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March 31, 2011

Wargames Gallery 3-31-11

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"Your attack bikes use WHEELS?!?!?"

BoLS Hits the Road: Adepticon or Bust

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As you read this, we are cruising along the interstate from Austin to Chicago in the BoLS PartyVan.  Part rolling 40k thinktank, part rolling gametable, part terrible 90s movie theatre, it's going to be a blast.  You can try to figure out who's who from the above picture.

Skorne - Praetorians

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Today's martial house study will focus around the Praetorians of Skorne, which consist of the Swordsmen, Karax, and Ferox.

40K: Goatboy - How I Build Lists

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Goatboy here again, letting you in behind the curtain to see the gears and twists I usually go through when I build a list.  It's one half complimacated, and one half strategery...

40K: Designing a Jump Troop Only DoA Army

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Building a Pure Descent of Angels Army

I most often use one Stormraven in my DoA armies so I thought it would be useful to post an article here that does not rely upon the new skimmer. That said the official model has been released and well received in general so no more excuses.

March 30, 2011

Wargames Gallery 3-30-11

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Oh this will be good...
Caption contest - GO night crew, GO!

Interview - On the lamb Games

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Hello folks, recently I’ve had the chance to interview Emily Fontana from On the lamb Games. Enjoy!

Warmachine/Hordes: On Blighted Wings...the Dragons of Immoren

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Howdy, y’all, Voices back yet again with another examination of the setting of WARMACHINE and Hordes. This time, we’re taking a nice look at dragons; or, as Gentleben once amusingly called them, “big, stinky lizards.”

40K BATTLE REPORT: Dark Eldar vs Space Marines (Video)

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Hi everybody.

The BoLS video battlereports continue. You asked for a slightly longer format with a bit more detail, so we slowed one down for you. Bigred's Lysander Marines face down Calvera's Vect Kabal. It's hammertime!

Jwolf: Dark Eldar Attack

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Hi all, Jwolf here. The Dark Eldar are back again in our deployment exercises. Sieze Ground, 4 objectives. Pitched Battle Deployment.

March 29, 2011

Wargames Gallery 3-29-11

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I've got a Shock Prow for ya...
Caption contest GO!

HOBBY: Back to Basics: Assembling and Basing Dark Eldar Mandrakes

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I've been working with a lot of plastic (and a little bit of resin) lately, so as a change of pace I decided to build and paint a box of Dark Eldar Mandrakes I've been sitting on for a while.  Here's a step-by-step of my process for getting these models on the table.

WFB NEWS: Tomb Kings - May (GW)

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Another little bit of info out today from Nottingham.  Here's the latest Games Workshop has to say about the May release of Tomb Kings:

Adepticon 2011 Preview: The Killzone Tables

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This year, the Flylords are loading up in the Short (Party) Bus at 4AM on Thursday and heading to Adepticon... and they're picking up yours truly on the way!  Today I'm bringing you some preview shots of the Killzone tables and some words from the creator himself.

Spacecurves' Tactics Class: Research and Development "The Pancake Special"

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Hello everyone and welcome to another Spacecurves' Tactics class. Today I've got something a bit different than normal, half a tactic half a rules question. I call the Tactic in question "The Pancake Special"...

March 28, 2011

Wargames Gallery 3-28-11

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Wolves at dusk...
Caption contest GO!

Outside the Box 03-28-11

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Late again! Unbelievable... This week I have news from Warlord Games, Perry Miniatures, Avatars of War, Mantic Games, Infinity, Alkemy and Olley's Armies as the Exotic of the week. Well, it's hard to top last week, but still a decent outcome ;)

Warmachine - Battle Engine First Impressions

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We're on a mission from Menoth
Now that we have No Quarter 35 in-hand, we finally have a clear view of the core Battle Engine rules in addition to the full stats for the Khador Gun Carriage.  Let's dive right in:

40K Editorial: Grey Knights are Grey

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Despite all the cool new tricks that Grey Knights can put out, they're still marines.  I've played quite a few games with them now and I'm pretty confident in saying they're not unbeatable.


