LEGOS and Wargaming Meet! – Mobile Frame Zero

So Kickstarter is just full of crazy off the wall ideas. We approve of this one.  

Mobile Frame Zero

First the basics:

Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack is the tenth anniversary edition of Vincent Baker’s Mechaton. Build yourself a company of robots called mobile frames out of LEGO, give yourself some objectives to defend, lay out a table with a few friends, and fight! We’re making sure you’ve got all the parts we’ve got so you can have the most fun you can with the game. You’ll get play instructions, building instructions, even instructions for how to make your own setting. Because, just like a LEGO set, building what’s on the front of the box is fun, but building your own thing is where it really catches fire. So that’s what we want you to do! Build robots, play with our setting, sure! If you’re into VOTOMS, Dougram, Macross, or Gasaraki, then we want to play with you! We’ve put a lot of love and care into the designs and the setting and we’re excited to see what people do with them. But then check out the advice on building a setting and house rules, too, and go to town!

Then the video:

Remind you of anything?

~Yeah we’re all over this one.  There are a handful of great wargaming Kickstarter projects out there.  Go do a little searching. LEGOS and wargames – it was only a matter of time.

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