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! - 4th-3rd Edition Open Thread

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Thanksgiving Art Nouveau Piece - 1895

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, time for us vets to dial back the clock, loosen our belts and talk about the tales of Warhammer 40k yore!

Eat up, and enjoy this open thread:

Warhammer 40k 4th-3rd Edition

~The tryptophan is growing stronger, stronger...

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! - 5th Edition Open Thread

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Norman Rockwell: Freedom From Want - 1943

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and thank you for being part of our growing BoLS family!

Eat up, and enjoy this open thread:

Warhammer 40k 5th Edition

~Don't say we didn't warn you about the tryptophan...

November 24, 2010

Wargames Gallery 11-24-10

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This flag is heavy... I'm going to go eat some turkey now...
Its yearly Holiday Haiku time...

Goatboy's Model Review - Dark Eldar Pt. 1

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Goatboy here again starting my Dark Eldar model review this time around. Today I plan on talking about the Incubi, Dark Eldar Warriors, and the brand new Archon. As usual I plan on talking about the minis Value, Look/Form, and Paintability. So lets start on the dark ride down a spike filled alleyway.

FoW: Playing Unfair

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Hi folks, DNiR here with a short piece on why playing unfair games of FoW can be the most fun you've had with your man-dolls in a long time.

40K BATTLE REPORT: Space Wolves vs Eldar (Video)

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Hi everybody.

The BoLS video battlereports continue. This week we bring you CrazyRedPretorian's Space Wolves army attempting to reclaim an Imperial outpost from the thrice damned Eldar under the command of Splug. Will the xenos scum hold their prize, or will the Sons of Russ show them the error of their ways?

40K: Claiming Objectives - Commorragh Style

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We've been running tons of mathhammer on the new Dark Eldar Codex, but what really matters on the tabletop is taking and holding objectives. Here's ten ideas to effectively use Dark Eldar to pull that off.

November 23, 2010

Wargames Gallery 11-23-10

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pic submitted by Jam Hoffee

What the HELL just happened to that Vindicator?
The Eye of Terror is nutz!

40K Hobby: The Chupacabra Strain

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Hivefleet Chupacabra began attacking from above the galactic plane in an area focused mainly on the Segmentum Pacificus very late in the 40th millenia. Many worlds on the far fringes were consumed by the Chupas. But it seems their advance is inexorably advancing towards Terra. The Hivefleet has a very unusual mutation of Genestealer, which are the namesake of the Hivefleet.

So I wanted to make some unique looking Ygmarls that really justified the name Chupacabra. For those who don't know, find out more about the Chupacabra here. I was inspired by the heads of carrion birds for these models, I imagined that they would use their tiny voracious heads to gorge on their prey. I also thought giving them rending claws for all four arms would make them look more menacing. With the Dormant rule, they are almost as sneaky as the real Chupacabra!

I painted them slightly different than the rest of the army. I did them like this:

1. Grey Spray
2. Macharius Orange
3. Devlan Mud wash
4. Blazing Orange
5. Fiery Orange highlights
6. Gloss medium

1. Grey spray
2. Dheneb Stone
3. Bleached Bone
4. Skull White highlight

So what does everyone think? Are they a reasonable representation of the unit? Are they 'special' enough?

VENOM CHALLENGE: 1 Week Reminder

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The clock is ticking for the Venom challenge ending on November 29th!  We have just under 1 week to go.  We have already recieved some fantastic entries, so get those models wrapped up folks!

Spacecurves' Tactics Class : More Tank Shock and Awe

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Hello everyone, welcome to another Spacecurves' Tactics Class, where you learn useful tactics you can apply to your games of 40k.  Today I'll be talking about more uses for Tank Shock.

40K Community: Render Thy Verdict

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Boys and girls, Unicorns and children of all ages, today I stir from my home at Strictly Average to bring you a scenario to ponder.  The Mob Must Speak, and judge a fairly common mistake in a tournament game.

November 22, 2010

Wargames Gallery 11-22-10

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Behemoth wants to shake hands...
"In Soviet Russia..." Joke competition in 3,2,1 Ignition!!!

Book Review: Wulfrik by C. L. Werner

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This is the second book in the Warhammer Heroes series I've gotten to read, and since it comes out next month, I figured that I should probably write a review...

Dark Eldar Showcase: Scary Monsters

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Dark Eldar Modelling – Part 1 – Scary Monsters
by Philip Henderson

The new Dark Eldar are out with some shiny new plastic kits, a new codex and a lot of new unit options, many of which don't have models. I’ve always loved the conversion aspect of the hobby and have been cooking up fiendish ideas to fill in the gaps in the codex and customise my models.

40K NEWS: Blood Angels 2nd Wave- February

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Just in from Games Workshop regarding the Sons of Sanguinius:

"In February 2011, the Blood Angels will receive more reinforcements, including never-before-seen models"

Goatboy's 40k Thoughts - What Kind of Player are You?

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If you have seen my lists or ever had the chance to play me then you know I am an aggressive player. What type are you?

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