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So we all have been looking at the Grey Knights Codex and trying to think of ways we can make things interesting. So what I want to talk about today is what I think might be needed by Grey Knight players to compete in the 40k environment.

March 27, 2011

Wargames Gallery 3-27-11

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So many directions to take this one...
Caption contest GO!

Reaper Miniatures 101

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In our efforts to cover more game and figure manufacturers we are taking another step forward and turning our sights on a company right here in the Bell of Lost Souls backyard of Texas.

Reaper Basics

Most of us in the US know about Reaper. Most game shops carry them because of their usefulness to those who play role playing games. However, many wargamers think that is all they are good for. So what do they offer to the wargames community? A huge catalog of figures. (It is important to note that unless a figure was made under a license agreement you can always get any figure they have made even if it is not in the current catalog.)

Reaper Miniatures got their start in Fort Worth, Texas in 1992 and are today one of the larger producers of metal figures in the USA with well over 3500 different figures. They have released the Dark Heaven line, which is quite possibly the largest line of metal fantasy figures on the market with over 10 million blisters sold to date. In 2002 they launched their Warlord line of figures, which also happen to have a game written for them. (I’ll talk more on that later.) 2004 saw the release of their Master Paint Series of paints.

Besides the vast catalog of figures Reaper also makes two wargames: CAV and Warlord. These two games are based on what Reaper calls the R.A.G.E. System (Reaper Adventure Game Engine) - a core set of rules that support multiple games. CAV is right now being worked into a new edition so I won’t talk much about it, but for those interested it is a game of combined arms in a scifi setting at a 10mm size. It uses mecha, tanks, infantry and aircraft. I like the models and I’m not a huge Mecha fan, so it says something for the look of the game.

Warlord is a skirmish level fantasy wargame based on a d10 dice mechanic with a points based army construction. The setting is generic enough that players can insert their ideas into the game while still retaining the identity of the fluff, which gives the player more room to make their own forces come alive. The rulebook contains the rules, basic fluff, and forces for 9 factions. The newest supplement also contains all the rules but it has 5 more factions.

The game uses a unique turn system. It uses playing cards and each warband generates a given amount of cards of the player’s chosen suit/color per turn. These cards are shuffled and drawn. When a card is drawn the player whose suit/color was drawn gets to activate a single unit. This continues until all units from both sides have activated.

When a unit activates, each model in the unit can do what actions they want in any order. The only exception is that all combat actions of the same type must happen at the same time for the unit. This makes for a highly tactical and flexible game.

Average games played at the recommended size take no more than 90 minutes. The average warband size is 12-20 models, and most players can get into the game for well under $125US - with full sized forces under $250US.

Closing Thoughts

What really sets Reaper apart is, like many game companies, their customer service is great but they go above and beyond. FAQ’s for their games are released in a timely manner many times days after the question is asked. Requests for replacement on defective figures, parts, and paints are quickly handled. What I really like is that if you have a question about anything involving their company you can post it on their forums or to their email and someone will return an answer in a timely fashion. All in all Reaper has some great products worth looking into.

Well there it is folks. What have you heard or experienced with Reaper Miniatures? I’ll also be posting up more articles about Warlord and Reaper here and over at my blog Tactical Rock, so keep your eyes out for more Reaper specific content. Until next time…

Warmachine News: Hordes Battle Engine (Circle)

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So you Hordes fans didn't think Privateer Press would leave you out in the cold while the Warmachine fans got all new toys did you?  Check out the first sneak peek at the Circle Orboros Celestial Fulcrum...

40K Editorial: Is Forgeworld Fair?

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Today we open a can of worms.  I want to talk about Forgeworld and whether they have a decent enough handle on rules writing to be considered a true part of the game.  Lets go...

