40K Open Thread – If You Could Fix One Thing…

This one goes out to the GW Design Studio and the readers. Its funny, we all say that lots of the older codices are now unbalanced and non competitive.  Often the solution is a single tweak away.

We know that Games Workshop has outright errata-ed and updated rules in their FAQs.  It’s not just rules clarifications.  We saw this with the last big Dark Angels and Black Templars updates that gave them potent new abilities and equipment – and increased their use (and hopefully sales) overnight.

Often the initial reaction of players to older codices is to come up with a giant laundry list of rules alterations, and updated points costs to fix things – in effect a wishlist of a scale that will never occur outside of a full codex update.

But perhaps a better school of thought is to distill your thoughts on an older codex down to its single simple change that would most bring it into balance with the newer offerings out there.  In general point values will never get altered outside of a codex update, so don’t look to tweak things there.  Instead put your mind to the single pure crystalline rule tweak that not only can turn an old tired codex into a new potent army – but could easily be added to a future FAQ update.

You never know who may be reading these things, and similar changes have happened in FAQs in the past.  So lets hear your ideas.

I’ll get the ball rolling with my suggestion after playing a whole lot with Codex Tau Empire over the last 6 months.

Tau Empire
Suggest Errata: Markerlights are Assault:1
Goal: Add mobility and flexibility of firepower to the somewhat static army that struggles to match the free moving abilities of the newer codices. 

~Get to it folks, and tell me why you thing your rules tweak is the most elegant solution out there.

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