WFB: Orcs and Goblins Review – Magic Items

Hello again BoLS readers Wiley One here again, and this time I brought a fire extinguisher. A quick note on my previous article. I am a competitive gamer and that’s what works for me. To each his own and please take my reviews and opinions for what they are: one mans ramblings about little plastic men. That being said, on with the article.

After only a few short days since I set the internet on fire, I’m back again with the continuation into the new Orcs and Goblins new army book. Today I would like to take a look at the magic items/ banners. We’ll keep it short and sweet for today, especially since we don’t really have a choice with only 8 to go over. Here we go again……

First the Magic Items:

Battleaxe of the Last WAAAGH!!! – 100 Points

Roll a D6 at the start of each round of combat – the wielder adds that number to his attacks and strength in that round of combat. Sounds great!!!
BUT, because the wielder gets more attacks it is harder to control the weapon. The wielder’s WS is lowered by half. (ie, 1-2= -1, 3-4= -2, 5-6= -3)

Not terrible, but really expensive. The problem I see with this weapon is that it takes up all of your points and leaves you no way to protect the character wielding the weapon. Also, since 8th Edition is in no way hero hammer, it seems a pricy option on a character that will both get better (more attacks) and worse (lowered WS) at the same time. Not to mention the Orcs and Goblins Initiative isn’t known for being high so you’ll need to survive the opponents attacks first as well.

Basha’s Axe of Stunty Stabbin’ – 50 Points

Wielder has armor piercing and adds +1 ST and A in combat. Doubled if in B2B with Dwarfs. Additionally, cause fear to Dwarfs.

50 Points for +1 ST and A with armor piercing isn’t bad. I don’t mind this weapon and it is at about the right price point based on what we have seen from the 8th Edition core rule book. Bonuses to fighting Dwarfs is always a plus in my book.

Armour of Gork – 100 Points

Counts as Heavy Armour. Wearer has +D3 Toughness. You have to roll to determine for first hit each turn and you use the result for the rest of the turn. In addition, the wearer gains D6 Impact Hits.

Not too shabby, but still a little over priced in my opinion. I prefer to take a weapon and some armor, even a ward or something as well. Another item that takes up all of your available points wasn’t what I was hoping for.

Lucky Shrunken Head – 100 Points

The Lucky Head can only be taken by a Savage Orc Shaman/ a Great Shaman. It increases the Warpaint save to 5+ for the unit and if Wurrzag is in the unit as well it increases to a 4+.

This item I do like. The point cost is indeed high, but it keeps guys alive that are still pretty costly for an 8th Edition army. I could see some serious Deathstar uses here with Savage Orc Boar Boyz.

Skull Wand – 75 Points

Can only be taken by a Shaman. At start of combat curse an enemy model in base contact. Model must pass an unmodified LD test or be slain with no saves of any kind. Additionally, the bearer causes Terror.

Could be absolutely amazing, but with the BSB re-rolls and most things having at least an acceptable leadership, I don’t expect it to be as awesome as it could be. Still though, the one time someone fails it could be amazing in that game. Points cost is about right for what it’s capable of doing, but in 8th Edition with re-rolls from the BSB and the like it may be a little over-priced.

Well, there’s a look at the magic items. Nothing great, but a couple of things with possibilities. Overall things seem to be a little over-priced for the individual effects. If I am taking a character in the 8th Edition environment I would like them to be wearing more than pants while holding a big weapon and more than a toothpick while wearing plate armor. Just my $.02 cents.

Second, let’s take a look at the magic banners:

Mork’s War Banner – 100 Points

Unit has MR(D6). Roll each time unit needs a save from magic each turn. Use that save for the rest of the turn. In addition, all magic items in base contact with the bearer have no effect.

Pretty awesome. Except for the whole base contact thing with the bearer thing. This item would be great if it were a bubble or even if it said base contact with the unit. Alas, it does not. Still cool none the less. The way it is stated right now, maybe overcosted? This is one I would have to see at work to determine it’s value in 8th Edition.

Spider Banner – 85 Points

Goblin BSB only (not a Night Goblin). Models in unit have poison rule. If they already have poison then they have poison 5+.

Pretty cool idea. Problem is that strength 3 shots don’t have the same effectiveness that they used to have. Also, with Choppa ST bonus in first round of combat and their already higher ST values I don’t think most Orcs mind rolling to wound. As for Goblins and the like, they aren’t dealing enough damage or lowering the armor save enough in close combat. Again, really cool idea, just unsure of its usefulness in 8th Edition.

The Bad Moon Banner – 50 Points

Night Goblin only. Night Goblin unit with banner in it is stubborn. Unit counts as being in soft cover for the purposes of shooting. Enemy models that charge this unit must take dangerous terrain tests.

Stubborn is cool and all, but still on a low leadership that I don’t feel is anywhere near something I could count on, even with a BSB re-roll.

Well, there are the magic items. I know it’s a long list and I almost got carpal tunnel typing it up. For the most part they seem overpriced. A couple of things could be close, but for the most part other books have far better options. Try to keep the panties out of a twist now – the magic items are meh to me. Take it again, for what it is, one mans opinion about little plastic men. Until next time, CHEERS!

What do you think? Are the items what you expected? Better? Worse? Will you use these items at all? Or will you stick to the items and banners out of the main rule book? Let us know in the comments and make your opinions heard!!!

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