Rabscutle’s Road to Adepticon: How a Newb Learned to Paint

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Hi all, Rabscutle here again with an update on my Road to Adepticon.

March 26, 2011

Wargames Gallery 3-26-11

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Pic submitted by Jamie Hoffee

That is one muscular Skink down there...

COMICS - Plastic Dudemens # 2

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All I can say is come on. If we can have cool Fanny packs can't the marines have them too? Maybe they get to embroider some cool stuff. Like Goats can't fire Bolters or The Emperor Rocks! Stupid "lost" technology BS. Jerks. Oh well back to playing ChaosSpaceNinjaGoatWolves.

HORDES: "Morghoul's Zoo of Pain" List Discussion

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Let's pack the car and take the kid's to the Zoo of Unrelenting Pain and Horror!

40K: Forgeworld - Eldar Phantom Titan Teaser (Pic)

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HOLY MOLY!  You've got to check out the latest teaser image from Forgeworld.  The Eldar Phantom must be getting very close...

March 25, 2011

Wargames Gallery 3-25-11

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Let the pig-jokes commence in 3,2,1....

40k Competition: DreadKnight Mega Build Official Rules Woot!

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MBG here again to clear up some confusion about my previous competition's post.  I just wanted to let everyone know the official rules for this awesome even

This is a conversion competition.  Entries do not have to be painted, but you can paint you entries. LOL make sense? So if you paint your conversion, then just make sure you take a WIP picture before you paint it so we can all see the work you put into it.

This Week in 40K Podcasting – 3/18 – 3/24

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Welcome to another "This Week in 40K Podcasting,”

40k - A Guide to Nemesis Force Weapons

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I've managed to acquire the Grey Knights codex and there's some juicy stuff in there. As normal the internets has blown things up to make a mountain out of a mole hill. Yes there's some cool stuff in there but it's limited i.e like Dark Eldar and balanced. I haven't been into Grey Knights that much but I thought it was time I.D takes a more in depth look.

Nemesis Force Weapons

Before Grey Knights just got a force weapon and it was just the Justicar if I remember correctly. Well that's changed now as pretty much everyone in the codex in silver power armour comes with some type of force weapon. Though now there's not just one, but several...

Firstly nemesis force weapons are force weapons in all retrospects and when a unit uses the force weapon the unit takes a psychic test thanks to the Brotherhood of Psykers rule which means the squad leaders leadership is used, not I.C someone like Justicar for example. If the nemesis weapon causes a unsaved wound on a daemon or psyker that model must take a leadership test, if they fail the model is removed as a casualty.

Nemesis Force Sword

Gives +1 invulnerable save, if the model doesn't have a invulnerable save then there's no affect. Grey Knight Terminators will be knocking about with 4+ invulnerable as these are standard wargear. It's worth noting that this +1 invulnerable save only works in close combat, so those Terminators will still take a mauling from plasma etc.

Nemesis Force Halberd

Two handed weapon and gives +2 initiative. So I6 Grey Knights laying the smackdown with force weapons, combo this with hammerhand power (+1 strength) and it makes S5 I6 force weapons - nasty.

Nemesis Daemon Hammer

A thunder hammer in all ways, though a Dreadknight armed with a nemesis daemon hammer strikes at normal initiative - I4!

Nemesis Warding Stave

Gives 2+ invulnerable in close combat only. If you're going to start crying this is broken take note only ONE model per squad can take one of these. Can be useful for allocating power weapon wounds on etc, 2+ invulnerable should hold out pretty well.

Nemesis Falchions

+1 attack pretty simple this one. So that will be four attacks on the charge for Grey Knight Terminators and three attacks for the basic Grey Knights, not bad and doesn't cost a huge amount of points.

Nemesis Doomfist

A dreadnought close combat weapon...

