40k: Lets Talk Necron Lists – Part 2

Yes I know I am ripping off Goatboy’s article title and using it for myself; it’s because I am kind of swine who cannot be bother to think up of his own title.

Necrons were my first army in 40k. It’s what got my into 40k to be honest. When I started playing 4th edition these guys were my first army I picked up. In 5th edition they was the first army to hit ebay. I’ve waited for four long years to get these guys on my table top again. I’ve only had two games with Necrons so far, I think it’s time to build a solid list, http://www.imperiusdominatus.com/ is going to see what is available.

Oh, before I continue props to whoever made the Necron conversion above. I found it on Google images, and I think it is sweet. Nice one whoever you might be!

Constructicons Unite!

I did a review of the Necron codex when it first came out several weeks ago (I got mine a little early!), so I will be basing my choices off the review. If you are interested you can find the reviews here: Necron special characters, Necron HQs, Necron Elites, Necron Troops, Necron Fast Attack and finally Necron Heavies – sorry about the mass pimpage, but I wanted to show you guys the reasons and findings for choosing the units that I will put in the list.

When building a list I keep in mind what type of player I am and that’s shooty with a little bit of assault on the side. So starting with a HQ, a Overlord with a warscythe riding a Catacomb Command Barge will do nicely. This guy can do the funky sweep attacks. Because I like shooty I’ve taken this guy for another reason; to access the Royal Court and mainly the Crypteks. I’ll take three Crypteks with harbinger of destruction and take a single solar pulse, the pulse is just awesome and a must have.

Now I need some troops. I’ll throw in triple Warriors squads with a Ghost Ark each for support, I’ll have nine Warriors a squad so the Crypteks can jump in each unit and make a gun-skimmer from the Arks. I do like to also have a cheap objective scoring unit (very useful in capture and control), so I’ll take ten Immortals. I’ll add tesla carbines onto these because they will be static and the 24″ range will be nice and allow me to get more shots, plus if I need to move I can still fire at full distance.

At the moment the list isn’t very shooty to suit my play style, in fact it is not very shooty at all, at least in the anti tank department. Looking at the heavy support Annihilation Barges are a good buy so I will take three of those. To add more shooty I’ll take double Triarch Stalkers, for target saturation purposes, these guys can blast something and if they fail at least every other shot is twin-linked after (handy for lances) and also for tesla weapons.

The list is pretty shooty now. I need some close combat element, at the moment I just have the Overlord. I’ve found from my Dark Eldar (awesome Beastmasters) that a close combat unit is needed to finish off units which you fail to do via shooting. Fast attack is where I am looking and it boils down to Canoptek Wraiths and/or Canoptek Scarabs. Wraiths are ok, but I feel a decent size unit is needed (plus whip coils) and this will work out at nearly 200 points. Canoptek Scarabs are just sooooo good, I’ll take two units of ten of these guys.

Now I am at a bit of a pickle. Scarabs are cool, but they will go down quickly by the hands of the wrong type of weapon (blast and flamer templates) so the more the merrier of these guys. It makes sense to take Canoptek Spyders to support Scarabs, I’ll get three Spyders and add a fabricator claw and gloom prism on for wound allocation trickery.

Quickly adding up the list it is over by about 100 points-ish. Scarabs I can drop down to eight bases as I can make them back up with Spyders pretty easily. If I now drop a Spyder with the gloom prism I still have have two Spyders, one per Scarab swarm to support.

Quickly adding up the list I am over by one point. I cannot see this been a problem for friendly games, but if I took it to a tournament it would be a no-no. I guess I can cross that bridge as and when.

What do you guys think? It’s not massively spammy, most vehicles come in pairs, but over all it does have eight counts as av13 vehicles.

Here’s the final list:

Necrons – 2,000 points
Overlord w/ Catacomb Command Barge warscythe
Royal Court 3 x Crypteks w/ – harbinger of destruction & solar pulse
Triarch Stalker
Triarch Stalker
9 x Necron Warriors w/ Ghost Ark
9 x Necron Warriors w/ Ghost Ark
9 x Necron Warriors w/ Ghost Ark
5 x Necron Immortals tesla carbines
5 x Necron Immortals tesla carbines
Fast Attack
8 x Canoptek Scarabs
8 x Canoptek Scarabs
Heavy Support
Annihilation Barge
Annihilation Barge
2 x Canoptek Spyders fabricator claw array
Total: 2,001

~Thoughts, opinions, what would you do different, or how would you try to take it down?

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