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January 31, 2011

Wargames Gallery 1-31-11

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pic submitted by Liam Ainscough

When Dreadnoughts have adequacy issues.

40k Hobby- Cheap & Easy Plastic Thunder Wolves Calvary

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Recently a buddy of mine from Spikey Bits named Beef (hold the cheddar) let me in on a little conversion secret- Thunder Wolves for $1.50 each.

Of course this was of interest to me, so I wanted to see these models for myself.  When he brought them by I blown away, this wolf was a great model for a Thunder Wolf and plastic to boot.

Warmachine Speculation - Mercenaries: A New Direction?

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Back in the era of Prime and Escalation, Privateer Press maintained that Mercenary models, including the available warcasters Gorten and Magnus, were meant solely to be options to augment the regular faction forces of the time.  For a few years it continued that way, until things unexpectedly changed.  When the first issue of No Quarter was released in the summer of '05, rules for playing Mercenary-exclusive forces were made available, and a new breed of player was born.

40K Deep Thought: Stormravens for All???

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So the latest white Dwarf offers up some of the Design Studio's hopes and dreams for the Storm Raven, and it sounds like they have larger plans for it then just the Blood Angels & Grey Knights.

Goatboy's 40k Thoughts - Why I Don't Play the CSM Codex!

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Goatboy here again - I do play the Chaos Space Marine codex from time to time. I just don't play it if I want to create a competitive list.   Here why.

January 30, 2011

Wargames Gallery 1-30-11

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pic submitted by Khorny

Somebody call the ORKIN Man...

Goatboy is Invading Britain - Hide Your Farm Animals!

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Just as the title states Goatboy is going to invade Britain this coming December. I was lucky enough to be asked to be a special guest on Geek Nation Tours "Holidays for Geeks by Geeks" - trip to the UK - Geeking Out with Miniatures in the UK. That is right - I am heading overseas to bring my own brand of Warhammer 40k insanity.

When Big Red told me I was going to be heading overseas to "geek" out I can't tell you how excited I was. I threw down the tin can I was munching on and started to plan on some kind of army nonsense to take overseas. The notorious Word Bearers list was what came to mine as I started at the pile of plastic crack I had all around me and the Biker/Horsey army of doom is what floated to the top of the cesspool of goat-like nonsense I call my brain. Look for more updates in the coming months as I get the army together as well as a really cool display board to go with it. I plan on bringing it to Adepticon first and if things go right I might be taking it to ETC as well.

I remember reading about this tour last year and was extremely interested in it. I knew I wouldn't be able to make it due to getting remarried that year and thinking correctly that my new wife wouldn't find throwing dice nearly as exciting as I did.

What I am interested about with this tour is that as much as it is about gaming and miniatures there is still a whole lot of history I get to check out. I have never been to Britain before and have only set my hooves in Belgium (Mom is from there so I have lots of family overseas) earlier in my goat life. I am super excited to see the different buildings, the history, and all the other neat bits and pieces that add to an awesome vacation. Also remember this tour is not just for 40k players - it is for miniature wargaming players. Fantasy, 40k, ninja fighting, etc - all miniature gaming aspects are represented in this tour. Yes there is a big push for Games Day but we get to meet a lot of other companies along the way.

I plan on doing some interviews with past attendees of the tour as a way to give a better idea of this adventure. I know a lot of people think of it as a "sausage" fest but really it is just a way hang around with some people that enjoy the same type of history and gaming adventure as yourself. Heck I just hope I have some fans to come along so I can give Romeo at 40k Radio more crap and have some peanut gallery back up.

Besides the tour Geek Nation is also giving away something to the people going on the tour. What could they be giving away besides an awesome adventure? Well let's just say it is titanic, mean, and comes from the UK. Geek Nation have decided to throw in a new twist on the draw. Those booking by February 17th will have 3 tickets entered for the draw. Those booking by April 1st will have 2 draws and those that book by July 15th will have one. That's right! Let Geek Nation Tours do your resin crack shopping for you... Book early to secure your "Titan Tickets" and increase your odds on bringing something home on us.

