X vs Y – Infernus Pistol vs Hand Flamer

The infernus pistol and hand flamer, both funky unique pistol variants of big brother guns for the Space Vampires only. They are watered down, but are they worth it?

Mercer here from I.D. Today, instead of looking at units in a codex, I’m going to look at some wargear. Sure both have a very different role, but it’s worth looking at both and seeing if either is any good.

Infernus Pistol

Infernus pistols weigh in at 15 points a pop – for that you get a melta weapon in the form of a pistol. As it’s a pistol you get +1 attack for having two close combat weapons, which Angels are no doubt going to have considering they’re an assault style army. The infernus pistol has the same strength and AP as a regular melta it just has a smaller range, half in fact of a meltagun. Much like a meltagun is to a multi melta. Anyway, this range can be a issue. It’s 6″ which means you need to be within 3″ to do the 2D6 – that’s pretty damn close.

As mentioned: it’s 15 points a pop. A regular meltagun is 10 points, which saves you 5 points but you lose that attack in the process. I’m starting to think that 15 points for a lesser range weapon and keeping that extra attack is a bit steep. The problem with the weapon is range, not always you’re in 2D6 range of a meltagun, so a infernus pistol doesn’t have much hope.

What is useful is giving that extra AP1 shot. It’s useful more for transport spam armies when the units bail out and are unable to move, but can shoot, so you need more fire power to bust the transport – particularly useful in smaller armies such as Razorback spam. You might not always be in 2D6″ range but that extra S8 AP1 shot can cause some damage, though if you’re not getting 2D6 armour penetration out of it it’s probably not worth the 15 points price tag.

It’s more of a meh choice. It’s ok when it does the work, but more often than not it won’t work to full ability and you need to work to make sure it gets into range, or else it’s wasted.

Hand Flamer

This little fella costs only 10 points, so not a huge amount but is it worth it? It’s also a pistol weapon, which means the extra attack for two close combat weapons. Cool. Also like the infernus pistols it is watered down from its bigger brother. While the range obviously hasn’t changed because it’s a template weapon the strength has been decreased by 1 from normal flamer strength and the AP increased by 1 making is S3 AP6. Though it’s not brilliant it does add another flamer template to the unit, and flamers should be tackling hordes which more often than not either are pretty weak i.e Termagants, Guardsmen and/or have a rubbish armour save like Orks.

Sure it’s not going to kill loads wounding lesser infantry on a 4+ and most of a 5+, but you will wound a few and they’ll take a poor or no armour save. That’s a few enemy models killed all for 10 points. You then can charge after and still get your bonus attack for the double close combat weapons.

Like the infernus pistol it has a problem. It’s probably overcosted as for 10 points you keep that attack but get a much weaker weapon compared to a regular flamer, which only costs half the points. Sure you lose a single attack, but it’s a stronger weapon, and cheaper. How’s that a good trade off? I think that due to it being a template weapon it’s going to work out better at least with range and to hit, to actually do some damage, depends if it is being fired at the correct target.


The infernus pistol, while cool, suffers from range. That extra melta shot at 6″ is cool, but it’s the 2D6 you want and 3″ means you’re on the doorstep. For 15 points I’d say it’s a bit over priced, especially when a full blown meltagun cost is cheap and the trade off is losing a extra attack.

The hand flamer deals with range fine, but can it do the job? I say that against the right target it can cause some damage, but again, like the infernus pistol it’s down to the points again. It costs double of its bigger  brother, the flamer, but it is fairly weaker.

If I had a choice (and after testing both) I’d probably go hand flamer over the infernus pistol. The range on the pistol really bothers me and the hand flamer can still deal damage moderately. Though to be honest, I wouldn’t really take either of them.

Infernus pistol or hand flamer or neither? Which one do you like the best or wouldn’t you bother at all?

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