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May 17, 2011

The Battle for Terra, Adepticon 2011

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The Adepticon Team Tournament is known for crazed hobbyists going all out to impress, and there was plenty of that this year, but to my mind none were quite as mad nor went half as far as the gents behind the Battle for Terra Display.

That would be Ryan and Mike from Opposing Forces.  Their blog is a bit light on updated content, but they're promising to run a series of Horus Heresy campaigns sometime soon.

So without further delay, here's every picture I managed to take, dropped into one epic article for your enjoyment!  I've uploaded large file sizes, so you can click on these pics individually.  They're loaded with details - if you're a fan of the books, you'll enjoy puzzling some of the surprises out!

Oh, yeah.

This is Brent.  I support Unicorns, but you're okay too.  Visit my blog.

Strictly Average.  And it is, but I like it.

These pictures are from my album, and I didn't have as much camera time as I wanted.  If anyone is aware of a more complete collection online, drop the link please!

Not sure who that dude is.

The display board included a basement beneath the Palace.  It's absolutely choked with detail!

...who else is curious how many Cities of Death kits they used?

And we're back outside.

Here's an excerpt from the handout: "At the breach, Ka'Bandha, the Lord of All Bloodthirsters, leapt upon Sanguinius.  The Daemon's huge talons closed around his throat.  Sanguinius took to the air.  Angel and Daemon wrestled over the warring armies.  Both sides halted for a moment to watch the titanic struggle.  It was a conflict such as has been rarely seen: two beings of awesome power wrestled..."

...but being Wrestlemania, the Undertaker won.

I added that last section myself.

And we've come to the end... but is it?  I thought I'd drop some video on you fine folks!

So, thoughts?  Comments?  Hugs and gropings?
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