So click on the links and check it out. I plan on bringing some Goatboy stuff to give out to those that crush me in the game of dice and plastic crack. Join the Herd and help me take over Britain in the name of the Great Goat.

Privateer Press: Weekly Roundup 1-30-2011

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Oh you didn't think Privateer was going to go a week without more battle engine stuff did you?

40K Rumors: Summer of Flyers

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Finally some murmurs of the whispered air assault headed our way this summer.

A Love Letter to the Gamers

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The best thing I've gotten out of gaming, by far, is getting to know the great people that make up this community of ours. 

January 29, 2011

Wargames Gallery 1-29-11

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Let the Sanguinor quotes begin!

Outside the Box 01-29-11

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This week we have new for you from Spartan Games, Wyrd Miniatures, Infinity, Warlord Games and Mantic Games. Additionally, we have a Fantasy building special and an exclusive preview of new Harwood Hobbies miniatures!

ODDBALL: Phil Kelly is a Zombie - no REALLY!!!

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You know, you can find the most interesting things on Youtube.  You HAVE to see this - trust me.

General Thought: War-games and Balance.

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Hello people of the Internet, Duke here with a question that I have had going on for a while.  Let me start by saying that I have a family and they are the center of my galaxy (with our own Eye of Terror and Black Crusades from time to time).  But today I wanted to talk about the balance that is family time and hobby time.

January 28, 2011

Wargames Gallery 1-28-11

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Commissar, I got a bad feeling about that turret...

40K RUMORS: BoK Grey Knight Nugget

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Its been a little while since any new nuggets on the (now official) Grey Knights showed up, but good ole Tasty Taste has something.... well tasty.

40k Lore: Blackstone Fortresses

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A simple straightforward question for today; what are the infamous Blackstone Fortresses and who built them?

Goatboy's Army List - Continuing with Build thoughts on Word Bearers

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Goatboy here again - talking about his new "slow" build army I am planning. I should get it all done before my start of the new GT season (Adepticon here I come). So today I want to talk about some build avenues I have been doing in Army Builder.

January 27, 2011

Wargames Gallery 1-27-11

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Sarg, our Thunderhammers are going to be gross after this!

The Legendary Outriders....What Happened To Them?

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CrazyredPraetorian here with more ramblings about the hobby we all love. Gather round kiddies because today I'll be telling the tale of the gone and nearly forgotten GW Outriders.

NEWS: Warhammer Forge Arrives

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Its been a long time coming since the big unveiling at GamesDay UK 2010, but the Warhammer Forge models are flowing.

X vs Y - Infernus Pistol vs Hand Flamer

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The infernus pistol and hand flamer, both funky unique pistol variants of big brother guns for the Space Vampires only. They are watered down, but are they worth it?

40K Tactics: Unit Siphoning

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Fritz here, indulge me for a moment with a simple exercise. Imagine your next 40K game were both you and your opponent set up all you models and just go head to head with each other. Objectives, kill points, etc. don’t matter- just moving, shooting, assaulting, and wiping out your opponent.

Who would win?

January 26, 2011

Wargames Gallery 1-26-11

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pic submitted by red rage

Necron Caption contest -GO!

Geek Nation Tours

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Our buddies at Geek Nation tours are headed back to the UK this year and they have trapped a very special creature for your entertainment... More after the jump.

Warmachine Tactics: Taking on Trolls

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I probably hear more complaints about facing Trolls than about any single other faction.  Lots of big, high armored, Tough, often multi-wound models can drive a player nuts.  But they can be beaten.

40K BATTLE REPORT: Night Lords vs Tyranids (Video)

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Hi everybody.

The BoLS video battlereports continue. Today you get Aventine's Tyranid Hivefleet facing down Bigred's old-school Night Lords Chaos Space Marines. Insatiable hunger vs heartless cruelty - who shall prevail?