Nemesis Greatsword

Only available on Dreadknights and allows the model to re-roll failed to hit, to wound and to armour penetration rolls - all only work in close combat, nasty combo joined with hammerhand (gives +1 strength in combat) . Note that you exchange ONE doomfist for a greatsword still leaving a single doomfist so you will lose that extra attack for two dccw but you can still do psychic powers ;)


So there you have it, the nemesis weapons. To be honest they're not quite as badassed as I thought and as I suspected the warding stave would be only one model per squad.

Personally I think the falchions are pretty cool along with the halberd. A force sword would be a nice piece of wargear with hammerhand on Terminators - S5 power weapon with 4+ invulnerable ;) . The greatsword is just evil but it's the same points cost as a power fist.

So the nemesis weapons right to be feared as the rumours or has the light been revealed?  Also, what do you think the "magic combo" of Nemesis weapons within a squad is?

40K Editorial: Tournament List Paradigms

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It's an ugly planet; a Bug planet. A planet hostile to life as we know it. ~NetNews Reporter Live From Klendathu.

Fritz here, so I’m paid and ready for NOVA, making the plans for WargamesCon soon with Jawaballs, and the next major Battle For Salvation Tournament is right around the corner. The results? “Competitive” Tyranids are in full swing.

March 24, 2011

Wargames Gallery 3-24-11

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Boards like this are why Flames of War is cool...
What's the coolest board you've ever seen? 

FFG Review: 40k Supplements Omnibus (video)

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Today lets take a look at three of  Fantasy Flight Games latest supplements for their set of Warhammer 40,000 RPGs.

Warmachine - Stormknights

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Today's martial house focus is on Cygnar's Stormknights, which consists of the Stormblades, Stormguard, and Storm Lances.

40k Lore: War in Heaven

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The War in Heaven is an essential component of the origins of the 40k setting, one that has in many ways set the stage for all that came after, and on request let us examine what we know of it.

Dark Eldar Raider vs the SM Rhino - A Tale of Two Transports

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So I'm loving the Dark Eldar of late and want to compare the Dark Eldar Raider versus the old reliable Space Marine Rhino today.

March 23, 2011

Wargames Gallery 3-23-11

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Jets vs Sharks - Eye of Terror Edition

Goatboy - Painting the TItan

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So as some of you have seen from the video - I painted a Chaos Reaver Titan for a client.   Lets take a closer look.

Privateer Press: May & June Releases

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Hmm, why is it the Japanese have this funny way of finding out things first?  Lets take a gander at what's headed our way this May and June from Privateer:

40K BATTLE REPORT: Necrons vs Fabius Bile CSMs (Video)

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Hi everybody.

The BoLS video battlereports continue. Today: You asked for more unusual armies... so how's Necrons facing down the Genemaster's latest flesh puppets sound? Anything could happen!

40K: Winning the No-Win Scenario

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Hi all, Jwolf here. This week we’re examining what the conventional wisdom of the Internet calls the “draw” scenario, and with a bad match-up to boot. Capture and Control, Spearhead Deployment, Imperial Guard vs. Dark Eldar.

March 22, 2011

Wargames Gallery 3-22-11

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pic submitted by Jamie Hoffee

The Sisters found the Avatar of Craftworld Cheetos both highly skilled AND delicious!

Goatboy - Planning the Invasion of Britain

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Goatboy here again talking about my upcoming trip overseas to the wonderful country - Britain. That's right the internet darling/punching bag Goatboy is headed overseas for the awesome Geeking out with Miniatures in the UK with Geek Nation Tours. Today I wanted to talk about what the plan is with the tour and some of the things I can't wait to see and do.

Minion Unit Customizations

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So we Minions players all knew it going in. Thornfall Alliance and Blindwater Congregation might have a lot of character, but their troop selection is a little lacking, at least until Domination comes out. That's where conversions come in.

40K: Necrons vs Tau - Who Needs It more?

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Hi folks.  Of late we have two competing rumors out there that are not entirely incompatable.  It looks like either Necrons or Tau are coming up next.  But who needs it more?

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