Finance: Games Workshop Half-Yearly Report Out

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Remember this Games Workshop fiscal post from a few weeks ago?  Well the full semi-annual report for roughly the last half of 2010 is out for public consumption.  Lots in interesting stuff in there regarding performance, overall sales and future prospects.

January 25, 2011

Wargames Gallery 1-25-11

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We have a Blackhawk down...over
Caption contest -GO!

PlanetStrike: Tyranid Tactics

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This week let’s discuss Tyranids and Planetstrike, how best to ensure a bloody victory during your next planetary invasion. You do play Planetstrike don't you?

Brent: Detailing Miniatures: The Easy Way or the...

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Boys and girls, Unicorns and children of all ages, I'm tired I am.  Last week's article on the Wrecking Crew took it out of me!  To that end, I'm taking the easy way out... and showing you an easy way out.

40K Open Thread: Flyers

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Hi folks. So we are all hearing about this "summer of flyers" in the rumormill.  So lets talk about what that might mean for the game.

January 24, 2011

Wargames Gallery 1-24-11

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Everyone loves a cult
I've got nothing...  BoLS Night Shift -GO!

REVIEW: Battlefoam Dark Eldar Trays

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Battlefoam was nice enough to send us their new product line of trays for Dark Eldar.  Lets take a look.

WFB RUMORS: Orcs & Goblins Latest

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Its time for a little chatter about the next reported Army book barreling our way for Warhammer Fantasy - Orcs & Goblins.

40k: Types of Anti-tank Firepower

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Being able to deal with tanks is an important part of 40k and has increased in significance with tank armies being relevant again thanks to 5th edition rules. Let’s take a look at how one might effectively deal with different types of tanks.

Goatboy 40k: - Why I play this Game

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Goatboy here again. I was chatting with MVBrandt the other day and we were talking about why we play 40k. This got me thinking. We all have our frustrations with this game. Whether it is pricing, rules, or just the players we all have had or still have some issues with this plastic dudemens in space game. So with all of these "issues" why do we still break out these models, crack open our codexes, and throw down and yell at our dice?

January 23, 2011

Wargames Gallery 1-23-11

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They've got more Captains than you
Awkward Family Photo caption contest...GO!

REVIEW: The Purging Of Kadillus by Gav Thorpe

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  Hey everyone, CrazyRedPraetorian here with a book review of the latest tales of the Squats!

Privateer Press: Weekly Roundup 1-23-2011

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Another week, and Privateer has throw off the covers on a couple of new kits, including yet another of the Battle Engines.

40K: Whither Dark Angels?

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After the Dark Angels battle report we posted I was amused by many of the comments regarding my decision to stick with the Dark Angels and thought I should at least explain my thoughts. So it really begs the question why in the world would anyone play a 4th edition codex?

40K: Grey Knight Storm Raven Sighted

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Look what the back of the Storm Raven box looks like.  More after the jump.

January 22, 2011

Wargames Gallery 1-22-11

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Where's Vulkan?
Salamanders pun-off GO!

Outside the Box 1-22-11

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And it's time for your weekly fix again! 
This week we have news from Mantic Games, Infinity and Micro Art Studios, Warlord Games and MaxMini. And because I like it so much, our exclusive preview of the Axony Bull Regulars for Brushfire from On the lamb Games!

Goatboy's 40k Thoughts - Getting the Mission Done!

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Goatboy here again and today I want to ask a question as the new tournament season starts to get revved up - How Crazy do you like your missions?

40K EDITORIAL: Hive Tyrant - Worth It?

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I've been thinking lately are Hive Tyrants actually worth it? Mercer here from I.D, I'm going to take a look more in depth.

January 21, 2011

Wargames Gallery 1-21-11

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Cannon, what cannon?
BoLS Night-shift...GO!

WFB: Of Lords and Generals in 8th Edition

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One of the major changes to 8th Edition is the way characters are purchased. Lets take a look at how some the armies have adapted.

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